White House Correspondents Association Circles Echo-Chamber Wagons Against Trump Administration…

The White House Correspondents Association held a closed-door Town Hall event last Thursday to unite behind a singular ideological political narrative.


According to published reports of the event [via CNN ] the Association’s prevailing theme was a rallying call there must be “unity” against the Trump administration.

[…]  Mason, a reporter at Reuters, has been emphasizing press corps “unity” in the six months he has been president, and he said that it was a theme of Thursday’s annual meeting.

He said he defined “unity” as “not allowing the divisions of the press corps to be exploited.” (read more)

“Exploited”?  Ah yes, the herd mindset must be retained if the echo-chamber is to battle united against a singular ideological adversary, President Donald Trump.

Note to Team Trump – Please, for the sake of all things sane, cancel the insufferable White House Correspondents dinner.  Send a message, establish a set of standards. Work around these insufferable dolts and cast them into the pit of irrelevance.

Not a single mainstream media outlet, on the left or the right side of the political continuum, has looked honestly into the mirror, admitted their inherent faults and committed to any change in management, approach or journalistic personnel.  Exactly the opposite, they’ve quadrupled down on the same old – same old.

With the Potemkin Village fully exposed corporate media have simply hired a new brand of journo-construction workers, given them “fake news” uniforms, and dispatched them to stucco report on Russians. R-U-S-S-I-A-N-S.  Think about it.

Consider the media request for access as you would any employment application:

♦ Drug test anyone who requests credentials for the White House.  Conduct background checks, criminal checks and credit checks via a third party security vendor.  Dismiss any applicant who does not pass a strict background check.

♦ Keep using twitter and facebook daily, or as determined to send direct messaging to a news-consuming public. Keep using social media, and/or any alternate communications platforms to communicate with the American People.

♦ Establish a strict dress code for credentialed media. No casual days, ever. 100% business professional, 100% of the time.  No business casual, ever.

♦ Discontinue the live-feed broadcast of the Daily White House briefing. Stop allowing a press briefing to be the daily news lede ‘in-and-unto-itself’. Only conduct the WH press briefing when POTUS is actually in the White House. Set an earlier time for the press briefing – ex. 7:30am daily, for a set amount of time, ex. 1hr. Deliver the day’s bullet-pointed news as it pertains to the White House and current events, answer questions and be done.

♦ Draw a distinction between “interviews” and “press conferences”.  Pressers should be short question and answer sessions; eliminate long-winded background set-ups for questions in press conferences.  Background expository prior to a question is an interview technique during an interview, not a press conference.

♦ Eliminate “exclusive interviews”, which are notorious for editing and disinformation.  When granting interviews bring in two media entities to conduct an interview; one each from either side of the political continuum, and they can interview together – taking turns on the questions.

♦ Ten hour work days. 7am to 5pm. Use TWO Continuous, Alternating, Press Secretaries, not just one.  Focused intensity and urgency.

♦ Have a quarterly lottery for press briefing media attendees who pass the background check and application process.  Equal opportunity participation. Seating = first come first seated, general seating, every day.  Doors close promptly 6:55am, late = shut out.

♦ Drop the traveling Presidential press pool completely. Give the press a daily schedule, and then make media use their own resources to cover the events therein as they deem needed including air travel. Equal access without preferential treatment. This also includes foreign travel.  The “credentialed press pool” only applies to White House pressers.

♦ When POTUS, V-POTUS, or cabinet officials travel give first preference to local media, not national. Allow local reporters to ask questions pertaining to their community perspective on the event or engagement.

♦ Drop the insufferable White House Correspondent’s dinner fiasco. It’s a ridiculous and vulgar display; a bubble event, with no inherent value for the country. It is also a grotesque exhibition of disconnected indulgence. There’s too much work to be done, just go about doing it.

♦ Engage the legacy media as a communications unit. Deliver the Trump message as a communications unit. Have a self-broadcasted roundtable meeting of communications officials with a rotating group of media invited to attend. Maybe every other Sunday etc.

♦ Have POTUS give monthly EVENING press conferences; with part of the presser containing an ongoing and established outline to share progress on agenda. Perhaps half for ongoing efforts, half for current events.

