Anticipating The High Brow “Define Trump” Chris Wallace Debate…

David Mamet had a famous saying, essentially: …‘in order for genuine liberals to continue their illogical belief systems they have to pretend not to know a lot of things’… By pretending not to know, there is no attachment to any adverse consequences.

In essence, liberalism maintained -in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence- requires feelings to overcome logic in the ongoing game of make believe.  Hence, cognitive dissonance is a defining principle as large numbers of people need to be swayed to act against their own best interests.

To retain the larger ruse, Alinsky expanded on (many would say took advantage of) the necessary dissonance and various illogical shell games (system overload) became a component of his modern approach.

We have witnessed some of the most intense distraction shell games being played in the past ten days.  Feeling overwhelmed?… that’s by design, not happenstance.


With the Clinton campaign narrative solidly in hand the MSM have been fast-hand shuffling the shells to keep the Trump campaign off balance and the larger electorate distracted.   In the current political shell game, logical focus is the enemy.  If you know the pea was dropped below the table, you wouldn’t even bother making a guess about location when the shells stop moving.

That’s the back drop for the Fox News debate by master tactician Chris Wallace.  Don’t sell him short, his life-skills are fraught with shell game training and ‘pretending not to know‘ those things previously mentioned.   Fox News has one goal tomorrow, and we’re about to outline exactly how it plays….

Again, it must be repeated – in the same way the concept of a two-party system in DC is a total ruse, so too is the concept of a left-wing and right-wing corporate media.   The DC system is a UniParty system based on mutual benefit; the U.S. Media corporate constructs surround the same principle.  One UniParty Corporate Entity.  NBC-Universal is no different in their financial wall Street objectives than News-Corp (Fox).

Today Fox News releases another Daron Shaw poll, replete with yet another visible appearance by Daron Shaw on Bill O’Reilly.  They just presented a poll, an almost identical poll last Thursday (4 business days ago), so why another on the eve of Wallace’s debate?

It’s all part of the larger corporate agenda.  Donald Trump is a pure and genuine existential threat to the entire system.  Stunningly so.

Rubio debate 2

Rupert Murdoch (Mr. Wall Street), and Bill Sammon (Fox Political Vice President in charge of debates), have the same objectives/messaging in mind.  You only need to elevate yourself to 30,000/ft, disconnect from traditional views, accept the unity MSM objectives, look at their central cast behavior (Baier, O’Reilly, Kelly and Wallace)… and very quickly you can understand what those objectives are.

After the application of the red pill approach, you can accept that Chris Wallace strategically uses the Mamet principle to portray himself as the high-minded deliverer of all things newsworthy.

Anticipate Wallace beginning the debate thusly:

“There has been a lot of noise amid the election coverage with reports of groping, locker room talk, emails, WikiLeaks, investigations and such lately…. but what’s more important to the electorate are the specifics of policy and your skills to lead our nation…. as such, I’m going to ask each of you to stay away from the personal nonsense, drop the controversial gotcha talking points and speak directly to the American electorate”.

Or something similar and equally table clearing.

He’s then going to wonkify the debate, going directly to specific and intensely granular details about policy.  This effort will be geared toward aiding the “expert government policy candidate“, Clinton.

Wallace will shroud and protect his (and Murdoch’s) objectives, by claiming the intellectual high-road; all-the-while the goal is to emphasize the low-minded, non intellectual, non-policy specific vulgarian, Trump.

Chris Wallace will use video(s), and visual aides to amplify his approach and contrast how the “intellectual professionals” within the various intellectual policy businesses (think tanks etc.), are diametrically opposed to any disruption in the order of things.


Wallaces’ dismissive approach is most effective when it gets granular.  • The leadership of Yemen and the U.S. current Red Sea fleet’s position, when contrast with the Saudi Arabian government concerns.   • Various wonky global policy leaders and their proposals and individual G-7, G-20 summits and the internals of massive White Paper institute proposals.  • Global Warming summits and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), etc. etc. etc.  The same domestically.

This approach puts landmines in front of candidates who are not granular in their subject matter interest.  Try to go ‘big picture’ and the questioner gains the upper hand by claiming the question is not being answered… etc.

When professional debate teams know the granular approach is coming, they break down their team into specific study areas.  With individual candidates it’s much harder, because the wonk is encyclopedic in scope.

Given the nature of the overall current landscape in the past political week, the overwhelming shell game – in combination with the locations and activities of all the known key players, all of the stars align with this MSM strategy; and this dismissive and ridiculing approach is directly in the wheelhouse of an elitist who wants his own place in history, Chris Wallace.

