Update: Why Did General John Allen Speak at DNC Convention For Hillary Clinton?….

update-1Update at bottom: *Note* my sincere apologies, I thought most people were already familiar with this story.  However, it has been brought to my attention that a massive number of people had no idea about this when it took place (2012 – 2015).  So additional information and context added at the bottom.  /SD

When you read this, sip slowly, dust off the way-back machine, and think about those who have surfaced visibly to support Hillary Clinton.  Including “retired” U.S. General John Allen (retired in 2012), who was previously brought out of retirement to lead President Obama’s fight against ISIS in 2014.

In order to understand the scope of the relationships it takes understanding the full back story.  Stay with it….

general john allen

The question posed to the Tree House back in 2014 was: Why is the White House selecting a retired General John Allen, instead of a current commanding officer to lead Obama’s anti-ISIS efforts?

Deep breath: This White House uses personal leverage to their advantage like no other before it. Example #1: Where’s Bowe Bergdahl? Example #2: What ever happened to Ahmed Abu Khattala the captured head of the Benghazi attack ?

See… you had to think about it. This White House swamps us so much we forget to follow-up…..

There was a risk to the political optics of fighting ISIS.  A terrorist enemy the White House refused to acknowledge, and previously called the “JV Team”.  Consequently, the administration needed a competent “General” President Obama and Denis McDonough could control, rely upon, and quite possibly bypass the Pentagon.

So who did the White House leverage in 2014?

Yeah, General John Allen.

Fire Up The Way-Back Machine To Summer 2012 !!

Jill and Dr. Scott Kelley lived in the Tampa / St. Pete area. They were/are active in the military community with support for military families.

The Kelley’s do numerous fundraisers etc. and when Petraeus was assigned to station in Tampa the Kelley’s hosted a meet-n-greet with Holly and David Petraeus.

Mr and Mrs. Petraeus became friends with Mr. and Mrs. Kelley.

So mid-summer 2012 Jill Kelley, a Petraeus family friend, began receiving odd and harrassing e-mails about her relationship with CIA director General David Petraeus:

“More like, ‘Who do you think you are? … You parade around the base … You need to take it down a notch,’” according to the source, who was until recently at the highest levels of the intelligence community and prefers not to be identified by name.

Jill Kelley then reaches out to a family friend, who is by profession, in the FBI. Kelly asks if these unsourced e-mails reach the level of cyber-stalking.

The FBI “friend” takes Kelly to a field office where he puts her in contact with the “cyber-crimes” division/agents. There they essentially come to the conclusion the statute on cyber-stalking does actually seem to apply, so they open a preliminary case.

The first step in that aspect of the case is to back-check the IP’s etc to find the origin of the e-mails to Kelley.

That initial investigative part finds Paula Broadwell as the origin of the e-mails to Kelley. So the FBI gets a subpoena to dig further into the Broadwell electronic mail accounts. *Note the investigation at this point is into Paula Broadwell*

During the research of Broadwell’s communication it becomes apparent that, in addition to harassing Kelly, Broadwell is in contact with CIA Director General David Petraeus on some “personal level”.

While this is occuring, the original FBI friend (unknown) of Kelley is asking the Cyber division people on the case for updates. They provide “the friend” some information based on professional courtesy.

The FBI friend in turn then relays this information to Jill Kelley herself; Kelly then begins to inform her friend, General Petraeus, of the source. Essentially Kelly telling Petraeus “heads up” this woman (Broadwell) you know has been identified as the origin of threatening e-mails to me.

It Gets Creepy – Simultaneously, the FBI ‘friend’ of Kelley sends a personal, perhaps flirtatious, picture to Kelley the FBI becomes aware of (they are monitoring Kelley’s communication).

The FBI, is not comfortable with the “non-professional” relationship between the FBI friend and Kelley, and they inform him he is ‘cut out’ of the story.

