New York Federal Judge Intercedes To Clear Airports of Current Limbo Visa Holders…

While there is much pontification and opinion about a judicial ruling by New York Judge Ann Donnelly, the decision is actually quite narrow.  The judge’s involvement is specifically and narrowly only targeted to current permitted visa holders who were in the limbo zone between travel (during XO) and the denial of entry upon landing.

Despite the insufferable airport protests being promoted on U.S. MSM, there are less than 200 people nationwide who were in the limbo zone.  The ruling stops DHS from forcibly turning around a group of currently valid visa holders arriving from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  Nothing more.

judge-ann-donelyNEW YORK […]  U.S. District Judge Ann M. Donnelly ordered a halt to any removal of refugees or others who hold valid visas to enter the United States—meaning those who have arrived at U.S. airports from the seven predominantly Muslim countries named under the President’s executive order can remain, for now.

The judge did not rule on the legality of the executive order, nor did she say that others who have not yet arrived in the U.S. can be allowed to proceed.  [She’s simply clearing the airports.]

The ruling came in response to a petition filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of two Iraqis detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport: Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who was a translator for the U.S. military, and Haider Alshawi, who was on his way to join his wife, who had worked for a U.S. contractor in Iraq.  (read more)



CCTV video from JFK airport shows refugee activists reviewing the judicial ruling.


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265 Responses to New York Federal Judge Intercedes To Clear Airports of Current Limbo Visa Holders…

  1. LAVietImmigLaw says:

    My take is that this Order may ultimately affect the entire E.O. by the time the trial on the merits is held by Judge Donnelly. The Order so far applies to people who have already landed here and were detained and about to be removed because of the E.O. So, it enjoins the government from removing them summarily pending a trial on the merits before the same judge. No, it won’t go to the Supreme Court yet as some have said, but has to go first to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which is fairly liberal. Not sure if the DOJ will appeal or even if it does, vigorously challenge this Order before the 2nd Circuit since Sessions is not confirmed yet. If the 2nd Circuit denies the appeal, the DOJ can petition the Supreme Court for certiorari but even then the Court may not take up the appeal and let the 2nd Circuit decision stands.

    But what’s concerning is that there won’t be a trial before Judge Donnelly for a few weeks (months?) and in the meantime, what does the government do with travelers from those countries arriving and holding valid visas or green cards? For example, I have as clients a family from the UAE who are green-card holders but carrying Syrian passports planning to return here next month. These people have been fully vetted as part of the green-card process, they’ve been legal permanent residents of the US for many years, yet they are affected by the E.O. (Dept. of Homeland Security confirmed yesterday the E.O. does apply to green-card holders, too, which is amazing). The judge’s order can be interpreted as applying to the new arrivals, too, as they are part of the “similarly situated” class (the only persons “not similarly situated” would be the ones not claiming fear of persecution upon being returned to their countries, but in reality most will claim that). If this Order applies to them, the government cannot refuse these people entry but either let them in or hold them (released on bond) until the trial on the merits before Judge Donnelly resolves the issue.

    Or, the judge’s order can be interpreted as not applying to new arrivals and they can be held and turned around. But as soon as they are held I think they will claim fear of persecution and the ACLU will file another lawsuit on behalf of these new arrivals and it will probably be assigned to the same judge, who will rule the same way as the Order today.

    So, either way, this Order, while very narrow at this point, is only the first step by this judge in possibly invalidating Trump’s entire E.O. She’s already found in paragraph 1 that petitioners have a strong likelihood of success that their removal would violate due process. That may change later as both sides introduce evidence in preparation for the trial, and other events may happen in the meantime, but yes, this judge could invalidate the entire E.O. when all is said and done. If she does, the battle will shift to the Court of Appeals.

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    • sundance says:

      You are way over analyzing this ruling.

      It only applies to stop forced repatriation of those who gained U.S. entry by preexisting visa approval.

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      • LAVietImmigLaw says:

        Sundance, yes, I agree this ruling does not affect the part of the E.O. suspending the approval of non-preexisting, or future, visas.

