ObamaCare is Not Failing – It’s Doing Exactly What It Was Constructed To Do…

There is a talking point about Obamacare failing as the cost shifts are too extreme upon the participating (paying) electorate, etc.

[…]  State insurance regulators across the country have approved health care premium increases higher than those requested by insurers, despite a national effort to keep rates for policies sold on Affordable Care Act exchanges from skyrocketing, a USA TODAY analysis shows. (read article)

The underlying argument is a fundamentally flawed premise.  ObamaCare was never designed *not* to overwhelm you with the shifting of massive costs.  ObamaCare was designed to crush you in costs.

Stupid people vote on Obamacare

ObamaCare architects (ex. J Gruber) had three key political special interest groups from K-street involved.  The primary two were Labor Unions and Corporations (Wall Street); the secondary (useful politically only) group was social progressives.

♦ Union Lobbying – DEMOCRATS – The goal was to rid labor unions of exorbitant (unsustainable) healthcare retirement costs.  Hence Andy Stern (SEIU) was primary lobbyist.

♦ Wall Street – REPUBLICANS – The goal was to remove healthcare from cost of goods sold, serviced, or produced.  Hence Tom Donohue (US CoC) was primary lobbyist.

Andy Stern - SEIUTom donohue 5

♦ Political Narrative – The socially progressive wing of the ’08/’09 Dem Congress pushed the 30 million uninsured narrative.   That emotional narrative was the primary media narrative for why action needed.

The political narrative was a ruse.  The 30 million “uninsured” became covered by an expanded Medicaid program.  If covering the 30 Million was the end-all reason the quick solution would have been to just raise the income cap on coverage eligibility for state subsidy/reimbursement and *presto* done….

….But that would not have removed the Healthcare cost from Union Retirement packages, or from U.S. Wall Street Corporations; which were the real reason for the construction.

Both Democrats and Republicans, had an interest in the redistribution of healthcare costs to the individual, that’s the heart of the UniParty agenda.

[Another significant Uniparty agenda item includes blocking campaign finance reform (Dem) / keeping Citizens United in place (Rep). = same/same ]

The ObamaCare cost shift means the individual carries the burden.

The beneficiary on the corporate side is the business who doesn’t need to provide the employee coverage; they just pay a flat fee to drop their insured and the fee (tax) becomes a predictable cost of doing business.  The U.S. CoC (Donohue) gets healthcare out of his Wall Street balance sheets, and stock evaluations (bottom line) improve.

The beneficiary on the Labor Union side is the union itself.  Like the corporations, the union drops the cost of coverage from its liabilities.  [Initially, there was going to be a fee on contracted healthcare benefits (Cadillac Tax), that was later dropped.] Without the liability the sustainability of Labor Union finances improve immediately.

When you accept the following framework things make more sense:

♦ ObamaCare was never designed sustain itself.  It was never designed to survive.  It was built with failure as the intended outcome.

♦ ObamaCare was designed to be too cost prohibitive for the individual (employee or self-employed) to carry without a significant increase in wages.  The shift in coverage from employer to employee did not have any underlying increase in wage mechanism.

♦ ObamaCare was built to move the responsibility of healthcare from the private market system (free market) into a government market system (single payer).

♦ ObamaCare is succeeding.


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289 Responses to ObamaCare is Not Failing – It’s Doing Exactly What It Was Constructed To Do…

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    The minute health care becomes a huge, unwieldy, expensive government bureaucracy it’s a permanent feature of life and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
    Mark Steyn

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    • R-C says:

      Counterpoint, courtesy of then-Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore: “There is always one more thing you can do.”

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      • grandmaintexas says:

        What man does, man can undo. Or change. Or repeal and replace. Trump!!

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        • gwsjr425 says:

          Replace? What kind if imbecile are you?


          • Sayit2016 says:

            basic manners please…..

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          • Jett Black says:

            Replace with an open insurance market/individual responsibility approach. I guess gwsjr hasn’t read Mr. Trump’s concise plan for this. Biggest mistake everyone makes, whether supporter, undecided, or opposing fan, is failing to read Mr. Trump’s clear policies and plans on his own website! They are 1000% better stated and better thought out than you would expect from listening to the news or even his speeches (which necessarily only hit generalities and high points).

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            • lftrn97 says:

              Fairly simple…don’t fight as repeal, leave it in place and Congress passes a law enabling an alternative–Plan Bcare–incorporate aspects of Dr. Price (Rep GA) and Trump ideas and offere it out to companies and indivuduals. You pick Plan O or Plan B.


        • Matt Musson says:

          Since Obamacare was passed like a thief in the night – 70 MAJOR changes have been made to the program. 43 by the Executive Branch, 24 by the Congress and 3 by the Supreme Court.

          SO – when your idiot liberal friends tell you that Obamacare was torpedoed by Republicans who would not help – tell them to go @$#@ themselves.

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          • dayallaxeded says:

            Or ask them exactly how they claim the RINOs “torpedoed” it, since they never defunded even one aspect of it (haven’t defunded or otherwise blocked any of 0bummer’s executive order BS either), but did, in fact, help vote it into law and have fully funded it. Great opportunity to open their eyes to the fact that Soros and the far left Cloward/Piven actors are perfectly aligned with the RINOs and Donahue/CoC gang, looking to crash our economy and sovereignty, so their cleptocracy can rule here, as it does in much of the third world.

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            • Mr. T says:

              Dayallaxeded, Not a single Republican in the House or Senate voted to approve Obamacare. There were even some democrats who voted against it, but there were still enough demodope votes to make it pass. Over 60% of Americans were AGAINST Obamacare. That’s the biggest reason as to why the demodopes lost control of the House and then the Senate. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid both got neutered. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are hopefully next when the House and Senate reconvene in January after the new members are sworn in and elect new leaders.


          • Jeffrey Bellinger says:

            MM, I don’t think idiot liberals are that well endowed.


