Fights, Shooting and Mayhem Break Out At Malls Across The U.S….

There were numerous incidents throughout the U.S. today as police responded to fights, shooting, looting, bloodshed and general mayhem in multiple States.


The mall issues and/or violence was reported in: Manchester Connecticut, Beachwood Ohio, Monroeville Pennsylvania, Aurora Colorado, Fayetteville North Carolina, Elizabeth New Jersey and Aurora Illinois…

Various terms like “youth“, “kids“, “teens” and/or “students” appear amid the general media reports which accompany each story.  However, beyond the words there appears to be something the PC media are trying to avoid.  Something transparently obvious to those who are looking at each story.

Something’s missing.  Perhaps they all have something in common.

Let’s see:



BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) – A sizable group of juveniles caused a large-scale disturbance at Beachwood Place mall on Monday, police said. They added it appeared to have been loosely organized on social media. (link)



MANCHESTER, CT (WFSB)The Shoppes at Buckland Hills mall closed early Monday night after several fights broke out.

A disturbance involving between eight and 10 teenagers broke out inside the mall around 5:30 p.m., police said, which then led to several other fights.  (link)

North Carolina

FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina (WTVD) — Police responded to report of shots fired at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville on Monday afternoon, but told ABC11 no evidence of shots fired was found.

Police confirmed they responded to a 911 call at 4:43 that there was a “large disturbance” in the mall’s food court. It was started by teenagers and the brawl quickly grew in size. (link)


AURORA, Colo. — Aurora Police said officers evacuated, then closed the Town Center Aurora Monday evening because of multiple skirmishes and a large disturbance inside the mall.

Aurora Police said a post on social media told people there was going to be a fight at the Aurora mall. Police said a fight started in the food court and soon there were 500 people involved.  When people surrounded an Aurora officer, police decided to evacuate and close the mall.  Five juveniles were arrested, police said.  (read more)


NBC – Fox Valley Mall in suburban Aurora was shut down temporarily due to a large fight Monday night, a security official told NBC 5.

Videos surfacing on social media appeared to show a large crowd and police responding en masse to the suburban shopping center. (read more)


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473 Responses to Fights, Shooting and Mayhem Break Out At Malls Across The U.S….

  1. SMP Belltown says:

    Does anyone know how the losses in these destructive mob events compare with damage and injuries that happen during mall-promoted “Black Friday” sale events? It seems to me that the expense of Christmas rush injury lawsuits could cost the stores more than the sort of shoplifting that goes on in these social media riots. Also, were any mall banks or jewelry stores hit this year?

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    • xyzlatin says:

      What is your purpose in conflating two separate issues, one of which has not been discussed here or anywhere else? People having accidents in malls, versus black rioters deliberately damaging property, stealing, and endangering life? Then bringing in a third issue, also not referred to, supposed robberies of banks and jewelry stores?

      Seems to me a few red herrings being thrown around to distract people from discussing the main issue, which is black (possibly muslim) gangs being organised country wide to terrorise businesses and shoppers over the Christian festive season of Christmas.


  2. jengancworld says:

    The Natives are getting Restless!!


  3. Lee Snyder says:

    This behavior will continue as long as there is no penalty. No fear of public reaction as punishment, this will continue to expand until mass destruction of person and property is apply punished. PC in these situations must end. One great day, radical liberals will have reached a boiling over point. Then this will end. It will continue to expand radically. I expect mass rioting to begin. Not for rights but to steal, hate and destroy.

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  4. jengancworld says:

    i posted this earlier on another site.We have BLACK FRIDAY the day after Thanksgiving! Why not BLACKS FIGHT DAY the day after Christmas?

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  5. oldanddecrepit says:

    Our forefathers were smarter than we give them credit for….

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  6. Bob says:

    I’ve never liked PC culture or been PC. These were nihgers plan and simple. You can’t fix a problem until you name it. Quit being PC and call the problem out. Take the nihgers out of the US and you have the safest, healthiest, hardest working, smartest society in the world.

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    • Just like the majority of whites aren’t KKK members, or cops out to kill minorities, all black Americans aren’t lawless jackasses. Plenty of decent black people, including in my family. My grandkids are homeschooled by Nana, and they will make great adult American citizens one day. Decent black folks will see people like you spewing and turn away from the conservative side just as we have a chance to win them over and END the welfare state. You are just as much a liability to this country as the rioters, two sides to the same poisonous coin.


