The Challenge To Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Visas is Motivated by “The Money”…

Byron York has done some yeomans work analyzing the angles within the Trump executive order and temporary Visas suspension.  York’s most recent outline on the monetary influence behind Washington State’s financial interest is directly on target.

[…]  Judging by the briefs filed by Washington State, as well as statements made by its representatives, some of the state’s top priorities in challenging Trump are: 1) To ensure an uninterrupted supply of relatively low-wage H-1B foreign workers for Microsoft and other state businesses; 2) To ensure a continuing flow of high-tuition-paying foreign student visa holders; and 3) To preserve the flow of tax revenues that results from those and other sources. (read more)

a17b2-hip-replacement-recall-briberyHopefully everyone reads the full article because it directly hits upon real financial interests that hide behind the apron of virtue signals.  [Previously Discussed Here] This is where you discover the UniParty and their DC perspectives toward immigration.

…”There are trillions of dollars at stake”…

President Trump is waging a multidimensional battle against all entities who stand in opposition to American interests. In addition to the content of Trump’s policy, pay close attention to the timing of delivery and the sequencing within the policy delivery.   With the outline of the visa suspension as lead-in toward a security policy, President Trump is also now entering economic policy phase 2.

It is all connected.

Within the larger economic construct of “America First”, the underlying supportive policy is easily seen as “Buy American, and Hire American”.  For the Phase One  “Buy American”, President Trump rolled out an aggressive push to leverage corporations and manufacturers to reinvest in U.S. manufacturing and U.S. production facilities.

While President Trump continues to push the economic benefits of domestic production, distribution and manufacturing. Phase Two is directed at the “Hire American” half of this equation. However, President Trump’s expressed security policy on immigration and refugee status suspensions overlaps on the employment aspect within “Hire American”.

Now President Trump fights the “BIG CLUB”:


Watch closely and you’ll note how many significant corporations come out in opposition to the Visa restrictions.  Their opposition is not about security; their opposition is, in no small part, because their strategic business models necessarily include the import of foreign workers.

The corporations who will be most vocal against the security visa executive action, will be those business interests who rely upon non-U.S. workers.  The America electorate is about to discover just how many foreign workers are inside the U.S. economic system.  As Byron York accurately outlined:

“The technology industry relies heavily on the H-1B visa program,” the Washington State lawsuit said. “Microsoft, a corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is the state’s top employer of high-tech — or H-1B visa holders and employs nearly 5,000 people through the program. Other Washington-based companies, including Amazon, Expedia, and Starbucks, employ thousands of H-1B visa holders.”

trump mcconnelltrump-mcconnell-1

Here is where the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, GOPe Republicans and Democrats will attack the White House. Pay very close attention to these oppositional voices and compare them to the 2016 GOP primary and general election voices and you will discover they overlap identically.

President Donald Trump is entering into the phase of greatest concern to those who attended the Sea Island Strategic Meeting to destroy Donald Trump.

In March of 2016 an exclusive list of top tech executives, billionaires, donors and influence agents gathered at a secretive meeting with key leaders of the Washington DC UniParty.  The meeting was to discuss their plans to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump.  The meeting took place at the exclusive enclave in Sea Island Georgia.

The Sea Island meeting itself was entirely “anti-Trump”, the gathering was almost exclusively discussions about how to rid the primary process of the outside insurgency that was Donald Trump.  Unknown to most, the group assembled also contained so of the original members who constructed the 2016 primary election splitter strategy:

[…]  the same people who attended the Sea Island Georgia meeting, the same people who fund the UniParty, the same people who create Washington DC’s legislative priorities, were constructing a Clinton/Bush win-win scenario. (link)

A few of the billionaires included: Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker, Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Arthur Sulzberger publisher of the New York Times and billionaire Philip Anschultz who owns Sea Island.

It is critical to accept who the political attendees were – including: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), political strategist Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), Republican Sens. Tom Cotton (AR), Cory Gardner (CO), Tim Scott (SC), Rob Portman (OH) and Ben Sasse (NE).

There were many more “#NeverTrumper’s” including: Energy and Commerce Committe Chairman Fred Upton (Michigan), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA), Representative Kevin Brady (TX), Cathy McMorris-Rogers (WA), Budget Chairman Tom Price (GA), Financial Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (TX) and Rep. Dianne Black (TN).  (read more)

These are the corporate lobbying interests who fund K-Street on immigration issues with special interest on visas and foreign employment.

President Trump’s Q-Beam is shining into the part of the UniParty swamp they try to hide from public view. Limo-liberals and Vichy-Republicans will immediately unite. President Trump’s policy of “Hire American” is another existential threat to their collective interests.

Watch closely.  Again, of particular interest to the Democrat side of the UniParty structure:

International students, it turns out, are a major source of revenue for Washington State. “Only three other states — Massachusetts, New York and Delaware — plus the District of Columbia drew a higher percentage of its college population from overseas,” the Seattle Times reported in November 2014. “Washington’s universities and community colleges have welcomed international students, in part, as a boost to their budgets because they pay as much as three times the tuition that in-state students pay.”

The number of international students at Washington State colleges and universities shot up 74 percent between 2010 and 2015, according to the Times. The paper also reported that the amount of money spent by those foreign students has doubled, to $825 million in 2015. Anything that might limit the flow of money, like Trump’s national security action, could threaten that source of revenue.  (more)

The Visa suspension from the seven states of concern for terrorism, places the edge of the Q-Beam light right near the UniParty holy grail of unfettered employment and academic immigration.

Foreign and domestic corporations and universities pay the UniParty big money to keep the U.S. economic doors wide open.  Many of these for profit educational institutions benefit from excessive and lax immigration policy, and they pay Washington DC for legislative carve outs that maintain the cash infusion.