  2. bornbackwhen says:

    Speaking of healthcare, was visiting the Doctors Without Borders website today (voted yesterday). They share a world of argument against TPP regarding how it would affect global medical costs and availability. Always respected these folks and felt they have a good line on the true goings on across the borders. MAGA

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    • Colorado Conservative says:

      From my understanding, Doctors Without Borders, is a progressive far left organization. Many on the far left oppose TPP. It is one of the few commonalities they share with conservatives.

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      • The Boss says:

        To your point CC, it is the one thing Bernie and Trump agreed on. But Trump knows what to do. Bernie never had a clue.

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      • Jim Bob Lassiter says:

        Indeed, a “progressive far left organization” that D w/o B. Add to that . . . “of well off doctors afflicted with a bad case of misguided competitive altruism and a desire to do the international ‘outward bound’ thing tax free while their ‘undeserving’ countrymen and co-ethnics go w/o doctors.”


      • flawesttexas says:

        All of the Liberal Free Traders (GOP and DNC) support TPP…and also TIPP and TiSA. All the main Democrat Progresives (Obama, Clinton, Gore, Soros, Kerry) support Free Trade and TPP

        In fact, the main GOP Cuckservative talking point against Trump is his renegotiating NAFTA and Free Trade with Communist China

        We need to stop the BS that “Free Trade is Conservative” It is not. GOP Talk Radio is ignorant on Economics. Totally ignorant. And, in agreement with liberal Democrats


    • unconqueredone says:

      If you personally know individuals affiliated with DWB, you would not respect their politics at all unless you are a very left leaning liberal. Their heart is in the right place, but their politics always favor far left candidates. I know some lobbied heavily for Obama both election cycles.


  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    Once a fellow’s enjoying the fruits of government health care and all the rest, he couldn’t give a hoot about the general societal interest; he’s got his, and if it’s going to bankrupt the state of a generation hence, well, as long as they can keep the checks coming till he’s dead, it’s fine by him.
    Mark Steyn

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    • ladypenquin says:

      the point being, that the idiots are clueless that they’re not going to get “theirs” while depriving others. There is so little to go around – the slice of pie once available becomes a crumb falling from the table.


    • Here's Your Sign says:

      In other words, there ain’t no free lunch.
      The Democrat way is to let someone ELSE pay for it.
      The perverse part of it is that the NEXT generation is voting to be the ones paying!


  4. zephyrbreeze says:

    Mark Steyn is a genius on socialize healthcare, and his points are so well put, that I feel his quotes are worth posting.

    Government health care changes the relationship between the citizen and the state, and, in fact, I think it’s an assault on citizenship.
    Mark Steyn

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  5. zephyrbreeze says:

    For Americans, the quickest way to understand modern Britain is to look at what LBJ’s Great Society did to the black family and imagine it applied to the general population.
    Mark Steyn

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  6. LP says:

    When I first read about the ACA before it was passed (100% dem votes, 0 repubs) I thought this is the mother and father of taxes. It had nothing to do with health ‘care’, but the taxing authority. When Roberts ruled it as such in his SCOTUS opinion he was correct.

    The power to tax is the power to destroy.

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    • Jeffrey Bellinger says:

      LP, or at least the power to sodomize.


    • ladypenquin says:

      But I can tell you it has destroyed health care. “Everyone” has insurance, but now we have no care. My family has excellent coverage, we pay dearly, and it’s not an Obamacare plan… yet, my doctor joined a big healthcare corp (to cope with the regs) and now my care is rationed. Left the her, and went to a concierge practice. At least I can get in when I need to, and get the tests and referrals without being treated like cattle in the cattle car.

      I’m in healthcare, and have seen the difficulties patients with Medicaid and Medicare have getting decent care from decent doctors. Obamacare is the combination of all the gov. plans – on steroids. Obama intends to destroy the other gov. plans, including Tricare – the military one.

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      • Orygun says:

        My Doctor is with Regence and all he does is say you can’t do that or take that because the Gov says it is bad for you. He used to be a doctor and now he just follows the pogrom. It is embarassing and sad to see what they have done to the medical field.
        A computer program could be a doctor now and we just go to the pharmacy.

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        • ladypenquin says:

          Funny you should mention the pharmacy. My family gets more help and info from our pharmacist than previous doctor. Like I said, we have a new MD, but that’s because we figured out that the “system” is now just doing it all by rote, and quite a few in the health care field don’t care anymore. Not all, but the bureaucracy has killed the “care” that we have paid for and expected.


  7. Southern Son says:

    I was at Michelle Bachmans House Call (organized by her, on cRaZy Glens radio show),
    and this is just a flashback in time to me.
    Cold Anger is Not what I feel about it!
    But, the Unity, of All who traveled to the Capital that day(from almost Every state), on a couple days notice, remains today.
    That Unity of Disgust, driven by American Patriotism, fueled by Devotion and Love of Country, was the Birthing of the Tea Party Movement. That Refounding of Patriotism, is coming to Maturity in Our present Movement.
    We all felt and knew, that America was under Attack. And we ALL felt the Unity and Love.
    This Is the Championship!
    If we lose this time, God help us.
    Thank You Sundance, for making it easy, to clearly understand the forces of Evil, that are Not going to Stop, until finally Defeat Them.
    Now is the time. There will be no other.

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    • LP says:

      Michelle Bachman was right about a lot of stuff including the Moslem infiltration of the government. She adhered to her principle about term limits, but she (and her family) was trashed, like Mr Trump. Another qualified woman who was smeared by the ‘first woman for president’ Dem-hypocrites.

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  8. Red says:

    I don’t know how to post a picture but if this link works please look at this chart. This is the complete lives system and shows how Ezekiel Emmanuel wants health care to work……


    • Jeffrey Bellinger says:

      Red, so before age ten, and after about age 55 the gummint don’t give a toot about you. Sick buncha bastids in D.C.

