Epic Trump – Getting along With Russia: “only stupid people, or fools, would think that is bad”…

LOL, Oh man, tasty bait…  C’mon media bite it – we dare ya.  President-elect Donald Trump tweeted this out earlier today, but here’s the Facebook version:

“Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only “stupid” people, or fools, would think that it is bad! We have enough problems around the world without yet another one.

When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now and both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the WORLD!” – LINK

Donald Trump suitputin4

What makes this intensely sharp is the reality of the President Obama administration specifically advocating for, and attempting to do, exactly the same thing in 2009.

“The Obama Russian Reset”

First, 2009…

Hillary reset buttonhillary reset button 2Then, 2015…

Kerry LavrovDr_Phil_teen_youtube_beating

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285 Responses to Epic Trump – Getting along With Russia: “only stupid people, or fools, would think that is bad”…

  1. Wayne Robinson says:

    I remember president Zeros open mic when he committed to not putting security systems around NATO to forewarnof missal attacks by Russia. ? What did he get in return ?? Same as Iran deal ! Obummer bends over for everyone if it will tarnish Americas honor and integrity. Hillary is as bad or worse . I’m so greatful to God for giving America another opportunity. I believe all citizens that are awake to the dangers and damage of the globalist need to be vigilant and pro active. Many of our elected officials remain in the pocket of the bankers even now . We need to clean house and drain the swamp . No more professional politicians enough already just smart patriotic Americans . No more politicians more concerned about other countries citizens than U S citizens . All compassion for America first , second and third. And please knock it off with the welfare industry let people become all that they can rather than trapping them into poverty mindedness . It turns people into dishonest lazy criminals . They are often afraid to help themselves cause they might loss the welfare or EBT card so they lie and do not try to help themselves they become entitled . No more welfare offer them a job they can do , if they refuse take away fifty percent of their welfare . When they cry tell them to depend on their own families , communities , and churches , . Why am I paying for others to lay around ? Get a job or go into the catholic priesthood . But leave the children alone.

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    • Wayne Robinson says:

      I believe the globalist have been in control of Americas political machine all my life. They have planned to bring about a one world government without borders wher they are kings , and their faithful and everyone else is a slave , . But it’s not gonna happen now cause people are waking up all around the word. What will be the next country that escapes the eu captivity? Once that wall goes up how are they gonna convince America that they need to be without borders.?

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  2. gamecock123 says:

    ICYMI..Rick Sanetilli didn’t hold back any punches. This clip doesn’t show all, Rick also told how the Obama administration was meddling to undermine Netanyahu election. Hopefully, Sundance can post it all. It’s delicious!

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  3. jstanley01 says:

    If Obama or Hillary were ever sincere about better relations with Russia — which is debatable to say the least — Trump is not going to get trumped, like they were, by the neo-con swamp creatures that inhabit State and the intelligence bureaucracies, and which have been pushing from D.C. for a New Cold War since Putin ascended to power.

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  4. don welch says:

    i caught less than one minute of fox news sunday and of course it had to be wallace grilling priebus about some nonsense. i would have reached over and slapped c.w. across his smug face and of course that’s why i am no longer working lol. begone.



  5. Patriot Lady says:

    Remember the ‘good ole days’ when the Democrats loved the Russians and hated Reagan? Now they hate both the Russians and Trump. It’s scary that American leftists are left of even the Communists!


  6. “The 1980s want their foreign policy back…”
    Seriously, that had to have been a setup for Obama in 2012 by Mittens, so Obama could sound slick. A total put up job.

    This whole, ‘The Russians are evil’ meme has been brewing for at least 4 years. Cooked up, no doubt to take our attention away from the real threat of Islamic terrorism.


  7. Democrats & MSM are disgusting, I can’t believe they’ve forced Eric Trump had to withdraw his foundation’s support for the St Jude charity.

    The more I learn of the Democrat Party the more I despise the greedy self serving traitors.


  8. UKExpat says:

    RED HERRINGS, SMOKE SCREENS, STRAWMEN, ‘Oh look Squirrel’ in fact anything at all to divert attention from the DISGUSTING corruption criminality and lack of DEMOCRACY in the DemoncRAT Party that the emails PROVED exists.

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