Obama Channels His Ahmadinejad – White House Banter For Domestic Left-Wing Consumption…

and then obama - clintonThe story about the CIA prepping for a possible cyber attack against Russia is akin to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad building wooden Aircraft Carriers for Iranian military exercises.  In essence this story is, laughable domestic consumption only.

Pushed by NBC-Universal this story is so fundamentally absurd, it’s beyond silly.

If the U.S. were going to launch a cyber operation against Russia:  #1) it would never be announced, and #2) it would not be the CIA carrying it out, it would be the NSA.

So why push the ridiculous story?   The motive is about propping up the failing candidacy of Hillary Clinton. There are trillions of dollars at stake, and sometimes strategic desperation calls for deployment of “The Bathtub Principle”:

Has everyone forgotten the actual mid-August public speech where Secretary Pickles claimed an international coalition led by Vladimir Putin was using mind-control and frog memes to manipulate nationalist inhabitants of planet earth – in a grand conspiracy against her campaign?…

hillary convention gifMcMullen

Yeah, she actually said that.

President Obama is factually counting on lo-information voters to buy into the ruse that Russia is using frogs and mind control to hack into a presidential election.  Think about that for a second?

….This is NOT the tail wagging a dog, it’s a fail wagging a frog.

Allow me to draw some attention to the names within the story.  It’s actually quite humorous if you know the players:

NBC […]  The sources did not elaborate on the exact measures the CIA was considering, but said the agency had already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. Former intelligence officers told NBC News that the agency had gathered reams of documents that could expose unsavory tactics by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Vice President Joe Biden told “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd on Friday that “we’re sending a message” to Putin and that “it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.”

joe biden demotivational poster

When asked if the American public will know a message was sent, the vice president replied, “Hope not.”

Retired Admiral James Stavridis told NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden that the U.S. should attack Russia’s ability to censor its internal internet traffic and expose the financial dealings of Putin and his associates.  (read more)

Remember the NATO commander who Obama used to push Africom commander U.S. General Carter Ham out of operational oversight in Libya in 2011?   Yeah, that Admiral James Stavridis.

[…]  Putin is almost beyond embarrassing, he said, and anything the U.S. can do against, for example, Russian bank accounts, the Russian can do in response.

“Do you want to have Barack Obama bouncing checks?” he asked.

Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell expressed skepticism that the U.S. would go so far as to attack Russian networks.

[…]  Retired Gen. Mike Hayden, who ran the CIA after leading the NSA, wrote this year: “We even had our own cyber force, the Information Operations Center (IOC), that former CIA director George Tenet launched and which had grown steadily under the next spy chief, Porter Goss, and me. The CIA didn’t try to replicate or try to compete with NSA… the IOC was a lot like Marine Corps aviation while NSA was an awful lot like America’s Air Force.”  (link)

President Obama, a student of Alinsky, is now openly laughing at how pliable the U.S. electorate is.  This is one of the intended effects of being so brutally and transparently corrupt that people will become gullible to almost all declarations.

Oh yeah, and in case anyone forgets, John Brennan is head of Obama’s CIA.


…. THAT John Brennan !!


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266 Responses to Obama Channels His Ahmadinejad – White House Banter For Domestic Left-Wing Consumption…

  1. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    ” it was a disgusting youtube video ” ” mind-control and frog memes ”

    The commies in DC and the ENEMEDIA have to be laughing their assets off at their cocktail parties at how gullible the DIPSHIDIOCRACY has become !

    Osama Bin Laden either died long ago or is in the Bahamas cleaning up after Hurricane Nicole .

    Is this supposed to be Hillary’s …” GM IS ALIVE AND OSAMA BIN LADEN DIED ” ???? MOMENT ?

    manufactured memes and ENEMDIA spinning the lies in the brains of the TV ZOMBIE !!

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    • paul vincent zecchino says:

      Cruised over to the Bahamas last week. Mr. Bin Laden is doing fine, sends his best regards from Lyford Cay. His mansion was smacked up a bit by Hurricane Matthew, but all are safe and sound.

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      • Deplorable Jeff says:

        That bogus burial at sea was either a sack of oranges or potatoes !

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        • paul vincent zecchino says:

          Oh, but there’s an ‘explanation’ for that: ‘burial at sea is a time honored arab muslim tradition’, so the marxstream media told us.

