“Resist We Much” Democrats Try to Create Left-Wing Tea Party…

Following the defeat of Hillary Clinton democrat operative David Axelrod was the first to say the democrat party needed to create an opposition group as effective as the Tea Party. Within days Paul Begala, David Brock and Bernie Sanders were drum-beating a similar talking point.

Sharpton-ResistWithin the various regional meetings to select a DNC Chairperson an identical discussion has been repeated.

The larger progressive movement is trying to create a 2017 political oppositional force similar in scope and effectiveness as the 2009/2010 Tea Party movement.

That political goal has driven the constructed caterwauling and protestations for the past week.  However, there is one key difference which dooms any such effort:

• The 2010 Tea Party uprising was brought about by President Obama policies that were minority political positions with majority opposition (see ObamaCare).

• By contrast, the 2017 President Trump policies are majority political positions with minority opposition.

That dynamic is why the mainstream media need to elevate the minority protesters to enhance their position.

“Resist We Much”…




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238 Responses to “Resist We Much” Democrats Try to Create Left-Wing Tea Party…

  1. It has dawned on me recently that we have never had social media in a non-Obama world so this venom and madness that we are seeing play out every single week over every single thing from the Trump administration is as frightening as it is amusing I have some friends on social media who openly supported Obama and would post pro-Obama propaganda but I learned early on that it was pointless engaging them because it always dissolved into a cat fight and wasn’t worth losing a friend over politics. But these openly Obama supporters have suddenly become very snarky and worrisome. These are smart people, people that are well read and well traveled, from sophisticated families who would never post anything remotely negative until now. I am seeing a side of my friends that I never knew existed. Yet, for 8 years, I remained quiet about all of the illegal and controversial things Obama did while in office and just counted down the days until a new administration could be elected. I didn’t stoop to ugly language, protest ever over all of the things that I disagreed with while I watched Obama wipe his backside with our Constitution. Yet, a quick perusal on my FB page, and it is disheartening to see such venom and implied retribution. Needless to say, I have nearly abandoned FB because it is not enjoyable anymore to catch up with friends and classmates and family.

    As a non-Obama fan (and many like me) suffered through 8 years of uninterrupted lawbreaking deals and a deluge of regulations, and said very little. Now we see that the tolerant side is the least tolerable of all and easily conned into identity politics of isms and phobias, the likes of which only became socially acceptable (and even definable) when we got Obama in the White House. Political correctness, which began in earnest under Bush, moved at a pace unprecedented under Obama because it went hand in hand with identity politics and was so coordinated in attacks. The left leaning media and politicians almost had the routine down to a science regarding the shaming and name calling of anyone who was white, disagreed, and wasn’t easily seduced by the Left’s ideology. Until Donald Trump arrived on the scene and not a moment too soon. But breaking down the Left is much messier than building it, unbeknown to us. There is enough anger, confusion, disinformation, Fake News, and Soros funneled money that has created this miserable environment we live today. This cannot be the end of our civilized world that has championed its citizens and legal immigrants for over 250 years. This cannot be the end to this great experiement that has been the model for so many less fortunate could tries and governments. Sometimes it seems as if this is bigger than a single Donald Trump and reversing this course might be impossible.

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    • deplorableinmt says:

      Take heart with God all things are possible! Satan is the great deceiver and can make darkness appear more powerful than it really is, throughout history just when things appeared lost the pendulum swung back. Keep the faith and review election predictions and where we are now. Yes it will be an uphill fight but we have a courageous leader so we must be courageous as well and never, never, never give up the fight! With your friends they have always had that snarkiness but now its on steroids because they are sore losers. One other thing light and darkness cannot coexist. .

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    • bessie2003 says:

      This is exactly what I ran into today on FB. It got ugly when I finally spoke up. Guess those are what are called fair-weather friends. Hang in there. Given enough time and improvements in the country once the promises President Trump made take hold those who are real friends will come back around and be grateful to still have a good friend.

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    • Stephen says:

      Sometimes it seems as if this is bigger than a single Donald Trump and reversing this course might be impossible.

      I believe it’s too late. The U.S. is like a terminally ill man who, after steady decline, appears on the verge of death but then seems to rally for a day or two just before passing away.

      President Trump represents the appearance of recovery that precedes death.


      • Joshua2415 says:

        Have faith Stephen. Take comfort in the knowledge that patriotic Americans are almost certainly still the majority, and there is absolutely no doubt that we are MUCH better armed.

