Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway -VS- Chuck Todd’s Mocking, Scoffing, Laughing, Ridicule…

Kellyanne Conway is interviewed by NBC’s Chuck Todd who is having an epic swamp meltdown because he perceives his precious Washington DC cloister is threatened by a Trump administration.

Chuck Todd has achieved peak nuttery and Conway gave it right back to him.  Great job by Kellyanne Conway in this insufferable interview despite the mocking by Chuck Todd.

Kellyanne Conway also appeared on ABC.

Notice Dickerson slips up here and admits 11% of Americans currently don’t have any healthcare coverage. With a population of 360 million, that’s almost 40 million people uninsured. When Obamacare was passed in 2010, the number spouted was “30 million uninsured”.


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227 Responses to Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway -VS- Chuck Todd’s Mocking, Scoffing, Laughing, Ridicule…

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    It’s going to be a fun 4 years. It’s like having hired the top sports agent in the world, or backing the top prizefighter. It’s Shock and Awe. Chuckie can’t punch above his weight, and it’s finally dawning on him. Awwwww…

    The media has completely lost its composure and is on the ropes. Meanwhile, Trump is the happy warrior.

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    • Get ready boys……

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    • Radiopatriot says:

      I see the media only getting nastier as time goes on. They’re going to try every trick they can think of to trip up Pres. Trump and his team. The more Kellyanne and Sean Spicer (and Steve Bannon) outsmart them, the testier they’ll become, adding more fuel to the fire that is already raging on our streets, compliments of the Soros-funded chaos creators.

      George Webb explains the methodology in his investigative series “Where is Eric Braverman?”

      These chaos/disrupters (who really are a trained army of thugs) have a name: Gladios. Gladios have been around for a long time, now funded and trained by Soros and other evildoers to create chaos and civil disobedience to disrupt a peaceful society by targeting political opponents to give “government” the excuse to “quell” the disturbances using trained police who are armed to the teeth with military weaponry to tamp it down. All this is done in prep for a coup. The media is a HUGE player/enabler in this scenario.

      We’ve seen it done in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Bosnia, Kosovo (1999) and more. A Presidential Decision Directive #62 ( PDD 62 — “Diffuse & Disrupt”) signed by Pres. Bill Clinton appointed the CIA as the lead agency in this effort. The question to ask is what role did/does Hillary have in this? Documents show she (Clinton Foundation Global Initiative) funded the Gladio programs for Europe, No. Africa, the Middle East and it is believed now here in the US.

      There have been whistleblowers in the FBI who have risked their careers and their lives to come forward with information about this: Gilbert Graham, Sibel Edmonds, Mike German, Fred Whitehurst, Colleen Rowley, John Roberts, Jane Turner, Robert Wright).

      Webb’s videos point out that we are seeing this happening right now, with the latest example: women protesting in cities across the nation. It is not organic. It is deliberately fomented to disrupt and divide and create instability — with the intended result as was seen in other countries. Gladios have cached weapons all over the country, ready to grab and roll at a moment’s notice.

      The FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, run by Andrew McCabe (who is holding back the release of 650k incriminating Clinton gmails found on Weiner’s desktop and obstructing the Clinton Foundation investigation) also is involved in the disruption campaign, according to Webb.

      Watching Webb’s videos is an education in how it’s done. And right on schedule and with alarming predictability, it is unfolding right before our eyes. Buckle up kids. Trump (and by extension, We the People) are in for a very tough fight.

      Day 73 – The US Gladio Program: Diffuse & Disrupt

      Day 73 – Part 2

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      • mrsblar says:

        Radiopatriot, I have watched this series of George Webb’s YouTube videos, some 2 or 3 times. Glad you brought these into the Treehouse. Very eyeopening to say the least. Prepared to be sickened. It may only be cut and pasted still images, with narration, but the news is frightening in it’s scope. Right now, though, we need eyes wide open to better support our new President. When you have the time, dive in to this brave man’s research while it’s there on YT.

