California Poll – Would Deportations Make State: “Better Off” 44% – “Worse Off 39%…

After almost two solid years of manipulated “national media polls” being exposed as  constructed tools by political entities to create a media narrative, you would think the MSM would be embarrassed to continue selling/broadcasting these constructs.

Alas, the MSM simply continue selling national polling nonsense repackaged yet carrying the same ideological intent.  The new wrapper is Trump’s favorable/unfavorable rating.

Oh well.


That said, perhaps a recent California Poll (non media) conducted by the Hoover Institution and Stanford University will provide a little more context to understand how fraudulent the national media polls are.

Emphasizing, these are poll results exclusive to California. 1,700 Californians polled:

♦ […]  On Trump’s plan to suspend immigration from countries with links to terrorism, a plurality of California voters, 42 percent, said it would make California “better off.” That compares to 35 percent who said “worse off,” and 23 percent who had no view.

♦ Regarding the effects of Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants, 44 percent said it would make California “better off,’’ 39 percent said worse off,’’ and 18 percent undecided, the poll showed.

Wait, what?  More Californians support deportation, than oppose.

Pause.  It’s California, and more view deportation as good than bad?  Come again…. somehow this polling result, 44% viewing deportation would make California “better off”, just doesn’t mesh with national media polls narratives of Trump policy.


More results:

♦  California voters had a positive outlook on some of Trump’s key positions on fiscal issues, the poll showed. Fifty-five percent said Trump’s vow to lower personal income taxes would make California better off, compared to 23 percent who said it would make the state worse off, and 22 percent who were undecided, according to the poll.

♦  On Trump’s plan to end “unfair” trade practices, 41 percent say that would make the state “better off,’’ 25 percent “worse off,’’ and 24 percent undecided.

♦ On Trump’s vow to lower federal business taxes, 45 percent said that would make the state better off, 31 percent worse off, and 24 percent undecided.

Well… if Trump’s major policies, including DEPORTATION, have more support than opposition in California – ask yourself: what support levels would those policies hold in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Nevada, etc. …E.T.C. ….Well?

That answer doesn’t quite square with the media narrative does it?


I wonder how many of the boycotting milk carton democrats are from ‘majority deportation supporting’ California?

These Democrats aren't attending Trump's inaugurationmilk-carton-democrats-2

…and now you know why we continue to tell everyone this 2017 Democrat approach is 180° headed in the opposite direction from what the MSM narrative tells you it is.

These echo-chambered ignorables are guaranteeing even more political losses.

And Obama says he will defend his DACA executive order.

Go Keith Ellison !


….and the really funny thing was he could see through this group of people we used to call “media”; and because he didn’t need them a whole bunch of political types became “ignorables” and disappeared.  It was a weird time…


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289 Responses to California Poll – Would Deportations Make State: “Better Off” 44% – “Worse Off 39%…

  1. Outstanding! Everyone please spread this far and wide

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    • Sandra says:

      Tweet it to the California Senators and Representatives. And those of you living in CA should contact them directly.

      I have no doubt the IL numbers would be even more pro-deport.

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  2. James Tabor says:

    The real question to have answered is their thoughts on sanctuary cities. That’s the big deal.

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    • fred2w says:

      Great point.

      Are these CA Democrats okay with sanctuary cities protecting illegals who kill innocent Americans like Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw Jr.?

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      • Gary says:

        “Are these CA Democrats okay with sanctuary cities protecting illegals who kill innocent Americans like Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw Jr.?”

        Do you really believe that anyone is interested in “protecting illegals [or any group for that matter] who kill…”?

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      • freddy says:

        The libs here in CA are just fine with the collateral damage. They love windmills that kill thousands of birds. They love abortion yet would die before a kitten could be killed. They cry at the dog rescue place but a 20 week fetus…cold as ice……….lots of mental illness.

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    • Matt Musson says:

      50% of all car accidents in California are now Hit and Run. 50%.
      Vaccination rates are deplorable. One elementary school recently
      sent out letters warning parents their children were exposed to
      HANSEN’s Disease! (Hansen’s disease is leprosy!)

      People do not realize how badly the rule of law is breaking down in
      California because of the influx of illegals.

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  3. coltlending says:

    I think we are going to see the Uniparty spend the next 4 years pulling every conceivable stut to check President-Elect Trump (I’m cracking a bottle of ’85 Stag’s Leap SLV I have had cooled when I can say President Trump).