Simultaneously, U.S. corporations have used off-shore “inversion” to avoid taxation; and while they are registered as corporations in foreign countries they also pay the UniParty to keep the physical location of their home office in the United States.  Under the inversion scheme, these corporations are also able to pay employees as “contractors” and “independent” consultants, providing the executive employees with a favorable income tax position related to their country of nationality.

It’s a scheme. Tom Donohue, President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has made hundreds of millions from his organizational lobbying efforts toward the benefits of those corporate interests.

Anticipate seeing media reports discussing companies who are trying to settle the nerves of their registered visa employees etc. Within these reports we will be able to gauge the scope of the foreign workforce operating inside the United States. Remember, Rupert Murdoch – Fox News, is one of the primary oppositional voices to this specific policy.

Immigration is where we will all easily identify the hidden UniParty apparatus as it pertains to corporate interests. Immigration is where the GOPe will no longer be able to hide. The republican half of the Uniparty have been paid tens of millions to facilitate open-door migration and ridiculously lax visa programs therein.

When President Trump’s security policy nudges into the geography of the employment immigration policy we can predictably expect to see all those Sea Island Georgia voices rise up in opposition.

Remember, technically it’s not about the security – it’s about the money.

It’s always about the money!

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290 Responses to The Challenge To Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Visas is Motivated by “The Money”…

  1. Illegal says:

    Don’t you think this is all part of the plan to expose how corupt the system is? The left just seems so willing to fall into every trap that is set for them

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  2. andi lee says:

    Senator Hatch has repeatedly stood out and for President Trumps nominees. A gentleman of truly steller statesmanship. I admit I have not reviewed his record but right now, and probably won’t, the Senator has my utmost respect. Utahians (?) should feel honored to be represented by him. I hold out hope there are more heros in the Senate that care about the People’s business, and America.

    This crap about refugees taken precedence over Americans is just killing me. So many homeless Americans. No jobs. Children relying on schools to feed them. Seniors no longer can afford medicines or they don’t eat. It hurts my heart.
    Yes, I want to see more heros step up.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Americans are suffering while refuges are getting a free ride on our back. My husband, a senior, is a diabetic. Just one of his medications costs $700.00 per month.


    • Wend says:

      Yes, Hatch is a classy guy. He’s a remnant of the old school but not afraid to fight. He was great in the Clarence Thomas hearings.


  3. Sevenwheel says:

    Trump’s next move should be to either pass regulation or demand Congress pass by law a requirement that all H1B workers be paid prevailing wages. If the tech companies are going to insist that there are no Americans to fill those jobs, then they should have no problem paying absolute top dollar for those foreign workers they are forced to import. Add on a 100% salary tax on H1B salaries and benefits for good measure and see if the tech companies suddenly start to find American workers who will do the job for a reasonable salary. If they really need that specialized foreign skill they should be perfectly happy to pay $200-$500 per hour for it. If not, they will figure out what to do.


    • Kaco says:

      So even with the lower corporate tax, they still won’t hire Americans? My son wants to major in I/T, still trying to disuade him in this climate. Our Congress and these businesses have betrayed Americans who are or will be educating themselves for the tech world. They kept promoting how tech is our future some years ago, it’s just disgusting. I wish other start-ups would arise and compete but I’m afraid they are lodged in as much as Pepsi, Kelloggs, Nabisco, etc. I would also like to see individual companies again, everything has been bought out and acquired by larger corporations, like Unilever and Proctor and Gamble.


  4. dawndoe says:

    I’m seeing utter incompetence in the lawyer handling this case for the DOJ. What is going on here?! This is the best we got? Or is this an infiltrator doing what he’s supposed to do? This is horrible. Heads should be rolling.


    • HarryJ says:

      I told many times that this executive order was rushed without sufficient preparation to fight after effects. Trump needs to be smart and something is not right in his inner circle who is driving this effort. It is unbelievable how weak that law year was. Laura, sekulow and prof alan all agreed. Even brian williams show mentioned that people on left gossiping about poor show. My question is why team trump is not getting on top of such act? They could send someone more competent and someone who passionately believed in this. I am afraid Trump need to be smarter. We love him and with him but this is tough fight. Even his casual words will be used against him to prove intent to religious descrimination.
      It is important that trump tighten up and hold control.

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      • Kaco says:

        I would rather have had no EO than for this to go to the Supreme Court without Gorsuch in. They will claim he is a dictator overruling our Supreme Court. SCOTUS should back POTUS, he is within his authority to do this, but will they do the right thing? Will the 9th circuit even do the right thing so it doesn’t have to go to the Supreme Court? I feel this was in haste as well, I can’t tell what other grand plan he has up his sleeve, it is jeopardizing our immigration policies and extending constitutional rights to foreigners not even here. It’s not a world constitution.


  5. Sevenwheel says:

    Actually let me make my proposal sweet and simple. $100\hr tax on H1B labor, adjusted to cost of living annually. See how badly Microsoft REALLY needs that foreign expertise.

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  6. Bull Durham says:

    Unless they go to the Supreme Court with a 5-Star Constitutional lawyer who has argued successfully before the Court many times, it is a potential disaster.

    To lose to a circuit court/district court on Presidential powers in the Constitution is a catastrophic disaster.

    This is more important than any project of the administration. They must win this.

    He will be stopped on everything and the Presidency will be impotency.

    It isn’t about the EO. It’s about what a President is.

    He needs a new staff around him. Whoever said to go with this without Sessions in place was sabotaging him. Kelly was barely in place. It is crazy to proceed.
    He needs to get ten top minds on Constitutional law and plan this like it is for all his powers because it is.


    • Kaco says:

      Yes, it’s what a President is, and it’s also about the future of any immigration policy. Not a good place to be without the people in place, including Gorsuch!