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      UNfollowing is FB’s sneaky MUTE button. Click it and your FB friends will never know that you are NOT seeing their posts in your Newsfeed. I’ve been doing that for a while now and haven’t been blocked (dropped) by anybody—which tells me those irritating liberals who bitch on FB every day are not noticing when someone stops “liking” their posts. They’re much too wrapped up in their own thoughts and proclamations to care about other’s lives; it’s just a way for them to feel important.

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      • Candice Paul says:

        Yes, I have one friend who I enjoy time with and everything except her political views. I unfollowed her during the Obama administration since I could not believe how an otherwise intelligent person could remain so ignorant.Unfollowing here likely saved our friendship.

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        • soozword says:

          I unfriended my long-time friend this morning over her anti-Trump postings. We have always been well-aware of our strong opposing political views and have tried to avoid even discussing politics. It wasn’t until recently, though, that she shifted from cutesy animal stuff to politics on FB.

          So right after I unfriended her I sent an email saying I’m getting quite irritated by her ignorant, vile political crap on FB but I didn’t want to embarrass her there with challenging her with factual data (actually it was really because I know from experience I would get pounced on by dozens of libs expecting endless responses and it wasn’t worth my time/effort). I told her I unfriended her on FB, BUT wanted to continue our relationship via email where we’ve learned to more or less stay away from that topic. She simply answered “no problem” and we’ve stuck to the pros and cons of robot vacuum cleaners with pesky pets today — safe and comforting to maintain that long-time relationship even if it must exclude my passion for politics.


      • Here's Your Sign says:

        Facebook is a poisonous echo chamber. Get out before it corrupts you.


    • Curry Worsham says:

      Yes, it is bigger than a single Donald Trump. It’s Trump and 60+ million. He can’t do it without us. And yes, we can turn it around

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    • Delete your FB account and deprive that media outlet of your business.

      I did last year. Yes, you will be out of touch… from 3rd grade drama and virtue signalling.

      And, yes, life will go on like it did for millenia before FB existed.

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      • KBR says:

        I opened a fb account years ago to see photos of my distant grandchildren my kids posted there.
        In no time flat, I realized that doing so lessened my phone calls from them and visits with them. After all, if I could virtually watch on fb, why should their parents (my kids) bother to actually interact?
        Virtual contact is not real. The grands didn’t even know I could see them, there was no allowance of love from me to them or them to me, just b/c I saw videos.
        I simply stopped going there. I let my kids know I was not using FB.
        Now in order to communicate with me, they must communicate one to one.

        FB has damaged the family and real friendship.

        A FB “friend” that you don’t know in person is not a friend, and you do not know whether they are who they claim to be no matter how many photos and videos they post.

        We need to get back to reality. There is no virtue in virtual.

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        • guitar107 says:

          I hate fakebook, but I use it for 2 reasons:
          To view photos of distant relatives.
          To coordinate outings with local friends.

          I don’t get feeds from anyone, as I have chosen the option Not to receive posts from any DB friends… I really don’t care to know about their political views.

          I just get invitations to events, and now and then I check my relative pages looking for new photos.

          You might say that I am a very “lite” fb user.


        • “We need to get back to reality. There is no virtue in virtual.” AMEN!


        • COLibertyBelle says:

          I must agree. My brother nearly died of a bleeding ulcer and the only notification his wife sent out to the family was on FB….which many in my family were not on. Could have been a disaster had not my fb family members gotten the word out and he lived through it. In my opinion it is a total waste of time. Now we use the phone.


    • Abe Froman says:

      I have experienced the exact same thing. My liberal friends seem to think it is ok to rant and rave and to be incredibly rude about anything conservative. But they expect everyone to be nothing but respectful of their beliefs and, more importantly, their feelings. I haven’t un-friended any, but I have stopped following most of these “friends.” It just isn’t worth the effort to even engage with them.

      I believe that much of the noise on the left is just rage. Rage that they aren’t in the majority. Rage that they don’t have the power they thought they did. The MSM told them that the Republican party was dying, demographics were on their side, they were on the right side of history, etc. They still can’t seem to grasp that their side lost, much less understand the actual reasons why. If they continue on their current course, though, they are going to destroy what is left of their party, “big league.”

