Stunning Economic Winning – IBM Announces Intent To Hire 25,000 U.S. Workers…

…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning”.

~ Donald Trump

trump-tower-1There is something just over the horizon; if you know how to hear it, you can feel it coming. It’s beyond exciting.. it’s awesome… It’s like being a gearhead who shows up to the rebuild only to discover Carroll Shelby in the shop.

Holy cats!… It’s epic.

Before getting to that part, here’s the latest:

(Via Bloomberg) IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty said she plans to hire about 25,000 people in the U.S. and invest $1 billion over the next four years, laying out her vision for filling technology jobs in America on the eve of a meeting of industry leaders with President-elect Donald Trump.

Rometty, who is on Trump’s advisory panel of business leaders, will join Facebook Inc.’s Sheryl Sandberg, Inc.’s Jeff Bezos and Alphabet Inc.’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt at a summit with Trump Wednesday in New York that is said to focus on jobs.

During the run-up to the election, Trump made employment issues a mainstay of his campaign, promising to scrap trade deals he viewed as draining jobs from the country and impose tariffs on imports if necessary.

He has since claimed credit for preventing thousands of manufacturing jobs from moving overseas and used state incentives to strike a deal with Carrier, a unit of United Technologies Corp., to pull back on its plans to move some operations to Mexico. (read more)

trump tower campaign begin

OK, now lets look at the data-points.  Today, we’ve got Bill Gates at Trump Tower with a very specific message, “innovation“.  Please Watch:

♦  Now, remember Trump’s American economic principles: […] Because so many shifts -policy nudges- have taken place in the past several decades, few academics and even fewer MSM observers, are able to understand how to get off this path and chart a better course.

Candidate Trump is proposing less dependence on foreign companies for cheap goods, (the cornerstone of a service economy) and a return to a more balanced U.S. larger economic model where the manufacturing and production base can be re-established and competitive based on American entrepreneurship and innovation.

The key words in the prior statement are “dependence” and “balanced”. When a nation has an industrial manufacturing balance within the GDP there is far less dependence on the economic activity in global markets. In essence the U.S. can sustain itself, absorb global economic fluctuations and expand itself or contract itself depending on the free market.

When there is no balance, there is no longer a free market. The free market is sacrificed in favor of dependency, whether it’s foreign oil or foreign manufacturing, the dependency outcome is essentially the same. Without balance there is an inherent loss of economic independence, and a consequential increase in economic risk.

No other economy in the world innovates like the U.S.A. Donald Trump sees this as a key advantage across all industry – including manufacturing and technology.

The benefit of cheap overseas labor, which is considered a global market disadvantage for the U.S., is offset by utilizing innovation and energy independence.

The third highest variable cost of goods beyond raw materials first, labor second, is energy. If the U.S. energy sector is unleashed -and fully developed- the manufacturing price of any given product will allow for global trade competition even with higher U.S. wage prices.

In addition the U.S. has a key strategic advantage with raw manufacturing materials such as: iron ore, coal, steel, precious metals and vast mineral assets which are needed in most new modern era manufacturing. Trump proposes we stop selling these valuable national assets to countries we compete against – they belong to the American people, they should be used for the benefit of American citizens. Period. (read full outline)

trump workers

♦ The next data-point is to witness the financial dream team […] President-Elect Donald Trump announces more members of his economic team. Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary, and Todd Ricketts as Deputy Commerce Secretary.

In essence, the Trump economic patriotism platform takes shape with the introduction of a few more key members for the domestic economy dream team.


If you have followed the Trump economic mindset from the beginning, you’ll know exactly what the purpose of each of these players are into the larger scope of domestic capital infusion. Remember, one of the essential elements Trump needs is to create the environment where the best play is domestic, ie. Main Street, investment.