♦ Re-establish a media work ethic by setting high standards, high expectations and a zero tolerance for laziness.  Make the media rise to the level of professionalism required by never letting circumstances dictate your standards.

♦ Set an example with the recent display of CNN’s Jim Acosta.  He can either write a public apology outlining his rude recent behavior, or he can lose his White House credentials.  Make shame a great motivator again.



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291 Responses to White House Correspondents Association Circles Echo-Chamber Wagons Against Trump Administration…

    • The Raven says:

      A lot of people ask the question: “Who is Sundance?”

      No…That isn’t Sundance but I’m willing to bet they read in on CTH.

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    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      Excellent, frigging excellent, Sundance!

      Killing the nerd prom, drug tests and backgrund tests, preference to local journalists, no taxpayer freebies on travel or anything else for the media, and the rest.

      Most of them are traitors who look down on us. Even Natasha Fatale, who they claim stole the election for Pottsylvania, errr, Russia, whose parents allegedly were Dracula and Axis Sally, has a better pedigree tham most of them.

      Trump’s people need you here. Otherwise you’d be the perfect press secretary.

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      • BebeTarget says:

        Could not agree more! Sundance, this is the finest article ever written . . . every word is necessary. This is the playbook to make the MSM what it’s supposed to be, how it should do its job and most importantly how the White House should conduct business with them. Today, the MSM think they are ‘professionals’ . . . . no, they are not. They are immature, partisan hacks working for the Democrat party and/or their own agenda. . they are delusional as well, thinking AND believing they are the voice of ‘the people.’ They also need to be taught what it means to be a ‘journalist’ and with some luck, President Trump will be able whip them into shape. I’m not holding my breath, a positive outcome needs to have some semblance of honesty and decency at its core. Thank God the President’s message no longer has to depend upon them to get to the people. They are becoming irrelevant right before our eyes as social media offers the unfiltered platform for our President to speak to us and to the world. The Acosta info at the end of the article was pure genius . . . so many messages conveyed without a single word. . . . a perfect representation of what the media really are.

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      • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

        I wish Sundance was a secret (or not) media consultant to the incoming admin. But I’d bet anything they follow this blog!

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      Sam-I-Am on BB shared this post 🙂


  1. 4bleu says:

    Very solid article!
    Just wondering on the Acosta thang. Don’t know who this feller is, so don’t have any familiarity with him. From his behavior one predicts any apology of his will be mealy-mouthed drivel. But, he works for CNN. It’s a huge news network. They can send someone else. If next CNN person does the same sort of theatrics, then that person will not be allowed back. If the network sends a third person and that person has marching orders to take up the baton to continue the hissy fits, then three strikes and out: the network has to buy their info from other reporters/networks that know how to behave civility and with decorum.

    Honesty, the MSM media is a mystery. One sees a single blogger running two blogs all by his/her lonesome and contributing to two more, all of high quality and very informative. Look at the MSM – four ‘reporters’ contribute to one story of no more than two small paragraphs and still leaves the reader in the dark and screws up the facts.
    How do they even break even with so little output and high staffing costs?

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  2. MIKE says:

    Per the request for a strict dress code; I don’t disagree. But they’d be more honest about it if they all just wore identical uniforms, with weird shaped hats. And armbands.

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  3. Circle your damn wagons ya spawn! Anyone with half a brain knows the media is a bunch of self-serving hacks and for the most part always have been. The country should be giving a medal of honor to wiki-leaks for exposing Hillary and the snakes she crawls with like that Soros low life! The Games up for you lying hypocrites!

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    • lbmomblog says:

      Yeppers. if you are looking to CNN for a trusted journalist – or credibility – there aren’t any. There aren’t any quick witted, nor easy going journalists. MSM has only paid orators, under salary – therefor beholden to those that sign their paycheck.
      Wake Up, and Smell the Roses. And, say good morning to on-line media you can read at your own leisure.


  4. Stringy theory says:

    Damn right, Sundance. Time to really discipline these unamerican fools parading as journalists. They are really the propaganda arm of the left, nothing more.

