Brother of San Bernardino Terrorist Arrested – Sham Marriage and Immigration Violations…

We initially discussed this back on December 9th 2015, when our research revealed the relationship between Syed Rizwan Farook (shooter), his brother Syed Raheel Farook, and two Russian sisters Tatiana and Mariya Chernyk. – Full Backstory Here – It appears the FBI has now arrested the trio due to the sham ‘marriage-for-green-cards’ arrangement.

san bern tat 2San Bern tat 1

(Via USA Today) Three people linked to the couple whose December shooting rampage in San Bernardino left 14 people dead were arrested Thursday on conspiracy, marriage fraud and other charges.

The three include Syed Raheel Farook, the brother of Syed Rizwan Farook, who with his wife Tashfeen Malik also wounded 22 people before both died in a shootout with police.

Raheel Farook, 31, his wife Tatiana Farook, 31, and a woman named Mariya Chernynk were named in a five-count indictment issued this week by a federal grand jury. Chernykh, 26, is married to Enrique Marquez, Jr., who has been awaiting trial since December on charges of conspiring with Rizwan Farook in 2011 and 2012 to provide material support to terrorists.

Malik and Rizwan Farook opened fire at a holiday party at San Bernardino’s Inland Regional Center on Dec. 2. He had worked as an environmental health specialist for San Bernardino County for five years and had been at the party with his co-workers before leaving and returning with his wife, four guns and a bomb.

Malik reportedly had pledged support for the Islamic State, and the militant group reported over its official online radio service that the man-and-wife team were supporters of the organization.

All the latest charges stem from the investigation into the attack, U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker said in a statement.

san bern tat 6

san bern enriquesan bern tat 10 abc

Enrique Marquez (left), and his sham-wife Mariya Chernykh (right)

“This is the latest step in the comprehensive investigation into the horrific attacks in San Bernardino,” Decker said. “We owe the victims and the entire community of San Bernardino a thorough investigation that uncovers all criminal activity surrounding these events.”

The investigation determined that Marquez agreed to marry Chernykh so she could obtain immigration benefits otherwise not available to her because she is a Russian citizen without legal status in the United States. Marquez, in addition to the terror-related counts, also is charged with marriage fraud and making a false statement on immigration documents related to an alleged sham marriage.

The indictment alleges that Marquez received money from Chernykh to enter into the sham marriage.

san bern tat 4Raheel Farook and Tatiana Farook conspired by witnessing Marquez and Chernykh’s wedding, taking staged family pictures of Marquez and Chernykh, establishing a joint checking account for the couple and creating a back-dated lease for Marquez and Chernykh to create the illusion that they shared a marital residence.

The indictment charges all three in a conspiracy to knowingly make false statements under oath with respect to immigration documents, a charge that carries a statutory maximum sentence of five years in federal prison. Chernykh also faces a charge of document fraud, perjury and two counts of lying to federal agents. Those charges carry a combined maximum sentence of 25 years.  (read more)

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93 Responses to Brother of San Bernardino Terrorist Arrested – Sham Marriage and Immigration Violations…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    SMH Hope they deport the women. But, I won’t hold my breath.

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  2. stringy theory says:

    Interesting and thanks for the update. I wonder if the FBI’s ability to unlock that iphone had anything to do with this, or am I confusing two different things?

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  3. Paco Loco says:

    That sure took a long time !

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  4. wow i’m shocked. not. why’d they even stick around? they all knew their marriages and whatnot were scams…they had to know they’d get busted considering the events and with the scrutiny of every dept of the gov’t on them… they’ve had what, an almost 6 month head start on the feds before they got arrested today….smdh….after answering all the initial questioning was done…i woulda been G O N E already. lying to feds under oath?? yeh when i got home i would packed a suitcase and bounced.

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  5. oldschool64 says:

    Look at the picture of Enrique and the picture of his Russian wife. SURELY she was deeply in-love with him!

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  6. Alleycats says:

    For every one they catch, there are hundreds more that they do not. Sham marriage visa is big business.

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  7. Bull Durham says:

    Should have gone down in no more than a few days after it was disclosed.

    We have a joke of a DOJ, top to bottom and all its agencies, FBI and all.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Maybe they were taking time to monitor and find all the tentacles of this cell.


