Why Donald Trump, and American Workers, Need Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor…

In order to tackle the U.S. Illegal Immigration issues, even broadly, a person must first change their paradigm and understand the root issue which creates the crisis. The problem was created by the UniParty, and the problem continues specifically because the UniParty desire it to continue.

Before you can reasonably present a solution to the illegal immigration problem, you must first understand the economic problem. Understanding how illegal aliens work in the U.S. is step one toward understanding what proposed solutions would/could work, and which are mere political talking points.

Here’s the stuff the professional political class don’t necessarily want you to know.


You can clearly see, from many of the various pearl-clutching articles about Labor Secretary Nominee Andrew Puzder, how entrenched, erroneous and naive many peoples’ beliefs are on the specific issue of illegal aliens within the employment system.

It is difficult to accept -perhaps for the first time- what you previously believed is not based on any substantive reality.   Blaming U.S. businesses for hiring illegal aliens makes for a good avoidance technique; heck, the UniParty relies upon an electorate doing just that. However, that blame-casting actually keeps people from recognizing and confronting the underlying ‘real world’ issues faced by U.S. employers.

This is where the value of a successful businessman, Corporate CEO, large employer, and specifically a man who has faced down the weaponized EEOC, Andrew Puzder, becomes infinitely more valuable as Secretary of Labor.


THE ISSUE –  Most people think of illegal alien workers as farm workers, or workers employed by small service businesses. While there is some validity to the precept, the vast majority of illegal aliens actually find it easier to gain employment in large organizational businesses. When you understand labor law, you understand why this is the case.

Every entity that hires people is potentially at risk for audit, inspection, or charge from an entity called the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) within their regional jurisdiction.

The EEOC responds to hiring practice complaints from a perspective of ensuring equal employment opportunity. As we’ll show, the rules of the EEOC are in direct contradiction with the Department of Homeland Security [formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)] immigration laws.

Large corporations have legal, compliance and HR departments to assist and train the hiring by managers within the organizational structure. These departments exist first and foremost to protect the organization or corporation from risks presented by the EEOC.

When you understand the emphasis of the risk avoidance you begin to understand how illegal aliens in the workforce are as common an occurrence as legally employed U.S. workers.

disparate-impactFIRST – According to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), or EEO, rules and laws, IT IS UNLAWFUL NOT TO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS.

According to EEO laws, under the auspices of their guiding principle of Disparate Impact (in discrimination rulings), a business cannot use any employment eligibility standard that disqualifies a federally protected category (in this example ethnicity, race, national origin) from employment.

Here’s how it works on Main Street – If you require all applicants to be legally eligible to work in the U.S., and part of that application process is the applicant providing you documents to prove that eligibility, you cannot verify those documents –> if the verification of those documents would exclude a larger percentage of ethnic applicants, protected class applicants, than the general application pool.

Meaning, as an example, if you check Social Security numbers (example E-Verify) for employment eligibility, and that verification disqualifies a disproportionate amount more Latinos than all other applicants, then the verification process itself is unlawful because it creates a “Disparate Impact” against Latinos and you are guilty of violating EEOC law.

That risk is why most large U.S. corporations and businesses do not use E-Verify; and those who do use E-Verify have noted it is less and less effective at blocking illegal aliens/undocumented applicants.

As a direct consequence of rulings in complaints brought by the EEOC under the auspices of “disparate impact“, there is no legal requirement to verify employment eligibility beyond accepting the word of the applicant.

Additionally, as some small and mid-sized organizations did begin using e-verify, the unlawful immigrants shifted to using real –but stolen– Social Security numbers (ie. identity theft), and/or the frequency of using a false -specifically Puerto Rican- identity has risen.

This takes us to the second point.

ICE-550x412SECONDThe illegal alien (pc undocumented worker) gains employment with the presentation of false documents – and as outlined above the business cannot immediately disqualify the applicant because of those false documents.

The Dept. of Homeland Security now has the responsibility for telling employers how to scrutinize hiring documents; as you can see below DHS doesn’t want employers being critical.

In short, to avoid running afoul of EEO laws (ie avoiding lawsuits, fines, penalties), and because DHS essentially discourages critique, most businesses don’t even check Social Security Numbers – and if the eligibility documents look legit, DHS guidance says “accept them”.