(The FBI probably know that Kelley is also back-channelling information from this guy to her friend Gen Petraeus – any investigator would not like this loss of control).

As the CIA Director becomes involved in the story, the FBI friend, now ‘cut out’, then perceives the story/investigation as potentially being buried because of the people involved.

So he takes the bit of “outsider” information he knows to a congressman; who, in turn, takes the information to House Majority Whip, Congressman Eric Cantor.

Congressman Cantor then reaches out to the FBI and asks if General Petraeus is the subject of an investigation.

At this point in time Cantor is long-armed by the FBI to his inquiry because, in essence, General Petraeus is NOT the subject of an FBI investigation — Paula Broadwell is.

However, subsequent to the Cantor inquiry “higher ups” (FBI Director Robert Mueller) within the FBI are then notified. Mueller is told there is this investigation of this woman (Broadwell) which attaches her to CIA Director Petraeus in a rather sordid fashion.

The “affair is now outed.”

During the investigation it is noted/discovered that General Petraeus has been sexually involved with the Broadwell woman, however there is no criminal law-breaking per se’ on the part of the General, nor is he lying or covering it up.

So technically, there was no investigation of General Petraeus, only Paula Broadwell.

Also technically, there is no notification to the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee because they don’t tell the oversight committee about affairs, or personal indiscretions, only about unlawful activity being investigated.  [At least this is the claim of the FBI.]

potus and Holder president obama and eric holderAt some point (late summer – Aug/Sept. 2012) the FBI head, Director Robert Mueller, now needs to tell the DOJ -Eric Holder- about Petraeus showing up on the radar of an investigation into another party.

Again, it appears no law was broken, and Petraeus was NOT the source of the investigation.

The FBI interviews General Petraeus to discuss, he admits the affair with Broadwell, the FBI find no security breach – so at this point it is not illegal, just sordid.

THEN – Benghazi Happens 9/11/12

The Benghazi attack was September 11th/12th 2012.  After the investigation into Broadwell / Petraeus, a letter of investigative finding is filed (late Oct 2012).

Subsequently, because Petraeus is outlined in the investigation of Broadwell, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is notified (End October 2012).

Director Clapper then calls Petraeus and tells him the affair is probably going to come out publicly because two congressmen also have knowledge of it – further it compromises his position as CIA Director.

National Intelligence Director James Clapper recommends resignation to Petraeus.

The following day James Clapper then tells the President of the conversation with Petraeus and his recommendation.  The day after this, President Obama calls Petraeus to the White House, they discuss privately, they both agree on Petraeus resignation.

The story could have stopped there, but it didn’t.  in a post Benghazi world, General Petraeus is a risk to the White House and Hillary Clinton.

Remember, General Petraeus had nothing to do with the Libya fiasco, that was all constructed by Petraeus’s predecessor Leon Panetta (CIA) and Hillary Clinton (State Dept).

With the Benghazi attack at the top of the headlines, and with the media looking into the various stories, the White House, FBI and Media were all scrambling.  They began looking backwards again into Paula Broadwell.

There were statements from Broadwell about CIA operations in Benghazi that could only have come from her relationship with General Petraeus, “pillow talk.”

Broadwell was publicly revealing some rather dangerous information that puts the White House at risk.  Broadwell knew the Benghazi Annex was a CIA “rendition site”:

Given the now investigated relationship between Broadwell and Petraeus, the speech at Colorado University by Broadwell, takes on a new level of meaning.

As Broadwell outlined in her statement that the Benghazi CIA “Annex” was also a CIA detention facility of sorts, it becomes obvious she might be in posession of leaked CIA classified information. Did she actually have information about CIA rendition sites?

Her claim of Benghazi Militia members being held at the CIA compound is NOW the issue of investigation.

In essence — “Did Petraeus tell Broadwell CIA secrets?” now becomes the national story.

FBI agents were at the Broadwell home in North Carolina Monday night to carry out a consensual search that had been arranged with her lawyers, law enforcement sources said. The search was to locate additional classified material on computers or documents in the home, the sources said.