Last year we showed you a presentation by Chris Matthews, another person who has the same elitist skill set as Chris Wallace and who runs in the same circles.  This video highlights the liberal media’s need to pretend not to know….

The audience for tomorrows debate is the larger electorate, however, the real audience are the MSM colleagues who are chomping at the bit to begin the stupid vulgarian frenzy.




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485 Responses to Anticipating The High Brow “Define Trump” Chris Wallace Debate…

  1. sheridan says:

    There is no shortage of pawns on the Alinsky chess board but there is still only one visible king and one visible queen.
    The Move-ment momentum is Mr Trumps.

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    • JustinMurican says:

      There is nothing either candidate will say tonight that is going to change the dynamic of this race. But it will be fun to watch. It will be even more fun to watch Trump win on November 8th.

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      • stonedome says:

        if people don’t know who you they are voting for at this point, they are complete dolts.

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        • ladypenquin says:

          And likely don’t care about even voting – so that might be quite a good thing, because dolts tend to vote Democratic. (No insult intended to previous Dem voters who are Trump supporters, simply because those of us who’ve voted for the Republicans all these years have been fools and tools too.

          • WOLVERINES! says:

            There is plenty of feeling foolish going around (former Dem here). Now is the time for us former suckers to get over the shock of badly we have been played and unite for the struggle to come. Mr. Trump’s election, even in the best-case scenario, is only the end of the beginning.

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        • Mr Darcy says:

          True, but the problem–the root problem–is precisely that–most voters ARE complete dolts.


    • RP says:

      It is our Move-ment…Trump is our well-placed conduit. Here is an excellent article that makes the case.

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      • singingsoul says:

        I choose not to watch tonight. I might lurk here and read. The debate is nerve wrecking because it is staged and people are gunning for Trump. I do not know how the man does it. My prayers to Trump tonight.
        I believe Clinton team has some very ugly planned just my hunch.

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        • bubblepuppy7 says:

          Yes, they do have something ugly planned…they’re going to let Hillary walk out on the stage.

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          • bolshevict says:

            I have to think that Hillary’s greatest sin is the one which God detests the most: Pride, in the Biblical sense.
            A pig-obstinent Will to Power, from an early age. (No one who thinks they deserve to govern/rule other men from such an early age should ever get the opportunity., IMO)

            So petty, she doesn’t have the guts to go Hillary Rodham in public venues, but she still insists on working in HER sir name when she can…to whit, the emails ….in her late 60’s to boot. Oh, it just burns her up to have to use a man’s name…except when it HELPS her!

            Personal viciousness towards not just her enemies, but any “little person” who displeases her…..examples abound.

            An attitude of superiority and entitlement. (Just heard another one this week….she stole State Dept furniture for her DC condo/townhouse….How many government buildings is she going to loot before she’s done?)

            Criminality (even violence) and sexual perversion …..and the channeling of Eleanore Roosevelt/etc, White House seances, etc? If you believe that stuff, as I do, thats witchcraft….How could this woman be any worse?

            If I were the Big Guy…..I’d let her get as close to the Presidency as possible, then take it away in spectacular fashion. Perhaps a manifestation of her illnesses in the debate, or worse.

            Even if she agreed with me on every point of policy, Hillary Clinton does not deserve to be President of the USA. I know I don’t get to make those decisions, but at least the One who does has my input on the matter.

            Godspeed to Donald Trump!


        • stonedome says:

          how will the national enquirer expose effect the debate tonight?

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        • Colorado Conservative says:

          I agree with you. Last time I went to Breitbart and kept going between that site’s live update of the debate and another page that was simply readers posting comments about the debate. It was much more relaxing and I still essentially got the full essence of the debate without having to look at Shillary’s ugly face (had to see clips of the fly on her face later).

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        • Samantha says:

          Wow, I thought it was just me who felt this way, thank you for sharing 🙂


      • RedBallExpress says:

        Thank you for posting the article link!

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  2. lisaginnz says:

    It would be great if Mr Trump took a selfie with Hillary when they first start using a phone/camera with very large of repeated flash. Get her seizin’ early. ok never mind, just wishful thinking. …

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  3. JAS says:

    The important thing is to remember here is that Donald has no foreign policy record that can be attacked, but guess who does? Hillary has blood on her hands!

    “Granularity” will be Wallace’s undoing. All DT has to do is state his general philosophical principles, “America First”, Rebuild our military, Refrain from foreign interventions, saying “that’s what globalists want”.

    Then immediately pivot to attack Hillbot on how her “so called granular expertise”, her economic marriage with the globalists through her foundation, all of it resulted in her catastrophic record on foreign policy as SoS, Benghazi, Lybia, etc.