    What the GOPe has done over the last 8 years to combat the over reaches and outright illegal edicts President Sparklefarts has enacted during his Astroturf Presidency won’t be 10% of what we are going to see the Democrat contingent of of the Uniparty, their Media and Leftist lacky’s will pull, going forward.

    It’s my hope and prayer is that President-Elect Trump will be protected by God and the American people be behind him so as to render the crap we are about to see perpetrated by the Uniparty and the Corporate Media bent on obstructing President Trump fulfilling his campaign promises rendered impotent.

    I urge him to not pussyfoot around. Be a negotiator and extender of Olive branches, but at the first hint of partisan obstruction or political effery, where he has the political means, make them pay for their unprincipled obstruction, make it hurt politically and roll right over them.

    Then explain to the snowflakes why it went down like it did.

    Then go on to the next thing on the list and repeat.

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  4. RuckusTom says:

    44% to 39%? That’s pretty depressing.

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    • Deb says:

      Considering there were probably illegal aliens answering the polling questions, it’s not bad. It is California after all.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Also the ‘undecided’ or the ‘have no opinion’: I just don’t see how one can have no opinion considering the importance and relevance of these issues.
      I think many of these ‘undecideds’ have come to the realization that they are favorable towards Trump’s policies but their Liberal/Progressive indoctrination prevents them from agreeing with the policies. It’s called a grudge.

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      • The Defiant One says:

        Think of it this way… in San Francisco during the run up to the election people were getting physically assaulted for having Trump for President Shirts or the the caps.

        No opinion is the safest choice if you’re literally surrounded with Libtard psychos and knowing the media and the state GOPe won’t back you up.

        President Trump changed everything, at least now there is a fighting chance!

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        • jeans2nd says:

          It wasn’t just California where Trump people were being physically assaulted, Defiant One. Those of us who worked the Front Desk 6 days a week in the Trump Victory offices were even followed home by people. Here on the North Coast (Ohio), we had to deal with the Krooked Kasick people as well as the Crooked Clinton people.

          “No opinion” is the safest choice, but it accomplishes nothing.

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          • EWSoCal says:

            Not to be argumentative but last November the “no opinion” people changed everything. President Elect Donald J Trump outperformed the polls. In my humble opinion that means everyone who said they were pro-Trump likely voted pro-Trump and some of those who claimed they were of no opinion or undecided did, as well.

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            • Sunshine says:

              Also, people are hesitant with phone polls. More honest with online polls.
              I had a polling company call me two days ago. The pollster had my postal code and phone number. Very strange since I’m unlisted. It was a political poll and I wasn’t comfortable.


  5. Ruebacca says:

    Libs would come up to me and admit they would vote for Prop 187. Prop 187 passed by a much bigger margin than Pete Wilson’s reelection.

    I hope the national guard is on the border by noon on the 21st.

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  6. muffyroberts says:

    It is a weird time. Times will probably weird from now on.

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  7. Skip says:

    Sundance, are you from California! ?

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  8. NJF says:

    He’s gonna kick a$$

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  9. MaryfromMarin says:

    My Rep–Jared Huffman, CA District 2–was one of the first to boycott the Inauguration. I sent him an email, voicing my strong/b> disagreement with his decision, but have had no reply so far. I wonder if I will get one? (Not holding my breath.)

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  10. Bull Durham says:

    I said it before Trump campaign in four cities in California. He could carry the State.
    It wasn’t in the strategy, but if it was a mandatory part of the election, all he had to do was come here a few more times, do big stadium venues and he would have won this State.

    The reality is people don’t vote unless something is urgent. There is an enormous untapped Latino vote that would vote Trump here. There are even Blacks here who have had it with being stuck on the bottom under illegals who get everything and protection from the law.

    He can carry California in 2020. He must come, make huge venue appearances, and bury these Liberals. It will be the true test of his power as a great President. Liberate California.

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    • p'odwats says:

      I don’t know Bull. I live in Cali too near LA, and this place is rabid anti-Trump. The people I work with, my neighbors and almost all of my relatives hate the man, but I keep telling them Trump will prove he was the right man in this point in our history. I have confidence that he will do a great job of turning this nation around.

