Reminder – Guidelines for Comments and CTH Participation

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”.

patriot1.) First, please READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD – and the full context of any discussion thread you wish to participate in. Skipping to the comments to express an opinion without reading the content of the discussion is not helpful.

Often, unfortunately very often, we find many of the points injected into comments are already outlined in the construct of the thread itself. -or- Questions asked while the answers are in the primary post.

2.) STAY ON TOPIC – please do not post something unrelated to the specific matter and content of the thread subject. There is a ALWAYS a daily open thread available for any subject you feel should get attention. Never place unrelated, “O/T”, or “Off Topic” comments on a thread unrelated to the topic. It is not ok to say: “sorry, O/T but”… or any iteration therein.

Additionally, if we are currently investing time in a legal case discussion (ex. Zimmerman/Martin, Wilson/Mike Brown, Chambers), or a specific aspect of research that warrants an individual and unique thread, DO NOT post anything related to those topics on the Daily Open Thread.

3.) NARROW YOUR THOUGHTS – Quality beats quantity. Please construct your comments to target specific areas and not broad generalizations about the discussion topic at hand. If you have four or five disconnected points, break them up into individual comments.

4.) AVOID GENERALIZATIONS – Don’t speak in riddles. Words like “he, she, they, it, them” should rarely be used. Spell out “who” using the name, spell out who “they” are at the beginning of every sentence in your paragraph; so that there is clarity as to who you are talking about.

5.) BLOCK PARAGRAPHSDo not post huge blocks of text. Think of the reader, and modify your presentation for understanding, not for exclaiming. Do not write to yourself, you are writing to others, so please structure your presentations such that other people can grasp and enjoy. NEVER post massive blocks of text without paragraph breaks.

Do not post huge blocks of text

6.) PARAGRAPHS – Should NEVER be longer than two or three sentences taking up three to five standard lines of text. Again, you are writing to understand, not to be understood, the emphasis should be on the reader comprehending what you are sharing.

Do not post huge blocks of text

7.) SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION – This is not school and we do not demerit for poor spelling, nor do we allow anyone to call others out for the same. However, if your construct is too poorly written the context is lost and important details can be missed.

8.) TIME – Everyone ‘s time is valuable. Some of our discussion threads are 500 to 1,000+ comments long. Please try not to duplicate the commentary that might already exist and has been missed because the entire thread has not been analyzed. We try to limit the comments to 500 and then post another related thread, but with some research threads it is challenging to do so because we do not want to break a continuity.

9.) THOUSANDS ARE WATCHING – For every person writing a comment, there are 100,000 or more reading lurkers on every discussion thread. Do not write anything you would not say in your own living room. Do not disparage our conversation with vulgarity, profanity, or any expressions of any “ism”.

Troll10.) MODERATION / FILTERING THE HATE – Because of our honest approach at seeking facts and truth, and openly discussing various analytical theories along the way, we are bombarded by those with ulterior motives which include:

  • Intentional efforts to distract
  • Intentional diatribes to affix labels to our objectives
  • Intentional expressions of rabid hate, vulgarity, and threats.
  • Trolling and professional obfuscation.
  • Concern Trolling as a tool of distraction and derailing conversation.
  • Psy-ops and Intentional Efforts to diminish fact-finding.

We do our earnest best to stop the agenda hoard at the moderation gates, however sometimes they get through. If you see something untoward say something. When a new comment surfaces that we view is only presented to argue, we watch carefully – but we also are not perfect. You can help. Feel free to alert us via email.

11.) MANNERS MATTER – Simple kindnesses and courtesy should always be present in tone and content. When writing ask yourself before you hit “send” does this add value?

SUMMARY: You, the Treehouse community have historically accomplished a lot. Through exhaustive research and analysis our accuracy and reputation for truthful fact-finding, regardless of where it leads, is well regarded. Retain that distinction of intellectual armament.

We are The Conservative Treehouse, not because of political affiliation, but rather because the word “conservative” expresses our outlook. We would rather be deep, than wide; we would rather be honest, than popular; we avoid semantics in favor of accurately presenting both intention and meaning.

