Day #4 – The “stonetear” Investigation – Chairman Jason Chaffetz Sends Preservation Notice To Reddit…

Day #1Katica discovers Paul Combetta has on-line alias “stonetear” and full backstory.
Day #2 – Paul Combetta scrubs his user information, and deletes his July 24th 2014 posting history. The Stonetear Reddit inquiry and the Timeline for Hillary Clinton’s email cover up.
Day #3 – House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith demands answers from Platte River Network, and interview scheduled with Combetta by tomorrow.
Day #4 – House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz sends preservation notice to Reddit.

Summary Backstory – On Sunday September 18th, researcher Katica discovered Hillary Clinton’s email custodian, Paul Combetta, had an alias “stonetear” used on a 2014 Reddit forum asking for assistance in altering archived server records for Hillary Clinton. We published the archive and discovery at 4:30am Monday Sept 19th. Within hours Combetta scrubs his prior posting and attempts to delete his web-footprint.  However, the information is viral as the internet shares the story.  Tuesday night Sept 20th, Chairman Lamar Smith becomes aware of the issue and sends formal letter to Platte River Network legal team, demanding an interview with Combetta.

Jason Chaffetzbleach-bit-5bleach-bit-6-katica

Yesterday, Wednesday Sept 21st, House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz sent a preservation notification to Reddit to ensure the archived posting of Combetta/stonetear is retained:

(Via The Hill) The House Oversight Committee has ordered Reddit to preserve deleted posts believed to be written by an IT technician the committee suspects may have deleted Hillary Clinton emails that were under subpoena.

Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) confirmed that the committee has issued a preservation order and that Reddit is “cooperating.”

The order “has the weight of law, you can’t destroy things and hope things magically get erased,” he told The Hill Wednesday.

At issue is whether an employee of the Denver, Colo.-based tech firm that managed Clinton’s server sought advice on how to digitally alter the address lines of emails thought to be from the former secretary of State — the day after the State Department had agreed to provide certain Clinton emails to the Benghazi Committee.

The allegations “fit the pattern of what we think was happening,” Chaffetz said. (more)

The larger issues are jaw-droppingly significant. Prior to the discovery of “stonetear” the claims from the Hillary Clinton campaign, Paul Combetta and Platte River Network were that Combetta was operating alone without any instructions from Secretary Clinton or her key aides and attorneys.

[…]  “As the F.B.I.’s report notes,” Mr. Fallon said, “neither Hillary Clinton nor her attorneys had knowledge of the Platte River Network employee’s actions. It appears he acted on his own and against guidance given by both Clinton’s and Platte River’s attorneys to retain all data in compliance with a congressional preservation request.” (link)

The July 24th, 2014 postings by Combetta, under the username “stonetear“, not only show a goal of changing a federal record – they also prove an intent to fulfill a request made by agents or representatives of the Secretary’s office with whom he was under contract:

“Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone”…


The stonetear discovery removes the “he acted on his own” aspect.  In addition, the intent behind the action also provides the missing element FBI Director James Comey stated the FBI was unable to discover.  “Theyintended to hide Hillary Clinton’s email address prior to compliance with federal records retention laws.

Mr. Combetta attempting to delete the history of his activity, on the very day the stonetear discovery was made public, is also a reflection of “consciousness of guilt“.

Paul Combetta was/is under an immunity agreement (details unknown) with the FBI.  If the FBI was aware of this 2014 actionable intent there would be no reason to delete it – unless the FBI is also part of the larger Clinton cover-up.  As thethompsontimeline asks:

[…] Looking at Combetta’s Reddit post detailed above, there are only two possibilities. One is that Combetta failed to disclose crucial information to the FBI, despite his immunity deal. The second is that he did, but the FBI didn’t mention it in its final report. Either way, it’s already clear that the FBI has failed to present the full story of Combetta’s actions to the public. (link)

Several readers have made inquiry into why would Secretary Clinton and her team want to remove the email address in the first place.  The answer to that is quite simple.  In July of 2014 they were only just beginning to send the State Department records as part of their legal obligations.   The Benghazi committee was requesting from State, not Clinton directly.  Few people actually knew of the Clinton-owned email server set up.  The New York Times didn’t report on the server until March 2nd 2015.

