More Winning – Ford CEO Calls Donald Trump: Lincoln Plant Will Stay in Kentucky…


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin responds:


The deep-dive back story that was only discussed here is below:

SEPTEMBER 15TH 2016 – This is a really important interview to grasp the scope of the America-First economic challenge in front of Donald Trump and specifically U.S. workers. Unfortunately, what follows below is the best version of the interview we can find and it has edits, significant edits by CNN, to the initial portion of the interview as it originally aired.

For those unfamiliar with how structured these types of interviews are, there are a few key aspects worth noting in advance of watching the video:


♦ CEO Mark Fields is not alone in this interview. Off camera there are key corporate executive advisers, PR, Marketing, HR, Risk Mgmt., etc. positioned to give immediate feedback toward any sound bites that can have an adverse impact on the corporate objectives. There’s a few times when you can see Fields taking cues from those voices.

♦ The CEO corporate culture (starts in MBA school) teaches executives how to use code words and phrases to avoid pitfalls, and unless you are skilled -or familiar- in detecting the nuance, much of the significant verbiage can be missed. Words and phrases matter.

There’s a big difference between a major corporate CEO saying “investment in North America“, and “investment in America“. The former references international trade agreements such as NAFTA which apply to Mexico the U.S. and Canada, the latter is directed to the United States. Pay close attention and you’ll note the importance.

♦ Notice how Mark Fields will not answer key and specific questions directly. Instead choosing to use parseltongue and politispeak coded language. This is a trained skill much like a professional politician is trained in non-answers that leave the viewer/listener the impression of an answer.

♦ Pay additional attention to phrases such as:

• “retained or created jobs“, you’ll notice the similarity to “saved or created jobs” vis-a-vis the Obama stimulus. The use of the phrases holds a similar intent.

• “most of our investment is here in the U.S.“, this is a slight-of-word use. Of course Ford has most of their investment here in the U.S., the historic valued infrastructure is part of that phrase.

The issue for this conversation is “future investment or reinvestment”, and that’s where you see the verbiage shift (use of) “North America” coming into play.

• “value market” is the term for cheaper cars. In this example the Ford Focus model.

Notice also Poppy Harlow was finally able to pin Fields down on “40% labor savings”. That specific number is where you hear the counter Trump approach of a 35% tariff which would eliminate that incentive. If Ford saves 40% labor cost on Ford Focus vehicles by building in Mexico, and they face a 35% Tax upon re-import, the incentive to have Mexican workers build the vehicle is lost. Notice Mark Fields avoids answering that question.

Notice also Harlow asks about the 40% savings and where that profit is reinvested. Notice how Fields says the monies return to the corporate structure (U.S.A.) where reinvestment determinations are made. However, the reinvestment determination, as previously outlined, is “a North American” and/or “global” determination. Parseltongue.

On one hand the CEO states the goal is to remain competitive in the “value market” (ie. cheap car market like Kia etc.), however, at the same time Fields never mentions lowering the price, because it’s the profit margin actually driving the decision – not any consumer savings. The U.S.A market (consumer) will not see Ford Focus vehicles drop in price; instead they’re just made in Mexico at a lower cost.

bernie frustrated warrenThis key distinction is the heart of the Economic Patriotism argument.

An argument that Bernie Sanders has made effectively, Donald Trump has also recognized, and one which through the course of time -and history has empirically evidenced- creates terrible long-term consequences for the rapidly diminishing middle class U.S. worker.

The economic patriotism distinction is also where traditionally minded conservatives, like myself, have reevaluated the bigger picture and accepted the following: In a global world the concept of traditional economic models (for free-market capitalism) are no longer working on behalf of the United States of America – because there is no national pride or incentive attached to the end goal, profit.

Paul Samuelson, the Nobel laureate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recalled that John Maynard Keynes once was challenged for altering his position on some economic issue:

“When my information changes,” said Keynes “I change my mind. What do you do Sir?”