The only legal requirement upon the hiring organization is for the business to complete the federally required I-9 employment form with the information from the documents provided by the applicant when hired.

This I-9 form, along with W-4, is then retained by the employer subject to inspection by the Department of Labor.  The data is used by the payroll department to and sent to the IRS, and a copy of all communicated data kept on file for random audit/inspection within the business.

The fact the information is false has no bearing on the business. The hiring company has to take the word of the employee as to the truthfulness therein. Illegal applicants know this, they know how to “game the system”, and they pay for false documents ($300 to $600 per set) to complete this part of their application for employment:

Dept of Homeland Security gives guidelines for I-9 completion. If it looks legit, just accept it.

Dept of Homeland Security gives guidelines for I-9 completion. If it looks legit, just accept it.

This is how illegals get jobs. This is also why the various Washington DC bureaucrats who make up the UniParty, and are lobbied by K-Street operatives of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, oppose “Biometric Social Security Card” legislation, or a mandatory enhanced and improved E-Veriify system, which could stop illegal aliens from getting employment.

The I-9 is completed by the employer, using the employee presenting information to evidence their eligibility. The W-4 is the employee filling out their tax withholding status.

The W-4 is also the easiest way to know if you have hired an illegal, (though you can’t question it, or do anything about it) because many illegals use the dependent withholding on their W-4 to do the same thing.  Which brings us to point #3.

THIRDIt is an absolute lie that illegals pay federal income taxes. 80% of the illegals working will never file income tax returns. Instead, the way they keep their money is to falsify the number of dependents on their W-4. It is not unusual to see W-4’s from illegal aliens claiming 4, 5, 6+ dependents. This keeps them from paying much, if any, federal income taxes.

The illegal employee, once inside the system, customarily will never file federal tax returns so a tax refund is generally not part of their consideration.  Instead their endeavors are structured to avoid paying taxes on the front-end, their paychecks. However, they do pay into SSA which they cannot avoid.

FOURTHHow do they get away with it? The IRS and Social Security Office have a process of comparing Social Security numbers based on the SSA collections, and the database of social security numbers when generated by the feds. (*Note* you might be familiar with SSA benefit statements from the Social Security office during your work history – usually rec’d in the mail).

The comparison of SS numbers to SS/IRS/Data-base filings generates a list known as a Mismatched Social Security list.

Starting in early 2002, under the updated policy, a letter is being sent in each case where the employer filed even one Form W-2 where the worker’s name or Social Security number does not match SSA records. The letters began going out to employers shortly after the 1/31/02 calendar year deadline for W-2s, producing concern and confusion for employers because of conflicting obligations under different laws. (link)

If you have an employee on that list, the feds send you a notification of mis-matched social security number. This is also the primary way that all employers are notified they have illegal aliens working for them.

And to give you an idea how this process is fraught with legal trapdoors to be avoided consider this paragraph:

Watch out for discriminatory actions. On the other hand, employers also risk a charge of unlawful discrimination by terminating employees because they are not able to explain and resolve SSN/name discrepancies.

As in any employment action, employers should be careful to treat employees consistently, without regard for the employee’s ethnic group, citizenship status, or nationality.

Further, employers should be careful to avoid a charge of “document abuse” that could result if employees are required to show their Social Security cards to help resolve a mismatch.

SSA letters carefully advise employers to “ask [their] employees to check [their] Social Security card and to inform [them] of any name or Social Security number difference” between the records and the cards. Under IRCA, employers should not require employees to present specific documents, including Social Security cards, for employment eligibility verification purposes.

Do you begin to see the problem? But wait, it gets worse:

“It was wrong before but now it’s right”. INS also opines on one specific situation that occurs fairly frequently.

An employee who has been working under a false SSN subsequently becomes authorized for employment and obtains a legitimate SSN. The employee then informs his employer that his SSN has changed so that his earnings can be credited to his new, proper SSA account.

The employer in this situation should consider reviewing its policy regarding termination decisions when employees commit fraud in the workplace, and should consult counsel regarding the employee’s possible termination. INS’s opinion contains a reminder that “[k]nowing false statements on the Form I-9, or the use of false documents to obtain employment, are felonies that are not excused by subsequent grants of work authorization or lawful status.” INS further advises that employers should not continue to rely on Forms I-9 that the employer knows were completed fraudulently. (link)

There are some instances where a married woman with a name change might appear on that mismatched list; however, the vast majority are fraudulent social security numbers used with specific intent to gain employment.

