Muslims Co-opting Ferguson Protests To Advance Goals of Islamists and Terror Groups….

We have outlined this connection before, including highlighting how the Anonymous OpFerguson group is actually a guy working from his computer in Pakistan.  It is a positive step to see MSM also recognize the connections.  Many of the #Ferguson protesting antagonists, in and around Saint Louis, are wannabe Jihadists.

SAINT LOUIS – Muslim groups have stepped up efforts to co-opt protests over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., with a drive to equate the teen’s death to the death of a radical Islamist shot during an FBI raid in 2009, a Washington-based security watchdog group is warning.

STL rally Hamas

Using social media, conference calling and traditional outreach methods, leaders of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are portraying Brown and Detroit mosque leader Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah as African-American victims of police targeting, according to the Washington-based Center for Security Policy (CSP).

In a conference call organized by CAIR-linked “Muslims for Ferguson, a CAIR official called Abdullah a “Shaheed,” or martyr, and said both he and Brown were victims of a national security apparatus that had “completely gone wild” and engaged in “demonizing and criminalizing Muslims.”

“The reality is that this country, in law enforcement, be it local, state or federal law enforcement, people with guns have always seen black men and black people as threats,” Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR’s Michigan Chapter, told the some 100 protest organizers on the call, made on the five-year anniversary of Abdullah’s death and which was monitored by CSP.

Walid claimed Brown was a Muslim, although when pressed, Walid denied he had made such a claim. Brown was buried in August after a memorial service at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis.

Linking Brown and Abdullah, who federal prosecutors say was a separatist intent on overthrowing the U.S. government, is part of a wider effort to co-opt minority group support for causes they promote, according to Kyle Shideler, director of CSP’s Threat Information Office. One such cause is to reduce police scrutiny of the American Muslim community in terror-related matters.

“They’re interested in building coalitions with other organizations in order to effect a legislative change to weaken anti-terrorism laws and weaken the ability of law enforcement to engage in counterterrorism,” said Shideler. “And they’re trying to bring other people into their efforts so it doesn’t look like it is just a Muslim effort.”

“By hosting the conference call,” Shideler wrote, the campaign is “fulfilling the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America to be positioned as the leadership of a broad coalition seeking to target law enforcement under the camouflage of civil rights.”  (read more)

umar 1Umar released

umar lee tweet 1

The grievances expressed by Ferguson agitators bear more than a cursory similarity to the Palestinian/Hamas Islamists and their grievances – they are of spawned from the same origin, the Mid East in general, and for Ferguson Missouri, specifically a guy in Pakistan .

HatTip Tempest: The Twitter Username (“Anonymous”) @OpFerguson is the originator of the website The website is attached to an email address That email is owned by a well groomed millennial in Pakistan named Arslan Khan.

arslan khan 3

Ergo: Arslan Khan is @OperationFerguson

arslan Khan 4

If you put a modern day Bill Ayers ideology together with the social media acumen of Mark Zuckerburg, and then mixed in some Mid-East Lil Wayne rap music you might end up with a kid in Pakistan, with a facebook page and access to the internet, able to convince young thugs in Ferguson Missouri to rise up in defense of Islam under the auspices of Justice for Mike Brown….

…..or something equally bizarre.

However, ridiculous this seems, it is indeed what’s taking place.

Meanwhile CNN waits desperately for the looting and riots to start again so they can find all their missing viewers.

arslan khan 2

Meet Arslan Khan (Facebook Page Here) who lives in Pakistan and operates the web page Anonymous Operation Ferguson.

arslan khanA dapper looking albeit metrosexual fella who -if you review his social media- appears to like motorcycles, video games of simulated warfare, and blonde sexy western women.

{{bow chicka wow wow}}

It must be difficult to live in Pakistan with internet access and see all of that, well, freedom stuff all over that you can’t participate in.

He would be a typical millennial kid if it were not for him choosing to engage in social media platforms to express his political beliefs and influence outcomes that are not available within his own home country. Perhaps his Mom and Dad don’t know what he’s doing in the basement.

Here’s one of those creepy and ever popular Anonymous video’s he’s hosting to show his grievance credibility:

If it were not for the consequences of this kid influencing a bunch of idiotic thugs in and around Saint Louis the entire situation would be laughable. Unfortunately, it’s not.

However, it does lend to a greater understanding of why the overall Muslim sensibilities seem to rise to the surface within most of the Ferguson issues.

