President Elect Donald Trump Speaks Briefly About The Terrorist Attack In Berlin…

The manhunt continues in Germany for the Berlin ISIS terrorist.  Meanwhile President-elect Donald Trump convenes a meeting with his top national security team at his Mar-a-Lago estate and appears briefly for reporter questions.

(Via AP Report) — Donald Trump says the truck ramming attack at market in Berlin is an “attack on humanity and it’s got to be stopped.”

The president-elect made the comments in brief remarks to reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida following a top-secret security briefing. He said the violence in Germany validates his assessment of Islamic-inspired threats.


He said, “all along, I’ve been proven to be right,” adding that he’s been, “100 percent correct.”

With Trump during Wednesday’s remarks were his pick for national security adviser, retired Gen. Michael Flynn, and his incoming White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

Trump also said he talked to President Barack Obama two days ago, but not since then. (read more)

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140 Responses to President Elect Donald Trump Speaks Briefly About The Terrorist Attack In Berlin…

  1. Pam says:

    Ugh the press but Trump handled it well.

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  2. fred5678 says:

    Thank God for Trump. Sweden and Germany are insane — Merkel defends her immigration policy and new Swedish “terrorism” czar blames “white nationalist” for stirring up islamist attacks (sic).

    Can’t reason with crazy.

    It is especially troubling for me, as 2nd generation native born American, with relatives whom I have visited in both countries. Gl;ad I visited years ago when it was safe and sane.

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    • FofBW says:

      Sweden is abdicating to the Muslim’s. Then there will be kum ba yah. Sure there will….

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    • I agree fred.

      I haven’t been to Germany but Sweden was a lovely country with such nice people.

      It sounds as though it is a very different country now than it was 40 years ago.

      What a shame.

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    • R-C says:

      Sweden and Germany may well fall, along with the rest of Europe. They will have earned it by putting those lunatics in charge, and importantly, keeping them in charge despite glaring evidence of abject, total failure.

      We, however, will cease appeasing the enemy in less than one month. We will seal our border. We will begin to get our own affairs in order. Our foreign policy will revert back to what it always was supposed to be: “Advancing AMERICAN Interests Abroad”, as opposed to, “Advancing the Globalist Agenda at Home”.

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      • Luck is not all says:

        I hope that Europe wakes up on time. They have the majority of the monuments of our Western/Christian civilization. The savages will destroy all that as they did in Afghanistan and Irak even those works of art were not Christian. Imagine a world without Notre Dame de Paris or the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. We have enough with the convertion of the Hagy Sophia into a certain future mosque. It pains my heart to no end. Centuries of Religious history will be gone in minutes

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    • Timmy-the-Ute says:

      “White nationalist” is code for Christians. Islamist become triggered by Christian symbols.

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    • Mike says:

      Trump should subject Germans and their visas to strict vetting because of the danger content there. Send a message. And we don’t need German tourists that badly once we internalize more of our economy.

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  3. Wall Street Journal excerpt from this morning, Dec. 21:
    “The man, identified as Anis A., had entered Germany in July 2015 and applied for asylum. The man got temporary approval to stay in Germany even though his asylum application was rejected, the official said.
    “The suspect had been on the radar of intelligence services since 2015 because of suspected ties to Islamic State.”

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    • bigsy says:

      The process should receive more scrutiny now, because the migrants enter a EU country without proper documents and they try get this temporary permission to stay, which is actually a hold on what should be a deportation..

      They can travel anywhere in Europe, open bank accounts, etc. with these.

      If they get caught in a crime and are slated also criminally for deportation, the native country refuses to accept them because they don’t have proper documentation. That should have been known to the country wanting to deport them, one would think, since it’s the most likely the reason they got the stay in the first place. It’s a classic catch-22.

      The EU also uses the stay for persons who come into the EU as asylum seekers when asylum isn’t applicable for their country of origin, or for persons simply entering the EU without a visa, i.e illegal immigrants.

      Hopefully this will raise awareness of how badly the migrants are abusing the system.

