*Updates* San Antonio Police Officer Assassinated By Black Male Suspect – BOLO Issued…

During a routine traffic stop a San Antonio police officer was ambushed, shot twice in the head, and killed near police HQ.  Suspect described as a 5’7″ black male, baggy pants, hoodie and a beard.  Suspect Vehicle:

suspect-vehicle-1update-1Update:  The police officer has been identified as 50-year-old Benjamin Marconi a veteran police officer.  Twitter Feed Here.  It will tear at your heart to read his twitter feed…. sorry, I just can’t even write about it yet {{tears}}.


RIPOfficer Benjamin Marconi

San Antonio –  A San Antonio police officer was shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket, according to Police Chief William McManus.

The chief said that while the officer was writing a ticket, someone pulled up behind the squad car, stepped out of his vehicle and shot the officer twice, once in the head. The shooter then drove off.

The officer who was killed was a 20-year-veteran of the force, according to McManus.

Police scanner recordings offer a frightening account of what took place, and indicate that the attack took place in the vicinity of police headquarters.

“I’ve got an officer down in front of headquarters,” the voice on the recording said. “Black male in a black Nissan. I need EMS right now in front of headquarters.”

San Antonio Police issued a photo on social media of the black Nissan fleeing the scene after the shooting.

“This is the vehicle seen fleeing headquarters after the shooting. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a hoodie, baggy pants, and beard. Approximately 5’7. Please call Crime Stoppers at 224-STOP with any info,” the post said.  (link)

BOLO – Alert:

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297 Responses to *Updates* San Antonio Police Officer Assassinated By Black Male Suspect – BOLO Issued…

  1. Sherlock says:

    These police shootings have obviously increased in number under Obama, for obvious reasons all well documented. However, it’s not just him. Throughout the campaign, Hillary Clinton made a point to appear on stage with mothers of individuals who had been shot by police, most easily shown to be justified shootings. She wanted to turn out that black vote so badly that she lied about the police, railed against imaginary “inherent bias” of officers, and did her best to make it seem that police were executing black young people willy-nilly, while the facts and statistics absolutely put the lie to her claims.

    She never appeared with police, never demanded forcefully that violence against police stop.
    She did her part to fan the flames, fire up the street thugs, and her campaign even paid people to foment violence against Trump supporters at rallies. The yearlong spate of police officer being murdered on duty are part of her legacy as well as Obama’s.

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    • bofh says:

      There is no end to the amount of blood on that woman’s hands. She truly is a demon.

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      • ThereTruths says:

        Every now and then when someone mentions PE Trump, I realize again with the utmost relief and gratitude that we were delivered from a Hillary term in the WH. I’m still processing it. She seems to get everything she wants, but was denied the biggest prize.

        I am so sad and mad about these killings.

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    • Sandra says:

      Bernie is responsible too, allowing the BLM heifers to hijack his rally and then courting BLM, even after the hijack, as if it were some legit organization. The snowflakes have been validated by the violence-loving lib politicians.

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    • distracted2 says:

      There is a lot of blame to go around but it starts at the top. Obama and his cabinet, HC, the DNC, BLM, Change.org, Soros, and the media for not making it a headline story and calling it out for what it is – a hate crime.

      And I also blame every. single. flipping. liberal.


  2. justfactsplz says:

    No words, just tears.

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  3. chick20112011 says:

    I apologize if this has been posted. A poster to the #sanantoniopolice hashtag, has posted the name of the criminal. I can’t verify this yet.


  4. I’m going to repost these two images together. The second one the rear of a 2011 Mitsubishi Galant. (I notice that the 2010 is similar, too if not exact).

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  5. lilbirdee'12 says:

    ANOTHER officer ambushed this evening. These killers feel emboldened by the criminal occupiers in the White House. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.


    FTA: “St. Louis, MO- A St. Louis Police Department sergeant has been shot twice in the face and has been transported to Barnes Jewish Hospital in serious condition.

    The shooting occurred at the at the intersection of Pernod and Hampton avenues at around 7:30 P.M. Sunday night. Police reported that a suspect drove alongside the officer’s marked patrol vehicle and fired shots into the vehicle, striking the officer. The suspect fled and is at large.”