        However, there are many many people with visas or green cards approved long ago who happen to be from these seven countries who are being denied entry by the other part of the E.O. and all I’m saying is that this judge may end up invalidating that part of the E.O.

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        • Wayne Robinson says:

          That was never part of EO/ E O addresses the future travelers not past but does not invalidate anyone who has a prior arrangement. To invalidate someone’s green card or visa would require a separate and distinct action for each case by case . I’m not saying this should not be done . There needs to be review and action taken . The enemies of our constitution are in the wire. America doesn’t allow Ex Post facto actions for any reason. But this crap about people claiming to want to be citizens and not wanting to adopt the norms but push their bull shit beliefs like sharia law have got to go. Why should it take 15 years to learn the language and not be living in a segregated Muslim anti American madrossa teaching and learning lies and hate . But then again isn’t that what is kinda being done in some of our colleges that receiving tax dollars ? Yes this too has to stop. I’m not very smarty but I’m tired of dumb people leading America down the path of distruction . I’m smart enough to recognize what has been going on for the last thirty five years. When approximately 76 % of Americans know America is heading in the wrong direction there is no way Sixty % of us we’re saying Pressident bumbler was steering a good course so the media has to go they have been a big part of the brainwashing us into oblivion . NO FORGIVING NO FORGETTING. It’s a matter of record so educate and reason with your neighbors , we need all hands on deck to do the job.

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      • getfitnow says:

        sundance, where does the immigration court come in?

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      • Trent Telenko says:


        How does a Federal district judge claim national affect?

        Yes for the class of travelers to airports in her Eastern NY district,

        But no greater than that geographc jurisdiction.

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      • WSB says:

        From my understanding, wouldn’t this particular group just have their status and documents scrutinized by Customs agents? For example, a green card can be taken away if the holder has not spent the majority of their time in the US, so wouldn’t all be reviewed as part of the EO on a case by case basis?

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      • Libertyvibe says:

        How do foreign citizens win lawsuits in our courts? Most Americans do not realize that thanks to Obama and the ACLU, non citizens have Equal Rights Under the Constitution. Having watched Trump for years, I think he allowed this to play out this way, because he wanted America to wake up to this fact. The Judges ruling revealed this to us yesterday, and it should not be missed! We should be angry about it, and we should fight it!

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        • WSB says:

          Sounds unconstitutional.

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        • To me it looks more like Trump (or staff) acted without doing the necessary legal homework. The affirmation of foreigners and non-citizens having due process and equal justice rights under the 14th Amendment originally came in SCOTUS rulings from 1886 (Yick Wo v Hopkins) and 1896 (Wong Win v US). More recently reconfirmed in cases from 1973, 1982 and 2001. Yes, since the 1920s (before which they didn’t exist) the ACLU has sometimes been involved, but all these cases pre-date Obama by quit a while. Every couple decades someone new tries challenging these rights, but it’s been considered settled law for 129 years.


          • Wick Ho and that line of cases specifically refers to non-citizens residing in, and under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Those visa holders outside the U.S. are not part of that group. No foreign national outside the U.S. has any right of re-entry conferred by Wick Ho or 14th Amendment. . Any non-citizen outside the country is not, I would argue, part of that group protected by 14th Amendment. There is no denial of equal justice or due process involved for a non-citizen claiming a right to enter into the jurisdiction of the U.S.

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            • The very first man held at JFK was released as having been unlawfully detained. He is a foreign national with a visa who came here under death threats in Iraq, after having been a translator for the US military. Our government initiated a contract to protect him and offer asylum in return for his service, so yes, it was a denial of equal justice to even temporarily refuse him entry.

              In Philadelphia, six members of a Syrian Christian family that had completed their vetting and been approved for green cards were deported without due process, sent back to Quatar where they had flown from. (

              If this EO was rushed into implementation without proper coordination with DHS, DOJ, TSA etc. I’m not surprised it is being inconsistently and sometimes incorrectly applied.