    • Joe's Dad says:

      When Trump gets in, he needs to gut out the DOJ and FBI and replace those corrupt folks

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      • flova says:

        He will. That will go a long way in starting to solve this problem. Obama has spent 8 years infiltrating the DOJ, FBI with his leftist, anti-American buddies. Trump will clean house and staff the agencies with people dedicated to the security of Americans.

        Obama’s ICE is releasing hardcore illegal criminals to kill more people-preferably white, RIP Kate, and his FBI actually interrogated the Boston bombers in 2011 and let them go. Russia tried then to tell us they were terrorists but Obama nixed that little bit of info. He wants chaos, in order to destroy our way of life and replace it with a Cuban style dictatorship.

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        • dmdeedee says:

          One man cannot fight Washington, D.C. and the enormous corruption already set in place. He may make some changes that we may really see but first he has to get IN the WHITEHOUSE! Just remember corruption reigns in D.C.

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          • joebal says:

            deedee, right now the same soros-koch-buffet-gates-murdoch globalists are figuring out how they can “coerce” the people Trump will try to bring in and clean things up, this is going to be a long haul and just getting DJT elected is only the beginning…


      • Niagara Frontier says:

        It’s easier said than done and I hope Sundance makes this a topic after the election. There are incompetent and untrustworthy feds at the highest levels of government (GS-15 and Senior Executive Service) in every agency who are NOT appointees and can’t just be fired.

        They have civil service protections so beneficial to them that it takes sometimes years to fire even the most incompetent worker. They are the ones with the power and control and should be among the first to go. It’s going to be a huge chore but I’m sure Trump is up to it.

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    • Well, the first thing he needs to do is replace the CAIR ‘get of jail free’ card with the TRUMP card that obliterates everything and then a lot will start to happen in America’s favor! There are way too many of these ‘free pass’ cards floating around the DOJ and Homeland Security that need to be purged and burned in an open ceremony like ‘BLM’, ‘Occupy’, ‘La Raza’…the list goes on…

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      • scott says:

        Can you imagine all the protests that will be launched when Trump bans CAIR? Or when construction of The Beautiful Wall of Trump© starts? Or when deportations start kicking in? There will be many of these protests, and it will be sweet.

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  8. hocuspocus13 says:

    Wasn’t the shooters under investigation long before San Bernardino happened and had quite a file on them until Obama and Jey Johnson made the man who ran the investigation scrub the file?

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  9. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    An immigration violation arrest!

    May be the first in nearly 8 years.

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  10. Scott says:

    Who was the talking head who said that the suicide bombers were “normal” muslims who were not very religious but became radical when they started to read/study the Koran daily. He or she mentioned the Tsarnav brothers were normal teenagers until they were forced to study the Koran/islam more by their mother.


  11. snaggletooths says:

    This garbage won’t be going on under a President Trump

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  12. Steve says:

    Mr. Trump has said that we should go after the families if need be.
    Bingo, right again Mr Trump; although I believe he meant a little more
    expeditiously than 6 months. I wonder if these three were on the No-fly
    list; probably not since they weren’t white rednecks owning guns and
    last names like Smith, Johnson, etc.

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    • My son even takes exception to the ‘go after the families’ statement but, look at the thug that planned the Paris attacks that was in hiding in Belgium. His family was hiding him! To me a terrorist sympathizer (family or not) is aiding and abetting and THEREFORE a terrorist as well and no longer a ‘family member.’ Arrest them as well and make them tell you where the maggot is, then put them all on trial!

      Why hasn’t the Mom been arrested in CA yet as well? She was babysitting in the house with the pipe bombs on the floor! She was providing material support.

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      • flova says:

        Look at the Boston bombers’ mother–she was schooling them in the art of terrorism since they were little. Nobody should be stupid and naive about this-Trump is dead on.

        The majority of black families who raise criminal thugs do the same thing. They protect them until they kill somebody, like a police officer. Then a hundred different baby mamas, grandmothers and sperm donors come out of the woodwork, screaming ‘my baby, my baby.’ Then ca-ching.

