Why General John Allen is Being Promoted In Commercials For Hillary Clinton…

If you had any idea the scope of the people who don’t want this information out it would blow your mind.  We have shared this information before, however if you have family in a battleground state where the John Allen commercial is being run on TV share this information

When you read this, sip slowly, dust off the way-back machine, and think about those who have surfaced visibly to support Hillary Clinton. Including “retired” U.S. General John Allen (retired in 2012), who was previously brought out of retirement to lead President Obama’s fight against ISIS in 2014.

In order to understand the scope of the relationships it takes understanding the full back story. Stay with it….

general john allen

The question posed to the Tree House back in 2014 was: Why is the White House selecting a retired General John Allen, instead of a current commanding officer to lead Obama’s anti-ISIS efforts?

Deep breath: This White House uses personal leverage to their advantage like no other before it. Example #1: Where’s Bowe Bergdahl? Example #2: What ever happened to Ahmed Abu Khattala the captured head of the Benghazi attack ?

See… you had to think about it. This White House swamps us so much we forget to follow-up…..

There was a risk to the political optics of fighting ISIS. A terrorist enemy the White House refused to acknowledge, and previously called the “JV Team”. Consequently, the administration needed a competent “General” President Obama and Denis McDonough could control, rely upon, and quite possibly bypass the Pentagon.

So who did the White House leverage in 2014?

Yeah, General John Allen.

Fire Up The Way-Back Machine To Summer 2012 !!

Jill and Dr. Scott Kelley lived in the Tampa / St. Pete area. They were/are active in the military community with support for military families.

The Kelley’s do numerous fundraisers etc. and when Petraeus was assigned to station in Tampa the Kelley’s hosted a meet-n-greet with Holly and David Petraeus.

Mr and Mrs. Petraeus became friends with Mr. and Mrs. Kelley.

So mid-summer 2012 Jill Kelley, a Petraeus family friend, began receiving odd and harrassing e-mails about her relationship with CIA director General David Petraeus:

“More like, ‘Who do you think you are? … You parade around the base … You need to take it down a notch,’” according to the source, who was until recently at the highest levels of the intelligence community and prefers not to be identified by name.

Jill Kelley then reaches out to a family friend, who is by profession, in the FBI. Kelly asks if these unsourced e-mails reach the level of cyber-stalking.

The FBI “friend” takes Kelly to a field office where he puts her in contact with the “cyber-crimes” division/agents. There they essentially come to the conclusion the statute on cyber-stalking does actually seem to apply, so they open a preliminary case.

The first step in that aspect of the case is to back-check the IP’s etc to find the origin of the e-mails to Kelley.

That initial investigative part finds Paula Broadwell as the origin of the e-mails to Kelley. So the FBI gets a subpoena to dig further into the Broadwell electronic mail accounts. *Note the investigation at this point is into Paula Broadwell*

During the research of Broadwell’s communication it becomes apparent that, in addition to harassing Kelly, Broadwell is in contact with CIA Director General David Petraeus on some “personal level”.

While this is occuring, the original FBI friend (unknown) of Kelley is asking the Cyber division people on the case for updates. They provide “the friend” some information based on professional courtesy.

The FBI friend in turn then relays this information to Jill Kelley herself; Kelly then begins to inform her friend, General Petraeus, of the source. Essentially Kelly telling Petraeus “heads up” this woman (Broadwell) you know has been identified as the origin of threatening e-mails to me.

It Gets Creepy – Simultaneously, the FBI ‘friend’ of Kelley sends a personal, perhaps flirtatious, picture to Kelley the FBI becomes aware of (they are monitoring Kelley’s communication).

The FBI, is not comfortable with the “non-professional” relationship between the FBI friend and Kelley, and they inform him he is ‘cut out’ of the story.

(The FBI probably know that Kelley is also back-channelling information from this guy to her friend Gen Petraeus – any investigator would not like this loss of control).

As the CIA Director becomes involved in the story, the FBI friend, now ‘cut out’, then perceives the story/investigation as potentially being buried because of the people involved.

So he takes the bit of “outsider” information he knows to a congressman; who, in turn, takes the information to House Majority Whip, Congressman Eric Cantor.

Congressman Cantor then reaches out to the FBI and asks if General Petraeus is the subject of an investigation.

At this point in time Cantor is long-armed by the FBI to his inquiry because, in essence, General Petraeus is NOT the subject of an FBI investigation — Paula Broadwell is.

However, subsequent to the Cantor inquiry “higher ups” (FBI Director Robert Mueller) within the FBI are then notified. Mueller is told there is this investigation of this woman (Broadwell) which attaches her to CIA Director Petraeus in a rather sordid fashion.

The “affair is now outed.”

During the investigation it is noted/discovered that General Petraeus has been sexually involved with the Broadwell woman, however there is no criminal law-breaking per se’ on the part of the General, nor is he lying or covering it up.

So technically, there was no investigation of General Petraeus, only Paula Broadwell.

Also technically, there is no notification to the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee because they don’t tell the oversight committee about affairs, or personal indiscretions, only about unlawful activity being investigated. [At least this is the claim of the FBI.]

potus and Holder president obama and eric holderAt some point (late summer – Aug/Sept. 2012) the FBI head, Director Robert Mueller, now needs to tell the DOJ -Eric Holder- about Petraeus showing up on the radar of an investigation into another party.

Again, it appears no law was broken, and Petraeus was NOT the source of the investigation.

The FBI interviews General Petraeus to discuss, he admits the affair with Broadwell, the FBI find no security breach – so at this point it is not illegal, just sordid.

THEN – Benghazi Happens 9/11/12

The Benghazi attack was September 11th/12th 2012. After the investigation into Broadwell / Petraeus, a letter of investigative finding is filed (late Oct 2012).

Subsequently, because Petraeus is outlined in the investigation of Broadwell, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is notified (End October 2012).

Director Clapper then calls Petraeus and tells him the affair is probably going to come out publicly because two congressmen also have knowledge of it – further it compromises his position as CIA Director.

National Intelligence Director James Clapper recommends resignation to Petraeus.

The following day James Clapper then tells the President of the conversation with Petraeus and his recommendation. The day after this, President Obama calls Petraeus to the White House, they discuss privately, they both agree on Petraeus resignation.

The story could have stopped there, but it didn’t. in a post Benghazi world, General Petraeus is a risk to the White House and Hillary Clinton.

Remember, General Petraeus had nothing to do with the Libya fiasco, that was all constructed by Petraeus’s predecessor Leon Panetta (CIA) and Hillary Clinton (State Dept).

With the Benghazi attack at the top of the headlines, and with the media looking into the various stories, the White House, FBI and Media were all scrambling. They began looking backwards again into Paula Broadwell.

There were statements from Broadwell about CIA operations in Benghazi that could only have come from her relationship with General Petraeus, “pillow talk.”

Broadwell was publicly revealing some rather dangerous information that puts the White House at risk. Broadwell knew the Benghazi Annex was a CIA “rendition site”:

Given the now investigated relationship between Broadwell and Petraeus, the speech at Colorado University by Broadwell, takes on a new level of meaning.

As Broadwell outlined in her statement that the Benghazi CIA “Annex” was also a CIA detention facility of sorts, it becomes obvious she might be in posession of leaked CIA classified information. Did she actually have information about CIA rendition sites?

Her claim of Benghazi Militia members being held at the CIA compound is NOW the issue of investigation.

