Benghazi – The Cover-Up Is Coming Down Firmly Beside “Fixer” Denis McDonough (Team Obama) and CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell (Team Clinton)…

Good video below from Senator James Inhofe (Oklahoma) on Benghazi.


Recent reports are indicating CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell was the person inside the intelligence community who was working to shield Hillary Clinton.  Mr. Morell  spent two years as the head of the CIA’s main analytic arm, the Directorate of Intelligence 2011 and 2012.

Morell became the interim CIA Director when General Petraeus stepped down due to his personal issues and convenient for the administration extra-marital affair.   [ Eric Holder’s FBI was holding all the investigative information over the affair – *wink* *wink*]

A September 15th, 2012 email from the Benghazi CIA Chief of Section, soon to hit the media cycle, essentially states they had been trying for days to politely say to the top of the CIA -political side- Benghazi was a direct terrorist attack and could not understand why the political side (career Morell manipulating story to non-career Petraeus) was spinning another story.

In the direct language contained within the memo the Station Chief underlined it was NOT a spontaneous protest turned violent.


CIA Deputy Director Morell evolved to become very critical of the Bush administration, even though Morell was Bush’s personal briefer.

Morell was the “key” CIA intelligence briefer for President Bush, and carried a chip on his shoulder around the Iraqi WMD non-finding.   Morell felt he was unfairly held accountable and his career spotlight diminished as a result of the flawed intelligence which became a toxic political issue for the Bush administration.

As a career CIA official he internalized the Iraq WMD issues and became highly political in his views of DC, politics and the relationship between the intelligence community.  Through this personal evolution Morell became one of the most partisan members of the intelligence community, and his big-shoulder-chip experience skewed his ideology.

After Morell was passed over by the Obama administration for permanent CIA director, the position given to life-long Obama ally John Brennan, Morell angrily quit the CIA (June 2013).


From Morell’s perspective he was “passed over”, from the Administration’s perspective (Obama/Clinton) the plausible deniability (lying) he afforded the administration around the Benghazi attack meant he was a risk.

It was safer for the administration, ie. less likely to endure congressional inquiry, if Morell was outside government.    It was better for both Obama and Clinton to have distance from Morell.

Morell went to work in the private sector as a consultant for CBS news and retains a familiar leash attached to his collar his secondary position on The President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

John Brennan the CIA Director, James Clapper the Director of Intelligence, and Leon Panetta who was Secretary of Defense at the time, all three of them the day it happened, actually it was the morning of the 12th, said that it was an organized terrorist attack and they told the President that. And he kept saying afterwards that it was a video.

Now he knew full well what it was, and I applaud, I didn’t see what you are talking about, but I applaud Bill O’Reilly, if he tried to press him on that. And there’s nothing else the president could say, since all three testified under oath that day, so he as to come up with something and blame something else. He’s gotten by with it though, his entire life.

Let me say this before you move on, and I will say this till my dying day, I know that people don’t realize that now but that’s going to go down in history as the greatest cover up. And I’m talking about compared to the Pentagon Papers, Iran contra, Watergate or the rest of them. This is a cover up before the election to make people believe there is no longer a terrorist problem in the Middle East.


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20 Responses to Benghazi – The Cover-Up Is Coming Down Firmly Beside “Fixer” Denis McDonough (Team Obama) and CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell (Team Clinton)…

  1. carterzest says:

    Amen! Keep it on page one! Wolverines!


  2. wendy russell says:

    I will believe it when I see it. They have gotten away with murder so many times.


  3. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Mike Morell: Yet another RAT who continues to aid in the Obama/Clinton cover up of Benghazi. I wonder how long it will be before they have him “disappear” completely? If he had any sense he would start talking to the American public before it’s to late. He’s only a liability as long as he continues to keep their dirty secrets. Once he reveals the truth, he’s no longer any threat to them.


  4. ctdar says:

    The 9/14/12 Friday photo op of Obama & Clinton tightly holding hands the morning of the caskets returning home & hanger service is undeniable proof of the Benghazi coverup pact they shared that morning…. “the handshake”


      • ctdar says:

        I will never forget that moment nor Wed 9/12/12 in the Rose garden moments before Obama would skip town to go to Las Vegas(Harry Reid constitutes) fundraiser.