The business is notified and is obligated (10 days to comply) to re-verify the employee information, and send the employee to the local Social Security office to reconcile/fix the problem of disparity within 30 days.

It can take years, sometimes many years, for the Social Security Administration to catch the illegal SS# being used. In the interim the employee is getting paid just like every other employee. I’ve personally seen illegal workers with 5 to 15 years of employment before they appear on the list.

However, in actual life the end result is not too complex. Generally as soon as you tell an illegal alien employee you have received that mismatch notification, they simply quit.

If you have a good relationship with them, they’ll admit they are illegal – and simply go get another job and start the process all over again. If you don’t know them well, or if they are not comfortable with you, they just stop showing up to work.

That’s it.

It’s not a grand or significant conspiracy. No big mystery. No-one goes looking, no-one comes to see you. Just *poof* the illegal disappears, and the business hires someone else, quite possibly another illegal – and the cycle begins again.

illegal alien 8

This is just the way it works. It is not the fault of the business, who are simply complying with conflicting federal employment and labor laws.

However, what most people don’t know is what you just read; that (Federal) EEOC hiring rules are in direct conflict with (Federal) Dept of Labor hiring Laws when it comes to DHS employment eligibility, immigration laws, and EEOC “disparate impact”.

So when anyone says they have a solution to stop illegal alien employment they must first accept that DHS (INS), Dept. of Labor, and the EEOC all must come into alignment.

It does not take laws to accomplish this, the laws are already on the books, it simply takes a president who clarifies the rules to their cabinet members (Labor and DOJ).  For Donald Trump that would be Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, and Labor Department nominee Andrew Puzder.

trump and sessionstrump-puzder-4

The only actual law needed, to avoid issues with any following administration, is a federal law to mandate the verification of employment eligibility documents as they are presented.

The most current proposal to mandate this verification is through enhanced “E-Verify” which would cross check the usage and validity of the Social Security number; or “biometric SS cards”.   The “mandatory E-Verify” legislation, as a stand-alone principle of law, is staunchly opposed by unions, liberals, progressives, Democrats and hidden UniParty (G08)/Republican politicians.

President-elect Donald Trump’s primary businesses are within the building/construction and hospitality industry.   Both the building and hospitality industries are rife with illegal alien workers.

Depending on whether the preferred regional scheme is false documents or the more modern stolen identity documents, the average 300 room hotel would be anticipated to receive 50 to 100 mismatched notifications annually depending on location.

Within the construction industry, the notifications are less frequent because the jobs are generally more short-term in duration and by the time the mismatched SSI index would catch up with the employee/employer, the illegal is no longer working there.

As you can see, the issue of illegal alien employment is not as easy to tackle as many would initially believe.   All indicators are that part of Trump’s overall approach toward immigration enforcement is to avoid congress and focus on strict enforcement of current immigration law.

Factually, this is the fastest approach to dealing with it – however, that approach requires the DOJ and DoL to be in synergy as enforcement of existing employment law is used to identify and tackle those who are currently illegally employed.

With that in mind, a corporate CEO who has specific knowledge of these issues within a business that is directly impacted by the formerly allowed (willfully blind) bureaucratic legal gobbledy-gook known as “disparate impact”, is a key attribute to dealing with it.


update-1AUTHORS NOTE: Regarding various articles written by various media outlets, many “conservative”, opposing Puzder:

Ask yourself:  Have any of those authors ever run a multi-million fast paced business, with hundreds of employees; and simultaneously getting dozens of these mismatched SS# notifications each year; and trying to figure out how to keep your operation afloat – while hiring and retraining replacements?

Running a Main Street business is not an esoteric enterprise under these challenges.  It is  real life. I know because I’ve done it..  I’ve hired and trained thousands, and navigated through the precarious minefields of regulation and compliance while operating a business that depends on labor efficiency and effectiveness. It is not easy.

I can totally understand how President-elect Donald Trump needs Andrew Puzder’s specific skill-set to balance an issue of immigration enforcement, and still allow business interests to function while navigating their way through the painstaking process of rebuilding their workforce.

