Senator John McCain Demands “Act of War” Against Russia…

Some things never change.  In full alignment with President Obama, the ever faithful war monger Senator John McCain calls for a declaration of war against Russia.

…and if you disagree with him, well, you’re “a Hobbit“, or “a crazy“… or something. 

John McCain - Lord Of The Tarp(Via Reuters) […]  Republican John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Friday that Russia must face a penalty for the cyber attacks and that is was possible to impose many sanctions.

When you attack a country, it’s an act of war,” McCain said in an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” while on a visit to Kiev.

“And so we have to make sure that there is a price to pay, so that we can perhaps persuade the Russians to stop these kind of attacks on our very fundamentals of democracy.” added McCain, who has scheduled a hearing for Thursday on foreign cyber threats.  (read more)

Seriously, and I am NOT KIDDING when I say this…

…everywhere Senator John McCain goes, and every single foreign nation he touches, ends up dragging itself -and us- into an extremist civil war, and/or military conflict… 

Do you think that’s too strongly stated?

Do you think that’s hyperbole?

Well, here’s a few recent reference points:

Senator John McCain and Senator John Kerry in Cairo, Egypt – 2011

John McCain and John Kerry in Cairo on Sunday - Egypt Stock Exchange

What came next?…  The installation of the Muslim Brotherhood:

Morsi Kerry

Senator John McCain and Ambassador Christopher Stephens, Benghazi Libya 2012

Western Media / Libyan Propaganda (Disturbing Video Refutes State Dept)

What came next?…. The rise of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

Western Media / Libyan Propaganda (Disturbing Video Refutes State Dept)

Senator John McCain travels to Syria in 2013

John McCain ISIS

What came next?  Yup, you guessed it – Muslim Brotherhood (via ISIS)

Isis soldiers in Syria

Senator John McCain Travels to Turkey (December) 2014


What came next?…. Oh yeah, SAME/SAME

turkey bomb 3

… and today Senator John McCain is in Ukraine, talking about going to war with Russia….


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534 Responses to Senator John McCain Demands “Act of War” Against Russia…

  1. TOM says:

    US foreign policy disgust me every time I read news and views.

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  2. georgiafl says:

    Once again Sundance exposes the truth – that there is a dangerous and diabolical pattern to McCain’s foreign policy dealings.

    Here is a link to the Sundance article re: McCain and McMullin’s Syria ISIS meeting:

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    • Jedi9 says:

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree when it comes to McCain. His father was just as worse participating in false flag operations with the Israelis in the 50’s and early 60’s.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      I can’t get away from the fact that McCain was the GOP nominee in 2008. We have come a long way, but this is a reminder of how far we have to go.

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      • Founding Fathers Fan says:

        He would still have been better for Our Republic than Obama.


        • UKExpat says:

          With McCain’s current utterances that is very much up for debate and I never ever thought I would be able to say something like that about OBOZO.

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            I agree. And I believe that Obama is a crypto-commie, cultural Muslim, Soviet KGB radical traitor, heir to the treason of Frank Marshall Davis. THAT is how dangerous McCain is.

            The difference is, McCain is a brainwashed psycho – a frog-muscle brain in somebody’s Petri dish. The man sees war as a routine tool of foreign policy, even if the People don’t want it. He reaches into the dental tools and always pulls out the hammer. The world has moved past this guy. Enough!

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    • guitar107 says:

      John McCain of AZ: a prime example why we need term limits asap!

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  3. lettruthspeak says:

    God, I wish Arizona would have a recall on this batshiite crazy imbecile. He need to go the way of the Clintons and Bushes. We, as a country, need to unhitch ourselves from these backwards, war mongering idiots. It’s long overdue. I’m convinced that the only way McInsane and Grahamupmybutt win is through voter fraud. We’ve turned the corner to some degree as a country, and we just need to throw these types on the ash heap of history.

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  4. I consider John McCain a WAR CRIMINAL for Iraq, Syria, and especially his paling around with his UKRAINE buddies and the CIA and the horrific murders and the war he helped start t He should be shot for treason against the United States for all he’s done. He’s paid off someone to keep getting selected for Senate in Arizona. No one I ever met ever voted for him.

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  5. L Garou says:

    Hanoi John should be in a prison somewhere, anywhere..

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  6. bolshevict says:

    Its an open secret that McCain is 100% Globalist. Same with Miss Lindsey. Which means the Globalist agenda is supreme for them over the Republican/Conservative agenda–including open borders. In fact, both of these jerks came out this week, announcing their intent to vandalize much of Trump’s agenda of repatriation of illegal alien felons.

    Jeff Flake is the same. Globalist, with the blessing of his open borders Mormon Church.

    The Democrats and media are at least OPEN about their treason. The real Fifth Columnists of today are in the Republican Party.

