Hillary Can See Russia From Her Server…

Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager, Robby Mook, during an interview Sunday on with Jake Tapper, claims Russia was responsible for hacking the Democrat party’s internal servers and stealing the information.  Mook claims their motive was to help Donald Trump.

Obviously the Clinton campaign is just attempting distraction as a political tool.  However, there is an interesting aspect to this deflective approach being taken by the Clinton Team in their efforts to avoid discussing or confronting the substance of the emails.

When FBI Director James Comey outlined the entire investigation into Clinton’s use of her private email server, and the attached devices she used for communication, Comey stated:

FBI Director James Comey […]  Consistent with our counterintelligence responsibilities, we have also investigated to determine whether there is evidence of computer intrusion in connection with the personal e-mail server by any foreign power, or other hostile actors.

[…]  She also used her personal e-mail extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related e-mails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.  (link)

Obviously, if Hillary’s email devices (Blackberry, iPhone etc.) were compromised, there is a strong possibility the attached network she was communicating with would also be compromised.

In essence any servers [DNC, State Dept., Personal etc.] connected to the networks Hillary Clinton was emailing with would be subject to “spyware” remotely embedded within the device Clinton was using.

spywareSuch “spyware” would then spread like an infection as any affiliate network was opened in the inter-communication network of servers.

The only way to remove the risk would be to run a system check looking for the malware/spyware or completely remove and replace the hardware (servers) attached to the network.

None of this changes the substance of the WikiLeaks revelations themselves. The content of the communication SHOULD BE the current story.

However, beyond that, the story of how Russia (or anyone else) may have hacked into the system(s), is yet more evidence of the security risk brought on by Hillary Clinton’s selfish behavior.

Clinton might well be blaming the Russians, but in reality -if true- she has no-one except herself to blame for the possibility.

clinton russia leaks

Hillary - orange is the new black

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444 Responses to Hillary Can See Russia From Her Server…

  1. Islandlifer says:

    It’s not your assertion but you asserted that. Dumb ass!


    • razor1 says:

      does this really make any sense? let’s see…killary did the russian re-set…..sold putin ALL our uranium….and then he’s stealing emails and dumping them to help Trump!!!!
      …..damn killary must REALLY be a worthless, lying POS to deal with…..if after all that, Don can swing him to his side for a taco salad at the Trump towers!

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      • bamainatlanta says:

        The reset was a huge lie. WE fomented a coup in Ukraine. WE broke our promise to post Cold War Russia and tried to get certain nations into NATO that we had agreed not to put in NATO. Hillary did nothing to help Russia in any meaningful way, but via her actions, she HAS shown aggression toward Russia.


  2. mazziflol says:


  3. paper doll says:

    None of this changes the substance of the WikiLeaks revelations themselves. The content of the communication SHOULD BE the current story.


    Russia is blamed for everything. Hillary wants her own war….she’s tired of sharing with Obama !

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    • pageoturner says:

      I think it’s Jarrett/Obama who have declared war on the Clintons and they’re winning. Bill & Hillary will be discredited forever on both sides of the aisle. No longer a threat to Obama’s domination of the party going forward.

      WaPo and NYT are stenographers for the White House. Watch how Obama comes out the clear winner with no hint of involvement in providing anti-Trump protesters, manipulating media or rigging elections.


      • paper doll says:

        Indeed, the DNC did all this and more for him 8 years ago…in one case he was awarded delegates from a state where he did not even run!…. and neary a word about it came out or it was dismissed. His handlers are old hands at this.


    • bamainatlanta says:

      ISIS only started shrinking once Russia accepted Syria’s invitation to bomb the hell out of ISIS.

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  4. squid2112 says:

    In essence any servers [DNC, State Dept., Personal etc.] connected to the networks Hillary Clinton was emailing with would be subject to “spyware” remotely embedded within the device Clinton was using.

    Ummm, not likely. While the emails that Clinton was sending could be transporting viruses, you still need a means by which to “execute” those viruses on said servers. Simply “embedding” viruses within emails during transport would be benign.

    The real danger is communicating on foreign hardware. In order to secure such communications, you would have to have messages embedded in multi-layer encryption protocols. If the foreign entity is providing the communications, then the foreign entity has control of the information. Most political diplomats use special satellite communications devices to make it more difficult for hostile foreign entities.

