Clinton Campaign Stunner – Dismal Attendance For Hillary Clinton Key Note Address in Kansas City…

The National Baptist Convention is being held in Kansas City Missouri with thousands of baptist worshipers from all fifty states.  Hillary Clinton was the key note speaker.

The convention organizers anticipated considerable -and enthusiastic- attendance, amid a predominantly black audience.  The first day of the convention almost every seat was full –SEE HERE–  There was no reason to anticipate the convention attendees would not show up for Hillary Clinton.

The Kansas City Convention Center was set up in the same manner as the prior days general sessions where almost every seat was full.  According to the convention center “This annual meeting typically draws 20,000 or more delegates”.

Then this happened:


It gets worse:


And worse:






The thousands of delegates attending the convention, who previously filled those seats, just didn’t show up for Hillary Clinton’s Key Note Address.  They blew her off.

Here’s the convention general session attendance:


Here’s the attendance during Hillary Clinton Key Note Address:



( Source Link )

The stunningly lackluster results must be sending shock waves throughout the DNC and Clinton Campaign.  This portends trouble….  Big Trouble.

The latest poll results via Kansas City Star for the presidential race – Sept 6th:

In a four-way race for president:

  • R – Donald Trump 46 percent
  • D – Hillary Clinton 37 percent
  • L – Gary Johnson 8 percent
  • G – Jill Stein 3 percent.

The local media tried to put the best possible spin on the outcome – HERE

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of delegates of the National Baptist Convention had the opportunity to hear Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speak at the Kansas City Convention Center Thursday afternoon.

It was a rare treat for supporters who have never seen Clinton in person.

[…]  Clinton has a long and supportive relationship with the National Baptist Conference, and has a large number of votes locked up among its members. (read more)

Meanwhile outside the Baptist Convention venue:


Mr. Van Jones, please pick up the red emergency phone.




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642 Responses to Clinton Campaign Stunner – Dismal Attendance For Hillary Clinton Key Note Address in Kansas City…

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    I come around these parts a few times a year and always say “I write on theology and volunteering not on politics”. I don’t assume to be knowledgeable in this arena or to be well informed but as always I do appreciate this blog and the posts. Although I think it can sometimes be bias I hate watching cnn, fox, msnbc, and the others as they have about as much uncovering journalism as a turnip lol

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  2. keebler AC says:

    Liked by 4 people

    • Bear Terrorism – The Story Behind Soros And The One Percent

      We already know that it is easier in this universe to destroy than to create. But what happens to society when destruction is as profitable as creation, but easier?

      We see people such as George Soros paying destructive movements like BLM walkaround money to weaponize their activities. But we may be sure that Soros and his ilk are well behind the front lines of mayhem, death and destruction that these movements cause, yet they may profit from it by the technique of so-called Short Selling.

      Short Selling is a way of trading which profits from a stock, commodity or financial instrument falling in value in the future.

      So-called ‘Bearish’ traders are pessimistic and believe the markets will fall, hence they are focused on selling, whereas Bullish traders are focused on buying, are optimistic and believe the markets will rise.

      Short Selling is a Bearish tactic. It is done essentially by borrowing the thing you want to short sell, selling it immediately, then buying the same thing back in the market at a later date when it becomes due for return to its owner.

      If the price of it falls between the time you borrow it and sell it, and the time you buy it back from the market and return it, you’ve made a profit.

      Now, if you are insulated by your wealth and status from violence and disruption in society, you may (if you have the mind of a reptile) conclude that if you use a little of your wealth to foment violence and disorder, you can profit from it by short selling the stock, commodities or financial instruments of those who will be affected by it.

      And here’s the kicker. Because it is easier to destroy than to create, it is also cheaper, simpler and less risky to encourage destruction than to use your money to foster innovation and creativity if you are insulated by your wealth from the consequences of that destruction. Hence in the reptile brains of some of the one percent, it will seem both sensible and economical.

      This is the origin of the new phenomenon of the globalized economy – Bear Terrorism

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  3. IMO says:

    Congressman urges prayer for ‘mentally impaired’ Hillary

    Hellary is demon possessed.

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  4. Dave Romansky says:

    Turn out for Hillary is everywhere she goes. Trump draw huge and exciting crowds. She has lost her way and no one can stand to listen to her anymore.

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  5. Guybee says:

    Hellary is mentally possessed – what does that make Soros – the devil incarnate? He brings new meaning to “love you enemies.” It is a battle of powers and principalities for sure, not of flesh and blood. That is why Soros has to be lucifier in threads.

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  6. Muck says:

    “had the opportunity…” Obviously most of them chose NOT to take that opportunity.

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  7. gnadfly says:

    Those empty chair represent the black men who are in prison thanks to Bill Clinton. Don’t expect a huge black turnout to push Hillary over the top.

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    • ann says:

      A bittter legacy of portraying black youth as super predators, private prison industry and mass incarceration .

      Clinton has tainted and degraded every position she held.

      A record of sneaky dishonest conduct goes back to being fired from Dems Whitewater staff. That’s when Roger Stone made her grudge list .
      Protecting The Ex Co Presidents Clinton came to define the Bureau & JD .

      JD and Bureau Collaborate with Corruption, policy is all we’ve ever known.

      It’s sad that we’ve never experienced the benefits of effective anti corruption, the FBI’s original mission. Or an ethical and dedicated credos at the JD of protecting us from internal corruption.
      How different Congress could be.

      how much greater America would be.


  8. L Garou says:

    Cooooooooooommmmmeeee Onnnnnnnnnnnnn Grim Reaper!
    (fingers crossed)


  9. Dana Jones says:

    Hillary shouldn’t have made it this far. We ALL are part of our American political system. We ALL belong to a political party. Can you guess the largest political party in America?

    “The Complacency Party”

    If just a QUARTER of this party voted against the corrupt party’s, they would be forever changed. If HALF voted these party’s government funding terminated, it would succeed.

    This party runs our Country. It allows the other parties to over-run our votes, our power, our choices and our lives.

    And it has been very effective since 1776 in assuring the other party’s get their way at the expense of the Complacency Party members.

    Get off your ass and VOTE! VOTE in the primary’s! Vote against corrupt party’s. DO IT!

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  10. Robert Leclaire says:

    Trump fills stadiums to overflowing while Hillary is lucky to get a few hundred people (at most) for any of her appearances yet the try to tell us that they are tied in the polls.
    the polls are nothing but blatant lies. They intend to rig the election for Hillary and in order to do that the polls must be rigged to if they hope to pull it off.

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