Russia Closes U.S./U.K./Canadian International School For Children of Diplomats in Moscow…

A well sourced comprehensive list of the Obama sanctions against Russia is available via Business Insider –SEE HERE– In response, Russian officials warned Thursday that there will be “countermeasures” to the sanctions.

cartoonspyAdditionally, in an apparent retaliation effort against President Stompy Feet, Moscow has closed the International School where the kids of most western diplomats attended.

According to CNN – A U.S. official briefed on the matter told the network that Russian officials had issued an order closing the Anglo-American School of Moscow Thursday.

The K-12 school is chartered by the American, Canadian and British embassies in Moscow and has about 1,250 students from 60 countries, according to its website. Students are currently on winter break.

However, CTH would be remiss if we didn’t remind readers the West Palm Beach region of Florida houses many well connected influential Russian nationals who can/could act as emissaries and carry a back channel message from Putin to Trump at his Mar-a-Largo estate.



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215 Responses to Russia Closes U.S./U.K./Canadian International School For Children of Diplomats in Moscow…

  1. emet says:

    According to well-placed sources, in response to the US sanctions, Putin has threatened to cease helping the American electorate choose competent presidents.

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  2. Oldschool says:

    Stunning photo of our First Family. God bless them and protect them.

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  3. tommyd22 says:

    Someone needs to take the keys to the car away from the child in the Oval Office..

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  4. Rebel Mope says:

    Not sure a back-channel emissary is even needed in this case. Trump knows where Putin’s head is at, and Putin knows where Trump’s head is at. They both know where to find Obama’s- a place that lacks sunlight.
    Obama sends three dozen Russians home for the Orthodox Christmas, and Putin tells school kids there is no school for three weeks. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so spectacularly stupid.
    My guess is the Russians will be back in time for the Superbowl.
    Maybe we will get Anna Chapman back. Now that’s my kind of Russian spy.

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  5. emet says:

    All 35 Russian diplomats should claim credible fear and demand asylum.

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  6. Alison says:

    Hey, Neigbor!


  7. Peter G. says:

    This bad dream will be ending in a mere three weeks.

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  8. MrE says:

    Favorite comment of the day about this crock of nonsense:

    Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes NYC compound & gives them 72 hours to leave. Fortunately for Russians, NYC is a sanctuary city.
    ~Ann Coulter

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  9. SeekerOfTruth says:

    US Government Attacks Drudge Report? Conservative Website Down Because Of Distributed Denial Of Service Attack, Matt Drudge Tweets

    A tweet from conservative media icon Matt Drudge’s verified Twitter account Thursday night appeared to accuse the government of interfering with his website,, just hours after the Barack Obama administration announced new sanctions against Russia over election hacking.

    “Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT? Biggest DDoS since site’s inception. VERY suspicious routing [and timing],” the tweet to Drudge’s 457,000 followers read. There were no other tweets from the account at the time.
    Drudge Report was down briefly around 7 p.m. EST, but working hours later. The top headline read: “MOSCOW MOCKS OBAMA ‘LAME DUCK'” Meanwhile, the conservative Washington Times wrote: “Matt Drudge suggests U.S. government cyberattack on Drudge Report website. DDoS attack comes same day Obama announced countermeasures against Russia for hacking of Democrats.”

    Conservatives on Twitter also accused the government of shutting down the Russian news website, RT. “Numerous reports of Russian state-run Network RT being unavailable. Drudge Report also under ‘Biggest DDoS attack since site’s inception,'” wrote one user.

    Seeker – No proof but coincidences adding up.

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  10. Illegal says:

    Tell the Russian diplomats to come back to the US through the southern boarder. The light is on and the gate is open until Jan. 20.

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  11. justfactsplz says:

    Stompy Feet is so out of his league trying to mess with President Elect Trump and Putin that it is quite amusing and laughable if it weren’t so serious. Checkmate.

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  12. Bako Carl says:

    My total disgust meter is absolutely pegged when considerating Obozo, his administration and people who claim to be enlightened liberals. Their levels of treachery and hypocrisy are no longer surprising, but expected, and deeply, deeply repulsive.

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  13. happy2h says:

    Haha, love it! Paging Boris and Natasha. Obamoose & Soros are on the rampage.

