*UPDATE* – 2014 Reddit Archive: Platte River Network’s Paul Combetta (“Oh Shit” Guy) Requesting Tech Help To Strip “VIP’s Emails”…

update-1*Update* Several hours after posting this research, Paul Combetta began scrubbing all of his social media and comment sections.  However, everything is archived.  U.S News and World Report has picked up the story.  – SEE HERE– Sources also indicate DC congressional leadership and staffers are now fully aware.  This story is about to break wide open, thanks to the excellent work of the New Media, citizen journalists !…..

A rather stunning discovery has been made by a researcher named Katica who uncovered a July 24th 2014 Reddit thread started by Platte River Network executive Paul Combetta who -at the time- was requesting technical advice on how to strip a “VIP (VERY VIP)” email address from archives stored on a server he has “full access to“.


BACKSTORY – Last week Paul Combetta plead the fifth and refused to answer questions before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  According to Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, the following email exchange occurred between Combetta and another undisclosed Platte River Network staff member back on 8/19/15:

“Wondering how we can sneak an email in now, after the fact, asking them [the Clinton camp] when they told us to cut the backups and have them confirm it for our records.  Starting to think this whole thing is really covering up some shady shit.  I just think if we have it in writing that they told us to cut the backups then we can go public with our statement saying we’ve had the backup since day one when we were told to trim to 30 days would make us look a whole lot better.”

Platte River Network used BleachBit to remove all traces of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. As mentioned Paul Combetta refused to answer any questions from the committee.

However, today a rather remarkable discovery adds additional intrique to this historical series of events.   A researcher named Katica, discovered the Reddit identity of Paul Combetta as “stonetear“.

The connection between Paul Combetta and his username “stonetear” was made from an earlier administrator who thanked Paul Combetta for some previous technical assistance hosting some zip files and providing his contact email address as “stonetear@gmail”:



That led to a discovery that “stonetear” as a Reddit user had an archive thread requesting  technical advice for the following:

[July 24, 2014] Hello all- I may be facing a very interesting situation where I need to strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email that I have both in a live Exchange mailbox, as well as a PST file. Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address in the to/from fields in all of the emails we want to send out.

I am not sure if something like this is possible with PowerShell, or exporting all of the emails to MSG and doing find/replaces with a batch processing program of some sort.

Does anyone have experience with something like this, and/or suggestions on how this might be accomplished?


(Link to Reddit Thread HERE)

In a short series of replies to his inquiry and follow-up suggestions, Paul Combetta provided the following responses:

Reply – Is there no way to access and edb manually?

Combetta (“stonetear”): I have full access to the server – what are you suggesting with the EDB file?

Reply – There is no supported way to do what you’re asking. You can only delete emails after they’re stored in the database. You can’t change them. If there was a feature in Exchange that allowed this, it could result in major legal issues. There may be ways to hack a solution, but I am not aware of any.

Combetta (“stonetear”):  As a PST file or exported MSG files, this could be done though, yes?

The issue is that these emails involve the private email address of someone you’d recognize, and we’re trying to replace it with a placeholder address as to not expose it.

Combetta (“stonetear”): I think maybe I wasn’t clear enough in the original post. I have these emails available in a PST file. Can I rewrite them in the PST? I could also export to MSG and do some sort of batch find/replace. Anyone know of tools that might help with this?

Again, the date on this archived request and exchange is July 24th 2014.  We now know the VIP mentioned by Combetta was Secretary Hillary Clinton.

The request reflects an obvious “intent” to hide the Clinton email address; an intent that FBI Director James Comey stated he was unable to discover during their investigation, leading to his recommendation that no charges be filed against Secretary Clinton.

If James Comey needed intent.  It looks like some web slueths have just located the smoking gun the FBI was unable to locate on their own.

comey 1

To insure additional research is not hidden or deleted here’s a Pastebin accumulating all of the ongoing discoveries. – SEE HERE –  Here’s an archive link of the thread in case of scrubbing and deletion – SEE HERE

Full Credit for this initial Reddit research discovery belongs to:


update-1UPDATE 5:00pm EDT 9/19/16:  As anticipated Paul Combetta has begun scrubbing and deleting his footprint:

Additional archive research – AVAILABLE HERE – including pseudonym confirmation:


Facebook Picture Link

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910 Responses to *UPDATE* – 2014 Reddit Archive: Platte River Network’s Paul Combetta (“Oh Shit” Guy) Requesting Tech Help To Strip “VIP’s Emails”…

  1. We can easily get to the truth. Waterboard Hillary on live pay per view tv and use the proceeds to pay off the national debt.

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  2. Sundance, Breitbart cites you in this article.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Excellent! Breitbart, soon Drudge I hope.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Drudge seemed to have pulled it earlier. His strategy will be to make the next pulse come when something comes out from Congress, IMO. Drudge plays interest like a fish. Time for some slack.


      • Cozette says:

        This first hit reddit the Donald where I watched the info be put together in real time, packaged for the media then sent to Drudge, Breitbart etc then spread to Howdy and Chaffetz. Fascinating. Please go and subscribe to this site and get EVERYONE you know to do the same. Reddit plans to shut it down because it is a huge site for honest reporting. Maybe huge numbers will make them rethink this.

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    • James F says:

      That article is too restrained and skeptical of the authenticity of the forum posts definitely being from from Combetta.