          Desert wanderers who bury their dead at sea, fancy that!

          And even were that the case, why accord this psycho-butcher that honor? Why not lug the body stateside to autopsy it at least? Verify identity? Oh, that’s right, that would lead to embarrassing questions…

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      • Mike says:

        I thought old Bin was in San Diego, had a sailboat at the yacht club… I swore I saw him there a few years ago…

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    • bin laden’s been dead for years.
      that was just a stupid handy body double they kept around for their september surprise 2012. and he got used. too bad that pakastani doctor’s still in jail for “treating” him.


    • scott says:

      These threats of retaliation are being made to bolster the laughable claims of Russian involvement. Even the Democrats acknowledge that Podesta’s emails were not secure to the extent that was needed (just announced that they were taking steps to make them more secure).


      • Podesta’s e-mails are going to be FINALLY secure after apparently being hacked twice. And I’m Queen Elizabeth. I’m not the Queen, but I have to wonder if a double agent strategy isn’t at play here. Give a bit of real information to make it all seem legit and then add a big douse of fake crap to make those touting it look stupid and unreliable after the crap they ran with is totally debunked. Then again, they are arrogant bastards.

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  2. moe ham head says:

    obozo is a great strategic commander he tells the enemies when we are coming and when we are leaving
    under obozos lead im afraid bermuda could kick our ass

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  3. Polish Rifle says:

    Who will the Brown Alinsky trot out to parrot his bullcrap on the 5 Sunday “news” shows? Hey, we haven’t seen Psaki for awhile! Harf too. RIBBIT!

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  4. Pam says:

    When I first heard about this on Thursday I thought, boy is this white house scared out of their minds to even consider the thought. They are truly desperate. They was even talk of something similar to this four years ago but the difference between then and now is that they truly feel threatened by the angry electorate. Romney never had a chance in the first place whether or not hurricane Sandy had occurred. We all know that by now. Of course anyone knows that the stupidest thing any leader can do is to telegraph your plans to the enemy.

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    • sDee says:

      We all know the Monster vote is coming. Especially the regime. But what have the minds most of Americans have conditioned with over the past weeks……
      – Putin is evil
      – Putin wants Trump in Oval office
      – Putin has been hacking anything and everything he can to tilt our election to Trump
      – Putin is provoking us into a cyber war.
      – The polls are very close – with Clinton mostly in the lead

      So what have these minds been conditioned to believe on the morning of November 9th, when the electoral map is red?

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      • stonedome says:

        of course obama isn’t doing anything…except playing golf. the only thing he likes better is demagoguery


      • chbailey says:

        This kind of aggressive bravado-speak coming out of DC is sickening. I think common sense Americans will vote Trump because he wants to get along with Putin. Americans are well aware that US antagonism with Russia is being fabricated.


  5. RP says:

    Gruber laid it our succinctly…

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    • triper57 says:

      The American electorate are not dump as a whole. The American electorate are pretty smart really. We took the House out of Dem hands in the 2010 mid-terms because of this parc.

      I will remind everyone that the Dems were desperate after the election and before the new Congress took office to get this passed into law.

      They allowed no changes to the bill by the Republicans.

      They passed it in the Senate through obfuscation and deceit.

      Not one Republican voted for this parc. Although a few voted to allow the bill to go to the floor. What kind of traitor allows that.


  6. sDee says:

    If the regime were launching a cyber attack on Putin with intent to win it – they’d not pre-announce it.

    Could there, however, be a big upside for the regime in losing a cyber battle with Putin?

    “You need a crisis. When you have one you should never let it go to waste. If you don’t have a crisis, then make or allow one to develop.”

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    • Jenny R. says:

      That would be my first bet, yes. I wouldn’t half disbelieve that Putin had a hand in helping them out too — he has done a lot of money deals with Hillary and Podesta (so they are personally good for his pocketbook), and the Dems are the ones most likely to roll over and let him do whatever he wants globally — they’ve practically destroyed our military and any alliances we’ve had…Dems do the work for the Russians and the Chinese, why wouldn’t Putin want them in power?
      And no, I don’t think Putin is evil persay, but he’s not our pal either, and can’t understand why some folks think he’s potentially friendly to us. Be civil to the dude, but straight arm and side glance him.


