Report: Senator Marco Rubio Will Vote To Support Rex Tillerson – *update* Committee Votes to Confirm (11-10)…

A vote from within the Senate Foreign Relations Committee could be coming shortly to send Rex Tillerson’s nomination to the full senate for confirmation as Secretary of State.

Senator Marco Rubio issues a passive-aggressive statement saying he will reluctantly support Tillerson:


“Given the uncertainty that exists both at home and abroad about the direction of our foreign policy, it would be against our national interests to have this confirmation unnecessarily delayed or embroiled in controversy. Therefore, despite my reservations, I will support Mr. Tillerson’s nomination in committee and in the full Senate.” (link)

update-1UPDATE: 6:00pm ET (CNN) Former ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson won the backing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Monday to be secretary of state when it voted to send his nomination to the full Senate with a recommendation of approval. The vote was 11-10.  Full Senate vote not scheduled but anticipated next week.

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217 Responses to Report: Senator Marco Rubio Will Vote To Support Rex Tillerson – *update* Committee Votes to Confirm (11-10)…

  1. Pam says:

    As was stated earlier in this thread, vote on Pompeo confirmation is expected around 7pm ET.

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  2. Texian says:

    Let me interpret Lil’ Marco’s statement for y’all:

    “Given the uncertainty that exists both at home and abroad about the direction of my political career, it would be against the best interests of my political career to have this confirmation unnecessarily delayed or embroiled in controversy. Therefore, in the best interest of my political career, I will support Mr. Tillerson’s nomination in committee and in the full Senate.”

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    • potid says:

      I don’t disagree about Rubios motives, or lack of. He doesn’t seem to have any beliefs beyond his election. My problem with all parties.

      Which makes me think of well. You. Dude.

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      • Texian says:

        Potid (and Jerrydon10), we are not a democratic republic – we are a “Constitutional Republic..”

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        • potid says:

          You’ve got a problem “dude”. Since you love the word to make yout think you’re young. You never did answer btw, while you were bashing others.This is an internet forum conversation. Look up conversation. In a previous thread you basically told someone to shut up. You do know it’s just conversation right? Republic has never been mentioned here or there. People are just talking. Get over it. You give everyone a bad name, like the liberals.
          Some people just want to talk, with people. And some people are people and not party.


      • WSB says:

        The one who wasn’t going to run again, until candidate Trump assured him he could have his seat if he wanted it, even though Marco pissed off his constituents, who voted for him while holding their noses, who looked like a 10 year old in front of Tillerson which made us think how scary it would be for Marco to ever get to the White House, and then received a lot of nasty grams about how he treated Tillerson?

        You mean that Marco?

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    • GAPTOG says:

      Exactly, Texian. Seems ‘Lil Marco’ is living up to his Trump-given moniker.

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    • mike says:

      …my political career he said twice ?!?
      Marco it’s your rear that you need to worry about. Florida sends you home next time to your drug dealing mentor.


  3. flawesttexas says:

    A vote w Dems on a GOP nominee is a political career killer

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    • Rubio fancies himself~ A jock. All his political moves are pure fake, bdholding to his support team. It is they who have aspirations for Rubio’s politicsl future bc as for Rubio, he just wants to be around sports 100%. Rubio $old out his sports passion bc young, $pineless & greedy. Rubio isn’t authentic & truthfulness is nowhere around this lit’l fu*kin’ faker.

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  4. Howie says:

    It is going to be a total wipeout of democrat commie libs.

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  5. psadie says:

    This is pure BS that they will possibly confirm T-Rex next week…I would be all over the Turtle. WE need to bombard the Senate phone lines so they do their damn job for they have nothing else to do!

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  6. rsanchez1990 says:

    Lil Marco doesn’t stand for anything, and he definitely won’t stand as the lone Republican to vote against Tillerson. Luckily for Rubio, his best interests aligned with our best interests.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Marco’s inevitable future is to disgrace himself. He plays hide and seek with his true nature. It will be exposed fully in time.

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      • HonorDefendBuckeye says:

        How I see it as well. He is however very useful to the establishment, so it will probably some kind of truly egregious stupidity, that his air cover (media, colleagues who use him as a stalking horse) cannot find a way to disguise.