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      • Jeffrey Bellinger says:

        Kinda makes me think of Logan’s Run. Everyone was 25 years old, or seemed like that. No old Gaseous Ones. No children. Zeek Emanuel’s dream State. On another thread I quoted an ancient Roman seer to the effect that a civilization can probably survive its half-wits. It is the wits who prove so deadly.

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        • Red says:

          Yeah, it’s really scarey it’s all right there in that skewed bell curve. Little children have nothing to offer and over 55 have nothing to offer……..they want to take us out because we remember how America once was. We aren’t likely to be as easily manipulated to their new world order. They don’t want wisdom, they want only those that are in their prime working years that will follow orders like lambs to the slaughter.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        Believe me, they’ll be handing out the red and blue pills so fast to the over 55 age group – you’ll be shocked. Lay people, who have little knowledge about their health or medicine won’t even know about the tests and medications not ordered.


    • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

      FYI for posting links (it took me a while to figure it out). 2 lines before and after the paste, like this:
      (enter once)
      (enter twice)
      (enter once)
      (enter twice)


  9. bertdilbert says:

    And now the unions are pushing higher minimum wage so government will get more tax revenue so unions can get a raise.

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    • no-nonsense-nancy says:

      I say there should never have been a minimum wage in the first place. Telling Americans this is the most you can make. With no minimum wage companies would be in competition with each other for higher wages. If you want good workers you pay better wages. Workers would shop around for companies who paid better.


  10. paulinFL says:

    This obamacare presentation is tops!!!!!
    Ty sundance and all the CTH treepers for the positive contributions on behalf of country and all!

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  11. sDee says:

    Of course it was. The Statists depend upon an ignorant electorate and a corporate media that keeping them that way. I had this encounter last week…..

    A few of us were doing some related work at a table in a restaurant. The waitress noticed and asked if we knew of any jobs or how she could find cheaper heath insurance – that she was working three jobs.that pay poorly with no health benefits – that she couldn’t afford her Obamacare anymore. She sounded stressed out

    I told her that’s how the politicians designed Obamacare. That she was working three part time jobs because of Obamacare, and she’s finding part time jobs because companies are required to buy expensive Obamacare for full time employees. .

    She mumbled something about politicians and that’s why she does not vote. We all told her to vote Trump because he will get rid of Obamacare. She got agitated and said no way she would vote Trump.

    Why not?
    “Cause he says stuff”.
    What stuff?
    “Just stuff”
    then she stormed off angrily

    The herd often reacts violently when faced with the reality of its predicament.

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    • Jack says:

      I hope you didn’t eat or drink anything she brought to the table after that conversation…

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    • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

      sDee, unfortunately, people in her situation (working multiple jobs because they can’t find full-time employment) don’t have the luxury of time to spend on the internet to refute all the constant negative chatter on TV she’s exposed to both at her workplace(s) and home. The “just stuff” is what she hears and believes because of the Clinton News Networks. Her altered reality is due to a government inflicted predicament and a propagandized media!


      • sDee says:

        I got an iPhone last month. I activated it and before I figured out how to clean the preinstalled cr’p off it, I had 3 news alerts on the evils of Trump.

        There were no free-press alternatives (e.g. Drudge) for news feed so I had to shut it off.

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    • Beenthere says:

      I have encountered working poor people like that, ie. don’t vote for whatever reason they use for that particular election cycle, throughout many many years.

      And there are millions of them. It would be great if Trump can rouse them up to vote for him. Realistically I don’t think they will vote at all.


      • Rhodin says:

        I think the main reason they don’t vote is obvious: they don’t have the time because they’re working multiple jobs and can’t afford to skip to vote. Low wage jobs don’t give more than, like, a half-hour break, tops. If you can’t get to your polling place, cast your ballot, and be back BEFORE that half hour is up, you’re fired. Doesn’t matter if there are laws that say your employer should let you vote. People skilled enough for minimum wage are a dime a dozen. That waitress who refused to consider Trump could be replaced in less than a day and it’s HIGHLY unlikely that she’d do anything but apply for more jobs.


    • ladypenquin says:

      I was broken-hearted after my son moved from where he had an excellent job, to our area (after he got married) and he only could find a low-paying 29/hr/wk job. This is young man with post-graduate degrees, and well-qualified. I cried. But he took that job so he would at least be working, and finally, after a year and a half, he now has a good full-time job.

      When hubby and I graduated from college, 35yrs ago, there was always place for a motivated individual right off the bat.


  12. sDee says:

    Sundance, I’ll add one more thing to your bullet-list of Obamacare “successes”

    ♦ In the process ObamaCare transferred hundreds of billions of dollars out of our economy into the hands of the political class.

    They take $10,000/year from us. Before Obamacare we paid $750 a month for $500 deductible and our doctors were in network. Now we pay $1200/mo with $5000 delectable and out doctors are out of network.
    Before Obamacare: $9500/year
    After Obamacare: $19,400/year

    It is actually worse than that because routine checkup stuff is now out of network, out of pocket and impossible to get re-reimbursed for

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    • K. says:

      Dont forget the medical schools..they are complicit as well….churning out Obamacare soldiers…it is all about what the applicant has suffered during their lifetime, not intellectual prowess…..mass government sponsored health care for all!!!!!

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  13. sDee says:

    Notice similarity of jackals when Romney signed Romney Care in Massachusetts?

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  14. goswell says:

    Obama told us that electricity would cost a lot more too. He also said he wanted to make the price of gasoline prohibitive. Fracking was allowed which brought that price down. Dem economy concepts are anti American, honestly.

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  15. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    It is quite true that Obamacare was designed to fail, going on the assumption that the public would then “demand” government-provided health care (thereby giving the federal government the literal power of life and death over its now-clients). Rush Limbaugh has been pointing that out from day one.
    I do think, also, that large corporations like it as it is, because it often effectively prevents smaller businesses from expanding, due to the then much higher cost of doing business, thus nipping potential competition in the bud. The goal, of course, is a “Middle East” sort of economy of non-threatening small shopkeepers, etc. in a quasi-impoverished, dependant society, caught between great wealth and virtually all-powerful government. Staggering healthcare costs and a staggeringly burdensome regulatory regime should do the trick nicely.
    No Republican in either House voted for Obamacare, but thanks to people like Nebraska’s Sen. Ben Nelson (who wisely declined to run again the following term), none had to.