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    • When DJT is President, I hope he takes up this issue again and makes it clear to every non-citizen in the good ole USA: if you commit a terrorist act against us, you and every single family member or person in your web, plus anyone who aided you is out! Get em out! I trust he will find a way to make this work. Their communities in which they hide and scheme are part of the problem too(Brussels one example, San Bernardino another). If u r a good Muslim, then prove it by keeping tabs on your community.

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      • We law abiding citizens have nothing to prove. YOU immigrants do – you came to live here on our turf!

        Immigration is fine as long as you know who the hell u r bringing in, what they intend to do here, who will be financially responsible for them and where they can be found at all times.

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        • 1stgoblyn says:

          Unfortunately the ones financially responsible for the muslim immigrants are you and I, the American taxpayer. Something like 98% of them are on public assistance and living high on the hog with their large families.

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    • Rural NC says:

      I have forgotten DJT said, “Go after the families.” Thanks, Steve, for the reminder, I fully believe that DJT is a genius, but so often I’ve felt he has ESP also. For example, remember Belgium, stating 2 months before the attack that it is a “hellhole” and something will happen, that plus so many more examples. I hope he does have it as he says, “I will easily beat Hillary.”

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      • janc1955 says:

        I’ve always viewed it as common sense (and I never assumed DT meant “Get a gun or a bomb and kill every member of their family, stat!”). Why are the families of terrorists off limits, when no family of anyone involved in a regular crime is off limits? In the case of terrorists, I’m all for rounding up everyone they are related to and associated with, and hanging onto them until they’ve coughed up every last little bit of information they have.


  13. Suzy Kiprien says:

    Back in 1991, a Pakistani offered me $5,000 to marry him.
    He said his clothes would be in my bedroom closet but he would sleep in another bedroom. No marital duties involved.
    Arrangement was to last one year where after we would separate and he would move.
    His intent was to import his entire family for reunification.
    Although, at the time, the $5,000 would have been welcomed, my integrity kicked in. I refused.
    Up till this day, I feel good about myself.
    There are many of those cases around us and price has increased.
    Canada has a good law: Canadian spouse of foreigner is liable economically for spouse for three years. This would bring the upfront cash money up to $30,000 at least unless girl is a real bimbo.

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    • jc says:

      you need to sign for financial responsibility for a spouse in US also and the cost of Obamacare would figure in

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    • Will says:

      Ha!, I got an offer of three grand, then four, both times at a party in NYC. She found someone else. They always do. It’s a huge business in that city. I could go on, it’s nasty stuff. I know a woman who got dumped after a decade. Once the last of the family members were all safely aboard, (she worked to get them in, they lived with her, stole from her, etc) the husband got him a girlfriend, and the marriage was over. Drastic immigration reform is needed.

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    • deanbrh says:

      God Bless you, Suzy.


  14. aur1640 says:

    Get all of them out of here!! Impose the Muzzie moratorium. This is out of control!! They are all dirt bags. We provide living arrangements, work, maybe welfare? What do we get, they hate us, shoot us, bomb us and don’t want to assimilate, or scam us for whatever reason they see fit because there are no boundaries. This progressive BS has to stop immediately!! OMG.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      And, maybe we can all pitch in so Aur1640 can renew his or her med prescription.


    • flova says:

      Boston bomber brothers were collecting food stamps and subsidized housing welfare just for the privilege of killing men, women and a little boy. Wow. How stupid and down the rabbit hole are we to allow our tax dollars to be used by the most evil people in the world to kill our citizens.No wonder Trump is packing them in–we the people get it while the bobble-headed pols and pundits can’t see what is right in front of them.

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  15. tom says:

    Trump is right about terrorist family members, if they are not part of the act of terrorism, at least they must know something going on

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  16. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Regarding the faux marriage deal:

    Who is to say what a “marriage” is? Who is to say it has to involve any sort of warm feelings for each other?

    Who are any of you to say two people even need to know each other? Don’t be so judgmental.

    Y’all are so old-fashioned, with your man-and-woman-for-life-have-kids-be-faithful patriarchical brainwashing you got from watching reruns of Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best.


    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Well..”TheLastDemocrat” I’m really liking that name…The.Last.Democrat

      It’s called “Ulterior Motive” aka Fraud

      And punishable by any Country that has a lick of sense and a drop of morals ✌ by their Law

      And PS: I think you took a right when you should have gone left 😉

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    • Southern Son says:

      Hey last Dim, have you taken Your meds?
      Do you mean old fashioned like a Country with Borders and Laws??
      Then yea…

      Liked by 3 people

      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Who’s to say a marriage has to be between a man and a woman.

