Psy-Ops, Short-Sighted Politics, and Never Compromise Your Leadership….

We have more than a few Military CTH alumni who completely and thoroughly understand the term: “never compromise your leadership“.

patriotHowever, against a backdrop of a newly engaged electoral awakening of the U.S. body politic there’s a larger number who don’t quite understand how that approach works.

When it comes to an insurgency, voting “down ballot” per se’, do whatever your own intellectual reasoning tells you is best.

Shut out voices that may carry ulterior motives and follow your instincts.  You know your community better than anyone else.

Remember:  The strategic use of Cold Anger was explained on DAY #1, October 1st 2015, Please re-read it, and please pay attention to the emphasis below:

COLD ANGER does not act to spite itself.  Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.

Cold Anger does not gloat; it absorbs consistent vilification and ridicule as fuel.  This sensibility does not want to exist, it is forced to exist in otherwise unwilling hosts – who also refuse to be destabilized by it.

Deliberate intent and prudence will insure avoiding failure.  The course, is thoughtful vigilance;  a strategy devoid of emotion.

Foolishness and betrayal of our nation have served to reveal dangers within our present condition.  Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise. Cold Anger is not driven to act in spite of itself; it drives a reckoning.


There have been many ‘ah-ha‘ moments for millions of people in this 2016 election cycle. Perhaps one of the biggest is accepting the construct/concept of the UniParty apparatus.  There is no value in looking at political alignment from a lateral Republican or Democrat perspective.

Even at a local level the UniParty apparatus may consist of the ideological, analogous, and similarly-minded political operatives election after election, year after year.  It is part of the rigged system often discussed.

In the era of social media it is easy to get caught up giving weight to the opinions of others. Do not fall into this trap.  We are a constitutional republic because we are an independent patchwork of regional values; an applicable label applied in the North East, may not apply in the South-West.

In the presidential election we are focused upon the top of the ticket, Donald Trump.  It is Trump’s candidacy that represents the removal of a UniParty influence upon the executive branch of power in DC.  However, that said, the removal of the UniParty apparatus influence in your congressional district is an entirely different matter.

The national RNC/GOPe network is, in some ways, the amalgamation of the lower party officials.

Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, TennesseeFinancially the top of the pyramid, Reince Preibus, has already seen the scope of the financial value of Donald Trump – there is no way Preibus or the RNC nationally are going to drop support for Trump.

In essence Trump is the biggest golden goose they’ve ever known.

However, the downstream or down-ballot candidates are not reaping the financial windfall of the Trump-effect.  This is because the electorate is focused, rightly, on direct funding to the principle agent who represents their interest, Donald Trump.

This creates an unusual and totally unfamiliar process for the lower level party executives.

The financial apparatus of the RNC/GOPe is structured as one large trough with multiple down spouts.  This is specifically an outcome of quisling UniParty loyalists as candidates making the voter less willing to donate to a party apparatus that does not support their own ideological objectives.  Thus the modern RNC/GOPe evolution to counteract this financial drought has been to rely more heavily on corporate contributions (see Citizens United -VS- FEC).

Candidate Trump has turned this approach on its head, righteously, and reignited a grassroots donation campaign with millions of small donors (the golden goose).  However, as noted these grassroots donors (you) don’t necessarily support the local UniParty affiliated candidate.

See the problem for the local RNC apparatus?

Within this fracture is a whole bunch of anger and vitriol toward Trump supporters from inside the local party apparatus who view themselves as being forced, by the grass root voter, to aid a candidate, Trump (they may or many not personally like), while simultaneously not getting any financial benefit from the same grass root voter.

Peel back all the skin from the onion and you’ll find this financial dichotomy, running parallel to the ideological party antagonism, at the heart of many local support issues.


You, the tens of millions of Trump supporters, are forcing one side of the UniParty to act against their own best interest.

Stop.  Repeat.

You, and the nation of Donald Trump supporters, are forcing one side of the UniParty to act against their own best interests.

That’s why we have always stated this election, if we are to be successful, must be considered an insurgent campaign.  We are like individual immunity cells, working to recover a corrupted body filled with cancer cells.  We need the larger host organism (the republican party) to stay structurally alive until we can cut out and destroy all the corrupting influences.

As we destroy and repair, the outer body will change and be unrecognizable when healthy.

Within this process we cannot allow momentary emotion to influence the larger objective:

…Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise…

Don’t antagonize the local UniParty host, take them cookies.  Do not take any action that will put the tip of our surgical spear, Donald Trump, into a position of compromise.

We already know the RNC/GOPe/Right-Side-of-UniParty, would rather lose this election and remain in a position of power than to win this election and see themselves cast into the pit of irrelevance.

When you know many on your own team might rather just lose and go home intact, you know you may need to modify your approach.  Again:

…Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise…

The primary races are over.  Support the local candidate who you think will give Donald Trump the highest level of support.  You are the best person to make that decision.  Write questions to your congressional representative if needed, call or ask directly.  The local representation is all up to you.  Ignore all external influences toward that end.

CTH will never generate a political list to “blackball” etc., because that decision is yours.  No one knows better than you.

You decide.


eagle eye votersTrump rally collage

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614 Responses to Psy-Ops, Short-Sighted Politics, and Never Compromise Your Leadership….

  1. Terz says:

    Is the frequent misspelling of Reince Priebus’ family name a running gag that I don’t get?


  2. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    …Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise…

    Thank you Sundance. That you very much. I was ready to go scorched earth until I read those words.