In essence — “Did Petraeus tell Broadwell CIA secrets?” now becomes the national story.

FBI agents were at the Broadwell home in North Carolina Monday night to carry out a consensual search that had been arranged with her lawyers, law enforcement sources said. The search was to locate additional classified material on computers or documents in the home, the sources said.

Broadwell appears to be cooperating with investigators in an effort to make this go away, to show that she has nothing else to hide, the sources said.

But House Majority Leader Eric Cantor knew of Petraeus’ affair with Broadwell almost two weeks before the former CIA director resigned his post.

A senior Cantor aide told ABC News that the Republican congressman from Virginia learned about the FBI investigation that brought the affair to light in a phone conversation with an FBI agent Oct. 27.

Cantor then asked his chief-of-staff to pass the information along to the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller. Cantor spoke to no one else about the investigation, the aide said.

Hurricane Sandy delayed the message to Mueller until Oct. 31. Petraeus admitted the extramarital relationship and submitted his resignation nine days later. (more)

…. and oh yeah, watch out, here’s where the General Allen story connects to Jill Kelley

[…] In a new twist to the Gen. David Petraeus sex scandal, the Pentagon said Tuesday [November 13th 2012] that the top American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, is under investigation for alleged “inappropriate communications” with a woman who is said to have received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the woman with whom Petraeus had an extramarital affair, Jill Kelly.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a written statement issued to reporters aboard his aircraft, en route from Honolulu to Perth, Australia, that the FBI referred the matter to the Pentagon on Sunday. Panetta said that he ordered a Pentagon investigation of Allen on Monday.

Allen, a four-star Marine general, succeeded Petraeus as the top American commander in Afghanistan in July 2011.

The senior official, who discussed the matter only on condition of anonymity because it is under investigation, said Panetta believed it was prudent to launch a Pentagon investigation, although the official would not explain the nature of Allen’s problematic communications.

The official said 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails and other documents from Allen’s communications with Kelley between 2010 and 2012 are under review. He would not say whether they involved sexual matters or whether they are thought to include unauthorized disclosures of classified information.

He said he did not know whether Petraeus is mentioned in the emails.

“Gen. Allen disputes that he has engaged in any wrongdoing in this matter,” the official said. He said Allen currently is in Washington. (More)

Within a few weeks of Leon Panetta informing the media of an investigation into General John Allen, Allen retires.

Occam’s Razor: 2012’s General Allen’s quiet disappearance, is 2014’s political leverage to use General Allen as the tool needed to present the image of Obama’s fight against ISIS.

Remember, the explosive yet underreported aspect to Paula Broadwell in 2012 was her discussing highly classified information about the Benghazi Annex also being a CIA rendition and black op’s site.

Because everyone was so focused on Hillary Clinton’s congressional testimony almost no-one paid Broadwell’s massive revelation any further attention. No-one followed up with questioning anyone about any of it. The Benghazi “Annex” was a CIA rendition site.

Remember it was Leon Panetta (CIA) and Hillary Clinton (State Dept.) who joined together for the covert Libyan operations… Fast forward four years later and Hillary is running for President.

Now do you see the motives?


Adding full context because most have not followed the entire story.

You see, in the fall of 2012 (Obama re-election year) nothing was more dangerous to President Obama than the Benghazi Attack, and the subsequent scandal. Everyone around this entire fiasco needed to be carefully managed and controlled.

Panetta and Clinton organized the Libya engagement, but now it was a risk to the White House. Ergo, General Petraeus was a risk; and by extension the investigation provided just enough leverage material for the White House to blackmail General Allen.

…Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. General John Allen’s “inappropriate communications” partner, Jill Kelly, wasn’t happy with the possible loss of her influence over Cent Com / DC influences. Suggest you read the following article outlining the scope of Lil Miss Dangerous influence:

[…] Kelley, a dhimmi Christian Arab of Lebanese descent, was well known in the Muslim Arab embassies of Washington for doing their bidding and hosting their parties at and near MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where our nation’s top generals are based. It’s where Central Command–the U.S. Armed Forces’ leadership over wars and military personnel Middle East–is headquartered. (Must Read More)

Ms. Kelly struck back against the White House manipulation, which made her a toxic scandal attached commodity, by demanding to know who leaked her name to the media.

As it turns out, all indications pointed to the leaker as a member of the White House office of Legal Counsel. This OLC member was also the Chief Legal Counsel for the Pentagon during the entire Libyan fiasco.

Who was the White House protector, OLC member, Pentagon Counsel, and most likely Jill Kelly name leaker?…

Oh, ….. wait-for-it:

Image: Barack Obama, Jeh Johnson

Ta-Da !! Yep, Jeh Johnson, the current Director of Homeland Security.

Knowledge, playing along, protecting the office, and keeping your mouth shut, begets all kinds of rewards.

Jill Kelly fumes as her reputation was toxic, her influence diminished. So:

Sept 22nd, 2015: (Via Politico) Nine journalists have been subpoenaed to give testimony in a Florida’s woman’s lawsuit alleging that the federal government invaded her privacy after she became enmeshed in the investigation that ultimately led to the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus and his guilty plea earlier this year to charges of mishandling classified information.

Lawyers for Jill Kelley said they have issued subpoenas to Yahoo News editor Dan Klaidman, formerly of the Daily Beast; former Washington Post reporter Doug Frantz, who now is a senior State Department official; Daily Beast reporer Michael Daly; Daily Beast reporter Kim Dozier, formerly of the Associated Press; Washington Post reporter Adam Goldman, formerly of the Associated Press; AP reporter Anne Flaherty; ABC News journalist Justin Fishel, formerly of Fox News; Washington Post reporter Craig Whitlock and former Washington Post reporter and editor Rajic Chandrasekaran.

The reporters are expected to try to quash the subpoenas.

[….] Kelley’s team’s subpoenas to reporters follow a ruling by Jackson rejecting a subpoena for Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who was the Pentagon’s top lawyer as the probe unfolded. The judge didn’t rule out requiring Johnson to testify, but said Kelley’s lawyers first needed to try to get journalists who filed stories about the case to indicate where they got information about Kelley. (read more)

As Ms. Kelly’s lawsuit continued, she and her sister maintained their efforts:

marco rubio and jill kelly

Now, aren’t you glad another potential black mail candidate with zipper problems didn’t win the GOP nomination?


Go Trump.

#BestSummerEver !

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246 Responses to Why General John Allen is Being Promoted In Commercials For Hillary Clinton…

  1. svpolicy says:

    Read 100 Victories by Linda Robinson to understand why GEN Allen was not my kind of guy even before all this HRC sheet…

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    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      Jarhead Allen was enthralled with Arab social climber Gilberte Khawan aka Jill Kelley. (Look it up, her people are from the Middle East.) He reportedly sent her 30,000 pages of e-mail from Afghanistan, which may explain why he had little time to actually lead competently. The Home Improvement general musta sent her more than personal info; there are only so many ways for a general to brag about his unit … or his tool.

      Of course Allen was blackmailed. Just like Betrayus, who has five things I never achieved in my Army career — four stars and a felony conviction.

      BO certainly blackmailed Betrayus, which led him to help lie and cover up the murder of our people in Libya. Ditto for Hillaryallen.

      Then West Point grad and adulterous slut Paula Broadwell (Gen Betrayus’ mistress) got bent out of shape and threatened Ms. Khawan, errr, Jill with girlfriend jihad. Kinda like Annapolis grad and adulterous slut Lisa Nowak tried to harm another female officer who was her rival for an astronaut who put her sex drive into orbit.