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  7. Nam Marine says:

    McLame, shut your pie hole and retire already you LOSER !

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  8. lo says:

    Suit up and fight yourself, John, because, we’re not interested in supporting the war industry any longer. The skeletons in his closet must be horrendous. He’s always working with the elite against the will of the people. His skeletons must be HUGE.

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    • SSI01 says:

      They are. It’s not just the cooperation with his North Vietnamese captors. That was so odious his commanding officer in that wing of the prison – the Hanoi Hilton – who was, as I recall, a USAF captive – was all set to prefer charges of aiding and abetting the enemy, and treason, against McCain when virtually on the same day President Nixon arranged to have an amnesty declared for all offenses committed by US POWs in North Vietnamese prisons. That’s why another buddy of McCain, Bobby Garwood, got off scot-free in spite of actually assisting North Vietnamese wardens in torturing and questioning US prisoners. So, that officially swept everything under the rug for McCain. I’m certain he’s also struck some kind of deal with the Russians because he has labored long and hard to make it practically impossible for families of US POWs taken captive as long ago as the end of WWII to determine what happened to their loved ones who disappeared into the Soviet Gulag system. This includes US service men known to have been taken captive while alive during the Korean War and who were seen AFTER the armistice terms were signed as Panmunjom. They were known to have been shipped north into Russian territory, their announced destination was the eastern Soviet Union. He has actually publicly castigated these families in front of news cameras during Senate hearings – he reduced one wife of a missing serviceman to tears during one of these ordeals. I’ve tried to help another group trying to find out what happened to their brothers or uncles who were aboard a Navy patrol bomber that went missing in or near Vladivostok harbor in 1950. Soviet radio transmissions were heard and RECORDED talking about “survivors in the water.” No effort whatsoever was made to force the Soviets to account for these men. McCain doesn’t want them to find out. They are provided 50-year-old typed transcripts of radio messages re: their loved ones and are more or less told to be satisfied – US govt treats this like a major advancement for the families’ cause.

      I am convinced one reason this material is kept under wraps is because it will detail the shameful manner in which our service members were treated by some very well-known individuals whose otherwise pristine reputations would suffer greatly is this material were made public. It is an atrocity what the US government as subjected the relatives of these men to.

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    • Orygun says:

      He made sure the rest of the POW’s never came back from Vietnam by stonewalling every piece of legislation and diplomacy. I don’t know how people can sleep at night with that kind of baggage.

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      • SSI01 says:

        Note we did not receive back, during the repatriation in Feb. ’73, very many badly burned POWs, or many suffering amputations of entire limbs, or those who were otherwise very seriously injured during the process of their capture. To be sure, there were a number of shot-down fliers or ground troops in trouble who ended up burned or with traumatic amputation of limbs – but they were shot out of hand by the North Vietnamese, Pathet Lao, or other Communist troops. Maybe McCain is trying to cover for the Vietnamese Communists re: this issue.

        It is important to remember Russia supported North Vietnam far more extensively than Communist China ever did. Not long after the “American War” ended, North Vietnam engaged in a limited but still very violent ground war with Communist China. It ended with North Vietnam handing the PLA it’s own backside on a garbage can lid. There is little love lost between the Chinese and the Vietnamese.


    • guitar107 says:

      Yeah, war hero John, suit up and go fight all your insane wars.

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  9. The Raven says:

    The Songbird of Hanoi needs to STFU and sit down.

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  10. georgiafl says:

    After thinking about this Sundance article exposing McCain…

    1 – This article, the Benghazi Brief and the article about the Never Trumpers ties to ISIS – are prize winning investigative journalism – that implicates not only McCain (and McMullin) but also Clinton and Obama as tools of ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood terrorism, destruction and genocide across the Middle East.


    2 – This is far beyond the amount of evidence that brought down Nixon.

    4 – If McCain had any honor and a viable conscience, he would resign immediately.

    5 – We should spread these articles and make lots of noise calling for McCain’s resignation….and Obama’s as well….with alternate choruses of “Lock Her Up.”

    6 – This is more proof that our congress, both Houses of our Legislature, and especially John McCain (and possibly Lindsey Graham), have been complicit in Obama’s Middle East spread of Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS terrorism and destruction of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen – as well as making targets of Russia and Israel!

    7 – List of Obama’s impeachable offenses and abuses of power in which the House and Senate have been silent accomplices –
    (Please forgive me for linking to this so much – but many have not seen it.)

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  11. Christopher says:

    Theory: There’s a faction that controls the CIA and can only operate freely outside the US, whereas there’s another faction that controls the FBI and surveils inside the US. Since the first faction can’t just send an email, or fax or letter or whatever –and even if they could it wouldn’t necessarily be believed. So they need a messenger. McCain is that messenger. He goes. He’s a US Senator plus he’s able to make some show of capability, and the message is believed and stuff starts happening.


