Major Tripwire Alert – Prepare For a Massive Racial Onslaught From The Professional Left…

Whether Hillary Clinton unexpectedly took today off to engage in scheduling collaboration with the larger elements of the radical left is an unknown. However, all of the elements are coming rapidly into confluence.

Prepare yourselves, your family and your friends, for a dangerously toxic, racially inspired, coordinated Democrat use of racism to drive an election.  The scope of what is coming has never before been witnessed in our lifetimes.


Hillary Clinton is in a complete state of electoral collapse. Her polling is far worse than what the media is capable of propping up.

Once the professional left cross a particular desperation threshold, what follows becomes predictable; this will be similar to Brexit’s “Operation Fear” only with a traditional American-left-wing twist, the use of race to drive the needed division.

Before laying out substance for this tripwire prediction, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to grasp the scope of what they are going to attempt to pull off. Every race-baiting historical reference will pale in comparison to what America is about to witness.

If you understand how we were able to piece together the GOP “splitter strategy“, you’ll have a better frame of reference for how these seemingly disparate racial roads all merge by design to a singular moment in time.

The triggering event was September 8th, 2016 in Kansas City – SEE HERE – the visible optics of that event, combined with current poll data, has only increased the urgency.

How long have they been preparing for this?

Consider the trial of Officer Michael Slager (Walter Scott shooting) was intentionally pushed into October 2016 more than a year ago. [You might also remember Hillary Clinton meeting with Walter Scott’s family – coordinated by the media consultant Ryan Julison] The pre-election timing was transparently obvious a year ago.

Exploitation of the Walter Scott shooting is just one reference point; the goal to resurrect the ‘Obama birther controversy’ was yet another.  The coordinated efforts with Pastor Timmons in Flint Michigan was yet another…. the list is long.

♦ Which leads to President Obama stating that he will consider it a personal affront, if black people do not vote for Hillary Clinton:


♦ Hillary Clinton was on Chicago radio with Steve Harvey stirring up the pot yesterday.  The reason she wanted this venue was to reach a specific black audience.  This ensured her ability to bring up the Terence Crutcher shooting (07:20) Listen:

What we are about to see is a well scripted, well coordinated, well planned, multi-directional attack on the American electorate by the Democrat machine in order to drive down Trump support and drive up Clinton support.

However, this will not be a traditional play.  This will be far more severe than the traditional use of race by the Democrats.  This one is for all the marbles.

If Clinton loses this election to Donald Trump, her opponent will unite American and push back decades of cumulative effort toward the cause of globalism and liberal ideology.  In addition to the compete rebuke of Obama’s legacy, there is a very real possibility that Trump will lay naked all of the corruption and graft in Washington DC and Wall Street.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

With that much on the line, and knowing the fatal flaws from the global Brexit vote, the left-wing of the political spectrum is going to go full nuclear.

Ted Turner will lead the way via CNN presenting some obscure incidents as breaking news.  The corporate media will join in a united effort and the internal media elite, who do not suffer the consequences of the ideology they promote, will work in concert with the UniParty agenda.

Politics is down stream from pop culture and that’s why Hollywood liberals love to take the lead in creating the necessary narrative.  Cue Bono on the heels of The Emmys

Then America has a presidential debate – with a very specific debate moderator, Lester Holt, who is not accidentally just the right blend of race and ideology to help frame the racial division…

…It’s just what they do.  Only this time, BIGGER.

The Anger Games


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529 Responses to Major Tripwire Alert – Prepare For a Massive Racial Onslaught From The Professional Left…

  1. truthandjustice says:

    I don’t think this is helpful from Alex Jones —- I agree about the Globalists, etc. but this rant with threats will only play into their plans – to confirm their meme of us being dangerous “extremists” and whipping up people to react violently. They’re waiting and hoping we do that (in conjunction with the racial riots) so they use it as excuse for their “police state” scenario. They have everything in place just waiting to deploy and we can’t win it that way. This is a different kind of war than the past. He knows that. ??

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    • WSB says:

      Infowars also posted this about Obama’s trip to Kenya years back. Why this all comes out now is just mystifying:

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      • Toronto Tonto says:

        I hear it from minorities all the time, telling whites to die or leave the country. Obama definitely preached division as president.

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      • paris23 says:

        Well, I’m a bit annoyed at Infowars at the moment, as they have shut down their comment section, inexplicably, rather like the leftist and MSM publications. I didn’t use it much, but on principle am stunned that they would do it.

        But to get to the point, Obama is such a racist and has used race so aggressively to divide the country and spark a race war that I think this posting is very appropriate. Actually, even though the tape was made long ago it is just now being leaked. If you open the article you will see that the video is coming out soon, but has not yet been released. The more we can reveal about Obama the better.

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    • Its 5 O'Clock Somewhere says:

      I whole heartedly DISAGREE (respectfully of course)..Alex is trying to get through to the still asleep American Idol, DWTS crowd. AT this point it is all hands on deck mentality. When the house is on fire you will wake everyone still asleep with any means necessary.
      I have been listening to him for awhile now and he DOES know the score and he is not inciting riotous behavior. He just wants to spread the disinformation anyway he can…even if it takes shock value….some people need that to get them to listen. BTW…we ARE in a police state already. And yes this IS a different type of war!

      “This is War”
      Andrew Breitbart

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    • no. Alex has been right most often; just he starts in on the info before other news outlets – so many think of him as “the criticisms” he receives; not reality – that he had found/discussed these issues with good informants months ahead.

      Anyway, it’s not just the massive racial onslaught from professional left issue (here); now that it is becoming apparent Obama/Hillary actually purposefully started and armed Libya and Syria and are, in fact, the perpetrators of all that is going bad here/there – they’ve turned the rest of the time before elections/change of government into a dangerous “narrative.” (and) then, as they’ve been attempting – will turn it around and blame on others to ATTEMPT to keep this insane government in power – so they don’t lose everything. And any Republican (“Never Trump” – i.e. Lindsey Graham, Bush Sr., Senator Sasse, Romney) who states allegiance to Hillary crossed over and is in trouble financially themselves – selling off America for their own interests.

      It’s the “narrative.”