      Paula got caught, Betrayus (who was caught sharing classified info with her to show how much pull he had) got blackmailed into lying for Obama and Hillary about Benghazi, and Allen got whitewashed before suddenly resigning from the Marine Corps. Allen said his wife was sick (hopefully not with something he brought home from an illicit entry) and he needed to make some home improvements. Allen avoided criminal charges and Betrayus got a felony rap, which he plea bargained down to a misdemeanor.

      The two four-star failures were like Ike with Kay Sommersby, who Churchill planted in Ike’s entourage to spy on him to the Brits when she dropped her panties for his inspection. Ike, unlike Hillary Allen and Betrayus, at least helped win the war he was in charge of

      Not to condore adultery, but Betrayus would still have left office with his manhood intact had he owned the adultery and did his job in exposing the liar BO and Hillary and Panetta and the rest of that treasonable crew. (Like Comey gutlesslyand crookedly bending over before Hillary and the Dems.) Adultery is bad, but treason is worse. He condoned and covered up for accessories to homicide to save himself. And he still had to do the walk of shame on the cheating anyway.

      What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world if he suffers the loss of his soul?

      His wife may forgive him for betraying her. Patriots cannot forgive Betrayus forn helping an enemy of the Republic retain power despite not deserving it.

      Sorry, Betrayus. Put your ring in the West Point Cemetery Chapel next to the plaque that has the year of birth and death for Benedict Arnold. Grinding off your namenfrom the inside is your option. Ditto for Allen, if the Naval Academy has a similar way to shame traitors.

      Now for the follow-up:

      Did Pistol Petraeus and Home Improvement tool Allen share two unauthorized receptacles? Besides USMA huntress Paula Broadwell, the other skank is Gilberte Khawan aka Jill Kelley, a longtime friend of the Petraeus family who is also young enough to be their daughters. Jill looked hot at teen sleepovers, eh, Generals?

      Maybe Betrayus and Hillaryallen spent CIA money for a mud pit so the Huntress could dominate Jill on Tuesdays and Fridays before officer call. Or maybe they flew each into Afghanistan on taxpayer money on alternate months.

      Or maybe the CIA ringtone was the song, “Hey, Hey, Paula.”

      BO’s goons found out and soon had Betrayus and Hillaryallen by the shorthairs. Betrayus thought by lying to cover up the murder of an ambassador he could wriggle free.

      This is like Oliver North again. Ollie mocked Reagan, worked with Bill on Iran Contra, and took orders from Bush 41 and his AG Barr. Check out “Compromised” by Terry Reed, especially the chapter titled “New Covenant” for the details.

      Did the Huntress threaten to use her cadet saber to chop off Jill’s head? Or the lower IQ heads of Betrayus and Hillaryallen? This might have been Lisa Nowak redux! (She was the astronaut, who like Hillary, donned Depends and stalked her creatin’ guy’s girlfriend Problem is Lisa was cheating herself, like Hillary (reportedly) with Vince Foster, Webb Hubbell, and almost certainly withHuma Abedin.)

      This Betrayus Hillaryallen thing has the makings of a good movie. Emily Deschanel is Paula the Huntress,and either Tiffany or Debbie Gibson is Jill Kelley.

      Harrison Ford is Betrayus, the ghost of Don Knotts is Allen, the actor who plays Urkel is BO, and Pee Wee Herman plays Joe Biden. The ghost of WC Fields is Kaine. Almost no one in Hollywood is predatory and siphyletic enough to play Bill. Well, almost nobady, but Rajmund Leibling aka Roman Polanski is too short. But then Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones said Bill is short where it counts.

      The guy who plays Janet Reno on Saturday Night Live is ugly and crass enough to be Hillary. Lester Holt could be Hillary too. After all, his nose routinely intersects with her anus.

      Obviously a mudwrestling scene between Paula and Jill, errr Gilberte the rival girls is in order. And a real-time flogging of all the guilty by Lynndie England (playing herself) is in order.

      Roll over Bill Clinton, tell Benedict Arnold da news.

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      • perfect beast says:

        “Hopefully not with something he brought home from an illicit entry” “Five things I never achieved in my Army career — four stars and a felony conviction.” LOL That was good)))

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      • 3x1 says:

        Humbly nominate Charlie Sheen to play Bubba.

        Coke, hookers, VD…

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      • susiepuma says:

        Doesn’t all this betrayal crap just want to make you vomit? Trump needs to stop making Betrayus Petraeus into a victim….he wasn’t and he & Allen & others should be shamed as officers including North & Powell………

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        • Roy says:

          Sounds to me like Gen. Allen is being blackmailed into supporting Mrs Clinton, and What does Ollie North have to do with this?

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          • Kevin Sherlock says:

            Oliver North was a Bushie who despised Reagan. See “Compromised” by Terry Reed, who was at the meeting between North, Barr, and Bill Clinton on the Mena Ark criminality. Bush was in the loop and running the loop on Iran Contra, and Reagan was unaware of the treachery …. they tried to take Reagan down when the Nicaraguans brought down a contra aid flight. North even outed Barry Seal to the media when Seal photoed Colombian drug lords with Ortega’s people. North tattled on others like a little bitch. His secretary Fawn Hall showed more guts than North did. Fawn also showed a secretary with a high school education could outwit a room full of US senators.

            North is a RINO globalist swine. He hasn’t formally kissed Hillary’s snap-on like Powell and Allen have, but you can bet he and McMuffin, another CIA quisling, are happier with Hillary than with Mr. Trump, who a real patriot.

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            • Bull Durham says:


              North was a psycho in Nam. Had to be hospitalized. Collected ears of civilians he killed.

              He “commanded” the Contras against a Nicaraguan nursery of infants and children from the basement of the White House. He was a murderous pig killing children, running Contras from Honduras against the Sandinistas.

              North was deep into the drug trade that the Southern Contras would not participate in, but North’s Honduran-based Contras did. Eden Pastora wouldn’t work with North. North and John Hull, CIA asset tried to kill Pastora with a bomb at La Penca. They killed 4 others with the bomb.

              Fox has made North some kind of hero. He’s a whack job.

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              • Jimmy Jack says:

                Bull, I need to learn more about this. Unbelievable. I’ve only read North’s autobiography.

                Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised Fox made a hero of him – they are globalists.


              • jeans2nd says:

                Spoke with a guy 3-4 weeks ago who served directly under Oliver North, carrying out orders, in country (during Reagan). Talk about cold anger.


              • NCPatrick says:

                You know, Bull, that information about Ollie North answered a few questions I first heard about in Roger Stone’s Bush Crime Family book. Several sections about the contras and Ollie North being quoted as the source of information. I kept wondering: what the heck was Reagan thinking throwing in with these people and Ollie North? But I came away knowing Oliver North was no damned hero and has no business preaching to viewers on Fox News. I need to read more about those days as well. What do you recommend?


                • Harp says:

                  You should also look into the Bush Family’s relationship with the Hinkley Family…how does someone who tried to assassinate a President get released? Mr. New World Order hated Reagan (an outsider like Trump). I hope Trump’s people are keeping tabs on Hinkley. He’s been known to wander and lie about his whereabouts before his official release.


            • Jimmy Jack says:

              This is possibly the most blistering comment I’v ever seen here. do you keep a blog too? I’ll have to check out that book.

