ObamaCare Architect Admits “Law Working as Designed” – Wants “Bigger Mandate Penalty”…

Exactly as we shared three days ago the design of ObamaCare is to collapse the healthcare system in cost increases.  Today, ObamaCare key architect admits the law is working as designed, and incredibly admits his desire to see a larger “mandate penalty” enforced:

CNN’s CAROL COSTELLO: “So let’s talk about how exactly you can fix Obamacare. I just need you to be specific because I think people really want answers. So Hillary Clinton says she can fix Obamacare. So what would one fix that would drive premiums down?”

JONATHAN GRUBER: “Look, once again, there’s no sense it has to be fixed. The law is working as designed. However, it could work better. And I think, probably the most important things experts would agree on is we need a larger mandate penalty“…

[ Just as we previously shared ] ObamaCare was never designed *not* to overwhelm you with the shifting of massive costs.  ObamaCare was designed to crush you in costs.


ObamaCare architects (ex. J Gruber) had three key political special interest groups from K-street involved.  The primary two were Labor Unions and Corporations (Wall Street); the secondary (useful politically only) group was social progressives.

♦ Union Lobbying – DEMOCRATS – The goal was to rid labor unions of exorbitant (unsustainable) healthcare retirement costs.  Hence Andy Stern (SEIU) was primary lobbyist.

♦ Wall Street – REPUBLICANS – The goal was to remove healthcare from cost of goods sold, serviced, or produced.  Hence Tom Donohue (US CoC) was primary lobbyist.

Andy Stern - SEIUTom donohue 5

♦ Political Narrative – The socially progressive wing of the ’08/’09 Dem Congress pushed the 30 million uninsured narrative.   That emotional narrative was the primary media narrative for why action needed.

The political narrative was a ruse.  The 30 million “uninsured” became covered by an expanded Medicaid program.  If covering the 30 Million was the end-all reason the quick solution would have been to just raise the income cap on coverage eligibility for state subsidy/reimbursement and *presto* done….

….But that would not have removed the Healthcare cost from Union Retirement packages, or from U.S. Wall Street Corporations; which were the real reason for the construction.

Both Democrats and Republicans, had an interest in the redistribution of healthcare costs to the individual, that’s the heart of the UniParty agenda.

[Another significant Uniparty agenda item includes blocking campaign finance reform (Dem) / keeping Citizens United in place (Rep). = same/same ]

The ObamaCare cost shift means the individual carries the burden.

The beneficiary on the corporate side is the business who doesn’t need to provide the employee coverage; they just pay a flat fee to drop their insured and the fee (tax) becomes a predictable cost of doing business.  The U.S. CoC (Donohue) gets healthcare out of his Wall Street balance sheets, and stock evaluations (bottom line) improve.

The beneficiary on the Labor Union side is the union itself.  Like the corporations, the union drops the cost of coverage from its liabilities.  [Initially, there was going to be a fee on contracted healthcare benefits (Cadillac Tax), that was later dropped.] Without the liability the sustainability of Labor Union finances improve immediately.

When you accept the following framework things make more sense:

♦ ObamaCare was never designed sustain itself.  It was never designed to survive.  It was built with failure as the intended outcome.

♦ ObamaCare was designed to be too cost prohibitive for the individual (employee or self-employed) to carry without a significant increase in wages.  The shift in coverage from employer to employee did not have any underlying increase in wage mechanism.

♦ ObamaCare was built to move the responsibility of healthcare from the private market system (free market) into a government market system (single payer).

♦ ObamaCare is succeeding.


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153 Responses to ObamaCare Architect Admits “Law Working as Designed” – Wants “Bigger Mandate Penalty”…

  1. Concerned says:

    John Roberts is most to blame for this mess. He had a chance to stop it but failed to. Forcing citizens to purchase a product from a private company is insane, as is penalizing them with a tax. There is no way to be noncompliant without risking your entire financial future. There is no way to protest this unjust system.

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    • Concerned says:

      If Trump gets in I hope he can issue an executive order to suspend the penalty tax. That will be a good first step.