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    • heidi says:

      I think Alex Jones is simply voicing a frustration that so many of us feel on how the LSM (including many on FOX) is putting a very negative spin on Trump and anyone who does not push the globalist agenda. I sent a dem I know an article on how the muslim arrested for bombs in NYC & New Jersey had sued the police claiming he was being persecuted, and they wrote back calling the article “hate speech”! I know this person watches CNN but am alarmed at the level of brainwashing and feel the same as Alex. IMO, folks on the right are not “whipped into acting violently”, that is leftist territory. I just read people on the right voicing feelings of extreme consternation, and finding a place to vent on venues such as Alex Jones, Breitbart, or here! (here’s the article i sent that was labeled “hate speech” by the dem i know: I feel like I’m dealing w/zombies!

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    • Mama Bear says:

      I know his comments came off as incendiary, however, when I heard that Soros was so concerned that not enough muslim hordes are being imported here fast enough that he is donating $500 million to the cause, it hit me: this is being done on purpose to create a new normal of terror attacks on the American people. After they connive to strip us our of weapons to protect us from the poor victims of “hate.” They will live behind gated walls and will be used as proxies to beat us into virtual submission so the globalists can advance their agenda to make us their serfs.

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    • ODDLY ENOUGH….and I thought I was hallucinating…but Louis Farrakhan said “Let Trump Do Want He Wants, You Failed Inner City Blacks” AND he;s bashing Hillary! saying Don’t Fall For ‘Satan’ Hillary Clinton’s ‘Crap’

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    • paris23 says:

      Alex never means to incite violence, but to raise awareness about the situation. He’s a “the pen is mightier than the sword” sort of guy. It wouldn’t occur to him that his passion might incite violence. They call their program Infowars for a reason. It is public awareness and information that will end globalism. Hopefully, a shot will never have to b e fired.


  2. trapper says:

    We are being deliberately goaded, baited, trolled. Assemble looters, criminals, and gullible dupes, all with black faces, have them trash, loot and burn anything they can get their hands on, and blast it all over the news. The objective is transparently obvious. The left is trying to elicit a racially defined backlash from white Americans to fuel a racial conflict where none exists.

    What is the most useful tool to resist the desired angry response? Just remind yourself that it is the black communities who have to live with these animals the rest of the time, all day every day. The people these animals most often prey upon are other black Americans, not white Americans, and the black body count at the hands of black criminals is a disgrace.

    Enough is enough. It is time to rescue ALL Americans from this calculated civil disorder. Vote Trump 2016.

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    • Marsha5 says:

      Your “animal” reference feeds into the racial Globalist construct as do all derogatory name calling from any sector. While the UN is in session how will Obama/Dems play this out?   “Prepare for a racial onslaught from the left”.    Conditions are ripe for exploiting any potential explosive, reactionary responses  against perceived threats, injustices and violations of the “rule of law”.   

      Its an insidious construct being cultivated by those advancing the Global Agenda…One World Governance mission.   Chaos, mayhem and crisis is the objective.  In Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America…America.  It is much bigger than one segment, race, group, country…or one party.

      Ask yourself who benefits from all of this?  Whats driving the Global (American) human rights abuses, failed governments, war and breakdown in law & order?

      The 2016 presidential election is a critical piece in the unrest brewing in America.  A perfect storm to manipulate the public into “lock down…armor up” mode against each other.

      No way all of this is incidental…happenstance.  Not sure where this is headed.  But it serves the purposes of the Global Elite shot callers.  By the way NONE of them are in harms way.  All are protected by secure, gated, exclusive communities…work spaces… public & private security forces.  The Elite don’t routinely engage in public venues and interactions. They aren’t at risk. We are.

      Americans are being used. Watch as it unfolds.  Who and where are the real villains?

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      • trapper says:

        I believe it was two nights ago a black lady, the mother of a black boy who had been murdered, was interviewed on the news on a Chicago network TV station. Tears streaming down her face, her voice choking, she referred to the “animals” who took her son’s life.

        The people who live with this day in and day out know who they are, and they know they are animals.

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        • Marsha5 says:

          Trapper I understand. Tks for the follow up. Victims have the right to express whatever anger & pain they feel. If it were my family…I’d call every vile name known & unknown. But words frame the discourse. When I comment I try to be rational and expansive keeping focus on what’s really happening. If I vent…I would lose it because I AM enraged about a lot of issues impacting America. I just want answers. I want to hear other options & solutions. A public forum is the best place for that. If not… we all sink into the cesspool created by Globalists & their agenda & we all lose. That’s part of their strategy as well.

          Again it wasn’t a personal attack…just an observation. We’re actually on the same page.


        • Bendix says:

          I agree with your assessment, trapper, and I’m someone very close to one of the worst areas of societal decline, so I see this stuff firsthand. I tell people who only see this stuff through the lens of what TV shows us, this isn’t representative of black Americans, but they want you to believe it is.
          It’s a made-for-tv myth that black people don’t want safe streets and law and order.

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          • Anubis says:

            They don’t want it enough to adopt the normative commons that create what is known as “white privilege”. In a normative commons, each person who forgoes the opportunity of breaking the norm, then pays the cost of maintaining the norms. So, when one lives in a White area, common areas such as shops (markets) will likely be open for browsing, because the norm of behavior is to not steal. Each time a White goes into a store and does not steal, he pays the opportunity cost, equal to the value of the items not stolen. By paying this cost, the norm of keeping shopping areas open to browsing is maintained.


        • swissik says:

          I dislike the use of the term animal for criminals or otherwise cruel people. Animals do not behave the way criminals do. Animals do not attack other animals for the sake of attacking or causing pain. An animal that kills another is usually doing so for food and survival.


      • Mr. T says:

        Marsha5, what would call those who attack the police, damage or destroy police vehicles, then smash windows to a business to loot it, such as at the Wal-Mart, or to stop and break into a tractor trailer loaded with merchandise, then burn it or steal it? They are animals. There have a right to peaceful assembly to exercise their first amendment rights to protest against what they perceive as excessive force by the police against the black community. They have NO right under the law, to damage, steal or destroy the property belonging to someone else. Quite frankly, Marsha5, I think that we’ve all had enough of the PC crowd and their sugarcoated bullshit.


        • Marsha5 says:

          Again…I understand fully. I have vile names I could use. I choose not to. It does not aid the discourse sites like this offer. I want the who, what & why opinions from folks that could offer solutions to what’s really happening. Maybe I want too much. After the vitriolic rage from us what then? After we armor up, prep and run for the hills then what? You must know the Globalist have everyone on “lock down”…now what? It won’t be the “hood” hunting folks down. They will be dealt with. It will be our Globalist government.

