Randy Evans Knocks CNN’s Kate Bolduan Off Her Media Matters Anti-Bannon Talking Points…

The professional left is absolutely petrified of Steve Bannon for exactly the same reason they were petrified of Andrew Breitbart. Both know how to defeat the progressive left’s talking points and tired false narratives.  Both Andrew and Steve know that modern politics is downstream from popular culture. Direct messaging, around the media, removes their control.

For that reason Steve Bannon is considered to be an existential threat by the progressive movement and DC Democrats and must be removed at all costs.  In this interview Randy Evans knocks Ms. Bolduan off her talking points and the CNN producers immediately begin transmitting talking points to her desk in real time.  Watch:

The reality is the Moonbats cannot find evidence to support their accusations against Bannon.

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217 Responses to Randy Evans Knocks CNN’s Kate Bolduan Off Her Media Matters Anti-Bannon Talking Points…

  1. Vixey says:


  2. MrE says:

    Good God, what a nasty woman. Don’t know how Evans kept his cool. I woulda blown at least a couple gaskets.

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  3. LM says:

    I love Bannon.

    Something for everyone to think about:

    Under Obama, and to have been continued by Clinton, our government is largely run by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Please look this up if you are skeptical)

    These people are usually seriously anti-Semitic, along with being antiChristian and probably antiAmerican because they are generally proSharia.

    Donald Trump is going to change this:


    Steve Bannon will be working hard to drain the swamp…a pretty extensive and difficult job. He will have to remove and replace many, many people.

    Foreign interests (Muslim) do not want this done, and they–along with Soros–are willing to spend a lot of money to see that it is not done. So we have protestors and disinformation.

    Now I love and revere the Jewish people and Israel–but sometimes I want to clunk the people because so many of them vote Democrat. Why????

    So I will say this to them as well as to all of us. We all worked hard and did a very good thing by voting for Donald Trump. We will all be safer–and Israel will also be much safer–because Donald Trump is President.

    Please support his and Bannon’s efforts as they drain the swamp.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Yep, saw today that 70% plus of the Jewish vote went to HRC. Very sad, and chronic.

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    • honor78 says:

      I totally agree, I can never figure out why so many Jewish people are Democrats either. I do know many Jews who are not dems and they say the same thing. Makes no sense for them to support Obama and Clinton as they put the Muslim Brotherhood in the WH! What are they thinking?


    • LM,
      You asked why do Jews vote Democrat? Allow me to explain. Speaking as Jew I can say this without being considered racist: Jews are politically retarded (or “politically-challenged”, if you insist on being PC). As a people we may be the smartest guys on the planet in many respects, but I am beginning to believe that for a society’s own good, there should be laws that prevent Jews from being politically active. At the very least, Jews should be seriously vetted for political savvy. Seriously, we are absolutely nuts in this respect.
      My explanation for this is twofold. On the one hand, we have battered woman syndrome, after 2000 years in exile (and counting – the people in Israel are still in exile, psychologically), to the extent that half of the Jews would vote for Hitler, just to spite the other half. On the other hand, we are supposed to live up to the ideals of the Biblical prophets, justify God’s choice and faith in us, and fulfill His mission to Repair the world. No human being, individually or collectively, can be politically sane under these circumstances. So, whatever craziness ensues when Jews get into politics, I am not surprised and neither should you be.
      That said, let me admit that I have been lurking here for the past two months, and as a Jew living in Israel I seriously envy you for having a guy like Trump, and also for having a guy (gal?) like Sundance, and for having such a great, friendly, smart community. This is by far the most intelligent and insightful site I have come across. Sadly, there is nothing approaching this kind of analysis in Israel, nor is there an audience for it, for the reasons stated above.
      Good luck with the presidency. Hopefully, the results will improve the situation in the rest of the world too.

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    • longiron2 says:

      He can do it by watching very closely The Snakes Reince and especially RYAN, McConnell. Stay Tuned!!


  4. Sandra-VA says:

    K.T.McFarland for Secretary of State!!!

    CNN will never ever change… they are part of the Democrat Party and should be treated as the enemy.

    The left will demonize anyone, anything and everything associated with President Elect Trump.

    I’d like to see the media prosecuted for inciting riots, spreading fear and LYING to the American People.

    By the way, the 1st Amendment “Freedom of the Press” is nothing to do with “MEDIA” it is the “printing press”. Just thought I would mention that… 😉


    • honor78 says:

      Who watches CNN anymore?…… only the morons who are brain dead anyway.


      • fuzzi says:

        Or those who are stuck in an airport, like I was at O’Hare during a recent layover. I found a seat in the corner away from all the flat screens tuned in to CNN.


        • Chip Bennett says:

          I was unfortunate enough to have to spend a couple hours at O’Hare the afternoon of election day. I wasn’t near any of the TV screens, but the airport was helpfully blaring CNN through the overhead speakers.

          Noise-canceling headphones are a necessity for air travel, for many reasons – though that particular reason was new to me. The Clinton pre-election, virtual champagne-popping was insufferable.


      • longiron2 says:

        Exactly right 78. Who watches CNN???? Only time I hear about CNN is from other sources saying this and that was said by someone on CNN. No one watches and if would not be for other sources saying anything about CNN they would fade away on their own.


    • daughnworks247 says:

      I’ve admired KT McFarland since the 80s. Since I became an adult, she was the kind of woman I wanted to be. Funny, 35 years later, I still want to be KT when I grow up.

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  5. Sherlock says:

    I can’t even look at the screen shot of the interview. Look at it–“Fringe right” advisor. Uh huh–how many page views does that ‘fringe’ website Breitbart get in a day? Hell of a lot more than CNN, I’ll wager.