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  16. Insurance companies were awarded “… increases higher than those requested by insurers …”
    What was THAT about? What was really going on? I did notice that happening in Oregon, but paid no attention b/c I have Medicare – still very reasonable.


    • ladypenquin says:

      Investing, watch out.They robbed Medicare to pay for Obamacare – 750 million dollars out the gate. You’re going to find that all of a sudden your doctor spends less time with you, he/she doesn’t order tests, your visits are spaced more distantly apart, and cheaper meds – even if they’re not the best available-are going to be Medicare’s future. I’m in healthcare and know this.

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    • Buzzybee says:

      Hey there girl! Deborah here. Are you back from your trip? If so, email me when you get time. I chose a nickname for the threads, which I’m not on very often for lack of time. But so much fun to read when I can!


  17. We’ve known this since 2009.

    Whenever one of the Obamacare horror stories run, I always comment “Remember back in 2009, when I told you this would happen and you called me a raaaaa-cist for opposing the first black president? TOLD YOU SO.”

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  18. Fundamentally the big problem with health “insurance”, generally, is it isn’t really “insurance” at all, it’s a social welfare entitlement program. All loaded up with junk “features and benefits” most people don’t want, don’t need, and can’t afford.

    If it were true insurance (coverage for actuarial risks) it would be quite inexpensive. Can you imagine how expensive your homeowners insurance would be if it included routine maintenance and a new roof every 5 years?

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    • shadowcole says:

      You know I was just thinking about my homeowners when I read your comment about “all loaded up with junk”.

      I canceled my homeowners after I paid my house off in July. My house isn’t really worth that much about 65k, where I live it’s standard 2b 1b bungelow. The insurance company wouldn’t give me insurance for 75k only, they would only give me replacement coverage for 167k. Problem is my husband and I wouldn’t rebuild in this neighborhood if anything happened to our home, been here 30+ years. They are telling me that it would cost 167 dollars a foot to replace my house. I got news for them, not in this neigborhood. Homeowners is nothing but a ripoff. We had it for decades and never once used it. If you get a bank loan you cannot have more than 1k deductible on HO insurance although we did raise it for a couple of years to 5k to lower our premiums. I’m just glad to have it paid off and to get rid of the insurance, it’s a risk I am willing to take right now.


      • I’m assuming you have enough cash that you could get another house if something happened to the one you have. My dad had a paid off home, with homeowners insurance. It burned down, and he got enough money to buy another home out right and then he was able to fix the home that burned and sell it. If you didn’t have homeowners insurance, though, he would’ve been screwed


  19. barton2016 says:

    The most infuriating thing is Republicans ‘ fake crusade to stop it. I’m no fan of Obama but it could have been called Republican care and had the same outcome.

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    • Obama, for all his faults and shortcomings, is very skilled in the Chicago way of corruption. He made sure to pay off enough of the people who ought to have opposed the ACA to make sure it went through.

      And, they discover too late, the Alinsky axiom, “I can get a capitalist to finance a revolution on Friday on the promise of a big return on that investment Saturday, even though it will cut his head on Sunday”. Or something to that effect.

      All the insurers and healthcare companies thought they would get rich off the mandatory insurance and price controls, only to discover too late that they’ve been bankrupted and ruined and the promised returns never materialized.

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  20. barton2016 says:

    And we’re supposed to kiss the feet of Mike Lee and Ted Cruz because they lead the fake crusade to stop Obamacare. Somehow the media and conservative talk show hosts neglected to mention the WallStreet entities funding these Senators who would benefit enormously from Obamacare

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  21. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    The ” SUCCESS ” of Obamacare is the destruction of the private sector Health Care system . Once the greatest system in the world !

    The GOAL of Obamacare is single payer health care . Government run , government CONTROLLED health care . Where your VALUE to the STATE …the global COMMUNIST STATE is based on the COMPLETE LIVES SYSTEM .


    The tentacles were set up in OBAMACARE to connect to the DEATH PANELS formed and funded in the STIMULUS package .

    The MACHINE the uni-party is building will come fully online when …”THEY ” decide who get care …and who doesn’t …as well as how much it costs you .

    Without any other options FOR health care and a government mandate you are in THEIR CONTROL .

    All those grocery store discount cards subsidized by the GLOBALIST CRONY FASCISTS will trigger BIG BROTHER . Watching and data mining the HUMAN HERD for decades .

    When the COMMUNIST MACHINE COMES ONLINE ……it will be too late !! it’s not one thing …the GLOBAL COMMIE have infiltrated EVERYTHING

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  22. booger71 says:

    Employer based health insurance really took off with FDR’s executive order “Stabilization Act of 1942”.

    “2. Salaries and wages under this Order shall include all forms of direct or indirect remuneration to an employee or officer for work or personal services performed for an employer or corporation, including but not limited to, bonuses, additional compensation, gifts, commissions, fees, and any other remuneration in any form or medium whatsoever (excluding insurance and pension benefits in a reasonable amount as determined by the Director); but for the purpose of determining wages or salaries for any period prior to September 16, 1942, such additional compensation shall be taken into account only in cases where it has been customarily paid by employers to their employees. “Salaries” as used in this Order means remuneration for personal services regularly paid on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.”


  23. TwoLaine says:

    The Cadillac Tax is not gone. The President, first by Illegal EO, and, subsequently, all of Congress, have just kicked it down the road several times to pander to the big companies and unions for their votes (Pay To Play), and because they don’t want to pay it either.

    It is actually called the high-cost plan tax (HCPT), and it is currently set to begin imposing an excise tax of 40% starting in 2020 on health plans whose value is more than $10,200 for individual coverage, and $27,500 for a family. The tax only applies to the amounts that exceed the threshold.