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        • Radiopatriot says:

          To further bolster and underscore what Webb is saying about these “disrupt and diffuse” funded Gladio activities, Oleg Atbashian has posted about the Women’s Marches. He “gets it,” better than most.

          For those who aren’t familiar with Oleg, he is a former Soviet agitprop artist who emigrated to the United States. His “People’s Cube” satire website is hugely popular. Quote below is from post authored by “Red Square.” Capitalization is mine:

          “The Women’s March against Trump happened simultaneously on all continents except Antarctica – but don’t be surprised if tomorrow CNN will also report a well-attended march of the female penguins demanding greater equality among the penguins.

          The anti-penguin bigots among you will say that since all penguins look alike, such a march would be unjustified and it wouldn’t achieve any goals, if any – and in that it would be similar to the Women’s March in Washington and other U.S. cities. And this is where you will be wrong. THERE IS ACTUALLY A VERY GOOD REASON WHY THESE MARCHES ARE BEING FINANCED AND PROFESSIONALLY COORDINATED AROUND THE WORLD.

          Arguing the issue is beside the point. The issue is never the issue; THE ISSUE IS ALWAYS THE REVOLUTION.”

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    • oncefired says:

      I would come out of the gate tough and send a harsh message……………….Yank CNN’s Press Credentials! Send the MSM a tough message! If they try to boycott, give briefings to Alt-Media, Bloggers & Talk Radio, they will come crawling back with tails between their legs!

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    • John Matrix says:

      Happy correction…it’s going to be a fun 8 years! 😊


  2. Charles says:

    Ok, so Todd pushed the “why is Spicer litigating crowd counts” numerous times, and Conway’s answer on that specific question was not satisfying. She didn’t cite actual evidence to support Spicer, such as the CNN megapixel view (which I find a compelling image in support of Spicer). OTOH, Conway can’t very well cite “Fake News” as proof that Spicer’s argument isn’t fake.

    So, if Conway, Spicer, have other supporting evidence, the “trap” set by Spicer (if that what it was) has been set, the cheese is being chewed vigorously, and the trap needs to be sprung.

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    • I agree. I don’t know why KAC kept deflecting on that question when we have photographic evidence proving that the Mall was completely filled contrary to the media’s claim. Not only do we have photographic evidence but we have a gigapixel picture that allows us to zoom into individual faces in the crowd leaving no doubt that the pictures circulated in the media showing a half full Mall were not accurate.

      When you have the facts on your side there is no need to deflect. KAC came off looking defensive. I will say that while there is no doubt that the Mall was fully packed I don’t know what evidence exists to support Spicer’s claim that it was the largest attendance in history. I think he stumbled badly making that bold claim especially since he started off the briefing by saying no official count numbers existed.

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      • Charles says:

        As to Spicer’s claim it was largest in history…. I suspect a methodical crowd count analysis of the gigapixle view, taking into consideration as well what appears to be lines still waiting on side streets, time into the inauguration when photos were made, and anecdotal reports of people being turned away and access points blocked by DisruptJ20 & BLM, it becomes logically if not irrefutable.

        I’d like to think the NSA has some great satellite footage….and I know they have the analysts.

        But the media push back should have been anticipated (posters here at CTH certainly anticipated the sunday morning talkshow narratives) and better prepared answers could have been made by Conway, Priebus, et. al.

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        • Satellite imaging could provide a definitive crowd count – the problem is it was cloudy the entire time so no imagery is possible. Based on satellite images of Obama’s 2009 inauguration the crowd was estimated to be ~1.5 Million. We may never get a good estimate for President Trump’s inauguration.

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        • Bailey02 says:

          Few of President Trump supporters can’t make it because they were threatened and they afraid of the riots, e.g. my friends her roommate, we are old people.

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      • armie says:

        Spicer actually said it was “the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.” There’s more than one way to interpret that statement.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      I was also disappointed that Conway did not speak to your point about the CNN megapixel view as well as the fact that the story about the “small” crowds was endlessly repeated in order to diminish President Trump.