We are bold in our willingness to go into conversational places where others do not, and we are brave enough to stand firm for principles which are time tested.

We would rather advertise our outlook so the viewer can understand our perspective on a particular subject, than deceptively claim we are something else and deliver an inherently biased view. The entire spectrum of the MSM is based on the latter.

Every reader knows where we stand on any given issue, and our opinions -while they may be unpopular- are based on solid research and analytical insight into the subject matter at hand. This is why our predictive analysis is routinely more accurate than others.

Lastly, this Treehouse is a conversation. Just like sitting on a porch with friends.

Because the “conversation” is the ends and not the means, this approach inherently means YOU are the important part:

[Remember] …”However each of us got here, it’s probably a fact that we have the turmoil of those storms in common, perhaps some unease that we could share and always, we also find fresh ground to cover from day to day.

We’re developing valuable relationships as we trust one another in our community in the woods. The chatting in the branches encourages, strengthens and equips for some serious walking.

We think the Treehouse is a good armory for those who doing long distance walking for the sake of our nation. We hope you’ll think so, too. Find yourself a good branch….or just pull up a rock to the campfire”.

The smores can be enjoyed because our Wolverines faithfully patrol the perimeter. Please be respectful.

Patriotic Cowboy Kid

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93 Responses to Reminder – Guidelines for Comments and CTH Participation

  1. InfidelDefiler says:

    Read (again) and understood

    Thank you to whoever pulled the thread announcing the deletion of the Fireman tribute thread. That was sorely needed to be done.


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  2. david piercy says:

    The CTH biggest failure is trying to dictate to others how and what may be discussed.

    This policy of yours will sink this blog


    • petszmom says:

      your comment would be fair if we were FORCED to come here and read this blog and then FORCED to follow the dictates. you are free to choose just like i am. if a private citizen starts and maintains a blog where people are invited as guests then we abide by the rules…just like you would come into my home and respect my wishes. sorry to disappoint you but this blog will not be ‘sunk’ by anyone or anything.

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    • stella says:

      Hasn’t yet. Readership continues to climb.

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    • With respect, I would suggest then finding another blog or starting your own. No one forces you at gunpoint to contribute here.

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    • WeeWeed says:

      Then why do you keep coming back?

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    • yohio says:

      The only how that is discussed is a discussion or post should take place on the appropriate thread

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    • alliwantissometruth says:

      piercy, you want a site with no rules & no guidelines? That turns into a big, unreadable mess

      Staying on topic & understanding quality & projection are key to a successful site that articulates a vast array of subjects. Many here have busy lives & we don’t need to wade through a bunch of nonsense

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    • peace says:

      This does not “add value.” Please reread the guidelines set forth. Be kind.

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    • rsmith1776 says:

      David, thank you for your valuable analysis.

      The check is in the mail.

      Please wait for it outside these premises.

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    • MfM says:

      The rules are for readability. Not everyone has time to read every post on every thread. You are acting like this is censorship, which it isn’t.

      How hard is it to stay on topic? A thread about a specific person and what happened to them on September 11th, isn’t the place for comments about Clinton just because it happened at a 9-11 ceremony. Many people moved to the general election post with no problem.

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    • ctdar says:

      Spoken like a true liberal, everyone gets a trophy right?

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    • darththulhu says:

      If you want an unregulated sewage-explosion of tens of thousands of unmoderated posts, with a creepy off-topic comment enthusing about bigotry every 100th post, the breitbart commentariat is right there.

      (Breitbart the site has gotten markedly better since they stopped being CruzBots, but the comments are as hopeless as ever.)

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    • rubyyarn says:

      It’s called maintaining order, dude. I’m sure there are other sites where you will feel more at home.


    • Maga says:

      David Piercy, you need not visit if you don’t feel welcome and / or agree with the rules. CTH is a safe haven minded individuals; therefore if you don’t agree…. Well, you get my drift.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      You do understand this is a private blog, correct? You do know that means it’s “owner” can decide the rules of involvement, correct? You do know no one is forced to come here or stay here, correct?