      • daddio says:

        totally agree g2. Don’t focus on the 2% of miscreants. They will always be that way. Focus on the 98% that dont’ act this way. Plenty of good folks to go around.


        • nimrodman says:

          Well, it’s all well and good to be reminded that it’s only 2% causing problems.
          Can we then politely request that the other 98% kick their a$$es?

          At what point do order and accountability get imposed or restored?

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      • G-d&Country says:

        I agree with g2-82. Lumping an entire group of people together and attacking them is counterproductive, adds nothing productive to the comments section, and reflects poorly on your post.


    • Concerned says:

      There are plenty of white troublemakers as well. Here in Illinois there are so many who are manufacturing meth and other drugs. And in Chicago specifically there are several white gangs engaging in the same drug trade, robberies, burglaries, and other crime as black and hispanic gangs.


      • barnyardboss says:

        How does this change the facts that blacks are committing far more crimes percentage wise than any other race? FACT: They are far more prone to crime and violence than whites. The TRUTH is that 50 years of affirmative action, billions of dollars wasted on trying to educate sub-IQ ferals have only made them feel MORE entitled, and hateful for those who were generous to them. Separation and segregation is the only answer.

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  7. SteveInCO says:

    What do these have in common?

    Uh… (scratches head theatrically) I noticed two of the cities are named Aurora!

    Beats me how they have anything in common with the other places.



  8. KitKat says:

    Until America gets back to loving, respecting and valuing her moral foundations, in the form of education, this trend will only grow worse.

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    • Dixie says:

      I’ll be dead before education catching up with the problem, IF it ever does.

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    • dervish114 says:

      The animals that perpetrated these riots have never loved or respected America or its foundations. These are the people that would discredit Washington, Jefferson, and the Constitution because of slavery, yet glorify Nat Turner. The trend will continue to get worse until we move to stop it.


    • Concerned says:

      The feral parents of the feral kids have to value education. Not sure how to make that happen other than to cut off their welfare and tell them “better education usually leads to better jobs”.


  9. Stephen says:

    It looks as if it’s time once again to say that Herman Cain and Ben Carson are wonderful. Oh, and isn’t Thomas Sowell wonderful? And Ray Charles! Wasn’t he wonderful?

    Aren’t wonderful people just … wonderful!?

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    • dervish114 says:

      The problem isn’t AAs or race per se, the majority of blacks don’t engage in this behavior. The problem is a black underclass that has persisted over generations, and is chronically unemployed, on the dole, in jail, on drugs, pregnant as teens, etc etc. This one segment of the black population is responsible for the lion’s share of the crime and social problems in our country. Until we admit that fact, and do something about it, the problems will persist.

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      • maga2016 says:

        they were bred by the demonrats as pressure group against anyone who disagrees with them

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      • Stephen says:

        No, the problem is blacks coupled with the unwillingness of white people to acknowledge and act on that obvious truth.

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      • barnyardboss says:

        The problem IS RACE, you fools. THEY ARE NOT US. They will never be us. Racial differences are REAL. Your virtue signaling is KILLING PEOPLE. Diversity and Proximity mean WAR; It always has. Race Realism is called “racism” as a blunt instrument of political control. These problems DID NOT EXIST until the so-called civil rights act of 1965. To pretend these people will ever be us is a LIE.

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    • Diogenes says:

      Sadly Stephen Thomas Sowell has announced today that he was retiring from his Worldnet Daily column ( at the age of 86. That is a shame, because I usually found him an insightful thinker and a strong counterexample to the BLM/”dindu nuffin” black criminal scum. Let us wish Dr. Sowell a quiet retirement and a thank you for all the years of articles, books, lectures, et al. Even when we don’t agree with him, they are always interesting reads.

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      • henry'sgrandma says:

        Dr Sowell is my guru. I was turning from liberal to conservative just from life experience 25 years ago, and then I started reading his books. He turned the lights on for me. Amazing thinker.

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  10. dodo says:

    Why never ever to vote democrat

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  11. Dommy says:

    Arranged online on social media.
    Why did we wire up their neighborhoods again?