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  14. tim glave says:

    I think the Russians should go to San Fran. Sanctuary city and all.

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  15. filia.aurea says:

    Based on the structureless inefficiency and ineptness of federal government IT operations, we should pray that O’B stays clear of any cyber ops. against Russia. They will surely retaliate, likely making the hack of 40M OPM records seem like a drop in the bucket.

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  16. Beautiful picture of our first family!

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  17. sundance says:

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  18. Look at California job creation!

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  19. Nchadwick says:

    Ok – I just saw this and I almost spit my drink out – but not trying to offend those of us that are easily offended – but for those who have a sense of humor ..

    w w

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  20. Nchadwick says:

    Ok – so my kids keep sending me all this Putin stuff, since my new found obsession – they just sent this to me — some rap group “Go Hard Like Vladimer Putin”

    Maybe they can do one “Go Soft like Obama” ?

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  21. 4bleu says:

    LOL. Beg them to keep it closed.
    State Department staff get it FREE for their kids, because costs at these schools are paid 100% out of the State Dept. budget, paid for by… US taxpayer. These schools are Progressives on Steroids day schools with plain old public school US curriculum and this one is probably easily about $30,000 per year for high school students, $20,000 for elementary kids. They have a selection tier where more money can buy a slot – that would be paid for by say an oil company on the behalf of their employees’ kids. Always finding ways to get more money.

    These greedy schools are what the prog education dream looks like when there are no cost controls because the State Department doesn’t care because it passes the bills along.

    Alas, they’ll probably reopen in February, but after all the current tit-for-tat mess is over, remember to come back to business: the taxpayer is getting unbelievably screwed internationally in every country by this ‘private American international school’ partnership/collusion with the State Department.
    People scramble to put their kids in these schools because they equate sky-high costs with quality. They are not correct. These schools are expensive because the State Depart keeps letting them jack their rates. These schools are why NGOs got more expensive over the years – adding into their budgets tuition to American international schools, which jacked their employee contract costs.
    Pathetically, the academics run 2-3 years behind European public schools.

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  22. Red says:

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be rootin’ for Putin……geeze I can’t wait until January 20th when I can once again be proud of my President!!!!!!!

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  23. David says:

    Hi friends, I am Israeli. I am posting here an amazing video form 1977. The background is that Menahem Begin took down a long term socialist party who ran the country and corrupted most of the institutions. It’s similar to what Trump just did. The leader of the Liberals was Shimon Peres. Israel was run by “protection” which means in Hebrew special favors because of political connections. Amazing speech.

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  24. Howie says:

    I can just see the diplomoms home schooling 1200 spoiled brats now. Delicious.

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  25. limelite001 says:

    Obama et al have done everything they can to trash Putin and Russia. He’s encircled Russia via NATO and instigated the coup in Ukraine – among other actions. Either Obama and his Progressive/Neo-Con/Globalist cabal are trying real hard to start a war with Russia, or they’re dumber than a bag of rocks. Luckily Putin is level-headed and hasn’t reacted to all the prodding. Hopefully Trump reads the situation correctly and doesn’t give into the globalists, who hate Putin and his pro-Western civilisation and Christian outlook. He’s the last meaningful hold-out who hasn’t bowed down to the Globalists and they need him removed…..

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    • I can assure you, having studied as much of Trump’s last 30 years as I can, he is reading the situation perfectly and there is no way he plans to give into the globalist psychopaths and their evil ways.

      This, is the very reason he ran. He told us as much.

      Stand strong, we’re up too. There is much to be done.

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  26. SeekerOfTruth says:

    the Drudge site attack is getting worse and snowballing out to stop much of any traffic even my shortcut IP address traffic from getting to the site. NSA practice session today???

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  27. SoCal Patriot says:

    I don’t understand the hostility here towards our exalted leader, President Barack Hussein Obama. He will go down in history as one of the great, if not the greatest, president in the history of our republic.

    FYI, I also have some swamp land I am selling if you are interested.

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  28. rsanchez1990 says:

    Let’s hope this is as far as Putin will escalate.

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  29. Prof. Woland says:

    “students from 60 countries”? Sounds like the UC system.