  12. John McCain wants war. Why? Perhaps to distract attention from his wife’s involvement with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. His wife is the fourth largest distributor in the Anheuser-Busch beer brewing company. It is a known fact that Anheuser-Busch is a major contributor to the UN climate change agenda and donor to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. This year the DOJ approved the major merger by out with the Milller Brewing Company out of Europe. This will make the brewing company the largest of its’ kind in the world. Interesting that McCain is a ranking senator when the DOJ approved the merger.
    John McCain was having an affair with his second wife (20 Yrs younger than him) while he was still married to his first wife. After divorcing his first wife, he remarried a few months later into the big beer money family.
    That is why I believe that McCain is attacking Donald Trump. He has something to hide.

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    • SSI01 says:

      That’s the end of any A-B products in this house. It’s Colorado Kool-Aid from now on. I can’t find Olympia any more to save my life . . . .

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    • Southern Son says:

      Why did you have to do That?!?
      I just like a few Buds after work.
      I’m not hurtin’ anyone.
      It’s bad enough, that they sold out to the foreigners.
      Now you have connected them to our Corrupt Senator.
      Guess I’ll have to resort to a sip or two of American Shine now.
      Just for Medicinal purposes mind you.
      Degenerative disc disease doesn’t take time off.

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      • Or try my favorite: Red Breast Irish Pot Still Whiskey. The 15-year-old stuff is insanely expensive, but very good for DDD, or anything else that ails you. I’m pretty sure the 12-year-old version will work just as well. Two ounces just before bedtime. Elixir of the gods! For oncoming colds: Hot toddy!!


    • Jay says:

      Are you saying that Trump doesn’t sell Anheuser Busch or Miller beer at his casinos or are you saying that he just doesn’t have a wholesale business relationship with these companies?


      • To the best of my knowledge, Trump no longer owns any casinos. I believe he has sold the use of his name to a couple of hotel owners who may also have casinos. But I think Atlantic City taught him a YUGE lesson.


  13. SSI01 says:

    Now hear this, Mac – if you’ve got the proof the Russians have been meddling in our electoral affairs, LET’S SEE IT! If you’re going to get us into something that is going to cost more American lives, squander more treasure, and re-divide this country – I want to see hands-down PROOF it’s occurring. One other thing I want to see – I want to see your blood relation – and those of your friends and political backers – who are draft-age and eligible for military service in the FIRST GROUP of Americans sent to the active fighting. I don’t want to see them directing the fighting – I want them IN the fighting. I don’t want them running around with a “Stars and Stripes” notebook in their hands – I want to see them with a weapon in their hands, UP FRONT. If it’s good enough for my son, or my grandson, or the sons or grandsons of those who see this thread – then it’s damned certain good enough for yours.

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    • cozette says:

      We interfere with other people’s elections and have for decades. If we don’t get the electoral results we want America just topples the elected government. Obama spent US tax money sending DNC operatives to Israel to defeat Bibi. To get huffy about Russia possibly getting involved by providing Americans true information is ridiculous. What Russia is alleged to have done is act like Radio Free Europe did by broadcasting truth to Soviet citizens who only had propaganda news.


  14. Southern Son says:

    Hey, Jon!
    Does that include “Domestic Enemies”, who Corrupt our Electoral System, by Ignoring the Legitimate Voters, while allowing Illegal Aliens, to partipate in our Voting Process?
    Or Advocate and Fund/Legislate for Open Borders?
    Or Not create a Budget, and Spend like Lunatics from an Asylum, to Crash Our Whole Government/Society?
    The same “Domestic Enemies”, who Allow/Empower Communist and Muslim Brotherhood to Infect and Control OUR Government.
    Or should we Only go to War, with “Foreign Enemies”, that do the Same Things, we do to them?
    I just Woke Up.
    So if my question needs clarity, ask for it.
    But…IF, you really don’t know yet, you will after 1/20/2017.
    And you probobly Don’t Understand what #WAR!! means either.
    But you will.
    You are a Traitor John.
    Your fellow Travelors are All Traitors too.
    I Believe Americans are Awakening, to what Y’all been doing, and
    We will Hold Y’all Accountable!!
    Somebody Please, put this Sick dog Down!

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  15. Gary Moore says:

    John McCain, is full of sh-t. I try not to use that kind of language on my posts, but this is an exception. Why would this freaking idiot want to create hell on earth in America. Has the images of Syria, Iraq and the absolute desolation caused by war escaped him. He flew across the skies and killed the enemy from above and the fact that he got shot down makes him a hero. His “cell mates”, in the Hanoi Hilton, said he wouldn’t shut up while there. We don’t need a war, we need understanding. War is the last act of desparation. Hey a–hole, people die in wars!!!!!