While I have never agreed with Keynesian economic theory, Keynes attributed quote itself is never more apropos than today’s 2016 American economics argument amid various conservatives. What good is Mark Levin’s definition of conservatism, when there’s no middle class America left to conserve?

What good are George Will’s free market theories when the end result is the outflow of American wealth into poorer, less economically developed countries, while we EBT ourselves into a national debt crisis because we are trying to sustain the diminished value of the American worker?

Not only is this historic approach now rapidly becoming the pathway into an unrecoverable American economic death spiral, it is also global wealth distribution done by Wall Street, not Main Street.

The result, our result, is an ever expanding, seemingly impossible to stop, wealth gap, creating an unnatural and profoundly unhealthy class system, in America, between the “Rich” and “Poor”.

We do not need socialism to fix the problem, we need economic patriotism from industrial giants, Main Street, who value the principles behind putting American-workers-First.

Now, watch the video [*Note* ignore the pontificating liberalism of Poppy Harlow or you’ll miss important stuff]:

Ford is willing to spend $1.6 BILLION to create 2,800 jobs in Mexico, to save 40% on the price of their “value product line” of automobiles.

If a Ford Focus costs $8,000 to manufacture (in Mexico). How many Focus’s would they need to sell at an additional 40% profit margin to make up for their initial investment of $1.6 BILLION. Do the math, and you’ll realize why I shall never again purchase a Ford vehicle.

Ford CEO Mark Fields, like many modern vulture capitalists, is a globalist – not an America-First CEO.

trump-hat-1trump convention 2

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121 Responses to More Winning – Ford CEO Calls Donald Trump: Lincoln Plant Will Stay in Kentucky…

  1. progpoker says:

    Holy Shit!! That’s Yuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!

    (I apologize for the bad word!!)

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  2. ryanomalley1 says:

    More winning?
    President-elect Trump has selected Lt. General Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor.

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  3. tsforex says:

    President Trump s agenda may be implemented in 3 months. Winning Big League…or bigly…

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  4. WeThePeople2016 says:

    We used to drive Fords in the family because we thought that Ford was the last of the American-built cars. Then, we noticed that Ford started cozying up too much with the globalism agenda, including their move to Mexico.

    It was so depressing when the Govt. took over the car industry. Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, etc. were as American as Applie Pie. Ford was the last hope. Not anymore.

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    • wizzum says:

      Yeah, there are no real muscle cars any more, just pony cars. Maybe GM will look to import the Commodore from Australia like they were before the auto disaster.

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      • Voltara says:

        Ford and GM(H) are both closing their plants here. Ford is replacing the local Falcon with Mustangs imported from the USA and GM (Holden) will be importing an Opel from Germany. My Dad always drove a Falcon, and I’ve owned four in the last 15 years. You can sit on a 100mph all day on a dirt road and that big 4.0 litre flat 6 barely ticks over. Very sad to see them go.


        • Mikayla825 says:

          My first car was a ’61 Ford Falcon. However I never got to drive it. My dad had taken it in to get new tires and filled it up with gas, quickly found out the gas tank leaked and the guy who sold it to me suddenly had “no problem” giving my money back to the very pissed off Marine that went with me to collect. ahhh memories……….


          • nobaddog says:

            I had a 62 Falcon 3 speed for my first. Drove the wheels off of it. 2 transmissions from the junk yard to. I didnt know it wasnt a race car at the time. LOL What did you end up with for your 1st. My 2nd and 3rd were 65 mustangs when they were everywhere for 200.00 in good shape.


          • rashamon says:

            My father brought home a new ’61 Ford Falcon and when my brother opened the door to get behind the wheel, the door completely fell off the car. Hmmmm…didn’t have that car for many minutes.


    • Joe R says:

      The auto union drove the american car companies to bankruptcy. It finally caught up to them.


      • booger71 says:

        Read Iaccoca’s book. It was government regulations, cafe standards, corporate tax rates, and some really stupid engineering decisions in the 80’s that that opened the door for the Japanese imports to gain ground, not necessarily the union contracts.


