Dem Intel Operative Mike Morell Claims CIA Has Sad Faces: “they won’t spy for us”…

Over a month ago you might remember seeing various MSM outlets pushing a storyline about a former *interim* CIA Director, Mike Morell, calling Russian interference into the 2016 election: “the political equivalent of 9-11“.

Today he claims if Trump doesn’t agree with John Brennan’s political construct to blame Russia for hacking the DNC, well, “spies will no longer spy for us“…

Leon-Panetta-and-Michael-Morell-via-the-Secretary-of-Defense-Public-DomainFormer interim CIA Director Mike Morell is 100% a political operative.

The entire career of Morell has been spent as a political operative, selling various political outcomes of politically charged intelligence issues.

The most infamous political exhibition of Morell was when the Obama White House needed an interim CIA director to protect Hillary Clinton from the Panetta/Clinton Libyan covert engagement, and needed General Petraeus removed from the equation.

In October 2012, one month after the September Benghazi attack, DNI Director James Clapper told CIA Director David Petraeus about the FBI investigation into his affair with Paula Broadwell.

James Clapper recommended General Petraeus immediately resign.

The next day Petraeus resigned and vöilá’, just in the nick of time, Mike Morell becomes “Interim” CIA Director able to testify before congress about the Benghazi attack.

Mike Morell Cover 1

It was 2012 acting Director Morell who constructed the infamous CIA You Tube Intelligence “talking points”, which coincidentally seemed to aid Clinton, and blamed a video for the Benghazi attack. SEE: HERE – and HERE – and HERE

As soon as Morell was done delivering testimony, John Brennan was appointed to head the CIA. Then Morell was replaced (and went to work for Hillary Clinton).

See how that works?

benghazi 1

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252 Responses to Dem Intel Operative Mike Morell Claims CIA Has Sad Faces: “they won’t spy for us”…

  1. AnyaArisohn says:

    Talking heads… blah. JSOC is the “real” intel, they just tell what’s needed to the authorized stooges to keep the public looking all the other ways… 🙄 xD

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    • grannysue says:

      The CIA for decades has gone into countries and done what is called color revolutions. They have caused chaos, removed duly elected leaders and put in their own chosen leader. They planned on installing Hillery as the next president just as they installed Obama, a total CIA created president, with no history of success in any area. Trump needs to remove every single political operative in that agency, trim it down. It has a history of being extremely dangerous to democracy and what is good for this country..


      • James O'Malley says:

        It should be eliminated in its entirety. It has a dangerous history of criminal activity and incompetence, and is a threat to us citizens and citizens worldwide.


  2. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Mike Morell is SO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is he really Hillary’s dead cut out womb?

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  3. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Mike Morell is the biggest sleazebag liar and he is also pompous. His “I never lied to Congress” is a bunch of bull. Everything that comes out of this man’s mouth is a lie.

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  4. Suncc49 says:

    He looks like the horror movie guy Willard who killed people w rats…. creepy dude

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  5. booger71 says:

    Maybe the SeeEyeA usefulness has passed, if they ever had one of course. Maybe we should go back to the pre-OSS days when the Military, not civilians were responsible for counter espionage.

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  6. LKA in LA says:

    My prayer is that President Trump will come out and name names of the traitors the first day in office. The level of insanity we are reaching is starting to get ridiculous. Someone has to shock these corrupt men out of their comfort zone of covering for each other. They need to be known as public enemies. Let the media cry some more and wring their hands. Replace them immediately President Trump.

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    • Most of the American population would have no idea what the new President was talking about. Not a good idea, LKA, IMO.

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    • grannysue says:

      Roughly half the congress could be considered traitors and law breakers. Trump does need to start trials, from money laundering, to backing ISIS, to insider trading, to what happened on 9/11. He knows the crooks. I hope he is brave enough to do something about it.


  7. trapper says:

    “if Trump doesn’t agree with John Brennan’s political construct to blame Russia for hacking the DNC, well, ‘spies will no longer spy for us'”

    Fine. Then we will fire them and replace them with ones who will. They aren’t irreplaceable, and judging by the intelligence failures over the past couple decades they aren’t very good at their jobs anyway.

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    • LKA in LA says:

      Sounds like extortion to me. Isn’t it rich that they want PE Mr. Trump to give them credibility?

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    • dbobway says:

      Federal employees work for the American people.

      It’s about time they had a boss to remind them of that!

      My wife turns on local ABC affiliate every morning, to watch weather and traffic.

      Then Adolf Stephanopolous comes on. He went after Trump over the Meryl Streep Fake news, that broke her heart.