Broadwell appears to be cooperating with investigators in an effort to make this go away, to show that she has nothing else to hide, the sources said.

But House Majority Leader Eric Cantor knew of Petraeus’ affair with Broadwell almost two weeks before the former CIA director resigned his post.

A senior Cantor aide told ABC News that the Republican congressman from Virginia learned about the FBI investigation that brought the affair to light in a phone conversation with an FBI agent Oct. 27.

Cantor then asked his chief-of-staff to pass the information along to the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller. Cantor spoke to no one else about the investigation, the aide said.

Hurricane Sandy delayed the message to Mueller until Oct. 31. Petraeus admitted the extramarital relationship and submitted his resignation nine days later. (more)

…. and oh yeah, watch out, here’s where the General Allen story connects to Jill Kelley

[…] In a new twist to the Gen. David Petraeus sex scandal, the Pentagon said Tuesday [November 13th 2012] that the top American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, is under investigation for alleged “inappropriate communications” with a woman who is said to have received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the woman with whom Petraeus had an extramarital affair, Jill Kelly.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a written statement issued to reporters aboard his aircraft, en route from Honolulu to Perth, Australia, that the FBI referred the matter to the Pentagon on Sunday. Panetta said that he ordered a Pentagon investigation of Allen on Monday.

Allen, a four-star Marine general, succeeded Petraeus as the top American commander in Afghanistan in July 2011.

The senior official, who discussed the matter only on condition of anonymity because it is under investigation, said Panetta believed it was prudent to launch a Pentagon investigation, although the official would not explain the nature of Allen’s problematic communications.

The official said 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails and other documents from Allen’s communications with Kelley between 2010 and 2012 are under review. He would not say whether they involved sexual matters or whether they are thought to include unauthorized disclosures of classified information.

He said he did not know whether Petraeus is mentioned in the emails.

“Gen. Allen disputes that he has engaged in any wrongdoing in this matter,” the official said. He said Allen currently is in Washington. (More)

Within a few weeks of Leon Panetta informing the media of an investigation into General John Allen, Allen retires.

Occam’s Razor: 2012’s General Allen’s quiet disappearance, is 2014’s political leverage to use General Allen as the tool needed to present the image of Obama’s fight against ISIS.

Remember, the explosive yet underreported aspect to Paula Broadwell in 2012 was her discussing highly classified information about the Benghazi Annex also being a CIA rendition and black op’s site.

Because everyone was so focused on Hillary Clinton’s congressional testimony almost no-one paid Broadwell’s massive revelation any further attention. No-one followed up with questioning anyone about any of it.  The Benghazi “Annex” was a CIA rendition site.

Remember it was Leon Panetta (CIA) and Hillary Clinton (State Dept.) who joined together for the covert Libyan operations…  Fast forward four years later and Hillary is running for President.

Now do you see the motives?


update-1UPDATE 7/30/16 1:40pm EDT:  Adding some more context because apparently there’s a lot of interest and a whole bunch of people who don’t know this stuff.  So here’s more:

You see, in the fall of 2012 (Obama re-election year) nothing was more dangerous to President Obama than the Benghazi Attack, and the subsequent scandal.  Everyone around this entire fiasco needed to be carefully managed and controlled.

Panetta and Clinton organized the Libya engagement, but now it was a risk to the White House.   Ergo, General Petraeus was a risk; and by extension the investigation provided just enough leverage material for the White House to blackmail General Allen.

…Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.  General John Allen’s “inappropriate communications” partner, Jill Kelly, wasn’t happy with the possible loss of her influence over Cent Com / DC influences.  Suggest you read the following article outlining the scope of Lil Miss Dangerous influence:

 […] Kelley, a dhimmi Christian Arab of Lebanese descent, was well known in the Muslim Arab embassies of Washington for doing their bidding and hosting their parties at and near MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where our nation’s top generals are based. It’s where Central Command–the U.S. Armed Forces’ leadership over wars and military personnel Middle East–is headquartered.  (Must Read More)

Ms. Kelly struck back against the White House manipulation, which made her a toxic scandal attached commodity, by demanding to know who leaked her name to the media.