      So what is the problem?

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    • BN Johanson says:

      “…CTH biggest failure is…”; according to what metric / source ? …please don’t tell me you made this up ?

      “This policy of yours will sink this blog” ; no…at-most and God-willing, it will merely drive like-minded folks like you back to TMZ, etc.

      “…trying to dictate to others how and what may be discussed” ; kind of like being dictated to not discuss explosive devices while taxiing for departure or discussing with children the granular detail required to succeed in the field of pornography ?

      In-keeping this blog focused to the subject matter and managing comments from seguing wildly off-topic is merely a method to maintain this site’s mission statement. A massive majority of readers appreciate the best of both worlds here; (a) an impressive following covering a wide-range of insight and perspective; and, (b) confidence that upon engaging in processing of the information this Site provides, we can be assured that it will not be so loaded with noise that it becomes an obstacle in striving to do so.

      As is required in many things in life, STICK WITH THE PROGRAM.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      This policy has stood the test of time, for years. Wolverines appreciate and abide by the guidelines and they stay, year after year. Others come and go and the blog does not suffer for it. No one is forced to read or comment here.

      CTH is a top notch classy blog unlike many others that have constant turmoil among themselves. We are all guests here on Sundance’s porch. We should appreciate his hospitality and for providing this blog for us. The Truth Has No Agenda here and is the CTH motto.

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    • stobberdobber says:

      “david piercy says:
      September 11, 2016 at 3:50 pm
      The CTH biggest failure is trying to dictate to others how and what may be discussed.

      This policy of yours will sink this blog”

      Hello Troll. I see you have dropped in again to make your usual derogatory remark.


  3. Irons says:

    Just seeing if this works. If so HI!


  4. Beenthere says:

    I applaud this website’s administrator for eliminating the comments section of the surprisingly controversial blog, The Fireman’s Friar. That is your right since this website belongs to you.

    I also applaud Menagerie for making some changes to the controversial section of her essay after reading updated information. (From what I remember.)

    Thank you for your integrity,

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  5. nan says:

    Did something happen today to prompt the reminder? I think it’s an entirely fair policy, just curious about the reason for the post.

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    • Keln says:

      The closer we get to the election, the more people will tend to go off the rails. Just need a little correction from time to time to keep this thing on target.

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    • Dakotacav says:

      Menagerie posted a tribute article earlier today here concerning Chaplain Judge, a Franciscan priest who died on 9/11, but commenters hijacked the thread by posting about Hillary and her continuing medical problems. It was insulting to Menagerie, who posted it, and to the memory of Friar Judge.

      So posting of this comment policy was timely and appropriate.

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      • nan says:

        I wondered what happened to that post. Thank you for the explanation!


      • starfcker says:

        This blew up, and then was handled in a classy way. Well done, all


      • M33 says:

        What isnt being said is that afterward, the admin removed the page, then posted a really nasty swipe at every reader of the treehouse, saying that we couldn’t be mature with the post and then stated:

        “all of you make me sick everyday”
        or something to that effect.

        It was really upsetting to many of us, and I am surprised it wasnt addressed.
        No apologies to us dedicated non-troll readers either.
        Very odd, yet I will still read here because Sundance’s analysises are great.

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        • Apollo says:

          Absolutely important to point this out–thank you! The “all of you make me sick every day” line was truly uncalled for and I hope it has been addressed behind the scenes at least.

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        • itswoot says:

          “…the admin removed the page, then posted a really nasty swipe at every reader of the treehouse, saying that we couldn’t be mature with the post and then stated…”

          Please get a grip. You’ve misinterpreted the intent. it was very narrow as to who the comments were directed to. It was for those who blatantly posted off-topic comments, and those who generally showed disrespect for the Catholic Father, who was the subject the topic, and the sacrifices he made.

          Many of the follow-up comments could have been likened to a profaning of the sacred.

          (I read all of the story and about 90 comments)

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          • guru1966 says:

            No, itswoot. The admin’s comment was directed at EVERY reader/commenter on this site. I understood her anger, but she handled it extremely poorly.