      My Wife changed the channel.

      First time in 5 years!


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  8. Tazz2293 says:

    Fire them all
    Cancel all pensions for dereliction of duty.
    Investigate for Treason and High Crimes
    See how they like them Apples.

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  9. Of course right off the top of the interview Dickerson had to say “Reince Preibus said today that Mr Trump now believes what everybody else believes and that is Russia meddled in the election”.

    If in fact Trump still has doubts about the intelligence I don’t see how he can change the narrative after today. The DNC and the media have been waging a propaganda war against him and this battle has been lost.

    I wonder if Trump caved in to the pressure tactic we saw on display in this interview. Was he afraid to further question the intelligence lest he “undermine the morale” of the intel community to the point that “they won’t spy for us anymore”?


    • WSB says:

      Trump loves to let people hang themselves. Much like a lion would flip a rat around before killing it. Be patient. Julian’s presser is Monday at 9AM.

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    • dbobway says:

      He isn’t the President yet.

      By the end of January the Federal government and the Media will completely overwhelmed by the veracity of our new President and his team.

      The Congress is “Acting” like they get it. I hope so.

      If they do ?

      I’m going into the closet remodeling business. Hot plate, toilet, running water, wailing wall.


  10. paulgilpin says:

    have any of these media hacks asked morrell about CIA involvement in US elections through the years?

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  11. Melanie Melancon says:

    I believe that PEOTUS Trump will eliminate most of the 17 intelligence agencies we currently have. Who needs that many spies getting in each other’s way. No wonder nothing gets done in Washington.

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  12. AnnaS says:

    I expect if the “spies won’t spy for us” that Trump will make them redundant and find new spies.

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    • grannysue says:

      Yeap, every single member of congress needs to be stripped of their pensions and their healthcare and let them pay for it based on their salaries which are more than enough. There is a law that states that congress may not pass laws for the people that does not apply to them also. Time to honor that. If this were actually upheld, Obama care would have never been passed. They knew its costs, pitfalls but they did not care. They knew they would always have Cadillac healthcare, take it away from them.


  13. James Crawford says:

    I seriously believe that the intelligence community should be investigated for treason and sedition. They have become a government unto themselves who usurp the Constitutional authority of electected officials. I am now suspicious that the spooks intentionally provided G W Bush with flawed intelligence that caused him to misoverestimate the status of Iraq’s WMD programs so as to discredit and cripple him with the “Bush Lied, People Died” meme. The consequence is that North Korea has an increasingly capable nuclear arsenal snd Iran soon will have nukes.


    • grannysuene says:

      You need to do some research on the Bushs.They had the Iraq war planned way in advance. Jeb, George jr and George Sr signed the contract for a New American Century that stated that if it took a Pearl Harbor in the middle east to get a war started they would do it. Bush Sr. at the debate in Houston when Trump was there did a throat cut signal to Trump to try to frighten him. It was filmed during the debate. I saw it and so did millions of other people. It was edited out of the debate when people watched it on the internet. NO, the Bush’s are evil people make no mistake about that. Google the Bush cri m e family and you will find all you need to know.


  14. Mike diamond says:

    Its amazing its how can the CIA be so worried about Russia hacking the election,when cnn and ,,,all the other media were for Hillary , where was the CIA on the Iran deals on Obama forsaking Israel,where are they?????????


  15. furtive says:

    It was YouTube account screen name, NPN3 (NewspollticsNkw3) which uploaded the Benghazi video. AFTER THE TERROR ATTACK in the early morning of 9-12-12.

    That is Brennan’s partner in crime Stanley Inc., which ALSO participated in the US Passport break-in with Brennan’s co. , Analysis corp.

    Analysis corp had the exclusive contract to Print passports. Analysis corp was sold to CGI which had the exclusive contract to build the Obamacare website & failed. They “stole” almost a billion dollars on that incompetence.

    Brennan is an an anteater slurping up all the contracts & enriching himself illegally. Nothing more than money laundering.


  16. zaq123 says:

    Many of us have this impression of CIA operatives as all being like Jason Bourne or James Bond. Many think that an agency like the CIA is overflowing with patriotic, flag waving, American’s that are all about baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. The CIA may have been that way, back in it’s infancy, being born from Donovan’s OSS. Not anymore. As with a sizable chunk of the government these days, you’ll find the place is full of Leftists and Liberals. Go thru the parking lot of many government facilities and you’ll see Bernie and Hillary stickers everywhere.

    One caveat to that is that, for the most part, the folks carrying guns for a living and doing the dirty work in 3rd world sh*tholes, happily pulled the lever for the President Elect.


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