    • Larry Ivy says:

      Agreed but a 3 days ago all the usual parties here were crying “hand wringers” and “Trump’s got this” . A good dose of reality needs to set in.

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    • Blade says:

      Respectfully disagree! You are way way too pessimistic. Cue Groundhog day bowling alley scene: this is classic glass half-full.

      If you have to lose a case anywhere it is here in the Ninth Circus, which we and Trump can and should ridicule mercilessly as ‘not really a court anyway’. They must be de-legitimitized anyway for things to really change. But losing it in the Ninth Circus was actually doing him and us a huge favor because losing in a more accepted circuit would be problematic. The only reason the domestic enemy shopped this case there is because they know their argument is bogus. Even EO’s rounding up American citizens, NOT foreign visitors, was legal.

      Trump is doing exactly what he must if you believe Islamic terrorism is a pressing matter, and it follows that this cannot wait until a perfect team of experts is in place. He remembers the lies from the hypocritical left that Bush43 was responsible for 9/11 by not following up tips and being pro-active. He has purchased immunity with a simple, legal, order. He actually should triple down attacking from multiple EO and military angles and keep this front and enter in the public sphere. The people need to be reminded we are at War, well at least the (D)ummycrats do.

      Is the EO Constitutional? Of course it is. I would say that even if he had specifically named Islam it would be Constitutional ( we actually know what the First Amendment is about from the Federalist Papers and Madison’s arguments in the 1st Congress ).. He was even less discriminatory than expected. It is legal and sound. Any setbacks can be revisited later when the courts become more ideologically favorable. In the meantime, he does his Constitutional duty despite the cries from our enemy and its Fifth Column.

      Now we know full well the enemy strategy because they said it out loud – resist everything, and this includes all things that are perfectly legal! There is no re-wording or better strategizing to be done here because they are fighting everything. And they made Trump’s and our job simple! Do the right thing, period. That is the only strategy to be concerned with if the enemy is going to resist everything.

      Fretting over the perception of a loss is energy wasting. Fearing the Ninth Circus is ridiculous. They have always been like this. They will not roll over and die so they must be defeated. Trump has at least 4 appointments to that circuit upcoming and more due to their ages, not to mention all the other courts. If Trump stays alive and wins re-election he will have up to 5 Supreme Court picks. The enemy highwater mark is today, it is all downhill going forward for them. It was this way yesterday, and last year, and would have been forever had Trump not won the election, an election he ran based on tackling this very issue. Now we get to work.

      Look what he has accomplished. You couldn’t possibly plan this on purpose ( but maybe he did? ). He has the enemy (D)ummycrats and their self-identified sponsors arguing for unchecked entry by Muslims from the most dangerous countries in the world. This was previously Inconceivable! Even Kerry didn’t go this far left in 2004 or Dumbo in 2008. Every step of the way he has used the enemy’s own words to define the targets ( e.g., who picked these countries ). And he hasn’t even began to use the bully pulpit to steamroll them yet. Imagine a televised rally or Joint Session or Oval Office address with the WTC towers burning shown on a big screen in the background …

      My fellow Americans. Only a decade and a half has passed since this terrorist strike, another day that lives in infamy, which has been followed by at least 5,000 others here and abroad, and the opposition party (D)emocrats and corrupt news media and their corporate sponsors want us to forget it so that they may selfishly import slave labor to fatten their wallets. Well I am going to follow my oath and protect America despite the fact that the (D)emocrats alon with their corporate buddies and the partisan liberal media don’t care how many Americans and people around the world die along the way. Now I want you all to clearly understand our position. These leftist political activist judges placed on the courts by my predecessors may very well temporarily block our efforts to protect America, and we will legally continue to follow the law in such cases, but rest assured, these people will have American blood all over their hands and I will call them out for it and will de-classify all pertinent data to prove our point. I want the American people to be clear about this so they may remember them during my future appointments and during upcoming elections…

      As I said, he has barely begun. The interesting thing here is that the (D)ummycrat coalition is getting distilled down to its barest, most corrupt essence. All that the suicidal left will eventually have left is ugly women and castrated cucks supplemented by their newest constituency Muslims! Again, ten years ago this was inconceivable! Both hispanic and black folk will leave this reservation if Trump plays this right. And I believe this is his actual plan.

      Now for us, we need to always meme them going forward as the (D)emocrat-Terrorist Party in anticipation of what is upcoming. Imagine the poor hapless enemy today, they must be living in incapacitating fear of the next shoe to drop. Forget the Judge’s strawman about these 7 countries, Any terrorist attack anywhere in the world is what they now fear. They can only drop so many ( Germany New Years rapes, San Bernadino, France bus, Orlando, Germany truck ) down the memory hole, before it backs up. These terrorist strikes have real accumulating psychological effect, even in Europe where the political landscape is changing before our eyes ( people must be only watching our corrupt media and that is the problem here with all this doom and gloom).

      All President Trump has to do is maintain course and double down to keep them defending the indefensible while simultaneously opening up dozens more battle fronts with his enemies. This was the most economical and successful air strike imaginable, a signature on an EO, and like a wild weasel mission has lit up the entire enemy army, their supply lines and previously hidden and unknown collaborators. Now and in the future, they can fire at will. I presume that former USN strategist Bannon knows what this means and may playing a large role.


  7. Paul Killinger says:

    The state of Washington and China are also large trading partners. Anything that threatens this relationship, such as Mr Trump’s abiding interest in driving down our nation’s $550 billion annual trade deficit with the Chinese, is anathema to their interests.

    But I also believe they’re jumping the gun with this lawsuit against the President. What happens to the 7 named countries is of negligible economic interest to them, and Mr Trump’s action is well within his purview.

    They may well rue the day they chose this particular course at this time.

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  8. Bull Durham says:

    I wrote yesterday that his WH counsel and deputy counsel are not experts on this kind of law.