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  12. kathyca says:

    Not sure Arizona is on the list yet, but I heard on the radio this a.m. that there was a “fight” at Arizona Mills. An outlet mall on the South side of Phoenix. It started as a report of “shots fired,” but the news is saying it turned out to be “just a fight.”


  13. Thank G-d these reports did not mention the race of the perpetrators. That would be racist, and we all know that racism is the most horrible thing that has ever existed in the universe, far worse than having fights/riots/disturbances in America’s malls.

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  14. not2worryluv says:

    It’s the Russians organizing this chaos!

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  15. Michael Duff says:

    Youths … as if we don’t know what that means by now ..


  16. Eskyman says:

    Obama’s legacy.

    It’s not the only putrid, stinking, malevolent legacy he’s left us, but one which will linger on for a long, long time. Obama’s left his mark on us, yes he has.

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  17. NJ transplant says:

    This is exactly one of the reasons we moved from NJ to Maine for retirement. I was scared to be an old person in NJ.

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  18. smokythecat says:

    I think over-population & congested areas has more to do with this than
    race. I loved life in medium size towns no where close to a metro area.
    The culture was different, the attitude of the population was different.
    There was far less stress, wait for everything, and less crowd control
    issues. If there was only one thing I advocate to everyone it is to try &
    find a less stressful region of the country to raise your family in or live
    your life in instead of fighting city hall. Fighting the tide doesn’t pay very well.

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    • JunieG says:

      I respectfully disagree. While the problem is worse in larger cities, “thug culture” is widely disseminated.

      Obama has been deliberately working to diversify America. You can’t escape to a peaceful enclave anymore. Chapter 8 is on the march.

      Little towns around here that used to be quiet are making headlines with murders. Because people with a culture of violence and drugs have moved in. Because the houses are vacant because the jobs are gone, and Chapter 8 opened up housing opportunities for people from other areas. If people won’t take a stand against this, it is wise to move away, or risk losing one’s life, as elderly with no place to go are easy targets for the diverse people who move in.

      There aren’t many gang rapes of young girls in Idaho, but since Chobani Yogurt brought in workers from the middle east, terrible things are happening there, that never happened before.

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    • oldanddecrepit says:

      Really? When was the last time you heard of the citizens of Tokyo carrying on like this?
      You have a subset of the populace which has been conditioned to believe that everything in the way of opportunity has been denied them, that their birthright was stolen from their ancestors, and that the entire society is set foursquare against their success. Having been taught that for generations, why would anyone expect them to show allegiance to or respect for such a society or its members?

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  19. Ip Siscr says:

    This seems ideologically based, and coordinated in some way, perhaps by just getting people to think along the same lines.

    We were middle class kids and our father told us when we got to be teenagers and a bit full of ourselves that if we got arrested or wounded participating in a riot that we would get absolutely no sympathy from him. Kept us all out of trouble and instilled respect for society and law.

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  20. JunieG says:

    For the first time in my life, I worked as Holiday Help in an upscale store in a fairly upscale mall. Black Friday was insane, but 12/26 dwarfed it by far. 12/26 seemed more like recreational mayhem rather than focused frenzied shopping for bargains. I usually stay in my store, but walked out to get coffee for the crew, and, while there were not riots at this mall (there were in others in my city), every where I would turn, there was some kind of violent altercation among “teens.” Mind you, I live a quiet life, but I was shocked at how people were behaving. I did not see adults among the teens. Some of the adult shoppers who moved in groups stunk of marijuana very bad, and were shouting obscenities like it was nothing. We usually deal with troublesome people by playing classical music loudly in our store – drives most of them away. Yesterday, I was ready to play The Red Army Chorus performing WWII marching songs to drive them away.

    The ambient noise level in the mall was like a train or industrial equipment. People were literally yelling at each other to be heard above the ambient noise.

    Weeks of this noise has done damage to my hearing. I have tinnitis very bad. Ringing in my ears is blocking out actual sounds. My ears literally hurt. I called in sick today, because I couldn’t take it another day. I feel terrible to have done so, but I could not have functioned today, and I fear further hearing damage.

    I hate what Christmas has become.

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  21. Hillbilly4 says:

    The terrible effect this has on merchants is largely ignored. We saw this happen to a great mall in Austin, Texas. Nearly identical circumstances. What happened? What change took place to make a modern, thriving Mall die off? A City Bus cross-town hub was added within a very short distance of the Mall. Viola! Gangs of roving, unattended teens/pre-teens took over.