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      • J Miller says:

        I don’t think he would go around the law and use an executive order. He’ll push for immediate legislation to stop it, but he’ll have a battle because the Republicans quietly want Obamacare. It’s been said upthread that the Republicans never stood up against it. Blaming Roberts is only holding one out of hundreds accountable. Congress could have stopped it by defunding it, but they did nothing. They are all as responsible.

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    • mildtosevere says:

      Roberts was more than likely blackmailed by???
      Just another day in DC (democrat corruption)

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    • vrsn02 says:

      I support John Robert’s decision on ACA. He is right.

      The American people passed Obamacare in 2010.
      John Roberts did not want 1 person or 9 people to overturn the will of the people.
      The Supreme Court did not repeal Prohibition in 1933.
      Roberts rulings in 2012 and 2014 did not make Obamacare better or worse. He left it as is.
      He wrote in the 2012 decision, that if you want Obamacare repealed, do it at ballot box.
      What would have happened if the American people did not get to find out what is in Obamacare.
      There would be all kinds of questions: What if?, What could be?, What should be?, What about? On and on and on . . . .
      The American people should be given a chance to find out what is in Obamacare and then decide whether they like it or not.


    • dayallaxeded says:

      No, congress is 100% where the buck stops on 0-don’t-care. All of our election choices for the last 50 years have culminated in these devastating consequences–we have a FedGov that will enact and fund any POS they think will give them more power and they won’t even read it first. The Supreme Court’s fundamental rule on review of all laws passed by the congress and signed by POTUS is to defer to what is supposed to be the will of the people expressed through their elected representatives. Do you really want 9 justices legislating for you? Focusing on Roberts is nothing more than a pass the blame game–we (in a general, national sense, certainly not me or probably any of the commenters here) got what we, as a nation, voted for, b/c we elected and re-elected the uniparty congress and 0bummer. Read the Roberts opinion–he basically says outright if it was up to him, he’d shitcan 0-don’t-care, but that’s not within his power. Painful as it is, he’s right.

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      • Christopher Johnson says:

        Except the American people DIDN’T want it. It was passed exclusively by one party (who even mocked the other party because they could do nothing to stop it).

        It was also unconstitutional.

        What the heck is the Supreme Court for if not to curb the abuses of power of the other branches, defend the Constitution and look out for the American people?

        If its just a rubber stamp for Congress and Congress is just a rubber stamp for our President to do whatever he wants via Executive Action regardless of its legality, then we aren’t a Republic, we’re an elected monarchy.

        If Hillary is elected you can probably throw out the “elected” part too.

        We need a Cincinnatus.


  2. Concerned says:

    People on twitter, please respond to this nonsense propaganda account: https://twitter.com/obamacare


  3. starfcker says:

    Wow. Gruber has the nerve to declare this a bipartisan law. Lock him up.

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  4. MrE says:

    2:00-2:25 is key – “We need a stronger individual mandate.” Obamacare is not about what we, the consumers, want/need/can afford. This is about what the snooty, snobby, uppity, crustless cucumber sandwich-eating, sanctimonious rich folk tell us we “should” (HAVE TO) buy. The ONLY time they “care” about we the people during election season. Their only goal is to line their pockets, and they don’t give a DAMN as to how they do it… And to pretend otherwise about their intentions is the height of ignorance.

    They’re in for a big surprise in two weeks.

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  5. M33 says:

    God, November 8 cannot come soon enough…

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  6. NJF says:

    Guy on FBN from GA on to talk about how his premium went from$718 to over $1800 for his family.

    An increase of over 160%!

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    • Health insurance is expensive because health care is expensive. No way around it. I recently had a medical emergency, and the cost for surgery and post-surgery treatment easily equaled ( maybe exceeded) all the premiums I paid for the last decade. (Self insured no subsidy) The medical establishment is already cost shifting, patients who can pay are charged more to cover those who can’t.

      Providing health care to those who can’t pay isn’t limited to US citizens. Already, I can guarantee you, being undocumented does not stand in the way of receiving medical care. I know people who have received treatments for cancer and other serious issues, it was completely covered at no cost to them. And with open borders… as Germany is finding out, there is an unending supply of sick people who can’t pay.