Not enough problems in their own country to focus on apparently.


arslan Khan - anonymousSo, OpFerguson is Arslan Khan

OpFerguson is Muslim

OpFerguson is in Pakistan, and

OpFerguson is provoking Ferguson.

#OpFerguson is also planning to do a DDOS on all the St Louis law enforcement sites. They also monitor the st louis police members boards.

Go figure….

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45 Responses to Muslims Co-opting Ferguson Protests To Advance Goals of Islamists and Terror Groups….

  1. Josh says:

    I’m kind-of nervous that the MooSlums will use the Ferguson ruling as their “go” button.


    • striket says:

      I say do it! The sooner the better. Everything is eventually going to come to a head anyway. Might as well be this event.


    • TexasRanger says:

      How Islam is Taking Over The World: Islamization Explained…..

      Islam is already being taught in many public schools in America!


      • H3LL the Muslims have more rights for their religion in public schools than Christians to. Not only is Islam taught in many public schools, but Islamics are allowed to gather, pray and have special lunches in way too many public schools.


    • TexasRanger says:

      Here’s that Athar Khan Guy – the kid in Pakistan? – Watch This…..

      Michael Coren & Athar Khan – “ISIS is here in Ferguson”, Missouri

      ISIS Islam Islamic Muslims Ferguson Protesters Riots Justice For Mike Brown


  2. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    OK I just posted this on the other Ferguson site. When you add this up with Muslims, it really does not set too well. In fact it seems to go along with some of my theories that Obama and Holder had/have bigger plans to do with Ferguson. This makes it look like Obama’s connection are way deeper in this mess than some of us thought, along with his buddies(I don’t care what others say but I do believe that Obama is Muslim, not Christian.)Ferguson is just the fuse to an even bigger powder keg to screw up America.
    Looks like Obama played an even bigger role in Ferguson.(Just a Snippet from the article).
    Revealed: Obama Met Secretly With Ferguson Protesters And Told Them Something Unbelievable
    Now it’s been revealed that on November 5th — the day that Democrats fully realized the midterm elections were a blowout of their party — a number of the high-profile protesters met secretly with President Obama and MSNBC host Al Sharpton. From The Daily Mail:

    “It was a meeting the Gateway Pundit notes was not included on the president’s daily schedule.
    “Sharpton told the [New York] Times that Obama urged the group to ‘stay on course.'”

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    • sundance says:

      Thanks for posting those thoughts. It reminds me, and simultaneously provides me an opportunity to share something.

      That November 5th White House meeting was not a secret meeting with Ferguson folks. Initially we discussed it here:

      With a link to the the Hill Article

      Soon thereafter Loretta Lynch was announced as the AG nominee etc.

      My point is that while I’m sure Ferguson might have been on the agenda, it was not the only topic, and the leaders were not specifically from the various Saint Louis causes…. et al.

      In essence this angle is being hyped. I tried, and failed, to draw that attention to Jim Hoft in an effort to quell some of this over-the-top hyperbole this week.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        A secret meeting at the WH is one thing – what may be going on outside of official channels – a ‘black op’ if you will (Alla’s gonne get me for that) – that can have the Fabreze of plausible deniability hosed all over it is what really bothers me. The community organizer (PC term for thug in a waxed suit) would have the Ax Gang working in the background, most likely totally unaware of who the handlers are, being managed by the Ultra Bot at DoJ and ready to create unknowing and unwilling martyrs in the service of The Mo’ Betterer Good’. You can’t tell me that the long-term, hard corps protesters are either independently wealthy, have corporate sponsors or Amex ‘black cards’ they’re maxing out – their support has to come from somewhere. I believe the Speshuh Fowces are there an in place.

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    • TexasRanger says:

      Obama Admits He Is An Islamic Muslim…

      A Muslim In The White House – Proof Barack Hussein Obama Is A Secret Muslim….

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  4. ZurichMike says:

    Keep shining the disinfecting light of truth on these demonic cultists, and let them go scurrying like cockroaches back to the hell that awaits them.

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    • angie says:

      Kind of does explain Zero and Holdemup’s interest in Ferguson doesn’t it.

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    • Sharon says:

      Are they scurrying back anywhere?

      It seems to me that the increasing irrelevance of American sovereignty (as formerly recognized) and the Stockholm syndrome of Congress is granting passive permission to them on every side, encouraging them to do whatever they want to do.