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        • SharonKinDC says:

          Since Betrayus got shafted after burying the truth… Trump’s sympathy on the campaign trail could loosen Betrayus’ lips when Trump takes office. You never know!

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          • Sunshine says:

            Petreaus: I don’t think so. Too many bad guardian angels droning him. I am certain he has everything, aka the truth, written down somewhere for posthumous release. This guy is bitter.

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      • Sunshine says:

        It gives new meaning to DRAIN the SWAMP. Urgent action required.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Excellent report, Kevin. Great grasp of the facts, and I concur with the wit and savage flavoring.

        We must learn that these “soldiers” are mostly mediocrities like our political leaders.
        Standards have been watered down so steeply in the world of careerists that we are no longer capable of winning against rubes in Toyotas racing around desert landscapes.

        And they threaten the world with their high school romances as easy “pipeline” for an enemy nation-state or ally to “hack” into our military plans and tactics.

        Our military is so depleted—primarily of leadership.

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        • Kevin Sherlock says:

          Well said, Bull. Even George McClellan and Braxton Bragg are calling these high ranking pansies losers, because they have defined the terms “Peter principle” and “incompetent general” downward.

          Leaders always! Careerists never!

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        • I do believe though Bull D that there are still some fine military people left.

          The problem lies with our political leaders that promote lying scum of every kind, in every corner of our beautiful country from the federal government down to the local level.

          Much of this trashy type of political leadership started with the Clinton’s when Bill was President.

          Remember the mantra, “If it feels good do it”. All of our countries cultural downhill slide really started with Bill and Hilary and all of their crummy friends taking over Washington DC.

          Our collective “Cold Anger” win on November 8th will be payback personally to them.

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          • Jimmy Jack says:

            To your point coloradochloe, the book Slouching Toward Gomorrah by Robert Bork makes an excellent case laying out your premise. For all of the younger people here who feel like everything is out of control and did not go through the tumultuous 60s and early 70s (like me), when you read this book you will understand what we are seeing now has happened before but it looks different now.

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      • Anton says:

        Jill Kelly is my former neighbor (I moved; she didn’t). She was horribly maligned in all of this. She was blasted for spending 100,000 dollars from a cancer charity she started to fund parties, but the Press deliberately omitted the fact that that 100,000 dollars was contributed to the charity by the Kelly’s themselves, and the parties were designed to raise more money for the charity. They didn’t steal or misuse a penny. The Press camped out on her yard for days, poking cameras through her windows. They ran every kind of check on her they could, printed what she paid for her house, how much she and her husband owed for different properties, blah, blah, blah. But, she was not the scandal. Obama was the scandal, and diverted all the attention onto a innocent. It was appalling.

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      • Spencer's Mom says:

        Kevin – great read.
        I learned a lot – never knew about the Ollie North – Bush, Sr. – Clinton Connection.

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        • FH says:

          It’s called the Bush-Clinton Crime Family for a reason. And make no mistake, Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama is a capo in that regime. I just can’t decide if he’s Tessio or Clemenzza. Maybe the Clemenzza replacement from Part II.


      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the ghost of W.C. in T.M. . . . strong resemblance there; but the first had a way with a quip, and the other with a whip!


      • JunieG says:

        Brilliantly written. You should submit this to Takimag.

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      • shark24 says:

        In trying to follow the internet links in Sundance’s article I find the Debbie Schlussel is a banned site here in the UAE. Probably nothing/s


      • NCPatrick says:

        So sickeningly funny, Kevin. These guys are too stupid to be out of the house alone, and yet are held up as people we should respect and admire. Oh boy do we need to drain that stinking swamp! MAGA!


    • SaguaroJack says:

      How about just telling us so we don’t have to slog thru a bog we don’t really wanna read?


  2. Socrates says:

    I love my country, it’s the government i do not trust. do you understand?

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  3. R-C says:

    I remember ALL of this. The swamp is deep and wide, and encompasses BOTH wings of the Globalist Uni-Party.

    TRUMP ALL THE WAY, BABY! (And with fervent wishes that Rudolph Giuliani is quickly nominated and confirmed as our next Attorney General!)

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  4. Attorney says:

    Filthy people.

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  5. Trumped says:

    There was something significant about Allen in the wikileaks. I posted it several days ago. I try to find it again.

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  6. 3x1 says:

    She’s a real peach:


    “Gilberte “Jill” Khawam Kelley (born June 3, 1975) is an American socialite and former South Korean honorary consul[2] whose reporting of harassing e-mails she received led to the David Petraeus scandal. She has since then become an advocate and activist in her memoir “Collateral Damage: Petraeus, Power, Politics and the Abuse of Privacy”[3][4][5] telling her story to “bring awareness to the damages that can be caused by government overreach and unwarranted searches of emails [6][7] so that history will not repeat itself, and this never happens to another innocent family again.”

    Oh brother… 😂😂😂😂😃

    “Kelley was born in Beirut, Lebanon[16] on June 3, 1975. Her family includes her identical twin sister, attorney Natalie Khawam;[17] a brother, attorney David Khawam; and sister, Caroline.[18] Jill’s parents[19] are Lebanese Maronite Catholics who immigrated to the United States from Jounieh, Lebanon in the mid-1970s.[20] Kelley lived in the Philadelphia area until her mid-20s, where she was nicknamed Gigi.[21][22] After receiving an undergraduate degree, she conducted medical research at the University of Pennsylvania and took medical courses at Hahnemann University Hospital.[23]
    In 1999, Kelley married cancer surgeon Dr. Scott Kelley. Dr. Kelley completed his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College, attended Columbia University Medical School, and completed surgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania.[21] Following their marriage, Jill Kelley discontinued her medical studies to move to Tampa with Dr. Kelley, and they subsequently had three children.[23]”

    “As the Honorary Ambassador to United States Central Command’s Coalition Forces, Kelley is known to be someone with ‘connective tissue’ to the diplomatic world.[24] Diplomats used Kelley’s connections with Central Command senior generals to secure briefings for visiting foreign dignitaries.[25] Kelley was a regular on the DC diplomatic circuit and frequently attended embassy events.[26] She was known to be the go-between for Lebanese and other Middle Eastern government officials. She was active with dignitaries from the region and invited to functions at various embassies in Washington.[26]
    In March 2011, she received the Joint Chiefs of Staff Award for public service for “building positive relationships between the military and the Tampa community”.[27]”

    Always look at Wikipedia edit history. They have a habit of removing anything politically damaging to the current administration:


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  7. FofBW says:

    Thanks Sundance. Breaks my heart that one my own lost his way.

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  8. vrsn02 says:

    Did the media report that America lost the Iraq War?
    Did the media report the Taliban won the war in Afghanistan when we pull out?

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  9. 3x1 says:

    Ladies of the TreeHouse, a question for your perspective (us guys can be less than perceptive in certain matters)

    Was Broadwell’s warning to Kelley to “back off” a case of two women throwing themselves sexually at Petraeus a quest for access, status or influence, or did either seriously believe Petraeus would dump his wife for them?

    Trading sex for information is as old as spying itself. Just wondering what Broadwell and Kelley’s end game was. Wondering if either has other history of “conquest”

    Megyn Kelly using Brit Hume as a ladder rung was what got me thinking on this.

    As for Petraeus, no fool like an old fool. He should have been busted to private as an example. That he wasn’t suggests widespread infidelity issues within DoD. Most of the good guys have been purged over the last 8 years. Maybe longer since W outed himself as a globalist/ closet Hillary supporter.