              • WSB says:

                From my understanding, under the McCarran Walter Act, the President has jurisdiction, as Carter used it in 1979 to extricate Iranian students at the University of Bridgeport. 8 USC 1182.

                And having a green card is not an end all. The holder must be in country for more than six months a year. Many green card holders seem to come and go at free will, so this provision has probably not been enforced as it should be.

                I also thought these individuals were undergoing stricter review of their status, as is provided for in the 2015 and 2016 Executive Act.


                • Now that I’ve read Sec. Kelly (DHS) and other WH officials were both leapfrogged and blindsided by Stephen Miller (policy advisor), only accidentally learning the president was SIGNING the order while they were still engaged in a conference call discussing it, I’ve begun to see this as a botched implementation, which is a somewhat separate issue from its legality. Remember how much the ACA rollout glitches forever tainted the legitimacy of that law?

                  It’s clear to me that some people were held who should not have been, and others deported without due process, but also that rules and standards were applied inconsistently from airport to airport – because it wasn’t properly coordinated and prepared for. A majority may support the EO itself, but they will still respond to cases where people didn’t get the treatment they had earned and deserved. And the fact there were (even if only a few) Muslims improperly detained or deported plays right into the hands of ISIS recruiters.


                • WSB says:

                  Everything went according to plan. All agency heads were notified. They specifically did not want to give notice to allow anyone nefarious to gain the upper hand of entering the country. Sean Spicer explained it very simply today. I watched the entire briefing.

                  If they wanted to make an announcement, they would have. Miller had nothing to do with ruining any implementation.


                • I doubt very much the protests and lawsuits were “according to plan”. Sec. Kelly said he found out accidentally when an aide indicated it was on TV. That’s a pretty strange form of notification to me.

                  “Bannon and Miller at one point overruled an interpretation by Homeland Security officials in favor of a more limited policy that blocked green card holders until they apply for a waiver from the ban.” 

                  Much of the Republican criticism hurled at the Trump administration over the weekend had to do specifically with this decision.

                  (I read that in Haaretz, though they also quote LA Times.)

                  Since Spicer has already been inconsistent about easily checkable facts, I don’t yet trust him. He’ll have to earn it. I’m a suspicious person by nature, and by training.


                • WSB says:

                  Your sources are inconsistent. Kelly is Homeland Security, so would have been part of the Homeland officials considering policy decisions. Also, green cards are not end alls. Any customs agent, separate from this EO has jurisdiction to check the status of a green card. Frankly, they should constantly be checking the status of a green card when a non-citizen renters the country, to confirm that they have been in country for at least half a year. There are a lot of holders who are flying around the world and shouldn’t be.


                • Right you are, WSB. Kelly says he was NOT notified ahead of time, per various interviews where he admits first seeing it happen on TV. Spicer says “everyone was notified”. That IS an inconsistency. Who do YOU think is more likely to be lying about it?

                  And I don’t disagree on any of your points about security. However, the usual procedure for implementation of an EO is to coordinate all relevant agencies and have a review before enacting, not just DHS and intel, but also TSA, AG and State. There were some notifications (“We’re doing this now.”), but there was no inter-agency review.

                  Different airports acted differently when it went into effect. There was a lack of coordination, and somebody is responsible for it. The mistakes provide a basis for the lawsuits, and the firing of the acting AG could completely backfire, as it did for Nixon. Either that or I’m misperceiving, just having too much deja vu from 1973. Gotta wait and see I guess.


                • WSB says:

                  Watch the stream of Kelly’s presser today. He reviewed two drafts.


                • 1gandydancer says:

                  Invisible Mikey: “…the firing of the acting AG could completely backfire, as it did for Nixon. ”

                  Nixon didn’t fire any AGs, “Acting” or otherwise. And nobody except the usual suspects think Yates has a leg to stand on.


                • I know Nixon didn’t fire an AG. I meant the firing was perceived as unjust by his party and the public, and the act of doing it backfired for Nixon, by not solving his problems or slowing investigation of his misdeeds.