    It doesn’t sound as if Ms. Clinton did anything to ensure communications security. “Listening” in on her devices and intercepting her emails (to and from) must have been childsplay. I am relatively certain that every country she visited captured every communication she engaged in while she was there. Which would include all of her email transmissions. They would be stupid not to.

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    • NeverSuspect says:

      I agree with you!

      The article was fine until it made that leap. As I was reading it, I kept thinking “they could get all her info when she was in their country!!”

      But I didn’t think she was used to infect US Government networks with malware. But, it’s possible.

      I’m no hacker, but if you made the following available to a hacker, would it make them drool and wring their hands with excitement?

      1) You can snoop in on anything the Secretary of State emails or says when she is in our country.

      2) Her emails route through a poorly secured server.

      3) You can probably hack some of the accounts she emails with regularly.

      Those 3 things alone are huge open doors just asking to be exploited.

      She got hacked and the info was highly classified.. maybe Benghazi stuff, other stuff too, and the ‘government’ is embarrassed and trying to limit exposure.

      Personally, I’d like to know what was in all of her emails. Let’s face it, she was hacked, other countries know all the evil things she and the state department were doing… it’s time we the people knew too. Rip off the bandaid.

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      • smartyjones1 says:

        Sophisticated intel agencies can embed a trojan horse and it’s not unlikely it can be triggered on opening the email. The unsophisticated trojan horses have an obvious attachment which requires the user to click on the attachment before becoming activated.

        This is not at the low brow level. We don’t actually know what Hillary Clinton has exposed to foreign intel agencies or the additional means they’ve obtained burrowing into the system.


        • testpointwp says:


          The DNC was most likely hacked by a bored Romanian taxi cab driver. That’s your low brow run-of-the-mill hack.

          The Chinese come to Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford and other top computer science schools. Then they go home to work 24/7 shifts, with some of the world’s most powerful super computers. They can hack and plant just about anything they want. Self executing, self propagating, and self destructing, if necessary, to stay hidden.

          Yet, Hillary maintains that her bathroom/basement/blueberry closet server was secure.


    • Duhders says:

      Ever hear of Stuxnet? Watch Zero Days and you’ll see the technology is already out there to activate execution without developer input.


    • angryduc says:

      When you say “real danger” do you mean the content of those emails whereby she sold 20% or more of our Uranium reserves to Putin who she knew was in turn providing that Uranium to Iran? Let’s not miss the forest for the trees.


    • Octavian says:

      I’m going to agree with you in spirit, but it really depends on the complexity and scope of the spyware. A cyberweapon designed for this purpose would only need to be enabled once before breaking open the whole network. Someone who can design something like that can certainly make it non-traceable as well. I would say that this is within the capability of a select few modern hackers.


  5. dbobway says:

    A thief goes in a store, robs the store!

    A camera is in the store, filming him robbing the store.

    Thief goes to court, his defense.

    If it wasn’t for that damn camera, I’d be innocent.

    Democratic strategy on everything.

    If you don’t get caught your innocent.

    If you do?

    It’s that damn camera.

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  6. wasntme says:

    Appears to me that they are trying to help bernie, not Trump. Why would releasing this information on the eve on the DNC help Trump? Very easy to see how it would help Bernie, and bernie’s more their type.

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    • They can’t help Bernie..The DNC would never let him be the candidate and he has already bowed to Obama and the DNC. It is over for Bernie.


      • NCPatrick says:

        It is over for Bernie.”

        Somebody help me out here .. what happens to any funds left in a failed candidate’s war chest after he drops out? We kept hearing about the large sums Bernie was collecting from donors and assume that to be true. So I believe I understand that they all get to keep unspent donations to fund future runs? How does that work?


    • Voice of Reason says:

      Because Bernie has already been vanquished. In 4 days Bernie assumes his back bench post again.

      Hitlery has to focus on Trump. She may not be able to overcome all of her malfeasance and beat Trump. She definitely knows she needs to start hitting Trump and stop having to play defense.


    • pageoturner says:

      It’s all about destroying the Clintons. Their final – and rabid – group of supporters are democrats. By showing the Clintons playing dirty against Bernie a large segment of Dem voters are turned against.