    • Have you seen the Chinese made Buick SUV?


      • VegasGuy says:

        Quick FYI…When GM emerged from bankruptcy, Buick was the Division that was supposed to be eliminated. China, which is a huge market for Buick,& which the Chinese people love for some odd resaon, cut a deal with GM.

        Hence, Buick survived & Pontiac bit the dust…..And now the Chinese are producing Buicks for GM.


  5. freepetta says:

    This is huge!!! Wow!! It’s amazing what a new administration can do!!!

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  6. Pam says:

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  7. Pam says:

    It’s really amazing what Trump has managed to do since becoming president elect last Tuesday. This is a great day for the Ford employees and for America.

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  8. fleporeblog says:

    I was so happy when I saw Ford sales down 9% in October. I was telling my brother at that time that Ford will never go to Mexico. I have owned a Ford all my adult life. My dad had a Ford all his life. My father-in-law only drives Ford trucks. I wrote them and told them as soon as my Focus and Edge die out, I would never buy a Ford again! So happy for this news! This man is still weeks away from being the President but has accomplished more in a week in a half than the current President!

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  9. bulwarker says:

    Watch Obama take credit

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  10. aredtailblog says:

    If it’s $8000 after being made in America, my first truck might be of the Ford brand.

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  11. Red says:

    “Please Mr President, we can’t take anymore winning” President Trump says: ” No, we are going to win, win, and win, some more, and we are going to keep on winning because, together, We. Are. Going. To. Make. America. Great. Again!!!!!!!!!!”

    I love this Man😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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  12. BobW462 says:

    I’m confused. The tweet discusses the Lincoln plant (KY), but the back story discusses the Focus, which is a different plant (?). So, is the small car manufacturing also not going to Mexico now?

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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      I read previously that Focus went south, but some truck production {that was headed south} stayed here.

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      • BobW462 says:

        Ok. I knew that the small cars were going away. I didn’t know about Ford planning to move the other plants. So, we still lose some jobs, but not nearly as many. That’s great.

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        • iswhatitis says:

          –> “I knew that the small cars were going away. I didn’t know about Ford planning to move the other plants”

          OR – this is a case of; “President Trump – you know that plant Lincoln we were not moving to Mexico – well, we’re not moving it to Mexico!”

          Ends up as a great news bite…

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          • iswhatitis says:

            Oops “plant Lincoln” was, appropriately, “Lincoln plant” before my sloppy cut-n-paste edits. Sorry!


            • Watcher says:

              Ford moved its f650 and f750 commercial truck plant from Mexico to Ohio. The plant used to produce E series vans replaced by transit vans made in Kansas City, Mo.


    • kimmiechoo says:

      From what I have read, the small Focus cars will be moving to Mexico, but I am not sure that the automobiles manufactured at the Kentucky plant were ever in danger of moving to Mexico. What makes me think that? Well, this article in Fortune magazine 2 days ago…

      Therefore, Trump’s tweet does not make sense as the Kentucky plant doesn’t look as if it was ever in danger of losing jobs. Plus, in that same Fortune article, it is stated, I think by Bill Ford himself, that no jobs would be impacted by the small car move from the Ohio plant to Mexico. As far as I can deduce, the Kentucky plant was never in danger. Neither were any Ohio plant jobs. Maybe Trump misspoke or got his information jumbled. Either way, this is certainly confusing.

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    I saw the Tweet earlier and grinned. WINNING! 🙂

    Never gonna’ get tired of it!

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  14. MrE says:

    Yeah, definitely not sick of winning yet.

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  15. johnnybillbob says:

    Ford will move small cars plant to Mexico and have Lincoln in USA so no net loss in Ameican employment.

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  16. kallibella says:

    Sweet!!!! WINNING is so sweet!!!

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  17. Dommy says:

    That “35% import tax” had to scare the %*#! out of Ford.
    Watch, this is just the first brick in the import-export dam to crumble.

