Fillon Defeats Juppe In French Republican Primary Runoff…

After failing to get over 50% of the vote in last weeks Republican party primary, the top two candidates Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe had a runoff election today.  Fillon has won, and will now head into next years French Presidential race against Marine Le Pen (French Nationalist Party, FNP) and the liberal/socialist party candidate most likely to be current President Francios Hollande.

Francois Fillon, former French prime minister and member of Les Republicains political party, delivers his speech after partial results in the second round for the French center-right presidential primary election in Paris(Via Reuters) Francois Fillon, a socially conservative free-marketeer, won France’s center-right presidential primaries on Sunday, setting up a likely showdown next year with far-right leader Marine Le Pen that the pollsters expect him to win.

With votes from four-fifths of 10,228 polling stations counted, Fillon, who went into Sunday’s second-round run-off as firm favorite, had won over 67 percent of the vote in a head-to-head battle with another ex-prime minister, Alain Juppe.  “I must now convince the whole country our project is the only one that can lift us up,” a visibly moved Fillon said at his campaign headquarters after Juppe conceded defeat.

All eyes now turn to the ruling Socialist party and to whether the deeply unpopular President Francois Hollande will decide to run for the left-wing ticket in his party’s primaries in January, amid signs that his prime minister, Manuel Valls, is considering a bid of his own.

All eyes now turn to the ruling Socialist party and to whether the deeply unpopular President Francois Hollande will decide to run for the left-wing ticket in his party’s primaries in January, amid signs that his prime minister, Manuel Valls, is considering a bid of his own.  (read more)


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100 Responses to Fillon Defeats Juppe In French Republican Primary Runoff…

  1. NJF says:

    C’mon Le Pen!!!!!!

    What a trifecta that would be. Then the Quad! Merkle…out, out, out! & take her coat!

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    • The Devilbat says:

      and her shoes!

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    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      Gotta love that Mme LePen campaigns under the banner of Joan of Arc.

      Joan was a patriot and a martyr, done in by the treason of those around the king she crowned.

      Joan is the patroness of those going into tough court cases when they are innocent. Joan understood what corrupt judges could bring.

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    • john70 says:

      The best chance for Marine Le Pen to win this would be to run against Hollande in the 2nd round.
      Against Fillon she would have a chance if the election would be about the islamization and islamic terrorism. She would not win, if the election will be about the economy and its management.

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      • regedit says:

        No ,i think the best would be for Le Pen to get over 50% in first round and the game is over-no run off….i think that is how it works in France
        If it goes to the run off- socialists will combine with the “center-right”,and defeat the “true right” like they did in 2014

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        • FrenchNail says:

          Right on! This is an definite exercise in futility. A Political theater play by excellence.

          It is with sincere regrets that I have to inform anybody not familiar with the electoral French system, that if Le Pen does not gather 50% of the votes on the first round, the socialist candidate will be elected. It will be a repeat of the Chirac/LePen (senior) Presidential election.

          In France, if a Presidential candidate does not get over 50% on election day, the two candidates having the most votes face off in another round of elections two weeks later. As it stands right now according to the results of the most recent “region” elections a year ago, Le Pen has around 32- 35% of the population behind her, the traditional right and the socialists sharing the rest. Untold by the media is the deep resentment from the Front National supporters towards the traditional right, now represented by Fillion, which during the second round of the region elections allied itself with the socialists to deny the Front National any victory, hence any representation.

          Yes as of right now , 32-35% of the population has virtually no representation in France, thank to the French version of Uniparty. Hoping that any of such electorate on one side or the other of the equation will switch by the second round is being in denial. Le Pen supporters will not vote Fillion and Fillion supporters will not vote Le Pen, which will lead to a socialist victory.

          It is unfortunate but true that the French psyche is still not chocked enough by its government betrayal and incompetence to overcome the stigma of voting Nationalist. The traditional right and the left have done an excellent job at portraying the Front National as an Ultra Right party with flavors of fascism. Unless a tragedy ala Battaclan occurs just before the elections, Le Pen will gather around 38% more or less, or may be even more, the socialist (probably Valls) will arrive second with Fillion just behind.