Combetta appears to have been looking for a way to remove the email address prior to sending the archive to Cheryl Mills and Clinton’s legal team.  Those entities would then filter through the content and print out the ones they determined the State Dept., would receive.   Congressional committees were waiting to receive from State Dept.

No-one, except Combetta and those involved in Clinton’s handling, knows if Combetta was successful in his goal to strip the address.  However, a key point often overlooked is Clinton provided paper copies of the emails she did choose to turn over.

Anyone on the .gov side of the email exchange would have the same email, and Clinton email address.  While it might be intensely time consuming, has anyone looked to see if the email address on any of the paper copies (turned over by Clinton) is different from the recipient copy of the same email?

Lastly, the media is going to attempt to distract or dilute the significance of the stonetear discovery by using the issue of ‘verification’ that Paul Combetta is actually “stonetear“.  However, the evidence to prove/support that Combetta is Stonetear is simply overwhelming (HERE and HERE) and lots of internal links HERE.



Another long, detailed, and in the weeds research perspective is available HERE 

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431 Responses to Day #4 – The “stonetear” Investigation – Chairman Jason Chaffetz Sends Preservation Notice To Reddit…

  1. Janetoo says:

    Can you EVEN IMAGINE if this was a republican admin and a republican secty of state? This would be FRONT PAGE, ABOVE THE FOLD until the election and beyond with a special prosecutor etc etc. This is why we are now a banana republic.

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  2. fred5678 says:

    “Katica” should be renamed “Butterfield”. Old folks and history buffs know what that means.

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  3. georgiafl says:

    Whole Lotta Nothing Going On:

    Democrats are out in force like fire ants on a new born calf.

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  4. deanbrh says:

    I made copies of the smoking gun entries before they were scrubbed. Probably others here did too. Do we just hold onto them until Gowdy or someone makes the claim that nothing can be done to the perps because the Tweets have disappeared?

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    • kriseton says:

      They have already asked Reddit to preserve and send to them. Just because Combetta erased his stuff, doesn’t mean it has disappeared from recovery. Reddit said they had no problems complying.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Stuff is generally forever on the internet. I never delete – at least, not with the idea that it’s actually gone. If you make a mistake, just add corrections, retractions, and – in general – more truth. Cankles plays a losing game.

        I think that Combetta’s Cankle-provided lawyer told him to delete, to thwart independent researchers from doing more damage. I hope that Combetta is asked this under oath – did your lawyer tell you to delete? Even if he doesn’t answer, we need to smear their side with attorney criminal collusion, which it absolutely reeks of. The Clinton crime family is mostly lying mob lawyers, just like Cankles herself. Make the public realize this – that crooked lawyers are the internet of the Clinton crime family.

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        • OWK says:

          “…crooked lawyers are the “…don’t ya hate that? They are the scourge of both the House and Senate. We need good folk running for these positions, not puppets with $$$ thrown at them.

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  5. Obamanator says:

    live oversight committee hearing on holding Pagiano in contempt

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  6. Ghostrider says:

    There are 47 days remaining to the election. The House can hold more hearings on this it chooses to but it won’t lead to anywhere. I have no confidence that anything will come of Stonergate before Nov. 8th. The Feds will ignore the story and kick the can down the road.

    No one in the current Administration wants to go down this path; a path that would lead to a prosecution of HRC, Mills, Huma or others at State. Lynch has likely ordered the FBI to stand down.

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    • TheseTruths says:

      The value of this being revealed is that the (informed) public can see the depth of the corruption. It should serve to cast more doubts on Hillary. It also gives Republicans and Trump more ammunition.