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  18. Stockburn says:

    The Greatest jobs President of our lifetime. MAGA!

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  19. Ford like all manufacturing should go back to working Old World Logic !

    “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: make the best quality goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” – Henry Ford

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    • Gary says:

      Hungarian born Jozsef Galamb designed the Model T , Model A, and the immortal 3 Deuce for Henry Ford but became ill at a relatively early age. Ford had him work from home and paid him more than the President at the time. He could and would treat his people well, however he also had rather strict demands on how they lived their lives even outside of the factory.


      • Gary says:

        My apologies, 32. (you car guys knew this)


      • Major industrialists in the late 19th and early 20th century were very paternalistic. They built entire towns and provided simple education and health care services for the workers. They had mixed motives – noblesse oblige and also keep unions away.
        Business history is fascinating and relatively unknown these days.


  20. WOW!!! He’s not even President and he’s already saving our jobs! Just imagine what awaits us once he is actually POTUS! #Winning

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  21. John Galt says:

    Amazing how “a reality show clown” has been kicking neoliberal globalist ass non-stop for about a year and a half now.

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    • Fake Nametag says:

      Have you seen the reality show where a guy makes news reporters and entrenched politicians look like complete fools while foreign leaders and CEO trip over each other to implement this man’s ideas?

      You should check it out, the show is called CNN. :-0

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  22. james23 says:


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  23. jeans2nd says:

    A personal note – my ex-nephew-in-law worked at the Ford Canton Ohio plant.
    When the Ford Canton plant closed he moved to the Ford Indianapolis plant.
    When the Ford Indianapolis plant closed he moved to the Ford Kentucky plant.
    I quit buying Fords a very long time ago.
    I love finally winning.

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    • Esperanza says:

      This. This is why it makes my blood boil when they talk about ‘stupid red necks need to be flexible’. What do they think they’ve been doing for the last years? At some point you can’t follow diminishing returns around for ever.

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  24. FL_Guy says:

    This is probably the first time in history that we have a President that is not only on par, but in many cases, way above these trust fund elites and overpaid CEOs in wealth. President Trump has got more real assets than they do and he’s got more brain power than they do.

    These greedy CEOs and wall street slugs, like parasites destroying the host, have tried to destroy the country that allowed them to get their wealth while sending more Americans into poverty than at any time in our history; they are evil, shortsighted people. Thank God for President Trump; a self-made BILLIONAIRE that LOVES America and all Americans. While the likes of Pepsico, Target, Macys etc.want everyone but themselves to live in poverty and be victimized by crime, President Trump want’s all Americans to have the American Dream again; wealth, security and happiness. President Trump is going to help all of us live a better life by creating opportunity and safety again in America! MAGA

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    • Reality Wins says:

      Not only the first time in history that we have a President that is way above these trust fund elites and overpaid CEOs in wealth, but also in intelligence, business savvy, and street smarts.

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  25. Thorfinnr says:

    Toyota employs more auto workers than any other company in America, and they’ve got a big plant in Georgetown, KY. Just sayin’.

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  26. muffyroberts says:

    Ford does not want to move to Mexico and pay taxes, bigley.


  27. aredtailblog says:

    Of course, I’ve also just read that Fed’s already want to rain on our parade by planning an interest hike. Some fellow Breitbart readers are smelling an attempt to screw up Trump’s presidency with a manufactured recession.

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  28. Beagle1 says:

    This sounds like good news, would like more details. My understanding, small cars were moving to Mexico, but the new Bronco and Ranger were to be manufactured here in the USA. Do we get to keep both small cars and the new Ranger/Bronco? If true, would be awesome.


  29. justfactsplz says:

    Only our alpha male leader could have a legendary reputation precede him to the White House and have this kind of leverage with the globalists. If they fear him this much now we can gleefully anticipate what he will accomplish once he is actually sworn in. They ask if President Elect Trump can deliver on his promises. He already is. MAGA!