      Eventually, not only will there be confiscatory levies put on income and wealth, there will be waiting lines. Except for the elites, of course. A two-tiered system.


  7. zephyrbreeze says:

    We are in an abusive relationship with our government and our political leaders and the administrators of government.

    All the evidence is there.

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  8. zephyrbreeze says:

    How to audit an election – by a professional election auditor. His recommendations are 100%.

    “Guest Author – Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D.: Ohio citizens conducted, under my direction, a genuine audit of the 2004 presidential election. This was no mere “spot check” of randomly selected precincts, and no mere “recount” of the same ballots previously run through the electronic tabulators.

    “We learned to ask for everything: ballots, poll books, voter signature books, ballot accounting charts, packing slips, and invoices. We asked to see all the ballots, whether voted, spoiled, or unused. And we always asked to photograph the records, so that I could analyze them with painstaking accuracy, and reexamine the same records when necessary.

    “We lacked the element of surprise, as a list of requested precincts was almost always demanded in writing and well in advance. But I picked the counties, and I picked the precincts, and I rarely said how or why. “What are you looking for?” I was often asked. “I don’t know,” I would reply. “This is an audit.”

    “When the IRS audits your tax returns, you don’t get to pick the year, or decide which records to show them. They want to see everything. And so did we.”


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  9. Trumped says:

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  10. falsinator says:

    This issue is Donald’s closing arguement. It ties corruption and economics into one. I hope he has video screens at his rallies, and first plays this bastard talking about the stupidity of the American voter….then Donald brings people on stage to talk about their health insurance cancellations and the dogfood they now have to eat. It was be pure gold especially if the folks really let loose.


  11. dayallaxeded says:

    I could barely stand to scan the video, let alone listen to every lying second. And that’s all it was from start to finish–lies. Gruber has absolutely no problem stating bald-faced lies and that twit private in HELLary’s 5th Column/4th Estate army is so deliberately stupid and unprepared that she can’t even recognize or question the lies. Dear Lord, if I’m ever diagnosed with terminal cancer, but can still get around and see well enough, please use me to deliver justice to Mr. Gruber and as many more of his ilk as may be Your Will!

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  12. ShrinkRap says:

    I’m an MD, a board certified Shrink with 30 years in the trenches, and currently – for the past seven years – in an end-of-career solo outpatient private practice, something of a boutique practice designed for patients who want to get well, and stay well.

    It’s a good thing I’m winding down: there are increasing numbers of insurance carriers I either won’t accept or am not allowed to accept, given my style of practice. This has escalated in recent years, and now has picked up noticeable steam in recent months, and now even more so in recent weeks. The atmosphere accompanying these changes is palpable, and my patients are starting to freak out over the cost of visits and meds as the noose of ObamaCare tightens. Sad thing is, there is only one other Shrink in the area, and he’s not accepting new patients, and the few psychiatric nurse partitioners with prescriptive authority that are available locally are also filling up, and are frankly out of their league with the more difficult cases.

    Additionally, my wife’s an ER nurse, currently burning out and getting ready to quit under the onslaught of ridiculous Federal mandates, entitled welfare recipients who abuse the system, and the increasingly shrinking ER staff due to cost cutting and bloated middle-management administrative bureaucracies.

    The end is really in sight if Trump is not elected.

    I recall talking with some old timers when I was in medical school long ago, guys who remembered the atmosphere and arguments surrounding the creation of Medicare: every last one that I talked to said the passage of this “benefit” – which pushed the nose of the Feds under world-class US healthcare tent – would be the beginning of the end of such world-class care. And it has been. And the ACA is Medicare on steroids. And the future of healthcare will be a nationwide tragedy if the Feds do not return to their Constitutionally circumscribed responsibilities – and without a forceful leader of the right mindset, they never will.


  13. Someone finally got a lead balloon to float, but this lead balloon ain’t ever gonna fly!


  14. Buck Turgidson says:

    Gruber is a rotten slimy smarmy arrogant SOB whom I would love to see behind bars for his role in this massive lie and deception and ripoff.


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