          Fillion will do a Cruz vote your conscience speech and most of his supporters will vote socialists, with a large contingent abstaining. This will put the socialist candidate ahead.

          In the unlikely event that of a Fillion/LePen second round, enough of the socialists will vote Fillion to defeat Le Pen.

          I personally think that France will be one of the last country to leave the EU and to abandon its policies. As it is France has no problem to deny representation to a third of its population thru political alliances within the Uniparty and electoral system manipulation. It won’t change overnight. They are not there yet.

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          • TrumpIllinois2016 says:

            Great post, FrenchNail. Thanks for the info.

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          • Maquis says:

            Zut alors! Je me sens mal au estomac…

            Stein had it right, Europe is already dead.

            Si si triste.


          • LP says:

            I agree with your analysis, except I truly believe Fillon (not ‘Fillion’) will most likely get the majority of votes, barring as you said, another Bataclan (not ‘Battaclan’) event.

            I watched the primaries of the ‘conservatives’ and it was clear from the get go Fillon had the advantage due to his policies.

            I would wager Madame Le Pen has an uphill battle. I surmise the voters will reject both ends of the political spectrum and unseat Holllande or Valls (if he challenges Hollande), but will not embrace Madame Le Pen.


          • Esperanza says:

            Rubbish, the classic right is about 30 percent. Le Pen is about 35 percent, possibly. The Socialist candidate is about 25 p[ercent. The most likely outcome is second round Fillon Le Pen.

            Fillon is very likely the next pres. Which is good because we don’t need a National Socialist as pres. Fillon is to the right of Trump. They will get on very well.


            • lingane says:

              Fillon is a ted cruz. We need a balanced economic policy. FN with philippot is too statist, but at least protectionnist, while Fillon is a classic “free” “trade”. We need industries back too.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      If LePen is truly the voice of the people … she will win.

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    • Pam says:

      I’ll second that!

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    • shannynae says:

      Haha! But she doesn’t get it back!


    • Heather Balz says:

      The article states:

      Under the leadership of Le Pen, who took over from her father Jean-Marie in 2011, the FN has switched from an economically liberal, pro-small business party to one that promises to lower the retirement age and guarantee France’s generous welfare safety net.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Let’s not forget Austria, presidential (chancellor) rerun on Dec 4 coming up. Right wing Hofer slated to win.

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  2. markstoval says:

    I am hoping that Marine Le Pen can find a way to beat the establishment as Trump did. She does not have Trump’s resources, but most people did not think Donald had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning it all on that day he first announced his candidacy. So, let us not count her out.

    Populism is wining all over the western world. At least at this time.

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  3. India Maria says:

    And of course, the mainstream media is “certain” that Fillon will win. Sounds familiar…….My money is on Le Pen!

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  4. Dommy says:

    Attention France:
    It’s Le Pen or it’s over for you.
    Your choice.

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  5. fedback says:

    The Left in France seem obliterated.
    A contest between Fillon and Le Pen is a conservative against a nationalist. And Fillon beat his opponent on being opposed to multiculturalism among other things.
    Normally we would see socialist voters hold their noses and vote for Fillon in order to keep Le Pen out. But given the fact Fillon wants to cut 500,000 public sector jobs and Le Pen holds a ‘socialist’ view on the welfare state she might get crossover votes like Trump did.
    Will the matter of EU play a part. Fillon for, Le Pen against

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  6. Sentient says:

    Am I right that Fillon is tougher on immigration than Juppe? So he co-opts some of LePen’s strength on that issue?


    • fedback says:

      Yes. He has taken a strong stance against multiculturalism no doubt also in order to eliminate Le Pen’s strongest weapon. Juppé defended multiculturalism and lost.
      Whether voters will trust Fillon remains to be seen.