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  3. Derek says:

    I wonder if some of the “Reddit Sleuths” could be disgruntled FBI agents. I find it hard to believe that they would be so incompetent that they didn’t already know this.

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  4. GoldenEye says:

    See Kids, this is why you have to be careful about what you post on the internet. Once on the internet, always on the internet.

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  5. NJF says:

    Yay! 2 Eut Roha in one day!


  6. TheseTruths says:

    How many “VERY VIP” accounts did Combetta have? A process of elimination is in order.


  7. JayneDoe says:

    Combetta, my advice:


    (I think you have to be old to understand that though!)

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Guy should have “run” when Clinton came calling the first time, and definitely when they started asking for deletions, at which time it finally downed on him there is some shady sht going on. Hopefully not too late now, but he chose to accept his mission and carry out those orders. I’d be scared shtless now and wondering if any of those “alt-right conspiracy theories about Arkancide” are true. He needs to grab some cash and amscray out of Dodge as fast as he can… not to stay out of jail, but to stay alive! Should have taken FBI / DOJ immunity and spill all the beans, or go public – at least then, as another Treeper said earlier, he could have been a hero instead of another casualty. He’s been too slimed now, so he’ll take the fall one way or another instead of Clinton(s).

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  8. MfM says:

    I wonder if this guy thinks he’s smart. Not deleting posts when they first started investigating that are so incredibly incriminating is amateurish and stupid

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    • 3x1 says:

      He panicked.

      Hard to think clearly when under massive stress.

      Really wonder who is calling the shots in her camp at this point: Mook? Mills? Huma?

      I’d imagine she is having private discussions with her original co-conspirators.

      Will fundraisers start missing targets when she looks like unelectable damaged goods?

      If they have an “October surprise”, will they have to burn it early to keep the campaign running?

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  9. NJF says:

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  10. Here is Combetta’s old website(Putergod.net) on archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20010422223259/http://exiles.darkseduction.net/paul.html

    You can clearly see it is his pictures, and at the top he lists StoneTear as an alias.

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  11. searkreb says:

    story off drudge now

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  12. Emma says:

    I’m watching Cernovich’s twitter feed – this came up….


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  13. the deplorable claw of bluegrass says:


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  14. Merle Marks says:

    I may be a little slow witted at times….I get this information peals the onion more, but with DOJ and FBI already having played their hands on non advancement of the case, isn’t this essentially more drip and does nothing “legally” against these criminals? I’m not seeing how this shuts any door on Hillary!!!


  15. Regina says:

    Here’s my fave – he used both the StoneTear and his real name in a post

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  16. Merle Marks says:

    he’s gotta be freakin’ out at this point….Hillary told him to meet her in the alley, behind the corner bar…and come alone….

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  17. TheseTruths says:

    Even if he had been able to switch out or hide the email addresses, the content of at least some of the emails would make the sender or receiver obvious. So the purpose of the email address switching was so that emails requested for investigation (emails to or from Hillary) would be hidden because they would now appear to belong to someone else. In that case, no one would be looking at them at all.

    This is a diabolical plot. I want Hillary to be held accountable; I don’t want him to take the fall for her part in it.

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  18. sarrask says:

    Came across this video. It’s sorta like Clinton Cash, except it covers earlier time frame of Hillary herself instead of the Clinton Foundation. You know things are bad when Sam Donaldson ends up being a character witness on behalf of the guy Hillary accused of felonies.


  19. mazziflol says:

    Please let this topic live for another 48hrs!


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  22. Ken Watson says:

    The deletions, of course, are also criminal. Conspiratorial and criminal.


  23. this is one of the funniest scandals ever.

    He was found writing on a BDSM fanfic site, using the email address stormtear@putergod.net (meaning computer god).


    Also, I screenshot this webpage from Whois, showing Combetta’s domain page registered by a stonetear email account:




  24. Deplorable says:

    haha, ” “Mr.” Paul Combetta aka Stonetear aka a million other nicks”
    I am sure will soon be committing Suicide


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  26. not hillary clinton says:

    so aaron swatrz co creation could bring down hillary. pretty funny

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  27. Like

  28. Terra Firma says:

    Serious question. What keeps this guy from saying his Reddit research was for another client and not Clinton or that he was just doing independent research? I have no doubts on why he was doing it. Just wondering if there is enough to compel criminal investigation.


  29. HashmarkedPfc says:

    Obama/Clinton/Comey Legacy: “The Untouchables” have been “touched” …


  30. D3F1ANT says:

    Guilty as sin and yet free as a bird. People say it’s trite to compare today’s America with Orwell’s 1984…or Huxley’s A Brave New World…or Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here. But we see proof EVERY DAY that, at the very least, we live in a dual-class society. I don’t mean social classes. I mean that there’s one class for those in power…and then there’s the rest of us. The latter are required to follow the law…and the former have a free-pass to commit just about any crime but murder–and even THAT is debatable when we look at the multitude of suspicious deaths that surround the Clintons. The more the House Committee tugs at the thread of intrigue surrounding Hillary’s email debacle, the more of the story that unravels. It’s like the pull string on a pinata. The Committee gives it a jerk and out dumps a deluge of new–and damning–evidence. And yet nobody has been held to account for ANY of it. At all. Heck…they’re pardoning some of the guiltiest parties in this conspiracy while the authorities still say there wasn’t even a crime to prosecute! What sense does THAT make!?

    All I know is that if I had been involved in even the LEAST offensive aspects of this kind of crime…I’d ALREADY be in prison.


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