                  He ordered an AG to fire Special Prosecutor Cox, that AG (Richardson) refused and quit, then Nixon demanded the deputy AG (Ruckelshaus) do it, and he quit. The third guy in line, Robert Bork, was promised a SCOTUS seat by Nixon if he did the firing, which he did. Bork later paid the price for his acquiescence when the Senate rejected him in confirmation hearings. One person targeted for firing that also caused two additional resignations and contributed to career harm for both Nixon and Bork.

                  We don’t know how Yates will be perceived in future. We don’t know if the EO will survive the lawsuits intact. And we don’t know how Trump’s acts will be seen either, until more time and consequences have gone by.


      • 1gandydancer says:

        A visa gives you the right to travel to a port of entry for inspection and POSSIBLE admission. Until you are approved for admission you haven’t “gained U.S. entry” just because the airport is on US soil.


    • Howie says:

      We shall deport all of them … equally.

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    • Allan says:

      I suggest they return to the source of their Syrian passports! And stay there!

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    • 1gandydancer says:

      “…I have as clients a family from the UAE who are green-card holders but carrying Syrian passports planning to return here next month. These people have been fully vetted as part of the green-card process…”

      “carrying Syrian passports” = they are Syrians. “fully vetted” = Obama did it, consulting whatever facts he could pull out of his bum. Denying them entry “until we know what is going on” (which will be never) is the best policy for current US citizens.


  2. Illegal says:

    I donnot see anywhere in the ExO where immigration officers are directed to take any action independent of a directive from the Department of Homeland Security. That is not what an ExO does. If immigration officers are denying people entry they are acting either within the current scope of the law or they taking actions without proper authority. The ExO says the Director of Homeland Security and not immigration officers. The director would have to issue his own memo/order to his staff directing them what action to take. Again the fake media is creating hysteria and the judge does not know what she is doing

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    • LAVietImmigLaw says:

      No, there’s no need for Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly to issue his own memo. Because immigration officers are part of US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is an agency within DHS, they work for the Secretary and must follow the E.O. from President Trump because of the chain of command. The only reason immigration officers are denying people entry from the 7 Muslim countries is because of the E.O. No such ban existed before the E.O.

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    • Wayne Robinson says:

      It’s called confusion. Not everyone bothers to read the right they listen to others so a lot of money will be spent on lawyers and some will yell we won. Once Teump made that order it effected everyone who did not have legal status who are in those countries . They will not be admitted or given a green card without the vetting process being complete . It will take some time to formalize the process and standards and hav trustworthy people in position to make an informed recommendation and then for others to review. Not everyone who makes applications will be reviewed because their has to be a verified history to review. Enemies make up history and names that don’t agree with their phone records is enough to dis qualify them. One statement that is false will forever ban them from entrance that is until we get a Democrat president then they will get welfare food stamps and preferential job placement over every natural born citizen.

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  3. Illegal says:

    Department Of Homeland Security Response To Recent Litigation
    Release Date: January 29, 2017
    For Immediate Release
    Office of the Press Secretary
    Contact: 202-282-8010

    WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security will continue to enforce all of President Trump’s Executive Orders in a manner that ensures the safety and security of the American people. President Trump’s Executive Orders remain in place—prohibited travel will remain prohibited, and the U.S. government retains its right to revoke visas at any time if required for national security or public safety. President Trump’s Executive Order affects a minor portion of international travelers, and is a first step towards reestablishing control over America’s borders and national security.

    Approximately 80 million international travelers enter the United States every year. Yesterday, less than one percent of the more than 325,000 international air travelers who arrive every day were inconvenienced while enhanced security measures were implemented. These individuals went through enhanced security screenings and are being processed for entry to the United States, consistent with our immigration laws and judicial orders.

    The Department of Homeland Security will faithfully execute the immigration laws, and we will treat all of those we encounter humanely and with professionalism. No foreign national in a foreign land, without ties to the United States, has any unfettered right to demand entry into the United States or to demand immigration benefits in the United States.