    There is no excuse for not having this setup correctly. Jan. 29th was the rollout date. Sessions gets confirmed tomorrow, 8th. This should have been scheduled for the 15th. And it should have been prepared by the best.

    The next thing is to get the legislation schedule flipped. Tax cuts first for business, Infrastructure financing setup the way Wilbur Ross and Mnuchin want to do it with bonds, private investment so it does not need taxes. Repatriation of corporate earnings. And then Health Care fixes. Promises of this in eight months, some this year, some next is a stall and a trap. Get it done.

    Get the economy going. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

    And he should have all his cabinet in place fast. Why is Dr. Carson stalled? This should be thrown in the Dems face as blatant racism. The most distinguished Black in America.


    • angryduc says:

      I agree with you however, we don’t know what information POTUS TRUMP has. In other words after teaming with Putin to bomb the heck out of Isis strongholds in Syria. Unable to flee to Russia or Turkey, and also unable to flee to Mosul. Isis then becomes a refugee. Yes you could argue that they worked with John McCain and Hillary yet somehow I suspect they pose an unreasonable risk to the US, given they were the neocon private Jihadi army fomenting wars across the middle east. We don’t know what Trump knows. We do know that Soros is paying groups to cause civil unrest in the US. I’m not sure I want to ad al qaeda/ aka the neocon terrorist army to those Soros morons. I think that Trump should call this straight.


  9. Illegal says:

    Finally we are getting administrators to admit when they screw up. DHS Kelly says all on me.


  10. Watcher says:

    Mr York is right over the target. They are worried.
    President Trump is just testing the water with this EO. The techs and a few others know this and will do anything to stop him.

    I would like to bring up another industry that seems to fly under the radar. They have been getting away with destroying small town America and have a lot of skin in the game.
    95 billion $ in 1995! —Google meatpacking illegals.
    They specialize in immigrants also.

    Meat packing is a $95 billion per year business dominated by three companies, IBP, Cargill’s Excel Corp. and Con-Agra’s Monfort Inc. IBP had sales of $12 billion in 1995, and profits of $257 million.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Our previous president placed temporary immigration restrictions on Muslim countries 4 different times and the crooked Democrats, Fake Media, & corrupt judges didn’t have a problem with that.

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    • oncefired says:

      Chicken Processing Plants to – Have seen it on trips to my Brother in laws house in Georgia.

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      • NebraskaFilly says:

        Same here in NE – IBP is a big illegal alien employer. Fremont citizens (traitor Ben Sasse’s current “home town”) tried to do something about the problem by making renting property to illegals against the law and he did not support the voters. And seriously? It is only 7 countries – highly doubtful that Washington colleges get all that many applying from those specific countries – same for these businesses. This is all kabuki theater and ALL politics. And since when does a court consider news articles and, yes, campaign statements under advisement in such a case? It should be considered strictly by the law, not innuendos or utterances during a campaign.

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        • Just what I was going to bring up, Nebraska! The judges should have asked what the enrollment was of students from those seven countries, also how many faculty and staff?? Bet the Wash lawyers wouldn’t have known the answer to those questions.

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          • The rep from the AG should have replied to most of the judges’ questions with this answer: With all due respect, Your Honor, that is irrelevant to the law in question. PERIOD!!!! These attorneys need to put their big girl/guy panties on and STOP being so scared of these judges.


    • kokopuf says:

      And don’t forget the chicken processing plants!


  11. Freddy says:

    The only part of this debacle will be if some act of terror occurs and any refugee or illegal is involved there should be hell to pay to all those supporting Muslims over our safety. Another San bernadino would a game changer. Why we have to wait for disaster is mind boggling but it may even take a dirty bomb or mass casualty event to get anything done….The media and the RINOS and the Obama plants are a huge wall to climb……………

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    • guitar107 says:

      Agree Freddy, but I fear that the media will underreport the attack: page 10: some loon, probably inspired by alt-right did…
      No follow up, no outrage. They’ll sweep it under the rug.

      That’s my great fear.


  12. HarryJ says:

    There will be growing number of people who will admit in private that this was done bad and still not done right with competent people. Thats why logic should not be abandoned for emotion. I openly critical about the fact that none of his WH advisor has any experience related to legislation. It was not right to have kushner there for multiple reasons. If christi was there, i am sure this order would be done differently. He is not a saint but christi has quality.


    • Bull Durham says:

      Christie and Jared Kushner are oil and water.

      Christie belongs in the DOJ doing special investigations.
      But it is clear he wanted the top job. So he won’t take something like that.

      Inside the Oval Office are some kind of conflicts going on.
      They may be an ego sideshow, but they have distracted Trump from getting what he needs.

      One thing for certain, they have broken his momentum. This week will be like walking on glass barefooted.

      He will have the weekend in Fla. again. With PM Abe. So that will be a positive.

      And recognize this, the nice friendly GOPe has split from him. They sense that there is a vacuum of power they can fill. All the same faces are saying the same anti-Trump and anti-Movement things.

      He has to formulate a counter-move.

      Of this I am sure. We pray for him and America, and he will win for us.

      There was never going to be an easy day. This is not surprising or demoralizing.
      Humans hit and miss, he’s juggling 1000 balls in the air, and we need to pray for the man.

      Our unity is laced with prayer and faith in America.

      Be strong.