        • Ad rem says:

           photo deadpeople2_zpsfc466227.jpg

          Hillary can be summed up in one word…Arkancide.


          • taqiyyologist says:

            Amen. Thank you, Puddy.

            Your last two comments should be BILLBOARDS nationwide.


          • ctdar says:

            Sandy Hume was Britt Hume’s son, he was supposedly working on a story about the Clintons use of investigators to dig up dirt on their enemies:
            Sandy already had a reputation for getting the story that nobody else wanted to look at. It is worth noting that his death came hard on the heels of reports that “a reporter” was about to break a story confirming the White House’s use of investigators to dig up dirt on critics.


          • Partyzant says:

            Ad Rem,
            I just fell down that rabbit hole. Crikey! I knew they were shady, but the details at some of the links…
            FWIW, the aviation research into the E2C hawkeye lost in the Adriatic (no names yet). The 161549 would be the aircraft serial number (Bureau Number). VAW-124 is the squadron. A Hawkeye is an airborne radar platform.
            Found via:
            161547/161552 Grumman E-2C Hawkeye
            c/n A080/A085
            161547 WFU
            161548 WFU
            161549 (VAW-124) crashed Mar 25, 1993 during night mission off Southern Italy in Ionian Sea, All 5 crew killed.


            • scaretactics says:

              I didn’t know that Brit Hume’s son was possibly murdered. I thought he died as a young boy. Wow. Just wow. And how Brit went on air night after night and had to talk about the Clintons….my respect of him just went up a hundredfold.


              • ctdar says:

                Certain times when BHume has the mic during round table discussions he gets a bit of an edge in his voice, makes me think he is channelling his love for his son in his passion for the truth.


          • jordan2222 says:

            Looks like a good site but many of the links do not work.


        • justfactsplz says:

          I won’t ever forget either. When I watched I immediately thought by looking at their faces and listening to their words that they were lying. When I noticed the Secretary of Defense missing from the lineup I thought what’s up with that?


  5. doodahdaze says:

    Issa has swept Benghazi under his rug. Along with the IRS. Now if anyone can’t see that look out below.


  6. Partyzant says:

    Does anyone realize the length of time it takes to set up some crappy u tube video such as what was blamed for the attack? There is a logistic trail to something like that. Checks written and cashed, studios likely rented, same for equipment. 80 cast & crew members. states that the video was initially out in July, with the Arabic version out in September.
    Since many protesters there had signs in English, it would be not too much of a stretch to wonder how much ahead of time they saw what was the scapegoat video. It also appears that this was in the pipeline back in July of 2011.
    Now, is there precedent for government agents to use film as a means to agitate or provide other functions? Anyone hear of ARGO?
    Question: Where did Nakkoula Nakkoula put together the cheddar to fund such an epic?
    Question: Was it conceived and executed as a ready to go distraction?

    Questions are a burden to others; answers a prison for oneself – #6


  7. Partyzant says:

    Patience paid off..
    VAW-124 “Bear Ace 603”
    March 26, 1993, USS Theodore Roosevelt
    LCDR Jon A. Rystrom, USN
    LT Patrick J. Ardaiz, USN
    LT John A. Messier, USN
    LT William R. Dyer, USN
    LT Robert A. Forwalder, USN

    When looking for records of military deaths, units often have memorial pages. Still, I do not see what these Naval Officers could have had to do with Bill C’s visit to the carrier. Maybe my lack of imagination. Even if they were “escorting”, they just do not let anyone close to VIPs. Who knows what may have happened, but color me skeptical.

    As for the rest of the 40 some odd untimely/unfortunate/accidental deaths, you have me there. I am stumped.

    So, if anything happens to me, like “Arkancide”, or an untimely random beat down and getting left for dead, or I show up missing my head or found rotting in a car trunk… well, you will know what to think and do. Ad Rem, you started something up here!


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  10. C. F. Benson says:

    Didn’t the Secret Service lose an agent while he was on duty with one of the Clinton’s Bahamian vacation? I believe he drowned.


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