1997 Video of Donald Trump and Alicia Machado – Miss Universe Press Event…

Here is the video Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Campaign are selling as intensely controversial. The video is from 20-years-ago in 1997 where Donald Trump and 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado appeared together at a joint press event:

Team Clinton are manufacturing an outrage, and the water-carrying media is intent on pushing their narrative.

Irrelevant 20-year-old nonsense.

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187 Responses to 1997 Video of Donald Trump and Alicia Machado – Miss Universe Press Event…

  1. MaineCoon says:

    Newt has an excellent video on FB that is very education re: this Clinton & MSM Ambush. Worth a listen.


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    • Steve O'Neil says:

      I don’t see what was wrong with what he said about that woman. He complemented her multiple times. It is funny that he was calling the media fat and even pointing to them in that video like he does at his rallies now.

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      • I agree. He was very complimentary to her. He was taking about how his investment has to get back into shape for the next competition. No different than if he was backing a boxer. This is a nothing burger and shows how desperate Hillary is to drag this into the news. With Machado’s background with her involvement with her boyfriends murder case, threatening the judge and her dealings with the Mexican cartel Hillary is exploiting this woman for her own ends. Despicable. But according to Chelsea this is a distraction from the real issues. Let’s throw that back at the Clinton’s.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        So sick and tired of this crap! Trump needs to go after her hard, and I mean, really bring the victims of Bills Clinton into the fray! The fact Trump is cross pollinating with respect to his comments about Chelsea, is going soft. Hillary is playing dirty, and the gloves have come off, and Trump needs to hit back. PERIOD!

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    • b4im2old says:

      ^^^^This – interesting the extent to which “crooked” went to set this up, beyond/in addition to the depths they went to to coordinate the deception with holt… all to deflect from actual discussion about things that really matter in this election!

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    • Apfelcobbler says:

      WOW! Newt is on Hannity now. Must see!

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  2. keebler AC says:

    Donald Trump called her the most beautiful woman he had ever seen at the time. I didn’t hear him call her Miss Piggy and I now don’t believe he ever did. That’s a fabricated lie by the Clintons. I saw him fat-shame the reporters and others, but not Merchado, and both the trainer and Trump agreed they didn’t want her to lose too much weight and be her old 118 original self!”. It’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what Merchando and Hilligula accuses! Wow..

    Those pathetic female voters brainwashed by the media need a champion, and sorry for them, it is not to be found in that witch with a capital B who has abused young women her whole life. Please do them a service and deprogram them. There are people who are locked into TV media and they are not purposely malicious, they need our help. Some of the skanks are beyond help because they enjoy the S&M like Hilligula and Bill does.

    This is her voter block:



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  3. G3 says:

    According to Newt, who did a 20 min. live feed on this earlier today the Clinton/media collusion was set up prior to the debate. Stories and press were ready to roll on Machado.

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    • bearsgrrr says:

      Yup. She has a video out in Spanish telling all kinds of lies about Trump that go against everything I’ve seen in the old videos. Add the fact she is now a U.S. citizen voting Hillary. She’s totally bought and paid for liar. No doubt her Mexican drug cartel connections support the lies also. Lot of money riding on this election.

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  4. Notmeagain says:

    I was waiting for Gloria Allred to show up sometime as she always does, but there must not have been any “there” there for Hillary to have to dig up this incident with Machada.

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  5. rsanchez1990 says:

    Clinton is counting on people forgetting that it’s a freaking BEAUTY PAGEANT! And this video clearly shows Trump explaining how he is working with Alicia to get her pageant-ready. That’s what any good employer would do, if your employee is struggling you first work with the employee to get the employee the resources they need to do their job. If the employee doesn’t fulfill their obligations after employer intervention, it’s not controversial that said employee will get sacked. Alicia’s weight and figure are part of her job, and if even after The Donald intervened, got her one of the best personal trainers at the time, if even after that she couldn’t meet her obligations, it’s not controversial that he would go to her and tell her, “you’re fired”. It’s just not controversial.

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  6. Bluto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᴿᵘᴺᵏᵃᴿᵈ says:

    Exhibit # 73,029,009,156 of Why The Media has been Public Enemy #1 for 30 years….probably a lot longer.

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  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Just had to share

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  8. So, DT was such a meanie he hid this fat shaming from the media by having them present when he conducted his evil dastardly deed. This is unbelievable. The German Reich media was never this BAD.

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  9. flyingtigercomics says:

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  10. Let’s see. The media was present for this fat shaming put down of this poor woman and I guess they covered it up, CBS was half owner, so I guess that’s why the media covered it up.


  11. Keln says:

    So, according to this video, Trump was not only not fat-shaming, he was turning it into a sort of PSA for eating disorders.