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    • bofh says:

      The problem is that the corruption is so wide and deep (and bipartisan) that no one in DC wants to open this can of worms. Lawyers have a saying: “don’t ask questions that you don’t already know the answer to”. Our “leaders” realize how fragile the whole thing has become, with the foundation rotted out, and pursuing these investigations threatens to bring down the whole thing..

      Truly following any of these threads (Benghazi, email, CGI for example) will lead to the same place: the inescapable revelation of evidence of rot permeating throughout the government and economy – WH, DOJ, FBI, Joint Chiefs, both houses of congress, Wall St, the uniparty… I don’t think anyone is prepared to actually burn it all down.

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      • telerider says:

        With 20 trillion dollars of debt on the books who doesn’t know that this isn’t a house of cards waiting for only the right breeze to knock it all down…

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      • Au Contraire! TRUMP…IS ready, willing & able to launch his truth-seeking mega MAGA bowling ball dead center down the back alleys of DC & move gov’t over to Denver…Lock, Stock & Barrel. Make DC profitable again… As a tourist attraction & educational mecca! Denver is much safer from overseas launches of aggression & Denver has a better climate & great new airport centrally located! Time to clean out filthy, criminal infested gutters of DC…JOBS JOBS JOBS

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  7. Bendix says:

    I remember Mr. Comey criticizing people who did not perform the investigation for their claims about how well the investigation was performed. He questioned how they could say that without having been part of the investigation. Well now we have a young woman who did do the investigation too.
    Just think, a man who has proven himself to care nothing at all about national security, honesty, or the rule of law, was on the Internet bragging about his complete access to the US State Department server. Or rather the private service used exclusively by the Secretary of State. If Katica found out about this, how many others new about it the moment he posted? We keep hearing about Russian hackers, does anyone think that the Russians don’t have people who can read English and who monitor sites like Reddit? No hacking required.
    I saw the posts from Stonetear, I paid scant attention, but then again, I had no agenda or purpose in mind when I happened to notice them.
    This is excellent reporting, btw, it is what reporting should be.

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    • flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable says:

      I find it highly saddening and hilarious at once that one or two people sitting at home in their jammies can out-investigate the FBI and all the American media and out-news the self-righteous news organizations.

      Praise be to Al Gore for his creation, the internet.

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    • Big Papa says:

      I’ve mentioned this before. Combetta put that server IP address out in the open on a Microsoft exchange server help site. It’s been out there on that website for quite a while.
      I’d bet within days she had multiple visits to her illegal server. Hello norksputinchicoms or some freckle face teenage hacker in moms basement. I’m positive someone has everything.
      I’d go even further to speculate that Combetta and/or PRN has a copy as well. Insurance
      I sure hope Wikileaks has them.

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  8. JayneDoe says:

    It is “trending” on Facebook…..says “380K people talking about this”

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    • JayneDoe says:

      Hit “reply” too soon. It’s under link of “Hillary Clinton Emails’ with hover showing top article of “It Sure Seems Like Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy Asked Reddit for Email Advice”

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  9. paulraven1 says:

    What’s the background of Katica?


  10. Nunya Bidness says:

    Remarkable how this saga has expanded from a little ” homebrew” server in Chappaqua set up by a State Dept IT guy working on contract, to a multi-level network of servers and backups supported by a whole IT firm. No wonder they all take the 5th.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I’m gonna be blunt – I don’t even think this is her “real” network. I think this is the tail of the dog. I think the dog is deep in the DNC, and that is why they’re panicked and have that slimy cueball Cummings interfering, obstructing, and spying. Hillary opened up the State Department to the DNC, and probably Soros.

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      • DS says:

        The State Dept. has been infiltrated with commies for a long, long time now; just as “the Company” has been the gestapo of the deep state since its inception.


  11. maga2016 says:

    President Trump, give the girl a job!

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  12. paulraven1 says:

    This will go nowhere, as every investigation these days does. There will be some huffing and puffing among a few republicans in Congress, but that’s about it. We vote in Trump to clean out the stables, or we don’t. That’s all that matters.