        Have been surprised at how many people with whom I talk see just the soundbite media presentation, and give him the credit of “seems like a pretty good guy.” Classic case tonight of Fox showing him visually as they discussed the nominations — no doubt assuming that most people think this is just by chance.

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    • singingsoul says:

      Marco had no problems with confirming Obama’s nominees and here he acts like a big looser…Marco is not going to be so forgiving with other nominees..?
      I have news for Marco I am not going to be so forgiving with you either.

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  7. Bull Durham says:

    Tillerson refused to declared nuclear war on Russia, the promise to destroy all Orthodox Christian churches and to behead Putin and burn his body in a sacrifice to Satan.

    I can understand the ten negative votes. Khazarian warmongers who think the future is to get the drop on the Russians and liquidate all 145 million of them.

    Ghouls with no brains. We call them Senators.

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    • Tom W says:

      … where’s Sting nowdays…”The Russians love their children too”….no ?

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      • nimrodman says:

        Sting’s where he always is: on a celebrity pedestal of liberal hypocrisy.

        It’s lefty-approved to paint Russia in very humanistic terms so long as it lets you disparage a US Republican (see: George W Bush).

        It’s also lefty-approved to paint Russia in hysterically negative terms (as lately) so long as it lets you disparage a US Republican (see: Donald J Trump).

        I think we can all identify the common factor, no?

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      People need to ask themselves – Why is Rubio so desperate to have Tillerson to denounce Putin / Russia? To the point of being the ‘overseer’ of the meme ‘we have irrefutable proof of Russian hacking’ and label Putin a war criminal… Think.
      It’s a set-up for what Tillerson will uncover when he gains the Sec of State position.

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    • potid says:

      Wtf are you talking about. Not only does your, get with,the program Obama, the 1990s called, but can’t make sense of any of it.


  8. corimari2013 says:

    Here are the members of the Foreign Relations Committee:
    I was curious about the 11-10 vote in favor of Tillerson…and the numbers were clearly explained to me when I saw that there are 10 Democrats on the Committee.
    Disgusting sheep they are.

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  9. TheTorch says:

    Pompeo nomination confirmed as expected.

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  10. Mickey Wasp says:

    When the WikiLeaks released their 30,000 emails from the DNC and Podesta.
    Little Marco was caught saying “We should be concerned it could be us next.”
    Think … Hillary was Sec of State for 4 years … are we to believe that the Republican’s of the Armed Services, Foreign Policy, and Intelligence committee’s did not EVER email Hillary or her assistants..?
    The loop of the deleted 33,000 Hillary emails may not have netted the Republicans …
    But, when the 650,000 emails were found on Huma/Anthony’s laptop – the Republicans like Rubio, McCain and Graham went into ‘Russian’ overdrive. Why? To have a ready made excuse, that the mainstream media and their congressional cohorts can run with – “That’s not true. We was Hacked”

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    • Chris Hiscock says:

      thing is, none of the guilty actors have ever said the eMails were not true,nor the msm. The contents have just been set aside and the “leak”, or “Russian Hacking” is the News, not the crimes revealed in the leaks.
      It’s amazing that they have been able to get away with this for almost 6 months. Another “open secret” like the churches pedo proclivity, and blm’s muslim financing, islams hate for the infidel, the muslims voting in blocks at the u.n. to hurt Israel, and the west, saudi money building mosques across the west, illegals voting in the last election, ….

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    • Joe Knuckles says:

      You might be on to something here. It all fits. Detective Columbo would be proud.

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    • WSB says:

      Good catch, Mickey! Can’t wait until Trump and Cabinet have a few minutes to sit with Preet Bharara! Weiner Pizza?

      I was also intrigued by the Comey/Trump handshake…I thought Comey was blackhat, but now am now wondering if he is grey?


  11. NYGuy54 says:

    I am totally convinced Marco is a mindless idiot. Any disagreement?

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  12. daughnworks247 says:

    Pissant – Rubio is a pure pissant.

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  13. Chris Hiscock says:

    is that a photo shop, or is he that small? He looks like he’s under 4 feet tall.

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  14. Timmy-the-Ute says:

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