Most people have no idea how many illegals are working in America. It would blow your mind.   When you’ve never signed the front of a paycheck under these circumstances it’s easy to be a critic, or an author of an opinion article.

~ Sundance

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316 Responses to Why Donald Trump, and American Workers, Need Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor…

  1. Keln says:

    Here’s the stuff the professional political class don’t necessarily want you to know.

    “Number 3 will SHOCK you!”

    Hehe, couldn’t resist 😀


  2. georgiafl says:

    Trump made it clear during the campaign that his appointments would not be ‘political hacks’ (pay-back, pay-offs) but serious people with skill sets to do the job.

    Trump used the word ‘killers’ – with top echelon level of qualifications.


  3. Geri Smith says:

    ‏Fck the Pudt. As @AnnCoulter says:
    Hispanic workers are so much more tractable than Americans! http://bit.ly/2gqP7XD #NeverPuzder


  4. Geri Smith says:

    I’ve deleted @realdonaldtrump and his facebook page. Now I’m deleting this site until they prove they support deporting all illegals/anchor brats.


    • Lulu says:

      Oh no what will CTH do without you?

      Liked by 2 people

    • Skinner says:

      I would say you’re being a little hasty. The guy isn’t even president yet. If you’re not being hasty, you’re a fair weather patriot at best and a troll at worse.

      Liked by 1 person

    • oifoefvet1969 says:

      Holy Kneejerk, Batman…lighten up, Francis. Seriously…PEOTUS Trump is NOT the President. Jan 20th he is the law of the land. Until then your tantrum is worth so much methane.

      Folks seem to forget how Trump has defied ALL odds and every force arrayed against him. Hes so far given every indication he is going to fulfill his promises and is selecting a Cabinet to execute those promises. Chess folks…Chess.


    • cozette says:

      Geri how will you know if you’ve cut yourself off from all communication? You sound rattled. Relax. Take a break if you need to. We’ll hold down the fort while you pull yourself together. This is going to be a long and hard fought war for the soul of our world. Pace yourself and take naps when you get cranky rather than being a deserter.


  5. Bill V says:

    The articule is excellent BUT why do businesses want to hire these people is not addressed..
    The problem unfortunately is in many cases the American work ethic….

    As one who would have always preferred to hide Americans there is a reality out there that unfortunately many Americans are losing their work ethic… The Latinos who we hired for our construction sites where on the site fifteen to twenty minutes before starting time, rarely missed work, didn’t stand around talking with each other if there was work to do and even in most cases with a language problem these people learned rather quickly what their duties were…

    Wish that were not the case but that is the reality most business people face today… All we want is good loyal hard working individuals with a good work ethic…



  6. cozette says:

    Notice it says accused rather than convicted? Have you learned nothing about the elites smear tactics after watching what they pulled on Trump? They accused him of raping his wife, and a 13 year old and…..


  7. David says:

    The EEOC is going to dig in and fight Trump trying to change their rules. It will be very interesting to see what methods Trump will use. A year ago I would have assumed any President trying to change the EEOC would fail. With Trump, that is a very unsafe assumption.


  8. Bendix says:

    I personally know of mid-size companies knowingly hiring illegals and keeping them off the books.
    Also, a very prominent landlord in New York, despite having been in trouble over it previously, went right back to using Mexican nationals for landscaping his properties. He does NOT need to hire a particular business to mow lawn, based on “diversity”, and even if he did, all Mexican is not “diverse”.
    There is no excuse for this BS. At the same time businesses are getting away with making the claim that they must have foreign workers because Americans don’t take the right courses, the NY AG shuts down a “technical” school, NY colleges fill up with Chinese students, displacing native New Yorkers.
    What about all the highly skilled programmers and so forth who lost work in the crash? They never find work in their respective fields again. They’d rather have foreigners they can get cheap. Did Disney HAVE TO bring in foreign workers, and make its employees train their replacements?
    Read Methland by Nick Reding to get an in-depth understanding of the effects of illegal immigration on one place and one industry.
    As if some hamburger effstick is the expert on anything besides hamburgers.


