Obama Exit Interview – I Coulda Been a Contender…

There is a widely discussed interview between President Obama and David Axelrod being discussed today where Obama claims his legacy would have reelected him, if only… etc.

However, the single least discussed aspect to the interview content itself is the reemergence of a truism no-one ever pays attention to.  Just like the Clinton Clan before them, the Obama Clan have no actual home.


President Reagan had his ranch in California; President George HW Bush had his home in Kennebunkport; President ‘Dubya’ Bush had Crawford, Texas; but just like President Clinton, President Obama has no central base; travelers never do.

Specifically because of a life determined by self-interest ideology, when the time comes to dismount the high horse there’s a common inability of Clinton and Obama to do so.  There is a very specific dynamic, a symptomatic common connection.

This commonality represents the one litmus test which should apply to anyone seeking higher political office: If your home is contingent upon “the office“, the alarm bells which identify self-serving shallowness should sound loudly.

This reality also provides inherently predictable evidence of what will follow Obama’s time in office: his inability to go quietly into a post-presidency.  Unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama will be a loud, visible and blame-casting antagonist toward President Donald Trump.

Literally everything President Obama advanced while in office can be wiped out within weeks of a Trump presidency beginning.  The divisive and partisan legacy of Obamacare may take a little longer, but everything else can be dispatched to the dust covered archives of irrelevant history.  Stunning irony.

Within the Axelrod interview –audio here– you can hear the inability of Obama to accept that it was his entrenched short-sighted ideology that ultimately ensured a legacy of failure.  It was his rabid ideological disconnect, showcased at 1:38am on December 23rd 2009, to create Obamacare (against 70% of the total electorate) that cemented the shallow pen and phone construct of all efforts in all subsequent years.  Now, upon exit, he will accept no responsibility.

Ted Kennedy did not create Senator Scott Brown, Obama-Reid-Pelosi did.

The Blue Dogs did not lose the House of Representatives, Obama-Reid-Pelosi did.

Mitch McConnell did not win the Senate, Obama-Reid-Pelosi lost it.

Chasing this failing legacy for President Obama, Democrats lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 Governors, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats:


As Deroy Murdoch writes in a New York Post article:

[…]  All told, 1,043 federal and state-level Democrats lost or were denied power under Obama, largely because Americans grew disgusted by such outrages as a non-stimulating $831 billion “stimulus,” eight consecutive years of economic growth below 3 percent, an 88 percent increase in the national debt, the revocation of America’s triple-A bond rating and ObamaCare’s epic flop ($2.3 trillion to finance widespread insurance policy cancellations, 20 bankruptcies among 24 state co-ops, early retirements for experienced but exasperated doctors and more). Also nauseating: federal nano-management of everything from dishwashers to third-grade lunches to national school shower policy.

Abroad, Obamaism spawned the rise of ISIS, the fall of US personnel in Benghazi, and Iran’s relentless humiliation — before, during and after Obama’s delivery of some $100 billion in unfrozen assets, including at least $1.7 billion in laundered cash, literally flown in on private jets.

“My legacy’s on the ballot,” Obama said last September, just as he had said before the 2014 midterms. (more)

Obama_sealA Legacy of Failure





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413 Responses to Obama Exit Interview – I Coulda Been a Contender…

  1. rsanchez1990 says:

    Obama is just lucky Trump didn’t run in 2012.

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    • obama was dirt stupid to release that fraudulent birth certificate at trump’s prodding. that gave the don all he needs. citizen obama will have a hard time defending himself against the felony charge of producing and releasing a falsified official document.
      who knows what other shady behavior will show up in the investigation of citizen obama? it will be so nice to have barry back as just one of the “folks”…. gotta wonder if soros will spring for soetoro’s legal bills?

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      • PatriotGalNC says:

        We all have heard that Barry and family bought a home in D.C., “so his kids could finish their schooling…” This is B.S. of course. Bat-face Jarrett is said to be moving in too. If they value their freedom, then they best be re-thinking living anywhere in the U.S. We The People will be pursuing JUSTICE for all the wrongs this pathetic man has unleashed on the American people. I don’ t want him or his parasitic family to have one moment of rest!


        • HarryO says:

          It has already been announced that he and Val will be keeping an eye on President Trump. Trump should have the entire White House swept for every type of listening device known and have the power to Barry’s new shack turned off every once in a while.


  2. georgiafl says:

    Heh – Gitmo or Leavenworth will make a nice home base for O.

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    • TRiUMPh says:

      Put him in G-mo and then fill the rest of it with Swamp Drainage

      Part II:

      We’re traveling and getting in here a little late, but please permit the following:


      Always right there with you, well at least 99.9% of the time, but when you say:
      “…his inability to go quietly into a post-presidency. Unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama will be a loud, visible and blame-casting antagonist toward President Donald Trump.

      Please allow a little room for the the author of ‘The Art of the Deal’ to do just that, in a 45 second listen-only meeting with obama suggesting that he either go far, far away and write a book, OR we start with the illegally-proven LFBC in which you posted, or had posted for you, on an official government website

      Whatcha’ think, barry?


  3. Emily Summer says:

    What a pathetic, low class scum this man is. Like a little toddler stomping his feet and whining and crying. What he needs is the back of the hand and a swift kick. I have had it with this sniveling swamp thing. Drain the swamp.

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  4. Obama golfs…
    Trump owns/builds golf courses…
    Nope, ur not a contender O’showboat, your just a waste of time and space

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  5. Farmon says:

    I can’t wait until this mouthpiece is wondering where his next paycheck will come from. He deserves to be in Gitmo for his lying, take no responsibility for his actions, unaccountable divisiveness and schism laden imperialist attitude. WTF horse did he ride in on anyway? Oh, yes. Wasn’t it the community organizer “doin it for the people” I’ve got your back Hope and Change bs? Not meaning to offend but when history is written (by honest historians) his legacy will look like a sack full of smashed @$$holes. Did I just say that?