          I’m no bleeding heart sociologist…I’ve worked in correction-juvenile division & have seen plenty. Had no problem “locking em up” for a few years. But much more is going on in America. We need to honestly identify it to confront it. You can’t lock up/kill everybody… Globalists will simply identify a new source of exploitable widgets.

          Think about it..every scourge that hit Black Communities decades ago is now impacting White communities. Remove race & track the template: drugs, unemployment, Welfare, crime, single parent homes, etc. What is behind the reason communities are imploding. What’s behind the deteriorating, crumbling infrastructures & bankruptcies of cities, inner-outer ring suburbia…rural America? Why isn’t our government working FOR us. Why are modern, suburban corporate office centers vacant, malls struggling, stores closing? Globalization is destroying America and it started in Black communities years ago. How long before our safe, well manicured communities are impacted. We must know our “oppressors” to confront them. Globalists come in all colors…if you have a few million…you are part of it. Giving to charities/foundations may offset the damage some… but the uber wealthy benefit from globalism & all of it’s vestiges.

          Sorry…I can’t “Go To Ophra”. She has no website forum & is also a Globalist…gasp
          We are actually on the same page. I just reframed it a bit. Trump may not fix everything but I trust him more than Hillary/Obama or any establishment politico. They’ve all bought in to the Globalist construct of things. Trump’s Snake fable includes the serpent, cobra, viper fables and our government. Sorry for the rant…but I saw first hand the advance prep for the 2008 economic implosion. Connected the dots after the fact. Everyone was in collusion…pre-Obama. These “angry, rampaging hoards” are a decades outcome of the Global agenda. Who is next & how long will it take? Not long.

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      • ghost of benghazi says:

        The animals called Progressives are behind this.

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      • SZ says:

        Like Donald Trump said about “Islamic Terrorism”…you have to name what things are…

        These people are “animals”…in fact, they are worse than animals. I have a sanctuary for animals and the animals here would never act the way they are acting or destroy what they are destroying. “Animals” is too nice a name for them.

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    • TatonkaWoman says:

      trapper: I’m on your team


    • Coldeadhands says:

      “the black communities who have to live with these animals the rest of the time, all day every day. The people these animals most often prey upon are other black Americans, not white Americans, and the black body count at the hands of black criminals is a disgrace.”
      The carnage in Chicago is largest case in point. Who is protecting the neighborhoods from these predators? We have all been victimized by the LBJ Great Society inspired dissolution of the black, inner city, families. Aid to dependent children destroys families of all races.
      This is Trump’s message:
      Everyone benefits from good, values based leadership. The people have been poorly served by the Globalism and Socialism and corruption which have been controlling our government for far too long. “What do you have to lose?”
      You said it trapper, enough is enough! MAGA!


      • Marsha5 says:

        So when will we Americans go after the source: The Global Elites. Socialism is a tool of the Globalists. BTW Global Elite membership includes both sides of the isle. Trump is the only one exposing their agenda. Most politicians have stock in Corporate America, the private sector and/or affiliations with the billion dollar federal government contract industry…private & non-profit. They are aspiring Elites…some have made it.

        Enriching the portfolios of the wealthy elite depends on Globalism…Socialism.
        Keeping Americans focued on race is easy & helps their agenda. Lawlessness, destruction of property and interfering with commerce can’t be tolerated. Our LE will perform their job. Globalists have armored them up with militarized weaponry to get the job done. But they too are useful tools as well.

        Search for the root causes of American ills & you find Globalists. The ole American Oligarchy & European Aristocracy is alive and well…They are the Global Elite.

        Americans are being played and our lives and future are at stake.

        Just asking… when do Americans identify the source of these “transformative changes” Obama promised? These plans were in place BEFORE he was elected president. Obama’s not the source…he’s their conduit…tool…puppet. It’s much bigger than Obama, Hillary and race.

        Hoping Trump as president can successfully end the decades long assault on all Americans.

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        • trapper says:

          Sing it, Marsha5! I have been saying for years that the black agenda IS the Tea Party agenda, and that if black and white Americans ever figured out that we have been deliberately pitted against each other to keep us busy and prevent us from discovering the oligarchs in power, there will be hell to pay. Perhaps not guillotines erected at the corner of Broad and Wall, but on the other hand, perhaps so.

          Oh, and here is some heresy: what if the rank and file of the Black Lives Matter movement ever got together and talked with the rank and file of the Fraternal Order of Police, compared notes, and discovered they are ALL being played, and played by the same group of people?

          Want to know what is really going on in Chicago? Follow this site:


          • Marsha5 says:

            Trapper…YES, YES & YES. I’m an outcast in my Democrat family. I keep pressing these issues, pointing out policies & positions that hurt Americans. The response is…”well, she’s the lesser of two evils”. They have no clue what evil is if they vote for Hillary. I’m almost ready to shut them down…but they are family so I keep trying.


            • Marsha5 says:

              Trapper one more thing.  They are clueless regarding any alliance with the foreign Islamic Muslim ideology.   They need to be wary of Muslims “aiding” their cause. 

              Middle Eastern Islamists only seek more bodies for their killing machine in quest of a caliphate.  If they only knew the role of Arab Muslims in the transatlantic slave trade they would recoil in horror. If they only knew what Middle Eastern Muslims think about all Blacks…even their own, they’d turn on Islam in a NY minute.  None so blind….


            • trapper says:

              Keep at it, my friend. Seeing the look on someone’s face when they experience that moment of clarity, when they have the epiphany, is worth enduring all the resistance that led up to it. God be with you, and may he furnish you the appropriate words when the time comes. We are not just making America great again. We are making America God’s country again.


      • Bendix says:

        Notice that Hillary Clinton did not have LaQuan McDonald’s mother on that stage with her. LaQuan is the one shot dead by one cop in Chicago, apparently purely out of panic, and the video of the incident was withheld due to Rahm’s upcoming election.
        A young black male, a totally unjustified shooting, and a calculation made that this one would hurt her more than it would help her, politically.
        This is the mentality we are dealing with, and it is purely evil, and black Americans are victims of it just as white Americans are.

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        • Marsha5 says:

          Everything Hillary (Obama) says/does re: Black folk is just a recycled upgraded Kumbayah script. It won’t work. She is no friend to Black people…or anyone. She’s all on board every Open Border policy. Her husbands Three Stricks law & his draconian Child Support laws in his Wefare Reform Bill devastated the Black community. Bill Clinton made evading court ordered Child Support a federal offense! Where was Hillary & what does that say for her Family & Children Initiaties? She can’t admit every illegal & refugee then claim to want jobs for America. Obama has corporations/industries committing to hiring Muslim Refugeee….why not unemployed Americans. Hillary is a disingenuous, deceitful liar. She is only advancing her Global Elite status. It’s not working.

