Understanding Obama/Kerry’s Recent Approach Toward Israel and the Palestinians…

There are numerous reports where the current events surrounding President Obama’s push to paint Israel into a corner are specifically outlined and addressed with specificity.  However, if you really want to understand what’s going on, you must reference the longer game as it has been domestically constructed and ignored by most media.

President Obama and Mahoud AbbasThose who have followed domestic U.S. pro-Palestinian activism over the past several years will be able to more easily understand current events against the larger backdrop.

First, it is critical to remember, the antagonistic left fully anticipated Secretary Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Therefore all of the current U.S. political maneuvers, as recently evidenced, must be viewed as increasingly desperate now that their long-term objectives have been cut off by the insurgent win of Donald Trump.

In short, the longer-term approach from the politically professional left, in conjunction with the political activism of the social justice warriors, has been to undermine Israel, and yet do so without visibility toward undermining Israel. 

Winning elections required plausible deniability; simultaneously left-wing politicians needed to be able to hide behind willful blindness.  And that approach was deemed critical if hiding the objective was to be successful.

An example of this behavior would be the Democrat Convention in Charlotte North Carolina in November 2012, when the DNC specifically left out support for Israel from their platform, and the DNC convention audience voiced support for that omission – yet the DNC, understanding the inherent political risk (sunlight), pretended the platform change was approved.

Secondly, less visible than the 2012 DNC visible voice-vote ruse, was the use of domestic social activists to assist the pro-Palestinian cause.

If you go back to the Dream Defenders of 2012, you find the origin for Black Lives Matter (BLM).  Within the political organizational construct of BLM you can visibly see where the professional (domestic) racial justice community was used to advance the larger (international) pro-Palestine movement.

CTH was the first to identify the use of the radical-activist-left (BLM) to advance the cause of the various Islamic extremist groups – which includes Hamas and later (mid 2013) expanded to include support for the larger Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

By 2014 the Brotherhood agenda was sympathetic to the new Islamic extremist group ISIS, and as a direct connection we watched as Black Lives Matter began to showcase a similar sympathy.  [ Baltimore Example ]

This is where you see Marc LaMont Hill leading a domestic activist group to visit the Palestinian Authority – SEE HERE – .  This is also when you might remember seeing BLM begin waving Palestinian flags in various marches.  Perceived oppression against the Palestinians was conflated with perceived oppression against blacks.

ferguson angerTake yourself back to the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri and you can find numerous examples where BLM supporters were simultaneously showing support for the Islamic State (ISIS). Underlying this visible support is the cornerstone support for the Palestinian Authority.  Both activist sentiments are based on manipulation of the social justice theme.  This is the connective tissue.

[ Again, here it’s important to remember all  the various extremist elements of Islam are essentially franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Hamas, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS et al, are all variants (tynes) under the larger Brotherhood umbrella. ]

The BLM movement has connectivity to the “oppressed Palestinian cause“, via the underground network of social Islam which permeates the U.S. prison system.

U.S. prisons, especially federal prisons, are indoctrination machines for the Islamic faith; and, as a direct consequence of the mind-set involved therein, the prisons are also a fertile breeding ground for the extremist views of that faith…. ie. Radical Islam.

When you step back from staring directly at the the individual pixels you are able to grasp the larger picture that each element adds.

♦ There’s a DC based professional Palestinian political agenda being carried out within the Democrat party which also carries sympathy and alignment with the Muslim Brotherhood.

♦ Outside DC there’s a professional Palestinian political agenda being carried out within the Black Lives Matter movement (social justice warriors), which also carries sympathy and alignment with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Neither of these two groups support the political policies of the State of Israel.  However, both of these groups depend on constructed plausible deniability, and obfuscation via willful blindness, in order to continue their larger objectives.

The Democrats in the U.S. congress play this political game of plausible deniability and willful blindness in order to hide their anti-Israel association and get themselves reelected.  Again, remember the wise words of reformed leftist David Mamet:

…In order for liberals to continue advancing their espoused ideological belief systems, they must continually pretend not to know things…

When you grasp that these professional leftists fully expected to see Hillary Clinton win the presidency, you can understand how the larger path for her Israeli policy was already paved.  Clinton would have been simple continuance of long existing strategic leftist policy leading to the ultimate erosion of the nation state of Israel.