        That is pretty judgmental to say a man cannot marry his lawnmower. You bigots.


    • Jenny R. says:

      You’re so old fashioned LD.
      Listen, at some point you do have to judge the actions/motives of others (heck, you’re doing it right now)…and green card marriages are one of those things that has always been against the law (which is a judgement). It is now being used by people who don’t just want to game the system (thus cheating other people out of a spot, and possibly cheating other actually poor people out of greater benefits… and that’s pretty unfair, now isn’t it? why do you want to support inequality so much?), who don’t care about objectifying someone (the marriage partner is nothing more than a means to an end, an object of use…why do you want to support such oppression and objectification?), but it is also now being used as a way into the country to enact violence on people (why do you support violence, including gun violence? are you some type of war monger?) as well as civil unrest when the inevitable backlash happens (which will hurt people who look like other sorts of people…why do you wish to see reactionary violence against people? are you a racist?).
      Seems pretty judgmental, oppressive even, you need to get out of that medieval oppressive mindset and allow people some measure of freedom of personhood from standards that involve an archaic caste hierarchy of who gets to be special due to some personal, subjective ranking of all humanity on your authoritarian scale of greater and lesser beings.
      Free your mind from the programming you’ve been taking in.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Jenny R. says:

        But “noblesse oblige” right LD? You don’t mind how many people you short or hurt, just as long as 1) your own little special self gets to feel all nice and shiney an new age cool; 2) your racial, economic, social supremacy is assured in your caste structure (because you, oh nice and enlightened one, must always obviously be on top, right?).
        Go on Hillary troll, tell me how that isn’t what’s at the bottom of your nasty, nice and superior little heart…and then tell me about how every average person on this planet should be (and does) wish for your ultimate karmic connection coming in (which it will eventually). Because trust me, you’ve got blood on your hands by proxy — blood up to your eyeballs, to the tips of your toenails and hair you hollow little creature….and deep down you know it.
        Until then: mind, body, spirit babycakes. try not to look over your shoulder for your future catching up to you eventually (bank on it)

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      • litenmaus says:

        :0) Nicely written.


    • There needs to be a ‘not like’ button.

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    • TheLastConservative says:

      I agree totally. And we should extend this to additional types of non-traditional marriages as well. One woman with 3 men? No problem. 4 men and 4 women? Why not? And if somebody wants to marry their dog, who are we to judge.

      And yes, I’m being facetious. 😉 😉

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  17. zephyrbreeze says:

    Our friend’s friend wanted to stay who was Russian with a master’s degree in Art, extremely intelligent and talented – but she had no chance of staying, and our friend wasn’t willing to do a sham mariage.

    Funny that we are willing to import the dreggs of society from all over the globe no questions asked.

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  18. ZZZ says:

    They all want to come to the country they hate.

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    • Maybe this will get dragged out until Donald and Chris Christie take over the DOJ and we get a decent US Atty here (LA) – there are still some good people on the federal bench so with luck the Powerball will come up on one of them and these vermin will get hammered.


  19. Daz says:

    Marriage is something ordained by God. (it”s actually the first commandmeant in the bible) it was not something govermeants are suppose to have say so over. (charging people marriage licences for) I”m not concerned over the marriage part of this article .

    I”m concerned over these fanatics trying to kill Americans or supporting groups or family members to kill others.

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  20. emet says:

    See, this is why we need reform. Our leaders need to reform their twisted spines, which become deformed out of fear someone will call them racist or xenophobic


  21. True Colors says:

    Donald Trump said that we need to go after the families of terrorists. Some people screamed “that’s horrible!”

    However, the critics of Mr. Trump are very ignorant about our laws.

    In this country, a person can be considered legally guilty for their involvement in a crime, even if they were not present at the scene when it happened. In this country, we have some very basic legal concepts known as “accessory before the fact” and “accessory after the fact.” The families of terrorists often fit into at least one of these categories, if not both of them.


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  22. Daz says:

    Muslims will never convert to any western life. All Ishmael decendants (the arabs) are against everyone. God even spoken about their stubborness in scripture, compared them to “a wild ass”

    Genesis 16:12

    This son of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.”