      Who remains standing and untainted? Obama. Isn’t it amazing that not one of the 20,000 emails implicates Obama in any of this?

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      • avannr says:

        I was also wondering how Obama could NOT have been involved in some of the Clinton Cash transactions. She’s his SOS. He had to know something…don’t you think? Could he have benefited somehow?

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        • cali says:

          WikiLeaks is not done yet! It promised one dump/release of thousand more pages. They are in the pipeline to be released during this week. As WikiLeaks stated – those are the emails/docs to expose her criminality with a promise that requires the indictment of Hillary!
          I would not be surprised if many of those in the pipeline include many from her term as SOS. Besides – Anonymous earlier this year also promised to ‘expose’ her in their short U-Tube video addressed to ‘The American People”.


        • Here's Your Sign says:

          Panamanian Bank Account…


  7. William says:

    To: Hillary
    From: Russia, with love!


  8. pageoturner says:

    1. Who benefits by Bill and Hillary being totally discredited by republicans, independents and now democrats (along with their financial backers who were exposed in the leak)?
    2. Why would Putin NOT want Hillary who sold him 20% of strategic US uranium reserves? He knows it’s easy to buy her off.
    3. Why is Obama, Jarrett or the White House not negatively portrayed in any of 20,000 DNC emails?

    My opinion is this is a purge by Jarrett eliminating any threat to Obama’s legacy & total control of DNC forever. They’re betting Trump will be beatable in 2020 and anything he does reversed.

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  9. Blaze says:

    Well lordy!….if ya’ll want EVERYTHING on the Russian/Uranium deal you DO NOT need any hacked e-mails. The Cliven Bundy attorneys have all of that info already and have had it since about March 1st of this yr. I have personally read some of the 4,000 pages of documents. It is all there and HIGHLY incriminating not only towards Hillary but also the Gov of Oregon, appointed judges, local county politicians near Burns, Oregon etc.

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    • Duhders says:

      Where can we find these documents?


      • Blaze says:

        Google “Jenette Finicum. That is Lavoy’s wife. I believe she has a web-site now and her e-mail should be on it. She can point you in the right direction. This all has to do when the Bundy’s when they took over the wildlife refuge last Dec. The Bundy’s were investigating the corruption when the Bureau of Land Managment was trying to burn out those ranchers off their property and leases to make room for Hillary’s uranium deal. I tried to get Sundance to cover this to help Trump about 4 months months ago but no one paid any attention so I basically gave up.


        • angryduc says:

          I recall reading about this angle. ie the real reason for the Bundy and Oregon standoff was because the government was selling our rich minerals.


          • Blaze says:

            Yep I also went VERY HARD right here at CTH on this angle several months ago because there is enough info in those documents to completely unravel Hillary’s campaign. No one here took me serious and no one even would email me when I tried to open this up further with the documents, I thought it was very important at the time. Jennette Finicum and the Bundy crew have EVERYTHING the Russians have on Clinton’s Uranium deal and MORE! Its all there if anyone wants to keyboard warrior this deal. Contact Mrs Finicum and she get Sundance or whoever in touch with the guy that has the documents.


    • Crystal says:

      Can’t someone get this info to Breitbart and Hannity?


  10. Scott says:

    When Putin warned us about mass killer/terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev, he did more in 5 minutes to aid American homeland security than Hillary’s done in the last 16 years. And who ignored Putin’s warnings and has the blood of 8 year old Martin Richard on his hands? Obama.

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  11. Craig W. Gordon says:

    CNN on at the restaurant during lunch. The ‘spin’ masters are weaving the web of its someone elses fault. Look! Its the Russians! Per Poodlehead ‘you need to ask her’! We know nothing! Nothing! -Col. Shultz (no relation)


  12. scslayer says:

    The sad part is there is a large contingent of LIV’s (low information voters) out there that will shake their fist’s at the Russians…so laughable, so desperate. Hit-lary is on the Titanic and all the life boats are filling up fast!

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  13. MVW says:

    CNN as well as other ‘Newz’ organized crime syndicates are also implicated. Who will report on the pathological reporters?

    And, said the fox, we report on the henhouse break in….


  14. Sunshine says:

    Remember Stuxnet. The more they tried to remove it, the more it spread.


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