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    • xyzlatin says:

      Charles, I agree with you. Conway handled that very very badly. She was way off her game. The whole interview she kept dodging and it looked bad. She looked a bit the worse for wear maybe all that partying (well deserved) mixed in with Pres Trump’s (a teetotaler) getting straight to work at full pace. I admire Pres Trump’s work ethic, but his staff must be getting tired. In the normal course of events, other Presidents would wait until Monday to get to work after the inauguration and partying.

      I suspected Spicer was tired also from seeing him stutter and stumble. I suspect that President Trump will wear out a few staff on his pilgrimage to save America.

      All she had to say was that the photo was taken before everybody was there, people were held back by the vetting process getting in, caused by the Democrat supporters threatening and causing violence. Thus the argument would be turned back on the Dems.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “All she had to say was that the photo was taken before everybody was there …”


        Even better would have been to bring a relevant photo such as the CNN megapixel photo on a thumb drive and insist the production technicians be prepared to pull it up on display.

        Then challenge the host if it was not.

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    • chbailey says:

      Counselor to the President Conway did answer the question. :54 – 2:06.
      Todd did not “find it satisfying” either because he was too dim to hear her answer. He was also too dim to understand the meaning of that which she did not say… and hence, he came off as a person with little or no judgement, i.e., a fool. Counselor to the President Conway was dead on to rebuke Todd…oh, and in his remarks, WH Press Secretary Spicer rebuked the media; that is the place for Todd to start his inquiry.


  3. kpm58 says:

    You know, while Todd is conducting his interview, we do not know what is going on under his desk where he is seated.
    As a public figure, for the sake of transparency, maybe we should speculate publically what he may be doing under that desk.
    Chuck Todd, what are you hiding? How can you ever be trusted? What sort of pervert are you?
    The public deserves to know!

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  4. melski says:

    I really like Kellyanne but I want to correct her on one thing she said. When she was talking to DICKerson about inviting the press into the Oval Office to see President “Obama” sign the Executive Orders, etc. I know she meant to say President Trump but she got it wrong. Not to worry Kellyanne, you are an asset to President Trump and the American people.

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  5. Pissed in Cali says:

    I’m in love with KAC!! Keep calling the press out!

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  6. Ron says:

    She answered his daft ass question immediately, then he spends 13 minutes arguing that she didn’t answer it…. whilst complaining about getting tied up in the little things.

    Can you imagine being such a loser that your job is to ask people questions that your boss tells you to ask them, and then you have no ability or skill or intellect or permission to think of a second question on the fly?

    He just got his ass handed to him on national television by a soccer mom.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      That’s what’s really funny. She answered his question immediately, then he spent 13 minutes proving Kellyanne’s point. Kellyanne is onto his game too. Chuck was never interested in getting an answer. It’s like Kellyanne said, he was only interested in having his viewers hear him say over and over that Kellyanne didn’t answer his question.

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    • YvonneMarie says:



  7. sundance says:

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  8. Chris says:

    John Candy does his John Dickerson impersonation:

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  9. MaFreeman says:

    Pa & I had a good laugh at the fella. Bless his pea pickin little heart; on the split screen he looked like a guppy.

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  10. Tejas Rob says:

    I think Chuckie boy uttered a falsehood when he said “I didn’t laugh”.

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  11. Mr. Morris says:

    It is not an accident that most American’s don’t believe the liberal media. The liberal media has earned that distinction. Chuck Todd, the small man with the Humpty Dumpty head is arrogant, mean spirited, and dishonest. Every network and print media (big media) have people like Todd on its payroll. They do not represent the interest of middle America rather they represent the interests of their paymasters, the Global Cabal.

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  12. Tejas Rob says:

    Just watched all the Todd-Conway interview and all I can say is, Someone call DC homicide because I just witnessed Kellyanne Conway murder Chuck Todd on live TV!