            • margo says:

              and EVERY ‘day’. This should not be attached to the tribute to the priest, was my reaction


            • stobberdobber says:

              “guru1966 says:
              September 11, 2016 at 11:30 pm
              No, itswoot. The admin’s comment was directed at EVERY reader/commenter on this site. I understood her anger, but she handled it extremely poorly.”

              No Guru. The admins comment was NOT directed at every reader/commenter on this site. If you as an adult can not relate the comment to your job and what your supervisor would say at a communal meeting, then you need to get one that deals with the real world. A supervisor (admin in this case) will mention a problem or that some are not doing this or that which they are SUPPOSED to be doing(or not doing), without pointing them out individually on purpose to reduce embarrassment, yet still let them know they have been noticed as a problem.

              If you are offended by it then you are part of the problem. If you aren’t then you KNOW you are not a part of the problem and have been noticed as such. If you are not part of the problem how can you be offended? If you are not part of the problem then you know you will be noticed and appreciated.

              Thanks for playing.

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  6. NoOneButTrump says:

    Following these common sense guidelines is common courtesy. Thank you, Sundance, for reposting the original article. Sarah Palin linked to the original article on Facebook. I appreciate the focus on those who lost their lives or loved ones on this day. We must never forget. Let us all be respectful of threads that honor fallen heroes.

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  7. daughnworks247 says:

    Most of us familiar with CTH understand. Menagerie was treated unfairly. I bet she put a lot of work into her article too. It’s a shame.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      I came here late to the threads today so I didn’t see the original post or comments. But I know Menagerie’s heart and she does put her heart into her posts. Her faith means a lot to her and off topic comments on such a serious post were out of line imo.

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      • elize says:

        I missed it also, thank God!
        Sorry Menagerie. 😦
        And thank you Sundance and admin for keeping things comfortable.
        This is my morning coffee spot and my pre bedtime stopping area. And I’m loving it!

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  8. dctace says:

    Thank you sundance and god bless.btw have you seen the letter the special forces group delivered to trump this morning at 8:56 ,some of those folks just put themselves on the fireing line again.

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  9. Rural NC says:

    Thank you, Sundance and all moderators for everything you do to keep us informed and for keeping our “Last Refuge” one of high standards.

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  10. coltlending says:

    This is one of the best blogs, by far.

    Anyone who is offended by the host’s rules isn’t being blocked from leaving.

    It might just be me, but I don’t see the rules being that draconian.

    Thanks again to SD and the rest of the team behind the curtain.
    Again, great website.

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    • Yet we do not want to encourage people who wish to contribute to leave, either. So ……if you don’t like it, then get out, is not the correct approach.

      You are right, the rules are not that draconian. But we can coach, encourage and council others in a positive light as to those rules.

      That is the way you build something more than just another forum–you build a community with a loyal, long-term contributing base.

      We can be the number one conservative blog on the Web. The contributor intellect is here. The rest is all about approach, helpfulness and attitude of the long-timers.


  11. Rural NC says:

    To Menagerie: Thank you for your touching tribute article today. I have appreciated all of your articles you write like this and look forward to reading more from you.

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    • andi lee says:

      Agree! It was a beautiful tribute for such a horrendous day that I remember well.

      Menagerie, thank you, it was a very gentle emotion-provoking piece. Beautifully weaving the human frailties into an encouraging, heartwarming yet tragic, none the same.

      Life without law and order is kaos.

      Good reminder! Read! Thank you. I
      really try very hard to be respectful. Apologies. Will do better.

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  12. Political Reviewer says:

    Just a quick thank you to Sundance and the entire team for all you do. I have learned so much since I’ve become a Treeper (after leaving another so-called conservative blog). And I haven’t looked back. The CTH is the best place to visit every day.

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  13. Concerned Virginian says:

    Sundance, thank you for reminding the TCH community to stay on focus. Very timely since it’s going to get really crazy out there from now till Election Day.

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  14. Common sense rules for us deplorables. What’s not to like? Thanks to all the mods and to those who follow the rules.

