Border Patrol Seizes $3 Million In Cash Crossing U.S. Mexico Border…

If only they’d loaded it on a pallet and asked the State Dept to ship, it probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal.  Perhaps they’ll use the “we couldn’t wire it” defense.

The Border Patrol says it’s arrested two men they believe tried to smuggle $3 million in cash into Mexico from California.

border cash

The agency says its agents tracked and stopped a Kia Forte in Escondido on Tuesday and found nearly $34,000 stashed in the car’s center console.

Authorities say another car sped off as the first vehicle was stopped but it was later found abandoned nearby. That car, a Volkswagen Passat, had more than $3 million packed in boxes in the trunk.  The driver was found hiding in some brush.

Both men — one a U.S. citizen and the other from Mexico — were arrested on suspicion of currency smuggling.  (link)

make mexico great again 3


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88 Responses to Border Patrol Seizes $3 Million In Cash Crossing U.S. Mexico Border…

  1. joshua says:

    suspicion? members of the State Dept and going to buy Fast and Furious guns maybe?

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  2. joshua says:

    use the money to start building the WALL

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  3. Socrates says:

    They were just going to Tijuana for a wild weekend.

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  4. The Devilbat says:

    I wonder if they were from the Clinton foundation?

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  5. sanj says:

    Idiots. All they had to do was pay the Clinton Crime Foundation 10% or $300k or so and the State Dept, or one of Bills private Jet buddies would have gladly delivered it to the Cartel owners. After, if the Cartel Boss wasn’t already a Clinton donor, Bill or Hillary could have hit him up for more ‘donations’ to smooth future transfers.

    These drug dealers are amateurs and should follow the lead of multi-nationals and tin pot dictators by greasing the right wheels.

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  6. AmyB says:

    Down payment on the construction of the wall.

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  7. Great mariachi band, HAHAHAHA!!!!

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  8. That picture is hysterical.

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  9. Lucille says:

    Light slap on wrist, bail, disappear, re-enter at another crossing in two weeks.

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    • bofh says:

      Those two dummies just cost the cartel $3 million. Although the cartel can afford those sorts of losses as just the cost of doing business, I think it’s probably not a good career enhancement for the two erstwhile messengers. Adios, boys.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        I agree Bofh, however, a good number of these crossing the border owe the cartel for some reason or another whether made up or not. They’re usually the ones who can’t get out of poverty and are easy pickings.

        I would venture to guess the cartel are sick of their guys going to prison, so they choose expendable ones. Some people may wonder why they would trust peons with so migh money, but for one, it’s a small amount in the big pictures of things, and two, they’ve already been threatened with their loved ones. Stealing the money would not only be suicidal for them, but for their whole family.

        If this is true, and in many instances it is, one can’t help but feel a tad sorry for these guys. I’m sure the Border Patrol can feel these ones out. It doesn’t help them in the long run, or at least shouldn’t with our laws, but it is what it is.
        Be well,

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      • georgiafl says:

        Beheading be heading your way.

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      • Paul Killinger says:

        The TIP of the iceberg, which means we have no idea as to the fantastic sums actually involved.

        Not to mention the $30 Billion (reported!) in “Remittances” which crosses the same border each year (that no one’s ever paid taxes on!).

        PS. No wonder the Mexican Govt is so hostile to Trump. He’ll end their major source of foreign reserves in one afternoon!

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      • Karmaisabitch says:

        It was funding for the new Carrier plant.


      • Blaze says:

        Adios to their kids or close relatives too.

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  10. Notmeagain says:

    $34,000 in 100 or even 50s isn’t that big a pile. I mean it’s in a Kia, for heaven’s sake. There must be pallet-fulls going across daily with cleverer smugglers.

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  11. freddiel says:

    Cartel payoff for their cooperation in bringing in Isis terrorists. Check those bills for DNA!


  12. 1american1st says:

    Great picture!


  13. MJB says:

    Why is moving cash from Mexico to the US illegal?