    Hillary = BTFO

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  12. Truthfilter says:

    As I posted on the previous thread, this is multi-faceted bait. Clintons know her history. They want Trump to react/respond in a way that provides fodder—which they can spin and use to present Miss Piggy as a victim. They’re not going to bring up the fact that she’s a criminal or a gang banger’s baby momma. They hope Trump will bring it up. Many Democrat voters are single mothers whose own kids are sired by criminal thugs. This is a ploy to get Trump to say something that will piss off and insult women, Hispanics, blacks, immigrants, baby mommas, etc. The Dems have no reason to believe that they will see a big turnout for Hillary. There is no enthusiasm for Hillary from groups who usually vote Democrat but there is no fear or loathing of Trump either. They are looking for any opportunity to create a negative emotional response toward Trump –enough to motivate voters to go to the polls and vote against him. He hasn’t taken the bait and this will backfire. Clintons are running out of time and ideas.

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    • freddy says:

      Good take on this little operation. It was a good operation for how many would be caught in the net of lies told here. But yes it could backfire… The Khan lies never were fully discredited and they still use that shaming Gold star families.. This dirty stuff works some times…This one was bold and meant to make Trump react.. So far so good.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I agree 100%. No way they missed her background – they just hope to use it further. Also, if he says anything about the porn they will call him misogynist and the feminists will go after him or take it from a 1st amendment attack line.

      Worse, they will allege Melania was an escort or porn star herself. That is where I am concerned they are hoping to take this in an effort to both humiliate him and hurt him with the evangelicals.


  13. bearsgrrr says:

    This is also an attempt to draw the Hispanic vote. She’s putting videos out, in Spanish, about what a scary mean person Trump is.

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  14. dayallaxeded says:

    It is transparently evident that Ms. Merchado, as a drug kingpin’s baby momma and general whore, has been deployed to try to keep the borders wide open for invasion and exploitation. She had a good shot at a respectable life when Mr. Trump helped her and gave her great publicity and opportunities through the pageants, but she chose the dark, criminal path of those who would truly exploit her in every debased way. And now HELLary trots her out to exploit her further and expose her to ridicule–real nice! Great sensitivity to ze wimminz! HELLary has 0 empathy or sympathy for this poor lost soul. She is as big or bigger a criminal than the drug kingpins and her murderer boyfriend.

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  15. kenramsey says:

    Saw her on Anderson Cooper, she was a disaster. She comes off as a crazy woman who isn’t straightforward, to put it charitably. This is a public relations disaster for the Hillary campaign, and they deserve it richly. Next time vet your slime, Cankles.

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  16. redredrice says:

    If screaming swearing Latino kids beating a Trump piñata weren’t enough, we now have a narco moll porn star lying like a rug. Just goes to show you what Clinton and the Democrats really think about their taco bowl voters.

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  17. Curry Worsham says:

    Spanish television:


  18. Curry Worsham says:

    Jose Diaz-Ballart interview with Trump and Alicia Machado 1997…



  19. Binkser1 says:

    This may be the most ridiculous claim I have ever seen in my life. There is absolutely NOTHING controversial in this video. The only thing that could be construed in that way at all would be what he said to the media about being fat and that was obviously in jest. And that would only bother someone extremely thin-skinned.

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  20. Hillbilly4 says:

    Fox News, courtesy of M Kelly, just had piece on this woman tonight…promoting Machado as some innocent woman who Donald picked on. MK , along with Dana Perino are in some alternate reality tonight. Neither woman REALLY knows anything about Machado. They both are irresponsible. I am surprised at how easily Perino is used and mislead. She is clearly in over her head. She might need to return to her Daddy’s ranch.

    Fox News has reached some new territory here: Creating images that simply are deceitful and trash-journalism. MK ought to be sued for willful misrepresentation. Maybe throw in Perino for good measure.

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    • freddy says:

      you are so right..Not one word of her criminal and checkered past or her affiliations with the Cartels……… Dana and megyn took the false talking points and used them like CNN would do. Alicia has nothing on these two little grifters. They are out for revenge and Hillary created this just for people like them and other disgruntled……When I think Megyn can’t get lower I’m always surprised………It’s like the BLM making hard core felons and criminals their heros to not stand for the anthem… What happened to this world…..

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Perino is totally naive about this kind of stuff. Totally out of touch with popular culture or alt culture much less porn and drug culture. Still she should have researched this. She’s a Bush shill. I used to like her but I can’t watch her anymore.

      Kelly knows what the deal is and is using this to again go after Trump and to build her career as a celebrity. I loathe her.