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      • p'odwats says:

        I just don’t have hope for our particular state. I would love to be proven wrong, but the liberal mindset has infected too many people out here.


        • Marc says:

          Trump will win Oregon and Washington state long before Cali. The demographic change has made it too tough for Republicans to win. Hillary won CA by over 6 million votes, many of which were by illegal aliens. When Trump deports a couple million in CA alone, then maybe he’ll have a chance. Good thing is many will be self deporting.

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          • CDuran says:

            In NYC – Manhattan is pretty much anti-Trump. Lots of illegals. Two concepts could change this – e-verify and valid voter id’s for American citizens.

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            • Marc says:

              True. Same for Cali. E-verify and national voter ID laws will flip states in the next election. NJ and NM are full of illegals and I’m sure plenty of them vote.

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      • freddy says:

        Me too and they are rabbid like violent or have the look like they may go there. I have to practice everyday…I won’t be like them and choke one uncontrollably..hahah..Seriously my FB page is way down on friends and libs have no compunction in calling you names that would usually elicit a response. I mean you start calling me a nazi or stupid or hate gays your begging for trouble. I grew up in Mexico and took on their style of no disrespect.


    • Trumped1 says:

      There are rumours that Peter Thiel might run for CA Governor.
      This could be a “test” for what you propose.
      I think if Trump fullfills at least some of what he promised to the states he won then he will win these states in 2020 easily. This will open up a lot of time to focus energy on CA and other states.
      A lot will depend on how the illegal vote in CA is contained.

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    • deanbrh says:

      Hey Bull, surely you remember when Trump had a rally in San Jose and Burlingame; only Chicago was more violent. And Milo’s Sacramento appearance last week was canceled, along with the one in Davis, and probably the one in San Luis Obispo on the 30th, because of violence even before he arrived at the venue. The police follow ‘stand down’ orders, so i was glad Trump stayed away. He needs about 1,000 bikers to protect him here. Meantime, check-out The Fees and Requirements section makes no bones about their adherence to Shariah Law and their intentions to expand their Communities and take care to teach their children Islam is the ONE true religion. ILM stands for Inspired Learning for Muslims. One of their young female teachers was murdered in Berkeley last week, near the UC campus. Following that story was how i chanced upon the ILM organization.

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    • entagor says:

      In the long run, I agree with Bull. McCain made a big mistake by skipping Michigan as a lost cause. On the other hand, Trump spent a lot of time, especially behind the scenes, on black outreach, and black church outreach when many said that was a lost cause. It was a huge help, especially because much of his Evangelical outreach was not publicized except via the churches themselves and Trump sincerely asked for prayer.

      The time Trump spent in SE Michigan counties was also well spent. I live in the area and saw the undercurrent longing to move to Trump.

      Trump seems to be moving methodically in his approach to illegal aliens. When Trump starts shipping out the felons it is going to improve hispanic neighborhoods in California, where many hispanics are escaping from gross criminality in their own nations.

      Trump had to maximize this election, but he has to keep connecting with the people of California no matter how much he will be dissed for the effort. trump is fighting a war on many fronts but Bull is correct he has to start laying groundwork now.

      Just getting Trump nominated was like turning a battleship. There is still a huge minority of pro Trump in California and they need to be recognized, and cultivated for the future

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  11. Cheezus says:

    The Intolerables! I love it Sundance!

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  12. boutis says:

    This percentage of Californians KNOW the bankruptcy is coming so getting rid of illegals would lower the “overhead” costs and leave more left over if you know what I mean. Another analogy would be throwing people out of the sleigh when being chased by wolves. It is a cost/benefit thing.

    Note: Everyone in CA who knows how to reconcile a bank statement, or pays someone who can, understood at 2:00 am ET November 9, 2016 that a bailout was going to be a no go.

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    • kroesus says:

      it would solve all kinds of problems……hospitals, prisons, schools, roads, jobs, budget, housing, etc

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    • freddy says:

      exactly and Trump may not bail them out. The sooner a fiscal emergency happens the better…..So remember flooding a state with illegals and paying them with your money for welfare works….It works well. CA. was GOP capitol..Reagan and all…My representatives are all Hispanic and won’t be attending the inauguration….. Nice huh……….


  13. F D says:

    Thiel for Governor!

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  14. joshua says:

    simple declare that anyone receiving Federal Welfare or support must learn and prove competency in English Language.