    Had it begun on schedule as LEGALLY REQUIRED in this “settled law”, these fees were supposed to offset the rising costs of insurance for everyone.

    They did much the same thing on the medical device tax, a 2.3% excise tax. It was also supposed to be an offset against rising costs. It is currently under a two-year suspension. But they have already raised their prices on everyone, and I guaran-dang-tee you they didn’t drop them back to pre-tax pricing. Just like high gas prices are still baked into food and beverage prices, even though gas has dropped drastically.

    The Oh? also delayed the employer mandate ILLEGALLY for at least a year.

    When you start kicking the legs out from under the table, one by one, the whole thing collapses a lot quicker. Funny how that works.


  24. thesavvyinvester says:

    Sundance, Isn’t Gruber now on Team Hillary as an adviser behind the scenes? Who else is advising her? Teresa Ghilarducci, look into her and some of her ideas on “improving” 401k’s etc


  25. Molly says:

    A 55 yr old man’s family plan has been cancelled because it did not cover Maternity care !
    Their monthly plan was $450/mo with a $1000 deductible. Now under ACA law, the cheapest bronze plan is $930 with a $2500 deductible. The only subsidy his salary will allow is $50/mo, so it’s a net increase of $430/mo. But hey, at least he will be happy to know his 56 years old wife will have maternity covered.
    Here is the best part of this. They were happy with their plan and the US Taxpayers did not pay a dime. Now he has to pay $430 more a month and we the taxpayer also pay $600 a year.


  26. TwoLaine says:

    Much ado was recently made out of the Indian Princess Elizabeth Warren’s, diatribe against Wells Fargo regarding their cross selling their products and their alleged 8 is Great mantra. However, none of these people have a leg to stand on.

    Via ObamaCare THEY MANDATED we each buy 10 products, whether we like, want, need, or will ever need them, and without any regard as to whether they are affordable or not.

    AND, IF YOU DON’T BUY THEM, YOU are singled out for a Tax, which they are currently trying to raise.

    The Affordable Care Act’s Ten Essential health benefits include:

    .1. Ambulatory patient services (Outpatient care). Care you receive without being admitted to a hospital, such as at a doctor’s office, clinic or same-day (“outpatient”) surgery center. Also included in this category are home health services and hospice care (note: some plans may limit coverage to no more than 45 days).

    .2. Emergency Services (Trips to the emergency room). Care you receive for conditions that could lead to serious disability or death if not immediately treated, such as accidents or sudden illness. Typically, this is a trip to the emergency room, and includes transport by ambulance. You cannot be penalized for going out-of-network or for not having prior authorization.

    .3. Hospitalization (Treatment in the hospital for inpatient care). Care you receive as a hospital patient, including care from doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, laboratory and other tests, medications you receive during your hospital stay, and room and board. Hospitalization coverage also includes surgeries, transplants and care received in a skilled nursing facility, such as a nursing home that specializes in the care of the elderly (note: some plans may limit skilled nursing facility coverage to no more than 45 days).

    .4. Maternity and newborn care. Care that women receive during pregnancy (prenatal care), throughout labor, delivery and post-delivery, and care for newborn babies.

    .5. Mental health services and addiction treatment. Inpatient and outpatient care provided to evaluate, diagnose and treat a mental health condition or substance abuse disorder . This includes behavioral health treatment, counseling, and psychotherapy. (note: some plans may limit coverage to 20 days each year. Limits must comply with state or federal parity laws. Read this document for more information on mental health benefits and the Affordable Care Act).

    .6. Prescription drugs. Medications that are prescribed by a doctor to treat an illness or condition. Examples include prescription antibiotics to treat an infection or medication used to treat an ongoing condition, such as high cholesterol. At least one prescription drug must be covered for each category and classification of federally approved drugs, however limitations do apply. Some prescription drugs can be excluded. “Over the counter” drugs are usually not covered even if a doctor writes you a prescription for them. Insurers may limit drugs they will cover, covering only generic versions of drugs where generics are available. Some medicines are excluded where a cheaper equally effective medicine is available, or the insurer may impose “Step” requirements (expensive drugs can only be prescribed if doctor has tried a cheaper alternative and found that it was not effective). Some expensive drugs will need special approval.

    .7. Rehabilitative services and devices – Rehabilitative services (help recovering skills, like speech therapy after a stroke) and habilitative services (help developing skills, like speech therapy for children) and devices to help you gain or recover mental and physical skills lost to injury, disability or a chronic condition (this also includes devices needed for “habilitative reasons”). Plans have to provide 30 visits each year for either physical or occupational therapy, or visits to the chiropractor. Plans must also cover 30 visits for speech therapy as well as 30 visits for cardiac or pulmonary rehab.

    .8. Laboratory services. Testing provided to help a doctor diagnose an injury, illness or condition, or to monitor the effectiveness of a particular treatment. Some preventive screenings, such as breast cancer screenings and prostrate exams, are provided free of charge.

    .9. Preventive services, wellness services, and chronic disease treatment. This includes counseling, preventive care, such as physicals, immunizations and screenings, like cancer screenings, designed to prevent or detect certain medical conditions. Also, care for chronic conditions, such as asthma and diabetes. (note: please see our full list of Preventive services for details on which services are covered.)

    .10. Pediatric services. Care provided to infants and children, including well-child visits and recommended vaccines and immunizations. Dental and vision care must be offered to children younger than 19. This includes two routine dental exams, an eye exam and corrective lenses each year.


  27. unconqueredone says:

    Everyone who voted or lobbied for the ACA (except the MSM- who are too dumb to think for themselves) knew it was meant to destroy the existing health care system and replace it with government health care. That is why none of them bothered to read the massive bill. It was not relevant what was in it.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. sDee says:

    .Bill Clinton told us how Obamacare was designed to fail and how they will transition us to single payer. (I Gabbed this : https://gab.ai/sDee/posts/1055285 )

    Listen to his whole speech on this. – not just what Fox wanted us to hear


  29. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Don’t forget the aarp’s support. Commies.