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  13. Risin'Tide says:

    It’s interesting that this damaging turn is being overshadowed by the Charlotte riots where a black officer shot someone brandishing a weapon at police. This is fomented by agitators given code-speak from Obama and likely Clinton – again. They still have power to control the news cycle enough to cover this kind of information with petty drama. Hopefully, there will be a reckoning with all this leftism run amok.

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    • inquirer2point0 says:

      But with new media and with social media we can drive our own narratives and control our own news cycle.

      We need to get over the notion that something is only news if the MSM chooses to cover it.

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    • skyborn78 says:

      RisinTide, This is exactly how the Dems and media collude to push unwanted publicity into the background and take the heat off what’s really important. The Charlotte riot’s timing is not just “suspect”,it is incredible. Even Drudge got sidelined on this one.

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      • Oldskool says:

        The crowd in Charlotte is bearing an amazing resemblance to Soros’s Rent-A-Thug crew that was in Ferguson. Is there anyway to find out the addresses the one’s that are being arrested have used, as I doubt many are Charlotte residents?

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    • winky says:

      I agree that this riot is purposeful and the criminals will kill and damage and do whatever they have to…..In my opinion these criminals make the Italian mafia look like pussy cats. This is disgusting……… Can we all imagine if Bush would have been on the other side and this election would have been won by either one? All of this would never be known….Oh my God what despair and lies from them.

      This election is causing me a lot of anxiety and loss of sleep…I get up in the middle of the night and get on the computer…. I am sure a lot of us are doing this too)….I just spoke to a friend who says he is on the computer till 5 or 6 in the morning……We just cannot give up though, I am sure that is what these criminals were counting on…but it has not worked, it just makes Trump’s supporters stronger than ever!!

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      • Wend says:

        I too as are my mom and boyfriend having major spilkes (anxiety in Yiddish) over this election. I am usually on computer until 2 AM or so, but I take pretty strong meds and sleep through until late morning. I feel powerless since I live in Commiefornia-but I try to visulaize, meditate and pray that the right thing will happen. It makes me almost literally sick to realize what depths of corruption and evil our government has sunk to.


      • Make mafia LQQK like pussy cats, eh? I have an 8# 20yo female Samese w/a confident attitude who isn’t impressed by size at all & has successfully ‘treed’ disrespectful vets on more than one occassion…l


  14. psadie says:

    Hillary should be asked about this at the debate but it won’t happen. If she is indicted/sentenced she will be pardoned by Obama who also needs cover!

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  15. Ozzie says:

    Barry is writing laws against our nation as we post, you think congress will do anything about this? Why did we ever put down our pitchforks anyway? We should be the ones in the streets.

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    • John Galt says:

      “An email from Arielle Medina, Clinton’s travel coordinator, also reveals how much those who are working on the campaign are getting paid.
      ‘You will receive a day rate for full work days and 1/2 of that rate for travel-only days. The rate for leads is $150 ($75 for travel-only); the rate for press leads, site leads and RONs is $110 ($55 for travel-only); the rate for credentials, S2/P2s, and motorcade is $75 ($37.50for travel-only),’ reads the email to the staffer and others on the team.”

      37.50 / 8 = $4.69 per hour
      75 / 8 = $9.38 per hour

      $15 x 8 = $120

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  16. freddy says:

    Gowdy Jason and Comey… All useful tools nothing more. This will end in all the IT guys having alibis and saying the hearings found no significant evidence and they will all skate. The GOP is doing close to election kabuki………. I can’t stand to even look at these people . So complicit it stinks…….Jim Jordan is another one…….

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  17. andi lee says:

    Rep. Maloney piqued my attention when she brought into record the YR-2000 Clinton Hearing Report. (Just think of all the tax-payor $$$$ spent in the 27 year history of investigating, not one but two, Clintons’ malfesance in office). Rep. Maloney must be a fan of CTH! This is good! (I wonder if Mr. Turley ever ventures here, or my own, TX-Justice Willett? Or Judicial Watch- because we such a breath of fresh air!)

