Confirmed – Clinton Campaign Used Child Actor in Staged/Scripted Pennsylvania Town Hall…

update-1UPDATE: See Below. There is no doubt the staged and scripted question was a complete ruse put together by the Hillary Clinton campaign:

hillary-actor-1People often discuss how the media have lost their ability to influence the 2016 election. Here is an exceptional example of why this is the case.

A citizen researcher easily exposes the manipulative construct of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The fact that not a single journalist has the integrity to do what an ordinary person is capable of doing, explains why the media is now a parody of its own Pravda.

Meet 15-year-old child actor “Brennan Leach”. Actress, and daughter of a Pennsylvania Democrat State Senator, Daylin Leach.

Watch this video – and stay with it:

Brennan Leach making Dad, Daylin, proud at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia:


(Twitter Link)

Family Business?  Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach Bio includes:

[…] Locally, Daylin is on the Board of the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, serves as the Chair of the Norristown Farm Park, and is a member of the Lower Merion Conservancy and the Philadelphia World Affairs Council. He is married to Jennifer Anne Mirak, a psychologist, with whom he has two children, Brennan and Justin.  (pdf link)

Here’s young Ms. Brennan LeachActing/Casting Network biography (with pictures).  Her acting bio also includes previous work in political commercials.



(Link to Acting / Casting Biography)


Hillary Clinton press we can 2

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575 Responses to Confirmed – Clinton Campaign Used Child Actor in Staged/Scripted Pennsylvania Town Hall…

  1. andi lee says:

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  2. woohoowee says:

    Daylin Leach tweet: Carrying on the family business. Makes a dad proud.

    Politics being the “family business” and the guy is proud of it. There are no words.

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  3. Joshua says:

    I wonder if Bill Clinton got the girls cellphone number.

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  4. Maxine smith says:

    The party of lies and deceit!!!!!!!!


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