  9. daughnworks247 says:

    I own a B&B and for several years I served as the GC for a large construction project in the back yard. Took social security info, paid it, and taxes.
    End of first year reporting, I did receive “the letters” of social security #’s not matching for 4/7 employees. They were all black and obviously born in America, some were veterans. I knew them well and worked side by side, with them, every day. I was stunned but naive. Sundance is correct, they slowly disappeared.
    I’m in a small town and know my bureaucrats/police well. I called and called to expose the fraud but the bureaucrats were unphased. More shock.
    Interestingly, the Mexican national crew, brought in for the fireplaces, begged for their paperwork early because they were legal and WANTED to file ASAP.
    When a cook quit after one week, to take a job at a retirement home and was subsequently fired, but filed “unemployment” on my business, I threw up my hands.
    What was a normal year end paperwork nightmare of two weeks, turned into a paper chase lasting 2 months, I got rid of everyone.
    Now, we 1099 anyone who comes in and they bring their own supplies. Of course, many are shocked when they have taxes due at the end of the year. For a small business, there is simply no other way. The paperwork and regulation are too severe to actually work and serve the customers who make the business run.


  10. cozette says:

    At best you sound like a spoiled brat and what my ancestors who fought with General Washington called a fair weather patriot. You are intentionally or unintentionally participating in an operation to undermine a leader who is depending on popular support to make reforms. It is called the poisoned pill strategy. People who want to undermine the movement pose as a supporter then start spreading doubt and distrust of the leader among other supporters preying on peoples fears of betrayal. This has been the uni parties chief modus operandi since the elections. Don the con. Trump chumps, you’ve been betrayed. Blah, blah. After all Trump and his family has and is sacrificing for us your attitude is shockingly ungrateful. You can’t lead so follow or get out of the way. Please.


  11. cozette says:

    OMG I loved Fountainhead in my younger years and so did Trump. We both loved Rourkes spirit but not all of his behavior. So now I love Paul Ryan too? Stop spreading gossip that undermines the solidarity we’ll need to defeat Ryan and his cabal. This reminds me of the Trump is Hitler because he had a book of Hitlers speeches narrative. Bottom line you are undermining our chances of success by spreading unwarranted doubt and suspicion which means you are in fact working for Paul Ryans agenda to succeed.


  12. cozette says:

    Interesting you failed to provide a link so I know where some of the poison pills are coming from.


  13. gildie says:

    I had to read the article twice just to get a sense of it,
    nevermind understand it.
    But my take is, an employer;
    even with Trump in the White House with his Americans 1st decree,
    even with the MAGA tsunami wave ready to smash through the country flinging all illegals back across the border,
    even with a new border wall with gun turrets every 200yds,
    even with 10,000 more border patrol officers ready to pounce on
    so much as an ant trying to sneak in here,
    will not legally be able to walk out on his factory floor & announce,
    “All illegals have 20 minutes to pack ya sh*t and leave”.

    The Uniparty has had DECADES to craft & guide the system to where it is today.
    As Sundance suggests, untangling this legal mess is going to be very complicated stuff.
    So frankly, I’m going to just trust Trump on this. And that is not said lightly. These b*stards have betrayed us so often my back looks like a stuffed dummy for bayonet practice. Before Trump, I really believed the only way to put things right again was armed rebellion.
    Let’s see what it looks like a year from now.

    As to the gentleman referring to disney & their H1Bs. That’s just pure greed.
    I HATE disney for doing that. After explaining the horrible things they’ve done against fellow Americans to family & friends, do you think that stopped them from going back to disneyland?


    where are my GD bloodpressure pills…

    Liked by 2 people

  14. snailmailtrucker says:

    I have Faith that Trump will do what is Right for America…
    Give him some time for God’s Sake …..
    and for OUR Sake !

    Liked by 1 person

  15. In #3, it’s even worse than you pointed out. Not only do illegals not pay any taxes, they DO FILE, because tax law allows them CREDITS that result in REFUNDS for taxes that were never paid. Like everyone else, they can get “refunds” of monies they never paid in the first place… for Earned Income …and I believe.. Childcare.


  16. James Yerian says:

    Sorry, this guy is a proponent of foreign labor. I’m getting tired of the lame excuses for Trump and disdain for its readers CTH exhibits. Trump is not Christ. He is capable of screwing up. And he didn’t with the labor puck.