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    • sundance says:

      Yes. However, actually getting rid of Juppe is a hurdle crossed. All French elections are open to anyone, ergo the left was supporting Juppe in this one.

      Le Pen will face off against Fillon and Hollande (or his socialist replacement).

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      • sammyhains says:

        Fillon sets up an interesting dynamic. As a true Thatcherite conservative, the likes never before seen in French politics, he is an existential threat to the French social welfare state and permissive culture, particularly in matters of gay rights and the like.

        So the race between the Socialists and Fillon will be deeply bitter, and I do not believe the Socialists will come around to support him in the grand bargain between left and right to block Le Pen. I believe many on the left will decide that Le Pen is less threatening to them than Fillon.

        Hollande also may see Fillon as particularly weak and wrongly believe he can thread the needle and ride to reelection, opting to run again despite his deep unpopularity.

        In the unlikely event that Hollande or his Socialist replacement makes it to the final round against Le Pen, I expect a similar rejection of the grand bargain to take place on the right, with enough people fed up with the ruling socialists to give Le Pen a chance.

        Had Juppe won the primary, I don’t believe any of this would have been possible. But now the circumstances are just right to set up a victory for Le Pen. And failing that, France will elect their right true right-wing conservative ever. Either would make a fine partner for Trump. Really a win-win situation.


    • Not really — he talks up a big storm but there is nothing serious there. For example he states that depending on economic criteria each year a limit should be established — this is a long standing Front National demand. But he never gives the criteria! For example my proposal would be as long as unemployment is above 3% there should be NO immigration outside of marriage partners.

      But Marine Le Pen will attack him from the Left. For example Fillon is a champion of austerity and wants to lay-off 500,000 public sector workers. Now what are their left wing unions going to say? Marine Le Pen is a champion of the state and does not want to save these jobs? Will the unions tell their members to vote for the dude who wants to lay them off? It will be very interesting to see.


      • Big error: this sentence should read:

        Marine Le Pen is a champion of the state and WANTS to save these jobs.


      • Esperanza says:

        Actually we don’t want marriage partners any more. This has been the root of the problem. Immigration in France has been closed for years, it’s ONLY family. We need residence and ressources guarantees. Fillon has said he will do this.


        • myshariamoor says:

          Hollande announced shortly after the ’15 Bataclan massacre that he would let in over 60,000 MORE Moslem immigrants!
          I’m watching YOU, Mec!


  7. SharonKinDC says:

    Interesting turn of events. Even if Fillon wins over LePen, he’s miles better than that old stooge, Hollandaise Sauce.

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  8. True Colors says:

    France has never had a female president before. Marine Le Pen would be the very first.

    The whole world should be cheering for her to win. It is time to “break the glass ceiling.” It is time to “make history.”

    Anyone who refuses to support Le Pen is a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe….. and most of all, a MISOGYNIST!


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  9. Stefano says:

    Fillon actually does not “SOUND” that bad.
    It is a problem of credibility for the French Republicans, because so far they most often have ended up grossly betraying the French people who voted them in.
    Sarkozy particularly was an abject disaster.
    BUT if you had to look at the program and compare them from a “right wing” conservative viewpoint and with a leap of faith trust them all equally you would guess Fillon was altogether the best candidate.
    Fillon has much more of a free market small government mentality, at least in words.
    But is he anti or pro Euro?
    ..his words are unclear,mid of the river on the subject.
    While Marine Le Pen is VERY clear.
    But Fillon seems to have picked up much of the trumpian rethoric,or ,in this case ,the Jean Marie Le Pen nationalist,”France First” rethoric which has been around for decades in France, even if that party was just a small niche then..

    How convenient, just about time and how could we trust you NOW, republicans? might say.
    I don’t know.
    I really don’t know.

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    • john70 says:

      I watched the debate between Fillon and Juppe: the world islam was never said. If the election will be about islamization and islamic terrorism, Marine Le Pen has a chance. If not, she won’t win.