      • dalethorn says:

        I take a much different view. With Trump in, Trump needs a non-adversarial “big world” – he needs the cooperation of Russia and China to clean up the awful anti-Western forces like ISIL overseas, and BLM here at home. John Kennedy himself saw these things coming – we in fact do cooperate with Russia in our space projects like the Space Station, while competing behind the scenes on more advanced stuff. What Putin knows clearly, and I think we can see just as clearly, is that a Trump presidency would be reliable and consistent in foreign policy, while Clinton would be like a state-sized Mafia, ready to stab Russia in the back on a moment’s notice, just for money and power.

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      • cali says:

        Their is the constant negative drumbeat against Vladimir Putin throughout the US Pravda which is designed to drown out the truth he is trying to sent about our own government’s treachery ever since Hillary’s overthrow of Ghaddafi and all that entailed. It was Putin that stopped Obama’s threat of war with Syria/red line after exposing them of the gun running into Syria via Turkey. There was much behind the scene which we are no pivy to but the ‘red line’ threat was quickly put to rest.
        Whenever someone makes a somewhat positive comment about Putin – the trolls hired by the Hillary campaign et al are coming out in force and attack.
        Don’t believe this disinformation campaign the US Pravda runs day and day out on behalf of our treacherous leaders.


    • how Hillary/Obama plan to lose the internet to global control? Only 17 percent agree with them; yet they are intent on doing so. They’ve been pre-paid already.

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    • Betty says:

      In order to overt a Russian cyber attack on our elections we should declare a national emergency and return to paper ballets and hand counting – even if we have to extend voting to 48 hours and don’t have the initial results for a week.

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    • triper57 says:

      Don’t you think that most Americans that wanted to vote have registered to vote? So why hold registration drives?

      The data base created of new registrants names and addresses by these orgs. doing the new registrations and gives them names to give the people on the buses that go from precinct to precinct voting the new names.

      You ever wonder how precincts through out the country voted !00% turnout and 100% totals for O last time?


  7. RightasRain says:

    I dunno. I think Barry et al are stupid enough to broadcast this “attack” far and wide before it happens. After all, they’ve been doing exactly that for just about every attack since Ovomit took office. That’s because their motive has never been to WIN anything; it’s all smoke and mirrors–deadly for the little people, but for the big cheeses, a big game of chicken to further the globalist agenda!!!

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  8. paul vincent zecchino says:

    Cruised over to the Bahamas last week. Met many people including couples who immigrated to America from Ukraine twenty years ago. They’ve prospered since in ‘the land of many opportunities’.

    The last night of the trip, we all got together for dinner and enjoyed good conversations and many great laughs over this “Putin hacked my e-mails” inane lie circulated by the mediots.

    They also expressed disbelief that Americans would actually want to inflict the communism they left.

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    • dalethorn says:

      Someone should read to them the Declaration of Independence. Our freedom didn’t just happen. Yes, the NWO folks like Obama and Clinton would impose Communism, under a different name of course.


  9. Paul Killinger says:

    Thanks, SD. I really needed a little humerous pick-me-up this morning.

    This theatre is so absurd it’s like a half finished script Rod Serling would have begun and thrown away.

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    • chbailey says:

      Really lame, based on malarkey. Deflecting away from Pickles’ reams of documents that prove her lawlessness and crimes. “Putin is almost beyond embarrassing”. Pickles should replace the name of Putin. It is she who is beyond…not ‘almost’, but is, beyond the pale. Her entire campaign has been run from a twilight zone.


  10. appadoo9 says:

    I suggest President DOES NOT have any press embeds in any military action he takes

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  11. Paul Killinger says:

    So could this Administration actually begin a “war” of some sort in a belated attempt to somehow hold onto office in a post-election environment…?

    Well, they could, but having so decimated our military capabilities, no one (not even their own Generals) would believe they’d actually done it.

    PS. And even their own house organs like the NY Times might not agree to play along by reporting a ficticious conflict.


    • dalethorn says:

      The problem is that while government “owns” the war powers, they don’t have any Constitutional or other powers to prevent elections. If they tried to cancel the election, the only way they could possibly succeed would be with a blatant military junta. And then consider that the total body of military – active, standby, retired, discharged etc. – are not supportive of the Left, and would likely restore the Republic in short order.