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      • svenwg says:

        Why wait for the country of origin to accept the deportee back? Just load them into an aeroplane, strap a parachute to their back and throw them out at 5,000′ above their country of origin, preferably in the desert at least 100 miles from civilisation!

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      • mopar2016 says:

        And if an EU country DOES deport someone, that person is only deported to the previous EU country that they came through. Then it’s their problem. So the process would have to happen over and over and over and over some more, maybe even 27 times to finally send a lowlife back to the sandbox.
        The idea of an EU without borders is a terrorists dream.


    • Sunshine says:

      The usual. His family says he is such a nice boy. Strange that he left his papers in the truck. Police say his refugee request was refused.
      Somehow, I don’t trust the German Police.

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    • don welch says:

      some radar.

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    • His name is Anus? Seriously?

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    • lisaginnz says:

      Never trust a guy named “Anis” …….. (just a random thought)

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    • AmyB says:

      This is what is so messed up. The terrorists are always on the “intelligence” communities’ radar.


  4. Marygrace Powers says:

    ‘Attack against humanity’/
    Humanity vs SAVAGES/ It’s us or them/
    Whatever it takes/matter of LIFE/DEATH/

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    • Paco Loco says:

      The European PC view of Islam and Islamic refugees will get many more people killed before there’s a backlash. Europeans seem to have lost the will to raise up against the EU and against Germany’s open border policies. When will Europe realize that Merkel let the Trojan Horse into Europe and that now, it’s very existence is threatened? It pains me to see the Europe I first traveled around in forty years ago is fast disappearing.

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  5. holy cow, what a boss! That female reporter at the end sounded like she was about to pee herself from nervousness even addressing him.

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  6. emet says:

    President Trump points the way for all freedom-loving peoples,
    BTW, special thanks to President Obama, who promised hope and change. We are now receiving it.

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  7. AFVet says:

    There’s only one way to deal with them.

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    • FofBW says:

      Carpet bombing. Amazing to watch……from a very safe distance

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      • AFVet says:

        Time to take the gloves off.
        The problem is that now they are spread all over the world.
        We need to take out their source of funding and if that means Iran, and the oil fields, so be it.

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        • RVAguy says:

          What a ill informed comment. Those are Bush, Clinton, McCain and Graham chicken hawk talking points. Try blaming the actual funders: Qatar, UAE and the Saudis, not to mention the U.S. State Department and CIA.


        • R-C says:

          I expect that our incoming POTUS will ‘tweak’ our strategy versus the islamic wackos ‘just a bit’, and that our incoming SecDef might have a thing or two to say about ‘Rules of Engagement’.

          Up until now, our political leaders have made a sow’s ear of this war, big league. They’ve wasted the lives of my comrades–the cream of America’s youth–on this feckless, limp-wristed policy of ‘limited war’. Chair-warming sons-of-b…(deep breaths)…Chair-warming individuals’ wearing expensive suits have foisted unworkable, dangerous Rules of Engagement upon our troops, and have actually prosecuted some for not following them. This must END!

          We fought World War 2 with an army of 100 combat divisions. That war ended in 4-5 years, with us victorious. This conflict has dragged on for 15 years now–so hard to believe–and we’ve pussy-footed around with an army of just 10 combat divisions (which have been run ragged in the meat-grinder).

          As a retired paratrooper with more than 7 years’ time under my belt in various war zones, I find it a travesty that this conflict has dragged on for so long a time. The word ‘limited’ needs to be stricken from our military lexicon. If an enemy is bad enough to take on militarily, then by God, take them on like you mean it! Full-scale onslaught. As General Patton said, “Run through them like [crap] through a goose.”

          Get the job done–hard, fast, and devastating to the enemy. To do anything less cheapens the lives of our troops.

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          • AFVet says:

            I can just hear them now telling Trump, “You can’t do that!”
            To which Trump will reply, “We just did.”

            Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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          • jaxvillekid says:

            You are absolutely right. Screw hearts and minds instead make the local muslim population fear us MORE than they fear the terrorists. If they (Isis or whatever) run inside a mosque blow the damn thing up! Stop handcuffing our troops and let them do what they are trained to do. It frustrates me to no end.This war couldve been over with if we would fight them with the same resolve we fought the nazis with instead of worrying about offending muslims.

