U.K. Parliament Votes 498-114 To Move Forward on Brexit…

After a shadow U.K. court of appointed political judges ruled Brexit was in need of legislative approval from Parliament, the vote was held today.

brexit 13LONDON (AP) — British lawmakers have backed a bill authorizing the start of European Union exit talks, voting by a decisive 498 to 114 to push the measure past its first major legislative hurdle.

During two days of debate in the House of Commons, many legislators from both government and opposition said they would respect voters’ June 23 decision to leave the EU and back the bill.

But pro-EU members of Parliament from opposition parties will try to insert more amendments at the next stage of the process, seeking to prevent an economy-shocking “hard Brexit.”

The Conservative government wants to have the bill approved by early March so it can meet a self-imposed March 31 deadline for triggering two years of EU divorce talks. (read more)


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94 Responses to U.K. Parliament Votes 498-114 To Move Forward on Brexit…

  1. KBR says:

    Two years of divorce talks? Wow UK is moving very slow on Brexit.

    So, will it be two or more years before our bilateral trade deals can begin?

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  2. redredrice says:

    Not done winning yet!

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  3. Peter G. says:

    Everybody is WINNING!

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  4. Reality Wins says:

    Now the court will come in and say: Best two out of three.

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  5. ZurichMike says:

    OMG! The EU is doomed. This will be additional impetus for Marie Le Pen to win in France, too.

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  6. Wavetheshales says:

    Thank GOD. Folks on the far side of the pond have no idea of just how much evil is lined up against Brexit, Frexit(sp?),the AfD, Trump; and for globalism.

    We have a bunch of swamps over here that need draining.

    GOD Bless President Trump, Vice-President Pence, their families, their Administration, and the USA! MAGA!!!!!

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  7. james23 says:

    Wait, so the MPs who favored staying in EU did not “boycott” (run and hide)?

    Makes our globalist party appear even worse by comparison.

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    • NickD says:

      Which globalist party? We have two…


      • dayallaxeded says:

        no, there is only the uniparty. do not be deceived!

        Mr. Trump’s organization is effectively a new party–we just used the GOPe structures to assist launch. It remains to be seen whether we will fully reform the GOP or if a separate nationalist/constitutionalist party will form around the Trump admin.


  8. Stringy Theory says:

    Better than a no vote, but surely a slow roll on Brexit.

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    • Maquis says:

      It’s built into Article 50, the mechanism that made any separation at all possible, although deliberately quite difficult. I can’t wait to celebrate the day May “triggers” Article Fifty. No doubt 45 will too, with his buddy Nigel.

      I love these guys!


  9. DebbieUK says:

    An interesting 2 days and I’m delighted with the result.Now on to committee stage and the Lords but most think it will pass .
    The divorce talks can take up to two years according to the Lisbon treaty but I’m hoping they will be concluded long before that.
    However the EU works at a snails pace and they will be wanting to hang on to our contributions as long as they can.UK is the second largest contrubutor after Germany. Billions that could be spent in UK.

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    • NJF says:

      Thanks for your input!

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    • gettherejustassoon says:

      Considering the abject failure or abysmal performance of various national government, why would anybody believe that adding another level of governance would be helpful? This has always puzzles me.

      Moreover, nobody can look out better for one’s family than you can, for the most part. The further removed any government body is the more impersonal it actually becomes.

      Praying for the UK to regain their heritage and national identity.

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      • This has puzzled me, too, get there. People have an upside-down view of govt. They believe a higher level will make the lower level behave. Not so, as history has proven, time and time again. It may come from the machinations of various kings, who used the commoners to fight back against the powerful nobles, hence the idea that the higher up guy would make your life better. So, so wrong.

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        • gettherejustassoon says:

          Someone once argued that local government is actually the most corrupt. At the time, I indicated that even if so it more easily dealt with than some distance bureaucracy. I think this still holds true.


      • filia.aurea says:

        Each country in the UK has a separate government, 3 of which roll up into the English Parliament. The bureaucracy, compared to relative size, is massive. The last thing they need is Brussels on top of all that.
        1. Alaska is equal to 7.05 UKs
        2. Texas is equal to 2.86 UKs
        3. California is equal to 1.74 UKs
        4. Montana is equal to 1.56 UKs
        5. New Mexico is equal to 1.29 UKs
        6. Arizona is equal to 1.21 UKs
        7. Nevada is equal to 1.17 UKs
        8. Colorado is equal to 1.11 UKs
        9. Oregon is equal to 1.04 UKs
        10. Wyoming is equal to 1.03 UKs
        11. Michigan is equal to 1.03 UK

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        • gettherejustassoon says:

          A fundamental question is how much governance is enough.

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        • Root says:

          To be exact the English have no Parliament at all unlike our Celtic neighbours ! Our Parliament is the Parliament of Great Britain & Northern Ireland which together constitute the United Kingdom. This has led to the curious situation of Scotland having its own devolved administration plus also 50 odd MPs in the UK Parliament where they are without fail a damn nuisance ! There have been suggestions that an England only Government might be a useful constitutional reform.


    • Sentient says:

      Have they even triggered Article 50 yet? Let’s get a move on, people!


    • NickD says:

      Can’t the Lords only hold up legislation, not kill it completely?