Clinton’s loss is what immediately threw the political Muslim Brotherhood supporters, the pro-Palestinian-State team, into action.

Accepting this backdrop becomes the truest domestic context to understand the severity of action taken by President Obama, Secretary John Kerry, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and Foreign Policy adviser Susan Rice.

power-rice-rodham-clinton-2Samantha Power - Valerie Jarrett - President Obama

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425 Responses to Understanding Obama/Kerry’s Recent Approach Toward Israel and the Palestinians…

  1. Watcher says:

    Historical Timeline: 1900-Present
    History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    A lot of effort, time, and lives for not.


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  2. fleporeblog says:

    This is amazing SD! How any Christian or Jew could vote for a Democrat is beyond belief.

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  3. The Demon Slick says:

    “I’ll have those Jews voting republican for a hundred years!”
    – Barack Obama

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  4. dustycowpoke says:

    This is a fools errand and I think it will draw sunshine on to the real truth….Thank you so much President Elect Donald J Trump.

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  5. Pingback: Trump Derailed the Left’s Plan To Allow Israel To Be Imperiled – IOTW Report

  6. woohoowee says:

    July 2, 2015


    Obama winks at BDS


    Aug 04, 2016


    (bold added)

    The wide-ranging new platform of a coalition growing out of the Black Lives Matter movement includes harsh criticism of Israel, which it describes as an “apartheid state” that, it claims, perpetrates “genocide” against the Palestinian people, endorsing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign.


    Unmasking BDS:
    Radical Roots, Extremist Ends


    However, a closer investigation of the BDS movement reveals a starkly different picture. BDS is more accurately described as a political-warfare campaign conducted by rejectionist Palestinian groups in cooperation with radical left-wing groups in the West. BDS leaders and organizations are also linked to the Palestinian Authority leadership, the radical Muslim Brotherhood, other radical groups, terror-supporting organizations, and in some cases even terror groups themselves such as Hamas.

    BDS boycott campaigns have effectively misled trade unions, academic institutions, and even leading international artists and cultural icons, with seemingly earnest calls for “justice” entailing the establishment of a Palestinian state living beside a Jewish state. These BDS supporters have been led to believe that the combined pressure of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions will force Israel to withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines, otherwise known as the 1967 Green Line, enabling a resolution of the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict.6 However, as some commentators – including the New York Times’ Roger Cohen and Professor Norman Finkelstein – have pointed out, the BDS movement seeks to eliminate Israel even before addressing the Palestinian issue.



  7. anarchist335 says:

    sundance, Susan Rice is the National Security Advisor. Every time I hear MSM importantly proclaim, “The President is conferring with his National Security team.”, I laugh out loud.


  8. UKExpat says:

    Born to a Muslim father and raised and schooled during his ‘Formative years’ as a DEVOUT mosque going Muslim all members of both his paternal families are Muslims and the “Church” he chose to attend has far closer ties to the anti whitey ‘Nation of Islam’ than it does to Christianity, So is OBOZO Muslim well do bears crap in the woods.

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  9. This is a rather easy issue to see for what it is for anyone with common sense. It’s Anti-Semitism for the new era. Among the things that were most perplexing in the wake of the “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown’s death was how one man named Bassem Masri became one of the most notable agitators at the time. He was the most aggressive of the new live streaming for pay era of “peaceful demonstrations”. He claims to be of Palestinian descent and was routinely sporting garb to make sure others knew it. This was also when the Palestine to Ferguson branch of BGI was started. Bassem lives in an Upper Middle Class suburb of St Louis roughly 20 miles from Ferguson. His particular oppression? 40 traffic citations, causing a 5 car pile up without insurance, refusing to pay restitution to owners of damaged vehicles to name a few. In 2007 he was declared ineligible by a judge to apply to get his license back until 2019. Err uh clearly because he’s Palestinian he’s being targeted I mean.

    The questions surrounding Bassem was why him? How did he know he would have protection at night during these demonstrations? Who got the message from the inner workings of the lunatic left to a guy like him?

    To answer that question is to answer why there will also be no smoking gun found in regard to anyone in the WH/DNC directly telling Gov Nixon to order the National Guard to stand down the night of the Grand Jury Announcement. Aka the night Ferguson burned to the ground. Nothing of nefarious intent is direct on the left. It’s done covertly and off record through people you’ve never heard of through the groups that they wage war and intimidation on the citizens.