    Heavenly Father, please watch over our brave officers and shield them from evil.

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    • guitar107 says:

      This is BHO ‘s sorry legacy: a race war. He’s being aided and abetted by most, if not all, the Dem party.
      We’ve fallen so far into a third world h*llhole, that most of our youth has been brainwashed: trans is good, but killing LOE is OK, “love trumps hate” but it’s okay to despise and insult those who don’t agree with them.

      I am sick of the depths of depravity caused by the globalists: not only here… Europe and Canada are suffering from this malady.

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    • Howie says:

      Obama sent them a message to FIGT. these are Obama sneak Attacks.


  6. lilbirdee'12 says:

    UPDATE: “The U.S. Marshals Serivce has confirmed a person of interest in the death of San Antonio police Detective Benjamin Marconi is now in custody.

    Chris Bozeman with the Marshal Service said the man was arrested around 8:30 p.m. The name of the man was not released. Bozeman could not confirm if the person detained was the same person San Antonio police was looking for.”

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  7. YvonneMarie says:

    WW III folks.

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    • Sandra says:

      Or the second civil war. The civilized people vs. the ferals.

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      • ThingsWeTakeForGranted says:

        BLM is increasing havoc before DJT gets in office. U.S. Citizens are going to have to start protecting the police. Hum…that’s a crazy thought, but I think it is an interesting one. Can we volunteer the be a policeman’s secret service agent?

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  8. chick20112011 says:

    This showing up on the hashtag of #benjaminmarconi
    Not funny.
    aok ‏@originalm47 3m3 minutes ago
    was either kill or be killed #BenjaminMarconi #bluedeathsquad #BlackLivesMatter


  9. This MUST become a Federal Law with the FBI taking over all cases of officers being shot while on duty. Mandate the punishment then fit the crime and let Federal judges dole out the justices the Liberal locals refuse to do.

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    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      Agree. This is pure and simple…HATE CRIME. They are killed for the uniform they wear and what it represents. Death penalty…quickly…no other option !

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    • Les says:

      To support your point, please compare the Texas Police Protection Act with the Democrat-sponsored Federal Police Protection Act:

      Texas: Governor Abbott’s Police Protection Act includes the following proposals:
      •Extend hate crime protections to law enforcement officers
      •Increase criminal penalties for any crime in which the victim is a law enforcement officer, whether or not the crime qualifies as a hate crime
      •Create a culture of respect for law enforcement by organizing a campaign to educate young Texans on the value law enforcement officers bring to their communities

      “The recent shooting in Dallas is not the first time law enforcement officers in Texas have been targeted. Our goal is to do everything possible to make it the last,” added Abbott.


      Cop-Killing Democrats: To require States and units of local government to have in place laws requiring law enforcement officers to submit reports when an individual is injured or killed by such a law enforcement officer in the course of the officer’s employment as a condition on receiving certain grant funding, and for other purposes.

      THIS is why we fight for States’ Rights!

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  10. Sandra says:

    I had to bypass this article two times because I couldn’t bear to read it. Obama has more blood on his hands. He has validated this violence throughout his presidency.

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  11. rsmith1776 says:

    Why again is a police sergeant making a harmless Archie Bunker joke in an email a Federal Hate Crime, while murderers sicced on by cynical, dark-minded criminals such as Barry Hussy Soetero and Hellary Clinton are treated like victims??

    Please, President Trump, another priority on your already long list of things you’re destined to address and solve.

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  12. chick20112011 says:

    No word from the Agitator-I-Chief


  13. Les says:

    Is this his twitter? Definite possibility: https://twitter.com/RenzTheTruth

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  14. Few care to consider the corrosive effect the war on drugs has had on the relationship between minorities and the police force. The war on drugs is a state assault on the basic human rights, and the poor can not defend themselves against state assaults on their liberties as well as Beverly Hills lawyers and dentists can. As a result poor and minority men are locked up, emerge from the system with criminal records, can’t find work, and have excellent reasons to sell and use narcotics.