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  13. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I watched the Dickerson interview this morning. I love that KAC kept talking and would not let him interrupt her. She made sure that she got her points in. I cannot bring myself to watch Todd – I would want to throw something at the TV.

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  14. furtive says:

    SNL: 1-21-17. Clever


    • wyntre says:

      Nasty and patronizing is more like it.

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      • Red says:

        Agree wyntre….I’m sure there will be plenty more to come. But isn’t it funny how all of those women just marched on DC looking like vaginas, yet they don’t want to be seen as sexual objects and it’s OK for them to portray Kelly Ann in a sexualized manner?

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    • lastinillinois says:

      I don’t get it – is SNL saying that KellyAnne is using the national stage of the Trump Presidency as a forum for her ambitions of stardom?

      If so, I believe SNL is WAY off base – and becoming more and more irrelevant every week.

      The Trump Presidency may just be the final dagger in a show that hasn’t been worth staying up for in many years now.

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  15. CM-TX says:

    Ratings- They failed to, nor accurately could account for the millions who viewed it on Live Stream. Although the technology was around in 2009, there wasn’t the access it has today. I wasn’t watching events on my phone or PC back in 2009! In fact, my phone had very limited internet access- & at snail speed! Many still had flip phones.

    Searching, I found a HEAVY article making reference to this issue. Only they decided Obama’s CNN streaming count at +20M/’09 beat Trump’s 17M. So therefore 0bama collectively would win an online count too. Only they forgot to factor today, there are far more options from which to view.

    Another (fatal) flaw in his/her theory for basis- the widespread boycott/blackout of CNN (online & on cable) ongoing. I know it would be the last place I’d watch!

    It was also noted that Trump’s TV numbers were based on only 12 channels, Obama’s were based on 17?? With a side-note that Reagan had over 40M, based on only 3 channels. So technically Reagan had the highest TV #’s. But those of us with common sense, know the Internet makes the two incomparable.

    So, I’ll give Heavy credit for at least acknowledging the oversight. But they failed to address several varying factors. So in truth, based on Huuuge technology advancements since 2009, & the masses having hands-on Internet access today …
    Heavy’s theory is debunked.
    Spicer was factual – logically speaking.

    Granted we can’t expect the hostile naysayers to comprehend this. But we know, & Trump’s team knows. So we should just pat Snowflakes on the head & tell them, 😏”you go on believing whatever pacifies that little safe-space in your head.”

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  16. mg says:

    The advertisers for these shows need to be kelloged.


  17. ledeplorable says:

    Trump needs to foster the development of new media alternatives NOW.
    Provide room for Breitbart..Rightside Broadcasting….and others.

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  18. rsanchez1990 says:

    They’re crying so hard that President Trump is fighting back. Chuck, listen to Kellyanne, don’t be so overly dramatic about it. Just be honest, dude. Even as he’s being called out by Kellyanne, Chuck just can’t stop lying. Just be honest!

    So many people only remember President Bush 43rd as a bumbling fool because the media had free reign in taking him down and Bush just smiled and waved. Trump will not allow it. Zero tolerance of bull—- from anyone in the media.

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  19. This was an awesome watch. Love Conway. She was also on Georgia Stephonopolis today.

    Georgia wanted to know when the President will release his tax returns.

    I’d love to hear SD’s Spidey Sense on that topic. Every indication points to the likelihood that they obtained them illegally long ago and crafted their elaborate hoaxes based on nothing but wild speculation. But since he won’t release the taxes they are mad the work was all for nothing. Brilliant.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Didn’t watch the shows ( I’m already on blood pressure meds). But , from both Sundance’s and other comments here, am gathering something perhaps overlooked.

      Spicer’s little declaration of Independence ran the clock out on the game. Just as myself
      and others were dreading a weekend plastered with wall to wall ad nauseaum “Women’s
      March Coverage”, the air got sucked out of the room. We hijacked the narrative!!! (Except
      on Facebook. I never realized that my wife was acquainted with so many nin compoops.
      All of whom attended either in Atlanta, Washington, Columbus, or Dayton.) <>


      • Women are amazing beings. There were women at that march that if chance would have it, and I were to be given 4 hours with one alone with no distractions, I’d have a wife too. Women need spiritual and emotional support. Men need women’s ability to tie together the things we can’t. It’s all so basic. Be glad you have a wife (not that you aren’t). Forget her friends. Marriage is a beautiful thing.