  17. jimsung says:

    I have experienced this situation. My wife is Asian. We’ve been married for 20+ years. When I was medically discharged from the military, after two+ decades of service, 10 years ago, I was very ill. I couldn’t work. So, we moved to the Atlanta area (where I did not want to live). My wife was told by friends she could find a job easily. Well, this was the case, but she couldn’t keep a job. The problem that she, and most immigrants run into, is that there’s a constant stream of illegal immigrants coming in who undermine legal immigrants (and citizens).

    At one location, my wife got a job and was doing well, but then one day the owner told her that she was fired because she found illegals who would work much cheaper. This particular owner ended up housing all the illegals she needed in housing she paid for. In other words, she was housing her own slave labor who would work for virtually nothing. Isn’t that what illegals are, the new slave labor? The Georgia department of labor could not have cared less. None of these people were paying any taxes. The owner was way under paying as well.

    In another location, my wife was working and things were going well. However, she wasn’t a legal employee even though that was what we desperately needed. I told her to talk to the owner and demand that he make her a legal employee. Without earned income, we couldn’t claim the EIC on our taxes. After talking to the owner, she was told that she could be a legal employee, but she would have to pay the employer contribution to the social security tax. In other words, he could get an illegal who cost him nothing, but a legal employee would have to compensate him for the difference. If you think about it, this is the environment he HAS to deal with. His competition is paying as little as possible, which means hiring illegals, so he MUST do the same. Legal Immigrants, like my wife, are caught in the middle. This is why a large percentage of Hispanic immigrants are against illegal immigration. They are caught in the middle.

    In my experience, in 25+ years being around immigrants, very few pay taxes, or at least the taxes they should pay. Anyone who says otherwise is unaware, has an agenda, or is ignorant of reality. Well, I guess I should add propagandized as well.

    Liked by 2 people

    • greenmakescents says:

      Last summer we had to stay at a hotel due to a gas leak and having the boiler repaired. It was a mid price range comfortable suite closest to the house. When we left the next morning there was a landscaping crew of about 20 waiting outside. They wore nice t-shirts with the company logo, clean jeans and very well groomed. Several vans came to pick them up. The front desk told me the company took care of everything and the men were staying long term. I get your post.


  18. Black Beauty says:

    I feel pretty certain that the total number of illegal aliens in this country is well above 50 million. That is including ALL the people that Democrats have “legalized,” in whatever ways. I consider those people still illegal.


    • aguila2011 says:

      Yes, doesn’t it seem ridiculous that after years of a porous border the MSM keeps touting the same 10-12 million illegal immigrant number every year? I wouldn’t doubt that the actual number is more like 50 plus.


  19. qwck10th says:

    Something doesn’t smell right. I see paragraph after paragraph of nuanced talk about the minutea of employment law. Okay, fine. There is a policy contradiction agencies (surprise, surprise.) And, I’m okay with nuanced action so long as it is in the best interest of We the People.

    What I’m not okay with is no mention of legal immigration. H1Bs and their cousins (legal immigrants) have the exact same effect as the illegal ones. They drive down wages and force Americans into other fields. What part of the-status-quo-is-NOT-okay did we fail to communicate on election day?

    I’ll wait and see, but something doesn’t smell right.



  20. NJ transplant says:

    I am not comfortable with someone who said he prefers foreign workers doing an audit for fraud o H1-B visas. Many of these employers know how to get around the rules regarding paying work visa users the minimum salary allowable. The rules are not to protect American workers.


  21. Jeffrey Leyerle says:

    Sundance, I appreciate your higher perspective and reasoned view this issue. I’m no expert employer, never managed hiring staff and immigrants, nor dealt with these conflicting laws from different federal departments. So what’s next? What do we do now?

    A better question I can ask myself — “What can I do to help President-elect Trump and our shared mission to #MAGA?”

    I chose to startup a new, very focused business that counts on talent, knowledge, skill, hard work, profits and superior results. I choose to make an impact in my local community. I choose to do better work ,with better people, and better myself.

    I find I am not alone and, like many who align with Trump’s message, have found new friends hungry to do our part to do improve our businesses, ourselves, and thereby better the country. We can let the Chief Executive President Trump improve the laws nationally, while we work hard to improve our businesses locally. The movement is real and I am proud to be an American Citizen.

    Those who choose to sit on the sidelines, watch and criticize may do so freely, but I prefer to be a player in the game, win, and enjoy real victories right along with Trump’s wins. Let’s do this!


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