      One happy thought: They are the vocal, ill-behaved minority. All their angst, tears, protests, shrieks, etc. are only serving to move more and more people away from their political point of view. The (comparatively) silent majority elected President Trump, gave Republicans control of Congress and installed Republicans in more state offices than at any time since the Great Depression. We are not alone.

      President Trump’s policies of reduced regulation, reduced taxes and investment in the US will pay off. The economy has been absolutely shackled by 44’s efforts for the last 8 years. The President doesn’t have to do much other than to remove some of the barriers and get out of the way and the economy will begin to gain steam. The left earnestly believes that President Trump will make things much worse for them. In reality, things are going to get much better, and it is hard to find time for all these protests and marches when you have a good job.

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  2. A2 says:

    When you organize a political party on the basis of identity politics, diversity, special interests and special pleading there are a lot of squeaky wheels that must be greased. Money only goes so far when the emotions get the upper hand.
    At the moment, the only organizing principle they can market is ‘anti-Trump’. As each day passes, as MAGA and America First gets meat on the bones, that too will fail.

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    The left is too emotional to ever make a go of any kind of a movement similar to the Tea Party. They lack critical thinking and logic required to get a successful movement off of the ground. This will be an epic failure.

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    • progpoker says:

      The Tea Party was not someone’s plan to rebut Obama’s over-reach. It was an organic movement that unfortunately fell victim to the hucksters in the world looking to jump in front of a parade in search of fame and fortune.

      The left already tried and failed with the Occutard Movement. This latest effort will fail, also. You can’t force moral outrage…especially when you have no morals, only feelz!!

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      • WSB says:

        The TEA Party was an organic response to having our taxes continually raised and morphing into a group who wanted accountable, smaller government…back to the original balance of power of, for and by the people. Through the pummeling by the Obama administration, the TEA Party actually won! Donald J Trump is the TEA Party President.

        Sundance posted about this a few weeks ago. Sometimes difficult to see but so clear.

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  4. Excuse me for interrupting this wake for the funeral of our nation and our great leader Donald Trump which I find to be
    quite premature and totally uncalled for!

    I happen to firmly believe the Donald Trump was chosen by God to do this job I’ve written articles

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  5. William Ford says:

    The Left already has their protest group… it’s organized by Soros. Maybe they can pay thugs to protest and commit rampant violence. Oh wait….they already did that before the election.

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  6. yakmaster2 says:

    I think the Left Wing attempt at a tea party should be called the CLOWARD-PIVEN MOVEMENT.
    From wikipedia:
    “The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for

    OVERLOADING the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a CRISIS that would lead to a REPLACEMENT of the welfare system with a NATIONAL SYSTEM of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”, i.e. COMMUNISM.

    However, I don’t expect such honesty from the Left. They’ll likely call it Rainbow something or other.

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  7. So the left wants to replicate Tea Party’s success? Well what are ya’ll waiting on? You have a couple billion unpaid hours to put in. About six years of persecution to endure. A bunch of friends to lose. A good look in the mirror now and then. Time’s wasting.

    This is going to be a riot

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  8. The problem with a left wing tea party is that it’s fundamentally impossible for achievement purposes. This is about keeping riot prone voters away from esteemed Liberal Lions perhaps but it’s deeper than that. The DNC doesn’t have a problem with its leaders pretending to be liberal. They have a problem quelling unreasonable demands which they have to pretend to care about. The left has a problem with having already been exposed as not a unity but a collection of groups wanting very different things. There is very few things they agree on. The only people who can secure union vote and Muslim vote and BLM vote etc is a seasoned DNC member who can be obscure enough to care about each groups demands. Oh and they are trying to oppose a Pres who fights dirty like a liberal. Meanwhile…Tea party fought for basic freedom already promised under the constitution. Tea party was the Continental Army of it’s day.

    Their goal was unified in common sense not worried about who’s feelings were hurt in the process. A Tea Party man in Idaho wanted the same 4-6 things as a Tea Party woman in Florida. But what bewildered the left is the gay man, and the Muslim couple, and the poly peeps that also wanted those same 4-6 things. So what does this faction of the left want? Stability. They are jealous of knowing what your party will be fighting for in 2 months let alone 6 years from now. Imagine the reaction when these fools first heard that trans folk are not comfy in either bathroom yet want in both. I mean really picture Pelosi wrapping her head around this. This same party wants to ban opiate abuse for the greater good and expand pot abuse for tax compensation. They want us all sedated but not so much we can’t be good sheeple. How bout mind your own house and worry bout yourself? They want to meddle in your life to control who you are and they need to tax you just under the point which you storm D.C.

