First He Went To Turkey……

Republican John McCain is just as dangerous to our nation as his new BFF President Obama;  Perhaps more so….

John McCain - Lord Of The Tarp

In 2009 McCain went to Turkey in support of another BFF of Obama, Prime Minister Erdogan.   We tried to warn….. it fell on deaf ears.

Obama Erdogan - Turkey

Turkey has descended into a hardline Islamist state, no longer the moderate secular nation it once was.

In 2010 McCain joined the chorus of fools proclaiming that Egypt needed support to overthrow Hosni Mubarak, and claimed the Tahir Square protesters would give a new rise to freedom.   We tried to warn…… it fell on deaf ears.


John McCain and John Kerry in Cairo on Sunday - Egypt Stock Exchange

Egypt quickly and intentionally descended into a hardline Islamist state.  Now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and facilitating attacks against Israel as they continue to advance their extremist Sharia ideology.

In 2011 McCain went to Benghazi in eastern Libya.  There he joined with Obama/Hillary’s toolish BFF Ambassador Stephens (pictured below to his left).   As Clinton, Obama and Stephens, together with Susan Rice and Samantha Power Rice structured, yet again, the Obama Doctrine [R2P] by arming the “rebels” who were in actuality al-Qaeda.    We tried to warn….. it fell on deaf ears.

Western Media / Libyan Propaganda  (Disturbing Video Refutes State Dept)

Western Media / Libyan Propaganda  (Disturbing Video Refutes State Dept)

Eastern Libya became a hell hole of radical Islamist jihadi’s.  Eventually they brutalized, raped, and murdered Ambassador Stephens while dragging his body through the streets.  Three other Americans were also killed.

ambassador chris stevens collar bone injury

Eastern Libya is now an al-Qaeda launching base, and the media hides the reality to protect Dear Leader.

2012 was an election year, so other than lying and covering the death of Stephens behind all manner of irrational nonsense excuses to cover for their short-sighted failure;  luckily the election cycle made the crew of U.S. usurpers wary of involvement in Syria.

But now here we are in 2013, today, yet another McCain trip to yet another Middle East nation to support another batch of “rebels”.   This time the Free Syrian Army (aka al-Qaeda in Syria).   We’re not going to even bother with warnings this time……

mccain syria woman

mccain syria

What will happen is what has happened before.

The “Resistance, or Rebels, or Freedom Fighters et al” will be called such by the media until they are armed, and in charge.   Once that happens their ideology will surface, they’ll be viewed as radical Islamists;  And after they chop up a few folks, launch some terrorist actions against the U.S. and Israel, their name will evolve in the media to “al-Qaeda”.

Same / Same.


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27 Responses to First He Went To Turkey……

  1. mcfyre2012 says:

    Can’t Grumpy Grampa just go away already? I’m sure the doddering old fool really impressed the Turks. It wouldn’t surprise me to see more attacks on us now.


  2. Coast says:

    I don’ think any senator or congressional representative has legitimate business traveling outside the boarders of the USA. Other agencies are involved in intelligent gathering and monitoring international situations, and sometimes they do enough damage; it makes me sick to see these people running around on the taxpayer dime while stirring up global trouble.


  3. Chance Barns says:

    I hate to say it, but I now believe the NVA communist may have gotten to McCain. Can you say, “Manchurian Candidate?” For example, he has been an outspoken opponent against torture, claiming it does not work even though his captors got enough information out of him to fill a filing cabinet full. His actions and ideologies in office have always demonstrated that he is NOT a conservative, but the ugly reality of this current behavior sadly requires us to condemn this once brave and valiant warrior. Was it the enemy in Vietnam that corrupted John McCain, or was it the darker forces of vanity, ego and power so prevalent in Washington D.C.?


  4. John Galt says:

    I think Songbird is feathering his nest with Saudi money.


  5. Sharon says:

    Beyond SMH.


  6. czarowniczy says:

    Wanna know how trustworthy and patriotic Mssr McCain is? Just ask the hundreds of his POW buds he left behind in Hanoi – oh wait- YOU CAN”T! I say that a lot.

    Old John M sneaking through the underbrush into enemy territory – BAT@76. Kerry gives the Palestinians a choice – ketchup or mustard to distract the Iranian backers of Assad while Rambold sizes up the rebel’s depth of trust – see above. It appears Obama’s backing Hitto, a CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood hood from the Dallas/Ft Worth hood, as head of the interim and possibly post-Assad government. Tough call whether McCain’s trying to buoy Hitto or the AQ-Iranian rebels and, considering his past, it could be either one. I don’t see Hitto’s coalition holding up as Iran and all of its surrogates are much closer and have a greater hands-on ability. Iran’s stirring the poop-pot in Lebanon and will ratchet up the heat in other areas to make the less-than-heroic POtuS and the equally squishy NATO back down and go to negotiation as an honorable retreat – a diplomatic advance in another direction. I think it would have been too obvious to send a Democratic defeatist envoy into the fray so they greased up McCain to try and negotiate an ‘it wasn’t my fault, you touched it last’ defense. Then again, i don’t like McCain much – Memorial Day or not.


  7. With the exception of Senator Ron Paul who was motivated solely by his neoisolationism, I know of only one nationally prominent Republican who had the wisdom to speak out against the Arab Spring at the beginning. That stateswoman was Governor Sarah Palin. I have no doubt that she had some disagreements with Senator McCain’s positions during the 2008 Presidential campaign so of course she was accused of going rogue.

    Palin 2014!!!!!

    Yes I mean 2014. With the Obama Presidency imploding, the next Speaker of the House is likely to become POTUS. This is why replacing Crying Man Bohner is vital. The viagraisnt working anymore.


  8. ctdar says:

    McCain spends Memorial Day with Syrian Rebels? smh
    If that doesn’t cement what kind of person McCain is I don’t know what will. Scum.


    • Ad rem says:

      “No soldier dollar left behind.” 👿


      • czarowniczy says:

        Nice picture of McCain up top – looks like the Senatorial Shar pei. Yeah, the Chinese dawg – Ahhhh, thank you hon’able Senator for reaving us aw those pirots who froated into Chinese waters…Opps, back there again.


      • canadacan says:

        I see this as a egotism. Run amok with John McCain. I think he feels he has that much time left and he wants to leave behind some kind of legacy. Senator McCain has snapped his twig.


        • canadacan says:

          That should read he feels he hasn’t that much time left as a political figure with any clout. McCain has lost it.


          • Ad rem says:

            Roberta McCain is 101 yrs. old…….however, her twin sister only made it to 99. I can’t imagine this crazy buzzard (at 76) hovering around the senate for another 25 years. God save us all…… 👿


  9. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    He has been skating on his POW status for too long. Way too long.


  10. yadent says:

    So it turns out we really had NO choice in 2008. We just didn’t know it at the time……….


  11. akathesob says:

    Most excellent article… Well said Sundance!


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  13. bunkerville says:

    His senility is showing. Just think he could be president.


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