    If Donald does this it will be a blood bath for the wicked witch.

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    • oodeluph says:

      …And her flying monkey, Wallace.

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    • RG says:

      We are on the brink of war with Russia. That is a topic that needs to be discussed in tonight’s debate and I’ll bet that Trump can outsmart Hillary on that issue.

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      • singingsoul says:

        They are going to twist that Trump is buddy with Putin.
        What drives me crazy is when they turn their own faults and deeds and place it on Trump.
        I had a friend who did it to me. She would attribute all her failing on me. I had to shake her off for my own sanity.
        This is so obvious Bill rapes women they blame Trump for raping
        Hillary does deals with Putin they blame Trump doing deals with Putin
        Podesta makes lots of shady money with Russia they blame Manafort making shady deals with Ukraine
        They keep projecting their deeds on Trump. This is very hard to fight specially if its hard to defend.
        Anything can happen tonight. Would it be not funny if Obama’s brother comes out and tells the world Obama was born in Kenya..? Not only that brings a birth certificate…?
        Ugh my wishful imagination…

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    • bolshevict says:

      AND JOBS. Jobs jobs jobs.


  4. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    Not to mention that Hillary will get her “GRANULAR ” question in advance . She will APPEAR the DIPSHIDIOCRACY to be the competent WONK !

    Hmmmm it has to be something that ” Johnny come to the TV lately ” has heard of on YAHOO NEWS or their social media feed …… but doesn’t know much about . ALEPPO maybe ?

    (Was the Gary Johnson ALEPPO faux paw a SET UP all along ? So his supporters would see Hillary in a new light at the CIRCUS ACT DEBATE ? ) uni-party ! GJ is one of their pawns too

    …so …Some WONKY issue to PROJECT to the viewers of this ENEMEDIA CIRCUS that Hillary being a career Bureaucrat has value . Boy ….talk about a STRETCH …

    THIS social media MUTT still stands on his belief that Hillary will announce her plan to

                   "END POVERTY "

    In the midst of the debate back and forth our “Moderator ” Chris WallAZZ ” will set up Hillary for her announcement of the end game of the Cloward and Piven Strategy .

    ” A GUARANTEED ANNUAL INCOME ” to replace the RACIST entitlement system set up by “WHITEY ”

    Remember now …Obama promised to stop the seas from rising ! What’s a little guaranteed annual income to THAT !!

    SHE ….will go on to blame Trump and his supporters for this RACIST system of entitlements .

    REMEMBER THE TOP TEN RULES of politics …..if your explaining or defending the perception is your LOSING !! or lying or guilty !!!

    The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”. [1][2]

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    • georgiafl says:

      Hillary doesn’t ‘get’ her questions in advance, she ‘gives’ them the questions (that they must/are permitted to ask) in advance.

      Remember how rabidly angry Hillary got when poor old Matt Lauer didn’t get the memo or rebelled and asked her an unexpected question at the Commander in Chief Forum?

      If looks could kill, Lauer would be 6 feet under today!

      After her segment, as soon as she got off-stage, she went into a totally unhinged demonic tirade, threw a glass of water in the face of her assistant, attacked Donna Brasille with a racist comments and cursed like the demon-possessed monster that she is. She didn’t care that everyone back stage could hear her.

      Full description of Hillary unhinged:

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      • DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

        ” Hillary doesn’t ‘get’ her questions in advance, she ‘gives’ them the questions (that they must/are permitted to ask) in advance. ”

        correction duly noted ….well done ! bazinga

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    • RG says:

      Never forget that the “earned income credit” that results in many individuals getting paid by the IRS annually, is indeed reparation for staying in the underclass and being a democrat, many with slavery in their family tree. People have come to rely on the EIC so long that they don’t even want a job that pays them more. Take that to the bank!

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Of course, instead of trashing people who don’t make enough money…we could be asking “why is it that their pay is so low/the cost of living necessities so high that they rely upon the EIC to pay for their bills or other essential things?”.
        For instance, most of the workers in my area do rely on it. Why? Because their jobs don’t cover housing, transportation, food, medical, utilities or they barely do…and that those meager jobs are now cutting benefits, also increasing in price, and hours.
        Before you freak about raising the pay — how about it is looked at the other way around: what has happened to the cost of basic necessities in the last 20 years? Noticed the price of milk? Do you know how many gallons of milk dairy farms dumped last year, basically to keep from having an oversupply? Is this efficient? Is this even ethical? And…is it beyond one or two industries doing this? Who is making money off of it?
        And if that is the case…then a guaranteed annual income will not solve the poverty problem, because it doesn’t start at that end.
        In fact, at this rate, we have inflationary bubbles going on all around us — eventually they will pop and that paper money guaranteed annually will likely buy you one batch of collards and that’s about it. To really fix this for everyone’s sake we need a total reset — a clearly out of the swamp as it were of finances/economy.
        Where’s the “rent is too damn high” guy? He would be useful right now.