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      • oncefired says:

        It is not having his Cabinet in Place – especially Sessions and a Solicitor General, but Trump is an Ass-Kicker, so things like that wouldn’t have stopped him – the Bureaucracy bungled it!. I have to be honest, if it was me -if he doesn’t get the stay from the 9th Circuit…I would request a Televised Public Hearing in front of the Full 9th Circuit for 2 reasons: 1) It would really actually expose them for all to see, not just a blurb on TV saying they are the most Liberal and most overturned, it would show everybody what wackos they are! 2) It would buy more time to get the Gorsuch hearings well on it’s way, hopefully in time for him to make an impact on this particular case (maybe pull the nuclear option). Trump should be able to slow walk all the travel from the 7 nations as long as Obama appointees aren’t gumming up the works! I think Christie just had way to much baggage between Bridgegate and all the innuendo over how he spent Sandy Money, not to mention there could be more with gifts and free trips to Cowboy games.


        • Somebody says:

          Christie doesn’t have DC experience. Newt does, but any jobs at the WH he probably saw as beneath him.

          Are there any old hands from Congressional leadership that aren’t corrupt? The only names I can think of are Cantor, Boehner, Delay and Armey. None of those give me warm fuzzies, but they know their stuff. Surely there are other names I’m forgetting. Finding someone with serious Hill experience would be immensely helpful, it’s just finding a trustworthy one.

          Filling the Solicitor General position and fully staffing that office should move up the priority list.


      • AND our unity is knit together by a love for God and His Word, and His love for us. This is the fountain that feeds and refreshes us.

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    • I think Trump thrives on chaos. Certain businessmen welcome economic chaos because they believe it will hit all businesses roghly equally, but the sharper leaders will emerge stronger.

      I think Trump will use whatever chaos the Left chooses to impose against them in a similar fashion. I don’t think his 7-nation pause was implemented poorly, but the Left sure wants us to think that, but their belkyaching, protesting, and lawsuits have caused infinitely more chaoa than Trump’s EO. I think he will learn from this suit what legal constraints exist, how he can get around them, how best to push the Left’s buttons, then he will drive a huge truck of an EO or get legislation from Congress that will send millions of foreigners packing for home, thus creating enormous job opportunities for Americans. I don’t give a damn if tech firms and agribusinesses suffer in the short term — they bet against America, screw them. They can open up shops in , for example, Somalia if Somalian labor is so critical to their success. I predict they won’t be doing that.

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      • Ficklefinger says:

        I agree. In the military, this is called “reconnaissance in force.” Genghis Khan used this strategy even in ancient times. You send a force against the enemy to test his army’s reaction. That recon in force is not supposed to be the main attack. Once you have probed the enemy’s response, you make adjustments for a later attack to overwhelm and completely destroy him.

        The worst mistake the Left is making here is underestimating their enemy. Trump is playing them like a concert violin while they laugh and ridicule him. He is ultimately going to burn through them like a forest fire. They haven’t even begun to see what this guy can do to them.

        A grand strategist defeats an emotional and hysterical opponent every time.

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      • copperchief says:

        ^THIS^ So annoying that some people STILL buy into the propaganda MSM spin that Trump somehow “blundered” into this EO without foreknowledge or advisement on how to proceed and what obstacles he was sure to run into. How many times does Trump have to prove people ultimately wrong in their too-quick-to-judge back seat driver assessments of his actions? D’oh!

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        • marcyo13 says:

          You are 100% on target. Rookie mistakes, blunders, White house in chaos??? These are observations from people whose job is reading corporate propaganda. The MSM should be up for best Acting Oscars, because that’s all they do, act like they are reporting news.

          But I am so glad Sundance brought up the WA state Judge and how many foreign students come here to my state. When my son went to see about enrolling in our local community college, they treated him like dog meat. Now I know why. They prefer their fat tuition fees from foreign students.

          You should see the fabulous houses these college people live in and they’ve put an entire generation into debt servitude with their exorbitant college tuitions, even for residents. It really seems like a version of criminal fraud. I remember working in the life insurance business. You would lose your license and be fined tens of thousands of dollars for selling people more life insurance than they could afford. Now, how is that any different from selling worthless college degrees to students that can’t afford them?

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    • PNWLifer says:

      Pence is in the thick of things at the WH daily and has Congressional and Governor legislative experience, so you’re wrong there. Everyone else has experience getting sh*t done. So if there’s an issue don’t you place that on Pence’s shoulders?

      Besides that, are you actually saying Trump operates from emotion not logic?

      And Christie proved at the 2012 convention during a moment to shine as a loyalist that he is only out for himself. The Obama hugger is never to be trusted.

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    • TRiUMPh says:


      “…christie has quality.” With all do respect…WTF? did you get that idea from?

      Where do you live, Harry? Certainly not New Joisey. Crispy Creme is one of the most corrupt Uniparty GOPe pols of them all. And, as others have posted, he has too much baggage from Bridegate, and Hugs; but it is his hypocritical policies on the 2nd Amendment that made it impossible for President Trump to consider him for any cabinet position.

      If your not familiar with President Trump position of the 2A, then you should read Chapter 11 in his book ‘Crippled America’ where he opines that a citizen’s right to bear arms should not stop at the end of his driveway. Then look at ‘quality christies’ restrictive gun control positions, AND lack of resiprocity in the state of New Jersey, and then you too will come to realize why “…christie was WAS NOT there… thankfully…

      Liked by 4 people

    • Sandra says:

      I suggest not drifting and blaming others. The travel ban is legal. The only problem is that an activist judge decided to abuse his power. Focus on the real problem.

      Liked by 3 people

  13. Bull Durham says:

    Here’s the strategy I’d use. Don’t press this case. Slow walk it.
    Get everything in perfect shape. And bring Intel into the argument. He knows what no judge could ever know. He’s making national security decisions based on Intel.

    Nothing is urgent. It was a policy decision. It was on the top 50 list. Not the top 10.
    It can be done with other means. Once Tillerson clears out the State Department, and CIA gets cleaned up, you can stall everyone on the other side. Why bring them here and stall them?

    Use our military on the other side to clear people coming here. Make it a military thing.