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      • crepelady says:

        Let’s not forget to mention Mr. Twinkle toes, ..Rahm Emanuel the mayor of once a very proud city. He and his satanic brother are attached at the hip to Barry and Kankles. These people are spawns of Satan.

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    • interesting video/not too long.

      at approx 1:05 mins. into – freeze the screen and review list (on that page) of donors – and who those are!!! OMGosh! and why so many media liars are so protected to protect Hillary. (lots more too – the leak of names is a boondoggle of media misinformation.

      Those donors listed also were given investments into global issues at market rate – as an example of just one read up on, an investor who keeps freaking out publicly re Trump, paid 3 cents to own a public bond on a project that taxpayers will make up the other 97 cents each dollar he invested, and as history always proves – btt the government pays off every crooked person working on those infrastructures the price tag will at least quadruple – so it’s more like for his 3 cent investment the public pays $4 for him to be an “owner of” at end. And the cost to complete these projects goes up because the government is also paying off donors – so they screw the projects up on purpose to do so? It seems so. and for that when “that” project is complete, this specific (now ranting) billionaire investor/sports team owner retains 23 percent ownership in. (Why he’s a Hillary supporter). For his name/investment he also invested in “global market projects too.” Many sports complexes recently have been built that way. Not cool! Those same “investors” which are only by invite are allowed in.

      None of it is cool. All of it is using taxpayers to make “some” billionaires. And our media …television and radio news personalities are investing into too. Nasty snakes.

      Separate business from government again – we stay America. Vote Hillary to follow Obama, we are a ruled region of one very crooked group of crazy people.

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      • forgot the video and it now “no longer exists” – previous (when it did exists) at around 1:05 in – the partial list; it is from the Hillary emails they are so desperately trying to hide; and explains why those emails/who’s involved are not being brought to public attention.


      • Bendix says:

        Speaking of sports and the financial rackets, what’s going on right now in football is related. Major corporation whose ownership pleases the Obama White House benefits at the expense of the taxpayers.
        There has been some talk that it is time these huge sports organizations start paying taxes like any other business. Now we are seeing these same businesses used as propaganda outlets for Obama politics. Coincidence? I think not.
        Soon when you walk into a Target (which I would never do) you will see a CVS pharmacy. Both CVS and Target have made some moves which pleased the administration, and both have benefitted from those moves. Michelle Obama even made one of those commercials she does for favored corporations, for CVS, with Ellen.
        I’m just now recalling Macy’s giving Trump the boot, for PC reasons. Stay in favor with the White House, you will receive favors back in spades.

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        • Macy’s is majority owned by the Saudi Royal Prince and Public Employees Union accounts (combined) along with a few “other” really odd major shareholders. Go figure. As far as major sports – you are correct and just one of the “Hillary” supporters in example of (not the only one) – Mark Cuban benefits greatly from those same “bond privileges.

          The NFL remains a privately owned corporation and some of the other major sports affiliations as well; and Obama does want to break that — some of his “global deal connections” want ownership availability into the franchises – and aren’t being successful at their attempts – like they’ve been in everything from auto manufacturing to Target to CVS to cookies and healthcare(!!!), music industry, Hollywood, news and television media, even the private prison system Clinton “started” – yes, they too are heavily invested into by some odd shareholders (and one of the reasons why Obama seems to be releasing some of the absolute worst inmates can be imagined – the shareholders have requested…; the Beyonce half-time, the “Red Skins” is a racist name attempt, and the kneeling players -started by the 2nd string 49er QBack (had been informed in May of this year that he wasn’t cutting it; and they were contemplating demoting him to third string… couldn’t get a “racism cause of action started” for that; so he was the onset to the “let’s get the athletes to provoke an NFL team owner to say something to sue [them]” portion of the ObamaShow.

          Didn’t work – luckily for our country’s players in most instances – they are smart enough to realize – as with all else “global invested” to pay back for donations to the politicians who they gave millions (collectively 100s of millions) to – once unAmerican investors (come here said the spider to the fly) become owners of their franchises they too will be replaced if they don’t comply with the new owners’ rules.

          It’s past the point of bizarre anymore – what Obama/Clinton/and company have been doing; it’s just plain evil.

          You are right – don’t shop at those companies now owned by globalists. Trump’s right on this one too. Most corps were “regulated” into having to get “introduced” to new investors (by Clinton started it after he “deregulated” banking to energy to insurance/medical marriage, etc. to allow foreign investments into our markets; then started regulating them out of the country and making it impossible for them to make payments/shareholder dividends to their new shareholders unless they packed up and started shop in those “investors” countries – using US taxpayer monies to pay for of course. Not fair to our businesses either – to only blame them.

          Like I said: the “lobbyists” who lobby our government anymore are actually now our own government and their globalists donors who they owe for the donations – who want to use America’s wealth to take over America – and Obama and Clinton are happy to let them.

          That’s some Trojan Horse, there!


    • yy4u says:

      Wonderful analysis, Trapper. We must always keep in mind this election is about COLD anger, not hot anger, not rage, not fury. We’re not angry with our fellow citizens who happen to be black; they’ve been used just like the rest of us. In fact, their wages/salaries/living standards have nose-dived worse than whites in many cases. Obama wants it that way. Without the ability to fuel race rage, the Democrats lose the argument. Trump has a history of giving blacks membership in his golf clubs; Hillary has a history of pandering to them in their churches. If the blacks find that out, they will bolt the liberal plantation, and then it’s curtains for the Democrats/Globalists. We have to focus our cold anger where it belongs, not on blacks who are being played just like we were, but on the Globalists/Democrats/Republicans et al who played us.

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      • 2zymos says:

        And then you need to look at the “alignment” of the rifle barrels!
        This isn’t about merely:
        Winning the argument
        Court cases
        $ for $ sake

        Its about:
        power – through wealth, real wealth not merely currency
        control – of the people’s efforts and labor (real wealth)
        blood – to be spilled to compel compliance and instill fear

        If they come for “your life and livelihood” with guns backing (alignment of rifle barrels is on YOU) — you-me-wethepeople will NOT be responding with votes, donations, court cases, arguments, rallies, marches, or even “consequential” civil disobedience.
        At this point, observing the lay of the rifle barrels, you-me-wethepeople better hope that rifles on our side are held by men, women, white, black, and brown that love America and her Constitution and will act with courage, conviction, and efficiency to re-establish the rule of law.