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  5. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    THE DONALD must anticipate this move by Hillary to announce her “GUARANTEED ANNUAL INCOME ” The timing is EVERYTHING here .

    As Chris uni-party Wallace begins to build the narrative of Hillary the career WONK that is when Trump can strike . He can simply interject the kind of WONKS that came up with …wait for it …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..ok enough …THE CLOWARD AND PIVEN STRATEGY !

    If DJT uses that example of the kind of WONK Hillary has been her entire career …he takes away her THUNDER …The thunder her camp and Wallace have set up to put Trump on his heels defending and explaining .


    • Jenny R. says:

      Guaranteed annual income sounds like guaranteed dirt floor shotgun shack and a weekly helping of grits and potlikker, half a chicken and hoecake on Sunday. It sounds like “here comrade, here is your weekly allotment of bread, now come, sing party anthem and praises to Dear Leader….oh we put you in gulag”.
      It will have an effect on some people (sounds tempting of course, especially to those who have to worry about every penny)…but there are ways to deflate it.
      She isn’t a wonk; she’s a pandering, backstabbing idiot.

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      • Bob says:

        I just watched Dinesh D’Souza’s film “Hillary’s America” last night. According to him, this is EXACTLY what’s in store for us all. His film (which had a few elements of obvious propaganda in it) laid out how the Democrat Party did it to blacks in the early days of our country, and how the plan is for ALL of us to be moved onto the plantation/reservation.

        I need to do more research before I decide how much truth there is in that film, but it is an interesting starting point.

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  6. Nunya Bidness says:

    If true, this scenario is Hillary-friendly because it will have been authored by the Hillary campaign. They’ll have written both the questions and answers.


  7. shirley49 says:

    My hope is that he sticks to the issues and ignores the personal jabs. He needs to also stop tweeting some of the stuff he has. Stick to the issues that helped him win the nomination.

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    • RP says:

      shirley – the tweets, the issues, the tone and the attitude he has been carrying since ‘He broke the shackles” last week is what won him the nomination. The man has been putting out policy speeches and positions every day but the press never carries them. You need to turn off the tube….seriously.

      Me and tens of millions like a man and leader who punches back when bullied, slandered and maligned rather than “settle, ignore and cower” like Bush and well gosh darn every single politician we’ve had since at least GHWB. Donald isn’t just defending himself but he is defending US – he has our 6.

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    • Peter says:

      Shut up. Let trump be trump. He is a counter pouncher, something Romney and McCain were not and guess what – they lost….by a lot.

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  8. Oldskool says:

    Tonight’s show is a no-lose proposition for Mr. Trump. The wonk tilt SD mentions will happen trying to embarrass Trump, but it will have no effect as it’s common knowledge his experience has not been in those weeds. Only upside for him tonight, but the media has tomorrow’s talking points already passed around anyway. MAGA

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  9. georgiafl says:

    The Lew vs Wallace ‘interview’ illustrates leftist tactics. Lew deceives/lies and projects Obama’s refusal to negotiate and his shut-down off on the GOP congress.

    Wallace seems to be trying to hold Lew’s feet to the fire – unless it’s all political theater.


  10. QuiteContrary says:

    If Wallace doesn’t play it straight, it will just mean more losses for Fox News Channel. I’m not up to date on all the latest ratings, but I’ve seen a number of stories that indicate FNC’s leading anchors are slipping. I don’t watch anymore.

    Has there been a change in direction and a ratings slide since Ailes left? I saw something yesterday that said Hannity recently led all of cable news in the demo most important to advertisers. Is Megyn’s show losing clout?

    I won’t watch but will instead get the news about what happened the next day. It’s so much easier to get your news on the Internet these days.

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  11. Tom W says:

    Wallace is skilled … but The Donald is unleashed

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  12. lizziewizzie says:

    “…and this dismissive and ridiculing approach is directly in the wheelhouse of an elitist who wants his own place in history, Chris Wallace.”