  12. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    Just how absurd do YOU think this meme will get ?

    A. The narrative will be that Russian and Putin are secretly working WITH TRUMP to destroy America …crazy…or

    B. Hillary and Obama stopped the cyber attacks on your bank accounts …even though it was THEM in the first place who will attack your bank accounts

    C. Some woman or many women with Russian sounding names will suddenly come forward saying Trump grabbed their pussy and talked about taking down America

    D. All of the above

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  13. SSI01 says:

    A good friend still in the business told me if the Russians were involved in hacking into the US election system, we wouldn’t know it for at least five years after the fact – they’re that good. Russia is the HOME of computer hacking – they invented it. All this commotion is being caused by Anonymous, Guccifer, DNC insiders who were/are Bernie fans, and others and it’s being ginned up by Obama to take attention away from Hillary’s impending slide into the campaign gutter. The DNC may have been hacked by the Russians, but that’s just to gain insight into Hillary’s thought processes (if any) and the overall direction of her campaign. They don’t like her, that’s for sure – probably consider her to be mentally unstable. That’s why they like Trump. He’s a tough negotiator, drives a hard bargain – but on the other hand, so do they, so they can work with him. They also respect him because of those traits. One thing I can tell you after being around this country’s military and intel apparatus for 27 years – the US, nor any other country, is going to telegraph its punch to a potential enemy as this story lays out. It would happen out of the blue – be extremely difficult (but not impossible) to trace – and would bring that other society to a halt, not just contain half-measures. It had BETTER be this way, because a cyber-strike on this scale, in its effects, is akin to a nuclear strike and is very definitely considered an act of war. Your enemy will respond in kind, which will result in economic destruction for your own country. It will also kill millions of people, although more slowly than a nuclear strike would do, through its associated “downstream” effects (electrical, food, and fuel distribution, to name a few). Think of the disruption to the pharmaceutical industry, upon which so many people depend for their health or life. I do.

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    • Mike says:

      Brother, I drive a truck for a living, nothing moves without computers. Paper and pencil are unheard of commodities now a days… You want to move one box of Snickers, it ain’t going nowhere without that computer generated Bill of Lading. You think the kids at the store not being able to make change is funny, watch a manufacturers shipping computer system go down. Nothing moves, and nothing can be shipped, no matter how badly it is needed. I have seen it more times than I can recall… And don’t ask them to count the parts or products and write them down and enter them later… Their eyes glaze over. And I’m the dummy that drives the truck? Go figure.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      They lunatics may try a Stuxnet-like virus insertion to take out Russian industrial machinery. However, there are consequences.
      A high level cyber attack will be the end of the US grid. It already has many time bombs inserted in it by China and Russia. They can activate from right here inside the US.
      Hit Russia and the US will get hit 10x harder.
      At the least, the entire financial system in the US will be destroyed, the Stock Exchanges will be torched. NYSE, NASDAQ and the 57 Dark Poll data center exchanges will be smoked. Probably, the Pentagon computers, NSA, CIA, Amazon Cloud will be crippled.

      Imagine no internet in the US. Economic collapse.

      Very simple to do. Child’s play for the Russians.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Typo: Dark Pool is the correction.


        • georgiafl says:

          Knowing the current administration – a false flag attack on the US blaming the Russians is entirely likely.

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          • cali says:

            Unreported by the US Pravda – Jeh Johnson/DHS are absolutely sh$tting themselves because every week another nuke reactor goes offline and nobody knows why. They make constant visits to this site only to be more stumped. Something afoot and has the DHS spooked.
            The Common Sense site has the extensive post about what these operators are reporting and what is going on behind the scene – absolute chaos!

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            • cali says:

              Also reported this week is the AF drone site losing power and their communication system and left them stumped as well. The complete drone site was off line and thrown off grid.


  14. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    manufactured crisis …BIG HILLARY SOLUTION !


    • Betty says:

      manufactured crisis – OUR OPPORTUNITY, demand a return to paper ballets and hand counting to protect us from ‘cyber” (read Soros) attack on our election.