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  20. Zelda says:

    Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd simply doesn’t have a clue how to run a proper nation and tries to play gotcha with trump surrogates. Just makes a fool of himself over and over and over…

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  21. toriangirl says:

    Though I know it would absolutely no good, I’d like to slap the snicker/sneer off of Chucky’s face.

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  22. I found on an online forum an original screen cap of the controversial aerial shot of the mall. The screen cap indicates the picture was taken at 8:20 AM! I’m not sure if this is 100% legit but it would appear that it is. If you zoom in on the elevated seating area for the dignitaries in front of the Capitol – it appears to be empty (all white).

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    • For comparison here is the same picture posted by ABC with an “11:59 AM” time-stamp. This is the picture that ignited the controversy. Clearly this picture was not taken one minute before swearing in of President Trump (as noted above elevated seating area is empty.

      Team Trump should demand that ABC News publish a public retraction and apology. If they fail to do this they should be banned from WH briefing for a period of three weeks.

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      • For further comparison here is a tweet from the New York Times Binyamin Applebaum that has been retweeted 51K times. Notice Applebaum used the CBS screenshot for his comparison with 2009 but he CROPPED OUT the 8:20AM time-stamp! This is a clear example of manipulation by the New York times. As with ABC Team Trump should demand a public apology from the New York Times – failure by the Times to apologize should result in a three week time-out for all press conference. As for Mr Applebaum he should be permanently banned from covering the White House. Since he is a Washington correspondent this would effectively put Binyamin out of a job.

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        • jdvalk says:

          Instead, Spicer fails to convince, and Priebus and Conway don’t hammer this clear proof home, thus letting this deceit fester and survive the news cycles and enter into the realm of talking points.Gotta be better than this and serve their own agenda rather than act like they can argue between interruptions and convince the public of the truth.

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          • nimrodman says:

            Very good HoHum and jdvalk.

            Next time, Trump’s people need to walk in the studio with appropriate photos on a thumb drive and insist that the production technicians be prepared to put them up on display.

            Then challenge the host to put them up.

            This kind of unpreparedness needs to be cleared up. Trump’s team needs adequate researchers and then adequate briefers to prep the public talking-head reps (like Priebus and Conaway) with the researched facts. For a start, the researchers wouldn’t need to do much more than read here at the Treehouse, for chrissakes.

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          • anarchist335 says:

            Yeah jdvalk, no kidding. You can’t debate a lie with paid liars like Todd and Mike Wallace’s spawn. They reach the “top” of their chosen field by lying better than the other MSM liars.

            You have to start by saying, “That’s a lie.” Period.


        • Looks like DOWRIPPLE…..


        • UKExpat says:



      • UKExpat says:

        Oh and don’t forget all those BUSSED IN Unionists and all the LOCALLY LIVING BLACKS that were there to swoon at OBOZO too.


    • Jim Smith says:

      I’d like to see if someone can probe this is legit. Is that area in the upper right hand corner present in CBS footage? Is it on YouTube? Did anyone DVR it?
      If this is real it needs to be widely circulated to stuff it in the Media’s face.
      If it’s fake, it just embarrasses us.
      Can anyone find this?


  23. Sandra says:

    I was away all weekend and am now catching up. Wow, Kellyanne is amazing! She handled that a-hole Chuck Todd as best as anyone possibly could. I saw the Reince interview with a-hole Chris Wallace too, another great job. I’m loving this. Finally we have people talking back to these a-holes in a way that really puts them in their places and makes them look like the stupid fake news pseudo-journalists they really are.

  24. lin says:

    Chuck the Ph___ Todd is a looser.