    Hahaha! Chris is going to puff up his chest like a guy when a chick walks into the room. President Trump is going to slice his b@lls off. He don’t have time for this sheet! This is gonna be fun to watch! 😃

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  13. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Trump: No


  14. Humble Soul says:

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  15. Humble Soul says:

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  16. Gov Jay says:

    Had to laugh at Bill O’Reilly last night after watching his Talking Points memo and his bloviating about how Trump will lose the election if he does not win the debate on Wednesday night… and yes, he had Daron Shaw on to talk about the fake Fox poll just as Sundance mentioned…

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  17. Maria B. on Fox Business just got Bill Richardson all in knots. I enjoyed it. He tried to diss the O’Keefe tape and Maria wouldn’t have it.

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    • The Boss says:

      Richardson is a tool. A dull tool.

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    • rhcrest says:

      When Maria B. was one of the moderators on one of the Republican primary debates, it was the only time the debate was professional and well done. Megyn Kelly proved herself to be nothing but a joke with that first debate. She proved that she is more on the level of a People magazine reporter and her ratings have been diving ever since. She deserves it

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  18. I have decided that Obama’s brother is a distraction. I think Trump may have something else up his sleeve.

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    • sassymemphisbelle says:

      Interesting take on it WWA, i’m failing to see the point of having Obama’s brother there. Obie is on his way out (Thank your Heavenly Father!) so what is the point. Personally, i’d must rather see all the families of the Benghazi 4 seated up front and center.

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    • The Boss says:

      I think you’re onto something. Malik is a teaser, likely intended to boost viewership AND to provide a last minute distraction to Crooked Hillary and her programmers and the media. And in some ways, us too.

      We’re seeing a pro in action. As I’ve said before, Trump has proven in his real estate business that location, location, location is key. And, that proper timing is equally vital in achieving a goal. Stay tuned folks!

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  19. joshua says:

    Trump’s best strategy with Chris is to constantly REFRAME the question like, “Chris, as you know, the important issue here is …….blah blah blah…and that is the only thing the people want to know right now….they want to know that the American people are the focus, not the government and the financial establishment and professional political class. That is who I and my policies represent. And yes I will answer, but allow me the respect not to interrupt me like this is another of your Media Interviews or Cable programs. This is more important than spin. This is about the America that belongs to the people and not the Politicians.”

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    • Reena says:

      Agreed. Perfectly put. Granular levels can be shunted to insisting on including the expertise of veteran cabinet members. (This while contrasting the junior staff round tables and outside consultants’ angle of the left.) Focus on American decisions, not foreign interference especially.


  20. gvcivic says:

    “Feeling overwhelmed?” No, SD, I’m not feeling overwhelmed. I just get more and more frustrated at how well the Demoncrats control just about everything in the electoral process.

    They get Assange’s internet connection shut off. Not very nice but very predictable. And, BTW, Ecuador’s “holier than thou” posture of not wanting to “interfere” in elections here is doing just that: They ARE interfering in a major way by depriving us of essential information about a candidate.

    They manage to completely shut off devastating Project Veritas videos. Stations actually backed out of showing them for fear of reprisal from a (God Forbid) Hillary presidency.

    The “debates” are a total crock, completely controlled by the Demoncrat party. The so-called commission should be abolished and debates just run by the DNC. At least then we’d know where things REALLY stand.

    Hillary is the physically weakest candidate ever. FDR and JFK had serious health issues but still managed to stump the country with forceful campaigns. Hillary takes weeks off but nary a peep from the MSM. Amazing.

    Keep up the good work! We all need your insightful analyses!!!

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  21. Awaken says:

    y’know… I’ve been thinking. Hillary has been “preparing” for this debate for what, a week now? All dug in doing mock debates, etc. Regardless of the validity of that, my point is even IF that is what she is actually doing, it is no wonder she fails consistently to get anything done. She can’t multitask? Executives by nature have to manage many priorities and issues at the same time. She apparently is incapable of giving a speech and preparing for a debate in the same day. That alone should be a huge red flag. Perhaps that inability is why she is completely ineffective as a senator, useless as a SOS, and would be an utter failure as POTUS.

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  22. Jenny R. says:

    Trump should perhaps bring up the Colin Powell e-mail quote: Everything she touches she scews up due to her hubris. Make a paraphrase of that something to stick on her.
    Yes, they will play the “smart liberal” game…but there are many types of stupid, and being so arrogant that you can’t realize you’re about to step in it is a form of stupidity; being so arrogant that you can’t realize you have created the stuff you step in rather than chocolate is another. Is this really what we want leading the country? Creating our news? Controlling our lives?
    Trump said we are being led by stupid people…drive it home.


    • bob kalle says:

      As I read all this, I can think of one thing, Trump should ask her if she believes in God. What is she going to say. Her head may explode, if she says she believes and then lies cheats and steals all day long. If she says she does not believe, then all the christians know where to vote. I tend to beleive that ther is a correlation between not believing in God and progressives.