        When a “criminal” comes into your “home” at 2 a.m. and threatens your life or threatens to harm your loved ones, you are totally just and morally CALLED to eliminate the threat. Sundance tripwire report on racial strife is, IS EXACTLY, forwarding that criminal violence is “over your/our threshold.

        Gun sales are way up for a reason and the main one is NOT hilduhbeast’s or obammy’s gun confiscation “threats”. The main one is “everyone who matters” sees personal threats from the government, from tyranny, from tyrants: welcome to reality folks.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      It’s about to get very real…….


    • Betty says:

      And also remind your self that it will be a different world when Donald Trump takes office.

      I hope he uses the essence of skunk spray Israel invented to spray on rioters along with some of that purple die so we can round them up in the morning and deport them somewhere. Maybe bribe 3 or so countries to take them in and then tell the stinky, purple looters to pick a country and pack.

      Just think if one WalMart put the stinky purple spray into their fire sprinklers and set them off during the peak of looting, I bet they would only have to do it once. I read the stink takes at least 3 days to fade away.

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    • Joseph says:

      Very well said. I agree completely.

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  3. Pentheus says:

    Good luck race mongers!

    “He who throws dirt, loses ground.”

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  4. lo says:

    Their “race” riot strategy will fail.
    Americans are DONE with that BS.
    Stay the course and vote Donald Trump.

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    • Marsha5 says:

      I truly hope you are right.  This racial stuff is part of America’s Global Agenda.   Hillary has achieved Global Elite status…she is part of the Globalism construct.  Why do you think she went “off the grid” with her private email servers and supports every Open Border policy?  

      Trump also has Global Elite status, but the fear of Trump is he  may actually go rogue and spill all their secrets. Obama, as president and “Head Globalist in Charge” is also part of the Elite.  Research his policies that facilitate Open Borders.  He is head cheerleader for TPP…the mother of all FTAs.  That will be his (Hillary’s) legacy.

      Don’t get any of this twisted. It’s bigger than race…but race is a very effective, useful tool in America.

      Definately Trump 2016.  

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.


  6. geoffb5 says:

    Politics is down stream from pop culture and that’s why Hollywood liberals love to take the lead in creating the necessary narrative.

    As a small piece of that. For their three part season finale the, usually well written/acted, show “Major Crimes” featured a script, which with suicide bombers, full auto weapons smuggling, shooting up a courtroom full of people in a suicide attack, and a city block of apartments turned into a no-go zone for police, should have been about radical Islamic terrorists but the bad guys were neo-Nazi white supremacists.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. thetrain2016 says:

    Everybody with concealed carry license must be ready via practice and training, and always carry. It’s a Constitutional duty.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. acumenmac says:

    We don’t know anything except what the MSM reports along with their propaganda.
    Yup, cops got up and said lets go out and murder a black man for no reason with a chopper filming overhead. Ya, that’s what happened. Sad, sad, state of affairs in America. Then the truth comes out. Man had gun, man was tazered, man was told to stop, man threatened cops, man assaulted officer. Mr. Crutcher was tazered and wouldn’t not follow police direct commands in a situation he escalated to the level of the use of lethal force. Media, police’s fault, and another lying narrative starts.
    Always the same story, unarmed black man viciously murdered by racist murdering cops. Dinnin do noffin! Then comes the rioting – and guess what? No one is held accountable. How many innocent people hurt in Charlotte? No rioter will be prosecuted. Let’s see, we have:
    Rodney King
    Michael Brown
    Freddie Grey
    Walter Scott
    Philando Castle
    Alton Sterling
    Terrence Crutcher?
    Keith Lamont Scott Just reading a book in his car. Waiting to pick up his son from school. No book found, but he did have a loaded weapon and confronted police. Don’t matter – black lives matta.

    (The shocking truth, 90% of Americans don’t believe this is planned, orchestrated, and purposeful. The purpose?, the destruction of civil authority, civil war, and eventual martial law. Read cloward / pivin strategy. It is the marxist’s play book for the down fall of the USA and the rise of the great one world government – their choice of governing? – communism, the best to control the masses.
    Once again our CTH is out front, bold, and right on target concerning the usurpers of our Constitutional Republic.)
    Trump 2016

    Liked by 8 people

  9. Anita says:

    I can’t help but think this was a plant by the left, as if on cue. Eastern Michigan University, 9/20/16. I’ve lived near this campus for 54 years and have never heard of racial problems there. Hope this pic shows up.


      • ilovevictoriasbows says:

        Easy call:
        Hate Hoax List

        Brooklyn Muslim Community Center Teens

        London, Ontario Islamic Shopper

        Calum McSwiggan

        Marcus Owens

        Hamza Warsame

        Alexis Adams

        SIUC White is Right Video

        Salisbury University Graffiti Artists


        Jordan D. Brown

        Bingen Syrian

        Eric Danko and Jordan Schaeffer

        Manhattan Self-Slasher

        Seattle Africatown Center Graffiti

        Mari Poindexter

        Phony Nevada Klansmen

        Saida Chatti

        Julian Kinzel

        Imani Perry

        Asha Burwell and Friends

        Jesus Francisco Cabrera

        Michael Dekota McRae

        Gary Nathaniel Moore

        San Bernardino Backlash

        Mercutio Southall

        Hyacinth Peccoo

        Clive Higgins and Lonnie Blackwell

        Anonymous Liar From India in Orangeburg County, SC

        Kayla-Simone McKelvey

        Hidden Dores

        Royall Must Fall

        Shalaria Jones

        Emmanuel Bowden

        Kynnedi Grant

        Clarke Perkins


        Payton Head

        Mizzou Fecal Swastika

        Berkeley High

        Dorothy Bland

        Georgia Tech Person of Preferred Pigmentation

        Melvin and Angelica Hale

        Haakon Gisvold

        University of Delaware

        Ahmed Muhamed

        Ashley Powell

        Garnet Coleman

        John Sherman

        Carol Anne and Laura Stutte

        Minati Roychoudhuri

        Frank Elliott

        Planned Parenthood

        Sean King

        Julie Baker

        Vincent Broughton

        Rick Jones

        Connie St Louis

        Rachel Dolezal

        Tahera Ahmad

        Phony University of Minnesota Rape Victim

        Sarah Silverman

        Kassim Alhimidi

        George Washington University Swastika

        Adam Hoover

        Ambreen Sharif

        Charles Blow

        Morgan Triplett

        Desiree Nall

        Mindy Brickman

        Oberlin College

        Lena Dunham

        Rolling Stone/Jackie

        University of Chicago Facebook Hoax

        Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar

        Daniele Watts

        Keith Jones

        Sweet Briar College Hoaxer

        Grand Valley State University Student

        Richard Kennedy

        Anonymous Hercules Middle-High School Student

        Joe Williams

        Andrea Brazier

        Genesis Hernandez

        Danya Morales

        Toni Christina Jenkins

        Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden

        Meg Lanker-Simons

        Olander Cuthrell

        Charlie Rogers

        Sharmeka Moffitt

        Joseph Baken

        Alexandra Pennell

        Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin

        Quinn Matney

        Aubriana Banks

        Sarah Marshak

        Floyd Elliot

        Tawana Brawley

        Crystal Gail Mangum

        Kerri Dunn

        Leah Miller

        Ahmad Saad Nasim

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sloth1963 says:

        Someone pulled an Oberlin. Start looking on farcebook. I bet some idiot filmed it for posteriority.


  10. ectrimm says:

    Does early voting work against Trump?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. cali says:

    Sundance – I have no doubt that the tripwire as compiled by your is 100% applicable and their intended deeds!
    I hope that I’m right – that Hillary is too far gone for that to be successful. After her eyes short circuited yesterday or her brain misfired once again – ended in canceling a fundraiser as well as another rally she and her campaign had planned. As soon as the U-Tube video hit showing her left eye going haywire making her look like a demon – she disappeared.
    Then there is the Non-US Pravda who longer has the influence due to their many scandals during this election cycle – voters have caught on and are no longer remaining silent about their misreporting, lies and all out assault on their sensibilities of being able to differentiate between truth, lies and obfuscation. They just don’t anymore.
    The NY Post had a great opinion piece describing the ever increasing support of DT and black americans/voters. Hillary is sinking like a rock in the black community all over the country. At this point – how much the evil game they are playing with peoples lives while using black americans like cheap tools and playing them as well is anyone guess but one would think that they are also waking up with the exception of the many in the BLM anarchists who still quite forceful but not as they were at the beginning.
    Farrakhan has laid out Hillary as the evil witch and $itch she really is while telling his so-called congregants that she can never be trusted. I guess we’ll see what that goes.
    At the moment – Hollywood is also under attack due to their best kept secret – pedophilia involving the rape/sodomy of 10 and 11 year young boys and girls newly arriving with big stars and dream in their yes followed by being ‘groomed’ using drugs and alcohol to prep them for sodomy/rape via the ‘big players/bigwigs’ throughout the movie industry. Driven by the Corey Feldman reality show, his speaking out forcefully on behalf of his friend – Corey Haim who OD’d. He exposed that he knows who sodomized/raped his friend for years beginning at 11 and lasted for several years causing him to end up being a drug addict, disturbed enough killing himself as a consequence.
    These monsters in Hollywood and those all living knowing this and yet – remaining silent has caused an outbreak on social media asked for names of those who continue to violate these young boys to this days. It is gaining steam!
    Sundance – I hope on behalf of all of us – that this tripwire will burn out before it can be activated otherwise – if successful – we will be in a heap of hurt. Add into this mix a host of false flag via attacks across major cities – it would make it ripe to declare martial law and cancel out the election. That would be the only result that could save these non-American actors, haters and players from their own demise.
    May God raise his hand in protection of all of us and strike them before they can create hell here in the US!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Sherlock says:

      Sickest bunch of people in the world run Hollywood, in my view.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bendix says:

      I also am not sure if it is ever increasing support or if it is just that more black Americans are starting to feel safe in coming out in the open.


    • Marsha5 says:

      You covered all bases.


    • Marsha5 says:

      Its 9:30 pm and some violent NC protestor “provacatures” are experiencing some of those hi-tech crowd control tools. They have no idea what they are in for if they persist. Cleveland RNC security was armed to the teeth…their 50 million plus was well spent. “Robo Cops”, laser night sticks & a few other “non-lethal” weaponry was at the ready…some heavy more heavy duty stuff. DHS, FEMA, FBI, supplemental outside LE. Buffers, blockades & other dispersment strategies…that just what I could google. Local media & a friend had more info. Cleveland BLM announced they would not be in the crowd protesting & they were not. Somehow they got a “heads up”. Violent disobedience can’t/won’t be tolerated.


  12. lingane says:

    If Clinton loses this election to Donald Trump, her opponent will unite American and push back decades of cumulative effort toward the cause of globalism and liberal ideology.

    totally agree. The winner of this election will rules for decades. It scary me, evil lf is able to do everything. The polls are not going in right way since 2/3 days. I know they are triggered, but I can’t get out of stress.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. entagor says:

    This week in Detroit protestors disrupted the church Trump visited. The brawl was recorded

    The leader of the protestors was interviewed by a tv news crew and said he was angry about rich pastors in poor neighborhoods. The protestor did not not sound enraged to me

    The news crew had to have been tipped off, The brawl was recorded because the brawl was a setup

    03-15-16 ThinkProgress:
    “Trump’s Pastor Friends Have One Thing In Common: They’re All Rich”

    The stage was being set to be used later as needed.

    Dogging the pastor had no legs, but a handy police riot was used push the story of the Chelsea Chicken Bomber off the radar

    They are using psychology on the masses. People craved information on the Chicken Bomber because they could be the next victim

    Survival instinct demands that immediate threat preempts all other threats, When terrorists attack, the UK Daily Mail, if no one else, will shift into high gear and really investigate the dirty details. The jihadist ties of the whole family of immigrants was emerging

    Police shoot outs are not uncommon, but stoning cars containing people who could be you, or looting a Walmart like the place you shop, is personalized mayhem

    Hillary wants amnesty, more Syrian refugees, and the Chicken Bomber put her in a bind.

    The NFL protests while carefully not being linked to Hillary, end up being linked because the players (like Chicken Bomber) are finding the flag deplorable. Looks like the players are going to be deploring the flag through the whole season.