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  30. vincentjappi says:

    “Ever wonder why the UN is a perennial force for Evil
    “and the anti-American way?
    It was the brainchild of Soviet agents.

    “No kidding. So much of our history has been stolen from us
    that I doubt even those currently and publicly bristling at the UN’s latest depredations against Israel (still holding the front line of the Western front) from Donald Trump to Charles Krauthammer,
    have any knowledge of this elementary fact.
    Nonetheless, the hidden/forgotten/suppressed record tells us that the United Nations took shape under the guiding hand of senior Soviet GRU officer
    Alger Hiss in his years covertly embedded inside the US State Department.

    “During multiple wartime conferences in the 1940s,
    Soviet agent Hiss was the leading organizer of the institution,
    and, in the founding assembly in San Francisco in 1945,
    served as acting UN Secretary General
    (in photo above, speaking next to his real Foreign Minister Molotov).

    “A bevy of American traitors were on hand
    for that historic first meeting disguised as US government officials,
    including Soviet agent/senior Treasury Department official
    Harry Dexter White, whose on-site handler, NKVD officer
    Vladimir Pravdin, attended the UN confab as a TASS reporter.

    “But that’s not all.
    “From The UN Record: ‘The Fateful Years for America’ (1955)
    by longtime Chicago Tribune Washington correspondent
    (and American Betrayal source) Chesly Manly:

    ‘Besides Hiss, state department officials who were active in UN planning included Dean Acheson, then assistant secretary of state; Laurence Duggan, head of the Latin American division
    Noel Field, close friend of Duggan and highly placed member of the West European division;
    Henry Julian Wadleigh, in the Trade Agreements section;
    -John Carter Vincent-, chief of the Chinese Affairs division; and
    David Weintraub, in the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations.’

    “The known Soviet agents’ names are in bold.
    John Carter Vincent gets -italics- for a pro-Communism at least
    that made him, in the words of the Senate investigation
    into the Communist front organization, the Institute for Pacific Relations (IPR), the principal fulcrum for IPR pressure and influence in the State Department … The IPR was a vehicle used by Communists to orientate American far eastern policies to Communist objectives.”
    Acheson, of course, famously refused to “turn his back” on Alger Hiss.

    “Returning to Chesly Manly’s list of federal officials on the US taxpayer payroll “active in planning for the UN and its affilated international organizations” we find the aforementioned
    Harry Dexter White and
    Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Frank Coe, Harold Glasser, Victor Perlo, Irving Kaplan, Solomon Adler, Abraham George Silverman, William Ullman and William H. Taylor.
    “All of these One World planners were identified in official proceedings as Soviet agents.
    “No wonder … but why is this key information such a deep,
    dark secret?
    “American betrayal continues.”

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    • Howie says:

      Get it out. No wonder the leftists love it.

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    • One can be certain, it was NOT simply the brain child of Soviet agents, they were simply used by fdr, cordell hull, et al (rockefellers, prescott bush, george herbert walker, et al…), as the globalist psychopaths have been working toward their one world totalitarian feudalist system for much longer than can even be tracked historically.

      The idea is ancient, and the likes of many now deemed as “the great” (Constantine, Alexander, so forth) were all globalist oriented scum that murdered millions hoping to achieve world domination.

      Not to discount your post, it is chock full of “players” info… but, they all knew what they were doing.

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    • anarchist335 says:

      Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling.

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  31. Radiopatriot says:

    Don’t mean to pick nits, but why are you (along with the media) referring to Trump’s Florida home as being in the “West Palm Beach” area?

    It isn’t. It is PALM BEACH. “West” Palm Beach is separated from Palm Beach by the Intracoastal waterway, and is a separate entity altogether.

    People tend to ignore the distinction when they don’t know any better. For example, referring to Cocoa Beach as “Cocoa”, or Daytona Beach as “Daytona.” Or Kennedy Space Center as “Cape Canaveral.”

    When I hear a “news” announcer say they’re reporting from “West Palm Beach” when it is quite obvious they are standing on the outparcel of Mar-a-lago on the Atlantic Ocean side in Palm Beach, I am reminded yet again of #FakeNews. The devil’s in the details.

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  32. andi lee says:

    Chicago, hometown of the prez? Ouch!

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    • Bull Durham says:

      They should name the morgues after Obama. He filled them with Chicago’s young people.