  25. Piper says:

    I hope ole’ chuckie gets whats comin to him!!!


  26. armie says:

    I thought she did pretty well, but what she and Reince need to become aware of is the old media tactic of framing a question falsely, then demanding an answer to it. Changing the subject is one possible response to that, and one the left regularly uses, but a better one is to attack the question as phony, point out it’s based on a lie or false assumption, correct it, then respond (if there’s anything left to respond to)..

    After the last two decades of the media playing this, “have you stopped beating your wife” game without push back, large portions of the public have lost the ability to spot the implicit lie in a bogus media question. They need to be re-enlightened in that area, and the first step in that process is to say, “the premise of your question’s false, and here’s why..” , then dismantle it. When practicing “gotcha” journalism results in its practitioners being “gotten”, that crap will diminish.

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    • anarchist335 says:

      Well said Armie! Todd premise that Sean Spicer uttered a falsehood was false! Kellyanne is a bit too chummy with the MSM, IMHO.


      • Dixie says:

        I think it has become an msm trigger for psy-ops “Sean Spicer uttered a falsehood” and they keep repeating it over and over (like Chuck Todd repeated it how many times in that one interview?) to ram the message home to the subconscious mind of the people who get their news from television. The message being that President Trump’s administration can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

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        • Armie says:

          Could be. During the election coverage, David Gregory kept saying “Donald Trump, patron saint of the birthers” over and over again. He was reporting on statistics, so it came sort of out of a clear blue sky. It was like they were trying to have people make that connection each time they heard the name.

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  27. anarchist335 says:

    re: inaugural crowd size and the MSM lie: Methinks thou protests too much. MSM = Paid Liars.

    Chuck Todd is losing what little grip he had on his respectability.

    John Dickheaderson is also seeing the MSM losing its grip on America and his “reasonable” BS is just, well, BS.


  28. All that anyone needs to take away from that interview is that it is CLEARLY adversarial in nature. It is clearly Chuck Todd on “the attack.” It was Chuck Todd completely coming unglued rather than moving on. He used terms like “petty,” ridiculous.” and “verifiable untruths.” I think KellyAnne was fabulous in that because she refused to give him what he wanted, which was some sort of mea culpa-“oh yes, you’re right Chuck, he probably shouldn’t have done that, you’re right, we really love the press and want you on our side.”

    What you saw in that interview with the impending death rattle of corporate media. They continue to fight the end-stage cancer they have created themselves. They will not have any peace until they move in the acceptance stage of their disease. Maybe someone can sedate poor Chuck the next time he interviews KellyAnne because he sure looked about ready to turn green & bust his clothes off at any moment! Well done KellyAnne. You are my heroine!


  29. TalkingMomma says:

    The media falsely reported crowd size during Trump’s rallys last year. It was hilarious to be at a packed rally and see pitiful crowd reporting by the press. Those of us who were clueless to press bias got an eyefull! So Trump goes out and reports that his crowds were huge at the inauguration, and we believe Trump not the press.


  30. trapper says:

    It is going to really suck to be Chuck Todd. I wonder how long the pack will play with him before they eat him. Some of this is going to be brutal, folks. If you’re gonna puke, don’t watch.

    Some here have wondered why KAC didn’t just put him straight. Why did she keep hedging? Even suggesting she was off her game. Ahem. None of this is random.

    Hint: ever see a lone coyote lure a barking, snarling, angry dog out of its yard and into the weeds? What happens next?


  31. UKExpat says:

    America’s world laughing stock ‘Media’ are LEFTIST SCUM and they prove it on a daily basis.


  32. UKExpat says:

    So let me get this right the ‘Media’ are allowed to PURPOSEFULLY underestimate and ‘misreport’ the size of Trumps crowds for the WHOLE campaign but Spicer is disgusting for even daring to point out the FALSE NEWS story with MANIPULATED PHOTOS being spun by the Media regarding trump inauguration crowds. – Yeah Right not under THIS President MOONBATS.


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