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  30. Good to see this article. This is what I have always believed. The intent is single payer/government health insurance. And, that is what is going to happen unless something is done soon.

    Also, this is what the American people seem to want. All they did is complain and complain about their health insurance, sickening to me. I lived without health insurance most of my life; self-employed, husband was self-employed most of life. If I went to a doctor, I paid for it. Back then, most doctors had one price for insurance companies and a different price for self-pay.

    Also, I am healthier than people who have insurance because I take care of myself and don’t run to the doctor for every little thing. Really, take care of yourself. Now, if ever broke a bone I would have to go, or needed my appendix removed I would have to go, those are the things western doctors are good for. Otherwise, go alternative and eat right and exercise and meditate.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. mildtosevere says:


    Liked by 1 person

  32. Afterthought says:

    When you take the most expensive thing in the world and give it away for free, some one has to pay the bill.


  33. mike diamond says:

    the stupid is is stupid does! nancy polisi didnt want obama care for her self just for the rest of us!


  34. Muskrat says:

    Nancy Pelosi said of Obamacare, “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.” [A doctor said this was a perfect definition of a stool sample.] Yup! It was a stool sample!

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  35. Beenthere says:

    This will be the 1st & only time I will partially agree with the Chamber of Commerce. Business should not be paying for health insurance, medical benefits or anything else people call it. BUT neither should the government.

    Medical benefits were started as a way to attract qualified labor because they were not allowed to increase wages on account of government price/wage controls issued during WWII.
    Please read further:




    There are many of us who believe that health insurance should be treated like auto insurance: required yet individually purchased & transportable across state lines (for the most part). This will create competition resulting in prices(premiums) going down. And should go down even further if we control medical-related lawsuits, which was successfully done in TX before Obamacare, & eliminate many of those unnecessary regulations that drive doctors crazy.

    I know that Trump has in the past talked about medical insurance portability & talked about some govn’t assistance for those who truly can not afford it. As a business man, he like others want to lower their labor costs & this is a humane & a free market way to achieve it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • booger71 says:

      And older adults do not need Obstetrics, or people of sound mind do not need mental health care. Before Obamacare, these two items were federally mandated.


    • John Denney says:

      if a person’s driving record was so bad no insurance company would take them, that person falls into the category of “assigned risk”. People in that pool are spread equitably across the pool of insurance providers, and pay higher premiums.

      Perhaps a similar idea can be done with people who have pre-existing conditions.


      • Beenthere says:

        Yes! Yes! Exactly! Out of all the years I have listened to politicians I believe Trump is the only one whose thinking is closest to that


  36. Curry Worsham says:

    From the amazing coincidences department.

    I looked up that SEIU pic above because it said “Stronger Together”. Discovered SEIU has been using that slogan for over 10 years. It’s even the title of a book about the SEIU:



    Who knew?


  37. jc says:

    most employer paid health care benefits were tax free to employee,that had to be stopped.

    employers seized the opportunity to back out of providing rank and file benefits when obamacare appeared and the worker bees will never get them back,it will be like directors and officers insurance,only the well off will be subsidized. If you don’t like it move to any other industrialized country


    • John Denney says:

      It used to be a win-win for employers and employees.

      Employees were having to use after tax dollars to buy medical insurance.
      Employers found they could negotiate steep discounts with medical insurance providers because they could bring them a large pool of insured.
      Employees could then work for lower wages, but still have medical insurance and have more money in their pocket at the end of the month.
      Employers labor cost went down because the sum of wages and insurance premiums was less than the prior higher wages when the employees had to buy their own insurance.


  38. hellandahandbasket says:

    I previously posted my insurance predicament (nightmare) on another post here at the CTH, but worth re-posting again as a person/family who was directly affected by the abusive/manipulative Obamacare system.
    As a federal employee for 20yrs, I hold federal employee health insurance – beginning in 1995 my Aetna family plan (two babies, husband) cost less than $100 every two weeks. This plan covered EVERYTHING without a deductible. From 1995 through 2013, this Aetna plan paid for a back operation for my husband, then TWO knee replacement surgeries for him, then two lengthy ICU stays for him as well, plus the regular doctor visits for my 2-sons – leaving us with less than $2,500 TOTAL for all of these hospitalizations/surgeries, over the span of almost 20yrs (in addition to regular co-pays for doctor’s visits and RX). I also have an RX each month for the past 20+yrs, at a full payment cost of close to $1,000/month, of which I only paid $10 to the pharmacy. It was beyond a GREAT plan – it was (in my opinion) a Cadillac of plans. Up until the end of 2013, my rates slowly increased, and before 2014, had increased to a little over $200 every two weeks. Still not bad considering the coverage I receive.
    In Dec 2013, I received notice from Aetna that my rate would TRIPLE every two weeks, and for the 1st time – MY contribution would be MORE than my federal govt employer contribution. For all these years, and as most people with employer insurance can attest to …the employer ALWAYS pays the larger portion – at the very least – employers would pay 60% of the premium. My employer would now pay LESS every two weeks than I did. Also, my RX co-pay would rise from $10 to $50 each month, and doctor visit copays from $20 to $30 per visit.
    Financially, I was forced to drop my insurance, push my husband through the VA system, and purchase BCBS single plan for just about $100 every two weeks, no family plan, and the hospital/surgery benefit is significantly reduced from what I had with Aetna. I still pay $50 for the RX each month.
    This month, I was notified that my doctor of 12yrs will no longer be able to hold a practice which deals with insurance companies, and is opting for a patient/doctor direct pay relationship at $1,600 annual fee. This will not cover hospitalizations, RX’s, testing, labwork, etc – strictly doctor visits. Because of Obamacare, I have now, not only lost my Aetna insurance, I have lost my doctor, who I absolutely LOVE. Not sure what to do, about my doctor, and am awaiting the notice from BCBS telling me how much my current premium will increase for 2017. I am sure it will at the very least, increase 50%, my benefit will drop for hospital/surgery, and my copays will increase.
    “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor – if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”
    What they didn’t say was “You most likely will not be able to afford your plan, and your doctor will most likely remove himself from your plan – so, good luck suckers – Obama OUT!”