    And look closer–the exploit Trump’s “60 Minutes” statement–“Trump tells supporters to stop…” etc.
    They aren’t happy with running one lie at a time. They use the graphics to cram too more lies in there–Breitbart is fringy, and Trump supporters are harassing people.


  6. guitar107 says:

    I am smiling today: RNC Randy Evans smacked down that woman journOlist and RNC Reince Priebus smacked down Georgie (wasn’t he and his wife supposed to leave the country after a Trump victory? )

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  7. Batman says:

    I am happy to see they are continuing to be destroyed by their own pride. Might we feed the beast with some fire and help them fall faster?


  8. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Super Patriot Sarah speaks of her admiration for Steve Bannon and links back to this thread.
    We love you, Sarah ! ❤

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  9. mariposa232 says:

    I think the narrative that Americans who voted for Trump are racists/ misogynists,etc. has to be combated first on the level of an aggressive counter attack giving facts and examples of great Amerivans who embodied the spirit of freedom for all , patriotism and work ethic , who would be demonized and summarily dismissed given the current climate. Secondly exposing how the elite classes that have always existed here have always been in opposition to this and have more in common with the elite classes of those other countries from which people from all backgrounds are trying to flee from. I think about the elites in central and South America that are largely responsible for enabling the government corruption and cronyism which only disenfranchises the working classes but enables the cronyism and corruption that is so rampant in those countries. How ironic that this same class has used political correctness and labeling trying to project their narrow mindedness and privilege by taking the moral high ground of “inclusiveness” . We need the Steve Bannons to utterly unmask once and for all their glaring hypocrisy!


  10. Steve in Titusville FL says:

    I do not think a single person talking about Bannon on the MSM has actually read ANY of the articles they are showing the HEADLINE of! All of them are well thought out and do not reflect the headline at all.

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    • We need to pull up some headlines from NYT and WaPo that are equally “crazy”. Headlines are designed to grab attention. How many times has the MSM put a wacky headline on something just to get people to click on it.


      • cdquarles says:

        Too numerous to count, for that is the purpose of the headline. It is an attention grabber and, in the hands of skilled propagandists, it biases the minds of readers who are not aware of it. News, whether print or radio/TV is made like movies are made. What gets cut or not said/asked is often the real news.


    • longiron2 says:

      They know BANNON has the LIBs number and trying to tie a racist tag on him. Can’t do anything else as they are falling spiral. Bannon will eat their lunch and have them thanking him for it. He is light years adhead of the LIBS and RINOGOPe.


  11. shirley49 says:

    At least he does not have ISIS and so called black lives matter in our house.

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  12. Buck Turgidson says:

    The leaders on the right and new Trump admin need to constantly and vigorously punch the mainstream media in the face. Over, and over, and over. They are evil and they need to be destroyed, and the American hate the media. Take no crap from them whatsoever and blast away and destroy them.

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  13. aichawallaby says:

    Could Bolduan shut up for just 30 seconds? Wow, how annoying is that?


  14. daughnworks247 says:

    Bigger Picture-
    If I believed what CNN spewed, I would also think Trump was terrible.
    If the protests were TRULY organic, the rioters would be at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTimes and WaPost. I’m so tired of the lies.

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  15. dbethd says:

    I’m getting tired of the phrase “alt-right.”

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  16. David Laird says:

    This is going to be how the MSM is going to nick pick every appointment.

    It is like decorating a Christmas tree…you put the first 2 ornaments on the bare tree and the MSM start saying what an ugly ornament it should never be allowed on the tree….put a few more …LOOK another racist ornament? the tree looks terrible…I told you Trump has no idea on how to decorate a tree….add a few more decorations..what a disaster, Hillary had the popular votes and the experience to do this right…..add more lights..oh my gosh does anyone on the Trump team know anything about how to decorate?…And then finally on Friday, January 20th 2017….the official lighting of the Christmas Tree……an oh what a GLORIOUS TREE IT WILL BE!

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  17. trapper says:

    When will our guys learn to not respond to ambush questions? Everyone should practice until they can say it in their sleep: “I will not respond to something I have not had a chance to read. Next question.”


  18. CNN is just angry a spiteful they are getting beat by Breitbart in news content ratings. By the way what about all those Jews as website editors and black alt-right media journalists that post op-ends frequently at Breitbart. Yea Bannon is soooooo racist he gives Jewish and Black people forum to give their political perspective to millions of readers………lol. I don’t know of KKK websites allowing Jewish people as website news editors and Black Americans posting op-end articles. CNN and the rest of the lame stream media have the dumbest business model in the world it seems. Lie lie lie and lie some more even though they know anybody with internet access can research their accusations and find out they are patiently lying to their CNN viewing audience. Those couple hundred thousands that have at any given time i mean………….lol


  19. cupcake says:

    My husband and I traveled to several places outside the US this past year and every stupid hotel we stayed in only shows CNN. It’s like the only news the world gets it seems. We got room service during the 2nd debate and the girl came in and exclaimed do not vote for him! She compared us to Venezuela. Huh????? I said no dear, Venezuela is why socialism is a horrible idea. You don’t have to like mr. Trump be he’s no f•cking socialist. I took my chicken tenders and slammed the door.

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  20. Scout Montano says:

    CNN is clearly biased and it’s attempt to fool their viewers has not been successful. I only watch CNN ( very rare) when I want to laugh or cry 😣because of their crazy statements 🙄 but when I want to know the truth I switched the channel to Fox. Majority of the Asian viewers like me do- very Fair and very balance!


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