  21. Curry Worsham says:

    Why, look! It’s Jorge Ramos and Alicia Machado in May 2016:

    Trump treated me fatal; is despot, cold and calculating: Alicia Machado (Video)
    by David Ordaz May 24, 2016 1:57 pm
    Venezuelan former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, said in an interview with journalist Jorge Ramos on Univision, the Republican nominee for president of the United States, Donald Trump, the deal “fatal”. He said he is a despot person, a cold and calculating man. “He also said that” a man who has little regard for the people he considered inferior. “The Republican has been criticized for his racist comments. (Video: Facebook Jorge Ramos)


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  22. Lawrence says:

    How is this any different than what Michelle Obama preaches? Everybody looks like they’re having a good time. And then she got into porn and drug cartels. Why is that Trump’s problem?

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  23. Classic Trump right there. That is the Trump I’ve grown up watching since mid 80s till now. Charming even when non PC, because he is polite and honest.

    BTW he is totally right about many Americans having a weight problem

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    • avgjosephine says:

      Yes, he’s right, I’m one of them. Look around and notice. Many of us are chubby and that’s being polite. But if my contract requires that I maintain a certain weight and appearance, it’s my job to abide in order to keep my job.

      I had very little knowledge of Trump before he announced. Never saw the apprentice show. I loved seeing the young Donald!

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      • freddy says:

        there is no shame in being full figured. That is ridiculous and a thing of the past. I lived in Mexico and when a gal is full size they love it and they call them mi gordita and whistle at her…. My chubby girl. When a guy is big she says mi gordito and that’s his name Gordo…..They all say it. They call me chato cause I have a long nose. No one gets mad only here are they so touchy……….She’s been called mi gordita for years so it’s just a hit job to get latinas all riled up…They are….

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        • Jimmy Jack says:

          Some cultures prefer heavier women. This is a recurring theme in health literature referring to research in blacks and hispanics in particular. It is a ongoing health debate.


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  25. Steve says:

    Substitute boxer for beauty contestant and this clearly becomes the opposite of sexist. It is treating a female performer’s weight just like a man’s.

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  26. Curry Worsham says:

    Another murder?

    “Univision reported in 2010 that Gerardo Álvarez-Vázquez, a drug kingpin linked to the infamous Sinaloa cartel, fathered the child.

    And the police informant who first testified about the pair’s relationship was executed gangland-style in a Mexico City cafe months later in broad daylight.”


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  27. asariah says:

    Facebook is causing the Share app to enlarge beyond the border of some browsers so one can’t hit the “share” button. When posted directly via a link, the image doesn’t appear so most overlook the post. This is de facto censorship. So, obviously they do not want the refutation of the false narrative. Just sayin’. A few days ago the images showed up when they pulled this stunt. Now they don’t!

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  28. angryduc says:

    This has become the norm … are they censoring RSBN?

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  29. Mike says:

    I watched the Anderson Cooper interview. She’s a fiery dumpster fire

    I take it as just another misstep of the Clinton Campaign which has been reported to be a chaotic dumpster fire itself. Honestly, does anybody in their campaign think 10 minutes ahead? They seem geared towards getting a short term gotcha which blows up in their face afterwards,

    Hey, if the Clinton Campaign thinks showcasing a murdering, foul mouth porn star nutcase who’s the baby incubator for a drug dealer is going to peel off some of the women vote, I wish them the best of luck with that.

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  30. gloriosaedominae1 says:

    I have not been following this beyond seeing the headlines. But I must say this video is really cute. Trump is self deprecating and truthful.

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  31. JeremyR says:

    Just saw this at Don Surber’s place.

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  32. Unless there is more to this video clip, I’m hard pressed to find anything that was out of line. Not 20 years ago and not by todays PC standards. He has gotten her a trainer, and in a very honest way put this on himself also. That he loves food and needs to be careful. He joked with reporters to play down the problem and to humanize her to them. I think you can almost count this as a public service type message. We all need to do better at watching our weight and at dealing with stress. Even the trainer said he she was to thin before at the weight she was. Not healthy for her. He wants her to look thin but at a healthier weight for her.
    I hope they play this video often. Like Trump is saying here. We all have a problem, we all need to do better and we all can do better.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      It was mostly a publicity stunt. In another video, the reporters/photographers were laughing as she “bounced” up and down while jumping rope. Trump knows how to get free media.

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  33. the5thranchhand says:

    Uh…exactly when did Mr. Trump call this young women Mrs. Piggy in this video???????

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  34. wheatietoo says:

    I am convinced now…this whole thing was put out as a Distraction from the Cheating at the Debate.

    People have been examining the Debate Footage.
    People are noticing all the evidence…making videos pointing out Hillary’s Cheating.

    And then this Beauty Queen Porn Star story comes out.

    We’re being played.

    And the YouTube videos showing Hillary’s Cheating at the Debate…are disappearing.

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  35. entagor says:

    CNN report from 1997

    This report says 60 pounds. That is a lot of plantain

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  36. mailmannz says:

    You better believe there is a war on women going on and the Clintons have been waging that war for decades.


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