As it turns out, all indications pointed to the leaker as a member of the White House office of Legal Counsel.   This OLC member was also the Chief Legal Counsel for the Pentagon during the entire Libyan fiasco.

Who was the White House protector, OLC member, Pentagon Counsel, and most likely Jill Kelly name leaker?…

Oh, ….. wait-for-it:

Image: Barack Obama, Jeh Johnson

Ta-Da !!  Yep, Jeh Johnson, the current Director of Homeland Security.

Knowledge, playing along, protecting the office, and keeping your mouth shut, begets all kinds of rewards.

Jill Kelly fumes as her reputation was toxic, her influence diminished.  So:

Sept 22nd, 2015:  (Via Politico) Nine journalists have been subpoenaed to give testimony in a Florida’s woman’s lawsuit alleging that the federal government invaded her privacy after she became enmeshed in the investigation that ultimately led to the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus and his guilty plea earlier this year to charges of mishandling classified information.

Lawyers for Jill Kelley said they have issued subpoenas to Yahoo News editor Dan Klaidman, formerly of the Daily Beast; former Washington Post reporter Doug Frantz, who now is a senior State Department official; Daily Beast reporer Michael Daly; Daily Beast reporter Kim Dozier, formerly of the Associated Press; Washington Post reporter Adam Goldman, formerly of the Associated Press; AP reporter Anne Flaherty; ABC News journalist Justin Fishel, formerly of Fox News; Washington Post reporter Craig Whitlock and former Washington Post reporter and editor Rajic Chandrasekaran.

The reporters are expected to try to quash the subpoenas.

[….] Kelley’s team’s subpoenas to reporters follow a ruling by Jackson rejecting a subpoena for Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who was the Pentagon’s top lawyer as the probe unfolded. The judge didn’t rule out requiring Johnson to testify, but said Kelley’s lawyers first needed to try to get journalists who filed stories about the case to indicate where they got information about Kelley.  (read more)

As Ms. Kelly’s lawsuit continued, she and her sister maintained their efforts:

marco rubio and jill kelly

Now, aren’t you glad another potential black mail candidate with zipper problems didn’t win the GOP nomination?


Go Trump.

#BestSummerEver !

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265 Responses to Update: Why Did General John Allen Speak at DNC Convention For Hillary Clinton?….

  1. cali says:

    The ones who are always suffering and being neglected are our soldiers of lower ranks that are forced to follow orders given by commanders in the field. As one of them in an comment re-called what they dealt with in Afghanistan while Allen was commanding them. It is utterly shameful!
    In the meantime Petreaus also made a decision to stick with the NWO agents/crowd – since he left the DOD is attending every Bilderberg meeting and can be seen in U-Tube videos where he is trying to hide when a reporters tries to interview him.
    Having said all that – if we had a media – that does their job not based on politics or acting as agents being their propaganda outfits as they are – we would not be so uninformed that we rely on someone as noble as Sundance – telling us the truth. All this is so hard to fathom that we indeed have traitors being in charge of us and our Armed Forces.
    I am convinced that Libya represents the ‘flip’ where everything was turned upside down contrary to what the history of this country stood for – our leaders became traitors and support the agenda of the NWO aristocrats ergo the betrayals, scandals, double dealing and more.
    So far DT has done great and well but we don’t have to fool ourselves that the next 100 days are a cakewalk because DT poses the biggest threat to the globalists and their agents here in the US. Hillary is their choice because she is one of them and will protect their interest come hell or high water. She would not care how many of us die in the process. She has stepped over literal bodies to get where she is today.
    Sundance – thank you – Donald Trump needs this information even more as this is the only way that he knows the whole truth. Eventually he will be briefed – but by who and what is in his/her interest? Too many traitors and nobody can be trusted.
    It is shameful that americans are so deceived on such a scale. But God has his own agents and uses them to shine a light on these cockroaches.
    Sundance is this person! I don’t know whether Sundance is a male or female but it really doesn’t matter. For me – he is an instrument of God – because on this point in history we really don’t get any truth from anywhere but here on this website. Other sites copy a lot from Sundance although they pretend it is their own research – they are fake.
    Sundance – thank you! We owe you a debt of gratitude because you lift the fog that is so prevalent in this current period!