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    • Esperanza says:

      Fillon is a ‘souverainist’ ie he wants an EU of the Nations, which is what we signed up for.

      Fillon’s programme is way better than Le Pen’s. She’s just a different kind of Socialist.


  10. Stefano says:

    Actually my favorite candidate was her father by far:
    Jean Marie Le Pen, the founder and total leader and inspirator of Le Front Nationelle.
    He also had a better viewpoint in economy, always repeating and remainding people:
    ” I am not a communist, private property and the right of the hard worker and good entrepenuer to a profit is sacred. I am only against big banks monopoly ..etc.”.
    Marine instead, went much more “social ” in economy, not quite a commie but she uses some almost “redistribution of wealth ” sounding narrative, which I profoundly despise hearing.

    But ,with the exception of Trump,it is apparently my eternal destiny to support wholeheartedly niche,5 % type of candidates ,from Pat Buchanan,to Jean Marie Le Pen and others….and so it goes.

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    • TrumpIllinois2016 says:

      I don’t know much about French politics but I see the media building up fillon and demonizing Le Pen. This automatically makes me like Le Pen more. Fillon strikes me as a Cruz or other GOP establishment slave that has learned some decent lingo so that he doesn’t end up getting crushed. Fillon is probably all talk, no action. Le Pen sounds just like Trump. Don’t forget they (Cruz and the GOPe) accused Trump of being a socialist too.

      I’m rooting for Le Pen.

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      • Stefano says:

        Possibly, particularly the fact that when the media goes on one side one knows exactly the right side to go.
        The opposite.
        Good rule of thumb…95% of the time.

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      • The problem for us here in the US is that we’ll never get to hear exactly what M. Le Pen is actually saying. Thank goodness we’re getting a few French people here to help us. We already know the mainstream media, whether French or US, will not give us the true story.

        I do recall reading about her father and also reading what he actually said. Very different.

        I would not support M. Le Pen uncritically – I, too, detect some fairly heavy-duty appeals to envy, and support for income redistribution. So, holding back on forming an opinion.

        BTW, we had tons of info on, by and for Nigel Farage, so it was easy to know where he stands. Also, he was supporting an issue, not a candidacy. Very different animals.


  11. Cooper says:

    Fillon sounds much more like a Conservative than Le Pen. Both Fillon and Let Pen want out of the EU. Both want Anti Islam policies instilled and to preserve French culture. Both want a closer relationship with Russia. Both want massive immigration reductions. Le Pen actually wants a moratorium on immigration which is her best selling point IMO. Le Pen is a Socialist and Fillon is a capitalist.
    Fillon = Capitalist Conservative with low immigration
    Le Pen= Anti immigrant Socialist

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    • TrumpIllinois2016 says:

      You’re oversimplifying everything. I would do more research on fillon and exactly just how anti-Islam and anti-EU he truly is. Don’t believe everything you read. Cruz Romney and the GOPe also accused Trump of being a “socialist” and nothing could be further from the truth.


      • Cooper says:

        Your right. Fillon is poison.

        Fillon is an Islam-appeasing fake.

        “…June 28, 2010, when he cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the largest mosque in France in Argenteuil, northwest Paris, Fillon said that Islam had made an “essential contribution to the industrial development of our country” and that the “Argenteuil New Mosque reflects the vitality of the Muslim community in France.”

        “I want to tell you how you can, how you should be proud of this achievement, which reflects the serene registration of Islam in the national landscape.”

        Fillon went on to boast that the number of mosques in France had risen from 100 in 1970, to over 2,000 in 2010, and that the “French Council of the Muslim Faith is definitely part of our institutional landscape.”

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    • Stefano says:

      But is Fillon CREDIBLE?
      Or just some establishment French republican with a good timing sense?
      Is that whole party credible?

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    • That’s how it looks to me, too, at first glance, Cooper.


