Australia’s Turnbull Tries a Dirty Deed, Meets The Atomic Sledgehammer of American President Trump…

Too funny.  Australia Herald Andrew Bolt outlinesthe leaker” of the phone call between Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull and U.S. President Trump came from down under – Turnbull leaked it.  Malcolm Turnbull tried to play a game of dirty politics with terrible results.


Australia has their own version of the “Calais jungle” filled with economic migrants unwanted by the majority of the Australian people.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull won’t accept any asylum seekers, migrants or refugees who arrive by boat.  Instead, [Australia] intercepts such vessels and sends them to remote Manus Island, in Papua New Guinea – link

Prime-Minister Turnbull is stuck betwix a big rock and a political hard place.  He can’t accept the economic migrants, and he’s too weak to repatriate them, so he thought he could turn to a fellow traveler in a lame-duck President Obama to bail him out.

On November 13th, 2016 Turnbull announced he entered an agreement with exiting Obama to take 1,250 of the pesky migrants despite the U.S. election a week earlier delivering an election victory by a U.S. presidential candidate who would be antithetical to such an agreement.

When questioned about the prudence of such a decision Malcolm Turnbull stated: “We deal with one administration at the time. There is only one president of the United States at a time.”

Dirty deed Mr. Turnbull.  Bad, bad mojo.

That sets the backdrop for the now public phone call and President Trump’s admonishment therein…  Having just had the atomic sledgehammer of Trump rightly delivered upon his grand scheme, Turnbull nervously turned his political objectives toward the media.  Prime Minister Turnbull figuring he would be able to back-up his position by leaking the tone of the conversation to the media and subsequently undermine President Trump.

However, what Turnbull didn’t anticipate is a new type of U.S. President willing to call out the scheming of the traditional political class regardless of their location:


Oh snap, an American president actually looking out for the best interests of America?  Rut roo, this is a new and unexpected dynamic.  President Trump doesn’t fear transparency, he welcomes it.

Now Turnbull has put himself, and more consequentially the relationship between the leadership in Australia and the United States, into a position of adversity.

Prime Minister Turnbull, too weak to effectively repatriate the migrants on his own, has allowed his own weakness to embarrassingly damage a relationship with a key ally.

[…]  Turnbull has a very nervous wait now to see if his boat people “solution” will survive. He’s also learned a very hard lesson: don’t try messing with Trump.  (link)


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590 Responses to Australia’s Turnbull Tries a Dirty Deed, Meets The Atomic Sledgehammer of American President Trump…

  1. trapper says:

    I have been a vocal Trump supporter since the day he rode down the escalator and announced. I have posted comments all over the place expressing this support and my reasons for it, and have converted some folks face-to-face. I am no fair-weather vulgarian.

    THIS is President Trump’s first big test. He must repudiate this deal and refuse to take these “refugees.”

    This was a back room deal made as a deliberate thumb in the eye of the American citizens who rejected the Obama policies and elected President Trump. Now that he is in the oval office, will President Trump do whatever it takes to represent the interests of the American citizens, or will he saddle us with another 1,250 foreigners we don’t want and don’t need, just to go along to get along? Does he have what it takes?

    President Trump is a businessman, and as a man of business knows that businesses operate based upon “what have you done for me lately?” Similarly, political support can evaporate overnight. Some of us are watching this very closely, and we will not permit this to just slip away down the memory hole. He must reject this deal.

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    • Agreed but I heard that he IS accepting over 1200 migrants from Australia, and that the final call was amicable, even though the lamestream reported that Trump hung up rudly and he was angry and that he made the PM of Australia angry, so I am confused…. Latest news is stating that Trumbell is stating that the call was pleasant and that Trump did not slam the phone and that they DID have a deal???? As I said, I am confused.


      • It would be nice for him to share the answer with us. Did Trump agree to letting these migrants into USA????????????????????????????????
        I sure hope NOT.


      • Smplyamsd says:

        I assumed the “we are going to vet the hell out of them” changed the dynamic. We would demand serious paper trail verification of identity AND law abiding background, AND we would drag this vetting process out – meanwhile keeping the illegals where they are – and we would toss flaming daggers at Turnbull the whole time until Turnbull loses the next election. Maybe Turnbull rethought his kangaroo games. It would also seem that in addition to this we would join with Australia to demand that the illegals native countries repatriate them and so try to resolve the situation in a win-win solution. And what is up with the Costa Rican illegals we were trading them for ? WTF ?