To reverse three decades of economic outsourcing, the investment scales (best return) must tip from Wall Street (global investment) to Main Street (domestic investment), that’s where Mnuchin, Ross and Ricketts come into play. Economic patriotism is leveraged by steering capital investment much like well constructed levies can steer the flow of water. (read full outline)

♦ The next data point is to recognize Trump plans to start things immediately.  Meaning he needs the architecture for immediate capital infusion without waiting on congress or a long drawn-out legislative fight on the traditional battlefield of tax reform.

In essence Trump’s economic build needs a controllable financial vehicle – outside traditional or political lines.  Now, check this out:

gary-cohn(New York, NY) — President-elect Donald J. Trump today announced his intent to appoint Gary D. Cohn as Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council. A renowned business leader, Mr. Cohn will help to both design and coordinate the President-elect’s America First economic agenda and make sure increasing wages for American workers will be a top priority.

==> He will also work closely with the President-elect’s economic team at the Treasury and Commerce Departments.

“As my top economic advisor, Gary Cohn is going to put his talents as a highly successful businessman to work for the American people,” said President-elect Donald J. Trump. “He will help craft economic policies that will grow wages for our workers, stop the exodus of jobs overseas and create many great new opportunities for Americans who have been struggling. He fully understands the economy and will use all of his vast knowledge and experience to make sure the American people start winning again.”  (read more)

♦ Boom, there it is…. #1) the goal. #2) the plan, and #3) the architecture/foundation to repatriate the approximately $4 TRILLION in offshore U.S. corporate assets, via a new infrastructure bond program.  We first mentioned the possibility yesterday:

My spidey senses are telling me there’s going to be a rather unusual infrastructure bond program.  It would not surprise me to find Trump proposing a way to expedite $4 trillion in off shore corporate liquid assets getting repatriated, by offering a bond conversion with a zero to 5% income tax rate (basis), if the corporations repatriate the funds via Trump federal infrastructure bonds.

This alone funds the Trump infrastructure bill, and simultaneously initiates the southern border wall construction.

Those federal infrastructure bonds (containing repatriated revenues) could then be traded on the markets (returning capital to the bond holder – ie. the original off shore holding), allowing stock reinvestment, dividend payment or capital ependiture.    Just a spidey sense, a gut prediction, but very Trumpesque. (more)

This approach could inject, almost immediately, corporate capital assets into domestic economic development.

Trump’s infrastructure proposals begins almost immediately, and he’d essentially be putting a plan before congress that works around their ability to co-opt it with special interests – or argue about it based on spending or deficits.

The Trump domestic economic plan begins immediately; and in the longer-term congress yap’s about debates and argues the federal budget and Trump’s tax reform proposal.

Meanwhile the U.S. economy would begin almost immediate expansion.


Remember, the problem Ronald Reagan ran into in 1981 and 1982 was an economic response lag cause by waiting on congressional tax reform action to catch up with the economic stimulus of deregulation.  It took until mid 1983 before the Reagan economic engine began firing on all cylinders.

By all appearances it seems Trump’s proposal would navigate around that legislative lag.

trump hard hat 2

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262 Responses to Stunning Economic Winning – IBM Announces Intent To Hire 25,000 U.S. Workers…

  1. Keln says:

    People should be very excited right now reading these headlines. When major manufacturing companies are coming out and saying they are reinvesting in the US and planning to hire thousands of people, it tells you that they, the experts at their industry, believe Trump and more importantly, believe in what Trump is saying.

    He’s telling them what they’ve wanted to hear for years. He’s telling them they can finally get the best of both worlds; a business environment in which they can make a profit plus a reliable workforce plus a government that won’t try to rob their intellectual property and laws that protect their property.

    The ills of manufacturing in China and Mexico are over, if Trump can fix the taxes and regulations. Businesses want to be here. They just haven’t been able to afford it. Trump is promising to make it profitable again.

    This is how you MAGA people. Get excited.

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  2. Farmon says:

    Loving this stuff. Maybe all the racist rhetoric hot air will get sucked out of the windbags and they’ll figure out that everyone else with a clue… is winning. If not employed then probably a business owner. I’d love to see the entrepreneur index. Folks are starting to feel confident again.