  3. I am in South Florida, and will be writing in O’Neal Dozier for Senate. Google him. A man of principle .


  4. free2313 says:

    Paul Ryan is not only Burnt Toast, he is what he has always projected himself to be soft Milquetoast. He just can’t help himself, it is called a time in which a person does their own ‘self-undoing’.
    He also considered himself to ‘be too clever by half’ but he has also recently demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the ‘art of the deal’.
    Ryan is the biggest dumbest traitor, against the Republican/Conservative American public and he has now precipitated shame upon himself and his family….
    Get thyself off the public stage and crawl back to your walled home and rot behind your walls.
    You are a persona non grata in the eyes of Americans…


  5. ProudIndependent says:

    I’ve been a regular reader since the primary season started – but never posted. I have really enjoyed the commentary and thoughtful deliberation of the issues that I’ve found here. I have to say now though that I am disappointed in the apparent turn I see coming. Many posters in the last couple of days are indicating that they believe they can leave the same corruption in place (establishment GOP) and expect different results if only Trump gets in the White House. I for one am sick of the status quo and will do everything that I can do to upend Washington DC – starting with voting out the incumbents. As conservatives we have been promised for years that if only we give them our vote they will respect our wishes. They have lied time and time again. When will it be enough for the voters to reject them? I will be proud to cast my vote for Donald Trump – but the Republican party has seen the last vote they will get from me until it has been thoroughly cleansed.


  6. RoninInCA says:

    I agree.. But sometimes you have to make an example of someone.. Ryan depending on district makeup would be my example.. WI1 if there are enough Dems to go with PN voters to win? Then vote for the Democrat.. People here need to get what Sundance is talking about.. I do for the most part agree with him as usual..But we should also incorporate the strategy and concepts of Insurgency/Guerrilla Warfare.. We MUST make an example of someone to maximize the Demoralizing effect on our enemy.. It’s a force multiplier effect… Cantor is a great example.. Laying the enemy’s hero/leader at their feet has an effect.. Senate control must be held though folks!! An yes Trump winning is the primary objective..

    Getting rid of all of the Emperor’s Concubines at this point serves a counter productive effect.. IMO … It would delay the full on attack of the establishment construct.. Just remember Senators serve 6 year terms. House Reps only 2 year terms.. Easier to flush a House Rep every 2 years..

    The RNC is now our party folks(Rep, Dem, Indies, AMERICANS ALL).. Trump is the our leader… It’s the Party of The Deplorables.. We OWN it now.. Its OUR HOUSE.. We will Decide Who to invite in once the Walls are reinforced..


  7. Eskie Mom says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to post

    Spencer Zimmerman is running opposed to Paul Ryan.

    H/T FR


  8. Ono says:


    You cold anger essay has been forwarded out to almost everyone I know.


    You have done a lot of amazing things but by far and away this (in my honest opinion) your best.
    It reaches far and wide and there is no one who hasn’t felt it.

    Pulitzer Prize if ever!


  9. BangZoom! says:

    The turncoat uber RINO Kelly Ayotte has already sanctimoniously declared she cannot in “good conscience” vote for Donald Trump so she will instead writing in “Mike Pence.”
    I will vote for Donald Trump and write in “Mike Pence” for senator as I cannot in good conscience vote for Kelly Ayotte.
    She only votes with republicans 30% of the time anyway. So no great loss when she is gone.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Tejas Rob says:

    Well, I’m going to heed Sundances advice this election and not compromise my leadership, although it won’t really be a problem for me since other than Louie Gohmert it’s only state races downticket. Louie was a Cruz supporter but since then he’s been pretty solid for Trump, even speaking up for him on our local news.

    However, if Trump loses, that’s it for me. Not only will I not consider myself a citizen of this nation anymore, I will never again in my life vote for or in any form support the GOP. If they are willing to cede this nation to Hillary, to hell with them.


  11. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    The communist , Paul Ryan , knows all to well that Trump supporters will NOT vote down ticket just in SPITE of him !!

    His CIRCUS act broadcast to the POKEMAN VILLAGE is designed to get TRUMPLICANS to SURRENDER THEIR VOTE for down ticket candidates . To declare their … # NEVER going to be a GOP after this election .

    The people behind the curtain ….” THEY ” … They know how the HUMAN HERD is manipulated all to well . It is the #1 job of the ENEMEDIA to convince people that SURRENDERING their vote is …” principled , real Christian , real conservative ,,constitutional conservative …etc ”

    So hard out here in the WAR FOR YOUR MIND to educate the HUMAN HERD on the difference between COLD ANGER and child like EGO driven hatred .


  12. @rogo000 says:

    Amazing. We think North Korea is scripted but they have nothing on Hillary and MSM.
    It is a shame to see how MSM and the political elites work to deceive and manipulate the populous.
    If it were not for free press (Theconservativetreehouse), through access on the world wide web we would be hard pressed not to follow the marching orders of the “elites”.
    If She wins, and only if, I’ve read, the barrage against the free speech will go into overdrive. We already see massive censoring on Twitter and Facebook, etc. Too bad all these social platforms like the fore mentioned are controlled by left wing progressives (maybe they are regressive? After all they want borderless country’s and Sharia law). We need more platforms share ideas and get the word out. Maybe Donald Trump puts together a group to buy Twitter.


  13. Carol Riess says:

    Test post (new poster trying it out).


  14. RogerJenkins says:

    This is good advice, thank you for helping focus us. Even the Republican dirtbags are more likely to work with Trump than the Democrats. Its not an easy decision, but it may have to be made.


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