    Take a look at all of the recent incidents and tell me WHICH malls/centers have a City Bus service within walking distance. I think you will find a common thread.

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    • JunieG says:

      Violence at Monroeville Mall had gotten so bad that two years ago the community was considering taking it off the bus line. Would have solved the problem!

      But they’d rather kill off the Mall than be “unfair.”

      Years ago, an African American opinion writer at the Post Gazette wrote a piece about the mayhem at an athletic shoe store when a new hot shoe was released. He was JUMPED by social justice warriors, who were furious at his criticism of the people who hang out for hours and fight like tigers or riot for a pair of shoes. People said he was oversimplifying the situation, that he must not assume that everyone who was in line was a thug, but that there were probably doctors and other professionals in line as well.

      I bet the farm there were no doctors in line for the new Jordans…. Denial denial denial.

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    • henry'sgrandma says:

      Absolutely true about the buses. I saw that happen literally overnight to a mall close to my neighborhood when a bus hub was started outside the mall. The mall died a slow death over the next 25 years and the surrounding neighborhood went to hell much sooner.

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  22. Boots says:

    Savage black animals from the jungle. Sick and tired of what they’ve turned my country into. Shoot ’em all down like rabid racoons.

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  23. angryduc says:

    Looks very ERIC HOLDER-ish. Clearly planned across multiple states. It isn’t a dindu problem it is the ideologues who have aligned with the MB. Looks very much like a test run.

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  24. This is simply Obama moving his riots from the streets of Baltimore, Ferguson, Portland, etc, into indoor venues so as to have year-round, all-weather civil unrest.


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  25. I didn’t have to read the article to know the demographic involved. I am not a racist, but a realist.

    How many of you didn’t think it was gangs of hood rats? Be honest.

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  26. MC227 says:

    No way they are all black it couldn’t be. The media tells us they are angels and whites are devils. I’m shocked.

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  27. Summer says:

    I have a feeling that Obama and his minions will be organizing their “community” in order to create chaos for years to come, funded by Soros. There is nothing spontaneous about the riots, looting and “mass protests.”

    They are mobilizing anarchists as we speak. Any law enforcement action will be labeled oppression and condemned as tyranny of the Trump’s “fascist government” by the leftist media, the Democrats and their RINO collaborators.

    Obama wants Trump to have a civil war on his hands. Any positive economic changes in the inner cities and across the country mean death and decline to his vile party, and therefore must be prevented at all cost. That’s why they will fight tooth and nail to preserve sanctuary cities and prop BLM.

    The cleansing process will be painful but it must be done. I want to see some good old fashioned justice.

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  28. RedBallExpress says:

    This is a prelude to inauguration day.


  29. The MSM actually framed the story as youths, teens, and students fighting over bargain prices. Bwahahahahah…

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  30. keeler says:

    Express a conservative opinion on social media: be silenced and/or banned for promoting violence.

    Coordinate an assault and battery and/or grand larceny on social media: the platform does nothing to you personally, but instead calls the incident an example of why it needs a further crack down on “hate” speech.

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  31. seveavison says:

    Well, best wishes to those of you who chose not to acknowledge the unpleasant reality of pervasive black pathologies. I hope it never costs you or a loved one a fractured skull or being raped.

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  32. potid says:

    This happened in many more than 14 malls. Mine didn’t make the list, yes closed, yes black teenagers.BLM!!!

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  33. Alleycats says:

    1) End the Obama phone program. The origin of this program was never meant to be free phones for thugs. Good luck organizing your thug activities without your damn smartphone.

    2) Drug test welfare recipients, verify household information. And for God’s sake, stop giving free benefits to able bodied men. A man who doesn’t work shouldn’t eat. The origin of this program was never meant to be endless easy money stream for deadbeats and addicts.

    3) Round up the illegals, get them the f**k out of here. The origin of immigration programs was never meant to be come one come all, we’ll stand here and write checks while you tear up our homeland and tell us how much we suck.

    4) Arrest Soros for one of the any number of crimes he has committed, ship his fat ass to Russia on the outstanding warrant they hold for him. Dismantle his fake-charity organizations through the use of RICO statutes. No more money stream for the planned destruction of America.

