Quick Note – It’s Not the “Base” Opposing Donald Trump…

Just want to point out something simple, yet seemingly getting lost in the chatter.

It is not the “conservative base”, the grassroots or the average Joe or Jane from Main Street USA who are currently digging in their opposition to Donald Trump.  The base, the middle class, is entirely behind Trump.

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The oppositional forces are the entrenched political class, the establishment, the elites and those who financially benefit from the DC status quo.  This group includes the professional punditry and chattering class who associate with the DC confabs.

Voices who assign divergent attributes are entirely gaslighting their audience.  Believe your own eyes and break the cycle of Battered Conservative Syndrome.

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248 Responses to Quick Note – It’s Not the “Base” Opposing Donald Trump…

  1. yakmaster2 says:

    RATs (thank you Paco Loco for this apt acronym) are backed into a corner and they are in a frenzy. They are giving cover for their fear and anger by sanctimoniously invoking 2 words: “Conservative Principles.”
    They are loathe to state what those “principles” are that Trump is against because to do so would almost certainly start a debate they can’t win with the Repub electorate.

    Now some RATs have called Trump a closet Dem in an attempt to appeal to the strictly social issues voter by pretending he’s pro-abortion (a false charge). They also pretend he wouldn’t respect the Constitution—but they have no basis for that argument either. They want gullible people to believe those are the “Conservative Principles” to which they’re referring. But, of course, that’s just smoke and mirrors to cover the real reasons RATs hate him because they don’t want to admit the GOPe has added GLOBALISM to the list of vaunted “Conservative Principles.”

    So, as SD has pointed out and we’ve discussed here, it’s the RATs unspoken Globalist Agenda that is causing all their vitriol. It’s the thing of which they dare not speak. The thing Trump has dragged out into the sunlight, but which they must pretend does not exist!

    Paul Ryan is the head of the DC RAT pack. We must let everyone know that Ryan et al labeling Trump as NOT CONSERVATIVE just means TRUMP IS NOT A GLOBIST. It really boils down to that simple fact. Tweet anyone?

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    • dutzie60 says:

      How about this tweet
      GOP Conservative Principles = Globalism
      GOP labeling Trump NOT CONSERVATIVE means Trump is NOT A GLOBALIST

      If that works, let blast tweet it over and over 😀

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    • Guybee says:

      You have to love Lindsay Graham saying he will sit out this election, because he can’t bring himself to vote for either candidate. How can a sitting Senator be so unpatriotic as to not vote. His supporters should throw him out, out, out for saying such a thing. What loser!!

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    • Arty says:

      If you think about it, Trump is just a much tougher Mitt. He’s certainly to the right of McCain.

      This is about Power and Influence. Not only will Trump dismantle the K-Street gravy train, but he’s going to expose secrets hidden by the political class for decades.

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      • Kathleen Rady says:

        Both democrat and republican. I’m waiting for him to reach out to dems in the same way (globalist corruption)


    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      I just hope we have more brave people like PAUL NEHLEN that will step up to run against these GOPe up for re-election in 2016 and Throw them out….. Thats the problem, when we go to vote Republican, there is no alternative except the DemoRat to vote for so, most will vote these SAME people back in ….. NOW is the time that most Americans are Ready to vote for NEW Republicans to replace these traitors. ……. Get on the TRUMP TRAIN 2016…..New faces for the GOP party, True Americans have the best chance now more than ever to make a change…. God Bless PAUL NEHLEN for being brave enough to run againt Lyin Ryan in WISCONSIN Districtc1 in 2016…….


      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        One thing that keeps people from running against these GOPe in office is their war chests full of $$$$ behind them , like Paul Ryan BUT, I really do not think money will matter in this election because of the momentum TRUMP has given us…. The people are ready to have a fresh face and another alternative to vote for…. TRUMP has Proved that the war chests and Names mean Nothing in this election…… Lets just hope more citizens in other States will get the support they NEED to primary most of these Establishment while the people are ready to start the TRUMP party of Politicians who actually Love their Country and do right by the American people. …. Step up people, We need you……

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        ****District 1


  2. The Boss says:

    The media enablers of the establishment are still at it, flinging their wasted words like monkeys flinging their own poop. I just saw Mark Thiessen – a trained chimpanzee of GWB – tossing his latest verbal bowel movement around at Fox. Mark wants people to believe that because Donald Trump received the lowest percentage of primary votes since 1968, he must kowtow to Paul Ryno. Of course, little Mark-o is being deceptive.

    The 1967-68 primary process is utterly incomparable to the 2015-16 process. There were two viable candidates at the 1968 convention, Nixon and Reagan. Both had around 38% support. A smattering of lesser candidates (including George “Jorge” Romney) covered the remainder. So Trump, who vanquished 16 opponents has 40% AS OF NOW. There are still loads of votes to pick up, and with no competitors, his percentage of total votes will increase.