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  15. Red says:

    I’m older, but not that old…so, I have to ask has America ever made an over the top statement like this before? I find this very disturbing. WTH is going on???? I put nothing past obama / Clinton regime. He has always announced what he was going to do as far as troops, attacks, troop withdrawal, so why wouldn’t we believe this crazy scenario???? I am a little freaked out….

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    • Mike says:

      That is the worrisome bit with this bunch, you never know what they will really do, and it never bodes well for the American citizen or our allies. Scary stuff, and they seem to be making a game out of poking the Russian bear. I just hope Putin does not take a swat at us in the coming weeks. Zero Hedge has a good write up on this subject, it is worth checking out.

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      • Red says:

        Thanks Mike, I too hope Putin shows restraint, but it seems to me that if ever there was a time for any country to attack us now is that time….I will read the article you directed me to. Maybe I read way too many TEOTWAWKI books…..


        • Maybe, maybe not on the reading of too many TEOTWAWKI books… the world ends every day as we know it. Just sayin’…

          Many people here are posting comments about getting prepared for what’s coming. Best move quickly imo, and should have done so many years ago. The world is an evil place outside of your own inner sanctum. Not news, it always was and always will be, as humans are involved.

          The choice of to be or not to be evil is incredibly simple to all. Many choose to be, though most are repelled at the thought. Plainly put, evil works harder than the rest of us.


    • Texian says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder. I think Sundance is using conventional level headed rationale with this issue – but you cannot use this angle with mental cases. Like a detective you have to get into the demented mindset of a criminal to predict their next movements. All three branches have been infiltrated and all the alphabets have been compromised. These loose cannons might have access to red buttons and some very dangerous toys..


  16. Mike says:

    I saw the Drudge headline last night and thought to myself, “boy are these guys desperate”…

    I’m thinking the real internal polling over at Clinton Central must have Trump in the lead by more than a few points. I just hope Russia has a sense of humor… Jill Stein is right, a vote for Hillary is a vote for war. What angers me, is the fact that no one is reporting what is REALLY going on in Syria or with Russia. I hope Trump and his team start addressing this a bit more in depth.

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  17. dalethorn says:

    I love the frog memes. I sort-of understand how they terrorize the Left, much like the biblical Plague of Frogs. In a very dark time of in-your-face degeneracy by the Left, the frog memes remind me that we are human, in a good and humorous way, while the Left shrink from these memes like a vampire facing a cross.


  18. Bull Durham says:

    This is more than about Russia “hacking” or false flags or domestic politics.

    Last month, when the US and its three stooges coalition bombed for an hour the Syrian Army positions in Deir ez Zor, Syrian elite advisors and Russian elite military were killed in the total of 83 KIA. Russia immediately answered with a three missile launch from the sea of Kaliber cruise missiles into a command HQ in the mountains outside Aleppo. Intel officers of the US, Qatar, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan were killed.

    The Russians paid back immediately in a manner, with a weapon that terrifies the US. The Kaliber is the missiles they fired in Oct. 2015 from boats in the Caspian Sea, 21 of them, 1000 miles away over Iran, over Iraq onto targets in Syria, all successful within 6 meters of their targets, all tracked on their illusive, swerving programmed courses by US satellites and radars. Until that missile atatck in Oct. US Intel thought the Kaliber range was under 500 km. The actual range still has not been demonstrated. It could be 2000 km. And its accuracy was never thought to be this good. And the warhead was never thought to be so large or flexible (nuke, kinetic, thermobaric), and its flight path so maneuverable and elusive to track and take out. And its velocity so high.

    Underestimating Russian technology, Russian will, Putin strategy is classic American/Obama stupidity.

    A Cyber war is a real War. A Cyber attack is not a hack. A hack is not an attack. But any notion of Cyber and you are at war. So, talk is cheap. Just like saying No Fly Zone. That is a declaration of war and requires complete destruction of any air force you are opposing. Easy in Libya. WW3 in Syria.

    We are led by Stupid People. Very Dangerous, Stupid People.

    Obama wants to “get Putin”. Never will happen. He can’t even out-stare Putin and he’s six-eight inches taller.

    Will there be a false flag? Probably something really bad will happen.
    Will the electronic voting be hacked? Probably they already are set to rob Trump votes.
    Will any of this be consequential? Maybe, if the Monster vote does not appear.