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            • marierogers says:

              Jax the problem was not offending muslims , it was our leader..remember TRUMAN? that guy had cajones..
              btw, does anyone seriously think that today someone would have the guts to drop 2 atom bombs where needed? maybe TRUMP?

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          • coltlending says:

            First off, I am in total agreement with you.

            What engaging in all out war against the enemy means, sadly, is innocent civilians are going to die.

            Just about no other country or no other country at all tries to avoid that more then the fabulous men and women in the United States Armed Forces.

            But if we are in it to win it, better theirs then ours and as soon as we get to it, it will be better for all civilians.

            Many months ago I made a brutal, many would say barbaric comment here on one way to compliment defeating this enemy and their financiers, post haste.

            A couple of weeks later, candidate Trump said the same thing and he was pilloried for sayin it.

            That showed me he gets it.

            Look at that man on those steps.

            I pity the fool that #%@€& with that face.

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          • M. Mueller says:

            RC, thank you. You always speak commonsense. Stefan Molyneux said almost a quarter billion have already died in this Muslim thing. Way past time to stop it.


      • BobBoxBody says:

        I remember my father told me about seeing a graveyard getting mowed over by a “spooky” when he was in Vietnam. It was a cargo plane loaded up with a row of around 10 miniguns, all shoot from the cargo hold while the loading bay doors were open. He said every fourth or so round was a tracer, so this was going on at night and it looked like a bunch of laser beams from a movie was pouring over the area. He said going through it the next day was one of the eeriest things he every experienced.

        I think ISIS is long overdue for the “spooky” treatment.

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      • aur1640 says:

        Bomb until the desert is a sheet of glass!!


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      I hope those bomb parts are screwed together with bacon renderings for lubricants! 🙂

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  8. Jimmy Jack says:

    When it comes to widespread light that Obama and Hillary are responsible for creating ISIS and allowed these killings to take place there had better be a day of legal reckoning from the Trump presidency for it. I hope Obama she Hillary get tried for war crimes. This could be enough to red pill Americans for two generations at least.

    For now I hope Americans see Germany/France/Belgium as canaries in the coal mine.

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  9. Dora says:

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    • AFVet says:

      Obama has pardoned/commuted more prisoners than all of his predecessors combined.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Daily Mail, aka Mail Online, was maligned as a cheap media for years. I consider it to be the most honest and complete reporting of all media.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      This guy’s been on a 7 year crime spree, ever since he illegally “immigrated” to Italy, then on to Germany after being released from Italian jail.


    • jaxvillekid says:

      Why was he even released? Burning down a school shouldve been a warning to all. Smh!

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    • M. Mueller says:

      Can anyone explain what good candles and flowers do for the dead? How does that help the parents who have lost their children? I am so sick of this feely meely political correctness I could vomit.


      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I’ve never understood that either…. Notes, teddy bears, photos, candles, flowers, public drama…. Instead, put the money to good use. Send it to those who are left without a parent or to those who have burial expenses, for example..


      • Sam says:

        It does no practical good except it allows people to express their feelings. Accompanied by prayer it does some good. But bombs speak louder than anything else with Islam. Remember our soon to be Secretary of Defense told a group of Muslim sheiks “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes, if you f#ck with me I will kill you all.” They paid attention after that.


  10. fred5678 says:

    Trump IS right — it is a war by islam against Christians, by attacking Christmas celebrations throughout Europe, both Berlin market attack and the one below in Austria, and Rush reminded us that it was a company Christmas party that set off the San Bernardino attack last year:

    Somali refugee terrorizes children at Christmas nativity play in Austria by jumping on stage and reading from koran:

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  11. James Crawford says:

    I will be brutal. The latest terrorist attack in Berlin is merely an example of evolution in action. It is a natural consequence of the abject stupidity of the German people who have elected and then reelected Angela Merkel. Attacks such as this will continue to escalate until Germany submits to Sharia law at which time the carnage will become reminiscent of the Rowandan genocide. While Islamic law allows tolerating the existance of “people of the book” that submit and pay the Jeezera Tax, the growing population of aging, decrepit, ethnic Germans are a liability that the Caliphate will not tolerate. They will be exterminated. Americans should concern themselves only with the potential threat of old Europe’s technological and industrial infrastructure becoming the arsenal of theocracy. We should pray that the economy collapses as Venezuela’s has done.