    Judicial Watch, Mr. Turley, Justice Willett, would you consider taking up a class-action law-suit from We The People vs. the Democratic Party of The House Oversight & Reform Committee for Obstruction of Justice, Abuse of Officially Elected Office Powers, Attempted Over-Throwing of Constitutional Authority, and Witch Hunting. Excuse please, the non-legalese, I have only a general sense of right and wrong but do We The People have a case?

    I’m only positive of that last charge, Witch Hunt is the politically correct legal-language, since the Dems have been screaming it non-stop since 2012.

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  18. You TELL ’em Chairman Chaffetz! Those “Preservation Notices” have worked really well, so far! Follow it up with a sternly worded letter, and a video of yourself asking some REALLY “hard questions”. That’ll show ’em…

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    • ecmarsh says:

      How about subpoenaing someone to show up and they can’t be bothered?
      Oh well, according to Gowdy this morning, the committee has no legal authority. That rests with the justice department.


  19. n3angus says:

    I Posted this on the FBI Facebook ;

    DEAR FBI where is the $20,000 dollar Reward for this Information and Arrest of the Hillary Clinton Crime Syndicate Cover-up ???????? Here is the Information that YOU SAID was NOT found by YOUR INVESTIGATION THAT DID NOT YIELD INTENT , SO IT IS TIME TO INDICT !!!!!!!!!!!!! The stonetear discovery removes the “he acted on his own” aspect. In addition, the intent behind the action also provides the missing element FBI Director James Comey stated the FBI was unable to discover. “They” intended to hide Hillary Clinton’s email address prior to compliance with federal records retention laws.

    Mr. Combetta attempting to delete the history of his activity, on the very day the stonetear discovery was made public, is also a reflection of “consciousness of guilt“.

    Paul Combetta was/is under an immunity agreement (details unknown) with the FBI. If the FBI was aware of this 2014 actionable intent there would be no reason to delete it – unless the FBI is also part of the larger Clinton cover-up. As thethompsontimeline asks:

    […] Looking at Combetta’s Reddit post detailed above, there are only two possibilities. One is that Combetta failed to disclose crucial information to the FBI, despite his immunity deal. The second is that he did, but the FBI didn’t mention it in its final report. Either way, it’s already clear that the FBI has failed to present the full story of Combetta’s actions to the public. (link) , RT has additional info here ; , The Hill tried to give this some exposure but it was Brief in hopes that ot would fly UNDER THE RADAR !!!!!!!! Whats the AGENDA HERE TRUTH AND JUSTICE or All Hail the QUEEN ?????????? My God this is PATHETIC !!!!!!!!

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  20. Joe says:

    Pardons all. Already been promised. Everyone dummies up because it is just a few more months to go.

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  21. n3angus says:

    FLOOD the FBI Facebook with your Links of this Info and ask for Justice to be SERVED !!!!!!!!!


  22. Steele81 says:

    I really hope and pray that this man is not Vince Fostered

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  23. El Torito says:

    I suspect that Chaffetz and Gowdy know that they’ll never get an indictment under current POTUS admin and that all they can do is to inflict maximum political damage non-stop upon the Clinton campaign, knowing a GOP win is the only chance to bring justice to the Clintons and their minions. At least they are doing that. I’ll give them that much.

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  24. Gary says:

    Hate to break it to everyone but this is just another hearing that will result in a big fat NOTHING!

    Congress is really good at holding hearings, simply to appease the public and make us think they are “doing something”, but nothing EVER comes as a result of these hearings.

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  25. winky says:

    Katica should ask for the reward……it seems she has provided the FBI the info they need and say they do not have to arrest the criminal and her accomplices……..perhaps these are the emails Assange has that have not been released yet? He did say he would be releasing something damaging before the debate but he has been very quiet lately…I am worried about him too.