    Thanks for any insight 🙂

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    • ufferndan says:

      It is about their breeding, lack of substance. No woman with true dignity would engage in this kind of deception, for any reason. Men, of any rank or status, seem unable to sort the wheat from the chaff, just sayin’.

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    • Sam Houston says:

      I am a bit younger than Kelly, but here are my thoughts to answer your question. She seems like a “real housewife” type. A “Jr. Leaguer” if you will. Too much time on her hands and an obsession with being “known” within her community. By “known” I mean the lady that wants to brag at pickup line that a General is coming for dinner or she’s throwing a party w important people to get pics taken w those people to then use to further climb the social ladder. She’s a gossip who enjoys knowing any inside info on anything just so she can tell others to show she’s “in the know”.

      Broadwell I view simply as an obsessed girlfriend. Glenn Close comes to mind. She really thought he was hers. She didn’t care about the wife bc she just didn’t see her as competition, but Kelly she would see as competition and her anger would stem from jealousy and that her turf may be being stepped on. (In her own mind) I don’t think Kelly was sleeping w Petreaus, she just enjoyed bragging about her connections and being seen w him. Just my two cents!

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      • herbork says:

        This is shrewd, very welcome, and why a great site hosts only the most interesting ladies.

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      • Wend says:

        I’m sure Broadwell could not comprehend Petraeus refusing to leave his dumpy wife for her-she is gorgeous. Obviously threatened by Kelly as well.


      • Anita says:

        That’s where my thoughts led also, a real housewives situation. Socialites looking to one up each other. I wish I had their problems. Gotta love those Atlanta housewives, though. They don’t play, 🙂


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Sam Houston I get the same feeling as you, largely from being around women like this on the upscale suburban social scene who are politically connected for awhile. Not my normal wheelhouse but I feel you are nailing it. I’d add couple of things:

        Broadwell could have been concerned Kelly’s attention grabbing behavior would put her under the spotlight and expose hr and Betrayus. Kelly isn’t one to lay low or blend into the shadows – not a wall flower at all. Which brings me to my next point which is

        Kelly is a great deal more attractive than Broadwell. This usually causes resentment, even among good friends or even sisters. Fact of life for beautiful/very attractive/sexy women.
        Broadwell is at least somewhat vain (aren’t we all, even when we train not to be?) as evidenced by here commitment to a rigorous workout schedule. I believe I read she routinely runs a 7 minute or under mile – on long runs. That takes some athleticism and commitment to training. Broadwell was in great physical shape. But she is definitely shy of pretty and not beautiful. She puts some effort into her looks but she can only do so much. She has a harsh look to her – Kelly is pretty.

        I don’t think Broadwell had any intention of breaking up her family and probably thought her cuckholded (literally) husband would never know, or even if he did know would stay anyway. And she was right bc they are still married. I don’t think Broadwell would have been jealous of Betrayus’ wife who is quite frankly, homely. Betrayus’ wife’s father was a high ranking military man himself and there were suggestions in Michael Hastings’ book The Operators that Betrayus married her for that connection in an effort to move up the ranks faster – and again, he was right bc that is what happened.

        I also think Broadwell’s attraction to Betrayus was at least partly because he offered her an opportunity to fast track her career. You don’t get into West Point and lack ambition – she is opposite of Kelly in this respect. Broad well likely had her eye on a political appointed position at the least. Kelly was likely just nebbish and preening to social climb and one up her neighbors and friends. Even now, Broadwell is still active and has started her own non profit dedicated to gender neutral language in reporting. My favorite fact about Broadwell is that she wants to ban the use of the word mistress bc there is no male equivalent and because that title has hurt her personally. In my opinion she should have thought about that before she started sleeping with a married man while she herself was also married.

        Here’s an article on her from May – interesting that stories about Betrays and her were resurrected around May. If you look on google etc you will find a cluster all around the same time period which put is right before the primary season. Convenient, huh?

        Just this chick’s opinion.



    • lizzieintexas says:

      Can’t answer that. I don’t play those games. Nor do I mess around with married men (other than my hubby, of course).


      Just nasty.

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    • The only reply I have regarding Petraeus and Allen: There would be No Way I would crawl anywhere near them. In my book of deals, these guys rank dead last. They are not good lookers, so I couldn’t get past a ‘How do you do’ for starters. It would have to be all business with me.
      These two women (and they are not ladies by any stretch) appear to be status seekers. They only care about themselves, their perceived self-importance socially and in their small world of their careers.
      Broadwell and Kelley made their own soap opera; very stupid, very shallow low-lifers.
      Now Ms. Meg is nothing more than your average slut.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      It totally does NOT make sense to me… UNLESS, Broadwell wanted a traceable way to heat up the outing of Betrayus. IOW, if she knew Kelly’s psychological profile and that she would act in some way.

      The only other thing is that Broadwell is a nut. Why? Because if one are shagging a married man, the LEAST one should do is NOT draw attention to it by electronically fragging a perceived rival. If Kelly didn’t know before, Broadwell’s email confirmed to any reasonable woman that she, Broadwell, was doing naughty things w/ Betrayus.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        You’re giving Broadwell a lot of credit for trying to out the rendition site. I just don’t see that but it’s interesting to consider.


    • Deb says:

      I think Broadwell was really in love with Petraeus, and the other woman never trusts other women. When you are a mistress, and you get attached, you become paranoid about him finding another mistress, since you know cheating is what he does.

      I have no first hand experience of any of this, other than reading biographies and true crime novels.

      I’d say Paula started out as a handler of sorts and got in over head. She probably has Daddy issues, hence her attraction to men in “power” and terrible judgement.

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      • KBR says:

        I think Broadwell had a mission, and her being exposed was a necessary part of it.

        I think Kelly also had a mission, or rather several missions, as a spy for Muslim interests.

        Sometimes it’s good to read the links.

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        • Jimmy Jack says:

          Kelly isn’t Muslim. Most Lebanese Christians are opposed to Muslims bc of how they took over Lebanon and genocided Christians there. What links to you suggest otherwise re: Muslims?


        • deh3k says:

          Yes it sounds like both women had a mission and there are too many red herrings to get to the bottom of it. This appears to be more than female jealousy. Does appear Broadwell was intended to take Kelly down.

          In any case, Obama used this to his own full advantage and came out quite well. The benefits of blackmailing generals are still paying dividends.

          It’s a cesspool.


      • Wend says:

        I agree-very true.


        • KBR says:

          If Broadwells mission was (at least in part) to take down spy-Kelly, she did accomplish that.


          • 3x1 says:

            Who was Broadwell’s handler? (If she was actually being used to target Kelley) Seems a complex path to hook up with Petraeus to bait Kelley.

            It’s a confusing tangle, and not understanding women (among many other things) doesn’t make it easier for over the hill geezers like me 😆😅😆😅😆

            Seriously, these old wrinkly guys like Petraeus with young arm candy look ridiculous. They think they are still 20 year old studs when they are closer to Sumner Redstone 😂😂😂😂😂

            As creepy as Weiner or Geraldo tweeting themselves wearing Depends. I laugh at them all.

            But women? All these years and clueless. They have to be super-blatant like Megyn Kelly before we see what’s going on. Other women can spot phonies a mile away.

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            • KBR says:

              Note the “at least in part” part. Insofar as getting spy-Kelly out of circulation.

              Perhaps she was also supposed to take down Petraeus or put him into a position to be leveraged? Maybe Petraeus was collateral damage and her target for leverage purposes was actually John Allen…not that she had to sleep with every potential target, you see.