  14. And the driver was hiding in the brush… was he waiting for them to find the car and leave the money behind so he could claim it later? What to do, what to dooooooo…
    That mariachi band made a coffee eruption on my keyboard.

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  15. andi lee says:

    I wonder if this had anything at all to do with the released kidnapping of El Chapo’s son?

    Surely, someone will pay for that fiasco. I am almost convinced El Chapo is under protection here, not arrest. Isn’t that right, Mr. Slim?

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  16. SharonKinDC says:

    As Trump says, the drugs come pouring in and the cash goes back out.

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  17. Looks like it fell off the Iran pallet….


  18. Backspin says:

    Nice bust , but still very small time. The BIG boys just use crooked bankers on both sides of the border. — Great book…. ‘ The Underground Empire ‘ – Where Crime and Governments Embrace, by James Mills.


  19. mister549 says:

    Yep! They were returning the favors . . . See? Mexico will pay for the wall and it just got 10 feet higher! LOL.

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  20. booger71 says:

    Meanwhile, the truck carrying 5 billion got a wave through at the border crossing

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  21. NCPatrick says:

    Seriously … are you as sick of this as I am? Of the brazen corruption and law breaking and lying? It makes my head spin and my stomach hurt, and the very thought that we might get four more years of this in your face garbage?

    The reason I back Donald Trump is because I know he feels as I do about the state of our country. Making America great again isn’t just about fixing bridges and roads. It’s also about mending broken hearts.

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  22. Larry Summers Launches The War On Paper Money: “It’s Time To Kill The $100 Bill”

    Tyler Durden’s picture
    by Tyler Durden
    Feb 16, 2016 10:45 PM
    Yesterday we reported that the ECB has begun contemplating the death of the €500 EURO note, a fate which is now virtually assured for the one banknote which not only makes up 30% of the total European paper currency in circulation by value, but provides the best, most cost-efficient alternative (in terms of sheer bulk and storage costs) to Europe’s tax on money known as NIRP.

    That also explains why Mario Draghi is so intent on eradicating it first, then the €200 bill, then the €100 bill, and so on.

    We also noted that according to a Bank of America analysis, the scrapping of the largest denominated European note “would be negative for the currency”, to which we said that BofA is right, unless of course, in this global race to the bottom, first the SNB “scraps” the CHF1000 bill, and then the Federal Reserve follows suit and listens to Harvard “scholar” and former Standard Chartered CEO Peter Sands who just last week said the US should ban the $100 note as it would “deter tax evasion, financial crime, terrorism and corruption.”

    Well, not even 24 hours later, and another Harvard “scholar” and Fed chairman wannabe, Larry Summers, has just released an oped in the left-leaning Amazon Washington Post, titled “It’s time to kill the $100 bill” in which he makes it clear that the pursuit of paper money is only just starting. Not surprisingly, just like in Europe, the argument is that killing the Benjamins would somehow eradicate crime, saying that “a moratorium on printing new high denomination notes would make the world a better place.”

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  23. ladyfortruth says:

    $3 million + $34,000 is the first two installments on “Mexico will pay for it” Wall. WTG Border Patrol!
    Trump/Pence 2016

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  24. angryduc says:

    Bush drug cartel takes a small loss.

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  25. ZZZ says:

    Does anyone else notice the number of serious money-related events happening during this present administration – especially these last several months?

    I think hussein is just as involved in “pay-to-play” schemes as clinton.

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  26. fleporeblog says:

    Did anyone find the .13c from the Iranian payment of $1.2 billion dollars?

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  27. Abster says:

    Wonder where it will end up. Surely not in an evidence room.


  28. entagor says:

    fleporeblog says: “Did anyone find the .13c from the Iranian payment of $1.2 billion dollars?”

    The press is carrying water for Obama, pushing a story that implies Obama paid an obscene amount to ransom hostages. I believe this is a scam. Obama was using the hostages as an excuse to give Iran the money

    Obama didn’t give 2 cents for other US hostages

    The hostages were informed they were had to wait for the money plane so they would be witnesses that Obama was performing a ‘humanitarian’ mission.