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  6. Lisa Reynolds says:

    Regardless of the drivel Obama spewed during this interview (and I’m sure he did–he’s batting 100% in that arena, but I refuse to listen), it sure is nice to see “Obama” and “Exit” in the same headline!

    THAT makes me smile!

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  7. Watcher says:

    People can endure and they don’t forget.

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  8. justfactsplz says:

    Obama’s leaving office will be the best celebrated exit since Brexit. There will be shouts of cheers and dancing in the streets all across America. If he thinks by staying in DC he can hog tie President Elect Trump he has another thing coming.

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  9. NannyG says:

    “This commonality represents the one litmus test which should apply to anyone seeking higher political office: If your home is contingent upon “the office“, the alarm bells which identify self-serving shallowness should sound loudly.”

    That’s a very important point.

    I remember when I 1st listened to Rick Santorum I was so impressed.
    He seemed to be saying just what I wanted to hear.
    But then it dawned on me: where does he hang his hat if he doesn’t win?
    Rick sounded more and more desperate as time went on.
    Trump met with him earlier this month, but nothing seemed to come of it.

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    • Benson II says:

      Nothing came of it and for that I’m grateful. Santorum was one of the worst foot in mouth candidates ever and except for his defense of religion he never saw a big government solution he didn’t love. If ever there was a candidate with illusions of grandeur it was Santorum. One of his final statements after losing to Romney was the most telling. At a picnic he was interviewed and said about losing that even Reagan lost his first presidential bid. He really thought that his support while running against Romney were because of him when he simply was the only choice people had left if they didn’t want Romney. So pathetic.


  10. Deplorable Jeff says:

    A tweet is all it will take for perceived power to begin . Same as with Boeing and Lockheed . The inducement to get out AHEAD of a coming ACTION .

    FELLOW TRAVELERS count on pushing people in front of them . Their hubris and arrogance is predicated on layer upon layer of bureaucracy and media protection .

    ” On July 4th 2017 the public hangings for TREASON and SEDITION will commence ”

    On January 21st the construction of the gallows begins .

    Like any RICCO investigation of organized crime the case is built from the bottom up . Each one put to the investigator tells on the next one up the MAFIA GOVERNMENT food chain .

    The congressional and bureaucratic retirements will be epic in 2017 .

    Each time Obama throws rocks at Trump from MSNBC the emerging media will deliver the next step in the Obama/ Clinton RICCO prosecution . Imagine the MSM faces as all the ” FELLOW TRAVELERS ” are impelled to be ” MOVING FORWARD ” to rat out the next one up the chain .

    the UNI-PARTY stooges and Obama will all play BAGHDAD BOB telling America they have TRUMP on the run . While their GLOBALIST masters have time to cut an run !!

    DRIP DRIP DRIP …reverse osmosis pushing back the DIRTY SWAMP WATERS !!!!!! that flowed in to DC , the Chamber of Commerce , the ENEMEDIA , and Academia .

    ” NYPD and FBI White Hats release preliminary evidence obtained from the home of Anthony Wiener and Huma Abiden ….etc ” #pizzagate global pedophile ring ……infecting the entire scope of institutions run by mafia government . the media , Hollywood , and academia !

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  11. freddiemacblog says:

    Chasing this failing legacy for President Obama, Democrats lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 Governors, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats

    And what does Barry want to do as his post-presidential career? Why, build up the party, of course 😁


  12. Okeydoker says:

    The narcissistic ego maniacal delusional obama once again fantisizing his role in America.


  13. “Literally everything President Obama advanced while in office can be wiped out within weeks of a Trump presidency beginning.”

    Weeks??!! You mean we have to wait that long??!!

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  14. Rob says:

    Into the dustbin he goes


  15. MC227 says:

    Odumbo just can’t ever take reaponsibility for anything. He always has someone or something to blame. Mr Incompetent has failed at everything. No surprise he never accomplished anything before becoming president so I don’t know how anyone thought he would while being president.


  16. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    The Obamas will be renting a modest home in the Kalorama Heights neighborhood located at 2446 Belmont Road NW, Washington DC 20008.




  17. UKExpat says:

    Time after time OBOZO expresses his CONTEMPT for America and her people yet there were still enough LEFTARD CRETINS and RACIST BLACKS to vote for him not once but TWICE and over 50% of Americans are still MORONIC enough to approve of his disastrous Presidency and that is America’s REAL problem


  18. Island Girl says:

    Horrible miserable failure of not only a President but a person, so very sad. Ok GO AWAY BARRY


  19. Benson II says:

    Barry will have the same job as ex-president he had while being president. Community organizer. This is all he’s ever been. Agitator, speech liar, divider and social justice manipulator. All the work and Marxist policies implemented were done by Czars, presidential cabinet, staff and bureaucratic departments. Barry’s job was to go out and make speeches full of lies, party with celebrities, vacation, travel and give speeches abroad apologizing for America and play golf. I have no doubt Soros will pay him well to do the same when out of office, minus the presidential phone, pen and governmental departments of course.


  20. Traveler says:

    Nothing more than a self deluded, two-bit con artist and US Treasury grifter, (1.7 billion cash shipped to Iran, with Obama making arrangements for himself, under cover of avoiding US and international sanctions) who in the end will simply have a lasting legacy as the “fake president”, with fake documents, all supported by fake news and media.


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