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  12. Honest Abbey says:

    Has Obama ever been in the White House when Islamic Terrorists attacked innocent people? Seems highly suspicious that these jihadi Muslims only attack when Obama is out of the country or off the mainland.

    This buys Obama time to make up some fake crap about how the United States will respond, then when he finally gets back to Washington the attack is already old news and he can get back to focusing on his golf game.

    Has he ever cut short a vacation? I know, it’s a stupid question…….

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  13. India Maria says:

    It warms the heart to know that we have a REAL LEADER commanding our Armed and Security forces in a few days. Trump’s mature resolve contrasts with the grammar school stupidity of the Press. The disparity in intelligence levels between Trump and these babies quite simply makes Trump seem exponentially…..AWESOME!

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  14. emet says:

    They could catch him at the border…if they had one.

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  15. ZZZ says:

    the Christmas Market is an indication there were Christians in the market…

    go away press troll…

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  16. alliwantissometruth says:

    He said he’s been right, 100% correct all along. He said radical Islam must be eradicated from the face of the earth

    If those words sound unfamiliar within our political discourse, it’s because they are. Those are the words of a true leader, one who speaks the truth no matter which way the political winds are blowing

    For decades, our presidents & political leaders have been influenced by / intimidated by political correctness & special interest considerations. They came out with canned, pre-written babble which had the intention of not offending anyone, even our enemies

    Not a real leader in the bunch of them. Nothing but political operatives & talking puppets for their globalist masters

    Now a real leader has emerged, & it goes something like this…

    “OK. enough of this bull****. These savages are living their last days. This is it. We’ve had it. I don’t give a sh*t what anybody else thinks. We’re taking these f***ers out for good”

    Of course I “embellished” a bit & added some naughty words, but the scope is the same

    A new time people. A new America, & with Trump in charge, hopefully a new world, where sanity rules & the peoples safety & prosperity overrules the globalist concerns

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    • R-C says:

      “Not a real leader in the bunch of them. Nothing but political operatives & talking puppets for their globalist masters.”

      You are 100% correct.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        I think we need to stop the war talk and the revenge talk. Let Europe take care of its own. We have taken care of them since WWII; if they can’t mind the store — and pay up with taxes and sweat like the American people — then that’s their problem.

        Not all of Europe will fall to Islam and this country can help those who are strong. Islam will only destroy any country they control — no one raised with those values can work. They raise paranoid, projecting-all-blame-everywhere-except-themselves kids. Plus too much sexual and emotional abuse.

        Let’s take care of America. Deport all illegals (most will self-deport without funding). Among legal immigrants, refuse residency and citizenship to anyone who does not support the Constitution. Get our law enforcement and security agencies back in order. It will take a major clean out in the CIA and FBI and probably others.

        Monitor all mosques. Any anti-American or anti-Constitutional talk, shut it down.

        Bring back all those top officers and generals in the military that O fired. Get the massive weaponization out of federal agencies. The clean-up job s huge.

        Let Europeans lie in the bed they made for themselves. Get ourselves out of the Middle East — except build a “wall”, not just on the U.S. border. They better know where not to step a foot over the line.

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    • M. Mueller says:

      And keep praying for him.


  17. Marygrace Powers says:

    White House: ‘Battle Ready’ Islamic State Fighters Drop to as Few 12,000

    “The number of “battle-ready” Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadis in Iraq and Syria has plummeted to “its lowest point” ever, dropping by more than half from up to 25,000 earlier this year to between 12,000 and 15,000 now, according to the White House.
    Nevertheless, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, commander of the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS who believes the latest estimate of the jihadist group’s strength “is ballpark close enough,” told Pentagon reporters Wednesday that the terrorist organization is “still capable of fiercely defending the ground they have taken.”

