Narrative Fail: Overwhelming Support for President Trump’s “America First” Inaugural Address…

If you listened to the media narrative, the inaugural address by President Trump was filled with doom and gloom. Most MSM pundits labeling the speech “dark“, “foreboding”, “negative” or “divisive“. Some even called it “out of touch” and  “dystopian“.

Except, there’s a problem,…

….the vast majority of American’s liked it.

In a predictably non-discussed poll commissioned by Politico and taken by Morning Consult, not only did the majority of Americans support the speech, the even larger majority of those polled supported the message therein:


Even Politico had to concede the disconnect between the media and the electorate:

Dark. Negative. Divisive. That’s was the immediate narrative about President Donald Trump’s inaugural address.

But many Americans liked it.  (more)

But wait, oh, it gets much better.

Within the actual construct of the poll (full pdf below) you can identify the MSM agenda. The questions were phrased to deliver the maximum negative response, and yet it still didn’t deliver the desired result.

The methodology was also constructed for maximum negative reply:  Female respondents were over represented 53/47 (pg. 253). Democrats were over represented 37-D, 32-R, 30-I; and most brutally transparent, liberal women were oversampled within the gender sub-group: Dem Women 414, Rep Women 335, Ind Women 313 –  yet the poll still shows overwhelming female support for Trump delivery, policy and agenda as queried.


(Via Politico) […]  A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows that the new president’s message is resonating with voters, refuting the idea that Trump bungled his first speech as commander in chief.

Trump got relatively high marks on his Friday address, with 49 percent of those who watched or heard about the speech saying it was excellent or good, and just 39 percent rating it as only fair or poor.

Sixty-five percent of those surveyed reacted positively to the “America First” message, the cornerstone of the Trump campaign and governing posture.

Americans are looking for Trump to put his slogan into action: 61 percent said they agreed with Trump’s plan that the federal government should “buy American and hire American.” (read more)

Whoopsie, that reality punches a hole directly through the heart of the well distributed media narrative.  Sheeesh, well, what do you know, the MSM was wrong again.  Go figure.

Here’s the full 256 page poll pdf:


In addition, according to the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll, President Trump has flipped the approval narrative:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-three percent (43%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 42% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 33% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of +9 (link)


Yup, Walking in a Winner Wonderland !


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319 Responses to Narrative Fail: Overwhelming Support for President Trump’s “America First” Inaugural Address…

  1. Jay Edwards says:

    The media mistake their emotional reactions based on their liberal ideology and personal psychiatric issues for a rational appraisal — that’s the MSM.

    In future , historians will look back on the “MSM phenomenon” of the late 20th and early 21st Centurty America as a bizarre time, when Leftwing ideologues assumed control of all avenues of ” news” creation and transmission and put out leftwing propaganda in the guise of objective news reporting and ” journalism “.

    Clips will be shown of these bizarre media actors , and students of the future will laugh at the obvious left wing agenda and the absurd pose of neutrality, of fearless fact finders serving the public interest, all the time the antagonistic, adversarial pose is obvious…’ll be like The Three Stoogex.

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    • K2P2 Ribbing says:

      The sad thing, though, is that much of history is being rewritten–not just in the media but in textbooks and nonfiction books, too. So will future generations ever REALLY know the truth about these days?

      Think about how researchers lean heavily on newspapers and periodicals to learn about the past, and yet those sources today are so full of falsehoods and made up “facts” that they’re about as reliable at reporting history as the comic section. It reminds me of the kings of old who completely wiped out all mention of those who opposed them!

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    • I think the poster children for this media period are Two Ds – Dan Rather and Donna Brazile. 50 years from now people will be shocked they continued on in their respective industries, journalism and politics respectively, instead of serving a long jail term after evidence emerged of an attempt to hijack our very essence, the political process.

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    • It helps that he’s huge and black. I bet 90% of the Leftist drones just passed him by assuming he was a righteous, Leftis wacko.


    • yy4u says:

      Oh, I don’t know. Most history is written by the academics and they’re on the same side as the media. They’ll hardly indict THEIR fellow travelers. My guess is our media is more like TASS and PRAVDA in the old USSR days. THEY thought they were being believed, the regime thought they were being believed, meanwhile the people of the USSR knew they were lying through their teeth and in response not only didn’t believe them but were laughing at them behind their backs.

      When George W. Bush was president (before I learned the Bushes were just the other side of the UniParty coin), I was always frustrated and angry at the media bias. Now whatever they say rolls off me like water off a duck’s back. I don’t take them seriously anymore and I think more and more of my fellow citizens are catching on, too.