      • Bruce says:

        If you listen to ANYTHING the media puts out, consider it a lie. Confusion done!


  2. CaptainNonno says:



  3. Ficklefinger says:

    Malcolm Turnbull is a scoundrel to stab America in the back like this. I was in Australia for two weeks in early October, before the election. Everyone who heard my American voice wanted to debate candidate Donald Trump’s potential to win. They wanted to argue with me.

    I was 9,000 miles from home and these Australians were fighting with me over Donald Trump. It was none of their business and STILL IS none of their business whom we elect as President. We don’t try to tell them to support or oppose Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott or anyone else.

    If I was Donald Trump, I would make the Australians pay, by imposing sanctions, and perhaps limiting Australian entry into the U.S. We have no obligation to support a secret deal made AFTER Donald Trump was elected, for the sole purpose of Turnbull and Obama stabbing the new President in the back.

    Australians can take their illegal immigrant problem and shove it. I don’t think Americans should be “friends” with scoundrels who insult the electorate of the United States and intentionally try to undermine our new President.


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    • Agreed, I am ever so tired of other nations thinking they can dictate to us and make demands. For pete’s sake ever since I was a very young child I helped raised funds for other nations. America has given and given and given from UNICEF to Doctor’s without borders to the Peace corp etc., etc., etc, and instead of being grateful, instead of building up their own nations (like we did for Europe post World Wars). We have built roads, hospitals, schools, infrastructure for other nations, we have paid their medical bills, if they have a disaster as in Indonesia, we were the first, earthquakes in Italy, billions to Israeli as well as Palestine, Africa OMG how much given!!! Not to sound like a non-humanitarian, but-uh-I think a little thanks is in order – instead we are getting demands, we are getting that these illegals or refugees have what “have rights” say what???? (that was part and parcel of the TPP which Thank God Trump ended) I thought our constitution protected American citizens, but even Schumer called them citizens of the world that are entitled to the same rights that we have,,,,uh, If I remember correctly, many of us Americans have fought, bled and died and paid for OUR rights…sorry, another rant of mine, forgive me. But we are talking about a “deal”, well what do we get in return? Are we getting anything??? Oh, maybe a thanks and a handshake??? Does anyone have a problem with this. If I may…sorry rant not over…these refugees by the way are not vetted, are they going to be getting freebies like all the other “refugees”? are they going to be angry or grateful (they were stuck on a small island and ignored)??? Or is this going to be another bite in the hind quarters of Americans, and by the way, if we and when we have our next disaster…who will be bailing us out, and who will take America refugees??? Especially since so many nations are refusing to take refugees, count how many, what %& Arab/Muslim nations, China, Japan, Russia, Hungary, Poland, hummm I could go on but you all get my drift.. Peace out!


      • Panzerakc says:

        “Agreed, I am ever so tired of other nations thinking they can dictate to us and make demands.”

        Considering who was at the helm of the U.S. for the last eight years, are you really surprised at the attitude of other nations?

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      • Charlotte says:

        I was ALWAYS for Trump.Always. I saw the danger in 2008 when Obama started coming onto the scene. I could see he was a silver tongued liar and a Muslime. I could see how Obama cold mess the whole world up–which he has done.
        Theres a NZ guy Trevor Loudon who did his utmost to oppose Obama and expose his communist connections.


    • NewChum says:

      Most Australians would agree with you. Please don’t associate us with the actions of globalist betrayers like Turnbull any more than we hold Americans responsible for the appalling treatment and interference of Australian politics by Obama. There are multiple examples of this, including causing huge disruption to the tourist industry by telling the world the Great Barrier Reef was dead. I can assure it is very much alive and kicking.


  4. Mike diamond says:

    I knew we were on the titanic,but we had 8 years of Obama aiming for the iceberg! And the news media and the demo-rats did nothing said nothing,saw nothing! Now all of a sudden they are so worried about what president trump does,what a bunch of fake news hippo-crits,and cry babies!


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