  30. Marygrace Powers says:

    Trump/ putting America FIRST/
    One DAY at a time/one DEAL at a time/

    Hang on everyone/this will be one HELL
    of a ride/& we haven’t even started/🇺🇸MAGA

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  31. kltk1 says:

    Couple things about this.

    1) That appears to be an interview from before the election. I’d like to see Mr. Fields’ reaction now that the election is over.

    2) He’s smug. Like Hillary. Smug doesn’t work for me.

    3) While it’s great news they’re not moving a plant out of Kentucky currently building Lincoln vehicles. Lincoln only sells about 10% of what Ford sells. If that much. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there was never a plan in place to move that particular plant out of the United States anyway and Bill Ford fed that to the President-Elect to make it appear as though they’re going his way, when in reality, they’re not. As Sundance noted, the 40% savings Ford is realizing by building the Focus in Mexico isn’t being passed to the consumer, it’s being passed on to the shareholders, executives, the board of directors and other fat cats at the top of Ford Motor Company. The average, non-management, non UAW worker at Ford will likely never see a nickel of that 40%. But you can count on the executives telling those employees they should consider themselves lucky they still have a job and moving production to Mexico was the only way to save them.


    • sarrask says:

      The replies are full of people claiming what you’re theorizing, that there was no plan to move jobs out of Kentucky. Only the replies are claiming it’s Trump fooling the KY Gov instead of the other way around.


    • rashamon says:

      Beginning in 2017 public companies will be required to disclose the ratio of CEO pay to median worker pay, providing transparency into pay inside some of the largest companies—all the way up to the top. The middle class will NOT grow if wage ratios continue to reward only the top executives. Ford is paying Fields around $18 million in salary, bonuses and benefits/stock options. Remember the companies keep the salary portion as low as possible to meet regulations on the tax deductibility., resulting in CEOs moving jobs to locations where the average worker is paid as little as possible, but the executives get huge bonuses for “performance” linked to company profitability.


    • Loo Eli says:

      So even the CEO said it cancelled the plan. Maybe not the entire plant, but a part of it.

      Last year, the Courier-Journal reported that the Louisville Assembly Plant was expected to lose the Lincoln MKC.

      Ford issued a statement to Reuters Thursday night, saying it had “confirmed with the President-elect that our small Lincoln utility vehicle made at the Louisville Assembly plant will stay in Kentucky.”

      “We are encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the United States,” a Ford spokeswoman told the news agency.

      Ford said he talked privately with Trump, calling it a “very good meeting” during which Trump was a “good listener.”

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  32. Paul Killinger says:

    And what’s worse is it’s not just auto jobs, as their suppliers (of which there are many) tend to cluster around auto manufacturing/assembly facilities as closely as possible.


  33. Nottakingthisanymore says:

    Obama to himself “I can’t understand they pay us and we kiss their A$$. They don’t pay him and they kiss his A$$.” Who’s the Clown and who’s the BOSS?


  34. alliwantissometruth says:

    Isn’t it amazing what happens when corporations understand they’re now up against a strong leader who says what he means & means what he says?

    No more corrupt, weak self serving leaders? It “gulp” time

    And I wrote this in a previous thread, but it follows Sundance’s premise here…

    The profit angle is the killer. Everything these days is based on maximum profit, & nothing else

    In the old days, companies & corporations, while profit minded of course, also were civic minded, & worked to provide for their employee’s & the communities they lived in. They believed they were all a part of the American family

    These days, the globalist concerns own most corporations. Profit over country became the mantra & the business world followed suite

    Profit is a wonderful thing, & you can’t keep a business running without it. It’s the reason we work. But when profit becomes a drug that some people have to maximize at any cost, it becomes destructive

    A CEO makes 200 million a year? OK, but then refuses to even consider putting his or her American countrymen & women to work because he or she might only make 75 million a year if they do?

