Sorry #NeverTrumpers But You Don’t Get To Dismount Your High Horse Today…

Sorry #NeverTrumpers, but you don”t get to dismount your high horse and celebrate the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch today.  This is NOT your victory, this is ours!

There is a gobsmacking level of pontificating self-righteousness visible from the collective proletariat within your crony-conservative movement who made the decision to formulate their political argument from a position of opposition.

against-trumpNever trump crowd

Perhaps it would be different if you framed your antagonism from a position of advocacy, but that wasn’t the direction you chose.  No, you chose a specific position of opposition as clearly evident within your chosen mantra “Never Trump”.

Perhaps it would be different if you ever had a come-to-Jesus moment and apologized immediately following the November election.  Then again, when your opinion of your own self-importance is this high, those humble words are just as foreign as your understanding of the movement that won.

You don’t get to frame the entire construct of your argument around opposition to a team, and then claim benefit to the outcome of victory.  Stay on your high-horse, move along and ride off into that proverbial land of irrelevance; you’re dead here.

Save your dismount for another defining “conservative” assembly where you can gather at CPAC again and give a standing ovation to House Speaker Paul Ryan a month after he eliminates the debt ceiling and passes a $2 trillion OmniBus spending bill, funding all of the progressive priorities you hypocritically claim to oppose; you’re good at that.

That particular circle of crazy just doesn’t sell here any longer.

nro coverfive stooges never trumpnever-trump-politicians

Save up your fiscal hypocrisy, you’ll need it.  Because in less than two months our victorious bastard will deliver a budget that cuts a trillion “per year” out of the federal coffers…. and there is no doubt the beneficiary of your prior applause will be counting on your fiscally conservative sensibilities to protest for more spending on his behalf.

Oh, and keep your newest VAT tax construct.  We’ll bring the sledgehammer, save your gilded and monogrammed tweezers for a swamp audience stupid enough to believe it – Thank you.

Oh, and don’t go getting all pearl-clutchy.  This isn’t anger directed toward you, this is far, far worse.  This is a very targeted and deliberate Cold Anger surrounding you and the swamp creatures of your affiliation. This sensibility never forgets.

You had a choice. You chose a direction, you lost; and you damn near lost the entire friggin’ country.  Just because the team you ridiculed and attacked has overcome all opposition and gained victory, that doesn’t mean you get to backtrack now and expect the bruised and bloodied recipients to forget those who launched the stones and arrows.

Save your wine-spritzers and crust-less triangle sandwiches. We didn’t have well financed high-horses, we launched boots, well-worn boots, scratched, clawed and advanced despite your hoighty-toighty principles, intransigence and unwillingness to cuss or get your hands dirty.

Good grief, your insufferable sensibilities were frightened of frog memes, FROG MEMES!

It was our deplorable and calloused hands that volunteered, opened our piggy banks, and held firm to support each other and our vulgarian candidate against all opposition.  You were part of that opposition.

While we were getting bloodied in Chicago, Virginia and California your ilk were worried about our tone and political sensibilities.  But worse than that, much much worse than that, you #NeverTrumpers broke the cardinal rule of grassroots camaraderie, you aided the other side.

While our candidate was wearing a friggin’ bullet-proof-vest to deliver Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, you took every opportunity to broadcast your litmus-test purist antagonism in every outlet you could muster.

Your arrogant self-righteous efforts not only didn’t help, but they actually opposed our common sense objective. You were as much a benefit to Hillary Clinton and Mitch McConnell as Media Matters and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, perhaps even more.  Lest you need a reminder:



No, today you don’t get to rejoice in victory – it isn’t yours.  You are worse than the enemy.  At least a righteous enemy claims opposition from outside the wire, wears identifiable uniforms and looks you in the eye.  Your choice of opposition was to lay toxic land mines inside our own territory, obstruct us at every engagement, and sit back gleefully predicting our defeat.

This victory today is ours.  The victory belongs to all the Donald Trump supporters who absorbed your constant ridicule as fuel.  The team who battled through the ridicule of the media and the ridicule of the elitist class, and stood in cold Virgina fields at 2am because we knew we needed to keep moving forward despite your efforts.

You #NeverTrump crony-constitutional purists were then, and are now, just as much a part of the problem as before – there is no place for you here, we’re deplorable. Put on your pussy hats and just go join the other side.  We didn’t get your support in 2016 and we won’t need it in 2020.

Shut up. Be thankful, quietly.

We’ve got this, and much more yet to come…



Happy Birthday Andrew !


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797 Responses to Sorry #NeverTrumpers But You Don’t Get To Dismount Your High Horse Today…

  1. Sundance, that was beautiful. Absolutely, amazingly and bigly beautiful. The NT’s can get their Egg McMuffin to go and never ever come back. Ever. Dead to me? Beyond that. Beyond decomposed. Dust. That they almost got the incompetent, dishonest, power hungry and hopelessly corrupt grifter Hillary elected is a sin for which there is no forgiveness or redemption.

    Again, kudos on expressing my sentiments so beautifully. ~standing and applauding, occasionally throwing a finger and opprobrium at the Never Trumpers of NRO and elsewhere~


  2. virgo says:

    Great post, as ever!

    Apologies will not come in because the #nevertrumpers did not expect to win but consider themselves the “commentariat”, above the fray. They were never part of a movement, just spectators who gain publicity by undermining other conservatives (“jeer-leaders”, if you will).

    There were some exceptions. Mark Levin was leading a non-existent movement to have a convention of states and has said he likes Trump’s SCOTUS picks, but has also been giving delusional advice on trade policy. Erik Ericsson really disgraced himself with his pearl-clutching, but Bill Kristol and those guys don’t feel obligated to correct the record of their unreliable punditry.


  3. M R MICHAEL says:



  4. MaskOfZero says:

    Here, here….well said.


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