              Many people gossip…and pillow talk sometimes includes the latest gossip. I would imagine at that level any gossip would be about others on the same level. Or just pretending jealousy might get Petraeus to say, “Kelly isn’t my mistress…she’s Allen’s” something like that.

              Women can be very smart when playing dumb. Mata Hari wasn’t famous because she was stupid.

              Who the heck knows for sure.

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            • Jimmy Jack says:

              Yes, we can. Woman’s intuition is a real thing.

              I agree with you that using Betrayus to bait Kelly is unlikely. I think if Broadway wanted to bait Kelly she would have just went after Kelly’s husband. Or gone after Allen at the same time which she probably knew about.


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        You mean like Megyn Kelly? Attracted to men with power but married to sucks? Maybe so. Apparently this daddy issues thing is a big deal. Thank God my dad was a good man.


    • WSB says:

      Jealousy and obsession. Power chess playing through the males. Simple.

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    • Spencer's Mom says:

      Perhaps Broadwell fancied herself a “femme fatale” type and it went to her head that she could charm and get “pillow talk” secrets out of a very powerful man. I don’t think that she really wanted to marry him – and I don’t think she expected him to leave his wife. I think she just enjoyed the “ego trip” – as I mentioned above – of being able to get a powerful man spill secrets to her – that fed her ego. And maybe her marriage was a little boring – no matter how charming her husband was – or how much she may have cared for him – her ego trumped everything. She was having a little fun – exactly the same way men have a little fun. No real long range plans.

      But the possibility of being supplanted by another woman brought out the ire in her.

      That’s all I think it was. An ego trip. No plans to marry him and run off into the sunset.

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    • stonedome says:

      wonder what kelly thinks of britt’s penis compared to her second husband’s? maybe she can go back on howard stern and talk it up again.


    • be says:

      Hormones, testosterone ladder climbing, one up-man-ship and triple shots/loads of the dumbass. Look how important I am. My take. Plus they forgot Bible school lessons.


  10. Somewhere in Dixie says:

    He is a disgrace to the Marine Corps.

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  11. Orygun says:

    Lately, I have come to the conclusion that if you have no blackmail in your past neither party wants anything to do with you. Nearly everyone in Congress is there because they are controllable. If you have a lily white past they will throw hookers and everything they can to get a lever. If that doesn’t work they try to get you out as being not conservative enough or a racist(OMG). Your own party will work behind the scenes to get you replaced with someone they can control.
    Drain the Swamp, Indeed!

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    • 3x1 says:


      May explain why good men go to Washington and are quickly turned bad.

      Look at the sheep in Congress obediently voting for the Ryans and McConnells to lead. They know they’re dirty, yet put them in charge anyway.

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      • Not all good men or women who go to Washington quickly turn bad; majority yes but as in any career, the weak followers stand out and create the turmoil and destruction.
        It only takes a few good men or women to take appropriate action and make things work the proper way.

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        • KBR says:

          It’s about greed and love of power and sexual lust.
          All of which are covered clearly in the Ten Commandments.
          All of which were also covered, if you think it through, in the Garden of Eden story. (Greedy for a “fruit of knowledge,” wanting to be “like God” i.e. powerful via that knowledge, and then the leaf-covering nakedness.)

          It’s an old story.

          It’s called sin.

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          • RP says:

            Interesting aside…

            1 John 2:15 &16 says “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–comes not from the Father but from the world.

            Now go to Genesis 3:6: When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

            “good for food” = “lust of the flesh”
            “pleasing to the eye” = “lust of the eyes”
            “desirable for wisdom” = “pride of life”

            So, the sin here was not the act of eating, but rather the lust of flesh, eyes and pride of life manifested in Eve, who according to 1 John 2:15, DID NOT have love for the Father in her. Eve ‘sinned’ against God before she even plucked the fruit from the vine or tree and gave some to her husband.

            Unless there is scripture to indicate otherwise, we cannot assume that Adam also looked upon the fruit with lust and desire. My takeaway is it is Eve who we are told was the progenitor of Original Sin – not Adam.

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            • WSB says:

              But from Adam’s rib?…..


            • KBR says:

              Nonsense. Adam was told not to eat that fruit of that tree before Eve was even created.

              Adam tried to shirk the responsibility which was his. He actually kind of blamed God: read it again. “That woman you gave me SHE did it.” (Paraphrased)

              Eve also sinned, but her sin was not “the greater sin,” nor “the lesser sin”

              Each has his/her own responsibility to obey, and to disobey and then compound the sin by blaming another is worse than just admitting that first sin.

              Ever have a kid say “well you gave it to me” when he disobediently misuses something you gave him?

              When a child does what he should not, and points to his little brother and says “Jimmy made me do it” you know well enough that the blame is not solely on Jimmy.

              It was exactly this sort of childish blame game going on in the garden, IMO.


            • Sam says:


              Those same three temptations were put to Jesus Christ during his 40 days in the wilderness. He passed with flying colors. He quoted Scripture to Satan in each case.

              The text of the Book of Genesis says that Eve gave to her husband Adam who was with her. In other words, Adam wasn’t off somewhere else. He was right there beside Eve. He listened to the Serpent along with her. He should have told her not to eat or even slapped the fruit out of her hand before she could eat.

              But he didn’t. He was equally tempted. His choice was the choice between losing Eve which would happen if he refused to eat or keeping her and losing God’s company. Adam chose Eve instead of God.

              In 1 Timothy 2:13-14 (KJV) and II Corinthians 11:3 (KJV) Paul says that Adam sinned with full knowledge. This is upheld in Romans and 1 Corinthians where it is Adam who was the covenant breaker, who originally sinned and caused man’s downfall.

              Adam then compounded his sin by trying to blame God for giving him Eve who tempted him but he finally confesses. Eve blamed Satan but not God. Both were fully corrupted However Adam had more responsibility since he was supposed to watch over and lead Eve yet he followed her into sin.

              You may follow a different denomination than I, so it’s possible we’ll differ on interpretations.


            • Jimmy Jack says:

              You just outlined what takes literature teachers at least a class to outline – how the Bible is the most perfect example of parallelism in al of literature.


        • Wend says:

          Jeff Sessions comes to mind.

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      • stonedome says:

        look at rubio…instantly corrupted by schumer

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        • Jimmy Jack says:

          Nothing shows Schumer’s political genius better than how he played Rubio – and nothing bears out Rubio’s lack of intellect, political skill or character more than the fact he feel for it do easily and stuck by it. Dumb.

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    • I believe you are right about this Orygun.

      All of these people involved seem to be weak and not very smart, and I don’t mean just the ones involved in this Petraeus incident.

      Almost everyone in DC seems to be involved in some kind of shady cover up.

      Low intellect and a weak character must be number one and number two on the list to be employed there.

      Our congresscritters are the worst.

      Our President and his minions are a close second.

      No one in our Nations capitol seems to have either a brain or a back bone, I am truly surprised they have managed to survive this long without eating each other.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        coloradochloe – Don’t let people off the hook by falling for them as all being limited intellects. That’s not really true either. There are plenty of intelligent people with no character or integrity and those are the most dangerous and scary of all in DC (or anywhere for that matter).

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        • You are right about that Jimmy Jack. Good point.

          I won’t make that mistake.

          I wasn’t going to let the limited intellectual ones off the hook either.

          Every one is going to pay this time.