    “They still have the ability to motivate, self-radicalize followers, and they still have the ability to plot and cast into motion attacks on the West and that’s of great concern to us,” he added.”

    Personally suspicious of any numbers/tally out of the WH/
    Trump’s intel/generals know the reality/are ready to

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    • With that kind of WH math; there will be about 1,000 Islamic State Fighters by January 20th, 2017.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Touche! Liar Obama and His Liar White House are still Lyin’…..and still Crooked and Corrupt.


      • Bull Durham says:

        Concur. US military did this for 12 twelves in ‘Nam. Never got it right. Lost the war, lost 58,000 guys (two of my high school and college buddies), hundreds of thousands wounded and 2 million Vietnamese killed.

        The best Intel man the US Military had was Gen. Flynn. He hasn’t done Intel for the Pentagon for three years. How good is the data they have now? I’m betting this is classified as a ‘wild guess’ by Gen. Townsend. Read my comment below regarding what the Russians are doing.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Yeah, well, the rest of ISIS jihadists are disbursed around Europe and the USA.

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    • fred5678 says:

      ISIS doesn’t need thousands of “battle-ready” soldiers to terrorize a whole country and shut down a peaceful society – just a few “lone wolves”.

      “Lone” my azz! They are highly coordinated/inspired by ISIS.

      The Berlin police chief advised Berliners to “stay inside” —

      But for how long??? !!!@@##$$!!!

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    • Honest Abbey says:

      OMG! What a crock!

      “The number of “battle-ready” Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadis in Iraq and Syria has plummeted to “its lowest point” ever, dropping by more than half from up to 25,000 earlier this year to between 12,000 and 15,000 now”

      So does Obama want us to believe that the other half of the Jihadis just woke up one day and decided to quit being a terrorist? That they had some kind of an epiphany? Give Me A Break!

      The numbers have mysteriously dwindled because they disguised themselves as refugees and have invaded other countries, including America.

      Oh, and here’s some more bull……How can 12,000 be “their lowest point ever” when Obama, himself, said “ISIL” is just a JV team with a handful of members. Does a handful equate to 12,000?

      How stupid does Obama think we are?

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  18. sundance says:

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  19. Bull Durham says:

    If one of our useless NATO “partners” finds themselves up to their ass in terrorists, and invokes Article 5 of the Alliance Treaty, then we will have to go rescue that nation. There are 27 useless partners in that alliance, any one of which can cause us to have to go save them.

    Imagine a war as wide as WWII on the continent. From Norway and Sweden to Spain and Italy and Greece, from Portugal or Belgium to Poland and the Baltic enclave of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
    All at war inside each city and nation-state with 1.5 million terrorists, quickly reinforced by millions more pouring out of the Caucasus, Balkans, North Africa, Sub-Sahara and Middle East.

    This is what is just ISIS’s call as to where or when. If they can get enough arms and explosives they can ignite a conflagration across Europe unlike anything we ever saw in WW2. Most of the countries are already cowed and fearful of the next step up the ladder to full urban warfare.

    A war of that scale and intensity would throw our economic rebuilding out the window.

    This is the greatest threat to the USA.

    Most of us know the solution is an alliance with Russia, not NATO. We need a force and real Intel that will strike death blows to ISIS where they are now.

    Our own CIA and Pentagon have worked in collusion with ISIS and al Nusra, just like Turkey did. Israel too, worked with al Nusra. And Jordan has worked the other side also. The duplicity has been an insanity meant to overthrow Assad, but instead has given years of support to headchoppers and a terrorist army that now has lost 20,000 KIA by USA and 50,000 KIA by Russia, but still holds major cities and spreads to Libya, Tunisia, Mali and up into Afghanistan.

    The Russians are adding Airborne troops to their Syria force. This is a serious step up. Also, they are forming a pair of new Chechen battalions to be added to the two mixed Chechen Military Police battalions they recently sent to “guard facilities”. Chechen-Russian forces don’t “guard”. They are the fiercest anti-Wahhabi special forces on earth. So, Putin knows that the battles ahead are going to be ferocious. Idlib, al Bab, Palmyra, and Raqqa are all difficult complexes to retake. Also, Kurds and various other AQ forces could still be significant obstacles to clearing safe zones for refugees.