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  5. jameswlee2014 says:

    The Democrats!! The Three-Fingered Bomb Makers of American Politics.

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  6. WSB says:

    And now they are blaming the National Enquirer. Ambient headlines. This is why I believe the NE should be part of the press pool. At least they tell the truth. Real investigative journalism.


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    • nimrodman says:

      Yeah, “ambient” headlines, right? When have you ever heard of “ambient headlines”?

      It’s another made-up phrase like “white Hispanic” or “micro-aggression”.

      It’s the media version of micro-aggression. That is – when they can find no actual crime or actual racism or actual real offense … make one up.

      This week it’s “ambient” headlines.

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    • wondering999 says:

      Time to go out and buy another National Enquirer to leave out in some public waiting area.

      NE is awfully expensive for my budget, and the articles don’t usually have much meat, but I appreciate those “ambient headlines” for their ambiance when I’m a Deplorable out shopping 🙂

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  7. M33 says:

    Had the same thought.
    Local reporters. No nationals.

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  8. MaineCoon says:

    Mandatory compliance with Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics.

    File grievance with SPJ for major breaches and let THEIR professional act against the jounalism according to their rules.

    Of course, this assumes all would be a member of SPJ.



  9. Maquis says:

    What about a “Trump TV” kind of thing. Self-produced, media involved for use as a foil if desired, sprinkled throughout, but mainly a continuous stream of communication to the American People via an internet channel, explaining the Trump Plan. His progress, his teams, explanations of how America lost her way, basically everything Sundance has been teaching us. The Wall Street and Main Street divide, the consequences, the way back…

    Basically, Trump TV, produced by Sundance, with input from a small horde of Patriots, Bypassing Compromised Foreign Owned Commie Dominated Corporate Media Fraudsters 24/7.

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  10. Emily Summer says:

    We do not need the mainstream media. Let the alternate media be the white house press core. Breitbart, WND, Daily Caller, etc. Twitter to the people. That’s all we need.

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  11. paris23 says:

    Don’t forget the independent, alternative media. Shouldn’t journalists from outlets other than the MSM be at least equally welcome, if not more welcome. Given they provide fair and accurate coverage, Trump could favor taking questions and interviews from them. Also, I think he should start filing law suits over the constant libel. That would send a message that some democrats might understand.

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  12. Patriot 1 says:

    I don’t know what to say. I think Sundance covered it all in this article. I like it!

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  13. Pied Piper says:

    This greatest enemy America has ever faced has had a seat at the table for far too long. Yes, we NEED a free press as a check on government. Unfortunately, we no longer have one. What we have is an unelected block of power brokers who control the direction of government through complete control of one side of the political spectrum. They own the democrat party, not the other way around.

    The government can’t bring the to their knees, half the government doesn’t even want to. Only we, the American people, can correct the imbalance and it IS slowly happening.

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    • Pied Piper says:

      Continued: They have been exposed and they are beginning to crumble. Keep the pressure on them by supporting the ONLY man ever to identify his true opponent, the corrupt manistream media, the only man to ever then run against them, AND DEFEAT THEM, America’s greatest enemy, the corrupt MSM.

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  14. I would add to the weekly evening presser a discussion of the obstacles to completing agenda items have been and what, if anything, the electorate can do to help.


  15. NoeliCannoli says:

    Personally, I am sick of the endless rotation between political/government jobs and “media” jobs. Stephanoupolos is the poster-boy, but the Obama administration took the cycle to a new high. Just like politicians becoming lobbyists, we need restrictions on this process. Maybe denying credentials to former political hacks might be a good start.


  16. GForce says:

    Yes..yes… yes… on all of the above. Especially the drug testing. Which brings me to this: What about drug testing senate/house members? They are creating and entering into legal contracts daily, supposedly on behalf of someone else, the American citizens. We all know what it would look like in the private sector if a legal representative or contract negotiator were found to be under the influence of drugs. Lawsuit, big time, and justifiably so.