  12. oldiadguy says:

    Was Kelley’s FBI friend ever identified. If so who was the agent and do we know where that agent is today?

    Take Care

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  13. @SpanglishKC says:

    There’s no doubt n my mind that Megan “the Witch” Kelly knew all of this when she had this loser on after she got Newtered yesterday. Evil! MAGA 2016

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  14. Geri Smith says:

    Don’t have time to read a book. Give a synopsis, please.


  15. Bendix says:

    Thanks for the article. It has been driving me nuts for a long time, the way that Paula Broadwell telling an audience about the CIA and the Libyan annex just dropped from the story, which then became all about some silly Kelley woman and affairs and a guy with his shirt off. While giving no evidence that Ms. Kelley actually did anything wrong, the MSM did a trashy hit job on her and her party lifestyle.
    I remember going back and looking it up, the speech Paula made, and I didn’t imagine it, there it was. I could not believe there was no reporter, no ‘journalist’ out there willing to do some digging.
    Maybe because it was cheaper and easier to run the same footage of Jill walking from her house to her car, over and over, in slo-mo.

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  16. Howie says:

    Butt Kissin creep.

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    • GREENMIRROR says:

      Where have our NUKES from NATO Turkey airbase been moved to?

      Get out of NATO.
      Get out of the UN.
      Abolish the FED
      Abolish the IRS

      Individual deals for everyone, put adults back in charge….

      The lesson from Operation Zero Footprint

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      • Bull Durham says:

        It was reported that the nukes were moved from Incirlik to Romania.
        It’s a good move, if it happened. Easier for the Russians to blast them since they are closer and Romania is a vassal, while Turkey and Russia are doing business on all levels now.

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  17. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    You are so right Sundance. The swamp is so deep I have forgotten half of what I’ve forgotten.

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  18. I’m having issues loading a number of sites, including this one and youtube. I’m also having weird internet stutters in general. Is anyone else experiencing problems?

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  19. bofh says:

    Doing the math here…

    “The official said 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails and other documents from Allen’s communications with Kelley between 2010 and 2012 are under review. “

    It’s not clear if this means 2012 is included with 2010 and 2011. Let’s be generous and say that it is. So three years is 1095 days. That works out to between about 20 and 30 pages of email PER DAY for THREE YEARS. Say what? Rutting teen-agers sexting each other don’t manage that sort of output nor longevity. It’s not possible, and why would anyone believe it?

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    • georgiafl says:

      Unless he was feeding her all the communication to and from CentCom for that length of time, it would be impossible, improbable and implausible!

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    • KBR says:

      Other documents. Hmmm. Like photos? (A. Weiner comes to mind) Cartoons? Jokes? Battle plans? Reconnaissance reports?
      Good grief.

      The time has come to create a chastity belt for men.

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    • Fake Nametag says:

      Maybe its dozens of porn images every day for 3 years.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      My guess is a lot of it is photos.


    • amy1212 says:

      Even more interesting is that the Pentagon IG investigation found “no wrong doing” on the part of Gen. Allen. That is far more broad than no criminal activity. Wrong doing covers things like “conduct unbecoming” under the UCMJ. If General Allen had engaged in compromising emails, he would have been charged by Amos (Anus). http://articles.latimes.com/2013/jan/22/nation/la-na-allen-email-20130123. Allen, despite being cleared, did not become the NATO Supreme Commander – which is why he retired. No where to go but down. More high ranking officers have been targeted by this administration than any other. Who is Kelly really working for? Maybe the answer is closer than you think.


      • amy1212 says:

        Court filings seem to back up the reported statement that the press wrongly portrayed the emails between Gen. Allen and Kelly ” According to court filings by Kelley’s lawyers, the government falsely told one news outlet the emails between Allen and Kelley were the equivalent of phone sex.” Given that she filed in Federal Court, she passed a pretty high standard to keep moving forward on the privacy violation claim. I’m more interested in the emails that Kelly wrote to Mrs. Allen and cc’d the General. Watch for this case to settle.


  20. Sarah says:

    The twins were desperate to climb the social ladder here’s the in Tampa Bay. They failed miserably.

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  21. georgiafl says:

    I hope Mr. Trump demands that the Military to stop buying those cheap Chinese uniforms.

    There seems to be a problem with the zippers, especially those on the officers uniforms.

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  22. paper doll says:

    It’s the oldest story ; as time goes on their pecker takes on the thinking chores. Usually a sign of trouble ahead

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  23. Sandra-VA says:

    There is something else going on behind the scenes with regard to Afghanistan and India. Not sure exactly what, but I found this from 2014 in Podesta emails and Gen. Allen and Patraeus are both in the “group” that are involved in whatever this “two year project” is… oh and Tony Podesta is in the mix.




    I tell you what, this Podesta Group is EVERYWHERE and I have noticed that it is mostly in war zones like Somalia, Sth Sudan etc. I don’t think the Clintons are the head of the snake at all, they are just a tumor growing off the side of it.

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  24. Rachelle says:

    Probably not worth much, but I don’t see a Combat Infanryman’s Badge on his uniform, the rectangular badge with a musket on a blue background. It shows the wearer has been in actual combat. Is Allen a paper pushing general?

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    • Old CrewDog says:

      Aviator Wings. Would have had combat experience there. I believe (someone correct me) that the CIB is an army decoration.


    • Bull Durham says:

      He was in Iraq. Never has seen any combat himself. Has a ton of ribbons that are like from a Monty Python film. Check him out on Wiki. Comical.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Michael Hastings was very critical of him for this in The Operators. He was also quick to point out McChrystal took issue with that as well since McChrystal was unusual in that he was a special forces guy who was put in charge at Cent Com. Hastings complaints about him seemed to be criticisms that McChrystal did a lot of locker room talk but the war version of locker room talk i,e referring to the French as gay etc. Probably part of the reason why Obama was quick to get rid of McChrystal is he seemed to be a man’s man and was unapologetic about it.


  25. NJF says:


    Remember the 47% ballistic missile????


    • GREENMIRROR says:

      lawyer & 25 folks in Florida that work on this stuff full time!

      Lawyer uses bartender to setup camera…can we get the FBI to give immunity to 27ish people & actually get some sanctions against those at the top? How high did this go!

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    • bofh says:

      25 people is a large group. Tough to keep secrets in that large an operation. I’m surprised that none of this seems to have leaked out (until this video).


  26. Freedom5 says:

    30,000 emails? He was discussing yoga and probably had a daughter getting married. Nothing to see here!

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  27. starfcker says:

    I read this piece the first time it was posted, pretty intently actually, and came away unsatisfied that I totally understood the point being made. Ditto today as I read through it. It was only later, while absorbed in something else, that it hit me. You’re answering a question that I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Where does this administration get these people, who will go down as scum so loyally? And your point became clear. They aren’t loyal. They are owned. They have reached a fork in the road at some point in their career as such. Disgrace, financial ruin or any other number of bad outcomes. Or, promotion, huge financial gain and absolute loyalty as the price of admission. It explains General Allen. It explains Koskinen. It explains Comey. Great job Sundance I always know there’s more than first meets the eye in these pieces. My personal favorites are the jack dorsey photo with katie couric and megyn. And john dickerson and lyin ryan Keep up the good work. Intellectual boot camp.