    Hillary is boxed in by her agenda and lies. Only mayhem can keep people from focusing


    • Marsha5 says:

      Expect violent Trump protestors to be out in full force again. Along with MSM acting as Team Hillary campaign operatives, proxies & door keepers. And since she has gone MIA again…They will also ratchet up campaigning for her at warp speed now.
      Wait for it…wait for it. The desperation of the left & Globalist will be on maximum display going forward.


  14. lahthoughts says:

    Is there some reason that they are all black?


    • Polish Rifle says:

      It is how their brains are wired after centuries of evolution. They instinctively react to perceived animus by acting like feral animals devoid of the ability to separate right from wrong.


  15. Polish Rifle says:

    The truth about St. Terance of Crutcher. HE WAS A VIOLENT, DANGEROUS CONVICTED FELON THUG! Read:

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Howie says:

    This means that the on Monday the first part of the debate will be 100% about Race. Then the middle part of the debate will cover Race. Finally the rest of the debate will cover Race.

    Liked by 7 people

  17. daughnworks247 says:

    Clinton on Steve Harvey yesterday, “Well, I can talk to the white people”…… as if we need an interpreter? And Clinton, of all people, has the Batline to the black community?
    It’s insulting and the black community deserves better.
    Americans deserve better.
    What is she thinking?

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Jason says:


  19. Toronto Tonto says:

    I left a joke comment on Yelp for the NY/NJ bomber’s fried chicken joint. It was nothing racist, just a bunch of puns about terrorist chicken. Of course, some SJWs attacked me as a “racist inbred white trash Trump supporter”. Nothing racist about attacking someone for their race, amirite? To the left, all whites are racist until they virtue signal that they feel white guilt and attack other whites as racists.

    I got into it with a young Vietnamese woman in SF who messaged me to stop trying to tear down the family business when the father reported the son to the FBI. This began a lot of questions for which she and most Hillary supporters have no good answers.

    Does it bother you that the FBI did not investigate the son after receiving this tip? Why do you think this is?
    Why did the family immigrate to the US? It turns out the father was mujahideen in Afghanistan during the 70s. Do you notice a pattern of immigrant children of intelligence assets making the nightly news by shooting up or bombing a place?
    Is the fried chicken really that good? I read up on the place in local news and learned it had several health violations and neighbors complained the business broke the law by staying open 24 hours when the community does not want take out after 10 pm. Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you why: drugs. Minority communities do not want gangs and drugs in their neighborhoods, but our gov’t protects them. The FBI refused to investigate even after the father supposedly asked them to. (I suspect there is more to that story.) The family would challenge all citations in court claiming discrimination. They also lived above the business, and there was a check cashing / wire transfer and a nail salon (cash only business) next door. I think they were laundering drug money.

    How do minorities feel when drugs are removed from their neighborhoods? Relieved. That’s why they kept trying to shut down this fried chicken place. Read this article:

    Wednesday, November 18, 2015
    ENGLEWOOD, N.J. (WABC) — A very well-known fast food business in the heart of Englewood had its doors shuttered after a collaborative effort between police and the Health Department led to a major bust.

    Investigators say four employees there were serving much more than chicken and fish. They were allegedly serving up drugs, untaxed tobacco products, and a variety of stolen electronics.

    “I’ve had my suspicions, but I tried to keep as far away from it as possible,” a resident said.

    An epicenter of problems is how police describe Crown Fish & Chicken, a longtime West Englewood Avenue staple. Investigators say it was a magnet for crime.


    Police arrested four store employees Tuesday who they discovered were undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh, along with recovering $20,000 in cash.

    It’s a huge bust neighbors say is already making a huge difference in this small community.

    “Do you see a difference is this an improvement?” Eyewitness News asked.

    “This is awesome, I mean look at that, now normally you see guys hanging out their car, now it’s like a storm blow through there,” said Fernando Simpson, a resident.

    “Every day when I came home from work I would usually have to walk in the street just to get by,” said Kevin Gresham, a resident. “There’s a distinct difference now when I walk down the street, I can walk on the sidewalk.”

    “Of course there’s no one on the corner, it’s empty, it’s quiet, and that’s what we need,” said Dolores Glover, a resident.

    All four suspects were taken to the Bergen County Jail and are now facing a variety of charges.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. soozword says:

    Pop culture is reflected in movies and is influenced by them. This weekend there are two promising candidates which involve race relations.

    The first one is “Mr. Church” starring Eddie Murphy. When I saw his name and face on the ad, I groaned thinking it was going to be yet another obnoxiously silly farce laden with every conceivable black stereotype. If it’s not silly then movies with black American themes so often exploit victimhood to the nth degree so as to become simplistic and one-dimensional. What a waste of talent in such productions! In contrast, the Mr. Church movie synopsis projects an incredibly positive and nurturing black-white relationship :I’m definitely NOT one of those emotional females, but even the preview brought tears to my eyes — a must see for me!

    The second movie this weekend is the remake of “The Magnificent Seven” (sans the fabulous Yul Brynner, of course!) starring Denzel Washington. Denzel in that role conjures up Sheriff David A. Clarke for me if the later was not restrained by the law and personal ethics — both very sexy dudes! Nothing like some kickA$$ American heroes doing a number on the nasty invaders who are terrorizing the locals: Some will say it projects vigilantism, but I think it’s a good reminder we should always show courage and defiance in the face of terrorism. . .

    Maybe there ARE some Hollywood producers on our side who are quietly helping our cause given the timing of these movie releases. Or is it just purely coincidental? . :


    • Toronto Tonto says:

      It’s no accident that Obama speaks EXACTLY like Denzel Washington. They have the same acting coaches. I guarantee you there is subtle election year messaging in it, so I’ll stick to the original and catch it on a plane.


    • John Galt says:

      “Pop culture is reflected in movies and is influenced by them.”

      100% true. I have the BluRay disc for Burlesque starring Cher & Christina Aguilera, which I bought for the music / dance numbers. Movie plot message: women good, homosexual men good, heterosexual men bad / weak / stupid.


  21. StormyeyesC says:

    Hillary said it would be irresponsible to comment on the “bombings” in New Jersey/New York “until the facts were all in”. But today, she had no problem commenting on the NC and Tulsa police shootings…………………..(before the facts are in”)…

    Liked by 1 person

  22. woohoowee says:

    Trump: “You’re paying to much tax folks.”