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  2. Baba Tim says:

    I’m not sure the analysis in this article is accurate. I’ve known Gen Allen all my adult life and considered him the best mentor a young Marine infantry officer could ever have. I talked to him in Tampa for hours prior to his leaving for Afghanistan where I had been living outside the wire for 6 years (http://freerangeinternational.com/blog/). As capable and impressive as he is, he could not get his head around the fact that the Afghan government combined with a large international military presence (propping that abusive corrupt government up) were the biggest problems that country faced. He is a man who has faith in the system and he is smart but there is not now nor has there ever been an original thought in his head. Trump represents destructive change to the status quo. Clinton is the status quo and she is pliable enough to be easily manipulated by smart guys like John Allen which is why guys like him support Obama without question….its the office not the man they respect. And when they don’t respect the man in the office they have enough juice to be able to run the clock on him with bullshit air campaigns because they know they cannot do a flipping thing about killing ISIS for good. That would take original thinking and brass balls – traits not found in senior general officers these days (but I do know a few junior generals who could step up and take them out without too much of a problem).

    Liked by 5 people

    • Clc says:

      for me, I have come to look at Washington d.c. as a cesspool. I don’t believe anything that comes out of there anymore. that also includes the pentagon. Obama brought allen out of retirement to head up the global taskforce to take on isis. I don’t think they did anything. more as a pr show than anything. putin did more damage to isis in 30 days than allen did in his whole term. I have come to the conclusion that isis is a proxy army trained and funded and armed by the U.S. and allies to weaken Iraq and take out assad. from a distance, it appears allen has gone “all in” with Obama/Clinton and whatever goal they have. I know this, Syria and Libya were not threats to America yet we are destroying them. i see very little integrity in our leaders. sorry to say.

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  3. CoolEdge says:

    “Allen isn’t being blackmailed into anything.”
    Do you have a source for that?

    People get “turned” for all sorts of reasons. Maybe the general had “sold out” long ago, and this was one more step further than he had gone before.

    Hard to say which coercive factors dominate, and when it is straight “blackmail”, but when someone gets out of trouble via a “favor” there is a debt hanging over their head. Soon the corrupt all have long lists and books on each other.

    I think that happens even a local government level … maybe a corrupt politician/lawyer hands out little favors to little friends and neighbors or for small business problems, then when he does something corrupt they praise him on what a great guy he is. Of course the Godfather movie comes to mind … “some day I’ll ask you for a favor”.


  4. I am in sensory overload after the events of the past 2 weeks (conventions, general news cycle etc.) so will have to reread this a few times to fully grasp it, but I’d like to pass along an item related to Allen but may not be directly related to this topic (or maybe it is).
    In a fawning interview by Megyn Kelly during the DNC Convention (full transcript available in The Kelly File website) Allen seems to reveal an attitude or understanding in government that many of our NATO allies not only cannot pay their fair share but, in fact, should not be expected to pay the agreed upon percentage to support the alliance.

    KELLY: Donald Trump says, I’m fine with NATO but some of these nations don’t pay their fair share.
    ALLEN: We should expect that that’s going to be difficult for them.  They’re in difficult financial times. That observation by him is not novel. We’ve been saying that for a number of years, that our NATO partners should strive to spend two percent of GDP and to do so in a way that is coherent to our NATO strategy and to our NATO requirements. But they’re going to struggle to do that. And not all of them, in fact, most of them don’t. That’s no reason for us to leave NATO. That’s no reason for us to say that when an attack on one of our partners occurs, we aren’t going to be there for those partners.