    • jc says:

      you’re a federal employee?

      I have several friends retired treasury agents and they don’t pay squat for co-pays and deds, I think they were shifted to CIGNA in the past couple years, secondary to medicare

      Liked by 1 person

    • Beenthere says:

      Since you are struggling with keeping your medical insurance I would like to suggest for you to check out Medishare or others like it. At 1 pt when I didn’t have insurance I found out about Medishare & its legitimacy (grandfathered in Obamacare). Was going to join until husband got insurance through his employer. And if you are a Catholic, Solidarity Healthshare uses the same concept. Good luck.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. pluffmudgirl says:

    This is going to be a long post for me on the topic of Obamacare and the current condition of our healthcare delivery system and insurance. I am a retired healthcare professional with a masters in health administration and policy(1975-2000). I spent some time studying how government policies impacted the delivery of healthcare …and and a great deal of time trying to operate/manage a healthcare organization in the face of ever changing rules and regulations. My background includes: medical research (immunology), physician office laboratory, hospital service line director and healthcare data-analyst for the medical management division of a national HMO. I have family members who are physicians with one recent medical graduate just entering residency. I can confidently state if we do not remove Obamacare our country will never again be able to boast the best healthcare available in the world.

    When I worked in medical research (1970’s) it was amazing to me the researchers (MD/PhD’s) were not Americans. They were physicians from all over the world. They greatly admired our healthcare system and the quality of the physicians practicing medicine in our country. The “best and the brightest” in their home countries did not become physicians. Physicians were government employees and it didn’t matter if they were brilliant diagnosticians or the person who barely passed their exit exams. Their healthcare system imposed strict quota’s on services in order to control costs. If someone had the financial resources they could not visit a “great” doctor and pay for their services because there was no private practice. They needed to come to the U.S. for that. Of course there were/are a few other countries with private practice but the reputation of the US physicians was “best and brightest”. These physicians were able to earn more money as a researcher (still a government employee) than if they practiced medicine.

    In the 80’s I ran the lab for a 5 physician family practice. The doctors in that practice operated a full-service office. Very few patients were “referred-out” to specialty care. They would deliver their patients as newborns and then care for them in the nursing-home. Try and find yourself a family practice doc in today’s world who doesn’t send you out to the ER if you just need stitches because you weren’t being careful chopping carrots. Physicians have become super specialized because Medicare (US government) controls all the reimbursement rates for services. General practitioners are reimbursed at the lowest rate and specialists at the highest. All insurance companies base their reimbursement fees on a multiplier of the Medicare reimbursement. Fewer physicians are interested in or can afford to be General Practice/Family Practice. Because I have quite a few family members who are physicians, I am aware of the financial decisions medical practices have made to restrict the percentage of Medicaid/Medicare patients they can afford to allow in their practice. Those folk who do enter Family Medicine are restricting the variety of provided services because they honestly do not receive enough reimbursement to cover the overhead for that service. If private insurance disappears in the US and our insurance becomes single-payer, physicians will decide to retire and our “best and brightest” will not choose to become physicians. (Strong implications regarding the quality of physicians available to baby-boomers in their(our) declining years.)

    My experience as a data-analyst for Medical Management was quite eye-opening. In this organization there was a continual push/pull between Operations and Medical Management over “allowed” services the company would provide coverage for. They had different goals. Operations was profit driven and MMgmt was quality/service driven. Since this was an HMO, my responsibility was to provide supporting documentation when a service was high-cost but provided the best long-term outcome for the health of the consumer/patient resulting in lower costs over the consumer’s lifetime. I became involved in developing “best practice” guidelines, outcome measures for various treatment protocols and HEDIS/Quality Assurance. There was an open acknowledgement on the part of Medical Management that there would be fewer General Practitioners in medicine based on the trending of lower reimbursement rates. They desperately wanted to develop “best practice guidelines” and “outcome measures” in order to encourage the use of physician extenders (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners) for low cost/high frequency screening/triage services and reduce the number of higher reimbursement services with MD’s. The insurance organizations wanted to move patients away from physicians and towards physician extenders. …. which is happening now. Outcome measures developed by insurance companies were not going to happen until the insurance company had access to digital medical records..(obamacare requirement currently happening) Outcome measures outline treatment decisions and whether the treatment plan implement by the physician resolved the patient problem. It would also document competency of the physician and compliance of the patient. This would allow insurance companies to notify patients to correct bad behaviors impacting their health. It also violates patient/doctor confidentiality and HIPPA laws. The last articles I read indicated Insurance companies and their Medical Mgmt divisions are fighting the Dept of HHS to prevent access to the claims data in their possession. Physician organizations are fighting to keep their medical records private. I have little faith either will prevail in their struggle with “Big Brother” if single-payer becomes the law of the land. (If indeed they are resisting and the articles weren’t intentionally misleading.)

    HEDIS/Quality Assurance. The 80’s was all about Quality Assurance/CQI for organizations. In 1990 the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) started and everyone jumped aboard. It is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization who set about standardizing quality assurance guidelines for Health Care Organizations. (hospitals etc.) HEDIS is the component associated with the Health Insurance industry. (Healthcare Efficacy and Data Information Set) It outlines and scores the delivery, quality and utilization of the health care services patients receive. Initially HEDIS was used as a marketing tool for promoting your health plan to large employer groups. ~~ I don’t know how much information gets out there since Obamacare…. If you want to compare insurance plans…look at the HEDIS scores. I was responsible for preparing the HEDIS report for my division and participated in a HEDIS steering committee for an 8 state region. I am mentioning this organization/report because it points to the decline of healthcare delivery system in the US. Obamacare is not healthcare delivery. It is health insurance. It was promoted and fed to the uninformed masses as healthcare delivery. Healthcare delivery is the actual use and access of medical care. Doctors, hospitals, emergency rooms, ambulance services, physical therapy, nursing homes and hospice. Obamacare is restricting healthcare delivery. When the middle class has a $6500 deductible before their Obamacare policy kicks in, they are not going to use their insurance policy unless it is a catastrophic situation.