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  15. aprilyn43 says:

    I’ve read your guidelines before …. I don’t know why the “Fireman” was deleted, I read the article and was humbled and saddened at the death of the Friar on 911.
    I didn’t agree with everything in his life, but he obviously touched the life of many; and his death was a tragedy; one of the many tragedies of 911.
    Reading the article, showed the personal, human, side, to this man. There were almost 3,000 tragedies of “that day” … I wish all the stories could be told.
    Please put the article back up, pay tribute to that person, his life had meaning … And he should be honored; as should all who died that day.


  16. dondeg says:

    A little wordy, but the best guidelines in the business. 🙂

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  17. progpoker says:

    Glad to see the guidelines posted again. Hopefully some of the hijackers have good comprehension skills!! If not, every branch is equipped with a door. Use it.

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  18. gary23902003 says:

    Thanks Sundance. I’ve read and also bookmarked this, just in case. It’s a good and necessary reminder. If it’s appropriate to do so, newcomers should be encouraged to view this as kind of an “intro” to our “last refuge”. One of the very first things I noticed when I first arrived here (Martin/Zimmerman) was the teamwork toward a common objective, which was mostly research and information sharing, and there was also togetherness. It felt different, and I liked it. I was amazed at the resources brought to the table, and was ready to help any way I could. The reading was sometimes tedious and hard, but it always paid off. Not many are fortunate enough to be part of something like this, and there are quite a few talented impressive Treepers. Thanks everyone!

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  19. Jimmy Jack says:

    Is it possible for you SD to add a delete or edit button so we can refine or get rid of comment that don’t best fit your guidelines? This would be helpful. Thanks for your work.


  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    Thank You Sundance and other Moderators…for you great work…
    I apologize for all my past screw-ups and any future boo boos I might make…

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  21. TheLastConservative says:

    I’m all for civility and manners but… this post is unlikely to stop any of the behavior listed as unwanted. What these kinds of things tend to do for online groups is unfortunately the following:

    *) Angers posters who were already polite. A post like this will strike some people as a slap in the face. As.. we can see already. 🙂
    *) Encourages breaking the rules by trolls. An unfortunate reality, but there are those online that simply live to cause turmoil as we are all well aware. This kind of announcement is like a giant neon sign saying: “Trolls! Come here and disrupt! If you’re annoying enough you can shut down whole comment sections!!” 🙂
    * Encourages rules vigilantism. (My opinion the worst thing that can occur for an online community.) What do I mean by this? It’s a situation were you get post after post of people correcting everyone else to follow the rules. And then pretty soon people are fighting over whether or not X person is following Y rule or why Z person can’t follow the “totally justified” W rule? And that dominates the conversation and eventually nobody remembers why any of us were here in the first place. 🙂
    I’ve seen more communities than I care to recall collapse on this one.

    Not really related to the above but I did get a particular smile over the “does this add value” rule. When one is sitting in your living room, do you think “Is my next comment going to add value?” No, of course not. If we want to get technical, the discussion, even if sometimes inane, is the value. 😀 (Actually, you should probably reword that a bit as you sort of contradict it later on in the rules.)

    That rule is particularly funny because it is quite similar to one of the rules made in the UK to stifle online discussion. (The one everybody was laughing at. :-D) Fortunately….. I haven’t seen a single comment section on any site (this place included) that has ever followed such a rule. 🙂


    • stobberdobber says:

      Personally I disagree with what you have said and I think you have missed the point. I have been here for years and have found these rules to be invaluable to maintain my interest. I only scroll most of the comments these days simply because there are so many new people that have come to this blog that can not seem to be civil or to stay on target. I am still here because I value what Sundance, and the moderators, and the people who have been here long enough to understand what this blog is about, have to say. The new people um, not so much.

      All of the prattle and prate that has been going on, most of it off topic from the original posts, bore me and rather upset me because it is mostly useless. I don’t want my time wasted with useless off topic prattle.

      I would also like to remind you that the useless prattle has a place as you have stated. It is named The Daily Thread.