    This prediction didnt end with Ishmael but contuines today.They are a destructive people before and after Muhammad. You look throughout history and they”ve never settled peaceable with anyone. and they won’t now. Europe and other countries understand all to well their nature.

    Liked by 1 person

    • georgiafl says:

      Not so sure Islamists are really Ishmaelites.

      Islam was only born in the years of Mohammed’s lifetime between 570-632 AD.

      Mohammed borrowed from Judaism and Christianity; gave himself a big promotion to GOD’s only prophet, demoted Jesus to underling prophet and created his own exclusive supremacist theological/political movement promoted and perpetuated by the sword, conquest and threat.

      There is nothing redemptive, gracious, divine or holy about it.

      Islam is as Islam does – here is just the last 30 days of Islam’s centuries-long bloodbath:

      There have been 28,324 documented deadly Islamic jihad terrorist attacks since 9/11/01.

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      • Daz says:

        You have to look at the time of Muhammad , what was he worshiping before the time of “Allah” Allah was the moon god, his former name during pre Islamic times was Baal. which is spoken of in scripture , their ancestors were burning their children as a sacrifice to baal aka Allah.

        and yes they are certainly Ishmaelites , All arabs claim Abraham as their founding father, they can only do that in two ways ,through Isaac or Ishmael ,and it’s certainly not Isaac. Muhammad knew their history and tried to say Isaac wasn”t the one chosen by God , but Ishmael . why say that if you had no relation to him?

        they”ve been a violent people for many centuries and their certainly not changing their ideology for no one.


        • georgiafl says:

          If they worshipped Baal – they must also have been the Philistines….and certainly they are the modern day residents of GAZA which is the original Philistine territory.

          GOD hated and still hates the worship of Baal…and other false gods.


  23. Amy says:

    Is he the one who was at the news conference with CAIR- CAIR was saying not to hold the attacks against all Muslims?

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  24. Afterthought says:

    Why don’t government bureaucrats catch these people?

    Because they are fellow travelers! Many of the folks who seek employment in the immigration services want to open the gates from the inside! That plus laziness and lack of incentive.

    Wall + deportation.

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  25. In AZ says:

    The Republicans are drafting legislation right now called “Jail Break ” so these people will be let free if they are even put in prison. Thry will not be deported because Obama loves all thugs, especially Blacks and Muslim terrorists.


  26. jc says:

    Ordinarily the russian chicks would only be deported but they’ll probably get jail time with this situation, Farook and Mrquez will probably get long jail time because of the situation. Marquez might not know what planet he’s on and will probably love prison. The FBI might get lucky and squeeze some useful info from them. here’s hoping.


  27. Get’em Out!

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  28. yakmaster2 says:

    Three grifters out to scam the U.S. So many freebies to be had and so easy to get! Those three and Marquez should be prosecuted, sentenced to prison here, serve their time, and then be deported!! We have born citizens who are sent to prison for less. I’m tired of illegal “immigrants” (and those who help them defraud tax dollars) being a protected class our legal system handles with kid gloves!

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    • Sandra says:

      Raheel’s Russian bride was running a hair salon out of their condo garage. Do you think she was paying any taxes on her income? Grifters is right.

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  29. Sandra says:

    This update warms my heart. I remember Raheel’s house was raided several times. Imagine how awful it was for all of them to live there, Raheel, his Russian bride, their kid, and the terrorist parents. And maybe that young sister too, who knows. All jammed into a 2 bedroom condo just how good 3rd worlders love to live. And now arrests and certain convictions. I hope they all do some prison time. Too bad we can’t throw Raheel and the terrorist parents out.


  30. John Galt says:

    Just one of the 11 million that Ted Cruz wants to bring in out of the shadows. Did she get a teddy bear?


  31. watcher says:

    Remember the Houston mosque arsonist, he was also a marriage scam criminal.


  32. Rodney Plonker says:

    The Clintons are against Sham marriages. Wait a minute..


  33. Michael H. Albiniak says:

    I wonder just how often this happens (sham marriage for green card) but goes undetected, un-looked for,or just plain overlooked because the male involved wasn’t the brother and brother-in-law of terrorists.


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