    I’ve had a snoot-ful of this crap and I’m damn well ready for it to end.

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  34. Setting aside the lost exceptions, inner city, Ghetto, welfare plantation, whatever you label the environment and cause, these people are savages. They do not deserve to live in civilization.
    They are a cancer. We need to cut them out. You disagree? You want to pull the Godwins Law card? You really think the people in these videos are an apt comparison to the Jews in pre-WW2 Germany? What did the Jews do? Live their lives productively. What do these people do? Watch the video again if you’re confused.

    For some savages, jail is their only contact with true civilization. When they’re sick of the streets and need a break, some will break a business window and wait around for 5-0 to show up to take them back to jail. Finding a Job and Home is as likely as winning the lottery in their eyes. Even then they don’t have the skills to maintain stability. And that is tragic.

    Others are anarchists / never-do-wells doing Life sentences “on the installment plan” as cops term it. There are filled with hate for everything and everyone, including their own kids. Recall the video of the mother who kicked her young son out crying, for “voting” Donald Trump at school. This is a glimpse into the savagery of these destroyed minds; don’t dismiss it. It is a CULTURE.

    IMHO we need Labor Prison Camps that the lost hopefuls, IF they are lucky enough to be found eligible – i.e. no convictions for violent criminal offenses. The next requirement is signing arbitration agreements yielding their rights to appeals, complaints, and lawsuits.

    Otherwise they join all the rest at the other new facilities – Prison Islands. Yep, I’m thinking “Escape from New York” walled regions into which these animals are sent for life (as long as that might be). Set up logistics for feeding, and provide the tools for self sustainability as a goal perhaps. But leave them to their own society completely removed from ours.

    You can’t save incorrigibles. That’s what the word means. But new generations can be raised differently. By setting an example of how their “forefathers” screwed themselves real bad; “we doan wanna go there!”

    Oh and Merry Christmas to good folk from all walks of life.

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  35. Dickie Simpkiss says:

    These are feral gangs of black thugs, savages and criminals. We have seen this behavior in Chicago for years. The mind set is always there to run wild, loot, steal, attack white people, disrupt and yell through bull horns.

    The end result is always the same, innocent bystanders are hurt, businesses lose money, traffic comes to a standstill. These “so called” youth are uncivilized having learned their bad behavior at home.

    These criminals should be jailed for years. We taxpayers are already supporting the animals with welfare, food stamps and other entitlement programs.

    Most states now have concealed carry permits. I suggest all citizens protect themselves and their rights as Americans. These animals only understand brute force. I suggest we use it when necessary.

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  36. Rudy Bowen says:

    Judge Dredd. I’m not kidding.
    In the old West there were gangs roaming everywhere and hanging judges were the answer see Judge Roy Bean and Hang ’em High…after a while the majority of the really bad cases were gone.
    And strikes on some individuals with extreme prejudice…like Soros.
    This will come. How much violence is involved depends on when it actually gets done, but it would be better sooner than later. We really don’t have any other option.

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  37. nimrodman says:

    But I don’t understand. When I watch “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” on cable, the opening sequences are filmed in a mall and there are lots of smiling faces and pleasant teen behavior.

    What gives?


    • nimrodman says:

      … oh, and in another charming anachronism of Civilization Lost (TM), many of those smiling and pleasant teens were working after-school and weekend part-time jobs in the mall stores, serving pizza, flipping burgers, scooping ice cream – that sorta thing.

      Earning their own money for clothes, a used car. Learning the meaning of money and hard work.

      Today, many of those jobs are occupied by adults, some of them illegal immigrants, whining that the job doesn’t pay a “living wage”. Well, those jobs weren’t meant to pay adults a living wage, they were meant to be filled from the teenage labor pool.

      Teens working as productive citizens instead of laying about and rioting and conspiring on taxpayer-funded smart phones?

      What a concept.

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  38. Howie says:

    When I used to live in the city we never had to worry about mobs of them running amok.


  39. Bruce says:

    Hunger is a good motivator. Anyone who is arrested during these senseless displays of mob rule should be forced to work. No work=no food. Plus no more welfare.

    History proves this works.

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  40. Zeek says:

    This is why they handed out obamaphones. Thug notification network.