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  26. Thurstan says:

    This brilliant young lady deserves our hearty thanks. Is it not amazing that we do not have at least one equally brilliant person at FBI, Congress? She is what America used to represent.

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  27. Katica says:

    I’ve been swamped but wanted to come by and thank TCH again! I am adding TCH to a news article about how this was discovered and that they were first to report on it. THANK YOU!

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  28. Katica says:

    And thank everyone else too. It’s been amazing to talk to everyone and I do see all the comments even if I can’t reply. On Twitter I mainly have to Like a Tweet but am trying to respond as much as possible too. I feel interaction is important for sure! Thanks everyone!

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    • Obamanator says:

      katica- did you see twitter took down ANONAMERICANHQ’s twitter account? Talk about Third Reich stuff. He was getting too close to the truth on HRC I see. They couldnt have him continue to post her entire server was still WIDE OPEN for hacking.

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    • Wend says:

      You are one amazing woman-I love what you’re doing in school. I am a retired lawyer-mostly criminal prosecution and defense, trials and appeals. I like to think I did my little bit but nothing like what you’ve done.


    • amwick says:

      Katica, every eye that you have opened is important. Whatever happens from now on, you have already made history. Please be safe.

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  29. Thurstan says:

    For our representatives to allow an unfit criminal to even potentially run this country is unconscionable. By representatives, I mean House, Senate, Administration, and particularly DOJ and FBI. Dragging of feet and obfuscation are grounds for them to lose the positions we entrusted to them.


  30. bertdilbert says:

    This may be a wrong assumption.

    “They” intended to hide Hillary Clinton’s email address prior to compliance with federal records retention laws.”

    But Hillary’s address would be on every mail. There would be zero need to hide something they intended to turn over because Hillary would be on every mail. It is HER server.

    I think the correct assumption would be that they could not turn over mails that they would like to turn over because of the pesky thing that other people were sent or CCed in the mails.

    This could have something to do with sending classified material to people who should not have gotten it or something implicating Obama had knowledge of a particular issue..

    Failure to be able to doctor the electronic record led to printing individual mails and submitting them in that fashion. They may have stripped out the email address of the offending type after making a printable version of it.


  31. cali says:

    Sundance: Right on cue – you are proven correct: The WP are out in force today attempting to mislead not only readers but also trying their best to sprinkle manure perfume on the exposure of Combatta and his ‘stonetear’ Reddit threats asking other IT’s regarding Hillary/Mills illegal and criminal order to alter federal records!

    I am convinced that Combatta withheld this Reddit fiasco from the FBI despite being given immunity for the simple fact that he knew it was illegal because it involved Hillary Clinton – a SOS.
    I also believe that Combatta was somewhat successful because there was – if I remember correctly – a 3-months-gap in the emails Hillary submitted to the state dept ergo the Benghazi committee that covered the complete coverage during and right after the Benghazi attack and murder of our men. I remember seeing a video where one of the rep. senators – a female – put a stack of Hillary’s emails in view vs. the one a year prior covering the same time frame. The 3-months gap was substantial. Naturally – that either were part of the BleachBit cleansing or the ‘Basement’ cleansing with the strange fire that burned untold number of records which someone stated that Hillary’s team – Mills, attorneys and Hillary, Huma were working that night going through records.
    The ‘True Pundit’ website claims SOLE credit for this discovery of Combatta and stonetear – needless to say I asked to give proper credit where its due to no avail – today I put them on blast there and referred the readers to this treehouse to get the appropriately and correct info. It’s not cool to claim credit for something that belongs to someone else.
    Well – Hillary’s team is panicking because Hillary will cancel her participation in the upcoming debate on Monday although they haven’t yet decided what reason to use.

    Sure – another investigative committee using tons of taxpayer dollars to end with a stalemate. Does anyone really believe that as close as this next election approaches – anything will come of it? Can you imagine that to come to successful conclusion?
    Nothing but another stalemate – it was the same S$it – different day – its actually so predictable as well as pathetic and troublesome at the same time!