    The Department of Homeland Security will comply with judicial orders; faithfully enforce our immigration laws, and implement President Trump’s Executive Orders to ensure that those entering the United States do not pose a threat to our country or the American people.


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    • GForce says:

      Thank you Illegal for your clarifying post! The sky is falling from LAViet was ruining my morning coffee. Buckle yourself in LA we’ve only just begun, every time President Trump draws the line there is going to be this kind of “crazy” from every corner of the swamp. PS: LA you may not get to meet with your clients next month and I’m ok with that. The big picture is more important! USA

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      • WSB says:

        If they have not been following rules for keeping their green cards, their green cards may also be revoked.


      • we300 says:

        Ya. We always knew this fight would be for the very heart of the beast, which means a never ending parade of sad children’s faces and crying hijabbed women interviewed by the rat MSM. No doubt Pres. Trump knows it, too, certainly Steve Bannon and Dr. Gorka know it. However, my vampire manual says silver bullets and wooden stakes will do the job effectively. Problem is, we have to be willing to get tough enough to get that close. I’m ready.


  4. Illegal says:

    Department of State website.

    Urgent Notice: Under the Executive Order on Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals signed on January 27, 2017, visa issuance to nationals of the countries of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen has been suspended effective immediately until further notification. We will announce any other changes affecting travelers to the United States as soon as that information is available.

    This refers to ISSUANCE not cancellation or denial of existing visas. Do not forget most of the new administration is not in place in many of these agencies.

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    • Justah says:

      The Democrats, Leftists and Chuck Schumer have vowed to tie up all of President Trumps confirmation hearings for months – an added bonus for them is that he keeps people loyal to the Left & Obama in place. I wonder if part of this isn’t a way to say – “we won’t put up with that”. OUR people or it just stops.


  5. mailmannz says:

    The order ONLY applies to two individuals and does not do anything to the EO in its entirety. Legal Insurrection has probably the best article on what’s going on to date (and yes, the geezer is doing the work the media refuses to do, you know…telling the truth!).


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  6. Howie says:

    “Ex parte” means that only one party to a lawsuit appears at a hearing. It happens only in limited circumstances — usually emergencies — because the party who doesn’t appear has no opportunity to defend himself. The judge makes a ruling without notification to the other party, so the orders are usually only temporary.

    If you’re the only party present at the ex parte hearing, the judge must base his decision entirely on what you say.

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  7. Rich_M says:

    Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

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    • RG says:

      So, for those who are brain dead, it appears that he didn’t just issued a New and Creative Executive Order. He is ordering whoever to “follow established law!” That is a concept that has been thrown out the window starting with sanctuary cities et. al.

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      • Rich_M says:

        I sense that this will be Trump’s m.o.
        Simply enforcing laws already on the books prevents those who are licking their cops to impeach him from acting.

        This existing law also brings into question, whether the judge’s actions were legal.

        Imagine if Trump implemented a modern day “Operation Wetback!”

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  8. Joshua2415 says:

    Just give it 48 hours to settle in. Everyone will get the message and these minor incidents at airports will quickly disappear in favor of bleeding heart sob stories of muslims “trapped” in their own country by the heartless American president.
    Same old song with a few new lines.

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  9. bitterlyclinging says:

    Recommended by Senator Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) Nominated by Buraq Hussein Obama (D)
    Calling in your favors. Its called “judge shopping” Law is simply politics by another venue. These creatures, despite their elegant judicial robes know full well who greased their palms or supplied their KY Jelly.

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  10. GeorgiaPeachy says:

    I have to share what my husband told me. My husband is a military vet, who served in Iraq. He was listening to this story about this judge and this one Iraqi man who was coming to join his wife. How his wife worked with the US, as a contractor. My husband said that right there is the biggest lie ever! It’s a familial disgrace for any woman to “work” with the US. They wouldn’t be caught dead outside their home doing that.
    Just some food for thought. Got to appreciate the art of the lie. These people lie so fluently, and liberals buy it every time. Thank the Lord for President Trump!