    This concerns me as a U.S. taxpayer and citizen.

    As a taxpayer, I ask why I should pay a portion of another country’s agreed upon NATO obligation which they should be accounting for in their respective national budgets. If they choose to spend money on other priorities and that is not my problem and I should not be expected to cover for them. Whose interest does my government have?

    Similarly, as a U.S. citizen, I am deeply concerned for the national treasure of the lives of our uniformed men and women. It seems that there is a sentiment in our own government that we hold a greater responsibility to “supply” NATO because other alliance members can’t (dubious) or more credibly don’t want to. Whose national treasure does my government seek to preserve.

    If our government wants us to ‘cover’ for other alliance members then they should make that plain. And if NATO isn’t that important to other member nations in the alliance then Trump is right (again) to ask what our NATO behavior should look like.

    Finally, note in Allen’s answer the perpetuation of the lie that Trump wants to leave NATO.

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    • Joan says:

      Aren’t the countries in NATO who don’t pay their fair share and supposedly can’t – isn’t it because of socialism? They have choices on how they spend their money. Why should we pay for them when we are already in so much debt?

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  5. His final prize has been the Secretary of Defense position and it is obvious. Four Star Arse Kiss.

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  6. JenMG says:

    I always thought there was more to this than the media portrayal of Jill Kelley as a harmless, dippy social climber. Where did they get the $$ for those lavish parties? Reports were that her husbands medical practice as a gastroenterologist was bankrupt and she had no other income. And even if the media portrayal back then was true (which it’s clear now was not), then what the HE$L is wrong with our top generals getting in so deep with someone like her, including giving her access to their official government email and phone. Nuts.

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  7. Sandra-VA says:

    Where does Extortion 17 fit into this story line?

    To this day, I am still shocked that Seal Team 6 was taken out like this. It was pre-planned and co-ordinated. Also, WHY was the mission named “Extortion 17”?

    Recall that the team was sent on equipment not normally used by ST6, that the Afghans who were supposed to be with them were swapped out right before boarding… and that the orders were such that they were not allowed to fire upon the village where the bogies supposedly were. Their escort helos were late to the party. They were taken out almost immediately upon entering the action zone.

    To add insult, their bodes were “prayed” over by an Imam who actually defamed them in arabic.

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    • andi lee says:

      I am right there with you, Sandra. The greatest military loss, as far as I am concerned, and swept quickly from public scrutiny. When this tragedy occured I was already alarmed by the high-ranking command shifting, and sifting, retirements, and the alarming loss of seals/special ops on the DOD death lists.

      It frightened me. I kept asking my dad (25 yr service record) what’s going on here? His answer: “Who gives a shit!” “Me, Dad” I said. “I’ve spent my whole life worrying and praying. For me it is ingrained, and something is going on”. My Dad replied, “It’s a different animal now and for me it’s over. Leave it be”.

      Living the military life is hard and one learns quickly, no news is good news. It sad. It’s tragic. And, no-one truly gives a sh*t to do anything about it.

      “Toughen up, buttercup”. (I love you, Dad, and I miss you, something fierce).

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    • quintrillion says:

      yes, I too had been following this treacherous ordeal at http://www.theunitedwest.org, Tom Trento when they had a youtube channel but there funding dried and I miss his show. Amazing how this huge tragedy was completely covered-up and the families silenced with no one accountable.


    • RLTW says:

      Obama sacrificed Red Squadron to placate Islam after he used DEVGRU to take out Bin Laden to boost his polls. That was the deal he made with his fellow travelers.

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  8. mariner says:

    Thank you Sundance, for both the original post and this update.