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  9. Rasmussen poll, like all others, over samples Dems and samples Ind who are actually Dems so the true number is not 57% but likely 77%. Gaslighting is what THEY DO.

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  10. darththulhu says:

    The problem for the DemEstablishment trying to put together a movement is the same problem the GOPe had trying to co-opt and astroturf the Tea Party movement: the actual genuine parts of the resistance will want nothing to do with the lying Establishmentarians (owned by Wall Street) who keep lying to them and betraying them. The “astroturfed” resistance won’t extend past what Wall Street pays for. The genuine non-SJW Occupy Wall Street types (yes, there were a lot of those, but they got smothered in paid-SJW overload) have already fled the last astroturfing buyout effort and run to Bernie (who wasn’t even a Democrat), and now to Trump. Those union leaders looking to get a New New Deal from Trump would normally be the backbone of any “leftie Tea Party”, and they simply aren’t going to show up for lying Wall Street toadies when the real fighter is in the White House.

    Until someone is willing to tell the Democratic Party horrid Truths about themselves, like Trump and the Tea Party were willing to tell the GOPe horrid Truths about themselves, there can be no success for an astroturfed fake movement. The Dem equivalents of Cruz and Rubio and Cotton aren’t actual “reform” of the Democratic Party … they’re just new bottles for the same swampwater.

    Until the Dems rediscover antiTrust and anti-Wall-Street principles, and go hammer and tongs to throw out corporate toadies like Schumer and Booker in primaries, they are as hopeless as the GOPe.

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  11. guitar107 says:

    Just wondering… all these loons with signs “Welcome refugees”.
    Why doesn’t EACH ONE OF THEM, open up their house and REALLY welcome 10 refugees into their own home, hmmm???

    It’s very easy to be “virtuous” and try to embarrass others into being charitable. So, why don’t THEY lead by example!

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  12. KBR says:

    The leftists cannot organize a tea party because they do not revere the original Boston Tea Party.

    They are forming a P-party, not a Tea Party.
    P for protest everything.
    P for pi$$ on the Constitution
    P for pea brains

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  13. pjb535i says:

    Begala, Brock. Sanders, and Soros will have the very best organic movement money can buy. (tee hee 😉


  14. Lanna says:

    Remember who David Axelrod is — called the master of astroturfing organizing, basically a way of circumventing lobbying restrictions. His media and messaging firm also specialized in getting little known black candidates elected by manufacturing fake grassroots support for them.

    He’s been associated with Daley, Deval Patrick, John Edwards, Rahm Emanuel, Spitzer, Howard Dean, Chris Dodd, Tom Vilsack and Hillary Clinton. He’s Chicago-style politics through and through.

    Michelle Obama convinced the hospital she fake-worked at in Chicago to hire the firm to push through some controversial urban health program. Barry got an earmark while in the state Senate for some Daley-backed museum expansion, almost all of the money went to Axelrod’s firm.

    Axelrod was a chief strategist for Barry in 2008, probably made Hillary furious because he said he’d sit out the election due to association with so many of those in the race. His strategy with caucus states helped Barry, hurt Hillary. Got rewarded by Barry with a job in the administration. He sold his firm to a group of Obozo’s consultants.

    I don’t know if Hillary tried to hire Axelrod and or his old firm for 2016, but they would probably have run a better campaign than Podesta did.

    Likely this firm, including the POS and Axelrod, is pulling strings behind the Resist effort.


  15. Jenny R. says:

    Don’t they already own OWS?


  16. Leslie Ingersoll says:

    “Resist we much” yes we much resist the astro turfers, and the worn out “black leaders” that profit from the anger they preach/spew👿

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  17. Jamal says:

    Maybe they could call it the ‘Coffee Party’? No wait…they tried that. it was the same tired Prog nonsense. What about ‘No Labels’? No…no, they tried that. As it turns out, a rose by any other name smells as sweet. In this case a Prog ‘movement’ smells like the excrescence it is.


  18. Dominoky says:

    This group of lost democraps haven’t had an original idea in years.


  19. Is no one appalled by that grammar?! wtf does all of that even mean?! What kind of newfangled Ebonics is that?…


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