State Department Warns Travelers To Avoid Iran Due to Kidnapping Threat…

Wait,… didn’t we just pay them $1.7 billion, including $400 million for ‘ransom”?  You just can’t make this stuff up folks:

Obama-feet-on-deskWashington – The State Department issued a warning on Monday urging U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Iran, which has made the detention of Americans a priority.

The latest travel advisory, which emphasizes Iran’s desire to capture U.S. citizens, comes on the heels of a growing scandal over the Obama administration’s decision to pay Iran $400 million in cash on the same day that it freed several U.S. hostages.

The payment has been cast by lawmakers and others as a ransom payment and prompted concern among U.S. officials that Iran is making arresting Americans a priority.

The travel warning is meant to “highlight the risk of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, particularly dual national Iranian-Americans,” according to a State Department announcement on Monday. “Foreigners, in particular dual nationals of Iran and Western countries including the United States, continue to be detained or prevented from leaving Iran.”

“U.S. citizens traveling to Iran should very carefully weigh the risks of travel and consider postponing their travel,” the warning adds. “U.S. citizens residing in Iran should closely follow media reports, monitor local conditions, and evaluate the risks of remaining in the country.”  (read more)

…”Welcome back Chief.


…”Look man, I know it’s our last six months, but I am not effen’ going to the Mullacks, ok?”


..”Just send Susan… I mean, really, c’mon.. we’re just about done with her anyway”..


…”what do you mean it’s got to be a guy?…  Since when?”…


…”John,… Lurch, old buddy – old pal…. have I got a job for you”…


…”and then on the par four, it was almost a perfect second shot right at the flag”…

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168 Responses to State Department Warns Travelers To Avoid Iran Due to Kidnapping Threat…

  1. Martin says:

    It boggles the mind. Incompetent or malevolent, words fail to adequately describe the deterioration of basic frickin’ common sense regarding anything government.

    The AP has a story on Drudge, that from their Style Book under the heading The Wonders of Liberal Government breezily states that

    More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money – either personally or through companies or groups – to the Clinton Foundation.

    If one – just one GOP official did that once, let alone “at least 85 of 154 people” or merely suggested an inference of a hint of maybe – McDonnell, for example – the Style Book gets flipped over to the Conservative Ratfink Mother Rape Father Stab section, and LL’s ethically-challenged not-quite-an-accusation dog whistle writers near the fax start sending marching orders.

    Stay clear of SR32 between mile markers 54 to 56. It seems farmer Malloch’s Guernsey name of Hillary has broken through the pasture fence, and a bovine insurrection is in full swing. Do not, repeat do not exit the vehicle. DHS officials are in route.

    An incident putting Crazy Joe in the driver’s seat will at this point be comic relief.

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  2. tim glave says:

    Ok. Lets get right down to it. How many of you are jews. How many of you are poles. How many of you are italian. How many of you are chinese. How many of you are irish. I thought that this racist crap was over. Now it has been brought to this site. I do not care who gets mad at me but this is not being politically incorrect. This crap is wrong. If this site wants to allow this garbage I am out. One year of great comments. Sundance if you approve of this. I feel sorry for everyone here. Goodbye Conservative Treehoouse. I can not stay where people feel it necessary to denigrate any race to get their point across. As Trump says ” sad.” Maga.
    Timothy H. Glave


    • Raven says:

      I left this site for the same reason before the Republican National Convention Tim. When, at that time, I saw Sundance title a post with incorrect information, I emailed him privately letting him know his statement was wrong about a black man who had committed a crime. No correction was made, and the comments section was full of hate-filled white on black anger.

      My husband still checks this place out to see what is happening in the world, and today, totally rung out due to major medical problems with family and friends, I decided to veg out in front of my computer and see what has been happening at TCTH. I did not read any of the comments before yours, since your comment came up second on a new page of comments and your initial comments drew me in.

      I am not Jewish, Polish, Italian or Chinese. But I tell you that when the day comes that any group of people is targeted as being less than human due to a “title” they fit into instead of the individual soul that God placed inside them, I will declare myself a Jew, a Pollack, an Italian, Chinese, black, Hispanic, deaf (believe me, my 59 year old sister is treated like crap by people who judge without having knowledge), poor, etc., and stand by their side.

      I believe it was a Native American who once said, ‘All men bleed red.’ That is the color I will see when I look at a man, because no other “color” is a guarantee for who lives inside the shell.

      Donald Trump for President 2017, to unite this country and make it great as never before.


    • three by one says:

      It’s not about race it’s about actions.

      I too would like to see the post in question edited not removed, nor the poster banned (a stern “don’t ever do that again” should suffice)

      Depending on what part of the country you come from, your age, your friends, your socioeconomic status and probably a half-dozen other things, the term in question can take on different tones. None complimentary unless you happen to be an African-American who decides “my n****” is a term of endearment. Or an aspiring rapper. Try getting gas during the summer when kids have their stereos cranked up. Every other word is the dreaded N word.

      In this case, the usage was directed at a slovenly, disrespectful, smug charlatan who defiles the office he holds.

      Any pejorative would be acceptable to describe him.Every pejorative would be fitting.

      Along the lines of George Carlin’s “7 words you can’t say on television”, it might be appropriate to pen “700 words that describe the jug-eared usurper that you can’t say on television”

      Decorum precludes my enumerating them, but several will include goats.

      (So yes, mods, please clean up that post, replace offending words with “jerks” or something palatable and let’s get on with business)


  3. Looks right at home there – feet up and all the rest. Past presidents must be turning in their graves.


    • three by one says:

      He’s uncultured trash.

      He’d paint a moustache on the Mona Lisa with a can of Krylon.

      His official Presidential portrait should be done on black velvet.

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  4. Terry Ouellette says:

    Get your feet off the furniture $#@#hole!!!


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