    I have always to go back to the Benghazi Brief – posted on this treehouse – compiled by Sundance! That was no small feat and took an extraordinaire amount of time, energy and research to put that brief together – backed up by date, time and player.
    What Sundance accomplished and compiled was based upon public available information from various and number of resources and documents.

    If Sundance had access to insider information, classified or classified as well as other federal or military records not available for public consumption – I am convinced he/she would have solved the Benghazi affair and resolved the reason why our men were left to die while observing live feed from the drone flying overhead during the many, many hours until our men succumbed to their death and the following day arrived with the sun shining on what was left behind – a hell hole of destruction! Now – looking at these clowns in DC – they have access to everything their little hearts desire to solve scandal, crimes, misdemeanor and treason – and all they offer is a stalemate after millions spent? Really?
    Now – once again – we are faced with an unfinished and too early closed out Benghazi investigation that also involved ‘war crimes’ by the SOS and a politician who committed espionage against the country she served, a SOS who committed crimes and misdemeanors against the country she served while being SOS. Even after she stepped down – she continued her crime spree involving even more people and agencies as well as private companies. BTW – she even continued as late as the end 2014 to continue to involve exposing classified info when she emailed middle eastern players that were involved in Benghazi, arab spring and weapons shipments into Syria via Turkey. She also continued her ‘pay to play’ scheme.
    The only way to end the Clinton saga and stop the continuing damage to the security of this country, stop espionage, pay-to-play, every crime and misdemeanor involving the Clintons et al and their helpers in and out of government – to be arrested and imprisoned in Leavenworth.
    A new president Trump could order our Armed Services/Military to arrest each one of them simultaneously. That is the only solution because no matter how many investigations their run – the end in stalemate without anybody ever going to prison!
    Every day this goes on – the compromise of this country and all of us are in danger not only based on their evil deeds but also that which they set in motion in cahoots with the global aristocracy!

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  32. giddyup says:

    does anyone have any ideas on the 13 cell phones that were missing/destroyed? do you think she could have sold those phones? i find it hard to believe that in 4 yrs. that you would go through that many phones. And then after they were lost huma went to the local phone store and bought another one? did they report some of them were lost?


  33. jeans2nd says:

    I admit I have not read through all the comments, as I just haven’t the time right now, so someone may have asked this already. And I still question whether or not I should even ask this.

    The question I had yesterday, and still have today, is, can we prove in a court of law to the satisfaction of the court who, exactly, are “they” and “he”? We can prove the answer to that to our own satisfaction, but will it stand up in a court of law? And, we are back to, “it depends on what the meaning of “is”” is. Assuming there is someone with standing who can find a prosecutor to take the case, of course.


    Or, perhaps the correct question is, how long before stonetear commits suicide by shooting stonetear in the back of stonetear’s head from 6 feet away.


    • Trumped says:

      It sadly at this point in time isn’t anymore about the court of law. It is about the court of public opinion. Of course it is all a stunt. They know it and we know it.

      Its all about getting Trump into power in the hope that he will act in the will of the people and restores the law.


  34. Linda Ruth says:

    No member of Congress has the guts to actually prosecute any guilty person for any crime. Performance is done for show only. Personal risk is avoided to stay “healthy” and alive. They even cannibalize their own to survive! No one wants to be on the Body Count list as are deceased Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, and scores of others. TPTB have unlimited power controlling this country. They do not intend to let Trump even get close enough to stop them. Never under estimate their capacity for evil! Sundance’s “divine providence” is Trump’s only real strength in this political fight.


  35. Liked by 2 people

  36. gary lacey says:

    This begs the question, how dirty is the FBI? In fact, how dirty is DC, ie, the IRS, the State Dept, the Congress, the SCOTUS?
    Corruption at the highest levels of our country, ……….good grief, they have sold us out!


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