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  20. NHVoter says:

    More winning!

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Good PR. He also doesn’t want Trump to cancel that Iranian airplane deal. That will take some negotiations and verifications before Trump allows that deal. He won’t want to cancel it outright. Too many jobs. But it will be held up. Boeing wants it badly. They have to give in on the Air Force one package. Trump has all the leverage on both situations. Art of the Deal!

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      • don welch says:

        boeing absolutely 100% believed hillary was going to be elected. this what pay for play, quid pro quo or what ever you want to call politicians being bought buy big money. did i mention that boeing was one of hillary’s biggest cash cows?

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    • sDee says:

      Gravy train’s gonna grind to a halt.The smart ones are looking over the Trump train

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  21. Concerned says:

    Trump’s strength is comforting!

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  22. Honest Abbey says:

    CNN just announced
    “In moments, PE Trump is expected to come out and address the media at Mar-A-Largo”

    They will bring it to us LIVE (I suppose all the other channels will too)


  23. i do not like the obama placing a permanent ban on off shore drilling Which can not be reversed! Unless it goes to court which will take several years! Obama is an evil wicked man should be in jail!

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  24. Bugsdaddy says:

    I love the smack down when he asked the female reporter “who said that” referring to the comment about this being an attack on Christianity!!! You can hear the reporters head explode when she back tracked!!! I love the way PE Trump gently reminds the press bozos that they better be prepared and have their facts straight!!!

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    • julegate says:

      Actually PE Trump tweeted it was an attack on Christains the other night. Probably forgot.


    • JC says:

      Yes, President Trump’s response a thing o’ beauty. It was impressive that he ended the session right then and there. Intentional or not, sounds smart and effective to stop taking questions the instant the Subversive American Press (SAPS) pulls yet another propaganda stunt like that. They’re slow on the uptake (how dense do you have to be…), but they’ll be forced to realize the New Sheriff has new rules and does not value them, their opinions or their agenda even a little bit. Niiice.

      How vulgar for the “reporter” to ask such a question on the heels of this sad and terrifying tragedy.

      Welcome, President Trump; we’re so glad you’re here. So very glad.

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    • KBR says:

      I have read that Trump never forgets a face. I wonder if she will ever have an opportunity to ask our President another question?

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  25. Trump should charge Saudi Arabia WAR TARIFFS to recover EVERY DIME it costs to WIN the war against Radical Islam and RESTORE DAMAGED PROPERTY.

    They have spread Wahhabism through Radical Mosques around the world.

    Suddenly they’ll be JUMPING to shut those Mosques DOWN and reform Islam into that “Religion of Peace”.

    Suddenly they’ll be TRACKING TERRORISTS DOWN.

    Continue the WAR TARIFFS until we’ve had peace for 4 years.

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  26. Sedanka says:

    Seeing too many instances of media refusing to use his title (President or President-Elect) and just saying/writing Trump or Donald Trump. Too much to be coincidence. It’s a deliberate, childish act of disrespect.

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  27. All American Snowflake says:

    How in the world could President-elect Trump have spoken to Obama when the Nasty O was out playing golf in Hawaii?


  28. Scotty19541 says:

    Bill Mitchell Verified account 
    Germany has flooded their country with unskilled, violent young men raised to hate Western culture. Who’d have guessed THAT wouldn’t work?



  29. Scotty19541 says:

    Can’t wait for this day to come!


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  30. Terrorist attack takes place.

    Media: President-elect Trump, will you reconsider your ‘Muslim ban’.

    PE Trump: “I was right.”

    I don’t get the workings in these Media morons minds. How do you go from talking about an act of terrorism, to falling back on the Islamic ban talking point?

    If anything, they should not bring that topic up, since I have a feeling it could get (more) popular.

    Just like ABC news tonight, claimed the pro-immigration rally in Germany was bigger then the anti-immigration rally. They did not provide video to back this statement up. Though on its face I take to be a lie.


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