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    • KillinEmSoftly says:

      doubtful…actually go read the article, instead of just the parts that Sundance clipped…the article is not a positive on Trump at all, it’s actually an “in spite of Trump” article….the article (Bloomberg – not CTH) actually contradicts itself…in one sentence it claims the following:
      “even if the plans had already been in the works since before he was elected”

      A few sentences later they admit:

      “IBM said in March it had more than 25,000 positions open globally and that it had started to cut some jobs in the U.S. as part of a “workforce rebalancing”

      So, in the first sentence I quoted, they are saying that Trump doesn’t deserve credit for the economic impact of the IBM announcement. Yet just a few sentences later they say that IBM has been cutting jobs in the U.S. as part of a workforce rebalancing….what a sham…


  3. herbork says:

    Carroll Shelby’s name came up in a recent comment here. As a heart-felt shout-out to Treepers who like good chili, Carroll Shelby’s store-bought mix is mighty fine. Great chili — hot cars — A GREAT AMERICAN!

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    • Gary says:

      “It’s like being a gearhead who shows up to the rebuild only to discover Carroll Shelby in the shop”…….and then I heard my mothers voice saying ” get up Gary, you’ll be late for school”

      All these jobs and he did it without a shovel…go figure!


  4. Sam says:

    We Christians need to pray daily for Donald Trump and his family. Also for Mike Pence and his family. I do.

    I pray that God will keep them all safe and well guarded. I pray that God will give Donald Trump the wisdom, strength and courage to make the right decisions for our country so that we may be strong and prosperous again.

    Most importantly, I ask God to shed His grace on Donald Trump and his family that thay may come to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I ask that there may be a revival of righteousness in this country, that we remember to thank God for His blessings.

    We don’t want to waste this second chance we’ve been given here in the USA.

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  5. MrE says:

    History is unfolding before our eyes. It’s truly awe-inspiring to witness.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. LinuxGuy2016 says:

    Not for nothing but I was just let-go by IBM ( what they euphemistically call a “Resource Action” ) Nov.29. My group was hit with a 50+% reduction.
    Had 30+ years experience in Software Development – including working on/with Virtualization technologies ( i.e. what’s morphed into Cloud ) since 2003 ( SuSE & Red-Hat Enterprise Linux servers and workstations ).
    I call B.S. on this “accouncement”. And I do hereby devote my remaining days upon this earth to competing against them in every area I possibly can. You don’t throw my life, and my family’s well-being, into this kind of turmoil without consequences ( ya … “Cold Anger” continues … )

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    • sunnydaze says:

      hmmm….I wish you all good luck in your competing against them LinuxGuy.

      Keep us updated!

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    • WSB says:

      I do not know if you are in the Poughkeepsie area? I am not affiliated with IBM. You are obviously beyond crossroads with IBM. Is this ‘Resource Action’ reversible? I know a Pete Trainor from the area. Do You know him?

      Liked by 1 person

    • PreNanny says:

      How Blessed you were to have been employed, not lost your home or had to drain all of your savings. As you embark on the next phase of your life perfectly primed to take full advantage of a TRUMP MAGA economy count the Blessings you have vs focusing on what you do not. Anger can be a motivator but please do not let it be your inspiration.
      Enjoy the Holidays with your Family and together you will decide what new adventures you will create.


    • deanbrh says:

      LinuxGuy2016, soooo sooooo sorry you are having this experience. When I was in it, the darkness felt as if it would never lift, especially since I was 53, which in my industry was “old”. IBM did this to our daughter’s friend who had also been with them 30 Years. I’ll bet the 25,000 jobs IBM is now bringing on come with H1b Visas, which they will excuse by saying they need to build more schools to train USA citizens for the same jobs. Is it true that all the skilled tech workers are off-shore?