      Thanks for playing.

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      • TheLastConservative says:

        I’m not sure you understood my point either. 😉 I’m not objecting to the rules. (Except for that poorly worded “does it add value” bit.) I’m objecting to wasting a post on it. When somebody breaks the rules, remove the post. Simple. This…. no.

        Already the site is in danger of trolls due to the possibility of shutting down comments if things go nuts. (I didn’t see the latest mess so I can’t say whether or not it was actually a troll issue or just people veering off the line of the party.. er I mean website. :-D) I just hope word doesn’t get out because if it does… there may be NO comments here.

        As for my point #3, a quick perusal over this very thread is a better demonstration of what I was talking about than I could ever articulate. 🙂


        • stobberdobber says:

          TheLastConservative says:
          September 13, 2016 at 11:09 am
          I’m not sure you understood my point either.😉 I’m not objecting to the rules. (Except for that poorly worded “does it add value” bit.) I’m objecting to wasting a post on it. When somebody breaks the rules, remove the post. Simple. This…. no.

          My point stands. As to “wasting a post on it”, re-posting is never a waste here because there are so many new people that are posting here that have not bothered to read them in the first place. The numbers that have come here in just the last year shows this. Even you are recent compared to to many that I know here. So it is NOT a waste and those numbers also show how huge a job of overseeing the comments have become. Why don’t you volunteer to help and see how difficult it is, A post such as this can become a self auditor and lessen a work load.

          Thanks for playing.


      • TheLastConservative says:

        Actually, I’m going to amend my comments a bit. I’m seeing some pretty disturbing (at least in the sense of site cohesion) comments that were made after mine.

        If a contributor on this very site actually said to the readers: “You disgust me daily” or something similar, this place is already over. Not only would that be unacceptable it would also show a distinct lack of understanding about the net in general.

        Now of course, no such comment could have been made and if that’s the reality, then what I just said above is not the case. 🙂

        How many sites, especially of the political variety, have succumbed to this sort of division? I can think of 6 off the top of my head that I’ve seen die. Time will tell whether or not this will be #7. I -hope- it isn’t!! 🙂


        • stobberdobber says:

          “TheLastConservative says: How many sites, especially of the political variety, have succumbed to this sort of division? I can think of 6 off the top of my head that I’ve seen die. Time will tell whether or not this will be #7. I -hope- it isn’t!!🙂”

          I really wish you would just speak plainly, without all of your unnecessary, so called compliments and “hopes”. The posts that I have read that come from you have actually all been derogatory to the people that administrate this blog. You seem to actually wish this blog would go the way of the “6 off the top of your head”.

          It won’t because of the dedicated treepers. The real conservatives who started this blog, discovered it and found a tree bracnch and settled in for the long haul.

          Thanks for playing.


  22. tradmomof3 says:

    As a Catholic, I believe the firestorm on the Catholic priest posting by Menagerie was lit because a reader pointed out that some of the information was unproven (Fr. being a homosexual). Unless Menagerie can substantiate this claim, I find it bordering on calumny. Being charitable, I don’t believe this was Menagerie’s intent, to defame the memory of this priest. Eventually, the thread was overtaken by the news of Killary’s collapse. Placed inappropriately of course. The Menagerie announcement of taking down the post had a most unkind remark about “all you make sick every day”. This is not what I have come to expect from Menagerie’s postings or any of the moderators at CTH. Unfortunate all the way around and I wish she would have edited her reposting of the article.

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    • Menagerie says:

      You totally missed the point of the post. First, it was written years ago, and I included one paragraph about his being a homosexual. At the time I wrote the article it was widely stated that he was a homosexual. I had no reason to doubt it, and I included that paragraph because I felt I would be accused of trying to whitewash things. I wanted to be fair in my presentation, and treat Father Mychal as the wonderful, human imperfect man who made the choice to live out his calling as a priest in the most courageous and loving way ever, by ministering to the dying.

      Part of the reason I included that paragraph was that we get a lot of Protestants who resent and criticize my Catholic oriented posts. A lot. Frequently thrown about are references to the “Church’s coverup of the sex abuse scandal” or flat out hatred toward priests. I tried to be fair.