    Statements like these are why everybody loves Presumptive President Trump 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  23. n3angus says:

    Breitbart says Jeb donating to Hillary , my God these People SUCK !!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • yy4u says:

      This election was supposed to be Bush v Clinton whereupon whomever won, the Bush-Clintons came out on top and we the people took it in the ear. I look at the Bushes and Clintons as old money grifters (started back in the early 20th century so have had the advantage of going to “the right” schools for two generations and new money grifters — the Clintons — who still don’t have the polish. Chelsea is comparable to George H.. W. and Chelsea’s daughter will be Jebbie and Georgie. A generation down the road and they;ll be the old money grifters and some other venal new money grifters will have taken their place. If the country lasts that long.

      Liked by 1 person

    • crepelady says:

      That gevelta fish is doing this “out of love” yuk,yuk


  24. John Galt says:

    I went to see a band last night, bought a shirt because of the blue glasses.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. puroli says:

    Yes in addition to attacks on Trump, the Left will inflame racial tensions in these coming weeks, in order to manipulate the African-American vote for Hillary. It looks like it’s begun already.


  26. Pam says:


  27. Clc says:

    it would not surprise me if something big happened and putin got the blame. some false flag event. something even nuclear. Hillary is the anti-putin candidate. the neocons are itching for something like this anyway.


    • cali says:

      Exactly right! That is why I mention in my comment above that Farrakhan has laid out the choice for his followers: DT can be trusted while Hillary can not. They finally and slowly realizing that the destruction of the black communities across the country was by the party they voted into power!
      I give Farrakhan kudos for that despite not agreeing on much else with him!


      • cali says:

        I also forgot to mention but Farrakhan has not forgiven Hillary or Obama for overthrowing and assassinating his friend Muammar Ghaddafi in Libya. He visited Ghaddafi a couple of times while Ghaddafi provided funds for Farrakhan and his congregation and causes. Farrakhan obviously figured out how dirty this tag team played during that period and said so openly.


  28. n3angus says:

    How Can Obama and Hillary be all for letting millions more Refugees into the USA when they have done NOTHING about this Looming Crisis ?????????????

    We can alter this WATER Crisis this way all over the world and People can stay in their home lands !!!!!

    Lets get Busy Developing this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. Baldy says:

    Hillary had a rally today in Orlando. I watched it live. Why does everyone on the right keep saying she is not doing anything before the debate?


  30. freeperjim says:

    Yeah…that’s the ticket!


  31. MfM says:

    I think Trump is getting good advice and understands how to blunt their attacks. I’m sure the visit to the Cleveland Heights Church today wasn’t thrown together at the last minute. He’s been planning for a long time.


  32. kpm58 says:

    “I will take it as a personal insult….”
    Obama’s intended target was not Black folk.


  33. Mike says:

    This might be something coming that Sundance is talking about ^ above ^

    Liked by 1 person

  34. connierad1 says:

    Have high hopes that Trump will demolish Hillary so badly in debates that people will switch to vote Republican in droves. He KNOWS their playbook and will act accordingly. Riots and name calling will not help them.


  35. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    sundance says:
    September 21, 2016 at 1:22 am

    You obviously don’t know the Clintons.

    Watch for the death of a black, perhaps Muslim, child who was abducted…,

    …..followed by CCTV video of two guys wearing red MAGA hats, and/or Donald Trump shirts, chaining his hands and dragging his body through the streets.

    Somehow the media will discover video from a month earlier where the same two kidnapping/murdering guys were seen at another Trump rally, and possibly had pictures taken with him… This leads to the identification, but not capture, of the suspects. Which leads to the discovery of a manifesto of some form outlining how Donald Trump inspired them to finally act upon their beliefs. CNN and ABC get inside their house and find it filled with Donald Trump campaign memorabilia and nazi symbolism.

    A national manhunt will ensue at just the right time… media will push 24/7

    That’s the Clintons.

    sundance says:
    September 21, 2016 at 2:42 am


    Are you smoking crack? Are you a complete loon? I made it up.

    I specifically said that’s what a Clinton would do. I’m giving you a specific example, with some detail, of what Bill and Hillary Clinton are capable of.

    How the hell do you give a source for that?

    The MO of the progressive left is to bleed this stuff out first .

    Is this guy ” for reals ” or is this a PLANT ?

    Dressed up in his TRUMP -T strolling in to the local WalMart for a Soda …Oh and just so happens to be carrying a scary BLACK AR-15 …the optics people ..its all about the OPTICS

    First you have this guy …then maybe what SUNDANCE postulated in yesterdays thread .

    Reminiscent of the CLOWN SIGHTINGS….could be the plan ….will there be TRUMP T and #MAGA hat wearing “CLOWN” sightings in the future ? time will tell .

    100% anecdotal but who cares … At the SECOND tea party rally my wife and I attended on the 4th of July 2009 , I witnessed my first political plant . The rally was typical of all across America I suspect . A prayer for our nation . The national anthem . And the requisite speeches from political leaders and citizens all impassioned to join together on the 4th .

    A POS car pulls up slowly in the parking lot late to the show . Two guys emerge as my Jason Bourne eyes train on them . The seem VERY OUT OF PLACE to me so I keep watching . The BIG ONE pulls out a hat and puts it on while the LITTLE ONE gets his video equipment from the trunk of the POS car .

    I watch as they seem to be making some game plan and they they turn to walk toward the crowd of some 300 or so gathered at a local restaurant parking lot .

    Now I can see the lettering on the BIG ONES hat . ” RONALD REAGAN ” is embroidered on the hat . And he walks in to the crowd interrupting the speaker .loud and proud ….


    Hoping to chant up the crowd for the video little guy following him .

    I yelled out ..” THIS GUY IS A PLANT ….move them out of the crowd !! they are here to video us ”

    The people around me got that right away and the crowd just moved their bodies toward this crew and told them to leave . No yelling …just ” please leave that is not welcome here ”

    It was magical ….the DIPSHIDIOT DUO got back in their POS car a sped off .

    The idea was to paint us all with the RACIST broad stoke for their video chanting along with ole mr REAGAN HAT ….” FUC$ OBAMA ”

    THIS is how the progressive commie left media works ….but in the absence of a finding any REAL “RACISM ” we are set now for the manufactured brand as SUNDANCE eludes to in this post .


  36. swissik says:

    In my opinion the onslaught started already by way of Charlotte, NC shooting and subsequent riots which are still on-going. With the Clinton’s history it isn’t untoward to speculate that the shooting could have been organized. Soros’s funding of the rioting groups makes it even more likely. Like I said, just my opinion.


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