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  23. MVW says:

    Cut the Gordian crap knot. Redefine in simple terms what the issues are. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Tie everything back to good well paying job loss. Hillary has tried to make Americans fight for scraps from the Global corporations. So, she acts like minimum wage is the issue. Table scraps. Focus is on table scraps.

    It looks like a nuclear bomb went off in the well paying job sector in America. The Global corporations own the media and own Chris Wallace and Hillary. And Hillary has gotten rich by selling America and American jobs for scrap metal. America is now Hillary’s flea market for the Globalists.

    Why else are violence, dirty tricks, outright lying and smoke blowing narratives defining the election?


  24. Actually, I have watched both..and Chris Mathews is much better than Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace has been shut down on a number of occasions.. Chris Mathews on the other hand is fast talking.. smooth and crafty.. He is an asshole just like Wallace which puts them in the same category, but still a much smoother asshole.


  25. What I don’t understand is..why in the beginning didn’t Trump and his team reject the idea of having three liberals do the debate. Give me some ideas on that one. Unless, Trump being the man he is..shows Wallace for who he really is.. a puppet, shill for Murdoch.


    • CheeseHead says:

      I don’t believe the candidates or their campaigns have any say in the choice of moderators. They are identified by the vaunted “Non-Partisan” Commission on Presidential Debates after the dates, venues, and formats have been finalized. All a candidate can do to protest selection of moderator is publicly complain (comes across as whining) or decline to participate.

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  26. inquirer2point0 says:

    Trump has a rather easy lead-in answer to the “granular” gotcha questions meant to play to Crooked Hillary’s experience:

    “The American people don’t want Hillary’s kind of Experience, since it’s the wrong kind of Experience. The American people want Judgment, Competence, Honesty and Integrity”.

    From this lead-in, Trump can pivot to any of Crooked Hillary’s scandals and run with it until he gets the inevitable interruption from Chris Wallace — after which Trump should, without missing a beat, continue by rattling off specifics of his own approach and how that approach accords with what Americans want.

    Trump/Pence/America First 2016 or BUST.

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    • md070264 says:

      Trump answer: “Chris, I do not know how to respond to these inquiries you make. Honestly, Hillary has said that she has a public response for the American People and a Private response for Donors , like Yourself and the Main Stream Media. Which answer would you like first because I should have twice the time to respond fully to both .

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  27. PJammers says:

    It will be like watching the game show Jeopardy. Alex Trebek portrays himself as the smartest person in the room when in fact he just acts smart when he reads the answers.

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  28. Donald says:

    From the Trump perspective, the 3 major points to bring forth in any “granular or nerdy” discussion of foreign or domestic policy are:
    1. The wonks and nerds have set the world on fire with their wonky, nerdy stupidity (see Sundance).

    The American people are mostly interested in broad policy directions affecting US life, treasure, and security. They’re also extremely interested in what a candidate feels about current policy initiatives and their effectiveness, with suggestions for their improvement or discontinuation.
    Major strategic decisions regarding US life or treasure should never be made on national television, least of all within earshot of Mike Wallace.

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  29. Deborah says:

    For Trump to defeat a rigged election, his supporters will have to over flood the polls, in order for Trump to have historical numbers, to make it difficult to cheat. It is easier to cheat when opponent numbers are close.

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  30. Hillbilly4 says:

    ‘Fox news is not real news’ – the San Francisco city manager got it right. So, the proper nom de plume is ‘Faux news’.
    We hardly watch Faux any more. maybe BillO and for sure Hannity. Dobbs is great, Cavuto is OK. The rest are fakes, and simply not worth watching.

    The reality of all this is we are finding out how far in scope and intensity is the Illusion of ‘news’. Its 5% fact, and 95% false narrative. You choose which pill you want the. just like in the Matrix movie…you want the blue or the red pill? But, we do have a real power in our hands: We can Vote, and turn off the tv when it is so bad, so slanted and so wrong.

    I for one enjoy CTH, Sundance and all the staff. CTH is an oasis in the desert. We are in another ‘Desert Storm’ and we will win the victory. There will be many ‘casualties’ …Fox, CNN, etc, etc, etc, ad naseum.
    Most important is the dismantling of the GOP, and the DC Swampland.


  31. Jimmy Jack says:

    Sundance, as a total debate nerd myself I think your analysis and prediction is perfect. This is exactly what we can expect to see tonight. I also expect Wallace to get nasty in tone as well which will irk Trump.