    The first politician or news venue who questions the cover story would be vilified as a conspiracy theorist

    Obama also went out of his way to retrieve the anti American Bergdahl, while he let others rot

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  29. Ono says:

    Quantitative easing? Barry’s administration printed up trillions of dollars in cash to help out the economy. Are you feeling it?

    I use cash for my business/purchase transactions. Look at the brand new $100 dollar bills….

    Date is 2009

    Barry has a slush fund


  30. 2x4x8 says:

    California Millionaires trying to avoid the State Millionaires Tax


  31. tony says:

    obama is gonna make them give it back i bet,


  32. seabrznsun says:

    What happened to money laundering? Are all the old connections lost? These newbies have a lot to learn.




  34. Side Note, this is the Real reason they, (the USA) took out, Manuel Antonio Noriega..
    He was Skimming to much of the US Government Profits..
    From the 1950s until shortly before the U.S. invasion, Noriega worked closely with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Noriega was one of the CIA’s most valued intelligence sources, as well as one of the primary conduits for illicit weapons, military equipment and cash destined for US-backed counter-insurgency forces throughout Central and South America. Noriega was also a Major cocaine trafficker, something which his U.S. intelligence handlers were aware of for years, but allowed because of his usefulness for their covert military operations in Latin America..


  35. I feel sorry for the Relatives or Wives & Children of those folks Whom gotten Captured by the Border Folks..
    As Opined above,, those Family members Will be executed, by Cartel Members,, Stat..
    They have been taking lessons via those folks in the Middle East.. It’s NO SURPRISE that ISIS & Insurgents have taken up a Alliance together.. As in Trafficking in Money, Drugs & Arms..
    Though, Mucho Cartel heads and by default; their members are heavily, Christian.. Even if they are Brutal..
    (this part confuses Me, though; I Digress, as that much Money & power influences many and is a root of Evil & corruption)..
    These Money Couriers Will find it a Saving Grace Spending Life in a US Prison, though their Families will be executed.. (Even in US Prisons(s) their lives are @ great risk)
    I can say this with certainty, When ISLAM & the Christian Narco(s) get into it, (conflicts) In a few years South of the Border ,, It’s going to be One Hell of a sight to see…
    From Mr. Conservative, EXTREMELY Graphic video
    Watch @ your own Risk
    From a Mexican news Station..
    cartels massacre family and kids


    • I would say coming soon to North of the Border though THIS is Already here
      I’m being Brutally Honest..
      See that Family in OHIO getting Slaughtered a few Months back..
      it’s going to get ALOT worse, If Mr. Trump isn’t Elected…


      • Backspin says:

        The banks play a huge role in enabling drug and terrorist funding. Pat Toomey ( Rino ) Pa. takes money from banking interests and is being challenged by Independent , Everett Stern , who blew the whistle on HSBC banksters terror / drug money games. Here he calls out Toomey in an open letter.

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      • Your tour guide says:

        From a former heavy coal mining ( prior to Carter’s EPA ) town. Have family ties going way back to neighboring Wellston. EPA came, coal mining went, government checks replaced them. Knew somebody working at K Mart back when it was all happening, late
        80s, early 90s. End of the month was the big sales day. When the welfare checks came in. Guess drugs are the new growth industry in middle of nowhere, rural southern Ohio.

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    • McGuffin says:

      I didn’t watch video but first thing I told spouse was “heads will literally roll in MX” over these arrests/missing money. Of course. I can’t wait for the wall.

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  36. simon says says:

    Wait. Wait. I know this one. This is currency from the Iranian government out of the $400 M that Obama gave them ear-marked for Hillary’s Presidential election campaign. Clinton Foundation donation.


  37. Jeff Coley says:

    It was from Iran, we overpaid them and they are giving it back to us. Good people, the mullahs.


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