    Get a CIA “finding” of the high risk from those countries. Findings are a dime a dozen in DC.
    They had a phony 17 agency agreement that Putin fixed the election. It wasn’t even a finding.
    It was a circle jerk reach around.

    Do things that can’t be challenged.

    Liked by 3 people

    • reggiemeezer says:

      I would slow walk it & get better lawyers for the DOJ before going any farther. This stuff today was sabotage

      Liked by 3 people

      • Red says:

        I agree ….what little I heard sounded like the DOJ attorney’s were trying to sabatoge, or they were incompetent. I’m not sure which, either scenario is a strong possibility!

        Liked by 2 people

    • TJ says:

      Keep in mind the Dems have their staged tears & demonstrators on stand by. Their propoganda machine is poised to kick in high gear in an instance, especially on immigration. The GOPe running to the camera is part of their overall strategy. Once Sessions has time to get started cleaning up Justice & the President’s people are in place in other agencies, we should get better results. Right now we are clearing land mines it seems. Patience and persistence is needed. We will need to turn some seats in 2018 to send a clear message. As for Christie, he has issues, but seems loyal to President Trump. At some point, he could prove valuable. There are obviously people in the inner circle that will not work out. Also, I hope “they” do not succeed in bringing in more swamp snakes that did not support President Trump. We have enough of that. Pray for our President.

      Liked by 2 people

    • “Do things that can’t be challenged.”

      This EO can’t be challenged, but the Left challenged it anyway. The Left makes up the rules as they go along, and the courts and media are their favorite tools for doing so.

      The time will come when Trump will have to vilify and ignore both the media and the courts. He started early on the media during the campaign, and this untenable court TRO is giving him the opportunity to start in on our corrupt judiciary.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Illegal says:

    Just because Trump writes an EO doen’t mean that there doesn’t need to be administrative procedures on how to implement it. This is what appears to have happened with the 7 country visa ban. Secretary Kelly needed to meet with his CBE team and plan for how to implement the EO. I am sure Sec. Kelly could have nipped the problems at the very begining. So he wound up in Congress with his head in his hand.

    From RT ( I know, I know, but when its your only source for U.S. news)
    ‘All on me’: Homeland Security chief falls on sword over chaotic travel ban rollout
    Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly took the blame for the poor rollout of President Donald Trump’s executive order banning nationals from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US, but said there was a need for speed in doing so. Kelly testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday, explaining the planning that went into the order and its implementation. “The thinking was to get it out quick so that people trying to come here to harm us could not take advantage of a period of time to jump on an airplane,” he said.


    • Sandra says:

      The only thing they did wrong was to not prepare better for the inevitable, that an activist judge would abuse his power and implement a TRO. This is going to happen over and over throughout Trump’s presidency. They will need to be better prepared next time. Attorneys to argue in court should be selected in advance and prepared with all relevant facts.

      Liked by 2 people

  15. Malatrope says:

    Sundance, in all honesty, drop the “Q Beam” references. That’s an ancient light (that is still in business, astonishingly) that doesn’t hold a candlepower to any LED-based flashlight these days. You’re showing your age! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • TRiUMPh says:

      Good call Malatrope,

      Q Beam SureFire with a blinding 300+ LED’s or then there is CrimsonTrace just in case you’d like to ‘mount it’ on the rail, so to speak…


    • TRiUMPh says:

      BTW: Mr. Sundance, whether you know about the latest in LED light-beams or not, you Sir certainly do know, better than most, what is going on behind the curtain(s) And, THAT we thank you for….;)

      Liked by 3 people

  16. JT says:

    I’m not sure Trump can win. The sheer amount of interests arrayed against him seems overwhelming. This EO case will be a good bellwether of how far he might get on breaking the ground on his initiatives.


    • Glenn Stehle says:

      I’m not “sure” Trump can win either. No one knows with certainty what the future holds.

      But it would be a mistake to underestimate Trump.

      Remember, these are the same “sheer amount of interests arrayed against him” that Trump squared off against during the election. And even though it does “seem overwhelming,” Trump prevailed.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Joan says:

      And they said he would never be President.

      Liked by 1 person

    • frogstamper says:

      I am beginning to believe that all the Dems who lost their jobs when President Trump came to town have been employed to write scared/concerned/worried/not sure comments within conservative blogs.
      Hey JT? Am I right?

      Liked by 1 person

    • TRiUMPh says:

      Come on JT,

      Okay, the ‘ultra radical left 9th circuit’ beats him on this one, and the SC (w/o Gorsuch) goes 4-4 and kicks it back to the 9th. Done! Trump ‘temporarily’ looses this battle, but not the war!

      Because, within two weeks POTUS Donald J. Trump presents a New And Improved EO on Immigration and H1B Visas to include enhanced vetting of ALL 48 MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES, which also recognizes and blocks all the legal-loopholes that the left jumped through in round one.

      President Trump smiles as he looks down at the chessboard, knowing that he is at least 6-7 moves ahead of them.


      Liked by 2 people

    • Sandra says:

      Be optimistic. I know it’s difficult some times. We went through a bit of hell during the election season. It’s going to be worse now while Trump is President. The Democrats will attack every single thing he does. They will delay him whenever possible. Judge Robart was probably paid to delay the travel ban. He issued a temporary restraining order, not because there was a good reason to do so but because he was able to do it. There are plenty of judges throughout the country who will do the same thing. It will happen over and over throughout the next 4 years. So hang in there. The travel ban was only for 90 days. It is not a Muslim ban, otherwise it would be stated so and other countries would have been added to the list. The President has the authority to control who comes in to the country. This is all legal and constitutional. The fact that an activist judge can hold it up temporarily is a reality of our current political mess. The swamp is deep. We have a long fight on our hands, but we will fight.