    I did vaguely remember that Allen was gone very shortly after Petraeus, and it was hinted in the media that he also had a zipper problem. I wondered at the time if we had an admiral or general who didn’t.

    I didn’t realize that Jill Kelly had a Middle Eastern background; that piece of information helps other pieces to fall into place.

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  9. Summer says:

    I don’t understand why the establishment and the media are against the idea of other countries paying their fair share. Why shouldn’t the Europeans pay for their own protection?
    Is it because by restructuring their budgets the European members would have to roll back their “generous” welfare system and expose the inherent weakness of socialism? Their own GDP growth is abysmal. Now they “celebrate” their average 1.4-1.7% growth. Think about it.

    If you talk to the Eurocommies, you might also learn that they hate and despise our military personal.

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  10. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Great update!!! Forgot all about the Red Diaper Jeh Johnson angle! Wow. What a small, corrupt world the Obama administration is.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Bonny Stilwell says:

    The “official version” and the true version of what actually occurs, and WHY are critically different in details. It’s only through a knowledgeable source and understanding the censored details can we know the score. Some basic facts are out there, but the real story is avoided because important groups and moneyed individuals have a vested interest in diverting the public’s attention from what’s going on behind the scenes. Misinformation is the public’s worst enemy and the effort to develop a sound opinion. Obviously, Hillary has thousands of buried secrets just to mention one, the Clinton Foundation has carefully concealed Hillary and Bill’s motives and every one of their crisis have resulted in NO credibility with a growing blitz of misinformation stuck to her tongue! There are fully-documented blunders that General Allen has concealed and our military personnel files in Benghazi etc. Incomprehensible many knowing who wrote the orders, pulled the marionettes strings and who were running the show on the front lines. General Allen and his cabal of marionettes continues to dictate the “official” narrative of the war and he continues to pump into the naive minds of the unsuspecting public at the DNC Convention access through the controlled newspapers, magazines, and website/blog sites. I say

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  12. Sandra-VA says:

    Gen. Allen is now a member of the Brookings Inst. which is FUNDED by Qatar and other ME perps. Brookings Inst is PRAVDA. I followed them for a while and noted that they would put out “studies” on various topics and lo and behold, Democrats are then seen touting policies supported by the “studies”. They then quote Brookings.

    I swear that Brookings is a paid outlet to put the meat behind whatever the left wants to shove down the pike.

    I swear, the tyranny going on in this country is shockingly prevalent…. and right in front of our eyes!

    p.s I am rewatching Clinton Cash on OANN right now, and I am so angry… especially after seeing the entire MSM freaking out over this damned Khan dude. I KNEW this was going to happen… the dems get this muslim guy who’s son was killed in Iraq to slam Trump on his aversion to importing muslim terrorists. Complete trap for Trump. I knew knew knew what they were going to do and BOOM! Next thing you know it gets blown sky high with the compliant media providing all the bullets to shoot Trump with. SICK OF IT!!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • calm down…it’s a notta…will be blown over by Monday. Something else will turn up. Khan’s a grieving Muslim father that the Dems used. His son was not more or less important than any other soldier we have have lost in combat. The military is not supposed to care about the religion race creed or color of its soldiers. We thank the soldiers and their families for their sacrifices. We honor the memory of those who have served. Over and out.

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    • anthonydog says:

      Look into Strobe Talbott, long time Clinton associate who also attended Yale and as a Rhodes scholar and roommate of Clinton’s at Oxford. Soviet General reported Talbott filtered government information to the Soviets though wouldn’t classify him as a spy.


  13. quintrillion says:

    So, what became of Jill Kelly’s privacy lawsuit against the government? Still on going or dropped?
    What does Rubio know about those 2 infiltrating bimbos?


  14. juliet says:

    That is an amazing piece of work..thanks so much for your hard work sun dance!

