Understanding Legislative Priorities Through the Eyes of the UniParty…

One of the more complex nuances to understand in this election cycle is the construct of the DC UniParty.   When it comes to substantive legislative priorities the Republican and Democrat parties are ideologically aligned.

It has been this way for decades and until recently almost everyone ignored the evidence.  Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency is the first time anyone has ever challenged the modern UniParty, essentially presenting a second party option.


Donald Trump has revealed and exposed the UniParty.  He has left them naked to their enemies, and their enemy is US.

The UniParty tricks people into believing there are two differing platforms.  This is the fundamental lie that needs to be understood.  The legislative priorities of Democrats and Republicans are identical.

The election of 2016 was supposed to be Hillary Clinton -vs- Jeb Bush.  Both Clinton and Bush have identical legislative priorities.  ♦ Comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty, ♦ the retention of ObamaCare and ♦ passage of Trans-Pacific Trade.   Those three elements are the Wall Street priorities as evidenced within the U.S. Chamber of Commerce dictates of Tom Donohue and also Labor Union Leadership.

The UniParty has identical legislative priorities because the UniParty exists by the financial constructs of Wall Street (financiers) to K-Street (lobbyists).

In order for the UniParty objectives to continue, they must provide the illusion of a distinction.  That necessary illusion is where social issues come into play.  Social issues such as, abortion, marijuana legalization, transgender bathrooms, some elements of 2nd amendment or religion etc. are necessary shiny things used to distract and manipulate voters.  Pull lever – Get Pellet.

The social issues are the distinctions within the Republican and Democrat sales pitches used to divide and keep the voting electorate distracted.  What both parties don’t want people focused upon is the actual legislative priorities themselves; the stuff they actually do accomplish.  That’s where you find the UniParty apparatus fighting to save itself.

Within the legislative priorities you find agreement between Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan; also between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.  There is no distinction within their budgetary framework as it pertains to the main elements of the UniParty legislative agenda.

When you recognize this simple truism, you begin to realize how corrupt the system is.

A great example is within the TPP trade agreement.  With republican control of the Senate the Senate actually passed TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) which essentially flipped the requirements for TPP passage.  Instead of needing 66 votes for TPP passage, the TPA bill required 66 votes for denial of TPP passage.

cruz-mcconnell-2TPP trade 2

Why would republicans, in control of the Senate, make it harder to deny passage of a bill they opposed?  Short answer, they wouldn’t.   The legislative leadership of the House and Senate were in agreement on TPP’s importance, its legislative priority per se’.

The same thing happened with the Iran deal and the Corker/Cardin amendment.   The C/C amendment flipped the constitutional threshold requirement for passage.  The amendment ensured it took 66 votes to deny the deal, instead of 66 votes to approve it.

Those are only a few examples of the UniParty at work.  Omnibus spending, bailouts, Porkulous, QE1 and QE2 are other examples. However, this is also why there is so much vitriolic opposition toward Donald Trump.  Trump represents the opposition to the UniParty, he is the existential threat to their UniParty agenda – the legislative priorities.

Republicans in leadership positions are paid to retain the Uniparty legislative priorities.  Those who are paid the most, the largest benefactors of K-Street, are also those who are the fiercest voices against Trump.

Understanding the legislative priorities, and who is in charge of those priorities, is the first basic step to understanding modern politics.   Essentially the two party system is a ruse built by corporatist control agents, Globalists and Wall Street.

When you understand that, I mean really understand it at its purest and most basic core, you then begin to see the strings on all the corporate media puppets/pundits who are enlisted and paid to retain the ruse.

That is why we have been supporting Donald Trump since his announced candidacy:


We are 44 hours away from achieving a great victory for our nation.

Please do not get distracted now.

Laser focus.  Straight ahead.

trump mcconnelltrump mcconnell sessions

Republican voter turnout projected 2

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168 Responses to Understanding Legislative Priorities Through the Eyes of the UniParty…

  1. 5emerald29 says:

    A big Thank you to Sundance and crew for impressive research and writing!!
    An even bigger Thank you to those who left breadcrumbs on other websites to come here!!!
    For years I have been saying there wasn’t a damn difference between the republicans and democrats, it felt like I was wandering in the desert alone. I’ve been lurking here for a year now and I’m glad that I longer feel alone in my thinking.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Kent says:

      I feel much the same as you, emerald. Like I was isolated by the lies of mainstream media, social engineers and their mouthpieces and uniparty persuaders…which I was.

      May all continue to seek the truth and present it for others to see.

      I don’t always know when I’m being lied to but I know the truth when I hear it.

      Truth stands out and above.

      Trump/Pence 2016.


  2. svpolicy says:

    I was wondering why the emphasis of transgender bathrooms,

    To distract from what’s important makes too much sense…


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