      • Sandra says:

        We will fight … and we will keep winning. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sandra, I don’t know you think it would be necessary to pay any ideologue! And it is poor form to use that terminology about a judge, for goodness sake! How many judges do you know? I know several and they live practically monastic lives b/c they have to stay away from anyone who might have a case before them. That is why they hang out with each other!
        Everything else you said in that post above is right on target.


        • Oops “I don’t know WHY you think…”


          • Not all pay is in monetary form. The Left often gets paid in appreciation for their virtue signaling. A week ago Robart was nobody. Today many recognize his bearded womanly face and clownish bowtie, and those on the Left are singing his praises.

            I live in King County. On my to-do list is to call Robart’s office — (206) 370-8920 — to 1) express my dissatisfaction with his unlawful performance, and 2) ask whether he is corrupt or simply stupid.


  17. smiley says:


    problem solved.

    among other things, this is really hi-lighting just how much that hasn’t been happening.

    and it’s infuriating.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nycgal says:

      Smiley, I think your excellent point is the true headline in all of this; a headline that’s been buried. Journalists no longer “follow the money”‘ to get to the bottom of a story. It’s “follow the outrage” which does the nation a grave disservice.


      • TRiUMPh says:

        City Gal,

        Been there. Done that. Eastside, Westside, all around the town; oh yeah, and the South Bronx, too boot….;)

        But, to your post: You and I may be saying the same thing, ’cause we all know that “…the outrage” is organized and paid for by “…THE MONEY..” as just one more reason why journalism is dead.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. CM-TX says:

    FOX Buisness spent a lot of time early Tue, debating the H1B1 & Tech Co’s joining.
    Most interesting points I picked up on:

    They made special mention of Elon Musk holding out, but eventually joining on Tue mid-morning. Changing group # to 98.
    80% of H1B1’s are issued thru India- & India is not part of the EO.
    Actual # of their H1B1 employees it would impact- is 0.4%. (all Co’s).
    One potential underlying motive behind this group joining: They want a change in the current lottery system used on the foreign end. As to how final candidates are chosen to fill each position. The Tech Co’s would prefer being able to selectively choose from the pools of qualifying applicants… vs luck of the draw.
    *(if I understood this hiring process correctly- it seems seriously flawed for operating any business. But deserved, as they clearly value profits over quality & efficiency in employees.)
    Also That 1 in 2 Americans with engineering degrees, cannot find work. (1 Co: 5000 h1b1 Positions).
    Most guests concluded that their involvement was politically motivated, & not about realistic business concerns.

    Liked by 1 person

    • CM-TX says:

      Sorry- that was a numbered list w/ spaces between. I guess that doesn’t work on posting.


      • TRiUMPh says:

        Forget the #Numbers TX, your post was Dead-On! and know a number of engineers in the Raleigh, NC (Research Triangle) area who ‘pump gas’ and ‘flip burgers’ for a living (one physicist we know is a plumber)… And, they are all more than likely making more money ‘pumpin’, ‘flippin’ and ‘uncloggin’ then all their H1B replacements.


        • Oh, noes. Not a physicist as a plumber! I know one who didn’t know why those pipes were coming up out of the roof! Really! He is ignorant of other real-world functions, as well.

          Almost lost his shirt speculating in real estate! Knew of another physicist who actually believed a guy could bend a spoon with his thoughts. Oh, the list goes on.
          Perhaps, TRiUMPh, your friend is actually an experimental physicist, rather than a theoretical physicist? Or an electrical engineer who calls himself a physicist to get a higher salary and social status???


  19. JAS says:

    If I am right Trump has this covered. He’s taking names and making a list. I see this EO as more of a shot across a battlefield, at night, to see who raises their head and starts firing back.

    With this in mind, now that the specific enemy has been identified, and where they are, it would behoove the Administration to retract the EO, NOT go to SCOTUS, then come back at a later date with OVERWHELMING force discretely targeting the opposition.

    The MSM and dimms will jump up and down with joy in their “victory”. There will be celebrations galore. All the while not knowing that they are just exposing themselves to a much more aggressive attack at a later date.

    Liked by 2 people

    • repsort says:

      Yep. My hope all along was that he’d hammer home the fact that “this is what judicial activism looks like” and turn this to his advantage.

      My instincts from the start were more along these lines “dont’ share your power needlessly – don’t play their game”… The fact that he was willing to argue this before the court was an admission that they had a legit say in this matter.. Anyone with 3rd grade reading skills can see that they do not!

      This point is more clearly made here:

      I was holding out hope that this was simply a rope-a-dope move or a way to show American’s how corrupt the judicial branch has become.. but the way his lawyers argued has me thinking that Trump actually does think the courts have a say in this…

      “Indeed his lawyers out there in front of that joke panel of the joke Ninth Circuit are justifying his reasoning rather his legitimate authority.”


  20. youme says:

    “Merchants know no borders” Alexander Hamilton

    Here is a complete list of the companies who signed the order opposing Trump’s temporary immigration ban, in alphabetical order:

    AdRoll, Inc. 2. Aeris Communications, Inc. 3. Airbnb, Inc. 4. AltSchool, PBC 5., LLC 6. Appboy, Inc. 7. Apple Inc. 8. AppNexus Inc. 9. Asana, Inc. 10. Atlassian Corp Plc 11. Autodesk, Inc. 12. Automattic Inc. 13. Box, Inc. 14. Brightcove Inc. 15. Brit + Co 16. CareZone Inc. 17. Castlight Health 18. Checkr, Inc.
    Chobani, LLC 20. Citrix Systems, Inc. 21. Cloudera, Inc. 22. Cloudflare, Inc. 23. Copia Institute 24. DocuSign, Inc. 25. DoorDash, Inc. 26. Dropbox, Inc. 27. Dynatrace LLC 28. eBay Inc. 29. Engine Advocacy 30. Etsy Inc. 31. Facebook, Inc. 32. Fastly, Inc. 33. Flipboard, Inc. 34. Foursquare Labs, Inc. 35. Fuze, Inc. 36. General Assembly 37. GitHub 38. Glassdoor, Inc. 39. Google Inc. 40. GoPro, Inc. 41. Harmonic Inc. 42. Hipmunk, Inc. 43. Indiegogo, Inc.44. Intel Corporation 45. JAND, Inc. d/b/a Warby Parker 46. Kargo Global, Inc.47. Kickstarter, PBC 48. KIND, LLC 49. Knotel 50. Levi Strauss & Co. 51. LinkedIn Corporation 52. Lithium Technologies, Inc. 53. Lyft, Inc. 54. Mapbox, Inc. 55. Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart 56. Marin Software Incorporated 57. Medallia, Inc. 58. A Medium Corporation 59. Meetup, Inc. 60. Microsoft Corporation 61. Motivate International Inc. 62. Mozilla Corporation 63. Netflix, Inc. 64. NETGEAR, Inc. 65. NewsCred, Inc. 66. Patreon, Inc. 67. PayPal Holdings, Inc. 68. Pinterest, Inc. 69. Quora, Inc. 70. Reddit, Inc. 71. Rocket Fuel Inc. 72. SaaStr Inc. 73., Inc. 74. Scopely, Inc. 75. Shutterstock, Inc. 76. Snap Inc. 77. Spokeo, Inc. 78. Spotify USA Inc. 79. Square, Inc. 80. Squarespace, Inc. 81. Strava, Inc. 82. Stripe, Inc. 83. SurveyMonkey Inc. 84. TaskRabbit, Inc 85. Tech:NYC 86. Thumbtack, Inc. 87. Turn Inc. 88. Twilio Inc. 89. Twitter Inc. 90. Turn Inc. 91. Uber Technologies, Inc. 92. Via 93. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 94. Workday 95. Y Combinator Management, LLC 96. Yelp Inc. 97. Zynga Inc.

    Added later Monday:

    Adobe Systems Incorporated 98. Affirm, Inc. 99. Ampush LLC 100. Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. 101. Bungie, Inc. 102. Casper Sleep Inc. 103. Cavium, Inc. 104. Chegg, Inc. 105. ClassPass Inc. 106. Coursera 107. EquityZen Inc. 108. Evernote 109. Gusto 110. Handy Technologies, Inc. 111. HP Inc. 112. IAC/InterActiveCorp 113. Linden Lab 114. Managed By Q Inc. 115. MobileIron 116. New Relic, Inc. 117. Pandora Media, Inc. 118. Planet Labs Inc. 119. RPX Corporation 120. Shift Technologies, Inc. 121. Slack Technologies, Inc. 122. SpaceX 123. Tesla, Inc. 124. TripAdvisor, Inc. 125. Udacity, Inc. 126. Zendesk, Inc. 127. Zenefits

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Glenn Stehle says:

    Trump is conducting classes, showing the broader public what is really behind the putative humanitarian concerns of the globalists.

    It is through these sorts of conflicts that the true motives of the globalists, the eGOP and the Uniparty are revealed.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Texas2016 says:

    So if the court(s) rule in favor of Washington and Minnesota based on its arguments that their citizens, businesses, and universities would be harmed economically or otherwise by a president’s foreign policy, national security policy, or immigration policy doesn’t that setup precedent that other states (perhaps) individuals and businesses can sue on these arguments and win?…If the courts will rule this way hasn’t it gravely injured and impacted the constitutional role of the commander in chief?


    • Sandra says:

      I think you should not spend time working out that logic. Wait until the travel ban suit has worked its way through the courts. The hearing yesterday regarded only Robart’s temporary restratining order, not the ban itself. Robart still has to decide whether or not the travel ban is legal. If he finds that it’s illegal Trump of course will appeal upward. Wait until the very end. Right now I’ll bet $1,000 that the travel ban will ultimately survive.


  23. deplorable says:

    “International students, it turns out, are a major source of revenue for Washington State … The number of international students at Washington State colleges and universities shot up 74 percent between 2010 and 2015, according to the Times.”

    And John McCain wants to staple a green card to the diploma of every single one of these graduates!

    How does this affect the job prospects of graduates that are American citizens?


  24. copperchief says:

    “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”
    —–Founding Father Thomas Paine, The American Crisis


  25. jstanley01 says:

    I listened to the oral arguments before the 9th Circuit on a live stream, and do not recall one of the judges asking the plaintiff about how many of the H-1B workers or foreign students in Washington are from one of the seven temporarily proscribed countries in the executive order. Twenty? Three? Five thousand? None?

    The judges must be overly distracted by their conundrum. Follow the plain meaning of the law, or continue to be invited to libtard cocktail parties? Decisions, decisions….


  26. James Staniland says:

    Surely all but the most dim witted must know that these are a group of failed states which
    are in the midst of violent civil wars and harbor Isis terrorists. Iran is the exception but is
    well known to support proxy wars and terrorism against Israel and even opposing political
    sides in Muslim states using Hezbollah and Hamas. It seems simple logi to be extra careful
    of any arrivals permitted to enter tne USA from all of these seven countries. It is blatently
    absurd to portray Trumps ban as a block on ALL Muslims. It clearly is not! The Washington
    judge maybe an overly sympathetic liberal individual but he is clearly politically motivated
    and has no commons sense. I cannot imagine that so many large US corporations will grind
    to a halt due to their inability to import workers from seven of the most dangerous countries
    on the planet for the 90 day period specified. It would indeed be interesting to have them outline the numbers involved. Perhaps the Washington judge might wish to broaden his knowledge
    of the Middle East by attempting to work in one of these countries for a year or two. He might
    then see the picture rather differently…


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