    That’s obscene. There’s something terribly wrong with that mindset. If CEO’s & the stockholders won’t help their country & their own people due to a perverted lust of money, they need to be put out of business

    Business can be a force for good or a highly destructive private club that leaves ruin in their wake. It’s time for the people to organize & educate themselves & decide just what they’ll purchase & what they won’t

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    • deanbrh says:

      AllIwantisometruth, thanks for putting what happened to our corporate family in the 70’s in a simple perspective that makes sense. We’ve denied it all these years, couldn’t believe it was just simple greed, but you put it into words that give us a cause….”decide what we’ll purchase and what we won’t.” Thank you!


    • Paul Henry says:

      Greed and pride/narcissism have been mankind’s two most important failings throughout history, in my humble opinion.


    • Ploni says:

      I contend that this greed mindset was instigated and fueled by the meteoric rise in earnings of American professional athletes and their agents who were suddenly cashing in far beyond their societal worth.

      The corporate fat cats took notice and then demanded far more than they had ever had before.

      Research this beginning early 1970’s.


  35. tempo150101 says:

    What is this plant ever in play? Or was this a PR stunt to make Trump and Ford look good?


  36. Like

  37. CEO’s and industrialists who care only about profit is why we’re in this pickle. Sooner or later everything that is manufactured will be made with the cheapest possible slave labor in 3rd world countries, imported to the West and sold at steep margins on debt financing until the West goes completely bankrupt.

    There is no free market out there, not since the world left the gold standard and went to fractionally reserved central banking with fiat money. Back in the day price differentials were allowed to correct through the inflationary/deflationary activity of gold flows. This was possible because the West stood alone in manufacturing globally and there was no competition from external nations/cultures. Now the money system has been perverted and there are many competing nations/cultures who hate America and the West, who have taken a substantial manufacturing base away from the West. Price differentials are made more or less permanent by government intervention and currency devaluations in these nations.

    Our schools don’t teach students any sort of values, culture, history, religion, etc. So when our kids become adults they don’t feel like they are a part of anything or have an obligation to protect anything. So many who grow up out of these schools don’t realize or understand how urgent the need is to defend Western culture and values, Christianity, or our history. So if they become an industrialist or CEO, they don’t take this urgency into consideration and automatically they behave like a globalist where nothing matters except profit. I believe the reason it has gone on like this for so long is because the West has been dominant for so long that decadence and complacency has set in and our enemies are taking advantage of it.

    Its tragic. It has to change, and it has to change quickly.

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    • Dana Doran says:

      Sadly, I agree….patriotism is bullied out of students by teachers and administrators insisting that they are guilty for being born in the US …. the encouragement of a civilization based upon diversity is really a plan for banal sameness for the “unaware and compliant.”


  38. VegasGuy says:

    Ford got the NAFTA message regarding Trump’s plans & with the Mexican economy & the Peso dropping like anchors, they “re-evaluated” their business model….

    With the Mexican economy tanking for the forseeable future, & a strong US Dollar, coupled with a certain to be impossed Tariff promised by Trump, it makes zero business sense to make the move ….for now anyway.

    Trump is a seer when it comes to matters like this.


    • Canada for Trump!!!! says:

      Actually the falling Peso makes it MORE attractive to manufacture in Mexico, what changed FORD’s mind was the sharp mental focus they got when they read about PE Trumps 35% duty on Mexican goods imported into the USA. Even then, they will probably still creat more jobs in Mexico anyway.

      How about Chrysler, the Dodge trucks are made all in Mexico now, and the quality is crap. Mexico is just a crap country, honestly. How about Continental Tires, that good old brand name, all made in Mexico now, and crap quality.

      I see a pattern here – Mexico = low cost, but low quality, but who cares about quality these days anyway. Not these big corporations, they just talk about it a lot, to make you feel better.

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      • Esperanza says:

        This is another reason, in my opinion why production needs to come back. Dire quality. yes stuff is cheap (ish), but quality is dire. and quality is bad even on EXPENSIVE things.