    Comment edited by Admin…


  16. Ray Say says:

    They need to recall this clown McCain, he has gone coo coo for coca puffs, McCain is a Globalist stooge a coward at that, just ask his fellow Hanoi Hilton POWs


    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      He cannot be recalled. He can be defeated in a primary if enough people stop whining and actually rally around an opponent in the republican primary. Low voter turnouts have allowed him to win his primary every six years no matter how blatantly he’s lied to Arizonans. Their response has been to clench their fists, hold their breath and refuse to vote for his opponent in the primary.

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  17. Nailbanger says:

    Bass turd needs to be fed to the worms


  18. Pontus says:

    John McCain is a chick hawk criminal piece of garbage.


  19. Jay says:

    So which is it? Are the Neocons in the Republican party Globalists, or have Globalists taken over the Republican party and labeled themselves Neocons? We know they want global population reduction because United Nations documents tell us they plan to use war, abortion, homosexuality, feminism and vaccines to reduce the population. But it appears to me that they might even be willing to risk a 10,000 degree winter breeze from a nuclear exchange with Russia to accomplish their goals. What they don’t realize is that those underground bunkers they are depending on are going to be sealed off when the exchange takes place making that their final resting place.

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  20. Rick says:

    Who would the u.s. be at war with, had every country whose president’s email AND phone conversations been read and listened to, declared war on the u.s.? I know of a very long list. Every country?


  21. Jay says:

    So Putin conspired to swing the election in America. Now tell me, who is the real conspiracy theorist here? If he really did get Trump elected instead of Hillary, we need to send him a box of chocolates at the very least because he’s the greatest statesman America has had working for us in a long time and he might have just saved the country. We’ll just call it a gesture of good will and say thank you Mr. Putin, right up front for getting 2017 started right. Please accept American apologies for not giving you a better choice of candidates to choose from. It’s the best we could do.

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      Lazy or complicit ‘journalists’ rant about ‘hacking the election’. The election was about votes, not e-mails. Electric voting machines are not connected to the Internet. ‘The election’ was not hacked and ‘journalists’ (both left and right) are lying to us.

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  22. Grannington says:

    They didn’t sell out. They were forced to do that by the shareholders. It is still made in America, my son works at the brewery in Jacksonville Florida.


  23. Grannington says:

    Wonder how much it would cost us to have McCain taken prisoner of war by Russia?

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  24. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Shut the hell up McCain and retire already!


  25. TheTruthBurns says:

    John McStain: War Criminal, Disobedient & Disloyal Military Officer who crashed 5 planes & got to keep his job because of Admiral Daddy. Was a P.O.W. because he disobeyed orders. Saudi Fellater, Home wrecker, Wife abusing philanderer with the Puss filled face of Satan just like his fellow Arab Demons. Stomping on his Face & pissing on him is Not Enough. He deserves to be Tortured to DEATH!


  26. Mr Reynard says:

    PLease be tolerant with John… The Vietnamese have scrambled his brain beyond any hope of normality ??


  27. barry says:

    Can’t stand this clown, how does he keep getting elected?


  28. John Jones says:

    I personally believe that Senator John McCain should give it up and RETIRE. Senator John McCain serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee and has ran for President of this Great Nation of The United States of America Twice. I personally believe that Senator John McCain poses an Imminent Threat to the Security of the United States of America. Many Men and Women have sworn to uphold the protection and security of the United States of America, yet we have some political officials in office that cannot use a bit of Common Sense. We as a nation should flex our Mighty Strength and Political Power to dissolve our indifferences with the Russian Gov and Population. Now, if you want 100% peace then prepare for 100% War.


  29. Bull Durham says:

    (I posted this on the Main Thread also, Jan 1, 2017)

    In tribute to McCain going to Mariupol area to spend the holiday trying to kill more innocents in Donbass with the US-Elected head of the criminal coup in Kiev, Poroshenko, the Ukies bombarded three outlying villages.

    Immediately this was followed by a massive bombardment of Ukrainian troops Kominternovo, Sahanki and Lenin. It is also known that this area APU has deployed two “Acacia”.

    Acacia are self-propelled heavy artillery pieces. Under the Minsk 2 agreement nothing this large is supposed to be within 75 kilometers of the ceasefire line.

    “The increase in the number of attacks on the southern borders of the Republic, suggests that the command of the 36 separate brigade of Marines decided eager to show its notorious combat capability”, — said Basurin, reports DAN.

    In this area of the southern Ukraine near Mariupol a famous village was left with virtually no one alive, Shirokino. McCain went to see this achievement, apparently. Work of the infamous Nazi battalion, Azov.

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  30. n30rebel says:

    It’s time McCain started smelling like formaldehyde.


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  32. How in the world is this warmonger and U.S. traitor re-elected so often?


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