      That’s the way it seems to me.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Yep, and that’s about all we can do – other than be personally prepared to react when/if the situation presents itself. The truth will be harder for the deniers to deny after it’s been in their faces for a while and reality finally invades their little hobbit-shires. And, while we’re stomping down the Islamo-weeds (a wee ‘w’ there), we can also enjoy telling them ‘we told you so’ just before the moderates make bookends out of their heads – which they clearly weren’t using anyway.

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  5. Shipwreck says:

    When I was in the Nav, we went to Dubai several times. The locals did not like blacks. The taxis refused to pick them up because they often stiffed the cabbie. They especially hated the ones that pretended to be Muslim and wore the skull caps whilst drunk. (this was early 90’s when the movie Malcom X came out)

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  6. barbi says:

    Let the nation see the progressive mess they’ve made.
    I’d like to throw McCaskill into that mix. I’ll bet she’d want to have Fegusons’ white cops around her then.


  7. Tkim says:

    Is Umar offering up himself to be martyred? I think that’s aces.


  8. Worc1 says:

    Along with Communists, Marxists, Progressives and the LSM. But I guess you could lump all of them into the same cesspool.

    GatewayPundit is reporting that a Ferguson protestor/looter/rioter had house broken into and another’s car was stolen. Too funny, LOL.

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      As they should be so designated by our own government. They masquerade as peaceful religious organizations, or supporters of religious tolerance (for Muslims) but secretly channel funds to violent terrorists who murder all who are not Muslim.

      CAIR needs to GO! As does the conglomeration of “Muslim Student” organizations that are infesting our universities.

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  9. Moishe Pipik says:

    Some more outrageous news:

    Outrageous because it could taint the jury that’s now in session. Juries are supposed to be fair. By appointing a commission to study “racism” when we don’t even know if there was any is making a statement.


  10. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The Islamic trouble makers and their insane ideas are every where it would seem, even in Ferguson!


  11. froggielegs says:

    Just going to throw this down here…

    “”I support Hamas 100%. I am with them just like I am against you””


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      I can assure you, it’s not pronounced “Ham-Ass”. (حماس) Arabs tend to pronounce the “a” a little longer than israelis, though.


  12. annieoakley says:

    Did anyone see the pictures of Federal Protective Services POLICE in an underground garage at the Drury Plaza Hotel out side of Ferguson? A young former sailor snapped some pics and was fired from his job there for posting the pics. I did not know the US has a standing police army all shiny new SUVS with the troops quartered in the hotel. DHS is under the troublesome Executive Branch and it would appear this police force answers to obola and valjarret.

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  13. annieoakley says:

    There is a video in the above post by Froggielegs that explains.


  14. mcfyre2012 says:

    Ahhh….There’s nothing like absurd protests over thug deaths being conducted by American-hating muslims and BGI spokesman/extortionist/tax scofflaw Al Sharpton.

    Looks like Sharp-tongue is not exactly a financial genius…

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  15. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    This is where political correctness gets you/us. Our nation must wake up to what Islam is doing…..Close the damn borders ….NOW!

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  16. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    #Muslims Co-opting #Ferguson Protests To Advance Goals of #Islamists and #Terror Groups….


  17. stellingsma2010 says:

    Reblogged this on hansstellingsma and commented:
    get armed people this shit is going to stink us the hell up !!!!


  18. andi lee says:

    Even more puzzling for me is SSG. Joe Biggs (Michael Hastings, R.I.P.) in Ferguson, hanging with Bassem and Mustafa!


  19. jmsabbagh says:

    The massacre in Israel today by Islamist terrorists speaks louder than ..A religion of peace a myth.


  20. Murse says:

    Great submission by a reader at “The Thinking Housewife” regarding Ferguson:

    “A River of Agit-Prop Flows through St. Louis”


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  22. yakmaster2 says:

    Blacks hooking up with activist Muslims and believing their sht? Hooking up with communists and falling for their sht too?They’re actually thinking that either of those two groups is really interested in Black people’s CIVIL RIGHTS?
    Yo, haters of all po po, GET A CLUE: Sharia Law would put an end to your lifestyle big time. And communists don’t grant citizens civil rights, let alone putting up with your ‘protests’ if they ran this country.
    So, back away from the dogs you’re running with ’cause they will eat you all for dinner.

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    • Moishe Pipik says:

      That’s what’s darkly funny about this. I can assure you, the “Palestinians” don’t give a crap about African Americans. The Islamic Arabs of Africa made a living for years selling and enslaving darker-skinned Africans.

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