  41. Sandpiper says:

    In earlier times when justice was fulfilled by use stocks and whipping post offenders were seldom repeat offenders. We could, however , implement the justice system of “hanging Judge” Roy Bean. or Isaac Parker Their system was bring in the guilty S. O. B. so I can tell he will be taken out and hung!
    Extreme maybe but effective.

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  42. StupidBP says:

    Let’s all stop all the political correctness and call this what it really is; these animals think they are entitled to anything and everything because they have POS Obama telling such crap, as well as BLM spewing their hateful rhetoric against the white man and how WE owe them. BS!!!
    I can only hope these damn kids have some parents who’ll give them an old fashioned ass whooping like I used to get if I got out of line, but let’s face it, nothing is going to happen to them other than a slap on the wrist!
    When I first heard about this story, I already knew the culture of the people, and why is that? Because these fricken losers are products of their own environment! Born to teenage mother’s and father’s, welfare, single parent household with 10 other kids by 10 other father’s, subsidized housing, free insurance, free everything….but that’s still not good enough!!
    I am sick and tired of my hard earned tax dollars being spent on these f______ who continuously put their hands out for free everything because the welfare system shows you don’t have to do ANYTHING and can still earn money from all of us hard working American’s!
    People wonder why there is still racism?! Gee, reading articles like this and watching these young “scholars” running out of stores with stolen merchandise WE have to pay for!!
    I’m tired of all this black bullshit! You people need to wake up, control your kids, and stop procreating! Us White’s are f—— tired of paying for your sh– and you living high off the hog while my husband and I work our asses off to provide for our children, pay our mortgage, and pay the rest of our bills.
    I hope Trump developes a wall for ******* who’ve been on welfare for years and puts your asses behind it so you can’t live in America any longer and actually have to work your way back into this country!!

    Comment edited by Admin…

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    • nimrodman says:

      Admin, kudos to you for cleaning up that comment yet letting it stand rather than being deleted entirely.

      Those are valid concerns and views expressed, shared by many reasonable people. Thanks for letting them through, albeit with a bit of sanitizing.

      Saluting your judgement,

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  43. That’s the first thing I noticed: they were all teenagers (tongue in cheek).


  44. UKExpat says:

    Your own fault America you made one of ‘them’ President so now they all think they are ‘Special’ and whatsmore he and moronic LEFTARDS do too.


  45. UKExpat says:

    So who now is willing to say that APARTHEID and SEGREGATION were bad ideas . When its perfectly clear they were just COMMON SENSE.

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  46. Iron Lady says:

    My daughter witnessed an incident tonight at Philadelphia (formerly Franklin) Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia. Not out of hand because police seemed to shut it down early with only about 30 of the approx 200 or so participants actually gaining entry.

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  47. Jimmy D says:

    Please take down these pictures immediately! What if seeing them causes the explosion of white on black violence to escalate even further. Hmmm…what am I missing here? Oh yeah. It’s actually an explosion of black violence…B on B…B on W…B on anyone. Are we still allowed to use the B word? Here’s the thing though. There is such a thing as White on Black violence, only it’s really insidious, and it’s called White Liberalism. The whole Culture Memes of Black Violence and Racial Entitlement are the brain children of evil Progressives. Who owns the inner cities where the misery only gets worse? The White Libs own them, of course, and promote their personal favorite Negroes as if they were real black brothers and Radical Revolutionary firebrands, and, of course, they only choose the most corrupt, hence the easiest to control. Why does the misery only get worse? All the better for their phony radical Negro servants to point to the evil conservatives as the Enemies of the People, and bring those voters pouring in. Who puts up the money for fantasy shows like Empire, where black people are masqueraded as though they’re in charge of the cultural pollution that renders black family and community life impossible? Ther you go! Some nut thinks it’s all some White conspiracy after all! Actually yes, very much so.The KKK was the Democrat Party’s enforcement arm. Now it’s the BLM. Same principal. Same evil people. MLK almost taught America to love. Then Huey Newton and the Black panther Party taught us all to hate again, with the help of a lot of white commie trash.

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  48. Poupon Marx says:

    As a friend of the Black Man, I highly recommend a eugenic program that offers a sufficient sum of cash-and a pickup truck amount of malt liquor and Ripple Wine-for all Black Males to undergo irreversible vasectomies and females irreversible tubal ligations.

    This is humane and voluntary. It would pay for itself to an exponential power.


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