  12. regedit says:


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  13. Sandra-VA says:

    Whoever wins, out of Fillon or Le Pen, faces an almost insurmountable problem with the moslem hordes that have invaded France. I seriously doubt that anyone other than those two will be contenders, so let us hope that the right candidate wins! That means the one that will do whatever it takes to remove the cancer as well as face off with the EU.

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    • Wend says:

      Getting rid of Merkel in Germany would be YUUUGE. I’m rooting for whoever the AfD runs!

      The French Republicans have double-crossed the good people in France too many times. I’m rooting for Marine!!

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      • Wavetheshales says:

        The Kanzler/in is not directly elected, rather it is selected by the winning coalition. The AfD are growing by leaps and bound, so it will be interesting what kind of coalition they can create/join. I’d like to see Seehofer (CSU) as Kanzler, and the CSU (Bavarian sister party of the CDU) is much more conservative, as is Herr Seehofer himself. I think it would be a good fit.

        The problem is getting CSU national, but Seehofer has said he won’t back Merkel until and UNLESS she changes her stance on immigration (i.e. put a stop to it, similar to Trump). Speaking of Trump, Seehofer is supportive of him, and likes his politics……

        I hope and pray that the voice of the people, and most important, the will of GOD, be done!


  14. decisiontime16 says:

    From Breitbart –

    “UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has taken one step closer to backing Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections in 2017, declaring that if Ms. Le Pen wins, the European Union project will collapse entirely.”

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    • decisiontime, if Nigel is correct and Ms. Le Pen wins, it is a win-win for him as a citizen of Great Britain. Collapse of EU is good as far as he is concerned, and her Socialism would ruin France – not a Bad thing, AFAHIC.


  15. Cooper says:

    Hmmmm. Fillon has enjoyed a strong boost in popularity in recent weeks. He promotes traditional family values and said he plans to reduce immigration to France “to a minimum.”
    Mmm, david Cameron made those same kind of promises in 2010, and look how well that turned out. FAIL

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    • Cooper, not at all comparable. Also, note, Teresa May is the same party as Mr. Cameron,.so his promises are still on track, except for the EU part. I look forward to a huge economic boost for GB in the coming months and years.
      The Left is dead in GB, as it appears to be in France, except for Ms. Le Pen? Just being anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim does not make for a complete political platform.


      • Pigg says:

        Anti-immigrant and anti-muslim could make for a complete political platform dependent upon the havoc that these groups bring to the citizens. And IMHO France should be fed up with their current situation and make this platform priority one.


  16. Dommy says:

    “Islamic organizations and mosques in France are urging Muslims to vote Alain Juppé”

    How many Muslim organizations have urged Muslims to vote for LePen?


    France’s choice should be clear if they want to survive.

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    • Do recall, Dommy, that Juppe did not win – Fillon won. Muslims are idiots.


    • Stefano says:

      Wait, the Muslim vote for Juppe was in the primaries ,the exclusively republican primaries,so it was clearly vote against Fillon, a vote to avoid the “anti Muslim” Fillon as the republican candidate.
      It would have been impossible,in the republican primaries for Islamic organizations to urge a vote for Le Pen( not that they would anyway, of course)
      I am not necessarily pro Fillon, I have been supporting Le Front Nationelle for 40 years now, I just think that that much should be clarified and understood.
      Fillon,credible or not,(probably not) has taken up some “Trumpian” ,nationalist,France First rethoric.
      And the Islamic organizations urged to vote against “THAT.


  17. johnhd1 says:

    Voting on the economy or any other non immivasion issue would be like worrying about your cancer while sitting in a burning car. They must vote for the candidate who will stop the invasion of their country.

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  18. DebbieUk says:

    I hope Marine LePen wins it would be the icing on the cake ,but the French system as described in previous post ,more or less guarantees that she won’t .

    Front National want to leave the EU and I just don’t see the French people voting for that ,not yet.
    Mr Fillon is touting reform of EU which as we British know is impossible.

    Things will have to get a whole lot worse for the French .They are socialists at heart and the EU is a socialist construct .