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  15. Daniel says:

    Not only does it not square with the media narrative, it goes to show how tremendous the voter fraud and illegal voting was is California and neighboring states.

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  16. someone says:

    It goes to show that regular Californians are like regular people anywhere. It’s only in the most densely-populated cities where you see modern communism being embraced and touted under the names “liberalism” or “Democratic ideology.” But if you move away from these psychologically addled hives, or just give the citizens there a chance to respond anonymously, you’ll find rational responses like those in this survey.

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  17. aur1640 says:

    Living in CA all my life, I’ve done my share of traveling. I know of no other place. Even though CA is a swamp all its own, I take comfort knowing that decent percentage of Californians have horse sense!! 🐴😎😊

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  18. Michael says:

    Here in rural Ohio, not too far from Cincinnati, where the sound of gunfire from many of my neighbor’s backyard ranges only raises comments like “Bob must have gotten a case for his birthday” I can assure you the ‘deport’ category would be essentially unanimous.

    It is kinda cute when ‘city folks’ move out here and call the sheriff to complain
    “OMG we hear gunfire !!!”

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  19. Rick20033 says:

    “Ignorables.” I love that!

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  20. fred5678 says:

    Comment on Vaughn FoxNews:

    “My other plane is Air Force One”

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  21. charley246 says:

    I don’t believe his has any intention of deporting any person who hasn’t committed a crime. I think he was running for office and said what it too to be elected. He already changed his remarks accordingly. Watch what he says these post election days and you can rest easier.

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    • UKExpat says:

      There will be no need to DEPORT any but the VIOLENT and CRIMINAL ILLEGALS because once the BENEFIT spigot is turned off and the ‘look the other way’ while ILLEGALS work SCAM is busted the rest will SELF DEPORT.

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  22. freddy says:

    No poll necessary..I was born in CA. in the 50’s..SO CAL…..It was incredible……….. so did illegal immigration help or hurt…..Where I live crime is 85% Hispanic and 100’s of gangs. Drugs and crime are the norm..My backroads are the largest drug and human smuggling corridor in the WORLD…….Closest big city is CA’s most dangerous city. Jammed with families on welfare you see in the grocery store……..My career completely overtaken by illegals who work cheaper. Once they are supervisors they hire their own……Any hotel or hospitality crew is 90% Hispanic…………Hospitals and emergency rooms crammed with people on medicaid…..My neighborhood is about 75% Hispanic now and I like most of the people a lot…..I feel no racism but Mexico is now a narco state and full of criminals and drugs…I never go there any more……………You decide if this better……..


  23. entagor says:

    To think this poll was conducted by Stanford and its think tank Hoover. Hoover is theoretically a conservative institution

    From the Hoover website, I went to their page on ‘Research Teams’. From there I researched the gold standard that separates the Deplorables from the Bushies: immigration

    In Hoover’s Immigration Reform Initiative, Issue 1502, “Immigration Enforcement: Is Zero Illegal Immigration Possible?” by Theresa Cardinal Brown concludes with this:
    Setting aside the moral and macroeconomic considerations of such high levels of enforcement, with sufficient incentives, a certain number of individuals will attempt to enter the United States unlawfully, and some portion of those will succeed. Policy makers must determine how many dollars they want to allocate to immigration enforcement versus other government priorities given that we can, in reality, never get to zero illegal immigration.

    Pure Bushie. Set up the false argument of zero law breaking as a goal, and then attack the false argument that the cost is too high. On that stupidity, we should never tax citizens because we can never approach zero tax evasion.

    Wonder why Hoover published this poll which like all polls can be stacked. I know where I live in Michigan the anti illegal alien sentiment is huge. Maybe their internal polls show big support for Trump’s wall and they want to slide a little closer to the truth before the Wall goes up

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  24. unconqueredone says:

    Maybe Sundance didn’t coin it, but I love it! …”echo-chambered ignorables”. I intend to add it to every post I make deriding the MSM and friends.

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  25. shadowcole says:

    I’ve done my part in helping Trump et. al. find illegals. I told him, by way of, of several large businesses in the Western Kansas area that have a lot of illegals working for them. There is some money in fines there if the govt wants to go after them. To any illegals you cannot hide in western kansas anymore especially Garden City, so move it on out and go home.

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