      Today I got a taste of Catholic anger and arrows. I’ve never been accused of committing the grave sins of causing scandal and committing calumny before, new for me.

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      • tradmomof3 says:

        I am not questioning your intentions, as I have stated above. Clearly the article was written as an homage. I did not accuse you of calumny but said it is bordering on it. There is a case for detraction if his homosexuality is known to be true. Referring to a Roman Catholic priest as a homosexual without first hand knowledge or substantial factual evidence is scandalous in my opinion. All priests are imperfect, as they are human and are working out their salvation as we are. Fr. Mychal publicly shared his battle with alcoholism. Your decision to write the article and include homosexual rumors to pacify Protestant critics is yours to make. There were no arrows from me nor any anger. I was attempting to charitably suggest that I understood some of the readers objections and hoping that there would be some edits before more readers reposted and shared the article all over the web.

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      • Bill says:

        I’m really happy the posting about Fr. Mychal is back up for all to read. I missed it earlier. Sorry that there were bad feelings earlier about o/t postings. I do think that occasional reminders about the rules help us all be better guests. Every time I look around, I realize, dang, this is a mighty big Treehouse. Menagerie, even if people got their feathers ruffled and accused you of things or implied things about you, your post was a blessing to many folks, and I thank you for it.

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  23. W Barna says:

    Menagerie was way out of line, I don’t care what he/she is the “founder” of. I’ve got my personal solution… long, Menagerie. Live long and prosper.

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    • stobberdobber says:

      “W Barna says:
      September 11, 2016 at 9:33 pm
      Menagerie was way out of line, I don’t care what he/she is the “founder” of. I’ve got my personal solution… long, Menagerie. Live long and prosper.”

      Not helpful. 2. Off topic. 3 No value. 4. Derogatory to another poster. Last but not least, Menagerie has been here considerably longer than you and is coiderably more polite than you are. Who should leave I wonder?

      Liked by 1 person

      • W Barna says:

        We all know why “the rules” were being published again, so my post is not off topic. Menagerie may??be the kindest, gentlest person on earth, but, in this one instance, she was over the top.
        ““You all disgust me daily” -Menagerie-Moderator, Contributor…..Founder, holder of all that is kind and gentle…..I’m definitely leaving the Menagerie contributions alone. I have enough drama in my life already.


        • stella says:

          “I’m definitely leaving the Menagerie contributions alone.”

          Then why did you bother to make these comments?

          Liked by 2 people

        • stobberdobber says:

          “W Barna says:
          September 12, 2016 at 7:58 am
          We all know why “the rules” were being published again, so my post is not off topic. ”

          There is NEVER a reason that the rules are republished that “we all know why”. The rules are republished on a rather regular basis. The MAIN reason is because there are so many newcomers who don’t bother to acquaint themselves with them at all.

          I enjoy this blog and have for years though I rarely comment, but I see you are adamant on this point, which makes me believe you are one of the ones who took offense at a general comment that was true to you because you were part of the problem.
          Thanks for playing.

          Liked by 1 person

  24. Sunshine says:

    Exceptional website.


  25. Sunshine says:

    I understand.
    I tried so many times to access ”The Fireman’s Friar ”.
    Thank you for Victim 0001, Father Mikhal Judge.
    I read a story a few days ago about four Christian Coptic boys in Egypt that were forced to flee to save their lives. Their own Christian churches in Egypt refused to take them in.
    They were granted asylum in Switzerland from Turkey. Their story is worthy of a movie.
    Had Father Mikhal Judge been there, He would have taken them in.
    Sad so few people were interested in Victim 0001.


  26. Dennis says:

    “You all disgust me daily” -Menagerie-Moderator, Contributor


    • stella says:

      “You all” is a sub-group of “all you all” (look it up) and that about sums it up. Yesterday I moderated two comments about how Hillary was sick because she spent the night with her “black stud”. Yes, comments like these appear every day, and they are disgusting.

      Liked by 1 person

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