    This election, to get to the core of all this, is a War against the Media because the Media is at War against America and the American People. Trump is the target. But they mean to destroy us through him.

    I believe most Americans will be voting against the Media, against the Establishment, against the UniParty, against Paul Ryan, against the RNC, against the Conservative Holdouts, against the NeverTrumps, against Wall Street, against the Clinton Criminal Conspiracy, against James Comey, against the DOJ, against Black Lives Matter, against George Soros, and against War.

    We have a plethora of enemies and reasons to vote. They focus on Trump to hold power and keep themselves out of prison.

    They don’t see the Monster rising. Their own rigged polls tell them there is nothing there.

    November 8th we vote for Peace through Strength, America Saved from Ruination, and Justice for All.

    Trump 2016. America First MAGA.

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  19. janc1955 says:

    Frog memes and the fail wagging the dog. Love how you turn a phrase, SD! 🙂

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  20. mrrabbit says:

    As I have stated in other posts in the past, everything the Uniparty does has an overt purpose, and then a covert purpose.

    Sundance all along has essentially been pointing out the same – irregardless of the topic or topic focus.

    Overtly, the Uniparty wants the public to think they are carrying out a cyberwar.

    This provides a cover story that people will assume explains circuits going down, pipes going down, countries or domains going down or black for an unspecified duration of time, etc.

    What will really be going on?

    Covertly, the Uniparty is attempting to do ONE or BOTH if they’re lucky of the following:

    Isolate geographically in the physical AND virtual sense (think VLANs, ATM PVCs) the origin of Wikileaks.leaks.
    Isolate in the physical AND virtual sense the ORIGIN (SOURCE) of the actual Wikileaks leaks.

    However, I doubt they will succeed in doing nothing more than simply creating disturbances that interferes will the normal everyday business of the world at large.


    The leaker is probably between the age of 50 and 70. The leaker is probably working at OSI levels 1 and 2 (physical and data link) when leaking data. This is low bandwidth and requires manual reassembly of the data – the equivalent of manual labor in the IT world.

    The fact that the primary data being leaked is email text kinda gives this away. SMTP / POP delivered mail is at its core a low bandwidth application – dating way way back before the Internet was known as the Internet.

    When data is being leaked and transferred in the manner noted above – there’s really only two ways to shut it down:

    Physically to take out the physical layer – the person and the hardware.
    Jamming (signal overload or interference at the data link layer) where the signal is either blocked or corrupted or imbued with so much garbage data that the real data becomes undecipherable.

    Get ready for lots of disturbances in our electronic communications – not just of the Internet – but phone, broadband, and wireless as well (satellite, microwave, 802.11 wireless, HAM radio, 802.11 over powerline, etc.).


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    • Red says:

      Mrrabbit, What is 802.11


      • mrrabbit says:

        An offhand generalized reference to an Ethernet specification.

        Didn’t want to bury people in “whitepaper” specs or techno jargon.



    • Dixie says:

      already happening. I have been shut out of one of my email accounts for no apparent reason that I can determine. It was a live.com account and I don’t care about it so it has not disrupted communication significantly.


    • cali says:

      Don’t be surprised that the leakers of the Podesta/Hillary exposure sits in the white house!!!!

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    • TwoLaine says:

      “The fact that the primary data being leaked is email text kinda gives this away. SMTP / POP delivered mail is at its core a low bandwidth application – dating way way back before the Internet was known as the Internet.”

      Blue screen email. I remember the days….


  21. Papoose says:

    Just an outrageous lie to solidify the most outargeous lie that the Russians are behind the wiki leaks. And since when did the Federal Government go after another nation because of a supposed infraction against a citizen?


  22. shadowcole says:

    I’m not so much worried about what they say but what they are doing behind the scenes. Obviously, Obama does want some kind of war with Russia to hide his admin lies. otherwise why try to draw Russia into one. I don’t think Putin is in on the ruse, that is what has me worried.


  23. TwoLaine says:

    Sundance, I tho’t you might like to know that Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer was on F & F yesterday and totally destroyed the Joe Biden/Dim’s false narrative that the CIA is planning a cyber attack on Russia.

    He pretty much parroted everything you wrote here about this “farce”. I have the video already queued to the correct spot (1:10:10).


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