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      • Rudy Bowen says:

        Ditto. In fact, I now lean towards the thought that Bush was simply playing his part in the grand kabuki theater that the entire uniparty complex was putting on. The amount of sympathy and empathy I wasted on W is one more nail in their coffin.

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  2. bulwarker says:

    Seems like the shadow government Sundance writes about got the message loud and clear, proof they do exist and were running the State Dept:

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    Today’s Rasmussen Poll has his approval rating at 59%.

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 59% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-one percent (41%) disapprove.

    The latest figures include 44% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 31% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of +13.

    Winning never will get old!

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  4. dginga says:

    First, I want to say that I LOVED Trump’s inauguration speech, and I love even more the fact that the MSM hated it! Everyone who was in the room with me LOVED Trump’s speech. I thought it was clear, concise and pretty much laid bare what his strategic plan is for America. It was the speech of a business leader, not a pandering politician. When the criticism began – immediately, even on FoxNews – they actually criticized him for not making a political speech. There was no soaring rhetoric. There was no reaching across the aisle and telling his opposition how wonderful he thinks they are. Instead he called them out and put them on notice – all of them, Dem and GOP alike. The MSM were actually upset that the speech was not full of the usual BS. They criticized it for sounding like his campaign speeches. Well guess what? Those clear, concise campaign speeches got him elected! If anyone thought Donald Trump would do anything different at his inauguration, they don’t know Donald Trump.

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    • SteveInCO says:

      There was very little soaring rhetoric, true.

      It’s not a speech that will be cited fifty years from now, because it’s a speech that is concerned with today’s problems.

      It was absolutely the right speech at the right time. And in the here and now, that’s what’s important.

      One exception: “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice” might well be a line for the ages.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      Truth. Reality. 0 BS. Nothing for MSM to like. Everything for us to like.

      “Soaring rhetoric”=total BS.

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  5. EbonyRapror says:

    One of the things that surely influenced the response from the left is the inclusion of God, Bible passages and more prayer than usual. There isn’t anything more threatening to their godless ideology than Christianity. President Trump is moving the (misapplied) wall between church and state down to the Mexican border.

    By the way, I loved his response to Muir’s question of why the size of the Inaugural crowd was so important to him – (paraphrasing) because the people in the crowd were the forgotten men and women and he wasn’t going to let the MSM ignore them. Beautiful.

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  6. Their failure to control the narrative is driving them more and more insane. They believed they could destroy Trump. They couldn’t

    Their own impotence will drive them into deeper and deeper fits of absurdity and irrelevance.

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  7. mazziflol says:

    Sanctuary Cities are being called out directly, and being put on notice. I LOVE this!

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    • Unprotected Class says:

      I don’t know that the sanctuary cities is such a bad idea at this point. Would make it really easy for ICE to find the illegals. That is where I could concentrate my agents in the beginning.

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      • Give it Time says:

        Did you see the article from Sundance regarding the purge of “Illegal” identifiers in California?

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        • gildie says:

          Seems to me, that if any state cannot provide robust safeguards to their voting system as to ensure lawful, valid results that are easily verified,
          than the results of those elections need to be held back from being added to
          the national results until such time as to be independently verified.
          How can the nation allow, say California, to add their results to a national election, if they make it impossible to distinguish between legal & illegal
          I can see a future Supreme Court ruling declaring the invalidity the California’s results based on the states actions now of removing “Illegal” identifiers.
          Now wouldn’t that be something.

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  8. GREENMIRROR says:

    Media Narrative Fail

    Gonna be the catch phrase! All this winning is hurting my ribs!

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  9. Bull Durham says:

    Every time these bozos in the UniParty have a get together like today’s meeting, I think of 1957 Appalachin, New York and the Fed and State Police raid catching all the Mafia bosses.

    Arrest them all!

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  10. dayallaxeded says:

    Good analogy, except MSM are neither funny nor endearing. Lurv me some Munsters! Specially their Barris Munster Koach.

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  11. Mike says:

    “Most MSM pundits labeling the speech “dark“, “foreboding”, “negative” or “divisive“. Some even called it “out of touch” and “dystopian“.”

    I swear, the Commietards still think they are having an election, and can’t grasp the fact that they’ve lost. They’re still using poor ol’ Hilldog’s talking points. What’s next? Trump connections to the Alt-Right and the hidden danger of Pepe the Frog?