    I apologize in advance to anyone who has more current knowledge on these observations of mine. I would be thrilled to learn some of the trends I mentioned are not headed in the direction none of us wish them to go. I have not actively participated in the healthcare delivery system for 15 years and I know how fast things change in that industry. I do talk with prior associates and my family members. Our conversations haven’t been encouraging. Of course..I am and will always be opposed to a single-payer system because it eliminates choice. I believe it encourages mediocrity and discourages excellence.

    Additional Information/reading if you are interested.

    NCQA link: http://www.ncqa.org/homepage

    NCQA document outliningsome of the HEDIS standards: http://www.ncqa.org/Portals/0/HEDISQM/P4P/2016%20BT%20Memo_Mid-Year%20Update.pdf?ver=2016-08-02-155033-527

    NCQA blog talking about a Politico/HEDIS article: http://blog.ncqa.org/ncqa-moving-health-plans-toward-quality-improvement/

    Just in case you would like to review the HEDIS rating of the health insurance plan you have – just change the state. Currently set on SC where I live. High score is 5….we have crappy options : http://healthinsuranceratings.ncqa.org/2016/search/Commercial/SC


    • Beenthere says:

      Thank you for the excellent information. How does medical liability play into this? It was always the anesthesiologist & the ob-gyn who charged alot because their malpractice insurance was tremendous compared to the other specialties. And this has been going on since the 1970s. I would think it played a major role in the creation of NCQA.

      Also I find your 2nd paragraph to be interesting. I am going to refute a little of your information on your foreign MDs/PhDs. How I read it is you state that the foreign MDs/PhDs in your lab were educated outside the USA.

      Instead, I believe many of those were educated in USA on student visas with the idea that they were to go back to improve conditions in their home country. I believe that was derived from the 1960s. All those foreign-educated MDs/PhDs would not have been able to get a job in this country without employer sponsorship; the American worker was 1st back then. These work visas were strictly defined & enforced at least up until the early 1990s before I left the pharmaceutical industry to raise a family. Your foreign MDs/PhDs that you saw in the 1970s was able to work around the system legally with the help of their employer; ie, moving from 1 visa type to another. Even back then those foreign educated doctors in your lab were getting a lower salary compared to their American equivalent because they were legally compelled to stay with the employer that sponsored them for a number of years. How I look at it, you were working for a cheapskate company and you were the token American for that company showing the immigration authorities that it was hiring Americans too. (I was the token American in the Biostat Dept.)


      • pluffmudgirl says:

        LOL..cheapskate company is an accurate description. So, second question first. I was a “state” employee working at a teaching hospital whose salary was “grant money”. A temporary employee whose contract was renewed every year.(easily determined – SC 1970’s) The MD/PhD’s in my department were all foreign educated and most did not speak english very well. Think… “comic relief” listening to some communication efforts. The only American born MD was the Department Chairman. You are right, I should have pointed out the “departmental” differences because there were plenty of American MD’s working in medical research within the hospital. It was the non-traditional “exotic” departments who were distinctly foreign (such as Immunology). The foreign researchers were on “sabbatical” from their institutions and their salaries were written into the NIH grant. The Teaching Hospital was eager for the prestige associated with inviting the “best and brightest” from other countries and would help with the grant application process. More prestige..easier grant approval. Yeah american lab techs..tokens. I never even thought about the immigration component. Interesting point.

        Medical Liability/NCQA – You are correct about the medical liability issues and the subsequent need to develop standards and an accreditation process. In normal hospital/physician relationships the physician is not an employee and would be expected to be current with their malpractice insurance. Part of the “Privileges” process to admit patients in the facility. NCQA accreditation provided a documentation process that mitigated organizational and staff liability. (“Risk Management” within the hospital) Everything is documented, date/time and initials. Reviewed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. (Anal it truly is.) Incompetent staff are quickly discovered and replaced. Doctor orders are required to be signed within 24 hours or they will not be continued. The documentation processes while tedious, improved the quality of care and decreased liability.

        Without serious efforts to implement real Medical Torte Reform, there will continue to be fewer doctors willing to practice in high-risk fields. Some states have made progress passing Medical Tort Reforms and others have not. While there aren’t many doctors who are willing to turn their backs and not report an incompetent practitioner, there doesn’t appear to be much serious effort on the part of legislators(lawyers) to restrict the amount of money that can be made sensationalizing malpractice cases. Not being a lawyer .. I don’t know enough to even begin making suggestions.

        As a side comment..I remember one seminar presenter who was in favor of a single-payer system who commented you can not sue the government. If you want Torte Reform and reduced healthcare costs just eliminate private practice and make all healthcare government provided.


        • Beenthere says:

          You are correct. Academia which includes research hospitals are different from business labs. Wasn’t that how Einstein immigrated to this country via Princeton although no grants were probably needed?

          I’ve learned quite a bit from you & once again thank you for sharing your knowledge.

          Liked by 1 person

  40. dreadnok89 says:

    You have to be more specific when you say labor unions. Mine has nothing to do with obamacare and we didn’t vote for it


  41. Atossa says:

    Latest news just in today… Obama administration admitting Obamacare premiums will have big increases next year.

    The same with Medicare B premium… it also will have big increases next year. It is such a mess that year after year every new Medicare recipients will be paying bigger and bigger premiums.


  42. yonason says:

    “…these stupid MALICIOUS people…” (voted for it)

    There. I fixed it.


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