      Certainly, the EU will drag this process out as long as they legally can


      • Root says:

        A non finance bill (which this is) can be held up for 12 months if the measure being proposed is not contained in the government’s manifesto. The manifesto in this case contains no such commitment. No body really knows how this is going to run in the Lords. The thing is the Lords only exist at all because the Commons permits it. They have the power by primary legislation to abolish the Lords entirely ! That should keep their feet to the fire. But as an unelected chamber they do not have voters to worry about so who knows.


    • Maquis says:

      I pray daily for Brexit, after DJT and Israel, then on to LePen….you see where this is going!

      If there truly are, rebirthing pains in the UK, let us know what products we can buy to do our part to lift you up during any rocky periods

      I’ve considered the Mini Clubman that is being assembled in Oxfoord, but I suspect much of the profit goes to Germany… I haven’t found any American vehicle yet which would suit my physical issues and allow me to see out w/o being an acrobat… I’m looking for a modern hardtop coupe, like the MB Class-E coupe.

      Only thing I want more is my Apocalypse Touring Van. Maybe both, if I’m good. Which would have been me getting to sleep six hours ago… Argh.

      Anyway, Three Cheers for Brexit!


  10. Chris Sims says:

    Brexit is the only sensible solution for our brothers and sisters across the pond.

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  11. Bouchart says:

    Until Article 50 is invoked anything can happen.

    Even after Article 50 is invoked anything can happen.


  12. MIKE says:

    Two years? If I had the money, I’d ship a pallet full of “The art of the deal” books to the Brits.

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  13. TheseTruths says:

    “Can you hear the people sing…”

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  14. sunnydaze says:

    Dang. That wasn’t even close.

    Good. Let’s get this ball rolling!

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  15. SoCal Patriot says:

    You have to hand it to their Parliament – an overwhelming vote as the members supported the will of the people.

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  16. carnan43 says:

    There needs to be some advance planning when the EU is dissolved. The hoard of rats scurrying from the EU Parliment will require a large number of pest exterminators. These blood sucking parasites will have to find another host. Please, President Trump, add these slugs to the terrorist list.


  17. quintrillion says:

    PM May, Immediately after meeting with Trump flew to Turkey and sold Erdogan British fighter jets. The Turks have been bombing the Kurds who we are now backing and the Kurds have just received a shipment of armored vehicles from the US.

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  18. severance23 says:

    I still think invoking Article 50 is the wrong way to go as that ensures a maximum of two years to work out all the details, trade deals etc – all the while we still continue to pay £50M a day for the privilege. If we simply revoke the 1972 European Communities Act (which took us in to the EEC), we’re out. Trade would continue under WTO regulations until new deals could be arranged, which would be an incentive for the EU to do it quickly as WTO tariffs on cars would be increased – and the U.K. car market is vital to the German auto industry. Audi, BMW et al would be knocking Merkel’s door down demanding a good deal pronto.

    Anyhow, Brexit appears to be moving forward, finally, so I’m a reasonably happy bunny tonight.


  19. sunnydaze says:

    Some Brits getting a little antsy over the slowness of this EXIT. They VOTED for it, after all.

    They’re looking at how quickly Trump is getting stuff done, keeping promises, and saying to themselves WTF?


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  20. PM May hopefully took lessons on why it’s better to have separate bilateral trade vs 28 country deal. My understanding is that the weakest countries benefit and the strongest countries loss.


  21. MrLiberty says:

    The parasites and crony capitalists need to make sure they are not disconnected from the “host” too soon or too forcefully. Even the parliament knows better than to set off a revolution by voting against the people. Wish the US congress would get that message.


  22. Liked by 1 person

  23. sunnydaze says:

    hmmmm….wonder if the Left might implode in Britain, too. The British public may be getting it’s fill of nonsense with all the marches, etc. Much like the US.

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    • Sandra says:

      And getting tired of supporting slackers and scammers, especially those who are invited in from other countries by pandering politicians. Just like we are.

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  24. d says:

    2 years = 1,000,000 more ‘refugees’….given to you by the ‘aristocrats’…..good luck with that….imho


  25. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    Well, I’m glad the vote turned out this way. I thought it was silly for the courts to say, “No! We can’t do this without Parliament’s approval,” considering Parliament already had its say when it officially announced that the people of the UK would have a referendum on leaving the EU.

    The MPs said, “We’ll let the people decide,” and the courts said, “Noooo! We can’t let the people decide something that’s actually, you know, important.”

    So, Parliament was forced to back up the will of the people. Good on Parliament for doing so!


  26. oatmulk says:

    Eager to read May’s White paper which will hopefully shed a little bit of light on an otherwise dark, unforeseeable post-Brexit Britain.


  27. piper567 says:

    A while ago, I read somewhere that Breitbart was setting up offices in germany an France.
    Anyone know anything about that?


  28. UKExpat says:

    This vote just PROVES how out of touch these elitist LEFTARD Judges are both with the MAJORITY of the British people and the MAJORITY of British Politicians minus the disgusting irrelevant SCOTS PRATS of course and some diehard LABOUR numbties. That being the case these Judges should be REPLACED immediately with people who are in touch with the wants of the British Electorate. I believe the similar things happen in the USA too with Leftist POLITICIZED Judiciary.


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