    The debate prep you describe is exactly how a team would prep for this. This isn’t a good forum for Trump stylistically. The granular nature of this is more in line with something Cruz or Ron Paul. These are the kind of debates the average American doesn’t want to listen to and is simply fuel for the drive by media to launch attacks with as to Trump’s stupidity, incompetence, lack of readiness, unfitness, lack of experience etc etc.we can expect to hear these criticisms and should ignore them.

    The name of the game tonight for Trump is pivot. He should act with humility at some point and say he hopes the people of America will entrust him to do his best for American and vote for him. He’s got to hit Hillarty on Wikileaks and the O’Keefe videos, and he should stress jobs and the economy including Obamacare. Foreign policy will be tough, it always is tricky , but if he stresses Hillary will get us into a war with Russia he will pick up Stein voters and some Johnson & Bernie hold ours.

    I personally would love another “that’s because you’d be in jail” type line but can I’ve without it. That line played well with the Bernie and Stein crowd if you look on Twitter so it could help pick up voters. I wouldn’t be surprised I if the three brings up the Trump hotel/condos in Vegas – Trump as an example of jobs building and the struggling NV economy or Hillary/Wallace bringing up union issues.

    It’s going to be a historic moment whatever happens. I’m praying for Trump to shine and come out like a champ and for Hillary to be exposed in in all her corrupt ways.

    Again, excellent analysis. Thank you for all your work.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Mr. Morris says:

    I am saddened and sickened when I think of the mob violence perpetrated by and paid for by the DNC, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and their Bob Creamer operatives against Americans who just wanted to attend Trump rallies. I think of the young blond-haired woman who was spat upon, endured vile sexual taunts, had bottles thrown at her by paid Hillary Clinton supporters in San Jose, California. This woman could have been my daughter. The press blamed Trump supporters for the violence.
    The propaganda press, the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign are so dark, so corrupt, so violent and have shown that they will do anything to maintain their Globalist domination of the United States. They are unfit to lead our great country.


    • anastasia says:

      Remember the alleged Trump supporter who “sucker-punched” the protester. There was absolutely no reason for that guy to do that. He moved from the middle of the row of seats to come out into the aisle to punch him. I always thought that wsa very odd. I even did a little research into it, and still found the story fishy, but with no real proof. Now, I believe he may have been paid by the Super Pac to do that. Foval on the tape said that the ACL-CIO guys would do “anything”.


    • anastasia says:

      What about the elderly people who were pushed and threatened and screamed at “racist”. It was so odd to see young people screaming at women who could be their grandmothers, “RACIST”, “NAZI”. I cringed when I saw that.


    • freddy says:

      Most of what you see is Soros money in disguise. He is everywhere. Liberals pick a name for their little mafias like animal liberation.. save the earth.. The idiots think this is real and join. Under the covers are the anarchists every time. Like fake preachers……All the violence comes from these groups….BLM La RAZA and so on..Occupy they are all thug groups who get paid by Soros. It’s purpose is to destabilize the society by dividing us like blacks and whites….gays and straights Hispanics and whites… It works and is working. Our job is to tell people how they do this….


  33. itswoot says:

    I think Chris Wallace was selected as the ‘best’ person to moderate the third and final debate to deliver the final coup de grâce to Donald Trump. I can imagine media moguls, along with Hillary Clinton, meeting at some secretive enclave to decide on their choice. The vote was made, and Wallace was ‘in’.

    The cogs and wheels of the election process have been altered to remake it into the Clinton Victory Machine. But Pepe, ever at the ready, is waiting in the shadows to dash in at the right moment and throw a monkey wrench into the machine!


  34. JJ says:

    One such point Trump has not pushed often enough is the competitive effect of lowering corporate tax rates and allowing companies to repatriate foreign earnings at a discounted rate.

    He seemed to have to struggle to get out his comment about competition in health insurance during the last debate. He’s no Milton Friedman, and I don’t expect him to be.

    Ignore the minutia and attach Clot. He didn’t play up Clot’s public/private stance well enough in the last debate, which he could use to undermine everything she says, as well as beating her with her own stances. A politician of Clot’s pedigree has taken both sides of every last issue at one point or another. Even if Trump has to guess, he would win statistically to just say “you used to take the opposite stance, and you don’t really mean what you’re saying now”.


  35. yy4u says:

    I just sent out my blog hoping to cover some whom Sundance didn’t cover. Here’s the last sentence which I borrowed from Sundance.

    Whatcha wanna bet that Chris Wallace (one of the mouthpieces for the status quo) doesn’t suggest in tonight’s debate that the candidates stick to the issues and talk about policy rather than tape recordings and sexual allegations(23 minutes) and leaked emails (seven seconds)?