  12. In AZ says:

    On a religious site that is run by far left liberals, a commenter said Trump’s Inauguration speech was “pure jingoism “.

    Sigh……Too many idiots, not enough time…….


    • yy4u says:

      Why does nobody ask these bozos, if Trump shouldn’t put America first, which country should he put first? China? Germany? Brazil? Mexico? I’m confused. Does any other president/monarch put another country ahead of his/her own? Except Merkel, of course, who might be President of ISIS.

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  13. entagor says:

    The UK Daily Mail has a very funny article: …What if Trump ran Britain?

    The article concludes with an edited version of Trump’s speech.

    Many people in the UK are saying good things about Trump keeping his campaign promises. A politician keeping his promises is so rare it has shocked the world. A politician who puts his own nation first has become an endangered species. Trump is showing the world that people do not have to accept what is being dished to them by the elites

    What a lovely day. I keep checking Drudge, and the White House ‘what’s Happening’ page

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  14. entagor says:

    heh, I never used to read the white House web site before Trump. The Home page for the White House displays a picture of Trump at one of his rallies – showing the huge crowd

    Take that, MSM!

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  15. Binkser1 says:

    No shock here. The media and Leftists are so out of touch with everyday Americans, although I think it is actually a willful blindness on their part.


  16. spacette55 says:

    Speaking of great speeches, I just watched the livestream of Trump’s speech to the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia. Beautifully delivered, inspirational and extremely well-received!

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  17. Tejas Rob says:

    Liberals live in their own little echo chamber and suffer from group think. I had one tell me yesterday that “No one cares about voter fraud”.

    They all think everyone else agrees with them because even close family and friends generally won’t dare to debate them and suffer their insane wrath.

    Big Joe lays it out for them here. I haven’t seen someone shut down a group of Libtards so successfully since Andrew Breitbart confronted those Union goons at the Tea Part event.

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    • wondering999 says:

      ((((“Big Joe”)))) “Be smart! Use your head!”

      So glad Big Joe is big enough that they’re afraid to try and beat him for telling the truth.

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    • yy4u says:

      We are witnessing Bolsheviks trying to overturn an election. Big Joe is smarter than all of them put together and thankfully big enough that the loons were afraid to take a swing at him. He’s got it right about Margaret Sanger.

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  18. wasntme says:

    His speech brought tears to my eyes. But I didn’t need no stinking safe space.


  19. jstanley01 says:


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  20. DoggyDaddy says:

    I think the MSM and many people missed the whole point of the Inauguration Address. Businessman Donald Trump was a builder/developer and I believe President Donald Trump is similarly engaged, only not in constructing world-class hotels or resorts, but rebuilding a world-class country: America. Making America Great Again is a massive project. He laid out his conceptual design in his speech and he is following through with it, after all, to a businessman “time is money.” To accomplish his project, he’s put together a top team of subcontractors, some of whom are already taking their places on site. He’s working out the financing and zoning issues. He’s erecting the barriers around the work site to keep it safe. And as of yesterday, he’s even begun the process of laying some pipe. Even though he’s only in the very early stages of the work, I am excited to think how inspiring his finished product will be.

    Many, many years ago, I remember Bishop Fulton J. Sheen writing about architecture. He noted that in bygone times when things were seen as an outward expression of the unseen, architecture was enhanced with a thousand decorations. Our Lord, on the occasion of His entrance into Jerusalem said, “the very stones will cry out,” which they did as the stones burst into mighty cathedrals. But about our time, where the forces of “secularity and naturalism insist on the ultimacy of the seen and the temporal, and the meaninglessness of the spiritual and the invisible,” Bishop Sheen lamented, “Now the stones are silent, for modern man no longer believes in another world; they [the stones] have no story to tell, no meaning to convey, no truth to illustrate. When faith in the spiritual is lost, architecture has nothing to symbolize; similarly when men lose the conviction of the immortal soul, there is a decline in the respect for the human.”

    I pray that President Trump’s architecture, as described in his Inauguration Address, will be richly decorated by the wonderful ornamentations of our Constitution and thereby outwardly signifying that our national faith in our spiritual roots and in each other has returned.

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  21. Ip Siscr says:

    Some organizational and logistical genius needs to arrange to incontrovertibly document the size of the March for Life this weekend. Then, when the MSM-LSM underreports it, initiate a tsunami of rebuttal that becomes the news of the day week month. Maximal egg on the faces of those sons of the devil, who is a liar and a murderer form the beginning.


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