Louisiana Flooding – 13 People Killed, 20,000 Rescued, 40,000 Volunteers Needed…

Louisiana residents are a strong and resilient people.  They help each other, friends, neighbors, strangers, it matters not.  All Americans.

The “Cajun Navy“, a team of ordinary Louisiana boat owners have rescued over 20,000 residents from the historic flooding.  40,000 homes are completely destroyed – without insurance.

ember blout

Danielle Blount kisses her 3-month-old baby Ember as she feeds her while they wait to be evacuated by members of the Louisiana Army National Guard near Walker, La., after heavy rains inundating the region Aug. 14, 2016. (Photo: Max Becherer, AP)

Unfortunately, 13 people have been killed.

As anticipated, National Media (MSM) has essentially ignored this catastrophe because the local constituency and affected community doesn’t fit the pert box, the profile, the correct personage of victim for the media to support.

President Obama hasn’t stopped golfing a day – and he won’t.

However, there are groups making a difference:

♦ Samaritans Purse – Franklin Graham has a team there, and they will remain throughout the crisis to help people – Great organization to support HERE

♦ Ingles Supermarket – (outside the area) is donating and also serving as a collection and distribution network for food and supplies – You can also support them HERE They will be transporting supplies into Louisiana.

♦ Volunteers are needed – Lots of volunteers are needed.  Anyone interested in helping can visit Volunteer Louisiana HERE

(Additional Story)

ember blout

Meanwhile let’s worry about Syria… Because Louisiana is, well, just not the same global story CNN likes to sell daily.


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206 Responses to Louisiana Flooding – 13 People Killed, 20,000 Rescued, 40,000 Volunteers Needed…

  1. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Obama or Hillary can do o wrong its just the was it is with Kings and Queens!!!!!

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  2. In AZ says:

    And……that injured boy is the Communist Imam Boko Haram Hussein Ovomit and Communist Killary ‘ s doing.

    I noticed in photos on other sites that many Whites were affected by this flood. Another reason the Pravda media and their dictator ignore the story.

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  3. I’ve got family there and in WV. Grateful none of my family in either state were devastated by the floods this summer.

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  4. Have to say this and it’s with bias, if this was in the north or southwest CA or Silicon valley it would blanket the news, besides the Trump bashing.

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  5. M. Mueller says:

    Sundance, thank you for directing me to Samaritan Purse. I donated, but then saw that they are the ones who do the Christmas Child’s shoeboxes. I wanted to do that last year, but it was too late when I found out about it. This year I know 6 children who I’m going to have read all the “shoebox stories” and each pack one for a child their age. Hopefully, this will not only be a blessing for the children who receive them, but will also let the children packing them realize that they are very, very lucky.

    “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required;” Luke 12:48. That’s the scariest part of the Bible, and I want the children to kind of think about while they are still young. So, thank you, Sundance, for the unintended timely reminder.

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  6. Prayers for all affected, and to those who are providing rescue/aid.

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    • straightstreet says:

      I will add my prayers in Jesus Name. That picture Sundance posted of the 3 month old baby is heartbreaking. We have a 4 month old grandson so it really hits you in the gut. 😦


  7. Jason Ross says:

    If the floods in Louisiana happened during a GOP Pres’ tenure or involved black victims, the media would be ceaselessly calling for the government to help. They would be howling like rabid wolves 24/7


  8. tony E says:

    man, 400 million could do alot for the flood victims. just sayin.

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  9. Patriot1 says:

    Bush flyies over flooded Louisiana to survey the damage and is hammered by the media for not doing anything. B. Hussein plays golf and not a peep.

    Does anyone need to know anything else to determine the media is a wing of the DNC?

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  10. cycle1 says:

    If you are looking for a disaster relief organization in which 100% of your money goes to the relief in Louisiana, below is a link to Knights of Columbus (KofC) disaster relief. You do not have to be a member of KofC to donate:



  11. Roger Sherman says:

    My undying thanks to the Cajun Navy for saving my sister after her car was swept off the road by a wall of water and, by the grace of God, into a pile of concrete pipes. We went down on Wednesday with a pickup load of supplies for the shelter she was in for 4 days (her house miraculously did not flood) and a new-used car.


  12. racerxx says:

    I’d like to add another charity to the list. My sister and her husband live in N’orleans and are volunteering with Mercy Chefs.



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