    Liked by 1 person

  36. anastasia says:

    There is complete news suppression about Project Veritas disclosures. These disclosures show admissions by the SuperPacs (who are in communication with both the DNC and Hillary’s campaign) that they PAID those protesters to incite violence at Trump rallies, and agreed to pay for any medical care if they got hurt and any lawyers if they got arrested. Now, it comes to my mind about that alleged Trump supporter “sucker-punching” that protester. I thought it was odd at the time, and did a little research on the matter and the whole thing smelled fishy. Could it be that this man was a PAID protester, whose lawyer was paid to give him a defense. His case inexplicably has been adjourned to after the election. Further, I am highly suspicious of that woman who was Trump’s ex-employee and who came forward to call him a “sexist” when she knew she had written a prior letter saying the exact opposite. Did she throw all caution to the wind because of a hefty payment made by the Super Pac. Hillary’s campaign has billions of dollars to throw around in this election. Why would she allow herself to look like such a liar, except that she received a handsome payment, and simply did not tell her benefactors about her letter to Trump. All these women’s stories sound very fishy, particularly that plane story. The woman is clearly a lunatic. But now I believe that she is a paid lunatic. I certainly hope that Trump brings up Project Veritas’ findings becasue there is news suppression about this earthshaking news of proven vote rigging and other election crimes coming from the horses’ mouth. It is analagous to an atomic bomb hitting NYC, and the MSM reporting nothing about New York, , except that the weather is dry and sunny.


  37. freddy says:

    I absolutely can’t stand Rush but listen occasionally to hear him backpeddle or make up alibis… Today he is right. The left is the type of enemy worthy of battle. They have orchestrated every issue against Trump then passed it to the news media who dutifully become part of the grift. It’s so well laid out it’s nearly perfect.. Then they say….with fake polls. … We are so far ahead Trumpers give up now…. Then they say this is Trumps last chance…… What a beautiful set up. A work of art really…… So now they have Wallace right there to assure Trump is bashed and since it was his last chance it’s over now……Bravo Hillary campaign but most of us are on to this and we need to get it out whats about to happen……


    • yy4u says:

      I don’t like the idea of dividing Americans into groups, but it needs to be said.

      First debate — minority (African American) male – known liberal
      VP debate – minority Asian-American female – never heard of her before the debate
      Second debate – minority (gay American) white male – known liberal — and minority white female –known liberal
      Third debate – minority Jewish American white male — known liberal

      We’re not a Banana Republic because we’re Western and wealthy, but we are closer to the old USSR than any of us would like to admit.

      Liked by 1 person

    • anastasia says:

      No, they are not worthy of battle. If the MSM reported the news properly, she would have ZERO support, but they are not. O’Keefe, maker of Project Veritas video said that all the networks were going to put it on, but that it was canceled at the last minute. This is earthshaking news that to them is not newsworthy. There is something desperaely wrong with the media, and it does not concern their love of Hillary. I believe that the security agencies are also sending “strategic communications” to the media to bash Trump and promote Hillary. I believe this because it was reported tha the security agencies are “confirming” the Russian hacking story that everyone knows is absolutely false. According to Assange, it is NOT the Russians, and I believe him, and not the “strategic communications” from the security agencies. They are covering up something very big and they cannot afford to have Trump come in because he just may expose it all. They do not trust him to keep silent about something very, very important to these very creepy and corrupt people.


  38. Deborah says:

    Tonight Trump needs to: Speak Softly but Carry A Big Stick. The stick contains all of Hillary’s Injustices and Harm Hillary has caused this Country and Others.Trump must not talk over Hillary. This will be an instant turn off to the female viewers.


  39. freddy says:

    That headline pretty much says it all… Right before debate begins Wallace will text out… Megyn this one is for you………..
    NYTimes: Wallace Debate Role a ‘Bright Spot in a Dark Year for Fox’


  40. anastasia says:

    Did anyone consider this also. That miserable Hillary Clinton got a twofer when she paid protesters to come to Trump rallies and incite violence. She stopped paying them after the primary was over, so she made the protesters appear as if they were Bernie supporters, but they were not. They were mercenaries of Hillary’s.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. anastasia says:


    Liked by 1 person

  42. benedict says:

    In tonight’s debate, Donald Trump should challenge every Crowly kind of correction with a quip of his own by saying: ” THIS IS A DEBATE AND NOT A QUIZ”. YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO CORRECT ME. THAT’S THE DOMAIN OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!


  43. Trumped says:

    Sources say Reince Priebus played Chris Wallace on the plane to Vegas and Christie played Hillary! Is Trump making fun of them? 😀


  44. Trumped says:

    Now that the dirt is out the dems want to talk about the issues … THESE ARE THE ISSUES!


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