      Liked by 1 person

    • filia.aurea says:

      IBM is ruthless, agreed. Definitely bad timing in your case. Competing against them is futile, but one-upping them (given your knowledge) would seem to be a good strategy to convince a prospective employer of your value.

      Liked by 1 person

    • steph_gray says:

      I was dumbstruck to get in here and find this article about IBM, after I had just been inspired yesterday to write a comment about my experience with them (essentially that I took retirement to avoid being “resource actioned” like LinuxGuy). Yes, my product was moved to India and China. The workload I was handling when I left had, back in the day, been performed by 12 people. The quality was utterly gone. It felt like they were just torturing all the experienced employees into quitting. I was lucky I was just old enough to get out safely with just enough to live on.

      Here’s the thing. Ginni is an idiot figurehead braying PC nonsense. Trump will have her number in no time. He needs to school her utterly that hiring citizens back will now be the way to go. Her whole project when she arrived a few years ago was to do nothing but the opposite. He must not trust her as far as he can throw her.

      I never imagined until now that IBM could survive and find any ghost of its one time excellence. But with DJT as the catalyst, even that could be possible.


  7. WSB says:

    I will add that we, as Sundance’s readers should do…is to maintain hefty cynicism with all headlines. We just do not know how all of this will turn out yet.


  8. maiingankwe says:

    I knew Trump would want to move quickly, but never in my wildest dreams would I have ever have guessed this quickly and efficiently. I am so excited and blown away at the same time.

    I also wondered how he was going to influence congress to go his way when so many despised him for coming in and rocking their boat. I knew his team players in his inner circle would do most of the shaking and waking up our slumbering congress, but I think all of these moves he’s making, and at such a rapid speed has them awake right now. Trump is moving so fast I know their heads have got to be spinning. There is just no way for them to come up with plans to derail him as quickly as he is moving and mostly without needing their help they had relied on.

    I know I’ve said, I love how we are winning, but this is exceptional winning and for the long haul. Now I’m slowly understanding what he meant when he said in so many of his speeches that we wont be able to take anymore winning. I get it now. I just never understood the depth of all this winning. I hope this makes sense because I’m finding it hard to find words without repeating myself. I guess I will just say it again, and I know it won’t be the last time by any means, I love that We are winning! Thank you President Trump and all working with you to MAGA!

    There are no truer words than “MAGA”.

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  9. tony E says:

    there goes that damn magic wand again making stuff appear again.

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  10. Joe says:

    This is a beautiful article and something I have known since college macroeconomics class. The Chicago School/ Milton Friedman model never made sense to me in terms of international politics. It’s all good in theory, but if you start slicing up the pie, the pie must get bigger for you to get more, if you started out with the biggest piece. Trump may not be a genius, be he is a true leader with common sense. Something lacking since the 90’s.


  11. Ed Koon says:

    Gotta love every moment of it!


  12. Mr.Right says:

    cynical… but I wonder if those 25,000 jobs will be filled by Chinese and Indian citizens under H1Bs?
    Because that as been the trend so far in the past 10+years


    • Mr.Right says:

      “Of note to H1B visa job searchers is the fact that IBM is No. 6 of the more than 34,000 companies that filed LCA’s for H1B jobs and visas so far this financial year, filing for 1953 Visas.”


    • Mr.Right says:

      Not to spam, but here is another statistic…. The point is, plenty, PLENTY of high paying job are created by American companies. But they dont go to American citizens.

      Google have created 15,000 new jobs in just 2 years that they say cannot be offered to any US citizen because no American is qualified. (salary range from 45K to 340K)

      “GOOGLE INC has filed 11295 LCAs (Labor Condition Applications) and 3825 labor certifications since 2014 till 2016.”

      for IBM foreign workers lowest salary is $54,000

      Jobs… we have plenty of amazing great jobs here, today. but they dont go to US citizens


  13. Mitch- Former X Series server support. says:

    IBM should have kept the thousands they let go of 41/2 years ago. I guess off shore support was not what they thought it was.


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