    Prohibition of alcohol brought about violence and death. The war on drugs is having similar results. Dr. Thomas Szasz points out the threats to liberty and public order that are inevitable from any war on drugs, which is essentially a war by the state on its citizens. When the citizens fight back the state’s front lines of law enforcement officers do most of the bleeding and dying.

    See: Dr. Thomas Szasz: Our Right To Drugs
    See: Dr. Thomas Szasz: Ceremonial Chemistry – The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts and Pushers.

    Unfortunately Donald Trump seems to be very gung-ho about the war on drugs. More tragedies to follow.


    • rashamon says:

      This “war on drugs” has been going on prior to our nation’s founding; i.e. the opium wars whence our bankster/founders made their millions. Too much money, too many potential clients, too many willing to launder proceeds, too many…too many…too many…

      Some have suggested that 50% of the world’s economy is based on trafficking drugs or the activity around the issue. In fact, the entire reason any political entity scrabbles around in Afghanistan — a desolate country inhabited by unruly tribes who only pause their warfare to cultivate…the poppy.

      Think about it.


  15. lilbirdee'12 says:


    FTA: “KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Gladstone police officer has been shot, This makes four heroes shot in less than 24 hours.

    The officer was shot at approximately 10:45 p.m. while conducting a traffic stop at NW Vivion Road and U.S. 169.

    We have received reports that the Officer was able to return fire, striking the subject. Their conditions are unknown at this time. We are still receiving updates and will post them as they come in.”


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  16. chick20112011 says:

    David Quesada ‏@DQuesada 2m2 minutes ago
    My sources are telling me that the man who murdered SAPD officer #BenjaminMarconi is the same guy from this article.


  17. woohoowee says:

    Hmmm….Why no mention of Black Lives Matter?


    A gunman killed five officers in Dallas who were working a protest about the fatal police shootings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. It was the deadliest day for American law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001.

    Ten days after the Dallas attack, a man wearing a ski mask and armed with two rifles and a pistol killed three officers near a gas station and convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3955164/San-Antonio-police-officer-shot-dead-patrol-car-traffic-stop.html#ixzz4QcWqsV1X
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    The shooting came less than five months after a gunman killed five officers in Dallas who were working a protest about the fatal police shootings of black skin men in Minnesota and Louisiana. It was the deadliest day for American law enforcement since September 11, 2001.

    Ten days after the Dallas attack, a man wearing a ski mask and armed with two rifles and a pistol killed three officers near a gas station and convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And earlier this month, two Des Moines, Iowa-area police officers were fatally shot in separate ambush-style attacks while sitting in their patrol cars.


    Why no mention of Black Lives Matter? Both England and Australia are very aware of it even in their own countries.


    On September 6 nine protesters blocked London City Airport’s runway
    Black Lives Matter UK claimed responsibility for the demonstration
    All of those involved were white and all from privileged backgrounds

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3793611/The-children-privilege-loathe-gave-advantage-truth-white-Black-Lives-Matter-protesters-closed-London-City-airport-ll-want-protest-against-THEM.html#ixzz4QcY6eWqf
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    Updated 18 Jul 2016, 8:22pm

    The Black Lives Matter movement has arrived in Australia and is striking a chord with the Indigenous population, says a prominent US activist who is visiting the country.


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  18. McGuffin says:

    The “person of interest” appears to be just another gun toting pot smoking baby daddy thug p.o.s. criminal. More than likely raised by a single mom in the projects. (sorry I can’t capitalize the words above, it would show too much respect).

    I’m vacillating between extreme sorrow and extreme anger. I’m sickend by this war on our Police. My police. They are MY POLICE as TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! I pray for all of them and Thank God for all of them. Please make this end.

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  19. chick20112011 says:

    San Antonio Pd just tweeted this
    SA Police Dept ‏@SATXPolice 1m1 minute ago
    SAPD is still actively looking for the suspect and suspect vehicle in connection to this morning’s shooting. No… http://fb.me/6ENaRXEfA


  20. chick20112011 says:

    I know someone in media there. Nothing yet.

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    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      Thanks so much for staying on this, chick. Long and rough Monday coming up for me, gonna have to leave it with y’all. Wolverines ! God bless !

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      • chick20112011 says:

        Thanks. I love this place for we deplorables and do NOT want to provide bad info.


