Bill Clinton Delivered Same Immigration Proposals As Donald Trump, Yet No-one Called Him Racist….

Same position. Same expressed intent. Two completely divergent reactions from the media:

latinos for trump 4

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81 Responses to Bill Clinton Delivered Same Immigration Proposals As Donald Trump, Yet No-one Called Him Racist….

  1. bulwarker says:

    Trump needs to run this as an ad saying Bill endorses his immigration plan.

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  2. LBB says:

    Does anyone what the response/support was for this proposal ?

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  3. Agreed. First a brief rant from Hill on Open Borders, followed by part of that C-Span clip, and then Trump echoing Billy. Perfect.


  4. oldschool64 says:

    This bastard referred to undocumented workers as illegal aliens. Makes you wonder what he was calling blacks back in the 1960’s!

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  5. liberty2828 says:

    What a difference 20 years make..

    Plus Dems vs. Republicans.


  6. NJF says:

    Only some of us are raaaaaaacist.


  7. srr says:

    Proving yet again that Trump has always been consistent, and that it’s The Clinton’s that pivot, flip-flop and Lie.

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  8. clash108 says:

    I guarantee Trump knew about this speech. He even used the same term in Arizona: Criminal Alien. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall Trump using that term before.

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  9. Also proving that the neverTrumpers are right – our Mr. Trump is NOT a conservative. Or, contrarywise, Bill Clinton was/is a conservative. Whatever.

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  10. ZurichMike says:

    Let’s remember that in 1996, Clinton was being forced to do these things by a Republican Congress that had a spine.

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  11. nevercrywolf says:

    Just like Mr. Trump Says these politicians are All Talk No Action. (lying scum)

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  12. Eric B says:

    Our Mr Trump isn’t worried about if he’s conservative or not in my opinion. He’s worried about what’s right & what’s wrong. The country’s Value system & rule of law is at stake.

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    • Eric B says:

      Typo: Conservative enough I meant to say.


      • NC Patriot says:

        Trump is not wedded to any ideology. He is a highly successful businessman who is a pragmatist and NOT a politician. He loves America and hates globalism.

        In short, he does NOT fit into all the medias “little check boxes”. He is a self made man. The media didn’t create him–and they can’t break him. That is why has them foaming at the mouth and befuddled!

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  13. mikebrezzze says:

    “Hillary, what year is it? Uh uh uhhhhhhh , what was the question again?”


  14. jackphatz says:

    I’m going to post this right here. From Michele Malkin back in 2007.

    House guts border fence

    I guess Congress waited a whole year before “defunding” the Wall. some interesting comments from 9 years ago,

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  15. mikebrezzze says:

    By the third debate she’ll have a slobber rag and a walker !!!!

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  16. Eric B says:

    This clip also shows how far left the Dems have become.


  17. Hey Sundance, can you post something about election theft and tell Trump supporters to go to if they want to help prevent election theft?

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  18. Gov Jay says:

    This was in the days before the democrats became full-blown Marxists and embraced identity politics… they then figured out that Juan and Juanita could be coaxed into voting for them by giving them handouts and promising amnesty… while simultaneously lecturing them about all the rich, mean, greedy, racist, bigoted white people that were ‘stealing’ from them…

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  19. Plain Jane says:

    Great find Sundance. Have to forward the vid of Clinton on to the idiots who say Trump is racist. Thank you.


    • Sentient says:

      Here’s what they’ll say in response: “Trump called a guy Mexican.” (which was true) “Trump said all Mexicans are rapists.” (which he didn’t) “Trump mocked a handicapped guy.” (which he didn’t) “Trump’s Muslim ban is racist.” (Islam isn’t a race) They’re impervious to reason. Trump rebuts the racism canard by embracing minorities – as he’s doing.

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    • Major Styles says:

      When they say he is a racist, they mean a white conservative.

      Really, there is no need to take these liberal asshats seriously anymore.


  20. Somebody says:

    Nobody called Clinton racist because he’s a Democrat AND because they knew he didn’t mean a word of it.


  21. Sentient says:

    Bill Clinton’s gift is that believes whatever he says at the instant he says it. In that clip he sounds like he means it. I don’t think that clip would make a good Trump ad at all. It would remind some people of what they thought they liked about Bubba – even if it was all a load of crap. It might reassure some that the Clintons are really safe centrists. It also – oddly – could stoke worry among Trump supporters that maybe he’ll let us down on borders/illegal immigration just like all politicians have done. I wouldn’t use that video clip. What Trump could do effectively, IMO, is quote key elements of that clip verbatim and let the analysts hoist themselves on their own petard by castigating Trump for being harsh, only to find out later that he’d been using Bill’s very words.

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  22. chojun says:

    That’s a great video. But history shows us it’s no surprise why the members of Congress brought applause seemingly reluctantly.

    Did anyone else notice that?

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  23. freepetta says:

    Mr. Trump should bring this up with Billie’s quotes up on all debates and rallies along with his policy speeches.

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  24. Daniel says:

    W was worse on immigration than Clinton, and had many in the GOP convinced that illegals were simply doing work Americans wouldn’t do.

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  25. dott says:

    None other than Dirty Harry Reid also had almost identical “roll-back immigration” proposals as well, except Reid also wanted to axe birthright citizenship. All these people are total hypocrites.

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  26. M33 says:

    Ha! Too funny! The MSM should be inundated with this video 24/7.

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  27. GREENMIRROR says:

    Would be entertaining to tag everyone in that standing ovation like bookface does with pictures!

    Does define their ability to follow through on policy & proves only thing government does well is steal property.


  28. Briana says:

    It should be explained that these statements from Bill and Hillary Clinton were before the memo from their boss George Soros.


  29. nimrodman says:

    As Deputy Wendell said in No Country For Old Men:
    “Then there’s this other …”

    Droves of African Migrants in Mexico Awaiting U.S. Asylum Under Secret Pact

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  30. andrew wilkow played this same clip of clinton’s speech on his radio show the other day and gave an epic take on it.


  31. Dean Z. Douthat says:

    Of course the first black president was not racist; all Uniparty members/supporters knew he was lying.


  32. cwf60 says:

    The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.


  33. 1voluntaryist says:

    Voting is giving away your sovereignty. It is delegating your responsibility to self govern. If enough do it, immense power is concentrated in a few, a ruling elite. That is hard to reverse, and it needs to be before it destroys us. The power to grant all your wishes is the power to take your future away. Do you want to be powerless? Do you want your life in the hands of authority? Would you mind being sacrificed for the so-called common good? Then maybe you should stop looking for a savior, and start taking responsibility for your life.


  34. Mike Albiniak says:

    Getting back to the original thrust of the post, Why is this a surprise to anyone? Leftists (which of course now a days includes the MSM) care NOTHING for the consistent application of their principles. If fact they care NOTHING for principles. The care for only one thing – the pure lust for naked power over every aspect of the lives (and deaths) of others. They seek to fulfilled that lust for power by any means necessary – lying, cheating, corruption, reversals, character assassinations etc . In the case of most American leftist they don’t have the guts to start an actual armed counter-revolution because they know they could not win one. Instead they seek the incremental dismantling of the ideals of the American revolution by hiding behind and perverting the freedoms the system they seek to destroy provides them. They don’t even blush (in fact they wear a smug smirk) when an inconsistency of principle like the one in this post is pointed out. Of course that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep hammering away. We won’t convert any leftists, but we might just convert some otherwise low-info “useful idiots” of the left into born-again patriots.


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