    It’s already been well documented by Sundance, but one man was responsible for Ferguson. Anthony Shahid. He didn’t get his orders from anyone. He simply knew the core elements of how to get enough potential energy into an opportunity for the WH to indirectly intervene. He’s an infamous figure around STL. He actually has done some good things but he has hate in his heart and is a member of NBP as well as a three time felon. Shahid was actually hired in the 90’s by then Mayor of STL Freeman Bosley Jr to the Parks Dept. If I’m not mistaken he was the highest paid STL Parks Dept employee even to this day. His job was to intervene with gangs who had claimed City Parks as their territory. He knew how to approach young gang members in a non threatening manner and in some cases mentored them. In that capacity is where I say he did some good but how good is up for debate. Letting the police handle the issue would have been a better approach for the tax payers but that’s racist.

    In yet another strange twist of the Ferguson saga was the hijacking of a news conference by Shahid and NBP’s at the Ferguson Fire Station. Off script and out of bounds from the intended narrative, NBP’s condemned POTUS!!! The press conference was being held there because the new city hall/police station was still under construction. After condemning POTUS at the failed hijacking of the presser the Ferguson Fire Dept announced they were no longer making their facility available for future pressers. Key point to remember is Ferg Fire is Union. Ferg Police is NOT. Also notable is, as of the night of the Grand Jury Announcement the MO Highway Patrol had been in charge of curfew via Gov State of Emergency Order for the previous 14 months not the local Ferg Police.

    Fast forward to the night of the fires and…Ferguson Fire Dept whom put out ZERO of 14 structure fires and whom only made an attempt to put out one fire releases a statement the same night. Due to gunfire and because “Police” refuse to protect them, the Fire Chief has ordered his men to stand down. The National Guard had been called up. Were already at the makeshift Central Command a mile away and weren’t allowed to go in and intervene. And yet the Chief fires his arrow at the “police”. Not the Gov who ordered the stand down. To be clear I condemn the Announcement and the aim the Fire Chief took at politicizing the issue not the firefighters. For what it’s worth, that district’s firefighters make double what the local police make…and if you break it down another way Ferg Firefighters on avg make triple (nearly quadruple) the amount of the avg household income for the area.

    When you see all the details and step back you see DNC’s real method to get what they want to further the ideology. You see elements of CAIR/NBP/Occupy/NoI/Soros and even a branch of the AFLCIO. That’s why there’s no smoking gun. Oh and fun fact then Potential Candidate for Pres Secretary Clinton came and made friends with Michael Brown’s Mother during the height of the tense situation 2 years and some change before the election. Never let a tragedy go to waste.

    MO’s US Sen Claire McCaskill coined the term “militarization of police”. Clinton surrogate expected to be given cabinet position under Prez Killary.

    MO’s Gov Nixon also expected to be named to a Killary cabinet slot for all he did to give “space to demonstrate”.

    Sorry I got off topic.

    Shahid Press Cof Hijacking

    Masri Inerview

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  10. Lisa says:

    Anyone else think this (resolution and speech) is all good for the US & Israel? It’s showing the true colors and maybe waking up some of the UN friendly minds out there that thought things were going just peachy with that anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian bunch of (US funded) thugs sitting in their shiny tower.

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  11. Not really care too much about what Obama and Kerry think, nor do I care about what the devil thinks. More important is what GOD thinks!

    Understanding God’s Approach Toward Israel and the Palestinians…

    This circle around Jerusalem, the colors and the trumpets forming is undeniable. God still protecting Israel.

    “I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.”
    – Isaiah 62:6-7

    For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.
    – Isaiah 62:1


  12. Bubba says:

    SD did a great job connecting the dots on the democrats. However, since Bush 41, the uniparty aligned repubs have provided either tacit approval or clandestine help/cover to the dems on many of their policy agendas. Since Bush 41, there has been a lot of duplicity as both sides have worked together to get us to the point that we are today as a country. They figured out how to rig the system by eliminating any real opposition. They created/installed fake republicans (mccain, graham, flake, etc.) so they could get things done. The dems couldn’t get away with much of their b.s. if they had a real loyal opposition. Let’s not let the uniparty repubs off the hook on any of this crap.


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