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  17. youme says:

    Zuckerberg as arbiter of “true” news:

    This is from the Epsilon Theory blog:

    “Facebook’s Dec. 15 announcement on combating fake news:

    Flagging Stories as Disputed

    “We believe providing more context can help people decide for themselves what to trust and what to share. We’ve started a program to work with third-party fact checking organizations that are signatories of Poynter’s International Fact Checking Code of Principles. We’ll use the reports from our community, along with other signals, to send stories to these organizations. If the fact checking organizations identify a story as fake, it will get flagged as disputed and there will be a link to the corresponding article explaining why. Stories that have been disputed may also appear lower in News Feed.”
    “In practice this means that four established fiat news institutions — Associated Press, ABC News, the Washington Post, and the Tampa Bay Times (Politifact) — together with a smaller media company, Snopes.com, will share the responsibility for determining what stories are “disputed” and dropped into the memory hole of a lower ranking in News Feed. More fact checkers, particularly more fiat news institutions, will undoubtedly be added to the list, as the process is designed to encourage fiat news institutional participation (The Poynter Institute, developer of the “Fact Checking Code of Principles” at the heart of Facebook’s efforts here, owns the Times Publishing Company, which in turn owns the Tampa Bay Times and Politifact). My sense is that these fact checkers can do a pretty good job of identifying counterfeit news (for example that’s why Snopes.com was started, albeit in an urban legend and email hoax context), but will fail miserably at policing fiat news, for obvious reasons. Not that Facebook cares about the distinction, of course, as they will become the preeminent fiat news provider themselves when all is said and done.”


    Zuckerberg desire to be America’s emperor?


    I predict that Zuckerberg will buy Twitter, take it private and then shut down Trump.


    • nightmare on k st says:

      quite possible, considering the draining away of Twitter, certain companies get assistance from the Fed Gov, and they play ball by paying back in doing their bidding, Twitter has been used for the Arab Spring and China, it benefited conservatives in the 2016 election, so that has to change, just like fake news with Facebook


  18. Major Styles says:

    God, Jim Acosta is such a cuck it’s disgusting. He must have slept with Anderson Cooper and Fareed Zacawhatever to get his job.

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  19. thesavvyinvester says:

    Sundance you said: “Eliminate “exclusive interviews”, which are notorious for editing and disinformation. When granting interviews bring in two media entities to conduct an interview; one each from either side of the political continuum, and they can interview together – taking turns on the questions.”

    A suggestion… Said Exclusive Interviews can only be live as an addition to you suggestion above, no chance for cutting room floor “gotcha’s”. Let the Networks find an advertiser, and they either do one long add at the beginning or the end and the interview goes for somewhere between 45 and 55 minutes.


    • LBB says:

      Having one from both viewpoints, and live. Was just thinking how this would make a difference with the “special editing” phase of these interviews. Chuck Todd’s interview with Lewis I thought may have turned out totally different had it been live (wondering what got left on cutting room floor) or/and someone else in the room.


  20. jente says:

    At what point does “the press”, or in this instance the Fake News MSM, become seditionists advocating for the overthrow of a Constitutionally elected president on the behalf of the corporatist, globalist criminal cabal?


  21. furtive says:

    WANTED: SAFE SPACE FOR GOEBBEL’s choir singers
    Pillar of ethics , Brian Stelter is moderator on Wednesday



  22. gettherejustassoon says:

    How about: On periodic a basis at a regularly scheduled presser, have everyday persons, drawn from a lottery, be present to ask questions. Of, have regular Townhall-type session comprised of the same.


  23. v4ni11ista says:

    …And kick out all of the losers
    who stand on the chairs in their shoe-sers.
    Some manners need teaching
    to those who be screeching.
    Respect the White House pass or lose yours.

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  24. filia.aurea says:

    I’m printing this, for future reference. Thank you, SD. I hope you have apprentices and deputies.


  25. snailmailtrucker says:

    Who are those No Class DisRespectful Morons (especially the women in high heel shoes)
    standing on the Furniture ?


  26. notunderwhelmed says:

    Bye bye you vermin. You aren’t “the press”. You are bought and paid for mockingbird pawns. You aren’t reporting. You are preening, echo chamber empty souls bleating the same BS over and over. Go away. You are irrelevant . Blah. Blah Blah


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