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Jim Rogers says:

    I question the loyalty to our US Constitution of every ranking US military officer, active or retired, who works for, or endorses, Hillary Clinton for POTUS!!! Islam, via the Islamic puppet in the Oval Office, has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government!!!

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  16. watcher says:

    I believe Petraeus was the main target and Allen was secondary fallout because of Jill Kelley. Attached are some blogs from Gary Welch whom was found shot to death in a stairwell and declared a suicide.
    The blog about Roger Ailes and Murdoch wanting to get Petraeus to run for president in 2012/16 prompted zero and hildabeast to go after him starting in 2010.


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  17. Johnnysays says:

    I worked for Allen and thought the man had high integrity but with high political ambitions. Most of b the time one did hear a loud sacking sound when he was around those above him His current endorsement of Hillary is disgusting. One more General who will sell themselves for power over what they know is the right thing . Just like the sycophants that are currently leading our military who endorse and implement women in the infantry Trans genders etc which they know will lead to reduced combat capabilit


  18. Seredoc says:

    How did Kelly and Allen connect?


  19. B2 says:

    Amazing. I believe some of the posters here who claim they know him. baba Tim said- “He is a man who has faith in the system and he is smart but there is not now nor has there ever been an original thought in his head.” Not atypical. Which head do you think he was thinking with during those 30,000 emails…

    John Allen, USMC, recently retired, has besmirched his title and brought discredit on himself and the institution for going out and simply auditioning for a job. Yep, auditioning for a job. Not a little one either. He’s entitled, after this performance….

    He shat all over Trump and said he didn’t serve so he has no authority to talk. Yep, it’s true, Trump didn’t serve just like nearly every candidate since the 1980’s…. BTW, I hate these chicken hawk arguments and posturing. I’ll tell you why: Check Allen’s record. Poster boy for the USMC/USNA but he has never been in a firefight. All the right jobs/assignments. Marine barracks job tells me a lot. For his case it’s a question of timing, missing direct action combat. Sure, he commanded those in direct harms way as a general officer, but that is different. No physical danger. Notwithstanding this though, aren’t these the tests crappy civilians want to apply to us vets in order to determine us worthy/unworthy. Where does this B.S. stop? See my point?

    Bottom line is Allen is a political hack in the tank for more of the same losing effort, managed decline system at work for the USA today under Obama and maybe in the future with Hillary…. That Jill Kelley woman was a good looker- maybe I can understand some of the emails but the Hillary speech and pandering for a job? Gen Allen USMC is dead to me.


  20. Stan Haccou says:

    John Allen is no Marine but a coward and a traitor. As a former combat veteran Marine I personally will pull his man card, you are a disgrace to the Corps. You support a candidate who left our fellow brothers to die in Bengazi. The party you support has stripped our military and will strip our American way of life. When it goe’s to hell under her watch AGAIN, I will hold you personally responsible. Did you get paid off to John, traitor.


  21. Pingback: Newbill Emails on Crooked Hillary 3rd Set | The NeoConservative Christian Right

  22. just came out today, by someone spilling the beans that Petraeus was shipping arms to Lybia- for ISIS, Ambassador Stevens was handling the distribution. Near the end of August/ beginning Sept. they sent SARIN GAS along with the weapons to Lybia. Ambassador Stevens was outraged- he wanted no part in this. Petraeus got on a plane flew to Turkey and met with an operative- he ordered Ambassador Stevens KILLED for not going along with the plan- he couldn’t allow him to come back to the US and talk- so he had to die. And they murdered him…..and 3 others.
    I do not know if this was part of Obama’s plan- however the truth of it was in the Hillary emails that the FBI looked at- and was leaked recently. It appears that Hillary and Petraeus were in business together- Google yellow house in Albaina…it seems Petraeus and Clintons are in the organ harvesting business- is this the spoils of war- it’s sick- they go to war- and there is then an endless supply or donors- not willing- but who needs permission in war! The swamp is deep- i have not one shred of doubt that President Trump doesn’t know everything and will take them all down!


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