    Good try little Mark-o. Now go back to the Bush league where you belong. They are losers, and so are you.

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    • mhs100 says:

      Of course Dick Cheney has vowed to support Trump. Cheney’s home office company is in the Middle East. Cheney has too much to lose.Cheney will sweet talk Trump to keep his company headquartered in the Middle East. Cheney’s company has to come back to the good ol USA like everyone else. If Trump allow Cheney to keep his company in the Middle East, Trump is definitely establishment. It is about the working class and not the elites.

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    • LaDonna says:

      Amen to that. Those attempting to tear Trump down, he goes right at them, i.e., Krauthammer, Mitt, the MSM (Gov. media complex), Ryan, et al. He tells them how despicable they are.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Ha! Awesome!!


  3. Texian says:

    Hold your ground treepers, it’s a revolution..

    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”
    Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

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  4. We need to get that message out there. The propaganda is amazing in the amount, it IS scaring people. The hungry D.C.’ers of course do not want Mr. Trump, it will be the end of their free ride, their criminality, their NWO, their power over us,,,,which is where we have been UNDER them, where they earn more while taking our careers our wallets our freedoms, Lord I pray daily for Mr. trump’s safety and that he indeed gets in, actually it is something I have prayed for for over 30 years. Funny isn’t it where Glen Beck prayed for a George Washington and yet is so against Mr. Trump? I digress,,,,I have watched this nation go down for over 30 years, I have watched where common sense is now a lost art, I have watched as the war on drugs has increased the drug trade, I have watched our major cites turn into third world hell holes, I have watched racism grow, the divides grow, I have watched the Administration become more and more criminal. I have watched the media and the advertisers tie Moms into knots (for name brands for their kids, for Johnny to soccer/football, and little Janey to dance or gymnastics)and force fathers into “keeping up with the Jones’s, where families must have 3 and 4 jobs where they are so busy in the “race of humanity” that they have not noticed the absolute thievery of our government where they are running roughshod over ALL of us, Not until Obama have people awakened, and why, because he pushed THEIR agenda ever so quickly it is now so in our face. What THEIR biggest mistake was, allowing us to lose jobs, since a huge amount of persons are no longer working-guess what they ARE Now paying attention, searching wondering -why, how did this all happen. They now have time to complain, to be angry, to discover, a lot of people yes allow the blame to fall on themselves, but a lot of us that have been paying attention for years have had it!!! And that is why we are behind Mr. trump! Mr. Trump is 1000% correct about DC, about trade, about immigration and that is why we are behind him. Quite actually I personally think he is the “Last great white hope” (and do not forget-meaning absolutely no racism here, but white”s are under severe attack)

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    • LaDonna says:

      Since you mentioned it, why is it that “we” whites are the only ones that are racist? The great attempt to make us feel guilty. Well, it hasn’t worked- and as you can see by the size of the attendance at the Trump rallies, he has struck a cord. Oh, how I pray he has enough time to right this sinking ship.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Wonderful comment – I feel the same way as I have watched my country disappear before my eyes….


  5. Unbelievable what Ryan, Bush and Romney have become. Why didn’t they ever confront Obama like this. We must work very hard to convince the doubters to vote for Trump. If we lose this America will never recover.

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      Obama is Globalist like them and that’s why they didn’t go after him like they’re going after Trump. I think it really is that simple and it makes me so disgusted!

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    • LaDonna says:

      Their true colors have come forth, meaning they are all pushing for a One World Order; which, because Trump is not a member of any of those “secret societies,” they fear him. And, I’m sure he will nip the OWO in the bud. He wants to rebuild America. I get the notion that the Trump train is going to win by a landslide. He is working for we the people.

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  6. Carol Miklica says:

    Hopefully, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Jeff Flake will be soundly ousted in the upcoming election. Oh yeah, how about Missy Joanie Ernst? What’s up with her lately?

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    • LaDonna says:

      They all need to go. Joanie Ernst- what a disappointment she has become. Remember, she was going to WA to make em squeal. Didn’t take long for her to be right in with the old guard. Her campaign promise lasted about 30 seconds. The others maintained their principals, however, Boehner put them at the back of the bus and off all committees.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      I think Paul Ryan’s refusal to support Trump, coupled with Paul Nehlen’s Trump endorsement, will ensure Ryan will not even be on the ballot come November.


  7. zephyrbreeze says:

    It speaks highly of Trump that the GOPe players won’t stand with him and endorse him. If he was officially backed up by Romney and Jebbie, many of us would be creeped out.

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  8. Ed Davis says:

    For a newcomer, can you clarify the “RATS” acronym?


  9. rsanchez1990 says:

    Bill Kristol represents the tiniest segment of the electorate. Rumors of a third party shouldn’t worry Trump supporters.


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