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    • Coldeadhands says:


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    • bertdilbert says:

      Everyone in upper position have been compromised and are thus “Loyal” and can be trusted not to leak. They are under threat of future exposure. Just look at the Comey situation.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Yes, they’re compromised and that makes them valuable. It also explains Creamer – a felon – who would be easy to write off for his crimes around election violence and fraud nc he had a criminal record. As a felon he also had a strong incentive to do his job well – where else could he get that kind of power and esteem with a record?


    • be says:

      I think the Clintooons are owned. Their foundation is a slush fund for higher-ups and she has to win or die. Think how much they know. Just my thought.


  28. Coldeadhands says:

    Remember way back when, idunno maybe 200+years ago when the idea was to go into government to serve the people? Somehow it has devolved to going into government to get serviced!! We need to Drain the Swamp!!!

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  29. Sandra says:

    20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails and other documents from Allen’s communications with Kelley between 2010 and 2012

    Let’s be conservative here. 20,000 pages of emails. 3 years (2010, 2011, 2012). That’s 6666 emails per year. That’s EIGHTEEN emails PER DAY.

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  30. Snow White says:

    What a big web of deceit, intrigue, ulterior motives, jealousy, envy- sounds like a sitcom soap opera. 😁😁

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  31. Freedom5 says:

    The Clinton’s are experts in this type of control (blackmail). Why do you think they had all those FBI files in the White House years ago? Opp research to own their friends and foes. It worked like a charm. Why stop now? Only problem is after 25 years too many subjects are retiring… time to do more research.

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  32. keeler says:

    It reads out as if it were written by Procopius, Seneca, Plutarch, or any of the other Classical historians who covered the sordid moral and politicial intrigues of the Roman/Byzantine courts.

    Want to give yourself a real scare this Halloween? Borrow a copy of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (an abridged version will do since the whole work runs to about 1800 pages). Open to a random page. Read it. Do this until you don’t find a parallel with the modern West in general and the US in particular. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time.

    You’ll be reading for a while.

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  33. SharonKinDC says:

    Someone upthread recommended the book ‘Compromised’… This link isn’t to the full book, but just read the highlighted and underlined passages. A LOT becomes clear regarding the Bushes and Clintons… and Mena. Evidently, there was something else going on besides drugs & dodgy land deals. Web Hubbell and good ol’ Rose Law firm make an appearance.

    Click to access 3-COMPROMISED-Clinton-Bush-CIA.pdf

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  34. Mr. Morris says:

    Sandra, I believe Paula Broadwell said Benghazi is a rendition site. Nobody followed up on her statements because Obama and Hillary were sold as “pure as the driven snow” by the Democratic National Committee and the adoring press. They would never have rendition sites like G.W. Bush. Gen. Petraeus, the CIA director at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attack knew the entire scheme that was developed by Obama, Hillary and Panetta. He was not involved in the creation of the scheme but he could not be trusted to remain silent should the American people rise up and demand accountability. Holly Petraeus is employed by the Obama administration. Gen. Petraeus has a money gusher job with one of the big banks. Treason pays.
    General Allen sent 30,000 pages of email to Jill Kelley. What were they about? They must have comtained some juicy military secrets besides the personal stuff. That is the kind of General who is blackmail able and a perfect fit for Obama and Hillary. Treason pays.

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  35. Piper says:

    I have no idea who you are, what you are, if you are a single person or a group represented as a person called Sundance- whomever you are you are truly amazing! The amount of effort and research put in is truly astonishing! The way you connect dots and recall events blow me away each time a new post is revealed! Thank you for all the hard work, this must be an all consuming passion because every story so intricately laid out for us. I hope you are a real person, I can’t imagine that you ever sleep! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  36. andi lee says:

    Ponder this:

    Why isn’t Lt. Col. Paula Broadwell sitting in jail with Gen. Cartwright?

    The Obama-Clinton-Lynch-Comey FBI tag-team were weaponized then, too.

    Did you know Lynch & Comey were part of Clinton’s Watergate?

    Yep. True story.

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  37. OK, I’ll admit I’m a little slow here.

    Lots of innuendo above, but I’m not clear on what Obama is “blackmailing” Gen. Allen to do, exactly. Run the war against ISIS ineptly? Why would Allen be more pliable on this score than any other General officer following the political purges of the last 8 years?

    Or for that matter, why forcing Petraus out served his purposes. What did they fear Petraus was going to do? Reveal the secret Benghazi CIA information he had already revealed?

    Lots and lots of dots, but I feel like I’m staring at one of those “hidden picture” things, and everyone else can see the Statue of Liberty but all I see a swirled mess of colors.


    • Unless, of course, all this merely points out a single shining example of how Obama has completely gutted the officer corps from top to bottom, purging all those who don’t submit to his radical left progressive agenda. Open homosexuality, trannies, and women in combat. Stupid and destructive.


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      If you click through to the Benghazi Brief sundance linked to, I believe what they were afraid Petraeus was going to do was reveal information about Operation Zero Footprint that implicated Hillary Clinton as having primary responsibility in arming rebels in Libya for regime change (if I’m reading it correctly). After the quagmire that turned into, Hillary having any responsibility would seriously hurt her presidential ambitions. Ultimately this information trickled out and did become a liability for Hillary, as Donald Trump attacks her on Benghazi and the Middle East very frequently.

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      • OK – but again, I’m not really sure that it was ever a secret that Obama/Hillary were arming John McCain’s “moderate Syrian rebels”.

        About as much of a secret as Anderson Cooper being gay.


      • The Benghazi Brief is another extremely dense web of something or other, but the bottom line is Hillary Clinton was running a “Fast and Furious” type operation giving all sorts of weapons and munitions “liberated” from Khadaffi’s stockpile to “moderate” jihadis in Syria, which ended up in Iraq and Afghanistan in the hands of terrorists and ISIS. And then to keep her black-bag op a secret after the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack they purged all the people who might have been too honest to lie. Or something like that.

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      • The real significance of Benghazi isn’t the secret squirrels conspiracy about who knew what and the secret real reason why they got sacked.

        It’s all about Hillary Clinton’s bad judgement and poor decisions, and her attempt to cover it up.

        In this one incident the complete scope of Hillary Clinton’s corruption, mendacity, and incompetence are on full display. She stupidly toppled Khadaffi’s regime, losing a key US ally and an irreplaceable intelligence asset, for purely personal political reasons, with NO PLAN of what to do afterwards. Then she mis-managed security at the consulate, and embarked on a foolish program to arm “moderate rebels” in Syria with no idea who they really are (turned out it was ISIS and Al Queda and a whole rogues gallery).

        And then, when this farce turned to tragedy and the ambassador and three other Americans died while Hillary held hours of meetings unable to decide what to do, she lied about it and tried to cover it up. Ultimately she destroyed evidence under Comgressional subpoena to keep it a secret.

        A horrible woman.

        Liked by 1 person

        • rsanchez1990 says:

          Well, in her attempt to cover it up, she would try to take down people who know too much, people like Petraeus.

          I think they did have a plan of what to do afterwards. Hillary’s next step was obviously toppling the Assad regime, and those plans were frustrated when the Russians decided to step in to prop up Assad. This is still Hillary’s plan, so much so that Trump warns a Hillary presidency could lead to World War III because Hillary insists on a confrontation with Russia over Syria.


  38. rsanchez1990 says:

    I got to this story a little late. It looks to me like the Paula Broadwell youtube video in the article might be broken. I can see her speaking, but instead of hearing her, I hear something that sounds like hip hop beats, and there appear to be other technical problems with the video. Is this how the video was when it was originally posted?


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