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  11. highdezertgator says:

    Extreme Vetting Questions
    “Instead of asking them whether they are terrorists, we ought to ask them how they view their participation in American life in light of the Koranic verse that commands Muslims, “O you who believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends. ”And whether they are willing to disavow the message of such terrorist verses of the Koran as, “Do not take friends from them unless they migrate in the Way of Allah. But if they turn away (from Islam), seize them and kill them wherever you find them.”

    It all comes down to three simple questions.
    – Have you ever had any associations with the Muslim Brotherhood or any of its front groups?
    – Will you commit to avoiding associations with Brotherhood mosques and other entities in this country? Are you aware that you may be deported if you do not?
    – Do you disavow the following verses of the Koran calling for violence against non-Muslims?
    Such simple questions are far more relevant than a terrorism check box because they address what terrorists actually believe, not what we believe about them. They will not stop an active terrorist, but asking them will help keep out the terrorists of tomorrow.

    Muslim immigrants coming to America must make a choice. As must we. Both Muslims and non-Muslims must come to grips with the violence inherent in Islam if we are to break the cycle of Islamic terrorism.

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  12. Joan says:

    I hope Sundance is right about the judge just wanting to clear the airport – but I fear Schumer et al have more up their sleeves than that. They want the votes.

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  13. WSB says:

    Here is one of the photo’s use daily by the Daily Mail this morning:

    Awwww…that’s what Schumer is up to.


  14. Oh its not that important? But it is. Should the President get word that terrorists were arriving from certain countries with WMD material available for immediate detonation upon landing, C.A.I.R. or anybody else can intervene to stop the President from stopping them in arriving.

    This is bad precedent. The courts have no jurisdiction over executive orders which are required by law or based on law. What next, Court orders injunction against Operation Overlord II in the second invasion of Normandy?

    The Trump Administration should ignore the court and have arrested anyone who interfers in its execution of Congressional mandated and Constitutionally required law to protect the US.


    • It’s not true that courts have no jurisdiction over executive orders. They can be struck down either if judged unconstitutional OR inconsistent with the laws Congress has passed. It gets a bit confusing that an EO has the force of law (in practice), without actually being a law. Only Congress can write laws. Only courts can interpret whether laws are compatible with other laws, or are constitutional, not the President or Congress. Presidents can make orders, but those orders are still subject to review by the other branches. Checks and balances.


  15. UKExpat says:

    Enter the WEASEL WORDED Lawyers to muddy the waters and help the TERRORISTS get into the USA.


  16. SukieTawdry says:

    The revocation of a previously issued visa is one thing; a denial of entry to a legal permanent resident is quite another. I’m not sure why Trump included green card holders in his order. Has he explained? I truly wish he had at minimum informed the people who will head the departments affected by his order prior to its issue as well as Congressional leaders. It would behoove him to actually consult with these people from time to time ahead of future executive actions. He bragged prior to the election that although he was a neophyte at this governing thing, he would surround himself with the best and brightest. What good does that do us if he doesn’t include them in the process? He was doing really well up to this point. There was no rational reason for creating this chaos.


    • Kathy Brown says:

      Flawed analysis Sukie:

      Pres. Trump deliberately did NOT give this a big press so as to avoid the stampede from the targeted nations, to get their nationals HERE, in the USA, in front of the ban. In this he was true to his promise to ‘Make America Safe Again’, via his ‘America First’ position.

      As for the ‘chaos’ you decry: Get used to it Ma’am. As you should have noticed by now: The Left has created ‘chaos’ no matter what Pres. Trump does. Doubt me? Take a look at the immediate firestorm this very night, IMMEDIATELY he announced Judge Gorsuch for the Supremes.

      I am delighted to witness the ‘chaos’ you regret. Both contingents of the chaos-makers (the MSM and the [formerly] ‘entitled’ would-be illegal immigrants/un-vetted visitors and their traitorous American enablers) are indeed beside themselves and ‘chaosing’ to beat the band. And it is a thing of beauty to behold.

      Our wonderful Pres. Trump is killing 3 birds with one stone. Thank you Mr. President! Keep up the good work!


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