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      • Perfect!!! I concur wholeheartedly, and am not kidding. That would be true historical actuality. He owns 3,904 murders there since 2009.

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      • You’d think ABC…CBS…and NBC…
        Would be running stories about all the deaths each night like they did with the Iraq war.
        Muhammed just wanted to be a bank robber…before he was gunned down by a crack head.
        Jeremiah just wanted to boost cars…before he was caught in a drive by shooting and killed.

        Daniel just wanted to sell illegal weapons on the streets of Chicago…before being run over by a gang banger running from the law…while crossing a street on a green walk sign.
        It seems no one follows traffic laws in Chicago anymore.

        These could have been Barack Obama’s children for gods sakes.


  33. gamecock123 says:

    Hahahaaaa, Is that Inspector Gadget? Bwahahahaha!

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  34. Patriot1783 says:

    What’s next obama/jarrett/rhodes ? A sternly worded speech??

    Dems still don’t get plain fact that actions have consequences when dealing with adults.

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    • bath house bari in response to the media concerning the Russian sanctions…

      “I, I… I, I, I, um… uh,uh,uh,uh… I told Putin to cut it out… he should have listened. I’m President for 20 something more days and I am not playing games here… ”

      Putin in response… “Bwahahahahahaha… ahahahahahahaha… oh my… ahahahahaha…”

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  35. mazziflol says:

    I think Russia is well aware of whats up.


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  36. Bull Durham says:

    24 hours ago we were talking 8000 jobs coming to America.

    It’s that easy to create FakeNews, Chaos, and build Russophobia in the weak-minded.

    Cheered on by scum like Ryan, McConnell, McCain and Graham. (What party are they in?)

    This is precursor of the toxic daily dose we’ll get every minute of Trump’s first term.

    Putin said it: The Dems, the Liberals have divided the country. But we know its the UniParty.

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  37. James Crawford says:

    The Russians have committed multiple assasinations of the years by injecting targets with Polonium 210. It is an amazingly blatant method of assasination because Russia is the only country that synthesizes that isotope. The brief, 138 day half life of Polonium 210 eliminates any plausible deniability. This has been purely intentional, leaving their calling card at the scene of the assasination as a warning to others.

    Once President Obama leaves office, he will discover that his Secret Service security detail is minijal. I forsee former President Obama coming down with a bad case of Polonium 210 poisoning. Oh Boo Hooo.


  38. DoggyDaddy says:

    “well connected influential Russian nationals” …no thanks, Sundance. Trump doesn’t need to be seen with these United Russia (Putin’s party) “crooks and thieves” ( with homes in Miami, such as Karlinin (Mayor of Nizhni Novgorod):

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  39. Obama to Russian diplomats: “You are not welcome here. You have 72 hours to GET OUT!!!”

    Obama to criminal illegal aliens: “Aww, it’s not your fault, it’s okay, feel free to stay as long as you like, you have rights just like everyone else! By the way here’s some free stuff! Now be sure to vote Democrat!”

    This is seriously messed up! Please come quickly Jan 20th!

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  40. Word is…This is a CIA story about the school closing.
    It’s Fake News.
    So much for my trust in Obama and the MS News Media!

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  41. Southern Son says:

    Just thinking out loud, up here on my limb.
    What if…Russia announced, they would no longer Oblige Us, and bring our Astronauts back to Earth, from the Space Station?
    I believe, this would cause the Final Meltdown of Enemedia and OboMao’s LEGACY.
    I Pray they dont!
    But what if?


  42. ctmom says:

    I thought we knew better than to believe ANYTHING reported by CNN?


  43. remuda2016 says:

    Bibi (Judism) and Vlad (Russian Orthodox) are both practicing their religious faiths. Bibi gave Obama a Bible and Vlad is giving Obama ‘Hell’…


  44. Wiggy says:

    Did everyone here miss the latest news and still promoting the fake news? It’s been out for hours. Mr Putin has stated he will NOT retaliate on America for the actions of President Obama. He will NOT recall his Ambassadors and he is NOT closing the Anglo-American school there.

    Do we continue to exhort the fake news from CNN and others, or do we acknowledge the news from TASS? Or is that fake as well?


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