    France is one of the founding members and they are still proud of that,

    I hope Im wrong and there is a big surprise as with Mr Trump and Brexit.


    • Dommy says:

      ‘Reform’ is like putting lipstick on a pig.
      At the end of the day it’s still a pig.


    • Trumped says:

      True. The system as it is and the underlying political ideologies make it almost impossible.
      Same in germany and almost any other west european parliament.
      Even the U.K is still liberal despite voting Brexit. In parliamentary elections Farage couldnt win any substantial power.

      In france the two big parties will block against Le pen.
      In germany the two big parties + green, liberal party and left party, coalesce vs. the AFD. No chance for AFD to get any power.
      Similar with the dutch, italians and spanish systems.

      IMO west europe is already lost.


      • Sa_Bi says:

        You talk like the pundits who gave Trump no chance.

        Maybe you should keep in mind that a party doesn’t have to gain power to have considerable influence. UKIP never won a meaningful amount of seats. The terrible German Green Party always failed to win more that 20% of the national vote, but was able to force its platform on all other parties. Never underestimate political opportunism.

        Point of AfD in Germany is to gain enough power to veto constitutional amendments, whiat could result in the German federal government being paralyzed on the EU stage and AfD holding considerable bargaining power.

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        • DebbieUk says:

          I always thought Brexit and Trump would win ,you could feel it . I hope they really do get it together and take that first step to freedom .Hope Le Pen gets good support and planning help to maximise her vote and somehow play their system.
          The French are very patriotic but also very entwined with the EU.One of the two headquarters is based in Strasbourg .

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        • Trumped says:

          Cause the underlying demographics and political viewpoints are TOTALLY different to the US.

          It was one opportunity BREXIT. That’s it for the Uk. let’s hope more happens.
          Greens had power cause they are basicly liberals as all the other parties who were more or less ok with the reforms.
          AFD could only gain that power through reaching more regional govs where they face the same problem as in national elections were everyone else will coalesce vs. them. At most they could take 2-3 states.

          And btw. the AFD is a really shitty party with lots of infights, real nazis and shady people.


      • Wavetheshales says:

        The AfD is currently the third-most-popular party, after the CDU (RINOe) and SPD.
        Getting the FDP (name is liberal, they’re center-right, used to be called die Freimaurer-Partei) and Die Linke or even the Greens in a coalition would be nigh on impossible.

        If the AfD overtake the SPD, the CDU will have to take note, in particular if Merkel keeps insisting on allowing the Moslem invasion (as Seehofer will withhold his support of her; indeed could go against her). This could be why Martin Schultz has come back from Brussels to Berlin. It looks as if the globalists/illumis want him in, to further their
        nefarious Satanic agenda……

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  19. Sa_Bi says:

    Sarkozy lost to Hollande because he advocated free market reforms.

    Best strategy for Le Pen is, in my opinion, to repeat that experience by going after the working class and socialist vote in the 2nd round – just like Trump won in the Rust Belt. The French love their statism.

    Ultimately, if two people on the Right run in the last round the question boils down to who gets the bigger share of the Left-wing vote.

    Also drive down the liberal and immigrant turnout for Fillon. They don’t vote, she wins.


  20. Marc Falck says:

    While I’m sure, most of you would support Marine Le Pen, most of my French contacts (small/medium business owners, staunch conservatives (in the european sense), professionals and regular wage workers) are supporting François Fillon.

    Francois Fillon is an avowed and renowned Thatcherite, and I think France might need that, in this tumultuous time.

    Honestly whichever way It goes (Fillon or Le Pen), the future is looking bright for France.


  21. Accidental duplicate paragraph Sundance.


  22. Hopefully they will read the news about OSU this morning their time. We are concerned over here about the unvetted migration and we aren’t even in the EU. Could only imagine how they feel after these past couple of years.

    English Civil War 》American Revolution》French Revolution. Brexit 》Trump 》….?


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