        • Ploni says:

          Take a good look at the curb in garbage day . . . at what people are throwing away.

          Years ago it would have been incomprehensible that 1. people would have these kinds of items and 2. they would become garbage so quickly and, most distressing, 3. people would accept this as “that’s how it is.”

          What do we really get from Walmart . . . inexpensive merchandise or expensive garbage?

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        • Remember when American cars were all bad quality? That’s what gave Toyota and Nissan and later other foreign car companies an inroad into the US market. Whatever pro-foreign legislation may have been passed, if the foreign cars hadn’t been FAR superior to American cars at the time (1970s?), they would have gotten nowhere.
          At the end of the day, the consumer is king.


  39. Kristin says:

    That is a good thing!!
    OTOH: Penzeys spices is acting up. I sent them an email that after many many years of buying my spices from them: no longer.

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  40. psadie says:



  41. yakmaster2 says:

    Our new President is already keeping his promises. I love it!


  42. Jason Ross says:

    Made the front page of Reuters.
    Nothing on CNN yet… no mention either of the 5-year lobby ban or the $1 annual salary.

    Somehow, at some point, Trump’s populist message is going to be reported to other 50 percent of this country.


  43. rsmith1776 says:

    SOUNDS fabulous.

    If true, it will be an amazing start to a Presidency which is successful in what it promised even two months before the inauguration.

    I see some conflicting information above. I truly hope this is what it is claimed to be, not some moving numbers around for “image” sake. We trust our amazing President to go for substance, not media bites. Especially as the “official” media is so dishonest that they would rather distort a true success rather than cover up a half-baked one. The media crooks will cut no slack, offer no corner to us and to our valiant representative.


  44. Patriot 1 says:

    When did Ford say it was moving it’s lincoln plant to Mexico? I heard them announce they were moving their small car production to Mexico in Trump’s speeches not Lincoln. This sounds like a company trying to leverage the new POTUS.


  45. Lucille says:

    I just saw an ad from a website called “Newsy” which may have come from Google discussing “fake news.” The article is entitled “Don’t Be fooled By Fake News On Facebook.” It lists the following as fake news sites:

    WND (World Net Daily/Joseph Farah – Though they occasionally have odd stories, it’s NOT fake.)
    Info Wars (Alex Jones IS strange, but fake?)
    The Daily Signal (The Heritage Foundation – ABSOLUTELY NOT FAKE!)
    New Century Times (leans left, hates Trump)
    The Conservative Tribune (Couldn’t come up with a website for them and I don’t FB.)

    This is Newsy’s website: which indicates “Newsy is an E.W. Scripps Company Brand.” This is Scripps website,, one of the self-declared not fake sites.)

    The Newsy ad also says that the story about Trump and Ford is fake.

    So what’s up?


  46. Esperanza says:

    Labour cost I think. It’s the health insurance, payroll tax component.

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    • In most cases, especially union employees, health insurance and other benefits usually about 40% of total labor costs are these benefits. In non-manufacturing entities, labor costs are about 80% of cost of operation.
      I don’t know the percentages for manufacturing and natural resource production.


  47. getfitnow says:

    President ( yes, president) Trump has accomplished more in one week than Obama has in 8 years.

    For the first time in 8 horrible years I can finally say this country has a Real President!

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  48. sarrask says:

    Archive link of the WSJ piece:


    • sarrask says:


      Ford still plans to spend $1.6 billion building a new factory in Mexico that will serve as the home of Ford Focus production. That small car is currently built in Michigan, but is a money-loser given the high cost of United Auto Worker employees and the low appetite that Americans have for the Focus.
      Ford has argued that this move won’t cost American jobs because the company plans to use the capacity at the Michigan plant to build new trucks and SUVs that are more profitable and in higher demand than the Focus. However, some will argue those new products could have theoretically come from a brand new U.S. plant rather than a refurbished small-car plant. Put another way, all those new jobs that Ford will provide to Mexican workers could have been given to American workers not currently employed by the company.


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