        • smiley says:

          isn’t San Antonio the same city where schoolkids perform assassination skits ?

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          • TwoLaine says:

            Yes. This is exactly what happens in towns where you let 10th graders perform Presidential assassinations on a high school stage, in front of an UNWILLING, CAPTIVE audience.

            Again, the question: WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? I think they need to be investigated fully by someone in authority.

            When will these “performers” stop with the rants? NFL, SNL, AMA, Hamilton, high school. Ridiculous and Outrageous.

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            • smiley says:

              they don’t belong to parents anymore….they belong to the community…or the commune or hillary’s “village”…. it’s for the children ( those who somehow escaped being aborted).

              and communities who fall in line w/ the agenda are essentially giving a green light to anti-American activities…burning flags, spitting in coffee cups, killing WHITE MALE leaders, tantrums, same sex bathrooms, etc etc.

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  21. angelwhiskers says:

    Obama’s diversity crowd-ALL believe they should have a “Get out of Jail Free” card. Thus -sanctuary cities,illegals,welfare mooches, riots being called “protests” with no ramifications ,BLM, muslims-ignoring the hate of their “religion”, ECT. So, now we have thugs mad at anyone that follows Laws,enforces Laws. This is what obama has sown. The sane among Us know that true diversity has nothing to do with Race or Culture, it is our Soul, our Character , our Actions.


    • Kent says:

      From a “Federal Observer” article titled “The Obama-Ayers Incestuous Money Trail”….

      “As the head of Commonwealth Edison, Tom Ayers was not only very wealthy, but very connected to all the power players in Chicago. It was said his influence or support could help elect a mayor, a governor, or a senator.
      The Sidley Austin law firm hired Tom Ayers’ Castro-trained daughter-in-law, even though as a felon, she was prohibited from practicing law. But Sidley Austin succumbed to Ayers’ pressure to hire her. Sidley Austin must have succumbed to pressure (or they had some unknown reason) to hire a young first-year law student as an intern. It is very rare for big law firms, such as Sidley Austin, to hire law students in their first year. Who supplied that pressure we don’t know, but the young man was Barack Obama. Bill Ayers hired Obama to help him radicalize the Chicago education system along the Hugo Chavez model.
      Was this the first time the Ayers family met Barack Obama, or did the links begin even before he went to Harvard? We know Tom Ayers and Howard Trienens, a Sidley Austin partner, were fellow members of the board of trustees for Northwestern University.
      We know that they, or someone else, got Northwestern University to hire convicted felon, Castro-trained Bernardine Dohrn Ayers, as an associate professor of law – her hiring even being endorsed by a federal judge.
      Now, could Tom Ayers and Trienens have helped Obama get endorsements from enough people to get him admitted to Harvard? We only know one person who endorsed Obama, Northwestern University professor John L. McKnight, a Saul Alinsky admirer who knew Tom Ayers and Howard Trienens through their seats on the board at his school. Harvard and Obama have not disclosed the identities of the other mystery endorsers.”

      Apologies to the author/s for the lack of credit…..

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  22. Texmom says:

    The scariest part is how ill informed our younger adults are on this stuff. We live outside SA and when we asked our 25 year old son if he’d heard about it, he said yeah. I said this is the result of BLM. He said what? They have nothing to do with each other. I explained to him that this is not an isolated incident, cops are being gunned down all over the US as a result of the BLM movement. He said “Meh”, pretty much not believing me. (He is clueless on news but his friends keep him well informed on lefty causes.) Our 29 year old has been indoctrinated, too, and believe me, they both grew up with solid values, but the propaganda is so consuming and relentless. That is the real enemy we are at war with. Propaganda and corruption.


  23. chick20112011 says:

    Otis Tyrone McKane.

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  24. dman777blog says:

    “Otis Tyrone McKane, 31, told police that he ‘lashed out at somebody who didn’t deserve it’ when he shot Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50.
    Speaking to press on his way to Bexar County Jail in San Antonio late Monday, he said: ‘I’ve been through several custody battles, and I was upset at the situation I was in, and I lashed out at someone who didn’t deserve it.’
    He also said he wanted to apologize to the family of the slain detective. ”


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